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Live in Sitter

I had a pretty good inheritance, and also have a good job, so my wife and I
are fairly well off. We just have the one c***d so far, a three year old
boy. Janet, my wife has begun to make noises about trying for a daughter.

About mid June, Jan had a nasty fall, and she sprained her ankle quite
severely. I decided to hire a live in maid, to give her a hand around the
house. I made an appointment for the Nanny service to send around someone
for me to interview.

The interview took place at my office, and the young woman turned out to be
black. She was not real d... Continue»
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The Woman Next Door

I am married to a twenty seven year old woman, who is loving and sexy. Jill
is all I ever wanted in a woman, and I was totally satisfied.

We lived next door to another couple. Tom and Shelly were a little younger,
as Shelly was twenty four, and Tom probably a couple of years older. They
had a boy of five, and had married in College.

Shelly and Jill got to be great friends, as Shelly was a stay at home
mother, and Jill is just stay at home. I make good money, so Jill works from
home. She is into crafts in a big way, and sells a lot at shows. She makes
good money from home. Plus ... Continue»
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Bi Experience

I was faced, for only the second time I my life, with this situation. A young man in his 30's asked me out. That's not the situation. After we went out to dinner we went back to his place and there was another young man there about the same age. I was a little worried but was perfectly willing to be shared if that is what they wanted. Well it was a little more than that. They informed me that they did in fact want to share me but also that they were bisexual and wanted to know if I was alright with them doing their thing also. I of course was fine with that and actually was looking for somethi... Continue»
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first time with her

I'm gonna tell y'all about my favorite fetish and why I enjoy it so much. It all started when I was about 21. I could buy alcohol and my younger cousins couldn't yet. I've got some sexy ass female cousins but I hadn't once looked at them in a sexual way. That was soon to disappear. One night I had a little party at my old apartment. I invited a couple of friends and a few of my cousins showed up too. After a while people started leaving until the only ones remaining was me and my just barely old enough to fuck cousin. She was wearing a bikini top that didn't cover up much as well as a jean ski... Continue»
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Needing it - badly

Since my introduction to sex with men a few years before, I had handled and sucked off quite a few cocks and I have to say, many years on, it has been a lifetime of cock sucking pleasure.
I had recently started to cum properly, my cock had grown, my voice deepened and hair sprouted in odd places.
My first proper cum had come as a bit of a shock. One day I was wanking away with nothing but a pleasant sensation and a dribble of pre-cum to mark the event and the next I was pumping out great spurts of the creamy white stuff, very nice, but messy if you are not suitably prepared.
My problem now... Continue»
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"Getting Knocked Up By Some Black Thugs Seed

I'm not gay. Really. I'm not. I wouldn't even go so far as to say I'm bisexual. I a married, 42 year-old father of four with a wife, a girlfriend and a career as a fitness consultant for a national media chain. I own a home in a California suburb and another three properties from an Arizona mini-ranch to a duplex in Oakland, CA.

Now I'm not queer but every man has a vice right? Mine gets a little nasty.

Every few weeks I'd retreat to one of my homes and spend some quality "alone" time. I'd write presentations, work from my laptop o... Continue»
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A Very Dirty, Naughty, Vicar's Wife.

When a woman lusts, sex has no bounds, no constraints, and only one aim, to gratify her lusting.

Chyrl as a girl, was every man's ideal fuck, she knew it, they knew it, and we her friends knew it.

What we all never knew, was the effect this desirability was having on her, as I personally saw her wipe men's semen from her school uniform, as she was marked by the seedier types on public transport, and held down in toilets, by the boys, feeling her crotch, as they masturbated onto her, well we all had our fair share of this, but Chyrl more than most.

One day we went back to school after... Continue»
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Helping My Girlfriend Discover Men & Go Black

This is part 2 of my story about my girlfriend Karma. If you haven’t read part 1 it might help to understand part 2 better.

Everything was going good between me and Karma. She was becoming more and more comfortable with us having a threesome with a sexy black guy. After a while it didn’t even faze her that there was a guy involved as long as she didn’t have to touch him. She even really got turned on seeing me in ecstasy. The sex was great and me and Karma were in love with each other. The only way life could get any better was if Karma would be willing to get involved with the guy during o... Continue»
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My Stepdaughter and I

My name is Sammy and what I'm about to tell you happened between my youngest stepdaughter and I, back when I was fifty three and she was twenty three.

My stepdaughter's name is Joanne, that has dark brown hair that almost looks to be black that comes down to the middle of her back with just a little bit of a natural wave to it, with beautiful brown eyes, and stands five feet three inches with perkey tits that looks to be about a B size cup that looks so inviting when she wears a T shirt or tank top shirt, with a nice round butt that has the same little giggle to it when she walks, as her m... Continue»
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Grandpa Tucks Me In

Grandpa Tucks Me In

Chapter One

One year, I went to spend my summer vacation with my grandparents. I hadn't seen much of them for years after they retired and moved away. So I wanted to be with them while I could, before I went away to college, or got a job or something. My clearest memory of that summer was discovering my awakening hormones.
I remember one night touching myself underneath my summer pajamas. I was fascinated by the intensity of my feelings. A few minutes later, Grandpa crept into the guest room, and I pretended to be as1eep. He rubbed my back for a few minutes, ... Continue»
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Captain Jack's Journal

March 17, 2037 Rogers memo

Fucked MaggieMom today. She really put on another show today. Thought Alton would make his move today, but he missed his chance. We all know she's ready, being our pussy was what we all grew up knowing would happen. We knew the existence of our f****y would someday isolate us. We were born from her with the same appetite for sex. Half b*****rs, half bastards from a horny slut.She is our idol, slut, prim and proper mom, when needed. I must prod Alton on because our little b*****r is over due. He's already in heat and may beat him to the pussy.

Alton's memo

... Continue»
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A Young Man's Crush

From the late 70's to the late 90's we were members of various nudist clubs and always enjoyed the lifestyle, we watched young c***dren grow to maturity and marry. One f****y we were friends with had two c***dren the boy Tony was 11 when we first met his s****r Lorna 8, Tony was a keen photographer and his photos often graced the club magazine he was also a talented artist at a young age.
Now Tony as he grew had a crush on Anne no idea why, he would often be seen following her around by the time he was fifteen his camera was often pointed her way. Tony's parents were often guests at our strai... Continue»
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My bookstore fantasy

I pass by a pretty well frequented book store every day and every day, I fantasize about how great of a time I'd have in there. On Craigslist, there's always open invitations to stop in to satisfy anyone you want - boys, girls and boys who want to be girls.

One morning, after having worked all night, and figuring I wouldn't see the Mrs. until late in the day, I got the cajones to stop in and check it out.

Even at an early hour, the parking lot was pretty full. Figured this was a good sign. I was not disappointed. I parked, took a deep breath and walked through the front door. The clerk ... Continue»
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Though everyone working in the library referred to him as “old Saunders”, the head of the staff was really no such thing. He was in his late forties. He was strong and robust looking, with sexy grey hair speckling his temples. He looked more like a successful businessman than a head librarian, and only his wire-rimmed glasses gave him a faintly intellectual air.

He was stern, and he didn’t appear to have much of a sense of humor to those who came in contact with him. Not many people did, of course, and this probably added to his reputation. As far as Vickie had heard, he only cal... Continue»
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Tammy was delirious with climaxing release. Her voice was now a series of hoarse grunts as the spasms began to swell together in a final, exhausting explosion of pleasure. Her cunt was now overflowing with hot, frothy sperm, squirting out of her pussy lips with each of his thrusts. She felt the sticky fluid ooze down, warming up her asshole and thighs. When he gave a last, grinding pump, she felt her guts press into her lungs, causing her to lose her breath.

After a few moments, he pulled away from her and lay on his back. His muscular chest was glistening with sweat, causing the ... Continue»
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The morning was beautiful, bright and clear. She was the first up, and had the coffee on by the time anyone else emerged from the small group of tents. It was Gary, and together they sat and chatted and drank their black coffee in the sunshine.

She wasn’t sure when the conversation turned to sex. Maybe it was when Gary gazed at her tits in her tight T-shirt and complimented her on her figure. She didn’t know him very well, having met him only once or twice before. And she was at first embarrassed by his attention. But she was soon smiling at his talk. And she found herself encourag... Continue»
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"Good to see you again Miss Lucia." Said the chauffeur with a smile. "Hopefully we can make tonight as good an experience for you as last time."

"It would be tough to top last time," I responded, "But its nice of you to try." I said with a wink.

The chauffeur held the limo door open for me as a climbed in, an operation made more difficult by the six-inch stiletto heels I wore to compliment my tiny black cocktail dress. I was still not quite used to the heels, and considered myself lucky that I would not have to walk around this evening. There was not much less sexy than a woman... Continue»
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Where are you going?” repeated Tim firmly.

“Out!” said Linda sharply. “I’m going to a play at the Livingston Theater. The Palo Players. You’ve probably never heard of them.”

Tim studied his wife and she met his gaze firmly. “Why are you being so uppity?” he asked. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He looked at his watch. “You can go out. It’ll be dark when you get back. What time’s it over?”

“Ten-thirty,” Linda, answered her irritation growing. She started to open the door.

“Who are you going with?” he demanded.

“I’m going alone!”

“Linda, you’ve nev... Continue»
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kylie minogue sore throat

Kylie's sore throat

Kylie relaxed as she let her boyfriend push her down onto her knees in front of him. Wearing thigh high black leather boots, a tiny black leather miniskirt, a tight boob-tube and a spiked collar, she was ready for her boyfriend to have at her. It was a nasty fantasy of hers, to have a guy use her like his own little whore and give her a throatjob she'd never forget. She'd tentatively asked her boyfriend, who'd happily accepted the challenge, already familiar with her deepthroating talents and relishing the idea to take it further and have full control over her, seemingl... Continue»
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Nice big set

He walked into her room just like he did every night and pulled her gown off. He had to have her huge tits. He pushed her on her back and first ran his hands over the big jugs then he grabbed a nipple and sucked. Even laying on her back they stood up high. She had the best set he had ever seen and ever sucked. As he sucked on one his hand fondled the other making the nipple so hard. Then he ran his hand down between her legs and found her sweet pussy. He rubbed her clit as he sucked then his finger entered her tight love hole. As he sucked a nipple and finger fucked her she kept lifting her hi... Continue»
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