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Best Video Ever

"Stevie, get ready to go."

"O.k. mom." Steven was getting ready for yet another day at school. He went and got dressed in the bathroom. He looked into the mirror and saw his long blonde hair, flawless skin, and blue eyes staring back at him. He was 15 years old; a sophomore. He was 5'9", and had an athletic body. After he was dressed, he went downstairs and ate breakfast. As he was eating his cereal, his little s****r, Amy, came down to eat as well. When she reached to grab the box, Steven couldn't help but glance at her amazing butt. Steven had recently started to develop feelings for... Continue»
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The Mirror: Part 8

The Mirror :Part 8

Although I had promised Mika that I would never contact her out side of school, I had to, Waiting at the bus stop I saw he coming down the street with her ear buds in listening to music. She didn’t see me untill I stepped out of the shadow and stood beside her. Mika jumped in fright. What are you doing? She hissed.
I had to see you, I said.
You know my father has me watched. If he sees you talking to me Ill be on a plane before you can blink she said urgently.
It took my Mother almost a years pleading to get Rena back.
There were about 20 people gathered at the ... Continue»
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Wife craves young black sperm

When the Summer nights come, the powerful heat of the sun stored up inside the Earth is slowly released in the air. Then, it makes everything vibrate: the aroused crickets lead a musical orgy, the late-night cats fight each other, and the stars twinkle through a dry, lipid sky. It's the time of the wide-opened windows, drinking in avidly the coolness of the night wind, welcoming the stellar light on our sweating bodies.

On our bed, my sl**p hunting is fruitless. I have to count entire legions of sl**p-walking sheep. I'm travelling over motionless miles when I wave under our sheets in order ... Continue»
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Tribute to granny:

While I was working in Jeddah (Saudi Arabian) I meet a lovely couple form Texas and since I was on single bases they took me under their wing, They were both swinger’s and great at organising parties, one they held was in three parts, firstly was for the k**s, ice-cream and soft drinks, second for adults drinking moonshine (homemade hooch), third was for the broader minded, at the beginning was all very f****y, c***dren, couples, and the odd relative, one who came was a 68 year old lady from Yorkshire, who introduced herself by saying call me granny, she had come with a couple who had two k... Continue»
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The Meet Up (part 1)

We've been chatting online for a fes months now and finnaly your curiosity conceded
you to meet in person. After work you ho to the adress i gave you and at the door you find a note under a black cloth. You pick it up and it reads "Go to the back and blindfold yourself." You're not sure about it but your curiosity gets the better of you,you want to see what happens. You walk over to the back and place the cloth around your head,blindfolding yourself. You wait to see what happens and suddenly you hear the door creek open. You want to see but you can't, you only remember what i look like from t... Continue»
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Omegle Sex Exchange 7-22-2013

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40,084 strangers online

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Sex.

You: M 40 Arizona

Stranger: f 29 Queens

Stranger: wanna fuck mr

Stranger: me*

You: Yes

You: What are you into?

Stranger: hardcore

Stranger: anal

You: Can you handle a really thick cock in your ass?

Stranger: yes

You: Do you cum during anal?

Stranger: mg mmm

Stranger: mhm*

Stranger: stupid autocorrect

You: I'm 6 inches long but very thick.

Stranger: nice ;)

You: you like it rough?

Stranger: yesssss

You: So you want me to... Continue»
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Lodger's Surprise 3

Pete walked me upstairs and to my bedroom. He sat me on the bed and kissed me.
He explained that when he interviewed me for my job something about me made him think I might turn out to be a crossdressing sissy and that his former secretary Jenny and her sissy hubbie might be able to find out for him. As he spoke he undressed revealing a hard muscular body that belied his 60 years. He was hairy and there was a large bulge in his tight trunks.
I reached over and stroked the bulge and he smiled and pulled down the trunks. A thick cock shorter than Mikes but much thicker sprang out. Without bei... Continue»
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THE UNINVITED - The Nanci Report; Chapter 4 - Part

The Uninvited
The Nanci Report - a fine line between reality and fantasy
Chapter 4 - Part 2

Jen and Nanci were laying next to each other on the bed laughing.

Suddenly Nanci reached over, and without warning kissed Jen softly on the lips.
Her face was still so close to Jen's, and she could feel her breath on her cheek. Jen was left speechless, not knowing what to say.
She felt at peace, thinking that Nanci was rapidly becoming her best friend...almost like a s****r. A very i****tuous s****r that is!

Without realizing what she was doing, Jen reached up and brought her face closer... Continue»
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extra hour with my wife this morning

We ordered some thick bed pillows and this morning she had an extra hr. We both woke at her normal time and looked at each other.

I sure enjoy her first thing in the morning. She's one of those who gets soaked with juice sl**ping. She is always horny and that's a true benefit.

I put that new pillow under her ass and body, took position. Had kissed and played around with her some. Did not need it, she wanted it the second her eyes opened.

It f***ed me to take one knee and one foot. Using my hands I could make her bounce up and down. With her rolled up her pussy took on a different f... Continue»
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Beach--Add-on story

I like to collaborate with other writers from time to time. If you're so inclined, add your own continuation to the story in the comments. Leave it open-ended, and I'll take my favorite input, and add to it as we'll. Let's see where it leads...

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual events or persons is purely coincidental. All text is copyrighted by the author, and may not be used without permission.

You're on a beach with me. We're co-workers on a company trip, but you and I have skipped the seminars for the day, and are soaking up some rays. ... Continue»
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The ladies restroom.

I was sitting at my favorite hangout on a Thursday night. It was a regular Thursday night with the lights low, Nickleback playing and only 4 other people in the place. I was Texting my friend Jen some Naughty stuff about how I wanted to fuck her and her boyfriend and the things I wanted to do to both of them. My cunt was already soaked from the texts. I had on one of my favorite real short mini skirts. I never wear panties so that was sure no problem. I was touching myself thinking about Jen and her husband when I felt someone sit down next to me in the booth. I looked up and there sat a very ... Continue»
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Small stories from my sex life (authentic)

1. A lovely time with a lover.

I'd get you completely naked, then have you lay down on the bed. I'd take my shirt off for your enjoyment.
Then I'd take massage oil, and start with your backside. Gently massaging your neck and shoulders, going down to your back listening to you breath deepening in enjoyment.
Then I'd do the backside of your legs, and start with your ass. Massage down just around your pussy teasing you.
You'd turn over, and I'd start massaging your breasts, pinching your nipples and passionately kissing you from time to time biting your lips.
I'd massage your stoma... Continue»
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A f****y Friend Indeed....Part 17

It was business as usual around the house for a couple of days after my encounter with Helen. I was nervous that my "aunt" had seen what we were doing, but she gave no indication she did. She and Helen were out and about shopping, lunching, and whatever else women do. When I did see them, my "aunt" was very cordial, and Helen gave me looks and body language which made me think she hadn't quite finished with me yet. I took advantage of their absence to look over Helen's selection of lingerie, and found she had brought a nice selection of bras, pantyhose, and that she seemed to prefer full back ... Continue»
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sissy slut is humiliated and loves it

New story:
I get off the plane in Fort Myers and you are there to pick me up. I get in the back seat of your vehicle and you tell me to open the bag. I look inside and it's a pair of vanity fair full-bottom panties, pink acetate and practically see thru. A full, open-bottom panty girdle with six thick straps and white; a pair of wolford white thigh-high stockings and a pair of sandal strap five inch stiletto heels, white. The ensemble is finished with a pink chemise, silky and smooth as candy.
"Put your outfit on sissy," your request, I interpret as a command from my wonderful mistress.
... Continue»
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Caught in the Act.....

If someone had told me that my wife was having an affair I'd've never believed it.

If someone had told me that my wife was fucking not only a black man but my faithful Great Dane, Bailey, I'd've never believed it, either.

It was only after I'd witnessed it myself that I believed it.

As it happens I came home from work early one Thursday afternoon. We'd had a power outage at work and it wouldn't be fixed until sometime Friday, if then. When I turned the corner of our street I saw a car in our driveway that I wasn't familiar with, at least I didn't remember it right then. As I ... Continue»
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my b*****r

This is a true story. It is the story of my first i****t experience with my b*****r. It happened when I was 14 years old, my b*****r was 17. I hope everyone enjoys the story. If you do, I will be sure to add more later on. I just wanted to get this one off my chest to see how it goes.

It was the summer. At the time, we were living in a suburb of Chicago. Anyone who knows Chicago knows that it can get extremely hot during the summer. I was 14, just finished my freshman year in high school. It was also the summer that I started to develop breasts. So naturally,... Continue»
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Coming Out

Coming Out

Sophie Tyler was a bit of an enigma, people thought they knew her but the truth is that no-one really did, and even if someone did, not many would understand her. Sophie was a 28 year old male to female transvestite, real name Andy, a builder by trade, of slight build, 5 foot 9 inches tall, enjoyed a pint with the lads once in a while, but loved nothing more to be attired in her favourite dresses or skirt and top combinations, a bit of make-up, jewellery, and a quite long red hairpiece, Andy just loved being Sophie.

Around the house Sophie was full on, the full girlie set up... Continue»
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Josh ties down and pounds Julie

Josh says:
*ties your hands up and spreads your legs. Lowers himself down between your legs and rips your panties off and runs his tongue along your slit* mm tastes sweet *pushes his tongue deep inside and wiggles it about tasting your juices*
Julie says:
*Twists on her back, squirming about as you f***e yourself between her legs then penetrate her with your tongue* Nuuhh! *Her smooth inner thighs tremble a little while you tongue her glistening little pussy*
Josh says:
*looks up at you as you tremble and smiles at you then carrys on pushing his tongue deeper* mmm you pussy taste so sweet... Continue»
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finally she gets what she deserves

being knocked up by someone else but marrying an old friend is what I paid for over thirty years. you see, my wife has always passed herself off as a "snow white" person that was knocked up when she was s*******n by a twenty one year old boy friend that got her d***k, then fucked her before she knew what happened. well, when she realized she was pregnant she went to him to no avail. having been after her ass ever since I met her which was about six years before she got into trouble,i decided to marry her, not only to help her avoid an embarrassment, but I wanted that piece of ass on a regular ... Continue»
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Another Night With Kathy

***This is an "unofficial" continuation of my previous stories. As with them, it's only fiction and never really happened.***

Weeks had gone by since Kathy and I had first had sex with each other that one weekend. Since then we had a few great encounters when time or circumstances had permitted us to. I was really amazed at how wild, uninhibited, and completely dirty she was and it seemed like nothing was off limits to her. Had she just been a girlfriend it would have been exciting enough but the fact that she was my s****r just made it all that much better.

One night I was sl**ping and ... Continue»
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