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the gym guy

as i prepared to go over my lovers house to worship his BBC, my cock bulged in my pants and exploded... just the thought of his beautiful 11 inch cock down my throat was more than i could bare.... it was winter,cold and close to x-mas.... i arrived at his house,at around 8pm... when he answered his door,he had on a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt....i was kind of disappointed... i was hoping he'd answer the door naked so i could immediately go to town on his huge member... he told me he had a surprise for me.... wondering what he was talking about,tho i knew it was sumn sexual,i just co... Continue»
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How I was Seduced by Older Women

Have you ever wanted to just do something really naughty? Well, I have. My name is Ambry, and I was divorced about 4 months ago. My ex was a scum bag that had no idea of how to treat or please a woman, if you know what I mean. Oh sure, we all want the bad boy when we are dating, but ultimately, they make terrible husbands and lovers. We lasted a whopping 9 months before I caught the bastard cheating on me with a filthy little skank from the grocery store. Well, I say good riddance; she can have the tiny dicked fucker.

The bad part of not having a guy is that my pussy hasn’t had any action ... Continue»
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Neecy Cakes, 3rd Generation Porn Star

“Now look up at me.” My newest director told me, as I stroked his cock over my open mouth. I was shooting a Jerk Off video with a guy who had booked me for a private shoot. “Stick out your tongue and just lightly lick the tip and tell me how much you love to suck cock. Tell me how you want to taste my cum and feel it shoot all over your face.” I did so as I jerked on his stiff, white tool, running the tip of my tongue on his purple head. “You know you want to cover my face with your hot, sticky jizz. I want to taste it baby! Come on, give it to me!” I said to the camera, my eyes focused upward... Continue»
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Policeman's Boy 2


Chapter 2

As Colin had skipped school, Ross put him to work. Colin had to make lunch,
serve it and wash up before being sent out to the garden. He was made to
stay naked indoors and he was now digging at the end of the garden wearing
only his pale blue cotton briefs and boots.

Ross and Nick stood at the window watching the lad working away.

"Does he often miss school?" asked Nick.

"No. I try not to have afternoons off but when he knows I'll be home he'll
sometimes skip school and be here begging for sex."

"He's certainly a good fuck. How long have you ... Continue»
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First mouthful of cum ...

Totally true story.
Coming home a bit d***k, and as usual very horny, one summer night, I went by two guys peeing at the park. I looked at them and they looked back when they noticed me. I kept walking slowly but could feel them looking at me as I would glance back at them, they didn't seem upset or anything so I glanced directly at their peeing cocks. And kept walking.

They said hi and asked if I was heading somewhere as they finished peeing and approached me. One was not too tall and a bit chubby and evidently gay, the other one was tall and fit, short hair and tattooed arms. As usual, ... Continue»
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A Very New Year

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Those words describe my entire New Year's Eve. My night started with me downtown. Now ordinarily I wouldn't step foot downtown on New Year's Eve if I could at all avoid it. The place becomes a zoo of d***ken bafoons and desperate revelers. But through an unfortunate series of events I found myself behind virtual enemies lines too late into the day this New Year's Eve. Many of the roads had already been blocked off and those that weren't were highly congested with the other like minded people that would give anything to be out of here before things got too ... Continue»
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Afternoon Fuck

After chatting to Babs on google, Gary went to the pub to meet his friend as he had planned. It was going to be a bit of a boring afternoon, there was nothing doing, just a couple of pints then back to the flat to do his ironing. Babs was at work tonight, so there would be no chance for a chat on the phone or a google. He joined the gang in the pub and had a drink, had a bit of a laugh, good crack then wandered home. He had only been in a couple of minutes when the buzzer went for the door below. “Hi, it’s me” said Babs “can I come in for a few minutes, I have a problem?”. Gary pressed t... Continue»
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Naughty Mechanic

Have you ever had one of those days when absolutely nothing went right? Well today, I thought was going to be one of those days. It was an extremely hot August day. The temperature was at least 98 degrees and climbing. So without hesitation, I decided to head for the beach. So I put on my bikini, grabbed my beach towel, suntan oil, and proceeded to my car. As I was headed to my destination, my temperature gauge of my car began to climb into the red. So immediately I pulled over, climbed out, and lifted up the hood. As if I could fix the problem in the first place. Within seconds, a tow tr... Continue»
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My Real First Time with 2 Milf's at Once!

I have a major attraction for older women and always have. I think they are beyond sexy and I perceive them to be goddesses :). This is especially true of a MILF friend of mine, big boobs, and the most incredible big, fat, white mommy ass :) Me and her met secretly and played together a few times alone. She was just ending her marriage and I provided much needed friendship and served as a shoulder to cry on, it was just a bonus that I have a big cock.

One day I mentioned to her, that I have always wanted to worship multiple older women at once and be their Red Bull. She mentioned she had a... Continue»
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I needed some flooring

I needed flooring and had heard about this shop, it was a hike, in one of those utility like business parks where they seem to have every type of small company imaginable. I got there, it was on the back side with the tiniest strip for parking. Walked up to the door, it had one of those darkened glass windows, could see in, but barely, so I went in. There was a woman on the phone with a headset on her head, but I didn’t see anyone else. It really wasn’t like a retail store, it was kind of a cross between a showroom and a storage and dispatch area. It had some nicely placed samples on the ... Continue»
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2nd 3some part 2

We got to the hotel in a hurry, took an elevator and I quickly pressed the 11th floor. He grabbed my wife by her hips, pulled her closer to him and kissed her. She kissed him back and started to moan while he played with her tits. I moved closer to her from behind and fondled her ass with both my hands and pushed her hips against him, she reached down towards my pants and rubbed my buldging cock. The elevator reached the 11th floor and we quickly got out, headed to the room.
Once I closed the door he immediately kissed her again, unzip her dress and let it slide to the floor exposing her brea... Continue»
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My Older Fantasy Lady

It was finally going to happen, I had fantasized, imagined, masturbated I don’t know how many times, and now it was really going to happen. My cock had been hard since arriving and after the phone call to my older lover my heart raced even faster. You said you’d be at my motel room within the hour.
Lying on my bed, there was a knock on the door, the moment had arrived, should I be aggressive and throw you on the bed, fuck you hard n fast or take my time and enjoy this first meeting. I knew what I had to do, as I had thought about this for weeks. I nervously walked over to the door and opene... Continue»
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Part 8 – What is next?

The morning after we visited the swingers club, she woke me by sucking my dick. And then crawled on top of me and sat on my dick. This is her favorite position. It gives her control of her orgasm and while she is fucking you, she likes to have her nipples rubbed.
She looks down at me and says tell me again how much you liked last night.
I told her it was the hottest thing I had ever experience. She said she could tell. I asked her, “How could you tell”? She smiled and said your dick never got soft last night until you went to sl**p.
My future wife asked me if I really had fun. I to... Continue»
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A Picnic to Remember

This happened about 4 months ago when Deb and I decided
to go on a picnic at a local state park about 30 miles
from our house. We go on several picnics each year and
we always have fun. We usually take along luncheon
meats, crackers, cheese, pickles and some sort of

Deb usually tries to indulge my request about how she
should dress when we go on these picnics. On this trip
to the park, I had asked Deb to wear a loose fitting
blouse and her short jean skirt that buttoned down the
front and comfortable shoes and that was all. Much to
pleasure, she did as I request... Continue»
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Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour - End

10 - Resolution

At home my black pearl received me with joy, she may have missed me? In my office she dutifully informed me about the happenings since my depart. She told me, that she saw Joseph retire through the windows of the two s****rs. Confronted with that fact, he must have promised to Candela his fullest cooperation for her secrecy, what gave her a welcome chance to get into his breeches. In lucid words Candela described to me the exciting events, and if her skin would have been fairer she would have blushed as well above the intricate details of her yarn.
»Oh Master, you shoul... Continue»
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18 years old - that was a fun time pt 1

This is a true story of a night out in 1985. First I will tell you a little about myself. At the time I was 18 years old, 5 foot 2, 125 lbs & 34 C. I played softball for a city league so I was outside quite a bit. My tan was very dark and I was very good shape. My girlfriends and I loved to go out after games and smoke some weed and look for guys that we would like to have sex with. At twice a week we would end up over at the A-Frame. This was a place that we knew that we could always get weed and cock.

This night was no different than any other night after a game. My friends Nancy, Sandy a... Continue»
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The Mess I Made [Eating Good] (True)

It all starts with a kiss of passion from soft lips that quickly escalates into a flury of fiery kisses from every direction.

In the heat of the moment I take a hand drags from the top of her neck down her sweet chocolate skin covered breast. Begin to tease her nipples as sweet as a Hershey kiss for heightened stimulation we both suck on my finger to get it nice and lubed with sexy soliva as I make my way down to play with her nipples I begin to suck on her neck dragging my tongue from the base right next to her lobe. She grabs a hold to me as I can tell she ready for futher stimulation I ... Continue»
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College Sories 1

Freshman year of college I met Annie. I was walking back to my room from the shower in the dorms. Walking in front of me with a guy who lived across the hall was this blonde with the hottest ass I had ever seen. She was wearing these skin tight shorts, if she had bent over I would have seen it all! They were short and tight. I just had a towel wrapped around my waste and could feel myself getting hard as I stared at that ass!
She turned and caught me looking, she looked right down to my growing cock. I was instantly turned on then. The guy she was with unlocked his door and went into h... Continue»
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Kelsey O’Neil

Towards the end of February, I came down with a nasty cold thanks to Jenna, who had passed it on to me because she slept at my house while she was sick.
Ben worried about me over the phone, but I assured him I was fine and that he didn’t need to worry. He was literally going to hop on a plane and come out, but I convinced him not to. He made Jenna promise that she’d take me to the school nurse the next morning and get some medicine.
The next day, I obligingly rode to... Continue»
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The name of the game is Innocence

This is not a sex story but a tale about a game me and my friend Jess use to play called Innocence. The purpose of the game is to get a friend to push their limits and revel themselves pretending to be none the wiser to a designated person known as the receiver.

The rules of the game are as follows:
1. Only play innocence in a controlled environment
2. Never put yourself in any danger
3. Never play innocence were people may get offended
4. Always choose your receiver carefully

If you decide to play innocence you do so under your responsibility and do not blame anyone else in rega... Continue»
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