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Wedding Party

I had a full on man bush and was ready to stick my dick in some pussy. My Friends and I had talked about it for along time. Spied on each others moms and s****rs. Circle jerked. Looked at magazines. I was on a trip with my parents and s****r. We were staying at this fancy hotel. I would sneak out of the room and go run around the hotel in the middle of the night while everyone else slept.
This night there was a huge party downstairs, someone got married. As I walked down the hall, I could hear everyone fucking in their rooms. This made me more horny. My friends had told me that I could ta... Continue»
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Something New: Part One

My wife Andrea’s libido had seemed to slow over the last couple of years and for sexual release I’d been left to internet porn and my hand. This afternoon however she’d been restless and frustrated. I’d barely sat down after work when without preamble she looked at me with the old spark in her eye. “I need you to fuck me right now.”

I was suddenly hard, internet porn is no substitute for actual sex. My cock bulged against my slacks and tented slightly uncomfortably as I stood my wife noticed my predicament and smiled naughtily. “Oh dear, that was fast.” She rose and crossed the living room ... Continue»
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a day at the beach

Rinoa, Squall, Selphie, Zell, Irvine and the pigtail girl whose name was Mima were still sitting around a table in the cafeteria talking, after they had eaten dinner. Rinoa proposed, “We’re laying over at Centra tomorrow for some reason, so let’s all go to the beach together.”

Squall diplomatically excused himself from the table claiming prior duties, but actually he didn’t want to admit to anyone he couldn’t swim.

Selphie excitedly answered, “That sounds like fun. I’ll go.”

“Me too!” chimed in Zell. Of course discovering Zell was going, Mima immediately acquiesced.

“Rinoa,” Irvine... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Chapter 14 Rachelle

To set the stage, starting with the ending paragraphs of Chapter 13:
"As we fucked Laura, Rachelle, watched in envy and fingered herself, she cum again as Laura cum. Soon Ray filled his wife's ass with his cum and then we switched positions, and I took her ass hard, pulling hair, calling her "our slut" and I used her and degraded her in front of Ray. The things I made her say. Soon she was Cumming again and again. Next she collapsed, used and spent with a stretched ass with cum dripping from both her holes. I walked over and helped Rachelle up and led her, half carried her to the other bedroo... Continue»
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s*s seduces younger b*o

am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here

younger b*****r
had just gotten off from work, and the walk back to the beach house was long and

dark. There was no moon that night, and even the strong glow of the stars wasn't

enough to light the dark pathways. Work was absolutely awful that night. Time seemed

to stand still and I ended up making no money whatsoever. All I could think about was

getting back to the beach house and falling asl**p.

"Shit..." I moaned to myself realizing I smelled from work and I began to dread the
... Continue»
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The Engineering Club

Chris invited me over to his house to help out with the engineering club he was mentoring. He told me to come over a couple of hours before the meeting and he would go over how a typical meeting would go. He said the college k**s were the type that were really smart, but didn't have much experience with girls, so they were a little shy. Chris said that since I was an engineer that I could help them with some of their problems.

When I arrived at Chris' house, he was dressed really casually, wearing only a pair of swim trunks (that were kind of see-through) and a tee shirt. He told me I was d... Continue»
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Rome was the city that had it all - the sights, the sounds, the nightlife. It was a fascinating ancient city by day, and a bustling hub of energy and passion by night, if you knew where to look. Liam Lovell was there on holiday for a week in the middle of July with his friends from school, celebrating the end of their time at St. Catherine’s Academy. He was free of it all, the bullies and the secrets that he had had to put up with for so many years now. And now he was in Rome, Italy’s sweltering capital, for a whole week with his closest friends in the world.

Except that there was one thing... Continue»
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The Prince comes of Age

(Note) The "Princes New Cncubines' with the bath orgy is the oficial continuation of the story.


The next few days were chaotic for Prince Jaseth. Between his courtly, and Captainly duties, and prepperations for his coming of age cerimonies, he barely had any time to sl**p, let alone satisfy Avrin, Te, or Cassha. Cassha had shown up and just never left & with her tallented pussy Jaseth had no problem with that.

The morning of his cerimony he was in that state between asl**p and awake, when someone grinding their crotch against his morning... Continue»
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The lights are dim, and soft music is playing as you enter through the doorway. You see a candle or two set out, adding a floral scent to the room. The massage table is laid out in the center of the room, with ample space for your masseuse to walk around you while you're lying down. A chair is set out, and you leave your robe on it as you make your way onto the table. You take a couple of towels lying nearby and cover your breasts and pelvis as you lay on your back on the table. The final piece you put on is a black-laced blindfold left on the table for you. Taking a deep breath, and fil... Continue»
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Meeting my Ex for a game of snooker!

Vicky was my girlfriend briefly about 12 years ago and was a dirty little slut back then, she had been about a bit and had a reputation for fucking anything.
Well she got in contact a couple of years ago and although everything started innocently her talk soon became very flirty, now I'm a red bl**ded male and found this hard to resist so started responding.
Things started to heat up when Vicky one evening sent me a message saying she was bored, and did I want to play snooker? I said I couldn't as it would be awkward to get out, the wife bec would find this odd me going out at 10pm.
The ne... Continue»
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Another Man

I had never seen her with another man and never expected too either.

After 20+ years of marriage it’s not something you think about and yet in front of me a virtually naked big fellow was sitting on the edge of ‘my bed’ with ‘my wife’ behind him, her arms entwined around him stroking his chest. He still had his boxer shorts on. She was down to stockings and flimsy knickers; she had lost the rest of her clothes ages ago.

‘He’s so beautiful’ she was rubbing his chest. ‘Look at how firm he is’ she was stroking him in a very admiring way, like a prize poodle.

She kissed his neck and he ea... Continue»
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Baby s****r

One of John’s best mates was Dan. They had gone to college together, and had remained close friends throughout the whole of university, even though they were miles apart. Dan had two younger s****rs, Marie was the older of the two and about 3 years younger than Dan and Tammy was the youngest, about 6 years younger than Dan.

Dan was a good looking man, and never had trouble getting women, much to John’s annoyance. All three of the siblings had blonde hair, which puzzled John as the both parents were dark haired. Marie wasn’t a very attractive girl, quite overweight, massive saggy breasts an... Continue»
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Kerri Car Needs MOT

Kerri Car Needs MOT

Kerri’s takes her car into the garage on Monday morning as the MOT ran out on Saturday , she sees the manager and say I hope my little car doesn’t need a lot of work as money is tight at the moment , the manager replies I am sure it will fly thought the test no problem if not I am sure that we can work some thing out he jokingly replies

Kerri return to the garage at 4.50 to find the mechanic washing up and locking the place up , she sees the manager who say your cars passed but it needed a bit more work that I thought we have done about £200 work on it to get it throu... Continue»
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say yes

Do not contest, and let me undress:

Undress your mind,
Undress you body,
Undress your soul,
Undress the being of you

Say yes,
And let your mind rest,
As my love flow from my soul to yours,
Flooding your heart with dearest,

Just say yes
And feel my loving touch undress,
Feel it roam so suddenly slow over the softness of your warm flesh,
Leaving your mind in a love quest

Just say yes
And my long: will caress your nest,
Leaving it without wanting, and soaking wet,
Fill it so slow; soothing sensuous sensations will curl your toes,
Levitating your mind of a... Continue»
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Paying the price for an education

"Hurry up," her mother snapped. Sayuri Watanabe may have been taller than her mother, but she'd never been able to keep up with her when she was in a hurry.

Sayuri had never been to this part of Matsuba – she'd never had a reason. Not that it really mattered. It looked like any suburb in practically every other city in Kanto, the vast sprawl of cities that made Tokyo the biggest metropolis on Earth. She'd never been to Kansai, but guessed things were the same there.

This far from the rail station the houses were no more than two stories. Each little plywood box a little different to its ... Continue»
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Married co-worker part 1

I have to do some editing before posting more videos but in the meantime I thought I would share a true story. It is about the first white wife who became a regular partner. This story is 100% true and not some stolen bullshit

She sat in the cubicle next to mine so I only physically saw her about three times a day. We did converse a lot. I'm a fairly polite type of guy and will talk to anyone who is civil towards me even if I don't agree with their beliefs. I made the false assumption this woman was some far right-wing, nigger hating bible thumper. She looked the part to a tee. Imagi... Continue»
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Alex and Emma Watson - and some shades of Grey II

Emma had laid her hands on the edge of the sink and her head on her hands. Her ass, her pussy and her gorgeous long legs were close in front of the face of her b*****r Alex, who was sitting at the edge of the bathtub behind her. He was massaging her ass cheeks with wonderfully scented body oil. For the first time he had spanked her hard with a wooden cook-spoon in the kitchen and now he wanted to do her aching ass something good.

Emma and Alex Watson, the two famous “Watson-siblings” were having a intimate affaire for some months now. Emma had taken the first step on a rainy evening in Octo... Continue»
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A recent date.

Normally I don't use Craigslist because of the fakes, flakes and phonies but this guys add caught my eye and his pics did as well. I wrote him and we set a date for the following evening at 8:00pm sharp. I gave him the directions to my apartment and told him that I would be expecting him. I added a pic of the outfit that I would be wearing as a tease and to fuel his imagination. The next afternoon I started to prepare for the evening's activities. I shaved my face smooth to remove any stubble and then drew a hot bath with lightly scented oils. I shaved my legs smooth, paying extra attent... Continue»
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The Gardener and the girl

Sheryl was 18 she had lived in the same street her whole life she was a warm girl, she had light brown hair and very blue eyes with a cute button nose,she had never had a proper boyfriend she had had plenty of gropings and been felt up in the back of cars and local fields but never had good sex just the sticky fumblings associated with teenage boys.
She was in actual fact a classic bbw with big hips and was very busty which she viewed as a drawback to having a full time boyfriend not imagining for a second that some men actually look for that in a girl.
It was a hot summers day and she was ... Continue»
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Hianna michaels Catches a peeping tom part 2

Gianna Michaels catches a peepin 2
by *lilguy31

Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom 2
By lilguy
Cuckold, femdom, tease and denial fun follows

Ted was down in Gianna basement. It been 2 months sense he got caught peeping on Gianna and he haven't cum. He was chain up and stripped naked. He had two black eyes and bruised all over his body. Gianna had left him a little bowl to eat out and weaken him. He had to hear her making love to some well hung guy upstairs all night and day

He heard the footstep of her high heals. Gianna was wearing a pair of 6 inc... Continue»
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