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Wish you were here

I am NOT the author!. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here.

wishing you were in bed with me, my mind wanders, as does my hand.
I have just woken up. I'm lying in the big comfy bed, the sun is shining in through the windows, warming my naked skin.

Everyone else is away, somewhere, I don't know, but here I am all alone and I can't get you out of my mind. The conversation we had last night keeps going round and round in my head. You turn me on so much, I tingle when I remember some of the things you said, the way you said them.

I'm g... Continue»
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Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff: A Tale of Two s****rs

Hilary Duff sat in a director's chair in her trailer, having just finished making a video with her s****r Haylie for the soundtrack of her new movie, Cinderella Story. Her skintight black jeans were unzipped and one hand was exploring inside. Her eyes closed as she bit down on her lip remembering when she had first met her true love.

Or rather when they had first met as lovers.

After all, she and Halie had Known each other her whole life.

But it wasn't until the ages of thirteen and fifteen that she and Halie had *truly* come to know each other.

* * * * * *

She had only recently... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 13

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 13

Sam Puckett woke up around 3am that morning and elbowed Freddie in the stomach waking him up.

"What? What? What is it?" He asked.

"Do you think I will ever be able to have k**s?" She asked softly.

"Sure. Someday." He told her, still half asl*ep.

"Remember what the doctors said?" She asked.

Freddie knew that Sam had another nightmare. Since the miscarriage, she had this recurring dream about not being able to ever have k**s and it bothered her. Plus with the doctors saying that there was a good chance she would never conceive just mad... Continue»
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wife's teen helper

Since I am often out of town, my wife and I decided to find a young man to help with chores while I was gone.
We put a tear off add in the foyer of the grocery store with our number and general area asking for a "Young man to do household chores".

we got only a few call backs and set up 3 interviews for the coming weekend. Friday evening a knock on the door turned up our first interview. The young man was nicely dressed and good looking. small frame and not quite skinny, but a bit thin.His name was Andrew and we invited him in and took him on a tour of the duties we expected to be handled.... Continue»
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Once in a life time

How different can life become?
How can one choose?
Why? I had the decision to make years ago.
For many years I had been great friends with a couple but over time my mate's wife had started in many ways to show me affection ( and it appeared in many ways)
She would say bring me a cup of coffee whilst we were all watching TV > nothing unusual about that!
But she would bend over so as her low cut loose top dress would show me most of her very womanly breasts. ( she on these occasions would not have her bra on)
Naturally I would have a stirring in my pants.
I would go and help her whilst ... Continue»
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Back in Wheeling

Back in Wheeling (I Loved that Town!)

By the second or third time I made a trip to Wheeling I had some nice contacts. There were old fuck buddies but also some new ones I’d made by chatting. The people who ran the motel were tolerant of me and the comings and goings of my friends…like most places they didn’t really care as long as there were no problems. Before leaving home I contacted a few fucking friends and let them know I’d be in town. There was one guy in particular who wanted a ‘date’.

This was nice. He was married but had no problem getting away. He wanted to take me to dinner th... Continue»
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Performing Again!

There had been a few parties after the Holiday Bash where Harry made me go topless and service him in front of his friends, but nothing like what happened at Christmas. It was now springtime and back then colleges went until mid to late May. This was the first weekend of May and his school had a spring fling tradition. It was an unusually hot May Saturday and Harry picked me up at 11:00. He was wearing a tank top, cut off jean shorts and tennis shoes. I had on a short tube top, which I don’t advise small-breasted women like me to wear but hey, everyone expected a show and today I was going to ... Continue»
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Daddy crept into my bedroom

I can remember my reaction to seeing a woman with her legs open, it was in daddy's private collection of soft porn magazines.
I was both shocked and excited, and a tad envious, when I thought he liked women like that, but that pose has always remained in my head, the ultimate showing of our feminine genitalia, open-thighs, smooth lines flowing to and from a point object, namely our cunts, I am surprised we dont tattoo the inside of our thighs with arrows pointing to our femininity.

When I hit puberty at the tender age of twelve, that photo became a focus for me, an intensifier of what wome... Continue»
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15 years later.

It had been a very trying day at work for Brenda. As her car pulled up to her parking spot in her apartment complex a large moving van pulled out and drove off. Someone must have finally moved into the apartment across from mine, Brenda thought to herself. A new car was parked two spots away from Brenda's. As she walked past she noticed that it had Washington plates. Ah a fellow former Washingtonian. Hopefully an improvement on her last neighbor. The last neighbor she had was a self-professed god's gift to women. It took more than a few firm no's and a threat of being laid out that finally got... Continue»
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the tranning of a slave

As i remember it we were in my bedroom putting the finishing touches on your hair and make up. You are very passable now. We get in the care and head to the mall and a few of my favorite stores. I tell you that I will do all the talking and you just nod or shake your head. We pull into the valet parking and as the valet opens your door I see him looking at your legs. You see this too and as you exit the car your skirt moves up a bit to give him a peek at the top of your nylons. You smile and he returns your smile.

We go into the mall and leisurely walk the halls and do a little window shopp... Continue»
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Independence day

Independence Day 4th of July
Ian around 4.30 am GMT.
I have been torturing myself every day since last Thursday by wanking myself to just before the point of no return!
This has been my Mistress M instructions; I do her bidding and do not cum because she is my Mistress after all.
I have been following my Mistress instructions.
I can’t think straight any more. The thoughts running throw my head are constant day after day.
I want to fuck Mistress …be fucked by Mistress… fuck Anna … Mistress fucking Anna…Mistress Fucking both Anna and I….Mistress and Anna both fucking me …Mist... Continue»
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Wife arranges group fuck for hubby – Part 4

A bit shorter, working on more now, thought I'd add what I had so far...

Nick slides his cock all the way in and I feel his balls pressed up against my ass. Joe's fresh load acts as a great lube and Nick is soon building up a nice rhythm as my wife and I continue sucking on Bills amazing cock. We are working so well as a cock sucking team you'd think we'd been doing it for years! As one of us was sucking on his knob and down his shaft the other would hold the base or his balls, or lick his balls, then we'd swap, or we'd both lick up each side and then kiss each other with his knob in betwee... Continue»
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First time with a ladyboy at the San Francisco Sou

It  had been a long week at work. So I decided to go to the Sound Factory for a drink and maybe get lucky with the ladies. As soon as I got to the bar, I spotted a beautiful asian lady wearing leggings with pantyhose and a sexy little top. She offered to buy me a drink, who am I to refuse. So we had a few drinks and went to the dance floor. The music was pumping and we started to grind on the dance floor. After awhile she suggested we go back to her place to get a little more familiar with each other. I was tipsy and thought I noticed a small bulge in her pants but dismissed it to the effects ... Continue»
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just a story

I met this Hispanic girl through a dating site. She approached me actually, and I thought for once I could get lucky. She was very forward, and invited me out for drinks sometime. I like it when a girl makes the first move when it comes to dating. If she likes to make the first move with a date, she may be a little more aggressive in the bedroom. We'll call her Anna. So, the night came when Anna and I went out to get some drinks.

We didn't spend much time at the bar. We just had a few drinks, and then went to get some fresh air. There was a park nearby, and we took a seat at a few benches. ... Continue»
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Their Suffering!

They had been together for about two years now.They had great sex and even delved into a little BDSM every now and then.They had spoken about their need to be spanked;they both wanted to know how it felt to be beaten together,they agreed it was time to find out and Oliver new how they could go about realising their fantasy.Oliver spoke to Natasha and it was agreed that they would go to the Monastery near where they lived and ask to see the Abbot. Natasha had heard that the Abbot there had beaten a number of people of late. Oliver telephoned the Monastery and made an appointment to meet with ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 26

After sneaking Kris's beer supply back to our room this Friday night, it
hit me that I had something to do with my Dad later on. Now, I regretted
accepting his invitation and would miss out on what could be another heated
discussion about our living situation for the upcoming fall.

Kris and I were watching TV when our door came open. Colt entered the room
and grabbed Kris's desk chair. "Kris, I opened my fucking mouth before I
thought today. Here I'm one to talk. Dude, I'm sorry."

"Thanks Colt. As if you didn't know already, my little temper came shining
through. I guess I'm disapp... Continue»
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First TIme with a Guy (True Story)

Until I got to college, I had not ever thought about anything sexual with another man. That all changed with I got to college. It was probably a combination of my expanding sexuality, massive amount of porn I was watching, and working out in the gym with a lot of really athletic built guys like myself.

One early spring afternoon I was coming back from the gym and was walking down the hall towards my dorm when I surprisingly saw a lone guy in the study lounge on the center of the floor. Usually the only time that room got used was late at night for long distance phone calls to boyfriend... Continue»
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steps****r continuation part 2

So after Jill and mom caught their breath, mom slid off the bed came over to me took my hand, and in the sexiest voice I've ever heard, said "your turn" as she brought me to the bed laid me on my back, and gave me one of the hottest lip numbing passonate kisses I've ever had...better than Jill even. Speaking of Jill she went to work on my hard cock, sucking the foreskin and slipping her tongue inside and caressing the head as mom slid up so I could suck those beautiful puffy rock hard nipples. As I sucked and kissed she ran her fingers through my hair" oh baby, suck mommies tits" taking the... Continue»
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Older man wears stockings

I had seen the old man twice that morning enter the toilet block and come back out within a few seconds he was looking for some sex ... he was mid to late 60's and a bit scruffy and he looked really furtive as he kept looking around him seeing if anyone was about ....he couldn't see me as I was hiding behind two trees in among the thick bushes leading up to the toilet block. I had been to these toilets only three times before and had to date been wanked off twice by older men one of which let me suck him off.... and I sucked another cock through the glory hole but he left straight after he h... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt10

After a moment, mom seemed to regain her composure, as
she let go of hugging me, and without looking at me
directly said, "Rinse yourself off and get dressed."

I did as instructed, grabbing the showerhead and
spraying myself over with water, and rinsing around my
cock and balls to get the remnants of semen from my last
cum load off.

Then I stepped out of the bath, grabbed a towel from the
rail and dried myself off for a moment with my back to
mom. I turned around to say I was off to get dressed and
saw mom looking down at my now limp dick and balls. She
had an intense l... Continue»
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