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Encounter at Travelodge, Part 7

Part 7: Or: “On the subject of hotel-room expedient double penetration aids.”

Wet towel in one hand, and everything else in the other, I smile on the scene in the room. It’s gone good, far better than I thought it would. With a smile – just to judge how she’s doing, I say in my Viktor voice “Are you ready to proceed?”

She nods – “Yes. But I’m still not telling you anything.”

I put the towel in the middle of the line stretching between her toes. It sags for a second, but she recovers it immediately. I take the clamps off her nipples, and add them to the line to hold the small towel ... Continue»
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Older woman who tended the chicken farm got lonely

This video reminded me of her, and brought back memories.

I took a summer job with the chicken Co my dad worked for. I helped pick up eggs deliver feed and medication to farms. Many of those farms were in the middle of no where, and those who worked them were woman. Some single some widows and some married. The one woman I remember the most was a single woman about sixty something.
I worked with her picking up eggs and the first shift was at 6 am and the next at 6 pm. I arrived at the farm and s... Continue»
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Stepdaughter loving 2.

I sat at the breakfast table feeling very guilty, my loving wife sat next to me oblivious that I had the day before just fucked her daughter, my stepdaughter and no matter how hard I tried to forget what had happened I couldn't.
Kim then strolled wearing a very tight t-shirt and short skirt.
"Haven't you got college today?" asked Trish
"Later mother" she sighed before she gave me a long hard stare.
I quickly glanced away and I when I looked back Kim was stood looking in the fridge, she bent forwards to get something out and I could see her lovely toned legs going right up to her small roun... Continue»
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1stTime I Played Alone Was With My Black Neighbor

Black wife lover

There he stood, and I wanted him so bad. I was buring with desire and
he knew it as he toyed with me/

George eagerly followed me to the patio table with a massive erection
quite visible. Quickly I excused myself to get dressed and satisfy my
burning desire to get off. I couldn't get this beautiful black man or
his extended cock out of my mind as my pussy was a raging passion pit
needing relief..

Lurking out the semi-closed blinds, I noticed George privately stroking
his manhood as I peered out my bedroom window. Spying on my hot built
black neighbor for a momen... Continue»
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My Cousin Mandy- Part 3

It was after one o'clock in the morning and everyone in the house was upstairs sl**ping, all except my beautiful cousin Mandy who was now waiting for me in the silence of her room. The guestroom was the only bedroom on the lower floor of my house; we would be totally undisturbed.

As I approached her door I thought back over the events of the day. It had started with a shameful display of uncontrolable lust on my part this morning, rolling around Mandy's bed with her panties pressed to my face. It had produced one of the most intense self-induced orgasms of my life and as I laid spent in the... Continue»
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chennai sexy black aunty

Dear friends, this is Yuva Raj, living in Chennai city. I am aged 25 now and average looking with slim athletic body of 6’2 in height and weighing 70kg. I am basically a software engineer and working in Chennai itself. I don’t know why, but I have great passion about sex. Right from the moment I became a big boy, I took interested in sex and explored the ways of intimacy between a man and woman. This is one of my successful attempts in seducing a mature house wife and fucked her.

I was staying alone at thiruvanmiur in Chennai which is nearest place to the IT highway. I used to go by bus alw... Continue»
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My wife and I owned a nice single story home in the subs. We had moved into this older well kept neighborhood a year earlier and got along with every person who lived around us. There were block parties that we attended and got to know everyone pretty well.
I am pretty handy and work on the house a lot. One day the neighbor to our left came over and asked if I could help her with cleaning the gutters. She was a nice lady in her fifties, divorced, no k**s, and very friendly. She had cleaned most of it, but something had got stuck and she had trouble see what it was. Her ladder was ... Continue»
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Volunteering has Benefits

It was early evening about two years ago and I was coming back with three friends Dave and Rick and Chas, from a volunteer group conference we had been to. We were friends for quite awhile and always joked around with each other and sometimes they were raunchy jokes and pokes at each other. We had been driving for about one and a half hours when Chas said he was parched and could do with a drink. We all agreed. At the next pub we came to we pulled into the car park. It looked quite a rundown place on the outskirts of a small town. Chas parked the car and we went inside.

The inside wasn't a... Continue»
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Teacher's pet

Teacher's Pet

It's late spring, an exciting time of year for you as a teacher because you know your summer break is fast approaching. Your usually morning dred of getting up and going to work is starting to ease with each passing morning lately. This particular morning your feeling especially frisky, maybe even a little mischievous and decide to take full advantage of one of your last remaining days to torment the poor adolescent boys in your class that have been drooling over you all school year. You know you... Continue»
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The first lesson

It was a long night at work and Sarah just wanted to get home shower and get into bed. The bar was packed for a Thursday night and she made good money. As she checked the bar to get ready to lock up she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and before she knew what was happening he was on her. She felt a strong arm rap around her and lift her off the ground. Fear shot through her and her mind raced for a way out. His grip was too much for her small frame and she was his to do with as he pleased. As she struggled she saw he had on a mask in the mirror behind the bar and her fear grew even m... Continue»
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Fun with Friends

Fun Night with Friends
My wife (Mary) tell me "that she want to find her friend Dawn a guy,she tell me that she has one it is old her boyfriend Clint". I say"That sound nice, how are we going have them meet each other?" She say " That called Clint, he say for come to his state and bring Dawn with us, we'll have good time and told me where to meet him at." I say "ok." So we set out get Dawn and head to meet Clint in Tennesse. We pick up Dawn , she sit in passager seat while set in the back as head to meet Clint, i see Mary slip hand onto Dawn's leg slowly ... Continue»
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Dean and his best mate

Dean was my first serious boyfriend. We met when I was at Uni in London. We'd only been together a few months when he was sent to prison for possession. He wasn't a bad lad. Just an idiot that thought he was 'harder' than he was. Anyway, he ended up only serving 4 months for good behaviour. I laughed at the idea of Dean behaving himself but as I say he was just a bit naughtyso prison must have come as a huge shock to him, being with proper criminals.

He was 25 when he got out and I was still in 1st year at Uni. He asked me to move in with him when my time in halls came to an end and I happ... Continue»
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Trained by Maitresse Helen Part 1

Dedicated to Maitresse H.
It started with an on line greeting to Maitresse H on Collarme, a well established BDSM forum. Having exchanged messages and a few phone calls a meeting was arranged in the north Wales countryside. I had booked a hotel for the weekend as Maitresse lived nearby. The first meeting had me filled with trepidation but after a few drinks at the local pub we got along like a house on fire (should that be a welsh cottage ?)

After a pleasant evening we retired to my hotel room where Maitresse instructed me to remove my clothes for her inspection. As I stood there n... Continue»
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A fantasy fulfilled part 1

Growing up I've always been one for finding the older woman attractive. The fantasy of that older woman hook up or fling that 99% of teenagers have was always in my mind, and has stuck with me in to my early 20s, however being a very shy guy meant acting on this desire never really came about.

It wasn't until I was 22 I got my first girlfriend, and ultimately lost my virginity. The girlfriend, Clare, and myself used to visit her parents about once a month. Her mother, Julie, wasn't the stunningly attractive makes you stand back and thank the heavens you're alive type of woman but there was... Continue»
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First gay experience.

I had two amazing friends. We were inseparable, their names were Jack and Keith and we were always together. Everyday we would hang out outside and find things to do. We spent many nights together at each others houses and had lots of fun. We eventually started watching porn together and jerking off in the same room. Over about a period of 2 months we started getting more curious and would jerk off in the room with no blankets. Jack brought about the idea and said we should show each other our cocks. So that's what we did. Jack pulled out his which was a nice hard 6 inches and it bent down whi... Continue»
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Another dreeeeem

I’m laying out on the lawn – tummy down on a blanket – oiled up and tanning in the sun. Legs are spread open so the sun is hot on my wet pussy.

You come home from work, take a shower and dry off – coming out to me quietly and nude – feeling the hot sun on your body.

You sneak up on me as I am dozing – running your nails up and down my back – neck – down again – along my arms then down over my ass – along the crack again and again – I am moaning mmmmmmm

Running your nails down my legs tickling my feel just gently and up again – ever so lightly over my pussy – I raise my hips to meet y... Continue»
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Sex Night – Unexpected Surprises

My wife and I got married when we were both teenagers and have been married for over 20 years now. As you can imagine our Sex life was pretty crazy when we first married. Not only were we newlyweds but we were also full of teenaged hormones and inhibitions. It seemed like all we did was have Sex. Hot wild sex. 7 days a week most of the time several times a day.

Now let’s fast forward about 22 years. We are still happily married and the proud parents of 4 c***dren. We’re both gainfully employed and leading very busy lives. So busy in fact that we didn’t have a lot of time for each other. Sex... Continue»
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I had delivered a shipment to a customer one Saturday morning, and found myself near Della's neighbourhood, so I decided to stop in to see how she was. A white MGB was parked in her driveway, so I parked the truck on the street and walked to the door. I knocked several times, but got no answer, so I looked in the garage, and saw her car was there. I figured I would make one more attempt, so I knocked again. As I did, the door swung open, so I stepped into the vestibule and called her name. She responded from upstairs with a "Oh...Trev...I'm up here." As I climbed the stairs, I told her I was c... Continue»
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I was sitting at home wondering what I would be doing for Halloween. I could go to my friend's house, he's having some lame "scary movie" party with our usual gang of troublemakers.

I could go to the local cruise scene and drive up and down the road watching others do the same. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the costume party my dad's company was having because I was a bit young, I'm 18 years old and there would be alcohol there.

I really wanted to go to this party, just for the sheer fact of the having some fun. If nothing else, seeing everyone's costume would be worth it.

Unfort... Continue»
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The Swing Series 5

Hi there! I told John I'd like to try telling you all
about one of our adventures. John is going to write the
story while I try my hand at telling the story from my
point of view. Sometimes a woman's point of view is
different from a man's...(John is laughing and Sue
can't figure out why. Sue is a blonde... <G>). "John,
stop laughing!"

Anyway, I just thought that you guys-and hopefully,
you women out there-would enjoy hearing "my
side" of fun. After all I was there, too. John said that if
I was real good at telling a story that I could get the
readers really turned on. I... Continue»
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