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Your Mom's in Porn Now - An Adult Story

Your Mom's in porn now...

It all started pretty innocently. I was back home on summer break from college. I was walking our f****y dog. I just turned the corner on my street. "Beep! Beep! Hey Buck. Long time no see." said a guys voice. I turned my head toward the voice. "Hey dude. What's up?" I said. It was Small Daryl. He was a friend from high school. We used to hang out all the time in school. It's been close to two years since I seen him. His real name was Daryl Stiles. But everyone called him Small Daryl. He was only 5ft. Maybe a hundred pounds. I'm almost 6ft 4 and 220 pounds. We had ... Continue»
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the college boy

my wife and i are retired and have a very active sex life. she would always kiss me after she sucked my cock, giving lot of tongue, which i readily accepted. during foreplay she would rub the precum on her nipples and have e lick it off, the taste of sweet precum. one night she said she had a question, so the wife and i had "the talk" she wanted to know if i was gay. i said no of course not but the idea of cocks was a turn on. but the idea of kissing a guy was a huge turn off. she asked if i would ever like to suck on a cock and i said yes it would be a turn on. this really turned her on and... Continue»
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Welfare Lady - An Adult Story

Shit! How does a white guy with a college education live in a small apartment in the projects on the 15th floor of a high rise and have nothing to show beside a small check from a insurance settlement? I will tell you assholes.

It started about six months ago. I was working at a retail store that sold baby clothes and maternity clothes to first time mothers. The store was in a adjacent mall about a mile from were I lived. They had a help wanted sign on the door for awhile. They needed a stock boy / maintenance person to help around the store. After 2 weeks I moved up to salesman and became ... Continue»
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Wife meeting up with old lover last weekend.

I was so excited when I heard my old lover was coming back to town for a friends wedding. We had been very serious several years ago but life and career choices took him half way across the country so we both moved on to the next phases of our lives.

He was a very caring lover and his cock was the best I had ever fucked. I am guessing it is about eight inches and proportionately thick. He has moderately dark skin tone on his cock and he has been cut. His head is a perfect bell shape. And his cum...I have only craved the cum from two dicks in my life and his was one of those.

My husban... Continue»
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Cam Girl

Lori was at small one hundred and two pounds with DDD tits. She worked at a strip club and was extremely popular. Her private dances were always booked. The men paid $100 per thirty minutes. In that short time she quickly got naked let them suck and lick her huge jugs and she would suck their cock and let them fuck her. Then she sent them home with a snap shot with her holding their hard cock. She loved sex and began fucking when she was merely a teen as her fathers best friend was the first to stick his cock in her virgin cunt. From then on she loved fucking many of his friends and as her tit... Continue»
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Everyone Else did it

About a month or so ago, I was invited to a good friends bachelorette party. I wasn't crazy about attending these parties but decided that I should go because she was a very close friend of mine. It was being held at another friend's home and would be taking place late on a Saturday afternoon. One of the reasons I wasn't crazy about it was I knew who was hosting the party and she was a pretty wild girl. She had thrown some crazy parties in the past and I had heard some wild stories about them. I decided to put all that aside and go and have some fun. Hopefully nothing too crazy would happen an... Continue»
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Story 1

Lately I started to hang out with a new group of friends. In those times it was all about fun: bars and pubs, concerts, heavy drinking and everything else. Naturally, we soon formed 2 couples, Marry and Alex, Chris and me. So, let’s talk about how it all started between Chris and me:
Chris was the kind of a “good guy” that didn’t want to seem like that. Somehow, I decided to f**k him, almost out of boredom, something like “let’s show the guy what a good f**k means”.
We were at his place, watching movies and waiting for the rest of the gang to show up, but they were running late... Continue»
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My brief stab at prostitution

This happened when I was 22, I was broke and hanging out in my hometown, a large eastern New England city of about 500,000. I was hanging out on what was the main drag looking to see if i could get picked up by a guy for sex. I got a lot of interest but no one was stopping. after about 90 minutes I said "fuck this" and decided to go to a diner about a block away. I cut down a covered alley that cut through a huge department store and started walking up toward the diner. it was chilly and the wind was gusting as i crossed the street. I sort of noticed a van following me on the left. I figured t... Continue»
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My first Exhibitionist

I used to work at a lodge in Ca. and was expected to be there very early mornings to clean and open up. I was young with no transportation so I walked a couple of miles before sun up to get there.
One morning as the sun was starting to rise I was about to get there when I saw a man jogging towards me.
He was tall,lean,shirtless with a completely smooth chest and legs and a head of dark,dark brown hair. I noticed his very short nylon shorts and thought that I was going to get a nice glimpse of this guy and waited until he got closer with anticipation.
As he jogged closer to me I also not... Continue»
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The best way to wake up

The best way to wake up

Opening my eyes the sun just hit me so I could not see what was going on but I knew the feeling all too well. The loving feeling of a mouth just around my cock and I was super hard enjoy every moment I looked down to the shite of this beautiful blond girl her head just going up and down that all I could see. She had a hands around my shaft and was stroking up and down as she let soft moans out between sucking and licking.

So let me just share some information about myself. I am 25 years of age and I’m average length, short black hair and I’m well build. I’m an at... Continue»
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his best friend

My friend has a best friend for more than 30 years. I didnt know that he married my friends ex. lol. While our relation kept growing we made the next step and we live together for a few years now. they both had a tradition called CGT Coffee,Gaming,Talking but because there where a few more miles between us it didnt stand. I wanted to surprise him and after a while I called his friend, asking hem to come over. As the weekend came I didnt tell my friend there would be a visit. So it was fun to see how his reaction whas. It started great. The week before the visit his friend and I did some app an... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #6

Victorious: Falling Pieces #6

Given how insane the last three days had been, the next week went by pretty quickly and managed not to be that eventful for the friends. They all reported to school and with the exception of those with good reason not to talk to each other, like Beck & Tori, Tori & Jade, and Robbie & Trina, they had normal conversations as if nothing in the last week or the last couple months had actually happened.

The only big change was that Nate usually sat near them in Sikowitz's class and at lunch, and was slowly inching his way into the group. This had less to d... Continue»
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glory hole mom

I was on my way home from my 6 month gynecologist visit and had to Pee so bad, I knew I shouldn´t have drank so much coffee that day …. I knew there was a public toilet in the parking house where my car was, ……I slipped into the woman’s room only to find they were out of order … what to do I could feel the drops of Pee coming out of my pussy, I was not about to pee my paints… I went back outside and saw the mens room, …with fingers crossed I slipped the door open and looked inside, one there (or so I thought) the stall on the left was free so I slipped in to it, …opened my paints an... Continue»
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Discovering Sex, the Dirty Way with Daddy. by Jenn

When I was young and beautiful, I liked to go online and talk to men, make plans, and say I wanted to meet them.

'These are silly girlish notions', my mother once told me. Perhaps, I thought, but every time I thought about doing it, my body came alive, I was living my fantasy, locked in my bedroom I craved love, the naughty kind, the pressure built up to bursting point, I wanted to experiment, I wanted to meet men and see what they would do.

I chatted in the nude, it made me feel vulnerable. 'Do you have a cam Jenni', they always begged me? I could feel their urgency for me, and it made ... Continue»
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How I Became A Witches Foot Slave

How I Became A Witches Foot Slave

I was short $300 on rent and the ladies who lived next door had to move. They offered me $300 to help them move, so naturally I accepted.

I woke up at 6 am and had their truck loaded by noon. It was a six hour drive, but I needed to be back before the end of the weekend so I proceeded to unload everything as soon as we got to their new home. It was a secluded old house far up in the mountains, so when I was done I decided to stay the night and wake up the next morning and make the drive home.

There were three of them: the mom, Lorraine,... Continue»
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How my wife became a BBC slut part 2

Now youre up to speed on how it got started. No we had to come up with a plan to get her holes fucked by our neighbor. Easier said than done.
We talked and decided that I was going to be there so I could watch the whole time. It seemed easy enough. So on one of the weekends I had off we were going to hang out at their place and she would wear something slutty and that should get him going.
My weekend off came and we talked to the neighbor and he invited us to his place to watch some game. We both pretended like we were into sports and knew enough to be convincing. We sat there for a while ju... Continue»
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First Time Experience in Hot Tub

I was in San Diego at a nice resort, with several buildings containing rooms and a common area in the middle with a pool, spa and other amenities.

I decided I wanted to go to the hot tub to warm up and relax. When I got to the hot tub, I was the only one there for a few minutes. Then, another man came and introduced himself, John. He put out his hand to shake and I offered mine in kind.

I sat down on one bench of the spa and he sat a fair distance away. This in-ground spa was particularly large--probably large enough to hold 20 people. We made small talk for a few minutes before he moved... Continue»
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Confessions of a Buttsniffer

Confessions of a Buttsniffer

by BryanLL

From my earliest memories I have been infatuated with girls’ butts. Even before I began my schooling, I would stare at the round butts of any girl of just about any age and that is something that has not changed over the years.

I recall my mother’s friend coming over to talk and bringing with her a daughter who was one year younger than me. We were encouraged to go into my bedroom and let Candace rummage through a large toy chest to see if there was anything that interested her.

I didn’t need a toy chest to have an interest; Candace was all I... Continue»
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No library.

Mr.T and I have recently attended a black time event out of town at a casino resort.

The two of us looked good Damn good him in his tux me in a gown .
The event was a two night three day event one night he took me the second night he took his

Him and I spent the day to gather did some shopping ,some gambling we won some took it back
to the room ,so I would have more to play while he was gone.
As we are sitting there talking he smiles sorry we could not find a library last night.
Looking at him kiss him deeply telling him thank you .
We have time to kill before he ... Continue»
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PIGGY BITCH/ Episode#2 /Part#1

The Red Dot Tavern was always filled to capacity in the bar area at night. After ten o-clock the half bar half arcade tavern serves as an afterhours spot. Singles go to mingle, lovers go to cuddle, and I go to drown away the memory of the Piggy Bitch. Not to forget the disgusting event that occurred. The foul b**st made my cock boldly go where no cock has gone before. The way she looked, smelled, and took all of my black monster consumed my entire being. My soul desired to fuck her fat sloppy asshole into submission. Thank goodness the tavern was dark. My cock was lifting the table with a Pi... Continue»
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