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Two men one hour

The story I am about to tell happened about 3 years ago. I was split from my daughter's father for a few months and had a guy I considered a 'friend with benefits' named Jake (let's say). My daughters father, Mike (for the story), and I still got together once in a while to fool around. I thought this was ok because I wasn’t in a relationship and he wasn't either but there was still a part of me that thought Jake would be upset if he found out I was still fucking my ex.

One night after spending the day with Jake, I received a text from Mike.

‘Meet at your place?’ read the text from mik... Continue»
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It was a Friday night and usually my girlfriend and I have our k**s but it ended up that we had an unexpected free night. Thank you grandparents!! lol My girl and I decided to go out for a few drinks and maybe even hit up some dance club. My girl usually dresses very appropriate. She never was one to flaunt her stuff even though I LOVE when she does. But, this night was a bit different because I noticed that she was dressing a bit different and wearing a tight short skirt and I don't think she had any panties on and that was more than ok with me.
She threw on a smaller tight shirt that was a... Continue»
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18 And Looking For More BI Fun

This is a follow up story to my 18 and fresh from school story here

I quickly found out that Jerry my b*o.'s buddy that had fucked me for the first time was NOT one to keep his mouth shut and had told my b*o. and the rest ALL about him finally getting his horny dick up my virgin ass. I have to admit it did make me feel pretty fucking turned on knowing the group of guys my gay b*o knew had heard the full details of my little escapade with Jerry and his fat hard cock meat. It made wearing those tight shorts cut offs jeans even m... Continue»
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I'm an Exhibitionist part Four

I'm an exhibitionist Part Four

Stretched out in my bath soaking up the essential oils, I smoothed my hand up my leg checking for any stray stubble. Smooth as silk, I then ran my hand over my freshly shaved pussy, delighted to feel nothing more than soft hairless skin. Standing up in the bath, I watched the oil based water run off my tanned flesh. A small waterfall was streaming off my pierced nipples as the shine of my skin absorbed the essential oil. I stepped out of the bath and began to pat dry my oiled flesh. Contented that my skin was free from any excess water I smoothed my hands over... Continue»
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Taking one for the team

I know this story is going to take longer for me to write than simply typing some random thing because it gets me so hot to re-live this story that my cock is out right now and I have to fool around with myself.But I will try to get to the point and not drag it out.

Playing on the baseball team was something I had done since I was 5. You get to know the guys in your league from just growing up and being on the same team with them most of your life at that point. Aaron was by far the best friend I had in the league and would spend lots of time during the summers over his house. We would ba... Continue»
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Another First Time Story

This is another first time story as told to me by a friend. It happened about twenty years ago. I know it is true as his s****r was there when he told this to me, then he and I tag teamed his s****r!
My s****r, Shelly, and I are identical twins so we have grown up together and have done everything together. Part of that growing up included exploring sex during our teen years. Shelly was great and curious as was I. We did not have intercourse, but we did everything else. I ate Shelly out, fingered her, rubbed my cock on her clit. Shelly sucked my cock, swallowed my load several times, le... Continue»
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Impregnating teen

It was a hot summer day when my teen daughter Jennie brought her friend over. Her name is Suzy. They decided to go for a swim in our large pool. Suzy came from a poorer part of town so she had no real good way of cooling off. She is very petite at 5 feet tall but has a nice shapely body with rather large and perky breasts for her size. Being so young she was probably naïve and didn't realize how hot she looked. She didn't notice that wearing those cutoff shorts that were too small showed a little of her sculptured ass cheeks even as she kept having to pull them back down over them all of the t... Continue»
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True story: My first threesome

I had been dating Katie for about 6 months. She was 26 years old, 5’8” redhead with bright green eyes, medium length red hair, a nice skinny lightly freckled body, perfect round 34C chest with luscious pink nipples that would get hard to the simplest touch, and a pussy that could only be described as perfect. As with all redheads, she was wild and unpredictable which was part of her allure, and on this night she would show me just how wild she actually could be.

We pulled up to the back of our local bar and got out of the car. Katie swung her long legs off the leather seat and walked a few ... Continue»
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As a Wall Street attorney, I have to dress the part. Believe me, if it was up to me, I'd wear jeans and polo shirts all day everyday.

Please let me introduce my self. My name is Kevin Provocante. I am 30 years old and just over 6 feet in height. I have black hair which I keep short to maintain my professional appearance, and I have green eyes. I keep in shape by working out probably three times a week, plus a good run on weekends when I can find the time. At 175 pounds, I keep myself in pretty buff condition. I have a light swatch of hair across my chest which I keep well groomed. Oh yes, I... Continue»
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With a Neighbour Like Me.....

You know those dark thoughts that you have that you never think you'll do. Sometimes I surprise myself and I engage them. So far things have worked out for the best. Hopefully it will never catch up with me. One recent episode involved you, Emma, my neighbour. I don't know much about you except that I walk by your house on the way home daily. You always smile at me when we run into each other in the neighbourhood.

I have begun to notice you're around the house alone every night. I could see your through the bay window that opens up to their kitchen and living area. Pretty much every night I... Continue»
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A surprise for the wife (inspired by Voyeurhubby)

I took my beautiful little wife away for a dirty weekend away as we both needed to get away for a while. I just hadn't told her quite how dirty it was to be. As she knew the weekend was definitely about us getting a bit of sex she packed a few sexy and revealing outfits as well as some normal clothes like jeans. What I hadn't told her was that the place we were stopping was an adults only club that had rooms to hire as well as the club rooms. She had trusted me to make all the reservations so had no idea. She simply asked if they had a bar and what places it was near. So all the way down I was... Continue»
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My Horny Neighbour - ROMA

This was about 7 years back when I was 25 years & she was 14years elder to me .Let tell you about her. Her name is ROMA, around 39 yrs old, figure 38-29-36 and blessed with great assets with a average height 5'4", She had divorced her husband it was a love marriage but things didn’t work for more then 5 years, they had no c***dren as her husband use to gamble a lot with her money and beat her after drinking. So she came back & was staying with her old parents (retired) and looked after them as she was working for a well known MNC company at Navi Mumbai. She had two elder b*****rs & one s****r ... Continue»
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Wild Wedding Night

Thanks to everyone who voted in my little experiment. This was the winning picture. So here's a story inspired by it.

For the American Male, the wedding night isn't much of a big deal anymore. Unless you're part of the 1% of people who actually wait to have sex on that night, you're not likely to be surprised.

More likely, you fall into your hotel room after a crazy busy wedding day and do your best to get it up and fuck any way you can.

"Don't get too tired." My fiancee Jenna advised me several times before the w... Continue»
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My First Sexual Experience

I would like to narrate how I succeed in fulfilling my lust for my neighbor aunty Raji at the age of 18.Now I am 34 years old.

At that time we used to stay in departmental quarters wherein 4 flats are together and we used to mingle with each and every f****y members of our neighbors.

About Raji aunty, she is very fair, heavy with attractive flossy look, full size breasts and buttocks, deep naval and rosy lips. Her husband is govt employer and they had 3 c***dren altogether.

That particular day was her youngest c***d's birthday party and we along with all our neighbors were invited ... Continue»
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Back to the garage

I don't know why but what happened in the garage with John was lying on my mind. A few days later I was passing and saw Dave go out in his breakdown truck, pulling in and parking up I entered the garage and there was John with his very pretty girlfriend, he looked shocked to see me, as he approached me he was shaking his head from side to side mouthing the word 'no'.

His girlfriend must have been 18 or so and she said "Hi can I help you?", I looked at John and he looked very embarrassed, he led me to the office and said "Please don't say anything" I said "Well that depends on how long your ... Continue»
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College life 11


Matt (18), the author; Kris, Matt's roommate and best friend.

Friends: Scott and Juan, roommates; Jess and Robert, roommates; Michael and
Corey (the BF) roommates; Stephan. All live on the same floor and are 18
and freshmen except Juan, 19. Rick, their RA.

Liz, Kris' girlfriend; Kendall and Noel, friends on the first floor of the

Others will be added as they are introduced and play a part in the story.


The next morning after a night of sex with Scott, I woke and was alone to
my surprise. It took me a second to rea... Continue»
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Car service at the garage

My car needed a good service so as I passed a garage on a back street when I took the wife to work I thought I'd ask in there. I walked in and this bloke of around 35 years old called Dave asked me what I wanted, when I told him he said he would be happy to service my car as he didn't have much work on at the moment, I thought Perfect.

Two weeks later I drove the wife to work and called in the garage, a younger lad was there, he said he was an apprentice for his dad. His dad recognised me and asked if I'd come for a service, I replied that I had, he said "You don't mind if our John does it ... Continue»
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Sumissive's Diary Episode 2: Restraint

Four months had past since we had our first adventure. Ever since then he continued to tie me up on a regular basis, taking me down to the basement roughly once per week. But it had never been as intense as the first time again. Instead we worked on ' letting go '. Some might call it an orgasm torture to be made to come for two hours straight, but honestly, to me it was like heaven on earth. We quickly got to the point where sex had changed from a fun hobby to my favorite pass time activity. I jumped Mike whenever I felt the urge and he always happily replied. Until that night, at least.
He h... Continue»
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JoJo Levesque Fucked

“Shit, the flight’s been canceled,” JoJo swore as the reader board changed to reflect the toll the snowstorm had taken on the airport.

“Should we find a hotel or stay here and hope things improve?” James Nixon, JoJo’s drummer on this tour, asked her.

“I’ll go see if they think the weather will improve,” JoJo volunteered.

“Fuck, I knew this wasn’t a good idea,” Fred Williams, the guitarist, said when JoJo was out of earshot. “We should be at home playing with the band and playing music that actually means something. Instead, we’re stuck in an airport in New York on our way to play t... Continue»
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Why the hell am I on xHamster !?

Thanks for passing by and I would love you to read this about me in order to know why I decided to open an account here.

Last summer, my husband and I were doing a sexy photoshoot of our couple, we're used to produced sexy pictures and videos to enhance our love life. However this day, we were at the beach and we became aroused, turned on, so we found out an hidden spot on the beach to make love. I was standing up, my husband behind me slowly undressing me while caressing and kissing my shoulders and neck. I remember the sweet smell of the warm sea breeze and the ardent sand on which the su... Continue»
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