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They say first love is difficult to forget. I totally agree with it. I have not forgotten my first love. But even more difficult is to forget first sexual experience. I know it too because I still remember first time I got laid and I will remember it till my death. I had been lucky that my first time was with an experienced partner, that too with someone I knew. It was my Mami (my maternal aunt) who gave me that unforgettable experience.
In my third year of engineering, for a mandatory one moth long industrial training, I went to BHEL in Bhopal. During my training I stayed at my uncles' place... Continue»
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Aftermath of Mom's Confession comes to an end

This is the third part of “Mom’s Confession Land’s her in Trouble”. Months had passed since the incident in the Police station. Now a day’s mom spent most of the time in the church praying or to be more correct to escape from dad’s beatings which had grown worse since our arrest. He rarely used to sl**p at home spending the other nights with prostitutes. It was in those days that a headline in the news paper caught my eye.
“Convict escapes from Jail,” it read.
It was Andrews all right. I informed the matter to my mom who had almost fainted when I narrated the entire story. We were caught ... Continue»
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Work Slut

"Fancy a bonk?" Shouted the slut as I walked past her office. Her friends laughed as did the slut before going on to clarify "the sun makes me horny". It was midsummer and we were in the midst of a heatwave.
There was no doubt in my mind that whilst the comment was made as an attempt to amuse her friends there was a certain sincerity in the offer.
Once I'd returned to my desk an email awaited "hope I didn't embarrass you"
"Of course not" I replied before going on to fish a little further.
Emails flew back and forth the next hour or, each a little riskier than the last. Eventually a pact wa... Continue»
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Camping Up North (Fiction)

Camping North

I had never been camping before like this, normally I would just camp in my back yard and when it rained go inside. Was never a nature lover. Anyway last summer I decided to start exploring Scotland and decided to go camping to Skye. I’ve never been this far North, to be honest I think the furthest North vie been is Edinburgh (and that not even north tbh more west to me) I started my day by getting everything loaded into the car. Everything managed to fit into my little Peugeot 206 although the boot was a bit full of my tent, sl**ping bag, stove, and all the waterproofs I was ... Continue»
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Our 1st exposing time together

Jay and I went to a movie one night, and I wore a miniskirt and a low cut pull over top. Yes I had panties on, but no bra. At the show, Jay had his hand up my skirt, and under my panties for most of the movie. There were times that Jay pulled his hand out as the movie was a good one that we both wanted to see. After a while, I reached up under my skirt, and pulled my panties down and off. I thought I would make it easier for Jay to get at my pussy.
At one point Jay had to pull his hand out because I was starting to make some noises. I was starting to cum, and I guess I didn't realize I w... Continue»
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My First Times

I've been reading some awesome stories on here lately. It makes me want to tell mine too, but with proper punctuation and stuff. Usually I just bang my posts out, but I can spell and my teachers say I can write pretty well too, so here goes.

Yeah, you might have noticed I said First Time(S). That's because I had two. The VERY first time (when I lost my virginity) was with this guy my mother was fucking. I'll call him "Butch" because I don't want to put his name on here. This happened about 5 years ago, when I was young, very young. My parents got divorced a couple of yea... Continue»
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Break Time Surprise

Its been a rough day at work so I step out back for a break and take out a smoke, picking the usual spot on the wall to lean my back against, rolling my head back, eyes closed.

So quiet...

Except for the sound of my zipper.

I open my eyes and there you are before me. All you do is grin before sinking swiftly to your knees, your fingers working and tugging at my pants. AHHH yes, it takes you just seconds to tear into me and release my hard cock from my pants. I see your eyes light up at the challenge of taking it all. You start at my balls, licking your way slowly to the tip of my tw... Continue»
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Guys asking ME to write a story about one of our,

Jay and I went to a movie one night, and I wore a miniskirt and a low cut pull over top. Yes I had panties on, but no bra. At the show, Jay had his hand up my skirt, and under my panties for most of the movie. There were times that Jay pulled his hand out as the movie was a good one that we both wanted to see. After a while, I reached up under my skirt, and pulled my panties down and off. I thought I would make it easier for Jay to get at my pussy.
At one point Jay had to pull his hand out because I was starting to make some noises. I was starting to cum, and I guess I didn't realize I was ... Continue»
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My sexy s****r in law

I was out in the evening having a few drinks with mates in Canterbury
There was plenty of girls out wearing not much, I love walking through packed pubs and clubs as you can rub yourself up against some sexy girls, some hate it , others like it :)
I'd had a good skinfull this night and made our way to the club, it was heaving . So we made our way to the bar , got a drink and headed to the dance floor for a dance and a grope. Not much luck other than a squeeze of a blondes tits and ass. I was thinking about getting a cab home when I couldn't believe it when I saw my s****r in law , she was w... Continue»
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A Meeting of Minds

I'm feeling nervous about this and its unusual. I'm not used to it. Something about finally being here and meeting you is making me feel almost as anxious as I am aroused.


But not quite.

I've been like this for hours now, uncharateristically anxious but also as hard as a rock since we spoke on the phone earlier this morning. I've been like this for so long now, or so it seems to me, that I've long since given up trying to hide my erection.

It's uncomfortable now. My balls are aching, my dick throbbing.

I need to be in you.

If not now, then soon.

Everyone in this pl... Continue»
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The Benefits of Having Bathroom Troubles Part 1

I have had certain difficulties with 'eliminating waste' since I was very young. In my thirties now, it has finally gotten bad enough that I decided to see a doctor about it. My super hot f****y doctor referred me to a urologist that is a little older but also pretty hot.

The first time she saw me, the urologist she said she was probably going to end up referring me to other doctors but she wanted to get a good close up look first.

"I'm going to leave the room. When I come back I want you to be wearing nothing but this gown," she said, patting the folded white garment on the examina... Continue»
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A slutwife story from the female perspective

Wife story with female POV (If you know who wrote it..pleeease let me know).

Wife, mother, career woman, suburban homemaker -- that's all me. Nothing out of the ordinary in my life -- or so I thought. Happily married to Phil for nine years, and the mother of charming, brilliant, adorable, 6-year-old Bobby, I was comfortable with my role and responsibilities. I guess that's why finding Phil's "secret" was such a shock to my system. Let me tell you about it: It was a beautiful Spring Friday and Phil had volunteered to help chaperon Bobby's nursery school class on the trip to the zoo. I volunt... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom part 2

It was almost a month since I had met ‘Aunty' I would call her by her
first name when we were alone together, Mala was her name. Her hubby
was back from his tour, his timings were never fixed, so we decided not
to take chances and if not him Sneha was always around. It had been a
while since I had sex with Sneha too.

It was one of those days when I was at Sneha's place, doing nothing.
Sneha had gone to take a shower when Mala came over told me she had
made plans to meet me, slipped me a piece of paper gave me a quick peck
on my lips, winked and went back to the kitchen. I opene... Continue»
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Two Plugged Asses (FMF, bi-female)

Matt and I had always enjoyed ass play. Fingering, eating, fucking, you name it. We both loved playing with each other's asses and now that we had a girlfriend to share, we were very excited to have another tight little asshole to play with.

Amanda was 18, and although she wasn't a virgin, she hadn't had any ass play until she entered into a polyamorous triad with Matt and I. We started her out slowly, licking and fingering her ass and letting her lick and finger mine (who would have known she loved to eat ass so much) but after a month or so, Matt decided it was time that we start taking ... Continue»
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my s****r in low

"I'm so sorry"

"She was so wonderful" and so on and so on.

I had heard so many variations I was sick of hearing them. I know she was wonderful and amazing, and a good wife, and a good mother.

That didn't bring my wife back from the grave, now did it friends any neighbors? No, it didn't. I was standing in a cemetary in North Philly, miserable, feeling alone, and confused as to how I was going to bring up my two k**s by myself.

"Come on back, Mitch" my father in law had said to me as he was passing me. When I didn't move, he put a hand on my shoulder and moved me enough that I didn't... Continue»
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Naughty Neighbor Continued

I slid my tongue slowly up a and around her pussy, making sure to get her beautiful clit ultimate desire. I placed kisses passionately on her pussy. She grabed the back of my neck and moaned,i placed my hands on her pussy and went deeper, she put her leg around my back and pressed hard with her foot as I worked my tongue and fingers , orchestrating her into a much deserved orgasm. Mary continued to moan in exstacy as she gripped the my back with her long toes. Her pussy was dripping, I rose up and griped her firm ass hard I rubbed my cock up her leg , and onto her thigh. I she grabbed it and ... Continue»
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Like Mother, Like Daughter

A faint squeak. A muffled scream. The subdued sound of laughter and
giggling. The sounds in the background as the Ferris Wheel seat climbed to
the apex. The scene below was lit by colored light bulbs and neon light.
The mid-way of Pines Park was filled with people walking from ride to ride
under the night sky. A loud thump shook the ride as you look down. Time
has stopped, silence filled the air, the people are gone. Another loud

Her eyes flicker. She awakens to a darkened room. Her room. The
f******n year old was wide awake. She tries to make sense of w... Continue»
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Josh is smiling to himself, just leaning against the wall and appreciating the familiar full feeling. A nightly occurrence, or at least every night they had a show. They're on in a couple minutes. Dan is standing next to him, drumming absently on the wall.

"Ready?" Dan remarks, and Josh nods.

"As always," he says. Josh nudges up against the wall, feeling that nice press, and he sighs. Dan notices. He grins. He slides over closer, turning to face him, and backstage is busy so nobody sees Dan's hand reach around Josh's back to his ass, feeling for that little PVC rectangle, the base of the... Continue»
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Turned her on so much the first time

After arranging my girlfriend a stranger to fuck (see other story) she was so turned on by it she asked for more. After returning form work one day I come home to find Faye up stairs in the bedroom completely naked with the undeniable "I just got fucked" hairdo. We had talked about having her fuck other guys but we had made an agreement that she was to only do it while I was present, for both personal pleasure and safety reasons. She explained to me that she meet this guy and he was so cute and all that and it just happened, she kept saying over and over "I'm so sorry I don't know what come ov... Continue»
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Blindfolded Wife shared with friends

I’ve had a fantasy to have several men fuck my wife without her knowing it ever happened. I don’t mean something like d**gging her, or anything like that either. In my fantasy, I would blind fold her and tier her arms behind her back and slide my dick into her mouth. After a set time, some friends would sneak in and every time we would switch positions, it would be a different dick. We would all cum in the same spot at one time, and before I untied her, they would sneak back out. Seeing my wife’s 5 foot 4, 110 pound sexy ass little body with her nice perky low C tits and her dirty blond hair w... Continue»
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