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The Old Way (MF, bond, inc, rom, sci-fi)

The Old Way

By SpectreOfHell

“It is time,” J'ter said to the boy. They were standing on the high balcony overlooking the empty city, the dead city. The city once filled with vibrant life where aristocrats ruled an empire spanning a thousand worlds. That was long ago. There was still life up there among the stars, but it was closed to them forever. These men, women, and the one c***d, they were all that was left of the ruling class. Superior to those genetic slaves who bred like a****ls and filled worlds with their stinking kind, and yet here they were, a nearly dead race while th... Continue»
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Discovery - Strange Relationship Version X Chapter

The Red Dragon is, I suppose, my local, in that it’s the closest pub to my house. Saying that it’s not actually terribly close, being about a fifteen-minute walk away, and I didn’t frequent it a great deal. Richard loved the place though, being equidistant from his house in the opposite direction, and hence we spent a few Sunday lunches there followed by a walk back to his house. I wasn’t all that keen on eating there, what with owning my own restaurant anyway, and I always felt a little put out that Richard knew all the other patrons so well, whilst I often felt like a... Continue»
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Lucious Lacey Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Questions Asked and Answered

On Monday morning the sun rose and began to filter through the mini blinds in Jon and Lacey’s bedroom. Both of them were tired but slowly woke up and began to regain their senses. They looked at one another and smiled before they kissed. Jon then put a foot on the floor and was about to get out of bed when Lacey stopped him by grabbing his left shoulder. Jon turned to look at her; she was a vision, a true Goddess.

For a brief moment he stared at her as her hair was amiss and the blanket was tucked under her beautiful boobs leaving them exposed fo... Continue»
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A Couple of Checks on my Profile Wish List

Greetings, All - if you've looked at my profile, you know I've listed a couple of things I've wanted to do - but haven't. Some of that changed last Wednesday, on a video call with Deb.

Deb is a long-standing, very dear friend. Early in our lives, we actually shared a few sexual experiences. Neither of us was in a position to take it beyond that, and it's been just fine for us.

At any rate, after a long communication drought (life DOES happen), we connected last Wednesday night. Ironically, neither of us could sl**p, and each chose to logon. I noticed a pop-up on my social media, so start... Continue»
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my rajani chechi

My house was in a village i was just 18 and 2m.during noon times i used to watch tv in rajini chechi house she have two c***dren one stdyng in lkg and other was just 2 year old her husband was a jeep driver .he goes in the mrng and and cm backs in night by 10.rajini chechi was so nice her boob7 were very big and tight to c.wn i used to b in her house she was very frndly to me..i used to say comedy and she likes that it was my +vaccation going.she used to feed her 2 year old c***d while i watch t.v eye wrnt wthng tv.all days my eye was on on her maxie there was a short gap i cn c her white... Continue»
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The Night I met Wendy & Paul (part 1)

The Night I met Wendy & Paul (part 1) For those of you who have found this by a niche search, they come later.

I was working in Leeds and was staying at a well known budget hotel. One Friday evening we decided to have an early dinner at the attached american diner and then get into town.We had a round table for five and there was a couple near us having dinner together. At first I thought she was an e****t or something. She was a bbw with a short dress showing a lot of cleavage. Her make up was tarty and as she looked over at me I could see that she had the kind of lips that were make for ... Continue»
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Steve and Stu

Later that night, Jill and I gave Steve and Stu a call. We told them to meet us on our side of town. We found out that they actually lived pretty close to us. That could be a good thing. We decided that we would meet them at this steak house across town. Jill and I got there early and found a table in the back corner. Not a lot of peopole would sit back there only because, it was close to the kitchen.

I know I always liked it, cuz the lighting wasn't real bright and made to be perfect, if you wanted to do sexy things with your date. The first date I went on, with my ex boyfriend; I h... Continue»
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Lonely Pleasures

I’ve waited all day for this. I’m in my bedroom, the curtains are closed. I strip naked: necktie, shirt, trousers, socks. I look at myself in the wall mirror. I’m just in black briefs. They bulge over my penis and balls, even though I’m not erect. I slip my briefs down my thighs and let them fall.

I look in the mirror again: hairy balls well-filled with semen, four inches of penis hanging limply down. But even as I watch my penis starts to rise in anticipation of what’s to come!I pick up the magazine I bought in that little news store this lunchtime, waiting till the place was empty, tak... Continue»
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In The Ozarks

She was sitting on the bench at the picnic table where we had had our first date. It was dark but I could see her very well from the lights on top of the levee. I was merely feet away, standing near the bank of the river, but she couldn't see me where I was concealed in the shadows. She was waiting for me but I didn't want to speak just yet. I just wanted to watch her. I could feel the bl**d and adrenaline pumping violently through my veins. I was on fire on the inside, and the heat radiated through my chest and face. It was all that I could do not to race to her and rip her clothes off right ... Continue»
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Guess ...about who is this story???

"I am fantasizing about you!"

Mmmm! They say a picture of beauty can speak a thousand words of pleasure...

Well every time a picture of you comes into my mind...damn I find myself getting lost in so much pleasure and desire...that without hesitation I feel my cock getting excited for you...

Wanting you, needing you...and when you're not here I find myself touching myself for you...

I get lost in the realms of wanting my lips pressed against your our tongues begin to explore the hidden pleasure zones...

Damn just sitting here with my eyes closed I can feel how soft and... Continue»
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Complicated...Her Side

My lover wrote a nice tribute about us called Complicated. I wanted to give my side of the story too. Although he summed it up well, I want him to hear my words too and let everyone know how I feel about this man.

We met about three years ago. We were both looking for a FWB situation. Both missing something in our marriages. We thought it was sex at first that we were missing. Although that was the driving f***e that started this, we found out we were missing so much more in our lives. Us getting to know each other made us realize what was missing. Because we found in each other wha... Continue»
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The Palm Bay Spring Fling

*This is not my story, my friend wrote this story and asked if I could put it up on here for her*

The Palm Bay Spring Fling
It can get downright BORING with the same people, clubs, and trends where Taryn resides. Sometimes, she needs new scenery. New light. And most importantly, a place where nobody knows her. A place to leave her calling card.

“Jay, pack your shit. We’re going to the bay for the weekend. Pack EVERYTHING,” she said all in one breath.

“Yep. Yep. Be there in 15,” replies Jay.

Taryn begins to pace in her bedroom. She absolutely hates packing. But she would committ fa... Continue»
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The Petrol Station - Short Story

Todd Wood, 23, an interstate truck driver, experiences a lot of lonely nights, when his erotic fantasies are his only companion. He doesn' has a fetish with virgins, but as he says: There is an unfading attraction in the innocence of women, and you have to be extremely sensitive to be the first man in their life! And this one is his favourite fantasy:

It's two o'clock in the morning as I pull into the petrol station, not for gasoline but for some inspiration to quench my physical desire before a couple of hours of sl**p in the van. The little road shop seems to be unattended but open. I br... Continue»
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Golf Outing

Ed and I met through a site like this one. We talked back and forth through emails about our different sexual preferences. He let me know he was experienced with both men and women in threesomes and that he was a bisexual. He was older and his wife wasn't interested in sex anymore but he still had a strong drive.He told me enjoyed bothe sexes equally and had a man and a woman he saw on a regular basis.
It tokk a while to get together. For a long time he would send me pics of him and another guy sucking each other off and him fucking that guy. He also sent pics of the both of them in a threeso... Continue»
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My Fifth BBW Experience

The last story ended with Madi leaving the auditorium in a rather mad state, Alex happily trying to coax me into entering another session, and myself annoyed at what just happened, considering it confused the hell out of me. For the rest of the school year, things had changed between the two of us, as she didn't even look at me, try to make contact, or respond to me when I made conversation. It also didn't help that, near the end of our final year, she came by the table I sat at with my friends, and she got made fun of by my friends due to her horrid treatment to them.

Then again, it didn'... Continue»
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great morning

sitting by my side,gently kissing my i reach for your body and pull you closer.your breathing coming more faster as you get on top of me and grab my hands.holding them down tightly you press your leg between my thighs and spread my legs apart.i feel your knee grinding into my you ask who's pussy is this you dirty little bitch?daddies i answer.feeling your chest hardening my nipples with every jump up and start pulling my clothes off.then i stand before you naked and start to walk towards you as my hands rub and caress your body.i start kissing your lips and proceed ... Continue»
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Ann The Farmers Wife Straw Time 1/2

Ann the Farmers Wife Straw Time day one
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Another chance to fuck Ann

It had been three weeks since Ann's husband came out of hospital after the hernia operation. I had been up at the farm helping out quite a bit since I last fucked Ann, but we have never been alone together to do it again.
It was now straw time and we have been baling straw for the last three days on an arable farms down the valley and f... Continue»
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The shower... this is for you Henry84

Epilogue to a short story written for and about me.

As my lover drove, he reached over to clasp my hand where it rested in my lap causing a soft wave of deep warmth and love to emanate from our joined hands. Our forest lovemaking had brought a sense of peace and unity to us that kept us silently smiling the whole ride home. The light was getting long as we pulled into the drive way and before we left the car and unloaded it his eyes caressed mine for a long minute. I felt sticky and hot and whispered that I was going to take a s... Continue»
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Office carpet ......... part 2

As she sits in her car, adrenalin rushing through her body, Is she doing the right thing?
Should she go and meet him?
The one thing she knows is she will have fun.
She starts the car, her cunt twitches with excitement, he nipples firm as she thinks about his masculine hands on her breasts.
Her phone beeps, “ where are you?”
It beeps again “ my cock is hard for you….. Get here NOW!”
A small smile spreads across her face, she know’s his playing with her, she knows his cock will be hard, longing for her.
Her mind wonders to previous times together, how his firm cock enters her always mo... Continue»
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Frankie visits the Coffee Shop again

Frankie had an hour to kill before her meeting so decided to visit the coffee shop again, possibly in the hope that Bob might also be there so they could have a rerun, but if not she would be happy just to get off her feet for half an hour.

She was wearing her usual work clothes of skirt suit, shirt, hold ups and shoes, today her suit was grey, it was warm outside and she couldn’t wait to take her shoes and jacket off.

She ordered her coffee, sugared it and went to sit in the corner a full sofa to herself, she slipped her feet out of her shoes, waggling her toes to bring them back to lif... Continue»
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