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A Chance Encounter of a Swedish Kind Part 2

It was with this Desire and Passion for Her, it was in this moment of Pure Lust, that I totally gave into the magical moment of chance, of a chance encounter with this beautiful women who seemed so sensual and sexy but in truth, who who so hurt and broken from being left by her boyfriend while on vacation together and yet here I find myself giving pleasure, women are so such strange creatures, and so pushed hard while pulling her into me. I stop and kept the full length of my 9 inch cock deep up in her tight pussy. I held her close to me and whispered nothing but sweetness into her ears.

S... Continue»
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A present and a deal for the son pt 12

I found Sam before class started and asked him if he wanted to hang out at his house after school. The whole day it felt like the little USB stick was burning a hole in my pocket.
"I have something really important to tell you," I said as soon as we got up to his room.
"What?" he asked.
"But you have to promise me you'll never tell anyone."
"Okay," he said.
"I'm serious. You have to swear you'll never breathe a word of this to anyone. Ever."
"Alright, I swear."
I took a deep breath. "I've been having sex with my mom . . ." I watched his reaction carefully.
"Yeah sure, very funny," he s... Continue»
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Gang bang with complications

This story is written from a dream I had one night. I cannot remember all the details from the dream, only the main features, so I wrote it into a story to make it readable.

My wife and I have been talking a lot about trying to live out some of our sex fantasies. We have often talked about inviting others into our sex life, but even though we both fantasize about it, we have always been reluctant to try it. We have a strong relationship of 27 years , still deeply in love with each other, we have a fantastic sex life, and we have never had any problems with jealousy, but involving other peop... Continue»
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Lizzie's First Time

“What’s the matter, Lizzie?” Sarah’s hands squeezed my shoulders and her hair brushed my cheek as she leaned over to peek at the papers strewn over the desk.

“I think this is my 20th hang up in a row tonight,” I complained, rolling my eyes toward the phone. “They finish half this stupid survey and decide it’s too long and hang up.”

“Aww I know, but don’t sweat it, hon. Don just went home and left me in charge, let’s knock off ten minutes early and grab a Dew,” she said, reaching across me and gathering up my surveys. I plopped my pencils into a cup and stood, stretching, my shirt pullin... Continue»
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The Woman Next Door

Bill and Rose were sitting watching television. Rose sat
on the floor between Bill's legs; Bill's hands were
mechanically stroking and lifting Rose's large tits
making her smile and squirm, pushing her back against
his cock. That didn't seem to be having any effect on

But it did have on Barry, the little boy from next door,
who was spending the night with Bill and Rose. He was
supposed to be watching the television but was taking
sly, furtive glances at what Bill was doing to Rose's
tits. His little boy cock had grown hard, pushing against
the inside of his trouser... Continue»
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fuck mart?

i walk through walmart usually once a month to restock on my apartment because me and my dorm mates usually kill the food very quickly. as i walked in the store i seen this blonde mom with huge busty tits that are just asking to be popped out of her shirt. i peeped and continued walking. as i got to the dairy isle i noticed her again but with her tits out looking at products. my stomach dropped and i couldnt stop staring. so she looked over and continued shopping. so i followed into the next isle. soon as i round the corner i notice her completely bent over and her hanging out of her shorts. s... Continue»
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my married friend and i

my married friend and i

This is a true story between me and one of my friends. We had been coworkers for about a year then changed jobs and had been out of contact for a while.

After a while, I had another new job and low and behold a few months later she also started working for the same company. One evening after work, we were catching up while she was waiting on her husband to pick her up, she was showing me her wedding photos. I was commenting on how gorgeous she looked in the pics. A few mins later I realized we were sitting directly against each other and her hand was on my upp... Continue»
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the housewife and the boy, part 3

Gladys lay back on the bed , her hairy mound exposed to my teenage eyes and I drank it all in, it was like I was in a dream, the best dream ever, I had just had my first blowjob and it had come from the hands, well the mouth, of one of my mothers friends! She looked up at me and saw me staring at her , "you can look but you can also touch" she said, licking the last sticky beads of cum from around her mouth, " want to fuck me? Grant ( her husband ) hasnt touched me for months, think he'd rather have a wank and since we've gone this far I might as well feel that cock in here " and she slid a fi... Continue»
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Fun Party

My husband wrote this to describe his dream he had a few nights ago:

We went to a "fun party" (adult sex toy party) at a friend of yours house. You were dressed in a nice short skirt and a very light blouse and a bra which pushed up your boobs to make them look enormous. You knew her husband liked your boobs because he was always commenting about them. We got to the party and there were quite a few people there. The party wore on and we had a few drinks and's funny but even with their wives present several of the guys chatted you up and even flirted. But you did... Continue»
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Kami 02

"Alright you two, intermission is over," I called to my husband and Kami, "time to get back to work!" I couldn't help but smile, knowing this next part would be even better than the last. Kami came out of the downstairs bedroom as my husband trotted down the stairs. I had taken my bikini top off and I was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs, breasts bared for his viewing pleasure. When he saw me I could see his penis start to harden, which in turn made me a little aroused... I have always enjoyed being looked at, ogled really, for some reason it just makes me HOT! My husband has ... Continue»
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The Professor 1- My Fanasy Come True

It all started after class one day. My history professor needed some help with one of her presentation she was doing.

“Jimi, would you mind staying after class to help me? I have a presentation due tomorrow for the speaker. I just need a little help.”

“Sure,” I said.

I had a crush on her since the beginning of the semester. She was in her early 50’s, but she knew how to say in shape. We ran into each other all the time at the campus gym. We would always greet one another as we passed. I could never help but take a nice look down to check out her ... Continue»
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Frankie's Train Journey

Frankie was sat on the train in first class reading a book and doing her usual people watching as passengers got on and off.

There were only three people in first class and they were all sat at separate tables she looked across the aisle to see a man dressed in a business suit about 40 with dark hair, his eyes staring at the laptop in front of him totally oblivious to anything going on around him.

Frankie was on her way to a meeting so she was dressed in a dark blue skirt suit with a v neck top and her customary hold ups with a low kitten heel pumps on her feet.

She was suddenly aware... Continue»
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My s****r's Always Hot

I used to despise the fact my s****r, Christi, and her husband,
lived just down the block from us. But my feelings changed.
They started having terrible arguments on a regular basis,
always late in the evening, which led Christi to come home
looking for either advice or sympathy or both.

Mom and Dad own and run a convenience store which keeps them
busy until midnight six days a week. So when Christi comes
bursting in during the evening, it's my ear she always bends
with her problems. Since their last arguments always flare up
late, Christi always runs in wearin... Continue»
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Trapped in the lift with...

Thirty-eight years since the Baseball National League last played a Semi-Final in our humble little stadium, and you never saw an office building empty-out so fast on a Friday.

Me, I had to clear a backlog of paperwork after a serious two-day system breakdown, and it all had to be ready for the MD when he came in at 7am on the Saturday. No baseball for me tonight.

I heard the usual sounds of the security staff locking up, and reckoned I might be the only one left in the building. Some people might find it scary, but it suited me fine. It was the kind of repetitive work that you can get ... Continue»
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Mrs Jensen Relapses

Victoria Jensen thought back to her last sexual escapade. It was with a man young enough to be her son, and it took place right in her office.

At the time the experience was magnificent. She remembered being bent over her desk and fucked furiously. The whole thing was hot and at the time she loved it, even when her husband almost caught her.

Getting some distance from it however, gave her a different perspective. She knew her marriage was in a lull but that didn't mean she wanted a divorce, nor did she want to be fired.

"and what if my sons found out?" she thought one day.

"I shoul... Continue»
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The new Beach Home

Well after selling my business and getting divorced at the same time I was cash rich 63 reasonably fit five feet 11 and bored.

Looking on a internet site I saw an advert for the purchase of secluded beach houses in a new resort in West Africa having worked in Africa I fancied the sunshine and beach life.

So there I was looking around my new purchase 1 week later a 3 bedroom beach house
overlooking the Atlantic. Meeting the couple I purchased it of who where from Germany I shook hands and said I would see them later they advised I should go to the market in town on Friday and select som... Continue»
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Fisting Cheryl

First impressions whether they be online or in person are not always accurate. I had posted online a thoroughly debauched tale of fisting and stretching – one of many. It is always good to get feedback and I often get asked if the stories are real or 100% fiction. The answer is a mix of the two. One of the stories elicited a response along those lines from a reasonably new user from the particular site I posted too. It is easy to become dubious of new posters that have profiles with very limited information on it. Are they actually the gender or age they say they are? Do they really live in Sy... Continue»
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A long time cumming

This is my first story.. please constructive criticism...

A story about 2 married mature people, but not married to each other. Both couples have been friends for a number of years. The problem is that his wife and her husband aren’t just aren’t interested in sex anymore. Which as every one knows, does not make for happiness in the home.

Betty and John are in their late 50’s, no c***dren, and are always on the go and never miss an opportunity to go to a party. Betty is 5’-6”, around 115 lbs., has short auburn hair, blue eyes and a great sense of humor. Betty and her neighbor Sall... Continue»
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A horny Christmas tale, white thighs, and cupcake

When you stand 5' 7" at f******n, men can be excused for thinking you're older than your years, more so when your hormones kick-in and give you a nice set of titties and a fine fur on your pussy.

Of course a girl is aware of men's interest, after all it's a two way process, as their cocks provide an interesting focus on out take of men and sex.

So this Christmas leave started with a mad dash for the long train journey to Oban on the West Coast of Scotland.
I arrived at the Queen Street Station just as the first flurry of snow started falling, adding to the excitement of Christmas leave,... Continue»
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Love - Prelude

Mike is a 60-something wealthy white man who lives in the suburbs of ?ville. He met Ashley a couple of years ago in a bar where she was working as a waitress. She gave her his number, they went out that same week and they have been together ever since.

Ashley loves money and cock, and Mike offered her both. At first it was all about the money, but with time she actually got to like him and after a while she truly fell in love with him, although he was old enough to be her grandfather.

One day, Mike came home from work, only to find his young girl cooking him dinner. Silently, he removed ... Continue»
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