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Grandfather's visit...

My Grandfather came up to visit from Jamaica over the holidays. He stayed with my mom and I in NYC. My Grandfather was a successful businessman and had a thriving professional business, in Buff Bay, Jamaica. He was 62 and had the physique of a much younger man.
Since my Grandmother's death he travels abroad often, and lives as a bachelor. He is a big man. Standing 6'4 and weighing about 220 lbs. His skin is tanned a rich dark pecan brown with a thick neck like a football player. His hands are huge and neatly manicured. Always a fancy dresser he was known for his attire.
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His Mother's Best Friend

“You’re only 29, gotta lot to learn.
But when your Mommy dies, she will not return.”
-The Sex Pistols, 1977

On the day Daniel Congress buried his mother, it rained like hell. Absolute buckets.

The morning had broken bright and clear, but by early afternoon the sky was ashen and the wind had picked up. As the funeral cortege turned into the Colma cemetery the rain began to fall, gently at first, but by the time the mourners were assembled around the open grave, the wind-driven downpour was lashing at them like a sadistic prison guard.

Daniel Congress’ mother had been killed ei... Continue»
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Serena Shade: Part One

I still remember the first time I saw her.

I was Ten years old and my f****y had just left our apartment in the city for a house in the suburbs.

As the Movers emptied the van I found myself wandering around to the back of the House drawn by some compulsion to the rusted swing set in the back yard.

As I kicked the dirt patch underfoot I felt someone was watching me. On the edge of the property was a person, she was hazy and out of focus much like someone would look from a distance on a Hot day.

I lifted my hand and waved with a smile. The woman, looked around to see who I was wa... Continue»
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A Friend Of My Mother's

It begain one Saturday when I was gathering all my sports gear together for my afternoon ball game,when my mom told me to drop what I was doing and go over to her friend Doris's house to help her around the house.Me being 17 years old and with all the bad luck in the world I was very upset,"She got sons that can help her don't she?" I asked,"she do"but they're not at home". Now go".mom told me and I went to her house that was two doors down from us,it was a nice summer day not too hot just right,as I walked up on her porch I could see her inside thr... Continue»
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Mom's son

My mother has been a widow for about two years.
We have a nice big house in a very good neighborhood. I'm an
only c***d and mother and I have always been close.

About a year ago, Mom's s****r Holly moved in
with us after she left her very abusive husband. At first I
didn't like having her there, but I soon learned to
like Holly and enjoyed her company. She helped Mom
around the house and frequently helped me with my

I got used to having Holly there when I arrived home
from school. I often asked her to help me with my
schoolwork just so I could sit... Continue»
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Sex with my girlfriends Step-mother

It was a rainy day, I was waiting at my girlfriends house & her step-mum was there too. She was wearing clothes that barely covered anything ;). I was so turned on I kept trying to have cheeky looks but she caught me every time. When she caught me she smiled & winked, she went out into the kitchen & came back revealing her hot bra, bulging tits. I was like "Wow! those are nice" obviously nervous I stayed sat down, my cock bulging in my jeans. She walked over started rubbing my cock, I was loving it. I started touching her hot tits she began kissing me un-buttoning my jeans & revealing my cock ... Continue»
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Bus Ride to Climax

Sitting on the aisle of the seat on the bus, my hand was idly playing with Mark’s cock through his board shorts. He was pressed against the window of the bus as I leaned in closer to whisper hot seductive things in his ear, he could not move nor make a sound that would give away what I was indecently doing to his hardening cock. My tongue would flick out to lick his earlobe occasionally as I whispered my words and my hands rubbed him harder through the material of his shorts.

I could hear Mark gulped his saliva as he tried to control his breathing. I laughed on the inside with glee as I unz... Continue»
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Father Son Movie Night

This is fake, but I wish it was real.
I have always had an attraction to my dad. Something about him just always turned me on. When I was younger I had enough courage to ask him how big his cock was, he just laughed and said I'm just an average white guy. Bull Shit.
I woke up today and went outside for breakfast, my dad had a huge bulge in his shorts. He loved to go commando and it was noticeable that he was today! "Dad, your shorts are really tight!" I said
"Why you lookin'?"
"I dont have a choice when you have a b... Continue»
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Aunt submits

This story is true as all of mine are and recent,,enjoy A few weeks ago my wifes aunt called her.(My wife and I are a s**t loving couple by the way)...I guess the elderly living community had to raise its rates again and she asked if she could live with us for awhile until something she could afford became available.We have a small home but have enough room for one more so it was arrainged.Aunt Joan is about 68 yrs old 5 ft 1 about 160 lbs.with ample boobs and a nice round butt.She keeps her hair short but feminine just the sam... Continue»
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When I got home late Saturday night, Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. I
said to her "Geez, Mom I'm 25 years old now, you don't have to wait up for

"I know, son," she said. "I went to bed, but I had trouble sl**ping. I
couldn't relax"

Judging from the half empty bottle of scotch in front of her, she was probably
good and relaxed now. Mom was 46 years old but still quite attractive. She
had put on a few pounds but not much. Her ass was a little bit bigger than it
used to be, but then again so were her tits. I would often catch my friends
checking her out when they ... Continue»
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Met a woman online but it wasn't originally f

I have met couple of women online and will post a few of them on here. Names are changed of course. I replied to a real estate ad posted by Karen but she had already rented out her place. She told me a friend of hers was also moving in the same area and that she would contact him for me. It turns out he also rented out his place too. On a whim, I sent her a random email a few weeks later thanking her. I'm pretty happy I did. She replied and eventually we said we should meet up for a drink or coffee. She was recently single out of a 14 year marriage. She sent me some pics, non-nude she... Continue»
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Grammy surprise

I had worked overseas for a number of years for the government in Italy. It was idyllic. I had a house near the beach and work was about 10km away. We typically worked 12 hour days so I usually worked four days followed by three days off. I had it in my mind to stay there for many years. But then one day I got word from home that my grandfather had suddenly died from a stroke and I was needed at home to help. I took an extended leave of absence figuring I'd need at least a month and probably more.

It was July 1975 and I got home just in time for my grandfather's funeral. Grandpa was only 75... Continue»
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Kate's Christmas Costume Party

Kate and I had been invited to a Christmas Party hosted by the chairman of the company Kate works for, he was holding it at his house; the only thing I wasn't sure about was that it was a costume party. The theme was a masked Angels and Santa's which I had thought was a bit strange. We talked it over and due to Kate's insistence we should go and have a good time we accepted the invitation. Now it was just try to find suitable costumes.

I soon found a super Santa outfit with great padding and an amazing beard and wig which when I put it on looked almost real, Kate said that she could ha... Continue»
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Seduced By My Boss Part 1

I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 9:30, only 30 minutes to closing and time seemed to be crawling. I laughed at myself for being stuck at work so late on a Friday night. No one was in the store and all the other employees had gone home for the night except for me and the boss. Fortunately for me, the boss happens to be a smoking hot, blonde, 40-something year old mom, Kate, who has a habit of wearing very tight and revealing outfits, which is great for me, a 25 year old single loser. That night was no exception: she was wearing a low-cut white blouse with a tight little skirt ... Continue»
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Test Driving Me !!!

I was made redundant at the begining of the year, but luckily I got a job selling 'prestige' 4x4's in Leeds. Part of the job includes taking vehicles to clients homes to ensure that they fit in driveways and garages etc.

I had an appointment with a couple at their home, so I arrived outside a very nice house at the appointed time, parked up, went to the front door and rang the bell. Within a minute the door was answered by a handsome man in a bath robe about 60, grey hair, tanned and in good shape from what I could see.

I introduced myself, however he looked shocked to see me. He apologi... Continue»
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Step Mom (Son takes advantage of horny stepmom)

My name is Steve and I am of 19 years. I stand 5'11" above the ground and have a good built, however not of a footballer. Most people enjoy my company and I get around well with both, boys and girls. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my father sent me to a hostel. I studied there for 4 years after which I again started living with my father. Our relationship developed into a mature one and I started looking forward to him not only as a father but also as a friend and a guide.

Three months back my father married a girl Betty. I say girl because she was just 24 and looked even younger tha... Continue»
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Mom Dances with Black Guy at Party

If you want to see pictures of my mom, check out my profile page. Feel free to leave comments.

The following is based on actual events. I just recently created an xhamster account because I feel like my story needs to be told. I still can’t believe what happened…

My mom and dad are open swingers. I have known about their swinging lifestyle since I was in high school. Today I’m 22 years old and in college. This past weekend, we all attended my cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas. My mom, who is in her mid-40s, wore a tight leather dress to the wedding reception. I have to admit she loo... Continue»
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My life - It started with the neighbor

My sexual life started early in my t**n years. No one (not even myself) would've thought that it would lead to so many sexual experiences. I am currently in my early 30s and I can say that I have experenced most of the dirty fantasies that linger in my mind. This story is how it all started.

I moved to the United States from my native Country of Brazil when I was th*****n years old. My father had just divorced my mother and he and I moved out of the country in search of a new life. I do not recall the specifics for the divorce but I knew my dad was at fault. My father decided that th... Continue»
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The best nightshift ever

It all started as a really bad day to have to go to work. Raining all day long and getting colder as the day went on. By the time I had to leave for work, the rain started to change to sleet. I arrived at work to start my shift and the roads are freezing over. After about an hour or so there was ice covering everything. I could see the road and there was no traffic at all. Bored and watching the ice build up I noticed lights coming down the road. It was a little blue car driving slowly by the entrance where I work. Another twenty minutes go by and I see someone walking and sliding their way do... Continue»
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Her Former Student (true story!)

After reading a response claiming we were fakes (or rather that I was pretending to be my wife), I decided I would write a little bit about this experience we had. It's fine if it isn't believable, but I just enjoy thinking about it. So I"m trying to write about it now.

So what happened was, that in 2010 there was a student at Liz's school, Patrick(not real name), who somehow ended up in my wife's history class pretty regularly after teachers couldn't take him any more. He was put on probation and kept from playing sports until grades improved.

She decided to help him with whatever wor... Continue»
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