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Hot Step Mom 5

" Come up here and let me clean your cock for you Tom." Karen moaned. Her body still tingling from the multiple orgasms.

As Tom crawled up and straddled her chest, Dollie got a good look at his big white cock.It was bigger than her boyfriends big black cock. She slipped her I phone out and started taking photos as the lovely Mrs. Barnes licked and sucked the cum from the young teen's fat cock. His thick white cum was still oozing from her pussy,sliding down the crack of her ass. Her own cunt juices were flowing soaking her tiny thong panties and her nipples were excited and erect. Her hand ... Continue»
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My wife and the repairmen

It was a lazy Sunday morning, the schedule is that our electricians will fix some wirings in our house. Me and my wife was still sl**ping and our two c***dren were out with my in-laws for a Sunday church and malling afterwards, it usually ended late at nigh so my wife and I are alone on Sundays. I was in my boxer shorts and Sando, my wife is in her nighties, a thin almost see-through satin skintone nighties.
At 9am, someone is knocking on the door. I am so tire the night before so I didn't get up, instead, I asked my wife to open the door. She lazily walked downstairs without changing her... Continue»
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s****rs by the pool

I had admired Danielle for quite some time. We had been in a high school class together for almost a year now, talked on occasion, but never much more than that. She couldn't have stood much taller than 5'3'', and couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds. Danielle had natural blond hair and blue eyes, with tan skin and an extremely petite, though toned frame. In the few times I had seen her outside of school, she wore tiny cheerleader shorts that showed off how beautiful her slender, firm legs were. She was a bit ditsy, but pretty smart when it came to academia.

I never had much to talk ... Continue»
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My Son Exploring With A Neighbor And I

My name is Kevin and I live with my son Micheal who is just turned s*******n years old. When Micheal turned fifteen his mom left without giving much reason so it was just Micheal and I. We live in an apartment and have gotten to know most of our neighbors who are very nice especially our next door neighbor Sean. Sean is thirty two and lives by himself and pretty much keeps to himself unless he is over at our place hanging out. Micheal is a quiet person but is an all around good k** who keeps out of trouble and gets good grades. One day I came home from work and went to Micheal's room to check ... Continue»
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My Hot Filipino Wife at the Adult Theater

My wife is a modest middle aged Filipino mother of three. She is very modest, the product of a Roman Catholic upbringing, and had only been with a couple of men prior to meeting me. Over the years with my encouragement, she has fulfilled my fantasies many times over. As my job requires me to be on the road and out of town for much of the year, this gives us the opportunity to meet other sex positive people. When we first started playing with others over 20 years ago, we sometimes would visit adult movie theaters which sadly have mostly gone the way of the dinosaurs as video and later DVD, and ... Continue»
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My s****r Settling My Debt

My name is Ryan and I live with my s****r Lucy and my mom and dad. My parents work constantly so it's usually just Lucy and I at home spending time together. I am twenty one and Lucy is s*******n. Lucy is absolutely gorgeous, she has blond hair and the greenest eyes. I always felt like a protector with Lucy because her body began developing when she turned sixteen and the guys at school all wanted her for her body and nothing more. My parents love us but are really never around and as much as I try to be a good influence for Lucy I have been in trouble more and more with the wrong people. I us... Continue»
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camping with mom

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It was the middle of the school summer holidays and I was bored, I even went through my mothers underwear drawer last week finding her sexy knickers and bras. I went as far as trying on a pair of her knickers, getting so turned on thinking that my balls were where her pussy rubbed that I came in them.
My mother had three days off from work and she suggested we go camping for a couple of nights, just the two of us. My father is a truck driver and is never at home during the week so it didn’t matter if we were at home or not.
She s... Continue»
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Truth or Dare with Lisa Allie & Me

Truth or Dare
by Mojo

It was about 11:30 when I went downstairs to talk with Lisa and Allie. I
always went downstairs to talk with them when they spent the night at my
house, despite my parents' orders that I stay upstairs while they were
downstairs. We usually played truth or dare also. We generally got a good
game going and we got to a few sexual dares and by then I was usually horny
as hell. They were hot too. Lisa had a nice ass and a great set of boobs.
Allie had a sizable pair of tits too, and she has some great curves.
So I go downstairs and I find t... Continue»
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The Day I Lost My Skirt

It all happened because I lost my skirt.

It looked kind of like this one, but maybe not quite so sheer.

We were on a picnic at Bob and Terri’s. They had this really nice place – about 50 acres – not quite 25 miles out of town. They’d made this little swimming pond by digging out this little stream that went through the property. It was kind of right in the middle – away from everything. It was quiet and peaceful and just the perfect place for a picnic or an afternoon in the hammock or something like th... Continue»
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Girls Aloud have fun with each other!!

It’s mid June and British girl group Girls Aloud are halfway though their sell out UK tour. All the girls have worked hard over the past few months and the sell out shows have been a success getting great reviews from everyone in the music business. For Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle however this tour was putting a massive strain on their personal lives. Nadine’s American football star boyfriend was in the States training hard for the next NFL season and couldn’t com... Continue»
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Our first time Swinging!!!!

Fiona and I had been together about two years at this point. I was 22 and she was 19, attractive, blonde, slim, great tits and VERY sexually adventurous.

One night we were sitting alone in her Mum and Dad’s conservatory chatting about nothing at all really, when she suddenly said ‘I’d really love to try wife swapping’. I nearly spat out my tea!
‘What?????’ I said, genuinely shocked. ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ I asked, mystified.
‘Been thinking about it for a while.... since we swapped and had that snog with Debbie and her boyfriend’. We’d been at a party about three months earli... Continue»
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Visit the Aunt April's House - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Consumed with fear and anxiety, I quickly stepped out the bathroom into the hall. Closing the door behind me, I hoped Nicole wouldn’t notice her mother. How long had she been there? Why didn’t she say anything? Would she tell my mom? Questions raced around in my head with no answers.

Aunt April stood up off my bed folding her towel across her waist. I was motionless when I suddenly heard footsteps coming from the living room. Uncle Dan stumbled into the hall.

“Mikey my man! Whatcha ... Continue»
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A few months ago, I started dating a beautiful 26 year old girl named Lisa. She was a real looker and stood at 5'8" tall, 130 pounds and had long wavy golden blonde hair with big dreamy blue eyes. She had a slender curvy body with nice hips, a sweet tight ass and a luscious pair of puffy nippled round c-cup tits that would make any man's mouth water. She lived just down the street from me with her Hot looking 45 year old mom named Jannet and cute younger 18 year old s****r named Cindy, but Lisa always called her squirt. I would spend nights with her in her home and we would bang like crazy, bu... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

I am not sure when Michael and I started opening up about what we really wanted in our fantasies - but I do know once we did, once I really did.. there was no turning back.
My husband would slowly dip his hard cock into me missionary style and talk to me.. tell me that he loved my body, loved my pussy, loved how sweet I tasted and how wet I would get. He would tell me he wanted to share me. He wanted to watch me take another cock..
At first I was hurt, almost embarrassed that he would share his pussy with another man.. but the more he talked, the more I realized I wanted - no NEED... Continue»
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It started w/the neighbors wife then her husband.

About 5 yrs. ago on new years I was invited over by the neighbors to party, they had some friends over; we were getting plastered and eating food celebrating the New Year. When out of the blue in front of her husband and friends the wife starts kissing me, I gently pushed her away not knowing how the hubby would react, much to my surprise, his reaction was almost as if he didn't mind to the point where it looked like he was turned on by it.
That night after everyone had gone, the husband had been long passed out, we went to my house next door, & I ended up fucking her. I remember her saying h... Continue»
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stepdads favour

John considered himself a good man. not a hero, not an angel, but a decent fella who knew right from wrong. he lived with his partner and her two k**s from a previous, they had been together for ten years, the relationship had died down soon after the wedding, now they seem to be just sharing a house. john had a healthy sex drive but she just wasn't willing anymore, always coming up with excuses. john sensed that he had been used as a live in nanny but was comfy so didn't want to rock the boat. johns troubles started when the daughter hit 18. jenny was a shy, quiet teen, just over five feet ta... Continue»
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c***dren learn

Auntie, Our Teacher

Mom had got sick real bad and we had to go stay with our auntie out in the country for a while until mom got better. I was just about 15 and s*s was a year younger but the people said I was to young to look after us, we had to go to our her.

The state people would put us on a bus and auntie would pick us up, they would keep in touch.

Problems started when I saw s*s had packed two suitcases with just about all her stuff. I wanted to yell at her that we had decided to only take what was needed for a short stay but s*s was crying as she hugged her teddy bear on her be... Continue»
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OHGirl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

My daughter had graduated from high school and had turned 18 all in the span of a month. She was so much like me that I had never really noticed until now. She was my height, at about 5’3” tall, and she had curves just like her mom too. She had been a cheerleader and ran track while in school, so she kept her body in great shape and had an athletic build that supported a natural 32DD-24-35 frame that had a lot of men looking at her. She and I attracted quite a few cat-calls and stares when we were out shopping or at the gym. I had maintained my body over the years, despite the rough times in l... Continue»
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Slut Wife Tina Love’s being a Party Whore

(Ck. Out my PICS. and VIDEOS After the Story)

It's hard to remember that it was just a short time ago, that one of the guys I go out with admitted to me that his biggest fantasy was to watch me in bed with 3 or more other guys. He said you are such a good FUCK and all ways seem to need more you should take on a GANG. At first I was surprised but as the thought went through my mind, I got more and more turned on by the possibilities of it. I do enjoy anal sex and I've always loved feeling, hearing and seeing the pleasures that I'm able to give a man by sucking his ha... Continue»
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Peeking at s****r's Tattoo

Joey peeks at his s****r and her friends and finds out about his s****r's new tattoo. He gets caught with a boner and the girls want to see it. Turnaround is fair play, but when the girls get bare, Joey can't control himself and he takes them all. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, inc, 1st, voy, rough sex, preg)


It was Friday night, and rather than being out with his friends, Joey was doing his homework. That wasn't all that unusual for Joey. He was a good student. But the real reason he had stayed home that night was that his s****r was having some of her friends over for a sl**pover. Jo... Continue»
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