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Choking on Testosterone Part III

(Note: Apologies to all you guys for the last story break -- didn't mean to be such a severe edger master. Or a cock blocker. Just freaked about cyber demons destroying my words. Hope this makes up for it. T'booty)

With my raging diamond-cutter soaking the front of my sweat pants ahead of me, we broke through the door and two steps later, crashed into the back side of a body standing just inside the entryway. The forward thrust of my mass caused a fall forward with me landing right on top of him. "What the fuck..." my brain tried to reason as I felt the muscled shoulders and ... Continue»
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"Army Buddy's Son"

It had been almost twenty five years since I had seen Jimmy. We had been stationed in the same
unit in the army for about six months. I had an immediate attraction to him because he was so
good looking, well built but not overly and hung like a horse with low hanging balls. I knew I
liked men but also knew that to make a wrong move in the army would have dire consequences.
He didn't go out with girls because he had a sweetheart back home he was going to marry when
he got out in six months. That was perfect for me because I wanted to spend all my free time in
his presence. I had ... Continue»
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Day Off Pt. 2

"You made a mess, but I think I cleaned most of it up." Rocco flashed a cheeky grin as he licked a last bit of cum from the side of his mouth.

Nacho couldn't believe what a cockwhore his friend seemed to be. After working together in porn for years and even fucking girls together off set, he'd never imagined Rocco would be so into dick, balls, and cum. Rocco and Nacho were known as some of the freakier porn actors and directors. They'd never had issues fucking girls together, rubbing cockheads in a woman's mouth, having their balls touch while they DP'd a chick. But (as far as Nacho knew) ... Continue»
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Me and the chav part 4

We fucked and fucked all the rest of the day, I knew he was bi, I’d seen him around for ages with this girl and that girl it never bothered me fucking around with a bi lad. Id had an on off fling with this young lad for months and we used to meet and blow each other off, in fields, at his, once when he went to the local which was over the road from where i lived , he rang and he fucked me in the back lane, while me bf was in the house. Bi’s love it, no strings, just pure fucking. It was the same with the hot chav, he after the initial cock in arse and protesting that he d never let a guy up hi... Continue»
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On the Farm (Summer of 61)

Since I can remember me and my cousin Devon had been playing with each
others little penises, and I don't recall ever feeling any guilt, fear, or regret.
We seemed always to be fascinated with each others cocks and balls, and our
bodies, and more than anything, had a lot of fun.
Dev was born and lived in Abilene Kansas, his mother divorced, they both
lived with my Great Aunt, (his Grandmother) on her farm directly north of
Abilene. By the age of 4 or 5 I was spending my summers there, and he would be in
Colorado for Christmas. The summer of 1961 we were both 8 years old, ... Continue»
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Terry's story cont., Part 21

Sheron dropped me off on the corner across from the motel. i watched him leave the office, walking towards the rooms and met up with him. He said he got the hour short stay rate. The room was covered by mirrors. It felt like i was standing in front of a dressing room mirror. i turned out the light. i started undoing his pants. He stopped me saying he wanted it to be a memorable party if this was gonna be the only time. He was gonna hit the liquor store and asked if Bourbon and beer was okay with me. i said i liked Jim Beam and asked if he could pick up me up some cigarettes and poppers at the... Continue»
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you will scent Me from all others

-- Originally written for, and posted on the website.

i lay on my back, swathed in total darkness. The relative firmness of the body pillow beneath me dutifully tried its best to conform to, and support, my rather thin, and angular body shape. The apex of each of my two, protruding shoulder blades pushed unrelentingly downward into the synthetic foam, while at a point some 16-1/4” further away, the same resilient material was expanding upward in an attempt to fill the empty space created where the small of my back became the round of my buttocks.

A shiver tore through m... Continue»
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needed to pass highschool

Jimmy was your typical highschooler he tried to lay low from all the popular jocks who tried to mess with him. He was not the best looking guy he was about 5’10 and slightly overweight with some acne. But he did have his tight knit group of friends. His grades were not terrible but he needed to pass geometry and chemistry to not go to summer school or fail sophomore year. One day during his study hall his dean Mr. Vantage called him down to his office to discuss his failing grades. While he was there he just tried to tune him out and all his yelling then all of a sudden he stopped ,looked at J... Continue»
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Gay teenage heart break

There was this guy that I liked everytime I saw him he just made me want to go after him more and more. I since I was gay I knew that we could not be so I tried to stay away from him but little did I know that he was not complete straight or so I thought. So after a while I just decide to confront him tell him how I felt for him I said ever since I saw yhu that icould not get yhu out of my head so he stared at me making hard. So he came in for a kiss and we had sex and thats how are supposed relationship went down.
But soon after I figured that I'd go lok for him in school so guess what I fo... Continue»
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First Time: The Incident That Made Me Gay (Part Fi

"Sorry dude, I was just afraid he might do something to me while i play
you." Joe tried to explain, with a pitiful look.

"that's just any excuse!" I said angrily.

"Just shut up k**." Joe shouted at me, then he went to turn some kind of
dial. Seem like a tap.
All of a sudden a stream of water shot from the ceiling, making me all

"Ever had sex so wet? I bet no, but let me show you." Joe said with a

Joe untied the rope to my balls and crawled on me. He started first
touching all over me, then licking all over me. He was kind of rough, he
bit my niples a... Continue»
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About a month ago, I was talking to a friend that I hadn't talked to in a
while, nor had we ever really hooked up before. Though, I guess I should
tell you a little more about us before I get into the story. My name is
Matt, I'm 18, and a student at the college in my state. I'm about 5'9,
165lbs, brn/haz with a 6.5-7 in. cut cock. Jake is 21, hot body. He's
probably more around 150, 6 in cut cock, hot bubble butt, really hot chest
and stomach, I could go on forever about him. However, back to the good

We were chatting late on the computer one night, probably around 2:30... Continue»
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Taking A Bath Together II


s t a r t r e a d i n g

This happened two years ago, more or less. A friend of mine told
me that she discovered a new resort somewhere in Tanay. The gang and I
decided to visit it. The designated meeting place was my house. The
night before the said trip, one of our friends came to the house, Ben,
with his friend Wacky. Since they lived somewhere far in downtown
Metropolis, they decided that it would best that they stayed the night
at my place. Somewhere in the night something happened between Wacky
and ... Continue»
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Step Dad Adult Youth

Step Dad

Scotty was a cute k** almost 12 years
old. He was an excellent student at his Middle school. He
He played some baseball with his
friends and he really wanted to join a local team but they required a
Scotty was embarrassed to even be
shirtless at home. When his step dad was around he would be certain
to be wearing shorts or jeans and either with a tee shirt or a polo
at all times.
When he would take a shower he went out
of his way to bring a complete change of clothes and not just a
His step dad Adam had really never seen
his sons body in less than a... Continue»
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Straight Party Guy

I'm not sure how old he is, but Straightboy is in early 20s... a grad
student who goes to the same school. He's about my height (6'2"), built
like a football player, medium tan, and he has a nice tattoo on his back.
When I say football player I mean thick... not fat, but kind of muscular. I
think you all can get the picture.

I call him Straightboy because he still considers himself straight. When
I'm not around, he's fucking girls. Now that he's had a taste of cock I
don't think he's as happy with pussy as he used to be, but that's his
problem, not mine! Whenever he texts I'm more ... Continue»
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More spanking Male Male

The next weekend Cam and I were sitting in his living room discussing what we could do that would be different from the other weeks and since my bum was still too tender a whipping was out of the question . I was giving it some thought and came up with an interesting and entertaining idea saying that we could go into the bathroom and he could watch me masturbating while taking a shower. Cam liked the idea and wanted more detail, so I told him that I would leave the door open to the shower and he could watch from the bedroom, kind of like he was spying on me and I hadn't noticed that the do... Continue»
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Helping out a friend

I was at a party that was just finishing with my friend Pete. A big mansion owned by some guy he worked for a whole ago. As the place emptied Pete and I were out by the pool deck near the sauna room when the owner, about 50 with a beer gut and body to amtch and one of his mate, who looked the same walked up to Pete and said "so who's your mate?" "I'm Joe" i blurted out offering my hand for the shaking. He shook it and turned to face Pete.

"So, still wanting abit of extra money?" he asked. I assumed he meant work but then Pete got enrvous and said &quo... Continue»
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we must have fallen asl**p on the blanket
becuz it is dark in the deserted park
& as i struggle 2 wake myself up
i can feel fantastic wet heat on my cock
& i wanna see what is causing such a sweet sensation...
we must have slept 4 a few hours
becuz all the sunlight is gone
replaced by a glow of moonlight...
when i finally pry my eyes open
i find myself staring directly in2 your eyes
as u slowly lick the length of my aching cock
& drip saliva all over my shaft & balls...
i decide 2 cumpletely concentrate on u
& your expert cock-sucking technique
as i slowly ease mysel... Continue»
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Zweite Lektion: „Selbstbeherrschung“

Rainer wiederholte die Praktik sein Opfer gegen dessen Willen zum Orgasmus zu bringen in den Folgetagen mehr als nur einmal.
Das aber auf verschiedenste Weise.
Mal hatte sich der Boy wie ein X auf dem Bett fesseln, die Augen verbinden und sich dann sexuell erregen zu lassen. Ein anderes Mal hatte sich Jens vor seinem Peiniger selbst zu befriedigen.
Schon lange hatte der Junge es aufgegeben sich innerlich dagegen zu wehren – es hatte doch keinen Sinn.
An einem solchen Tag, nachdem er „gemolken“ wurde hatte der Boy das Verlangen auf die Toilette gehen ... Continue»
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Painter, Plaster, Blowjob Man 2

I had been living in my house for roughly 2 years and felt that it was time
that I actually did some work to it. The wallpaper was old the carpet tatty
and I was definitely the more modern minimalist type. This house needed
some serious work. I could probably have done most of it, but it would have
taken me more than a good few weeks. Much like the introduction to this
story, it sounded boring as hell.

So let me set the scene, that eventually let to me having 2 hot boys
pounding my ass and getting my house decorated all for one price.

My name is Darren, you might know about my se... Continue»
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