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me and mom 2

Now we resume the story. I was very comfortable with my mom and was very kind to me. The order of the times that I was comfortable in front of my dad's absence with a short skirt - long leg panties tight - tops and short clothes and he knows that this moment would make me very Hshry Tvshvn date. The short time that I had it bad, my mom floor. I especially Kvnsh floor. There was a time that I would meet Shower over bath in the cloakroom. What was physical. A white body meat. When I was crouching in Shvrtsh Qmbl brings full Kvnsh turned out. Then I was spraying white shorts with a red crest, whi... Continue»
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the régiment

one day a summer or i recorded for the weekend because i work in the kitchen there barracls one evening i am alone in the room naked unde my sheet i was reading a comic erotic when a friend in the next room makes me visit wearing a T shirt and a shorts he sit on the bed side , he looked at what i was reading , he tells me he loves this kind of reading , and it excites him, he stood up and's sits on the edge of my bed ,he looked at my comics and sometimes pried his eyes on my bare chest, he said " look i strip under my shorts" i saw a cylindrical shape and grows gradually , i also wondered if s... Continue»
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Dinner & A Limousine

We pass each other walking in opposite directions of the lingerie store. I'm walking out as you are walking in. I catch your eye and we lock stares. Knowing in our minds we have seen each other before but unable to place it.

I follow the natural sway of your hips, the motion of your sexy ass in the tight dress, the shortness of the hemline exposing a pair of long sexy shapely legs in black stockings and high heeled pumps. I follow the view unti you are well inside the store.

I turn around and stroll back into the store, browsing around as I keep an eye on you. You returning the glance b... Continue»
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The Babysitter -- Chapter 2

Jay had fixed us a nice little supper meal. Although he was u******e, he
had managed to get his hands on a nice bottle of white wine which he served
with a nice roasted chicken and veggies.

We discussed what had happened the day that he left his parents place in
more detail and I realized that he was totally devastated by the events,
but not totally surprised. He had had his b*****r Ben over a couple of
times for sex and they were really enjoying each other, but Jay missed me.
I missed him, too.

After dinner we settled back on the couch and kept talking. I knew that I
couldn'... Continue»
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San losing virginity to Gia

Hi Friends, I am San and im from mysore but now in bangalore. I have been reading this blog from last 5years and have read almost all stories, maid and i****t are my fav.. This is the first time im writing my exp.. Plz forgive my typos n mistakes in grammar.

It all started like 6 years back when I was doing my masters and I met this gal, through orkut, not so hot n sexy but on a flumpy side n yes u would definitely like the masses ;) We both were friends n casually started to hangout together..

Roam a lot n started with naughty talk’s n jokes. we used to talk a lot and when we had someth... Continue»
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My Survival guide

My First Time survival guide
By Jordan Lee Hennessy

so here goes i was here thinking one day why not make a survival guide
for people who are well not me, bear grylls or well anyone with the
Skills or knowlage. And i thank the One and only Bear Grylls for helping
me pick up thoes skills needed to pass through the hardest times i have
been stuck in and out of.

Bear Grylls i have watched your shows beacuse your the best i like out of
the other lot i have seen through out these years beacuse even thoe you
have support teams just in case somet... Continue»
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Its just Foreplay

Imagine yourself laid out on the bed in sexy see through lingerie that's defines the curves of your and white rose pedals spread all over the bed...candles lit with the essence of your favorite scent...cloth wrapped around your eyes blinding you from any possible sight being able to use only the other 4 feel my presence and aura in the room. From across the room I stare and admire your beauty. I come closer to you as you start to smell my masculine scent become stronger the closer I get to you, but not touching you. You feeling my presence surrounding you in anticipatio... Continue»
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Squirt Fantasy

*this is just a fantasy of mine which i hope one day can be fullfilled*

Not sure how it would start or where it would be. all I know is that Im in a room full of beautiful sexy women. the kind you see in the squirt bukkake videos on here. and yes thats what this is about. the women all are wearing different kinds of clothes, from bikinis to lingere to even tank tops and jeans. some of them are even rubbing their breasts or crotches. and me im getting hard seeing all this. they see me and smile and walk over to me. they order me to strip. i get completely naked infront of all these women. my c... Continue»
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The office boy

Every day he came to her office and delivered the mail. She noticed he was always looking at her sexy bustline. Today when he came she unbuttoned her blouse so he could see more of her larger tits. He kept looking as he slowly placed the mail on her desk. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to her. Do you like to see my tits she asked him. His face turned red and he nodded he did. "Close the door." He walked over and shut the door and locked it. He came back to her and she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. His eyes got big as he saw her tits in the sexy bra. She took his hand... Continue»
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just aconvo between me and a gril m8

IL get u to lie down on the sand n get on top of u, u start to kiss me n put ur hands on my bum as i undo ur tracks, u slow take my long pink top of then u undo my bright yellow bra, u get on top of my n start kissing my body then u undo my trouser n then u put slowly put uur dick in side me n start to push as ur lips touch me lips then u get faster n faster i start to scream x .

I wanna put my arm rownd u and slide my hand down your top and into your bra rubbin ur tit before taking it owt ov there and slide it down the front of your jeans rubbin ur pussy through ur pants gettin u nice a... Continue»
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only the truth continued.

At this point it would be easy or maybe expected that I would go of into a long and involved story with many parts. But my intention from the start was to tell it like it happened.
Almost every day I think about it, We weren't there by accident or random luck she had carefully planned every move. I was already feeling very anxious and as she started to lead us off my feet wouldn't move, my stomach was in knots. I could hear someone talking, It was me.
My mind had reached the point where conscious thought had ended and some primordial preprograming had taken over. there was n... Continue»
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First meet. First thoughts

You know what? However we blokes like to pretend otherwise, the vast majority of us are overawed by women. At least a little. When we first meet up, only a handful are going to be uber confidents. Inside, no matter how od you are, there'll be butterflies at the very least. So...

(bl**dy hell. How nervous am I? I can't believe I actually agreed to meet her. Still; I'm here now, so let's see if I can't try and calm down a little. Breathe. Relax. I'm early, so that's good. It'll give me a little time to compose myself. Nervous? No; scared witless, more like.)

(Well, it looks like she chose ... Continue»
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A Si ster’s Lust chapter 5

Herb felt like someone had just handed him a million dollars as he heard the
passionate pleading in her voice. Of course he’d wanted to fuck her all night but he
hadn’t really expected to succeed. He was sure that Gail would back out at the last
minute or get mad at him and demand he take her home. Now she was the one
asking him! Could it be possible that he’d been wrong about Gail? That perhaps she
wasn’t the straight virgin he’d surmised?
Currents of delicious excitement ran through Gail’s body as she folded her fingers
around the rigid pole of Herb’s cock. All of her better sense see... Continue»
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My own best lover Part # 3

I then finally got laid and although I loved pussy, I never stopped liking giving it to myself in the ass and I would rediscover "anal play" again during a dry spell that I was not getting any and so started having to masturbate a lot and this time I had discovered the adult book store and their selection of dildos and realistic cocks and that's when I explored the deepest of darkest most pleasure inducing self-fuck sessions I would keep trying to top from then on.
6"/1 1/2" was my first, jelly supper soft and smaller than my own penis at the time. Smaller than some o... Continue»
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GFS Bestfriend pt.4

Charmaine woke up the next morning at 9, head hurting. Danny woke up with her, feeling ok. Feeling great, in fact. He was 5 hours or so removed from fucking his dream woman!

Charmaine went into the spare room to awaken her friend. Liz woke up, a little hurting herself. They talked briefly before Charmaine headed for the shower. As soon as Danny heard the shower, he went straight for the spare room, wearing only a T-shirt and boxers. When he saw Liz he was hard instantly.

The blankets were thrown off of her, she was wearing her skimpy black panties and a white T-shirt. Her pony tails were... Continue»
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Frauen(?)party Teil 2

Frauen(?)party 02

Wir zogen uns beide aus und duschten erst einmal ausführlich. Beide hüllten wir uns in flauschige Bademäntel und Silke erneuerte unser Makeup. Also war der Abend wirklich noch nicht zu Ende.

Wieder im Schlafzimmer fragte mich Silke „bereit für ein neues Outfit?" Natürlich war ich bereit.

Aus den Päckchen, die immer noch neben dem Bett lagen, nahm Silke eine weiße Corsage und einen weißen Slip heraus. Es folgten weiße halterlose Strümpfe und weiße Pumps. „Das sieht ja aus wie zur Hochzeit." „Stimmt. Das ist der Plan." Ich begann mich wieder anzuziehen... Continue»
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The Saoirse Ronan Chronicles [PART 2]


I walked through Dublin's streets that were saddled with stinking piss. I passed shops with broken/stained glass and last Christmas's window painting. I ran past local hoodies and yobs looking for the next innocent bystander to harass. A jumped over several idle puddles just waiting for something to press their new shoes on. I gazed at several works of graffiti and slowly walked by several sexy female club-goers wearing tight skimpy dresses- and finally I arrived at the... Continue»
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The Window Cleaner

The Window Cleaner

Pippa held out Jennie’s hands with her own outstretched arms whilst studying her from head to toe. “Very professional in a sexy way,” she declared with a devilish grin, “go get him and zap him between the eyes!”

Jennie laughs. “You’re mad! I’m not after anyone, honest.”

“Give me a break,” said Pippa, “for the last six months you have dressed for work like an old prude and suddenly today you are wearing a mini-skirt up to your ass?”

“We are not all like you,” Jennie repli... Continue»
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In die Nacht...

Die Bindungen

Ich betrete die Wohnung und sehe dich durch den Rundbogen zum Wohnzimmer auf dem Sofa sitzen. Sofort habe ich den Eindruck, dass ich dich irgendwobei störe; einen Moment bleibe ich im Flur stehen und beobachtete dich, deinen Kopf, die hochgesteckten Haare, hinter der Sofalehne im Takt der lauten Musik hin und her schaukelnd. Dann ein leises Klick, du beugst dich nach vorn, und nun bermeke ich erst die kleine Kamera, die du auf dem kleinen Bücherregal neben der Tür zum Schlafzimmer deponiert hattest. Du nimmst sie an dich und betrachtest das Bild, das sie soeben geschossen habe... Continue»
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first impressions

Marylin was asked the other day "at what point in your life did you realize that you were a masochist and needed to have your tits and pussy whipped before you could have an orgasm?" she didnt even need to think about that answer because she remembers that day better than any other day of her life but one. that was the day she met her 2nd Master the "Love of her Life" she never knew her m*ther for she died giving birth and was raised by an alcoholic D*d who was ultra strict. she was intimatly familiar with His belt by the time she was e*ght. one day when she was f**rt**n He caught her masterba... Continue»
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