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The Hostage Chapter One

They were warned not to go out there.

"The town is full of bl**d thirsty insurgents," the captain said. "They
hide in civilian homes. They use mothers and babies as human shields. You
never know when one of them will snipe at you from behind a woman, or from
the other side of a closed door."

But Trevor Lawrence was not to be discouraged. He wanted an interview with
an insurgent and he wanted it badly. He wanted the hatred to spew out of
one of them in his own words. He especially wanted the bastard to claim
that it was the will of Allah. It was his intention to show the wo... Continue»
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My first virgin

Nikki and I has been dating for around 3 weeks getting hotter and heavier. She'd told me she was a virgin so I didn't want to blow my chance at scoring her so each time I'd go a little bit further waiting until she told me to stop. This one ay was different.

We were in my room, I was home along all day, so was determined to make the msot of it. I'd finanly gotten her fully naked and the sigth of her sweet white skin with just big enoug C cop tits and lovely pink nipples was only beaten by the sight of her pussy with a lovely little bush leading down to some wet lips.

Uusally this where s... Continue»
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Another Fantasy Spanking from Peter

Another Fantasy Spanking for Jennifer from Peter.
I had just turned 18 and was so looking forward to this vacation to Amsterdam but things were just not working out. First the Airline misplaced my luggage so the only thing I had to wear was a short thin sun dress and then the Hotel I was supposed to stay at had overbooked so I had no place to stay so as I wandered down the street I sat down on a bench and started to cry. I had no idea but right across from me was a business called “Peter Pans Fantasy Book Store” and the owner was watching me out the window. He could see that I was in real ... Continue»
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a newbies cam heated dbeate..brought to

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... Continue»
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By the time it happened to me, I had read so many stories and seen a few
porn videos about it. You know the story, two buddies go out looking for
girls, get d***k stagger home falling all over each other.

They end up in the same bed and one touches the other who's passed out
and keeps going until the two are having sex.

Well, three of us were out drinking, not really looking for girls. We
just had pizza and beer until our trips to the bathroom out numbered the
slices of pizza left. Tad, Bernie and I took a chance and drove home.
Tad was driving and he did pretty well. Bernie and I... Continue»
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How you can perk up your sex life

Want to perk up your love life? Well, then start from the kitchen with food that will give you the oomph factor, says an expert.

Hormone and anti-ageing specialist Cecilia Tregear says that sex plays an important role in making people look and feel younger.

Tregear, who is based at the Wimpole Skin Clinic in Harley Street, London, has worked with hundreds of couples over the course of her 25-year career.

"The couples who were having lots of regular sex almost always looked younger than those who weren't. They were also slimmer, fitter, healthier and happier. Sexual activity, in my vie... Continue»
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my colleague feet

All that am going to tell you is something that really happen to me

I work for a famous company in my country MAURITIUS. I work on a shift system. That day as usual the picked me up from my house and to my surprise i saw the woman whom i always thinking when i masturbate. She wore a mini skirt her black pantyhose, her sexy shoes and her blouse its her uniform. I sat behind her, while we were driving i ask the driver if the van gonna get full he told that its all that he have for today, and that was really nice for me i could laid on the couch and sl**p for 1hr of driving. i laid on the ... Continue»
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Fr. Joe

To say Fr. Joe is no stud is an understatement. Fr. Joe
is in his early 60s, thinning hair, bifocals, slim build, about five foot six
and weighing in at about 165. He looks like the quietest, most conservative
man on the face of the earth. Soft spoken and looking like a bookkeeper, Fr.
Joe would seem to be the LAST man on earth to fuel any guy's sexual fantasies
or desires, but, as I found out long ago, Fr . Joe may LOOK quiet, but as far
as sex goes, he turns into a raging, horny sex machine!!
For instance, every week I go to the rectory and we retire t... Continue»
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The Meet

You pulled up outside my flat in your car and got out. I open the the door and walk down the steps to meet you. We both smile at one another.
I didn’t know what to do so I walked towards you and just waited to see what you’d do. I gave you a smile and pulled you towards me by the waistband on your jeans. You came straight for me and I kissed you hard taking in the reality of the fact you were actually here. Your hands slipped round me and you held me close to your body I could tell already that things were going to be intense between us but I kept my cool and broke lose of your grip taking yo... Continue»
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Looking for someone to fuck tonight.... Continue»
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when the fire burns part 2

the glow of the fire made the colour of her skin even sexier... he couldnt resist... he wanted her right there and now.
suddenly everything she liked came to his mind... but how couldn? it was absolutely the same with everything he wanted to do a girl!
after some neck kissing and soft biting he put his hand between her legs... he touched her.. the skin was soft.. when he started touching her pussy a silent whisper to his ear said.. ' this must be heaven'
the moisture on his finger was the perfect lubricant for rubbing her clit...he listened her moaning... they looked at eachother eyes... a... Continue»
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My Own Love Story

This is just a fiction, story about my fantasy.
We have our own business and till date my Abbu (my dad) is looking after it. Since I completed my graduation, I too attend the business place every day, but take a leave if got to be with my friends (very rare) or my partner (most often). Since my long time girlfriend got married and the only girl I love till date. I never fallen in love with any1 and neither do I want to. My GF is in love with me too. As this is also a commitment that we will never stop loving each other, either we are together or not. Oh so sorry, my friends, why I am boring y... Continue»
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VEET.....DONT DO IT........

After having been told my danglies looked like an elderly Rastafarian I decided to take the plunge and buy some of this as previous shaving attempts had only been mildly successful and I nearly put my back out trying to reach the more difficult bits. Being a bit of a romantic I thought I would do the deed on the missus's birthday as a bit if a treat.
I ordered it well in advance and working in the North Sea I considered myself a bit above some of the characters writing the previous reviews and wrote them off as soft office types...Oh my fellow sufferers how wrong I was. I waited until the oth... Continue»
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Her fantasy

I want to thank Hollywood3 for adding a portion to this story. This is from a series of texts that me and my girlfriend have had this is a a big fantasy of hers will it come true? Maybe who knows. This is also the first time I have ever written a full real story I hope everyone enjoys it.

I had been talking with our friend, Jay, about a fantasy that Aly told me about not long after we had met, about a year ago. Her fantasy was to be fucked by a Black man. While Jay and I were having lunch one afternoon, I decided to tell him about it. Well, a smile crept over his face. So we had talked abou... Continue»
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Erin learns vibrator sex

What to do next

Hi Erin, the next thing you need to learn is how to masturbate your fanny with a vibrator and this is after you have had a few more tries at pushing your fingers up into your pussy whilst playing with your clit. If you can’t get a vibrator Daddy can always give you a carrot or Banana to use but its best to use a vibrator or a dildo which is a nice soft cock shaped toy that you can use to get your fanny used to having a great big real cock up inside you for when Daddy let’s you have a try of his cock to start you off.
With the vibrator or Dildo its best that you come into ... Continue»
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Phone sex

Phone sex is probably one of the more common 'alternative' types of sexual encounter. Both men and women of many different ages have tried it, but many of us get their first taste of it at a young age, often when at a distance from a partner, keeping in touch by phone.

Phone sex is a fairly ‘safe’ style of alternative sexual contact, as there is no physical risk at all, except for what you do to yourself. Phone sex basically amounts to Masturbation while talking to someone on the phone. Of course there is a small risk of having your feelings hurt if someone embarrasses you, but this only u... Continue»
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Multiple Melia Part 2

Multiple Melia Ch. 02
by realityischoice©

Melia broke her passionate kiss, letting me catch me breath for a moment. She tickled up the inside of one of my naked thighs, then down the other, sending post-orgasmic chills down my spine. She had just treated me expertly to my first multiple orgasm and I had yet to recover; I didn't know if I ever would! But I wanted to give her pleasure.

I traced my fingertips down her spine, cupping an as cheek, giving it a squeeze; she rolled completely on top of me, straddling my body, and delved directly to a deep kiss. Now my hands could both roam,... Continue»
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Friday lunch! Thank you K!

I first met K about three years ago. We were both in the same line of work and became friends keeping in touch by email and phone. We meet for the occasional lunch and chat and over the last year or so there has been a kind of tension between us. This resulted in a passionate kissing session a few weeks ago in my car as I dropped her near her home. K is Sikh and spends most of her time looking after her f****y now, she’s in her late 30’s but looks much younger. She attends the gym regularly and is sli with flawless complexion and the most beautiful face imaginable.
I had joked with her o... Continue»
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JOY - Chapter 3

I slept in as long as I could, but a loud kno-cking noise from my door ended my beautysl**p abruptly. I threw my dressing gown around my shoulders and opened the door.
It was my ex-boyfriend with a big grin on his Sunday-face who pushed in and settled himself without hesitation on my denim sofa. I didn't know why he had come at all, and I didn't real-ly want to have him here now!
He squabbled, that he had heard that I was going on holidays, and that it was a must for him to see me before I left.
I was just standing indecisively in front of him when he grabbed the dangling cord of m... Continue»
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Working Too Hard Missing Part3

The taxi arrived and lady P was very cold as her panties were now stuffed in my trouser pocket.
London looks nice at the dead of night, no one rushing just a few people and loads of lights and smells from fast food vendors dotted around central.
The company allowed employees to work late and stay over night at a public hotel if your travel exceeded over an hour which Lady P did. She lived in Surrey apparently with a young chap and they have stables near by and quite a normalised life?
She had laid her head on my lap for awhile and nesting her noise in my groin trying to bite my head I la... Continue»
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