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SummLawns Chapter 3

Chapter 3

One morning, when it was getting too hot to work, he stopped and wandered round the garden. Suddenly to his horror he saw the young girl. Charles had no idea who she was or what she was doing here. But one horrible truth was sure.

Charles usually laid his jacket near the large oak tree. There stood the girl taking his wallet from the pocket.

“Hey, what the hell's going on there!” Charles shouted.

The girl saw him straight away, and clutching the wallet ran off into the garden. The boy quickly chased after her, and trapped her in the heart of th... Continue»
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20 and 52 daughter and mother

true story sorry no names just incase...working at a customers house the other and met the mam on the job the and she was round visiting her mam and she had just left her boyfriend and was a little upset so got talking to her and we really hit it off, she lived about an hour away from where i was working and i said i was going there on the following weekend which i was so it was lucky i guess.

she was telling me that she had 4 k**s and the youngest was 20 and she was popping up to see her nanna later in the week, so the day went on and she was bringing tea through and she talked a bit more ... Continue»
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My lovely fucklump

It was my first day at university and I was at a mixer for freshers in my halls when I found myself staring at a girl. She was worth a stare, straw blond hair neatly tied in a single plait, pale blue eyes set high in a slightly pudgy face above the cutest little nose, and lips parted in a wide smile revealing perfect teeth. However, it would take me a beat or two to notice her most attractive features. I must admit it wasn't her beauty that had me staring at her, it was that she had neither arms nor legs. During that moment while I was so rudely gazing at her, she happened to glance in my dire... Continue»
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My best night, and best partner. Part 1

I have had a good run of some great times of sex. I usually have to count the many conquers that make up my little list. But all have to measure up to each other, measuring on the best to the worst. Right now this story is my top fuck. Its not how many I did, or how big things were, its more about the time spent and the build up to it. I am all for call and then fuck, but this one was a nice build up to an amazing night and morning. So here we go.
I met Melissa when I came for a visit to my s****r's house. I knew of her but this was the first time we met, as an adults. Melissa as a young l... Continue»
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Ashleigh’s Chocolate Craving

Ashleigh,is a 19 year-old student at Washington State University. I’m 5’8” 120 lbs with brunette hair and blue eyes. I’ve been told I’m very attractive and have a great body. I have the classic hourglass figure; big firm tits and nice curved hips plus I get lots of compliments on my round tight ass. Guys constantly hit on me, which I like but I never hook-up with any of them. I’m dating this great guy name David and I’ve never cheated on him. Unfortunately we are now in different states and our schedules being what they are we don’t get to see ea... Continue»
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Teen Girl's first attempt at masturbation tra

Stranger: is this justin bieber??
You: don't get any p*o on my weiner
Stranger: xD
You: please
Stranger: um
You: This is Biebs. What's up girl?
Stranger: um...
You: I can prove it
You: Baby baby baby
You: Ohhhh
Stranger: wow very nice
You: So what's up?
You: Is your clit tingling?
Stranger: no o.O
You: How old r u?
You: 12?
Stranger: 15 -.-
You: Your clit hasn't dropped yet.
Stranger: what does that mean
You: You have no sex drive
Stranger: well if you're "justin bieber" than yours hasn't dropped either
You: Are you home schooled?
Stranger: no
You: How come u r still a v... Continue»
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The New Black Girl Sue Shows Her Appreciation

Sue was a new single girl who started in a corporate training program earlier in my career. I had been in the job for about a year and was very familiar and experienced with the company’s products, while Sue came in from a different industry and had to get up to speed quickly on the new products. Sue was assigned to me to “show her the ropes” and to do that we were to go on some road trips where she could sharpen her skills and familiarize herself with the products.

There was one other person in the department and it was Lois, as Lois preferred to be the only woman in this part of the c... Continue»
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Hilary Duff has fun with a Fan

Hilary duff had just finished filming a scene for her latest movie a
Cinderella story she was wearing some olive colored loose trousers a dark
blue tank top and some normal shoes as she started to walk down the hallway
of one of the sets smiling to her self as she thought about the kiss she had
just had with Chad Michael Murray in the past scene,
her hazel eyes glanced
around the set as she saw a man walking towards her the man was around about
6’3 had short black hair and was 24 years of age and wearing some jeans a
black top and some trainers as he walks towards Hilary smiling, he r... Continue»
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The hard way cuckold

My wife has never hid the fact that she enjoys a nice thick dick on the side. Ever since I planted the idea in her pretty blonde head just after we got married she has fucked sucked and flashed any one of her choosing.

I have never been a part of any of her sex acts. She told me right up front that if she did decide to have sex outside our marriage that it would be one hundred percent as she wants it. I was given three chances to back out. The last chance was given to me as she stood at the front door about to go meet her first outside cock. As I remember I smiled then kissed her cheek and... Continue»
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I Had No Choice

(This is a long story and has some build up, but I believe it’s worth it to really set the plot.)

What am I going to do now? I’m stuck in a no win situation, and the stress is killing me. I never wanted a complicated life, but I’ve got one weather I like it or not. Strange thing is that while I know it’s wrong, I cannot help but love it anyway. Now I had some wild times in college, but while I still was young, I fell in love and married my college sweetheart Rachel. We graduated and I became a Middle School math teacher, while she went to work at a Preschool Daycare business. Everything was... Continue»
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Ameazing Moments of my Life

once a time, i going to other city by bus.the has full of girls.
i am so confused , i asked the bus driver..bus driver says . college bus..
LOLx... Continue»
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It's All About the Panties - Chapter 1


It’s All About the Panties


My story starts in the summer. That glorious time of year when there is no school and no responsibilities. Specifically the story starts in the summer when I was f******n. The summer began, as they always do, with that giddy, free, ecstatic feeling knowing that I could do as I pleased. No deadlines. No homework. I could stay up late, or even all night. I could sl**p in. I could goof off with my friends all day long. I could even do my chores at my own pace. There is very little that can dim the bright prospect of that 3 month part ... Continue»
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Teaching Sally part 1

I am a high school teacher in a small town. I consider myself average looking. But for some reason it seems a good number of the female students in my classes delight in teasing me. There are days when some of them would wear low cut tops and low cut bras. Occasionally (if I am lucky) one or two would “forget” to wear a bra. These are the days I would spend time in class walking around checking their work and peeking down their blouses. It made me so hard and I know some of the young ladies noticed. Other days some of them would wear short skirts with cute panties. And again sometime... Continue»
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First time cuckold...

My wife was speaking with her friend Staci about hooking up with guys on the internet while her husband watched. After speaking with her friend on the phone, my wife pulled me into the bedroom and explained what Staci was up to, but not in a morally convicting way. She was explaining it to me sort of in a convincing way to get me on board with it. I asked her, “So what are you saying? You want to do something like this?” She said, “Honey, it’s only one time and if you don’t like it we can stop.” I said, “You got to be out of your fucking mind if you think I will have my wife giving up her ass ... Continue»
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Hotel Chamberlain, 16, and being flashed

I have seen the attempts to recreate the 'Room Service' videos, and it's overdone, which is a shame really, because working in a hotel, does expose men exposing themselves to the 'Chamber Maids' and 'Room Service' girls.
After a while, most women accept it as part of the service, besides, most females are looking for something different, they are from bored marriages, poorly paid, looking for a little excitement and fun, so being 'Flashed', 'Chatted-up', and 'Desired', does have its moments, and its lighter side, to a boring day.
We go to a mans room and it's documented, he knows that, so yo... Continue»
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Addicted to Cum

When I was twelve, my divorced mom, older s****r and I moved in with a man who would become my stepfather and his fifteen year old son. The house only had 3 bedrooms so I had to share my "stepb*****r's" double bed. We had some previous sexual encounters, basically every time we were alone. It started with him talking about hard dicks and cum and quickly led to him showing me how he could jerkoff. I was captivated the first time he shot a load. I couldn't wait to see him do it again.
I could get hard at the time but couldn't cum yet. He taught me how to give a handjob and the thrill of knowin... Continue»
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my first threesome with Best friend and his girlfr

i was 21 or 22 and my best friend (james) since 5th grade and he had a gf. She was about 6' and red headed and small tits but an amazeing ass. James and me were drinking and playing cards. when his girlfriend came in. he cooked us something to eat and as we were eating i noticed that she was under the kitchen table giving james a blowjob. i sat back from the table a little. her ass was towaeds me and she was fingering herself. She had a small piece of dark redhair at the top of her clit. I started the smell her juices and james had his head back enjoying what she was doing to him. He shot his ... Continue»
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The Realtor

I told him to make the appointment with the realtor a week ago, and the day was fast approaching. Poor Greggy had no idea that I'd already had a very intimate tour of the house before he'd ever made the call.

We drove up to the house and parked on the street. A beautiful Victorian on a brick-lined street. I'd known the realtor for 20 years; long before Greg moved here and into my life. Mike and I'd had a long-standing flirtation that had only gotten more explicit over the years. I knew, when I called him a few weeks ago and asked for a tour, that he would gladly oblige me. And boy, did he.... Continue»
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chance meeting

As a truck driver I am rarely home and live a pretty lonely life on the road . A few years ago I was doing this trip , it was getting late and I decided to call it a day . I decided to treat myself to a hotel for the night instead of the usual night in the sl**per on the truck . I pulled up outside this half descent looking place and went in and booked in .
After a long hot shower , I decided to go to the down stairs for a meal . The waitress seated me at a table , I was the only one there due to the late hour , just after I ordered a couple cam in . The waitress seated them , the girl was se... Continue»
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Cold October rain

I'll write this in several segments, "Cold October rain" is the beginning of how I met my last lover back in 2001.

My husband and I lived in what was a semi rural town with lots of freedom after we were married. An older house with two lots on a not so busy street with fairly nice older neighbors who minded their own business unless stirred, but friendly enough folks. Well, as with all things, change was in the wind. The older neighbors began dying off, replaced with younger people who demanded change in the neighborhood and township. Our somewhat rural atmosphere began to be regulated ... Continue»
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