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Janet and John - Book 2

Janet and John are very lucky.
They have a swimming pool in their back garden.
Janet and John love to swim in the pool on a hot summer weekend.

Janet wears a horrid pink one-piece swimming costume.
John wears baggy black swimming shorts.

Janet loves it when Daddy lifts her up in the pool.
Daddy likes to hold Janet's wet bottom.
Janet can feel the bulge in Daddy's swimming trunks.

John loves it when Mum lifts him up in the pool.
John loves to look down the front of Mummy's swimming costume.
John can see her full ripe wet breasts.
John said "Mummy I love your bumps, when will Ja... Continue»
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my hot aunty

This is one of my stories that happened, in my life but not anymore. I live in Bangalore. My aunt does too. She has 2 k**s very young ones. She is little fluffy to look at, but the ass is very fine. The perfect medium ass, tits and little fatty stomach. She is brunette in her 20′s. She always combs her hair and always oiled and so it looks wet sometimes and sexy always.

One day, as I was watching tv in my home my visited had visited the house due to an occasion on festivals. We f****y always get together in these occasions and the next day they all go back to their home. One day in the morn... Continue»
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Stranger seduces Wife

Stranger seduces Wife
This incident happened a couple of years back when both myself and my wife were visiting an Ashram in Pune. This Ashram, though people misunderstand as a sexual haven is more of a spiritual and solemn place. You will also come across people who are there only for sex too.

At that time we were just about a few days into our marriage. I was about 26 years of age and she was 22. Both of us are good looking and physical fit. Myself about 6'tall athletic and she was 5'7" slim in excellent shape. I was a regular visitor of the Ashram and in times of stress I got there for ... Continue»
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We met online at a social site for porn watchers. We had talked for a couple weeks just as friends.
And after a while we started to talk about sex and other people and preferences. It did get pretty heavy sometimes,
but we both stayed normal during our talks. No playing. Then one night when his wife was asl**p and my boyfriend
was sl**ping also, we went a little too far. We were talking heavy about how often I play with my pussy and how often
he plays with his dick and wha... Continue»
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Daddy's Fetish pt.1

"Steph!" my dad called. "I'm going to the shops. Your mom says you need to get new underwear, are you ready to go?"

I froze. Underwear shopping with dad? How embarrassing! It was bad enough to go with mom. She always made me buy such chaste and sensible things when all I wanted was lace and slutty underwear.

"Can't I just have your credit card and go with Tori?" I asked him.

"You've got to be k**ding? After the prom dress incident?" he looked at me as though I was insane. I'd been given dad's credit card to go shopping for a prom dress and I'd spent three times as much as I was allowe... Continue»
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My True Gay Experiences - Part One

I have been bicurious ever since I could remember. I didn't look at boys bodies or anything, I just wanted to fuck or get sucked by one. There was this feminine boy in middle school with me I fantasized all the time about fucking him. Never fathomed to ask him, living in a small midwestern town. I used a stall to a public restroom once and saw a cartoonish like drawing of a guy about to suck some cock and underneath someone wrote how he wanted some young dick to suck off and left a PO Box (before internet). I must've jerked off a thousand times thinking about showing up at some dudes... Continue»
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Bobbin' on Neil

When I was in high school I loved being surrounded by cute girls all the time. I had a couple girlfriends, and a few sexual experiences with them, but I was still a virgin. I was pretty timid and shy, with a small-framed and smooth build. I was pretty short (for a guy), with a boyish face. I knew I was straight, but never considered myself very masculine or macho.

In my spare time, which I had a lot of, and when I didn't have a girlfriend, which was often, I would often cruise the Internet and watch porn. I was especially drawn to oral and anal videos with big dicks and big cum shots. My... Continue»
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It's Fun to stay at the!!?

First story ever! Hope you enjoy all you sexy men out there!

I remember in my younger days. My college days. Everybody was always having a good time partying. Not me:( I would eat, sl**p, workout and go to school. No time for fun. I would always go to the local YMCA after my classes when I had free time and swim a few laps. After I take these swims I would go into the showers to rinse off. There is usually nobody in the locker rooms so one day I decided to live a little and shower naked. I am a shy person so this was big for me. I felt so free, just me alone soaping myself up head to toe sl... Continue»
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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 3

Gary loved seeing Albert's big cock, jacking off, on the other side of the glory hole. He guessed that Albert was sporting at least seven inches. Maybe eight. Gary wanted that cock. He put his fingers through the glory hole, beckoning. "Albert, gimme your dick."
Albert couldn't believe what was happening. He was so excited that his mouth had the taste of extreme forbidden horniness. Albert stopped jacking and put his dick through the glory hole.
Gary was in heaven. When he first saw the two twinks, it was pure fantasy that anything would happen with either of them. Now he was about to wrap h... Continue»
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Dream time

I just had an amazing dream...... and Im here to share it with you
In my dream Im living at my grandmothers house. It kinda like a boarding house people just live there periodically. I was in bed. It was night time or at least late evening. Apparently Im also sharing the big back room with a room mate. Its a girl and someone I know. We went to high school together. For this we will call her Morgann. So Morgann come home and into the room. She has brought a friend whom seem to be only stopping in for a minute. There chatting and sitting on Morgann's bed. Morgann begins to undress... Continue»
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My First Sex Experience With My Neighborhood Bhabh

I am Amit- aged 29 years from Ahmedabad and working with Indian MNC. I am staying with my parents and elder b*o and bhabhi and their two k**s. We have neighbour who were from north India. They were husband, wife and two k**s. Husband was captain in Army and use to come only in holidays. She used to stay alone with two k**s. She usually came to our home whenever she felt alone as k**s were going to school. Her name was Jyoti and I used to call her bhabhi.

I never looked her with those intentions. She seemed to be very cultured and orthodox types. Once I had booze party with my friends and ev... Continue»
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A Young Man's Memorable First

The young man trembled as he lay naked on the exam table. He knew what was coming, and he wasn't quite sure if he wanted it or not. Hands stroked his naked thighs, stopping under the curve of his ass. He wasn't sure how many other men were in the room with him, but since he felt three hands caressing his bare flesh, there had to be at least two of them.

He was laying face down on a special table made just for this occasion. His hands and legs were tied spread-eagle to limbs of the X-shaped table. The ties were leather cuffs with fur lining in them. He wasn't being punished, and the men want... Continue»
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Just One of the Girls

It was a clear crisp fall morning as Mike walked to the first day at his new school. His mother had taken a promotion in a new town, badly needed since it was the four of them: Mike, his two s****rs, and his mother. But that meant new schools for the k**s.

Abigail and Candy were attending the high school; Mike, the middle school. He walked slowly since this seemed very much like a jail sentence to him, attending a new school where he didn’t know anyone. Mike was inherently shy and that tendency had been reinf***ed with being sheltered by his over-protective mother and s****rs.

He rou... Continue»
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My Beautiful Neighbor

I was the student of engineering a few years back. I was 20 yrs at that time. Normally I used to come home at weekend means coming home on Friday evening after attending my classes and leave from my home on Monday early morning for my college which was approximately 100 km away from my home. During my stay in hostel of the college I was famous for the best pornographic material available with me which normally are the magazines like Fantasy, Debonair and Playboy etc. I used to fantasize a lot about young ladies but unfortunately I could not get any till date.
I was confident that I would be ... Continue»
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caught in my wifes clothes

this is just fantasy

i've always like dressing up in my wifes clothes when she is out. I love put on her black panties and bra then putting on her fishnet tights and wank myself silly sometime while showing strangers on the web cam.

It was on one of these days while getting really horny i did not hear the front door i was wearing one her short dresses and her black thong while on line. I was being watched by 10 men who where all making sexy comments about what they wanted to do to me i was so hard and horny then it happened my wife burst into them bedroom seeing me in her clothes. I thou... Continue»
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My wif intorduces me to anal via strap on

My introduction to the joys of a strap-on dildo came in a roundabout way. My wife and I were attending an outdoor party at our health club in northern California. It was a nice warm evening and a great band was playing.

We were drinking wine and enjoying the music. My wife seemed to be particularly intrigued with the lead singer, a sultry brunette with long curly hair and a husky sensual voice. I had my arms wrapped around her and she was leaning back into me. I casually asked if she was enjoying the music. "You bet I am, that singer is so hot." My wife had never previously expressed any in... Continue»
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threesome with hot aunty

Let me describe you about myself i am 5"5 height 60 kg 21 year old boy..i am athletic in look and i have a monster cock of 7 lets start the story it was a normal day for me i was coming back from my tuition in metro(kolkata ) a hot aunty was beside me in red saree and her perfume was making me horny.i was staring at her continuously through out the journey ..but soon my station came and i had to move towards the door.there was a crowd at door i was in midst of the crowd. In my front there was a middle aged man between 35-40 age he had beard and was having a suitcase in his hand .As t... Continue»
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Maya Loves Boys -= Part 1 of 2 =-

-= Part 1 of 2 =-

About us, most of you who have read some of my other stories, know about my cum loving, Maya.

Me Sam, 35, married for 21 years to Maya. its been ten yrs now, since she now has passed away. we made a fine, if sextordinary couple. If you like guys and girls next door types, not too overweight, not too short, nice faces then that's us. Middling jobs too. I was in Newspaper editing and still am. Maya was a stay at home mom, we had 4 k**s, that are all grown up, and we had other middle-class friends and we would meet them, go for pizzas, have nights out, have guys' night... Continue»
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I'd like to keep this short and sweet, but that won't happen because I'm a little bitter lol

So here's some background I love head, but most guys are selfish so they don't give good head. I get super wet, most guys can't stand the gallons of juice I make. I gets too messy and there really is no cleaning me up, because the more you lick me, the wetter I get lol As much as dudes claim they wanna drown in my juices, they're all talk smh & If it isn't my juices stopping them from diving in face first, its my clit or elongated labia....My pussy isn't for everyone, I know, but damn wtf do I have ... Continue»
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A Most Unusual Evening

My day so far had been a blur of unusual occurrences. I had been
awakened to a fabulous morning handjob, delivered enthusiastically by my
loving, but sexually unadventurous wife, Jennifer. This was the first time
I had been so awakened in our whole relationship of nearly two decades, and
I wondered if our frank discussions about enhancing our sex life were
starting to pay off.

That was followed by me picking up an impossibly beautiful Persian
princess barely half my age - and someone else's well-kept wife to boot
-and going to her palatial mansion, where I was surprised b... Continue»
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