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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15

Mr. Dodds pulled out of his pocket a small vial, and opening it,
dropped several large pink and blue capsules onto his palm. "I hope
you enjoy this my love," he muttered under his breath, "it was a deal
of trouble getting these."

He opened each capsule and poured the contents into the funnel at the
end of Mandy's stomach-tube. This done, he picked up the plastic
pitcher he had brought downstairs. He poured the thick liquid into the

"Carnation's best, my love, bon appetite!," he said, though he knew she
... Continue»
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Chav lads bring in new cock for me

Jamie and Nicky turned up outside my bedroom window late one night. They wanted some fun, it was about 11pm, s****rs were in bed and parents still at work. I risked it as I was horny and snuck out of the house and went for a ride with the two bad lad studs in Nicky’s knackered but strangely sexy car.

We drove around for bit, I was sat in the back seat with Jamie and Nicky driving.

They were in their hoodie chav gear and I was wearing a tight white t shirt with hearts on it and a short white skirt. I had my hair my usual Maria style and my nose stud was in. I knew what we were doing so ... Continue»
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Hose and also a Hard-On

Growing up within the midwest Alex was an excellent student, common with each boys and girls. As a k** he was athletic, playing baseball, football and track. When he reached puberty he went by the typical growing pains that other c***dren went through, but his physique under no circumstances developed sufficient to continue playing competitive sports. When he stopped expanding he was 5? 7 " and thin with narrow shoulders and hips. In High School he ran the gamut of dating; taking a girls out just once, multiple dates with one girl, and even a 3-month period with the same girl, but never a long... Continue»
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lying in your bed.. relaxed.. air conditioner noise humming, mixed with the soft sound of the tv.. which you aren't paying attention to anymore.. so tired you didn't bother with the covers, just lying there in a black t-shirt and black panties. you feel yourself falling into a deep sl**p. The air is cool and comforting. you suddenly jerk a leg.. geez.. you think.. another quick dream of falling, common sometimes for those who are just beginning to doze off. but then you feel something, a gentle press of lips on your left foot. Probably another false alarm.. maybe an itch.. but then anothe... Continue»
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To do list 2011

Ah yes, the honey-do lists, never ending yet constantly expanding. I have come to loath and fear this reminder of how "days off" are never easy nor relaxing in preparation for the next week of work.

Once again, the weekend begins and soon the list rears it's ugly head. The sink to fix, the tub to re-plumb, and the grass to be mown is only the beginning.

As the alarm clock ticks to 6:00 a.m., the air raid warning wails from the tiny plastic box, so eager to interrupt my slumber. Groggily, I reach over and attempt to smash it through the night stand to silence it for a few more winks. Fo... Continue»
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bottom spankings

I like bottoms dressed, undressing, bare and beautiful: Since having my own petite bottom spanked and corporally punished from the age of 11 almost weekly I believe in spanking and embarrassing whoever who trusts me with their bare bottoms with role play etc;
Recently I had a 2o year old female in my office: she owned up to not posting important letters for a number of weeks: While I was concerned, I was sure my clients would reply: To hear what she had done I was furious, she knew by admitting it she was in for a spanking as that is part of her contract with me: I said you know what... Continue»
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driving home late (fiction)

It was a Friday night. Calm, not one cloud in the sky and it was quiet. Just me and my Mustang GT. Thought about gettin gas before hitting the parkway to Atlantic City. Besides, got a wad of cash and a mind full of fantasy. Little did i know that my deepest fantasies were to come to life in the matter of moments.

Damn, this gas attendant is taking forever...

While at the nearest gas station closest to the parkway, i noticed my guage was on empty and staring into the fog surrounded light pole, the engine sorta lulled me into relaxation. Then, in the corner of my eye, i spot a police squ... Continue»
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Double Delight Part 2

Part 2
Before I got the chance to purchase any nipple clamps Anne turned up on my doorstep one morning. She was wearing no make-up and was dressed in jeans and a T Shirt, but still looked absolutely gorgeous. “I’ve ordered your nipple clamps online” I explained “but they haven’t arrived yet. I didn’t expect you coming so soon”. She smiled and shook her handbag “No worry, I can wait. You can still tease me though”.
The only item she had brought turned out to be the hand cuffs. “These are my favourites” she explained “I love the feel of the metal... Continue»
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University of Gays: Faggotry 101


So loser, I know you want Me to teach you how to be a full blown gay sissy bitch. Follow these crucial lifestyle steps and daily rituals and you are sure to transform from a "man" into a slutty, submissive homosexual!  These changes and rituals will help reprogram your thinking by introducing really queer habits into your daily routine!! Be My fag... it is your ultimate destiny.  You were born to be gay so now it's time to act it out!


- Feminine Grooming: Shave every other day. YES EVERY DAY BITCH!!  This means no stubble whatsoev... Continue»
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Indira Chitta With Black Cocks

She is a beauty queen in al the matters. i am staying nearby house of my aunts. She have a gorgeous face and luscious body which make any man’s cock hard.

She is 36 years old and looks only 28.her structure is 32-30-36. she has very long black hair up to her waist, firm and beautiful boobs, curved ass covered with hair long hair. I understood many mans looking her whenever she go out. Whenever she walks her ass swaying beautifully. And she had little hair in her legs and hands that make her more beautiful.

As I told you earlier we had sex almost all days,because she is living with her... Continue»
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True Love Chapter One

It was a relief to get off the grimy grey streets. I'd been pounding the baking asphalt for hours, wearing the already paper thin soles of my five dollar shoes into a fine mist. Now I was sat in the reception room of my latest client, a Major Benson, waiting for him to finish pounding whichever floozy he had bent over his office desk.

He certainly had plenty of get up and go for an old guy, I put him at around sixty three but sometimes it was hard to tell with those brash army types. Anyway, he'd certainly got it up and he was going alright. I could make out the pair of them, blurred silhou... Continue»
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Sex Games

He hears the door close behind him and the key twist in the lock. He turns around. He watches as she places the key on the small table by the door, she smiles at him, then walks toward the bed that occupies most of the far side of the room. He follows her voluptuous figure with his eyes as she moves.
She wears a white loose fitting blouse above a knee length black skirt. Her legs are covered in skintight black nylon and he wonders if they are tights or stockings, he studies the way her skirt hangs against her thighs but can make no conclusive decisions. He finds himself distracted by the prov... Continue»
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Oral for her

we are in my bedroom kissing passionately and deeply, i have your soft sexy body rubbing against me and my hand has gone through your silky hair to the base of your head, pulling you close as we kiss, feeling your mouth on mine breathing in what you exhale as my other hand unbutton's your blouse turns me on so much and you feel the buldge in my pants grow as i take off your shirt. between kisses you take off my shirt and run your hands over my large chest and broad, muscular shoulders as i kiss your cheek, then down you jaw line. we stumble backwards to the bed and i slide my hand up your sk... Continue»
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Your Training

kraftyone69 said...

bob is on his way to pic us up so i have you put on something sleezy.a low cut top with no bra your not going to need one where where going.you don't know it yet but your going to be naked most of the day and night. once there uptown we stop at a cafe to get something to eat its going to be a long day. we leave and head for the red light distric of town. we come to the first porn store and go in i ask where are the video booths at right back there he says. we go back and find an empty one in the middle of them and it has holes on both walls perfect i say. i have you s... Continue»
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Kristina Gets More than She Bargained For pt. 7

As Kristina made her way down the hall, down the stairs and out the front door, she tried to teach herself to walk in such a way that did not make it obvious that she was being DPed with plastic. Marci stifled giggles as she watched Kristina struggle. It was hard to stand upright, let alone walk in a normal fashion, but by the time they got outside, Kristina could manage.

It was just after 10pm, and Kristina thought she might be able to use the cover of night to hide her situation. Her dorm was four blocks away, and she could not see too many people on the street. Perhaps she cau... Continue»
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Such a deal

I posted this story on the asstr site a year or so ago. It's buried inside somewhere, but I still get weekly reports that folks are down loading it. I'll post it in parts for your enjoyment. Don't be afraid to comment, shit like this is a lot of fun to write, and comments from readers are the icing on the cake!
Stan Lee aka good medicine

Such a Deal Part 1

Got back home from another long night at the job to find Wifey and BGF at home giggling in the living like a couple of school girls. Popped a top and went in... Continue»
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Little girl tries to wrestle her buff "Boss&q

Your working hard as usual, but today you finished early.You call me to find out what I'm doing and where I'm at. I'm just leaving the gym and you want nothing more than to see me with my body tight and muslces hard. I hurry over to your place..Very pumped, crazy and full of energy. Stopping to pick a flower and put it behind my ear. I run to your door and knock. Your still wearing your nice blue shirt and tie, loosened a bit around your neck, black suit pants and belt. I have a little cute pink and white tank top on and comfy pants. Hair still a little wet and messy from my shower. You answer... Continue»
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Innocent trip To the Mall

Baby.......I finally found the silk pantie hose I have been looking for. I had to stop by the mall this afternoon to pick up a few things....I suddenly found myself among the sexy lingerie on the third floor...without even thinking i picked up several items and hauled them into the dressing room...the room was large in size and had three mirrors...i quickly undressed and put on a red and white satin nightie....it felt so good against my skin...the fabric was thin yet soft...cool to the rising temperature of my body..i admired myself from all angles and imagined you were on the other side of th... Continue»
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Back in the cage

Yesterday my lovely key holder dropped by to do a unannounced inspection of my manhood, securely encased in a chastity cage. At least unannounced to me.

She strung me up in our front room. She suspended me by my wrists and with my toes barely touching the floor. Then she had my wife sit in the couch before me and watch the unveiling. After the chastity cage was removed, not only my manhood but my entire naked body was examined.

Things my key holder did to me I am ashamed to admit turned me on. My wife could tell this too as she sat by and watched my cock get hard and dance in the wind. I... Continue»
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k**nap (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

After some measureless interval, I heard a car pull up, and the door open. I braced myself, certain that I'd be greeted by a blow. But I was surprised. "Hi, Boss. At least, I assume that's you." It was Roger -- and I nearly fainted with relief.

Quickly, he unfastened the ropes holding me in place, carried me to the couch, and removed the hood and gag. He didn't waste time asking me if I was okay; the outlines of what had happened were obvious enough. "Where are the keys to your handcuffs and leg chains?" he asked. I told him that I had l... Continue»
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