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daughters toy

I guess you could say I have a bit of a panty fetish. It started a few years ago when I started to notice new sexy panties appearing in the laundry. You see I have three daughters and they had begun shopping online at VS for their under garments with the help of my wife. At first I would just admire them when doing laundry but eventually I began to pay closer attention to them and actually search for them when I was home alone. I love the look of them, the feel of them and even the smell of them. I started using them as the object of my jerkoff sessions. Wrapping them around my cock and fillin... Continue»
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Kinky b*****r and s****r

My freshmen year at collage has finally concluded, yesterday was the last day of my classes. It’s summer time and I just arrived home after completing the three-hour drive from campus, but that’s when reality set in. Being home again…. I’m twenty and being here isn't going to be easy. Any freedom I had over these past few months is now gone, now that I’m back under my fathers roof and have to answer to him. As for my privacy, well that’s gone too especially with my two eighteen year old s****rs (non identical twins) hanging around the house. That could be an issue if I continue my daily routin... Continue»
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A girl keeps warm in the gents toilet

It was a freezing night, -15C and to cap it the snow started falling, 'What the fuck', flashed through my mind, too cold to snow?

I gather my coat around me, trying to trap what heat I was generating, my short skirt and bare stockinged topped legs, were numb, so there was my heat loss, not from my head, but from my crotch, still I loved this kind of attire, showing my ass and white flesh, framed in black, frilly knickers and stockings, large mesh, fuck I can feel my pussy flow at the thought of a hard cock pushing into me.

I look at my watch, and shiver, 'Shit twenty minutes until the ne... Continue»
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Comforting my s****r....

I could tell my little s****r was frustrated as she hung up the phone.. “That was Jim. He has to take care of closing the store tonight. One of his workers called in sick…Again.” She turned and looked out the window over their back yard. I just watched.

I have always loved watching my s****r. She is 3 years younger than me, and we were always best friends growing up. I taught her how to kiss, when she came home from school upset because one of the boys said she kissed like his grandmother. I had been her e****t to the mall on many occasions, and trust me, she needed one!

She ha... Continue»
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Cuckold lifestyle

Cuckold lifestyle

My wife and I got married two weeks after she graduated high school. L is a real cutie, 5 foot 4 and 100 pounds, she has 34 B tits and the best legs I have seen on a woman. I'm a leg man and thats what first attracted me to her. She is also blue eyed and blonde. Any way we got married in 1977 , back then there wasn't any video cameras , at best we had 8mm movies.
I bought a few "porno" films and we would catch a buzz and watch them together. I... Continue»
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My s****r-In-Law

I’m married to a beautiful woman who just happens to have a twin s****r. Her and her s****r are not identical twins though. Carrie has blonde curly hair, while my wife has long straight brown hair. When I first met Carrie, I didn’t think too much about her as far as any sort of physical attraction. Yes, she’s very attractive, but it wasn’t on my mind. It wasn’t until several years later that I started to notice her more and more.

The first time I remember being attracted to Carrie was one evening at her house while my wife and I were visiting. We were all sitting in the living room chatting... Continue»
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My Shemale Stepmother

My parents split up when I was eighteen, I was a little distressed by it but we had never been as close as some. Still, I didn't really see what had driven them apart so quickly and so thoroughly that they never even spoke any more. I guessed maybe one of them must have had an affair and that was really all that I thought about it. I went off to college and life went on. That following summer, when I was nineteen, I moved in to live with my dad for the summer. He had bounced back quickly following the divorce and had already found someone new and I had to say, he had done pretty well for himse... Continue»
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Wife's horny moment.

Wife's horny moment.

Yes this was one such occasion. We were young,enjoyed sex and experimented. Both were what I'd describe as average looking,but when it comes to the naughty bits,I had 6 inches slack making about eight hard. My wife was quite deceptive down there. Following on from a nice firm pair of large nippled titties,she had an almost girlish pussy,it looked so small in the hole you'd think it was unused,surrounded by a small pair of labia lips with a matching hood over her clitoris. That clitoris was equally surprising,at rest,again it looked almost c***dlike but arouse it and it... Continue»
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My New Neighbours

As the summer progressed, I rode my bike pretty much every day. I also rode real hard which made me quite exhausted. I usually sat on my balcony after I rode and took my t-shirt off and sat in my spandex shorts. What I didn't know was that a new couple moved in not too long ago and noticed me from time to time. One day, as I sat after a ride, I was on my tablet chatting with a male friend and passing pictures - he was making me hard.

The couple had been outside and from their view were watching me. They noticed me readjust my cock in my shorts. There were a couple of days during the followi... Continue»
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mom`s panties

the story unfolded around about 1997 ,I was 17 .My dad well he left me and mom many years back we had to defend for our own so that put in me in a certain position where I had to be my mother little boy and the man in the house . We lived in a small semidetached in an average town . Mom at work the whole day and me well at school.
my mom, well she was a real hot looker if you asked me , tall red hair girl with 38 dd well-formed tittles (which I was lucky enough some time to get a gimps of and many times I was caught “Roger , what are you looking at ….) And she has the most beautiful
... Continue»
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Ultimate Taboo Pt3 - Hottest Steps****r & mom

“Come on son. Get your ass up… its dinner time” called out my dad. Obviously, I ended up falling asl**p. Wow was I tired. The days’ events definitely drained my energy.

I raced downstairs and everyone one was already on the dinner table. Jennifer was happy and chirpy as ever not making anything obvious. My stepmom made a beautiful dinner and I sat out on the porch with my dad afterwards to smash down a few beers. As I conversated with my father I started to feel real guilty about what happened earlier in the day but I thought it was best to just keep my mouth shut.

Eventually it was ... Continue»
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Street Hooker

Okay, how do I start? I can go by what happened the last time I had a similar situation. He was a guy I liked so I gave him a good deal because I was horny too. His name was Ryan, he wanted to get the whole package which usually costs 300 and up with bareback. But I needed my holes used and came down in price because he was a nice guy. I gave him my 169 special. He was happy because he paid 200 for just pussy before. This time he got the dirt.

He cruised up slowly as I walked down Drouillard, swinging my hips in a lazy high heel scr****g way. I dressed for the part, torn white t shirt wit... Continue»
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Couples kinky shocking fantasy come true

The following story is true but the names have been changed to protect our privacy. Shannon and I dated for about a year back in the 90s in college, It didn't last and we went our separate ways. Fast forward 10 years and she had just ended a long term relationship that she ended mainly for the age difference as she was 42 and he was 27. So we started seeing each other and after a couple weeks, I asked her about him and she brings out a picture of him in a towel and he looked like a model. I admit I was a little jealous especially she said he had the best dick she ever had 81/2 inches and thick... Continue»
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Sin-in-law in Bondage

My husband's younger b*****r lives with us while he attends college. We have fixed up a room for him in our basement. Sometimes I clean his room and one day, I came across a box under his bed that was full of pornographic magazines. Many of them dealt with bondage. The magazines had color photos of nude woman tied up in all kinds of positions. I just couldn't understand the appeal of being tied up like that and on a lark I wrote my b*****r-in-law a note and stuck it in the magazine. I told him in the note that I thought it was kind of silly for him to have these magazines. Later that night whe... Continue»
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Full Physical

We were moving around and I had to get a full physical for a new job. There were 4 on the form that they company recommended so I picked one and made an appointment. I told Teresa I would be there and left and went into the small office. There was a really nice looking woman behind the window, conservatively dressed with just a little grey in her blonde hair. She was about 5'8" and had a very nice figure. She said Hello and said are you the 10 Am appointment? I told her I guessed so and she asked me to fill out paperwork and I would be called in a little.

I sat down and did the paperwork an... Continue»
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fun with pregnant s****r in law

In a small rural town in Indiana in the summer of 1966, my older b*****r, his wife and their two small c***dren moved into the second story of an old farm house my parents had back then. This was just before I started my freshman year in college. This was the first time any of my married siblings had lived at home after getting married and having a f****y.

We lived in an old farm house with two bedrooms on the first floor, as well as the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. On the second floor there was a fairly large "T" shaped room with no door and no divider of any kind betwee... Continue»
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Car Fun with Girlfriend and Best Friend

I was getting prepared for a fishing trip that I was leaving on with my dad, neighbor, and friend John. Kate, my girlfriend, wanted to come over and use my cock one last time before we left. She was craving it, sending me dirty text messages and pictures. When she got to my house, we kissed a bit and before we could start doing much I hear the doorbell ring. John is hoping to hang out and have a couple shots before leaving. John, if you haven’t read any of my other stories is my best friend whom I enticed Kate into fucking and having threesomes with. Anyways, Kate then realizes that her only s... Continue»
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My name is Melissa. Ever since my marriage last year, my sex life has been difficult. My husband is serving in the military and since our honeymoon he has only been back home one time to fuck me. I am faithful to him. But I can't live like a nun. I need my kicks.

So far I've been getting my kicks by masturbating while I think about other men fucking me. Or by getting on xHamster and looking at cocks and guys jacking off. Or by playing sex games with Holly – my girlfriend in town.

I've decided that all of this stuff isn't ch... Continue»
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Mum at christmas

I had an excellent boxing day evening!!

Had a few f****y friends over, we were drinking all day and night. after they left i got mum to take two of her sl**ping pills.
Me mum and jane stayed up for an hour after that still drinking and chatting. We all went to bed about 130, by 230 i was in my mums room.
I did the usual thing of creeping to the end of her bed, getting under the covers and pulling her knickers gently off her. Being so d***k i couldn't wait and pushed my face straight between her legs, i usually push them apart gently. I pushed her knees wide apart with my my palms and kn... Continue»
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The late night

My girlfriend and I had argued slightly on a cold raining November evening as she was about to go out with friends from her new workplace.

We have been together for 2 years, she is 24, with a petite 5 foot 4 inch figure and a nice c-cup chest. Her dark brown hair complimenting her innocent looking eyes and resting nicely against her shoulder. I am a little older at 30, athletic in build from various sports, with a rugged kinda stubble look.

As the evening went on and I regretted my actions of having words over her not spending much time at home. However, I got lost in the trap that is Sa... Continue»
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