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My best friends s****r

''After we get back from the club tonight can I crash at ur place so we can share a cab?'' I asked my friend David. ''Yes sure mate, but if I get lucky you're gonna have to sl**p on the couch downstairs'' he replied. I agreed because I really didn't want to pay 10 euro extra to take a cab by myself, as I'm a poor student.

I live close to Amsterdam, which is where we were going out that night, it was Thursday, student night and there were lots of pretty girls in the bar we were in. We spotted 2 girls by themselves so we decided to go talk to them. 1 was a really pretty latin girl and the oth... Continue»
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Jim's teenage daughter part 2

“Go ahead and take a shower sweetie,” Jim said to his newly deflowered daughter. “Get as much cum out of your snatch as you can but I’m still going to give you one of your mother’s ‘Morning Afterwards’ pills.”

Jennifer did as she was told and took a long hot shower. She fingered her still aching vagina and cleaned it out as best she could of her father’s spew. Jennifer liked the feeling of being a woman now and not just a little girl – more accurately she was now a little slut.

For some reason she could not understand, the term slut was not offensive to her if it meant that ... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl - Part 4

I woke up the next day in my father’s bed. Although my mind was groggy from the night before, I remembered him fucking my ass at least four more times that night. I thought he might regret the night before after the wine had worn off. But he told me to suck his cock as soon as he was awake. I was pleased, because he was no longer treating me like his little girl, but instead a slut he could use. This was the first time I had ever been treated as an adult by him. When he came, my mouth bulged with his load. I was surprised that he was able to produce such a large amount since fucking me so ma... Continue»
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There Can Be Only One Ch 24

Ross flung himself onto the bed, his bath now completely secondary to the story that his little s****r was about to relate. He lay stretched fully out with his head supported by his arms in addition to the two pillows, propping him up nicely as he watched
Cathy climb onto his bed and sit cross legged, with her own hands nestled in her lap. Her short dress was not short enough to show her cunt…whether it was naked or hidden with panties…a detail that did not interest Ross at the moment.

“She is such a slut…she cant get enough since you fucked her…” There was excitement in Cath... Continue»
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Where there is love there is life and without love there is no life. Well, love seems to be a mysterious thing: it caresses you and makes you happy; it hurts you and makes you wish to die. And for all those crestfallen people who lost faith in love, it is only an illusion we create for the moment to convince ourselves that we are not alone, although we were born alone, we live alone and we die alone. And this is where my story begins:

My name is Theodor, but everybody just calls me Ted (and my friends even Teddy), I’m sixt**n years old, 5’7” tall, not very muscular, but neither skinny, just... Continue»
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Julie - things progress

For various reasons it was a few years before anything more happened with Julie. She was trying to sort out her marriage, but I deduced that it was just a being there kind of relationship, rather than sexual. So when I got a call from Julie one morning I thought to myself, hello - here we go again!

The mobile rang, I was not at work that day; it was Julie asking if it was possible for her to see me soon as possible. Fine I replied, I can come over anytime; then I added: Is Alan going to be there. 'Why?, she asked; Oh I just wanted to ask him about something on the computer I replied. Well h... Continue»
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The Aunt, and her friend, and the unexpected guest

Part three

Felicity smiled. What else could she do. There was her s****r Fiona giving some guy a blow job. And what a cock! Fiona looked. Felicity was about to look away, she felt like a peeper. Fiona seemed to gesture with the cock, as if to say, “want some?” Is that what she meant. Felicity walked into the room, on tiptoe, stooped, and closed her mouth around the throbbing cock. Then stood, “maybe another time s*s,” and walked from the room.

Felicity had caught an early flight from Cape Town, and was home a day early. She had a key to her s****rs house, and decided to sl**p in Fio... Continue»
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The Book

Being a Dr. of Psychology for the last 18 years has been rewarding in itself. Along with having a wonderful and loving wife and raising 2 very successful c***dren has afforded us the opportunity to relax and finally enjoy some of the fruits of our labor.
Val and I met while still in college. Young at heart and both ready to set sail to conquer the world ahead. I will always look back at the first several months of our relationship. We sat for hours and discussed all philosophy of life. It was amazing how the hours went by sitting in a coffee shop while studying for our careers. Sex never eve... Continue»
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Jim's teenage daughter part 3

They heard Jennifer’s mother drive up earlier than was expected.

“Oh shit!” Jim cried. “I think your panties are on the couch downstairs! Quick honey, go get them and put something on!”

Jennifer ran down the stairs, naked and with some cum still on her face. She found the panties and shirt she took off and also grabbed her father’s clothes and ran back up the stairs just in time.

“Honey, I’m home,” Jim’s wife Heather announced walking in. “I’ve got a surprise for Jennifer too!”

Jennifer and Jim came down the stairs and saw the surprise. Jennifer’s cousin, S... Continue»
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Jim's teenage daughter part 4

It had been days, three to be exact, but who’s counting, that Jim had had sex with his lovely daughter Jennifer and his equally beautiful niece Sara. He felt his balls were about to explode and it didn’t help matters much that the two f******n-year-olds ran around the house half naked with their ultra-tight shorts and flimsy half-length tee shirts which proudly revealed their very flat young stomachs. The problem was his wife Heather. She was always around and he could not get to see the girls by himself.

His daughter had her long blonde hair down today and sat down next to him on t... Continue»
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My b*****r and His Friends

When I was 15, and my b*****r was 18, we had been together for a year. No one knew about our relationship, and that is the way we wanted it. He had dated other girls during this time, and it never bothered me. He was not my boyfriend, and I wanted him to be happy and find a girl to love and marry. I never had a selfish thought about me being his only girl. I was his s****r, and I loved him, so I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to.

This story took place about 14 months after the first two stories. This is the story of the first time I had sex with multiple men. My b... Continue»
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Asian Wife watches interracial porn (part 3)

So I chose a Mandingo dvd at the adult store. I chose one with Kaylani Lei...because I find her very sexy, and I wanted to see how my wife would react to watching a beautiful, petite Asian woman getting hammered by BBC. I didn't tell my wife I had picked it up, and when alone, I "previewed" the dvd. I wanted to see if it was good, and be able to focus on my wife's reaction during the dvd.

A few nights later, I asked my wife if she wanted to watch a dvd, and she said "ok." I grabbed the new Mandingo dvd (Mandingo IV) and popped it in. When it started, it didn't take long for my wife to s... Continue»
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The Whore - part one

Amanda was a whore. She hadn’t always been one, she had been a PA, but now she was a whore, a call girl. A prostitute. When had she first sold herself? It seemed a lifetime ago. It had started when the firm she worked for had gone bust…..

Amanda threw the ball, and her dog ran like the wind to retrieve it. It was cold, despite it being mid spring, the clouds were darkening, threatening rain. She pulled the collar up of her Barbour jacket. She liked day’s like these, this was how she liked to dress, in her Barbour boots, jodhpurs, and her old faithful jacket. She threw the ball again, and ... Continue»
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This is a true story about my experiences in jail over a very short stay..

I had recently been pulled over with my WIFE. I had a suspended license and had past due tickets. With no money to pay and no way to bail out, I went before the judge.
A thuggish looking young black k** light skin, fair complexion and borderline latin looking. But my features, nose lips and obvious african american tells made it easy to see I was Black. I sat in the pew with thirty or f******n other white males and one other black guy. All with the same traffic violation (as this was traffic court), get sent home, ... Continue»
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Fucken cheerleaders

Coach Bob Porter was a science teacher at Fielding High
School, home of the Fighting Pirates. He was also the
coach of those fighting pirates, and he'd done a pretty
good job of building up a credible team. Things had
been going pretty well in the two years he'd been at
Fielding. But now he sighed as he thought about what
he'd agreed to. A bunch of the cheerleader's mothers
had come to him all excited about having a powder puff
football game during half time at the homecoming game.
And he'd agreed.

As he thought about it, the reason he probably agreed
was that it was M... Continue»
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Rina was disturbed. Her son Ritwik, or Rik,

could it spot it a mile away as soon he came

back from college and sat down on the sofa

that covered half of the living room of

their tiny flat in Bowbazar, a part of

Calcutta that had seen better days. Normally

she would have had a million questions --

what was taught today? who did what? and

said what? and so on while serving him his

evening tiffin. But today, after a rather

hurried hello, she had quickly retired to

the tiny kitchen and Rik could see that she

was generally pott... Continue»
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All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

After Amy had wiped my cum on her face, she said, “Where’s that lotion? I need to put some on my legs; this climate is making them really dry.” Then she turned around and walked around me, into the bathroom, to look for the lotion. My heart rate shot up again as I began thinking about what my response would be to her when she showed up back here to tell me ... Continue»
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Caught Mum With a Black Cock Part 4

Caught Mum With a Black Cock.
Part Four.

“You girls were amazing. I have never seen such passion come out of two women like that in my life. Fuck, I nearly blew my load watching you,” Jason said while he picked up the pace in her cunt.
Julie couldn’t respond with his dad’s cock buried in her mouth. She just wanted to be fucked so hard and filled with cum at both ends. As she was being slammed from behind she found her mouth was taking more and more of Allan’s shaft down her throat. She sucked as hard as she could to make him cum. Her orgasm was going to hit her hard and she pushed her hi... Continue»
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a cure for insomnia 2

We ate breakfast and I asked Dad if he had a lot to do this fine Sunday. He said that he was busy until lunch as he had to search for something that was in the attic and mow the lawn.

I asked him if in the afternoon we could continue my masturbation lessons. He smiled and shook his head asking are you expecting to take an afternoon nap? I replied no but I thought having my Daddy make me come was a real good way to spend the day. He smiled and replied its a deal.

Dad went to do his chores. I cleaned up my room and vacuumed. We completed our work about the same time. We ate lunch then ... Continue»
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Jim's teenage daughter part 6

After two days of camping, Jim, his gorgeous daughter Jennifer and his lovely niece Sara came back home a little smelly for there was no real bath at the cabin site. Sure, there was the pond, but they needed real bathing badly. Jim didn’t mind the scent of the girls but he knew they wanted to smell so nice and girly.

“Honey, we’re home,” Jim yelled at his wife Heather.

“I’m up here in bed Jim. Sicker than a dog! I think I got the flu from my damn s****r. Lucky Sara stayed with us or she might have gotten it too,” Heather replied.

Jim went up to see his wife and s... Continue»
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