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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's Blackmail Fuck

Hey guys!

The name's Johnny. Looks like some lucky bastards scored big time with that gorgeous Arabian news anchor Jilnar Jardaly. I'll bet my left nut nobody's experience come anywhere near as awesome and as nasty the one I had with that exotic celebrity slut...

After I finished college, I decided to spend my gap year traveling the Middle East, just to see what it's really like (and because I've always had a thing for hot Arabian chicks). I ended up getting an evening shift job at a gas station in Dubai. The money was pretty shit and the job was dull but that all changed one dirty nigh... Continue»
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Pregnant Whore Next Door

It had been awhile since I had fucked another women besides my wife. We had moved about a month ago to a new part of town. The houses were still under construction and there were 4 houses at the end of our circle. I had made some money on a Internet company and decided to take some time off. My wife still had a good job and we had been married for about 2 years.

We had met at a swinger / sex party. I had come with a girl from work who wanted to hook up with other guys but needed a date to get in. I played shy and hung out then I spotted my future wife. She was being fucked by a small girl w... Continue»
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Dr. Juggs

They call me Dr. Juggs

It had been a long night of pulling a double at work. I just closed the bar when I whipped out my cock and was taking a leak in the restroom at work. I had work my last shift for two weeks and was looking forward to some rest and relaxation when it hit me. I was always looking for an angle to meet hot chicks with big breast. I had opened a big tit lingerie store a few years ago but did not stay in business very long. I had stained too many bras and panties and tried to resell them and got busted by a up tight bitch. I got to fuck a few bitches in the back of the store... Continue»
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How real are those Mom-son Videos - A research art

Lets face it. We love porn. All of us and I am no exception.
I started watching people fuck each other silly quite early in life and since then my fetish has only grown. All my relationships so far are based upon what sex positions and fetishes I can enact with my partners.
But more recently the porn has changed. We see lot of mom-son role plays and that has always made me curious.
While you can tell when Ava Devine plays a slutty mom, it is hard to guess when complete amateurs play that fantasy on the screen. Through grainy, hand held cameras you can tell that the woman has never has her... Continue»
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This dream is for my super sex goddess mistress HEAVAN123 i worship the ground on wich she toers over me on ,i kneel at her feet waiting for her permission to show me wild devotion to her super temple of lust.
This is for you my goddess---

I am your son in this dream i am a short young man of only about four feet six inches tall,You being my mother on the other hand are a towering stacked wonder of nature standing a full eight feet tall your bust thrust out huge like two massive beach balls thrusting against any clothing you wear stretching your dress so tight they would swing & sway heavi... Continue»
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f****y Wife

She hummed and moaned as the fleshy shaft moved in and
out of her sensitive velvet tunnel. As it swelled and
then pulsed hotly inside of her, tingles spread out
around her crotch, but the explosion of pleasure did not
come. She wasn't concerned. That would get taken care of

Her husband rolled off and was immediately snoring, the
usual outcome of his ejaculation. She slid over to the
next sl**ping mat in the f****y communal sl**ping area
and was quickly mounted by her husband's older b*****r.
He was erect from listening to the coupling next to him,
knowing his turn... Continue»
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Fucking My Friend's Mom

I don't know Jenny, it's just like he doesn't care
about me anymore. He's more worried about his job. When
we have sex, he only takes care of himself and then he
goes to sl**p. I haven't had an orgasm in years."

My ears went on full alert when I heard this. I have
been trying to find a way to fuck Mrs. Hudson since I
was 13. She has been my fantasy when I jack off or have
sex for years.

Mrs. Hudson, or Stacy, as she liked to be called, is 36,
about 5'4", and looks to be a 36"-24"-36". She has
beautiful dark brown hair and a face that makes her look
10 years younger. Sh... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt8

"Go and give yourself a quick wash upstairs," said mom
after a moment. "And you might as well stay naked for
now," she added.

I got up, my now limp cock and balls flapping a bit, and
started walking out of the room. I noticed mom looking
at my dick as I went. Just being naked like this in
front of her in our living room was exciting, and it
sent a tingle through me.

I gave myself a clean in my bathroom, and in double
quick time I went back downstairs again.

Mom was still topless, and wearing just her black thong
and stockings and sitting on the sofa with a glass of
w... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt9

"You've got a fabulous ass mom," I said, as mom's fine
open ass cheeks with her asshole and wide open cunt with
lips hanging down, still hovered above me.

"Thank you dear," she replied, as she milked the final
drops of my cum into the semen beaker.

Then, as if to tease me further, she pushed her butt
down on my face and wriggled her pussy and ass cheeks
over my nose and mouth, as if she was trying to wipe her
ass over me, and then lifted her butt up again.

"Wow, mom, you sure know how to tease me with it," I
said, in response to that.

"Well, now I know how much you l... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt10

After a moment, mom seemed to regain her composure, as
she let go of hugging me, and without looking at me
directly said, "Rinse yourself off and get dressed."

I did as instructed, grabbing the showerhead and
spraying myself over with water, and rinsing around my
cock and balls to get the remnants of semen from my last
cum load off.

Then I stepped out of the bath, grabbed a towel from the
rail and dried myself off for a moment with my back to
mom. I turned around to say I was off to get dressed and
saw mom looking down at my now limp dick and balls. She
had an intense l... Continue»
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Wife takes first step.... Further developments

Things have moved on a bit since my earlier post regarding the wife possibly taking the first step... Please read it if you can. I'd love advice / thoughts from others who are or have been in a similar position

We've continued to fantasize about others whilst having sex. K continues to tell me how much she wants this and about how horny she would find it riding another cock while I watch. She's offered further details about what she wants.. she wants me in the room with her but not joining in. She is insisting that the "lucky bloke" will meet certain criteria (clean shaven, under 40, n... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 2

The first night mom was home from the hospital was a whole learning experience in the caring of mom as far as her bathroom needs, bathing her, and in trying to feed her, and I stayed hard most of the time and had to go jack off a few times.

After eating supper that night, mom wanted me to clean her up a little bit, then mom and I sat in her bed while I did the little bit of homework that I did have from the classes that I did attend that day at school, before having to leave to go to get mom from the hospital and just as I was finishing up with them, mom said, "Ray, would you go in and get... Continue»
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Aunty Sheryl

Sheryl was in her kitchen tidying up, her f****y had all gone for the day k**s to school, husband Steve to work so she was looking at a full day of housework.
She was just starting in the front room when there was a knock at the door she answered it and there was her nephew Simon, she smiled at him and ushered him into the front room pleased to have an excuse for not doing her chores. She had always been fond of Simon whos 16th birthday party she had been to the previous month, she cast her mind back to the summer before when they had all been down the river, her f****y and her s****rs, there... Continue»
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Gangbanged In The Country

Gangbanged In The Country

The engine didn’t splutter or cough. It just stopped running. The car travelling along the single lane of bitumen in the valley between the mountains coasted quietly to a stop. The young woman driving it got out and lifted the bonnet. She stood looking at the mass of metal and wires. It gave her no clue as to why it had failed. She felt frustrated and exasperated. “So much for taking a short cut,” she thought, hoping that somehow help would find her.

The woman checked her mobile phone but there was no signal. She was isolated and realised she’d just have to w... Continue»
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I am now concerned about what kind of life I have led.( That is not really a true statement, I know I'm just a swinging dick man whore." I only say this because the rules above cover more than half of my best stories. Well, all I can say is "Shit, piss, motherfucking goat, squeal like a ****d pig, and bless the girl scouts.

I was taught about sex by my xxxxxxxxxxx. It started when I stayed over and was taking a bath. Picture me naked other person not but soaping me up really good. Okay now we all know that I know that thing is for more than xxxxxxx out of. So, I was educated early on the ... Continue»
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Wedding Gift

Doug and I had been best friends since the first day at school. Who knows why you choose your first friend? It could be that your mothers push you together. It could be because you turned up at the school gates at the same time. Or it could be because on the first day you sat down next to each other. All I know is that Doug and I were friends from the first day to, well right up to today. Through the first few years we were always in the same classes. We spent holidays at each other’s houses and our parents got to know each other pretty well too.

And then we hit senior school.

As puberty... Continue»
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Opps I think she is pregnant part 2

Recap from part one, I met Jen an Asian Latin woman on She is a smoking hot little number, who over a course so weeks I got to mess around with. We had some great sex, but without the condom on the last great unload. Chance she got pregnant, and she is my mistress yikes.

Well...after abit time apart, Jen called me, to meet at her place. I drove over, nervous as hell. Pregnant was not too bad, but it would fuck things with my life. Once I got there, I walked up the stairs as it was the walk of shame. At her door, I knocked, followed with her opening it and pulling me inside. Once... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part III

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part III
a reality-based fiction by DizzyD


I can't thank all my fans and friends enough for the wonderful support, and countless inquiries about Part III... and most of all your understanding and compassion as I dealt with my loss in 2014. Now onto the story. If you haven't read Parts I or II recently, or not at all, I might recommend you do so for continuity's sake. You can link them here:

I hope you enjoy Part III, and 'Part IV... The... Continue»
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Cousin Debbie & My First Blow Job

The following is a true story about the first time I had my cock sucked. In previous story I shared that I had my fist fuck from my best friend’s Mom. About a year before I had experienced my first oral sex experience with my cousin Debbie. The photo above is of a woman who resembles her at the time.

Debbie and I had grown up together and we spent many hours playing together. As we became teenagers we remained close but did not see each other as much. One hot summer day I was told that my aunt and her f****y were coming over fo... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 3

The next morning mom woke me up needing to go to the bathroom so I helped her out of bed and into the bathroom and onto the toilet, "Stand here in front of me Ray."

I stepped closer to her, then Janet wrapped the one arm with the cast that didn't reach her elbow around me the best that she could, to help pull me closer yet, and got my morning wood into her mouth and started sucking on it while she peed.

I reached down with one hand, gathered up Janet's hair and held it back out of her way, so I could watch her while she sucked on my hard cock and used my other hand, by reaching down and ... Continue»
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