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Kate monday evening

Kate turned to sally , what time are you leaving,
I'm being picked up at ten
I stood up and rinsed my mouth out
The girls were talking, Sally giggling
the Kate said Christine call Paul ask him to come round
Why ?
I want to film the pair of you
What no Kate please I responded
Christine do as your told, you just cum watching sally and me, so why don't you want us to have the fun of watching you two

I had no answer and I didn't want to upset Kate
I phoned Paul' his dad answered the phone and told me he was over the park playing football

I told Kate OK she said we will go over and... Continue»
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Christean a personal story of lust

Christean a story of personal lust

This not meant to be porn so apologies if you feel it is. It's the actual life of a porn addicted cross dressing bisexual, other- wise straight man ( well maybe not so straight ) with in exhaustive chronic need to be sexually stimulated.
He lived with a tier of secrets. For most of his life the secrets Christean held inside barely acknowledged and some which were not yet discovered.
In the current days Christean or Phynick has fully blossomed into a gorgeous horny slut gurl.
By slut gurl I mean he is a guy who is bisexual or actually pansexual but loves... Continue»
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My 1st transgender experience

A recent addition to my friends list had a story about his first shemale experience which inspired me to write mine.

Many years ago I was living near the San Francisco area. I had purchased the most recent Hustler magazine and one of the layouts had Shannon. She was so beautiful, and oh my what a cock. I had only ever been with women and did not consider myself gay, but for some reason I wanted to suck that cock. I cannot recall how many loads of spunk I blew looking at those pages of Shannon, she was so gorgeous.

Realizing I wanted more than pictures, I borrowed a tabloid from a friend ... Continue»
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Dressed for Sucksex

Dressed for Suckcess

(DISCLAIMER: This story is part reality/truth, and part fantasy. Please feel free to comment.)

It had been a busy time and I had not been out as Danielle for several weeks. I was so aroused I could hardly stand it. I had arranged to meet two of my crossdressing girlfriends at a bar that was tgirl friendly. We often hung out there since it was safe and there were a number of male admirers there. These guys were there to meet us so they were almost always clean and polite. I had already prepped my ass so I was completely clean and had lubed up hoping for some a... Continue»
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We had met on Our profiles confirmed we lived in the same city. We exchanged private messages at first then we started exploring mutual fantasies. How we like to dress in women’s clothing, especially the lingerie. We shared masturbatory stories with one another. Finally, we agreed to skype while we were dressed. We wore masks for our mutual protection. This went on for a few weeks until one day he took his mask off. What could I do? I had to reciprocate, even though I was terrified of being outed. No one, not even my wife knew of my little hobby. I had managed to keep it hidden f... Continue»
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My story (Part 7) "Medical Lab Encounter"

Medical lab encounter

After I started taking hormones I met online a human laboratory doctor. I told him about taking the hormones and that I want to make full analysis for a Transexual and that I also want to take a prostate liquid sample. At first he thought I was not real till we set a date to meet at the lab he works in.

When I arrived at the lab, I walked directly towards the receptionist and asked for my Doctor friend. He called the doctor on the phone and told him their is a Sherry here asking for you Sir, then he asked me to sit a couple of minutes and the Doctor will come to me... Continue»
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My story (Part 6) "Marriage as a male disaste

Marriage as a “Male” disaster

At a stage in my life I have doubts that I had a problem of being such a slut and wanting to be a women. So I decided to stop and try be normal, for sometime I could overcome my desires and so on. And thought I was cured, but actually it was all an illusion.
So I decided to get married and try to live a normal live. After sometime I got married to lovely decent lady that I really liked. But it was not love or anything of that. We got married after half a year. My first impression was that she was ver traditional sexually, and thought that the man does everythi... Continue»
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a night with Master

As instructed I stood in front of the correct door, slightly early (definitely not late!!), my entire body waxed smooth and feeling more than a little bit exposed on account of wearing a super slutty outfit specially selected for me by daddy.

Nervously I knocked, hoping my appearance would be pleasing for daddy, and heard the words which made my heart skip a beat "come in"

Once inside I was ordered to kneel and thank him for the honor he had bestowed upon me by starting at his feet and kissing my way up to his rock hard cock, (which filled me with joy knowing that using me turned him on ... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 5

Cockatoo Part 5

Following the call to Kritsada, I stayed in Cockatoo, chatting to Nin
who had brought me another beer. I asked her to join me for a while, and
we talked about last night. She had really hated Tony and was delighted
with what we had done. I was quietly impressed; she was pretty, her
English was excellent, had a great sense of humour and a charming
personality. I didn't know if Alex or Areeya had mentioned the job to
her, so I didn't say anything, preferring to leave it to the girls. I
asked her again not to mention anything about Sam to Areeya or Alex. She
was obvio... Continue»
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My Naughty Dream

On nights like these when I'm horny and all alone, I'll find my cutest skirt and top, my favorite toys, and sometimes a nice naughty online video. I'll sit back, close my eyes, and work myself up.....touching and rubbing all over. I'll slowly massage a finger tip of lube into the very outer edge of my tight hole. Gently I'll work it in so that my fingers eventually slide deep inside. I get to the point where I absolutely need to feel someone or something deep in me, fucking me hard while I submit my entire body to my passionate lover. But then sadly, I hear a noise and my eyes open. I th... Continue»
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Gangbang at Ricks part 3

= Gangbang at Ricks part3
There i was knee deep in Big Cock. I don't know why Guys like fight over a girl or gal the want to pound some Hot Wet, Tight, Hole real bad like a Bull. Wait a minute, I got to thinking, I am a guy in girl xxxy cothing. I got up told them all lets settle down, I was fresh fucked, Don his BBC, I was still Letting Daddy Rick up and my big load in his belly, he shot all over the sheets, He got up told me to clean up his mess, he made. Face down in his big load, Some one gave Rick the paddle, My BB was the ... Continue»
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My first BBC

Ever since I discovered "BBC" on the internet, I have always wanted to play with one. Before then, I had no idea that black men were into white sissies. In my mind I had them stereotyped as the type of man that would never have anything to do with a crossdresser. I thought they were too good for us. How wrong I was when I made my presence known on various websites. BBC's, handsome, well hung, BBC's from all over the world were telling me how hot I was and how they wished we lived closer so we could hook up.

That last part was killing me! Virtually every BBC I met online lived too far... Continue»
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Oh What A Night!

As the old 4 Season's song stated, oh what a night.

Having been a crossdresser on and off my entire life, I have done the old collect and purge routine too many times. After putting Jennifer away several years and relationships ago, the old urges returned recently. Having lost a considerable amount of weight and working out my feminine side emerged once and again, and boy am I having some fun. More about that in a later post. For now I want to share one of the hottest nights I have ever had while dressed.

Two weeks ago while my permanent fiance was at work I had a full 7 hours to play... Continue»
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The nasty EXGF

We all have heard the stories, XGF who never did the nasty things we wanted to do, she told you that it was disgusting or perverted. Yea, only time can erase that lie.
Went to New Orleans few months ago, needed the break and to see the seedier side of the quarter. Walking thru the quarter I was inundated with all forms of humanity, some beautiful, others of questionable heritage but all were enjoying themselves. One particular bar was of interest and featured excellent drag shows.
After getting my drink and situating myself close to the stage, I settled back to enjoy the view.
The first few... Continue»
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I Knew I Was A Sissy (part V)

Time passed and here I am a freshman at University. I am leaving alone for the first time in a place far away from my hometown. I am excited as I finally have the freedom and anonymity to be who I want to.
The first days passed exploring the area around my studio apartment; my school was downtown so there were plenty of choices. I spotted some nice gay bars as well as places to shop underwear, dresses, heels and boots. But I started with a nice waxing. I found this place which was a bit far from home so discreet was guaranteed. I did a full body hair removal and when I returned home I kept l... Continue»
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Amber The Teen Tranny

I was horny as fuck that day as I hadn't jizzed in a few days due to work being so hectic. I debated how to get my rocks off and decided to go cruising at the park for some cock. I took a quick shower, threw on a pair of pink frilly panties, a pair of loose sport shorts, and a long tshirt. I hopped in my car and drove to the park, teasing my little prick by rubbing it in my sissy panties, leaking copious amounts of precum into them as a result.

I parked and headed towards the wooded area where everyone cruised for cock. On hot days like that one, it was usually crawling with all sorts... Continue»
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Walking the Dog

Devin Dixon walked outside of his townhouse apartment. It was a nearing dusk on this particular March Saturday and the temperature was just a hair above 70-degrees. He was out walking his black and tan Manchester Terrier, named Duke. The dental hygienist wore a red tank top and a pair of black women's Canari Cycling shorts. The skin-tight bottoms showed off his gigantic booty. Devin had received his third round of ass injections four months ago. And, his derriere was something serious. He switched down the sidewalk behind his dog.

A couple of cars and trucks honked as they passed by him. Th... Continue»
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Creole Nigga...Chocolate Bottom

"Class dismissed," remarked the professor.

The students filed out of the room in a decent order. Xan Brooks gathered his belongings and headed back to his office on the campus of the University of Texas - Health Science Center at Houston. On his way there the five-foot-eight-inch, dark-skinned man, pulled his cell phone from his messenger bag. He saw an email from 'Mr. Fantastic'.

Dr. Brooks had emailed a few times with this person who purported to be stationed overseas, but from the area. The message indicated the gentleman was back in Houstonfor two weeks. Specifically it said, 'I wann... Continue»
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The Business Trip - Part One

I often get asked what ‘turns me on’, what my biggest fantasy is, what I like, etc. Well, I’m writing this to let you guys know what’s been on my mind lately… mostly while I’m at work.
A girl can but dream


I’m at work, dressed in a pencil skirt, white satin blouse and smart jacket. As always, underneath I’m wearing a lace bra and matching panties, suspender belt and fully-fashioned nude stockings. Fingers and toes are painted a discrete shade of dusky pink and my peep-toe courts show my toes nicely. My hair is in a neat bun and my lip... Continue»
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Bikini Dreams

After I cammed the other day I put on my bikini with the intention of catching some rays from the sun we've just started to see again. Although it's supposed to be spring, it was still a bit too chilly to lay in the garden, so I opted to just to relax in the conservatory, warm and sunny but little chance of a tan!

I drifted off into that dreamy half-asl**p, half-awake state…

Laying on my sun-bed, purple bikini on, pert nipples pressing against the silky fabric and my boy-clitty tucked neatly between my legs, its tip nestling against my pussy, I imagined I heard noises nearby but thought ... Continue»
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