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A MILFs vacation

Kate was feeling frustrated. She felt very much like a spare wheel. She was currently sat on a bar stool in a cocktail bar in southern Spain has one of her old school friends snogged the face off her husband right next to her. Kate was a 40 year old mother of one who had taken up the opportunity of a week in the sun staying with her friend Julie and her husband Paul. it was her second to last night and so far she had hardly seen anything of Julie. Her and Paul ran a coffee shop and ice cream parlour in the town and had been gone for long periods of time most days. Initally Kate hadn't minded. ... Continue»
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A teasing mom gave me lessons in bed after a big t


My buddy lived behind my house and I was over there a lot. He had a little s****r and I messed with her son. We had k** sex several times. we did oral on each other and had intercourse a lot. But his mom was the one who made me horny a lot. The woman in this video is older than she was at that time, but build and looked a lot like her. Same breast a bit saggy and body shape almost identical. Should give you an idea what I was working with.
I had been looking at his mom in her house ro... Continue»
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Meeting the voyeurs..

After I was screwed in the window of my hotel room in Miami as I wrote about earlier I still excited and ready for more. My husband with my encouragement had taken me from behind in front of the window and even with the dim light on some men at the roof top lounge across the street definitely saw us. They might not have been able to distinguish our faces but they surely knew what we were doing. I told him I wanted to go out again..the warm night air, the music drifting thru the night up from the clubs..and my throbing pussy made me want to party some more.

After our dinner where I worn t... Continue»
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Aunts Birthday

it was my aunt karens birthday so i went to get some flowers,card and a cake to give her, but all she really wanted was my cock. my aunt is looking hot as always, she is wearing a tight black boat neck shirt tight blue jeans and her ankle boots, hair all done make up she just got back home. tommy!!!! she says with a big smile, how are you honey? gives me a big kiss. god she is hot.

happy birthday i tell her and give her the gifts. she smiles and loves them and gives me another big kiss, i stay and cook my aunt dinner, some wine and cake
but i was wanting her pussy far more. my aunt said ... Continue»
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The water sluiced down over my shoulders cascading over my breasts, running off in streams over my swollen and sensitive nipples. It slid down my back and crept like a lovers hands over my hips to drip off the swell of my belly in crystal tails that changed with the movements of my body. The water was hot it eased my tired muscles and melted the stress from my head. I ran my hands down over my swollen and sensitive breasts, over the swell of my belly to the shaved expanse of my crotch. I felt between my legs as the water followed my arms and soaked the swollen and tender l... Continue»
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Dicking Down Big Booty Maria

A few months back I decided to get on Facebook and see if I could score a date and get laid. After hours of browsing and chatting, I started talking with tmy 38 year old, Brazilian milf named Maria, who had been living in the US for about 2 years.

I thought her pictures were photoshopped at first. She was brown skin, had long curly hair, and her has had to be at least 51 inches around. All I could say was "Damn!" as I browsed through her photo albums. Her ass was shelf-like, and her little waist made it appear even bigger. She was stacked.

She arrived at my house since my mom was out of ... Continue»
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Be Careful What You Wish For (A Sexual Encounter T


My boyfriend was a good boyfriend; he treated me well and loved me. However we had one issue; our sex life was great but he was always on at me to have a threesome, yep two girls and one guy. I didn’t like the idea I didn’t want him to fuck another girl he was mine. This didn’t stop him he still nagged me, he would even point out girls when we were out. I said if he just wanted to experience it why not two guys, I got the typical bloke answer “I can’t have another cock that close to mine, its gay” I had to end this nagging once and for all...
It was Monday night and Ian walked in ... Continue»
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The Original Man

The power of a people reside in how they tell their stories. For descendents of slaves, African Americans, we don’t have many written records of the powerful stories our ancestors. The voices of those whose bl**d courses through our veins were effectively silenced by the system of chattel slavery. Slavery isn’t even something we as Black people want to talk about; it’s something we want to place in its own little compartment and reference it when we’re talking about racism and put it right back the second we start to feel pangs of inferiority and shame. Yet, there were true tales of survi... Continue»
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My Brother Lost Virginity To Our Mom

Coming back to the story, after brilliant a fuck with my mom and bua, chachu left for his sasural, may be for fucking his mother-in-law or s****r-in-law or someone else. Next night when chachu came back, our Kajal Bua was very anxiously waiting for him. My b*o Raj knew that chachu would definitely be fucking Bua and hence he hid behind a curtain. Thereafter chachu came and Raj saw about 2 hours wild love game of chachu with bua. Bua was wildly taken in every possible way by chachu and ejaculated in her mouth which she drank fully. Raj was so excited and his dick was ready to burst. He immed... Continue»
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feel still young by married tamil girl

Hi, Iam very grate full to share my life events which happen in real life of mine. Am supriya age 35, slim body 34 29 36 is my structure , medium color, and Medium height still am looking like a college girl even am married. Guys in looks me at very deeply. no one guess my age is 35 last week also 1 boy propose me. He studied college of engineering final year. Ok leave it my credibility, coming to the experience story.

I married a chap who do a business as medium level any time travelling along India, our married life is quiet so good and enjoyable . we enjoy love daily and sl**p with my hu... Continue»
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Sex Night – Unexpected Surprises

My wife and I got married when we were both teenagers and have been married for over 20 years now. As you can imagine our Sex life was pretty crazy when we first married. Not only were we newlyweds but we were also full of teenaged hormones and inhibitions. It seemed like all we did was have Sex. Hot wild sex. 7 days a week most of the time several times a day.

Now let’s fast forward about 22 years. We are still happily married and the proud parents of 4 c***dren. We’re both gainfully employed and leading very busy lives. So busy in fact that we didn’t have a lot of time for each other. Sex... Continue»
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The Perfect Amount of Pleasure and Pain

I woke up last Sunday in what I can only describe as a sex dungeon. I was bound in a Christ-like pose by chains in a dark room with no windows lit only by candles. I had no idea where I was or what was happening to me... all I knew is it made me more wet than I've ever been. A door creaked open behind me and two women wearing black latex masks... and nothing else. They were bound with ropes behind their arms and a third woman stood in front of them, holding a leather leash that was attached to both of their masks. The third woman was older, but she was so attractive. Just something about her m... Continue»
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BFF fucks my wife

My wife and I have been married for ten years and she
is very, very sexy. She is about five foot six inches
tall, one hundred and twenty pounds with long naturally
loose curly auburn hair with a figure and legs to die
for. For the last few years, I have had this fantasy of
watching another man taking my wife sexually.

I have talked about it with her, and slowly she has
become more interested. She told me that she does not
know if she could have sex with another man in front of
me. I said that maybe she should have sex with a man
without me there, in order to break the ice... Continue»
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my arab cheating wife jesmina with my boss alfred

my arab wife jesmina cheating on me,with my boss alfred

Hai I am Baher from saudi arabia, living in los angeles iam 31 year old arab muslim guy ,its my real story, working in IT company, my wife is from saudi arabia she is 27 year old her name is jesmina bin, she is beautfull hijab wearing arab muslim girl,we married 3 year before in saudi,she not working ,she is finished college,her father run flower shop in LA ,that’s why we come in LA looking job, we have one k** 2 year old boy, i working in IT company in LA , I join that company 1 year before nice job good salary and nice atmosphere , m... Continue»
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repost : a night to remember

it was a late summer night and I was at home watching TV. The weather was hot and humid outside, so I got the idea to go for a swim in the backyard pool. I changed into my swim trunks, grabbed a towel from the closet, and went out to the yard, being careful not to wake my parents. I slipped quietly into the water, it was warm, but still very refreshing in the heat.

After swimming around quietly I just started to float there looking up at the stars in the sky. Figuring no one would be coming around at 3 in the morning, I decided to take my trunks off and float around naked. It felt gr... Continue»
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The Ultimate Tease at my first job. *young vs matu

I was 18 when I got my first real job at a video store.

It was a really fun and unprofessional environment. I was just a customer service rep, I aimed to please.

I had a very attractive supervisor named Bonnie. She was slightly shorter than me, long black hair, tight petite body with a plump butt. She was generally bubbly but she was a real hardass when dealing with troublesome employees or disturbing customers. I was shocked by the punch this lil chick had. After a few months we started getting comfortable with each other and she would spank me to let me know I did a good job. I was a... Continue»
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Running naked in front of Jerry

Jerry and I used to meet at a local park in Sacramento late at night. Jerry loved to see me naked. Many times he would walk over to my car and demand that I strip and walk over to his car totally naked. I would comply ... removing all my clothes except my running shoes. I have a runner's body ... having run several marathons. And I keep running now.

If other cars were in the park, obviously other guys, Jerry would invite them to park behind him car to watch a "naked guy" walk through the parking lot over to his car.

Sometimes, there were two or three cars lined up for the show.

... Continue»
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My First Voyeuristic Experience

When I was a freshman in college, I was home for a visit when my parents had a small party at my house. Most of their friends left at the end of the night, but some of them stayed. One was a woman named Vera, and then a few others whose names I don't remember. However, I definitely remember what happened sometime during the middle of the night.

We had a large f****y and so the beds in the house were full. One of my younger s****rs slept on the couch, giving her bed to Vera. One couple took my bedroom, but it was a warm summer night so I slept outside on the ground in my sl**ping bag and som... Continue»
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Lesley part 5.

Ernie Hedley was sitting in his chair gazing at the scene playing out before his very eyes. Little did he know, when, two hours ago he spied a photo on his carers phone of her boy friends huge but flaccid cock. He had teased the girl unmercifully until he had then decided to blackmail her further. She was now about to take her clothes off and let him look at her naked body. He had a little something tomreveal to her first.

"Sexy Lesley. Hehehehehe. Now take that uniform off ever so slowly. I wand to drink in every second of this. Heeheehee. Who'd have thought it eh? George Ridleys daughter... Continue»
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My post is regarding how I landed in bed with my aunt. She is in mid-thirties with wheatish complexion and figure stats 34-30-34. She has those typical brown aerola nipples.

Coming to the story. I never had seen her with such intention till one day that everything changed. It was in the month of MAY
I woke up late that day and I saw that my aunt was changing her clothes in the room with half eyes open I saw her change and the devil in me was awake. Those boobs had made me fall in love at first sight .since that day I used to take every advantage of being close to her despite the fact I was... Continue»
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