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A fun story for my darling wife.
Like all my stories, it has a basis in actual events.
Like all my stories, it's about sex for fun and pleasure.

We had had a fairly busy Saturday – nothing interesting just “stuff”. It was summer in Sydney so we decided to end the day relaxing in the late afternoon sun at our favourite nude beach. Being naked on a secluded little beach, with other naked people is such a nice way to end a day.

By the time we got there, most of the devoted sun w... Continue»
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Poke Her Night /Glory Hole - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Recap of Part 1 of 3 - Turned My MILF Neighbor into My Sex Slave

(Found my Married next door neighbor masturbating to a movie I left in her house. Then she spent the whole day sucking my cock around her house. Then I left her instructions to wash my clothes, not kiss her husband when he got home from work.

Recap of Part 2 of 3 - The Video Store

(My new sex slave came to the video store to drop of her movies. She had to pay for the late charges, with her mouth and pussy. We fucked in my Boss's office. Then I suggested we should move Poker... Continue»
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My wife, myself, and a friend

My wife came home from work the other day and started telling me about a story her friend at work was telling her about her weekend experience. It was about this girl and her boyfriend and his buddy, and it involved dp. Up till now she had never her about that and the story shocked her a little. So I had to ask what she thought of it and she couldn't believe any one would do that. So I left it alone for awhile until later on after we had a few drinks and I brought the subject back up. After I started the conversation with her she was shy on the subject for a bit then shocked me with her respon... Continue»
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She showed me how (pt1)

For the first time ever my parents were going away for the weekend! I'd been looking forward to it for weeks and when it finally happened I was thrilled! One weekend, no one to answer to, no rules, just me and my friends! On Friday we went out and had a good time, but it was on Saturday that something exiting happened...!

I had returned from a grocery hall and was just about to enter my house, when a lady's voice made me turn around. A woman, maybe in her mid 40's stood behind me smiling:
- Excuse me, she said, do you live here?
- Yes, I answered hoping that this wouldn't take too long.
... Continue»
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"Please, Mark, we really need to work out tonight,"
pleaded Cindy!

Mark looked at the two women and said, "you guys know
the rules, the gym closes at ten sharp!

"Just for a little while," begged Jill?!?

Mark, the manager of the Suburban Gym, was about ready
to begin his own workout when these two dingbats showed
up just as he was closing up. "Oh well, come on in, I
was just going to work out myself, and I could use a
spotter," he said, giving in to their pleas!

Both girls rushed in past him and headed for the locker
room to change. Mark, shaking his head, loc... Continue»
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Neighbor Lady Tells Me About Her Foot Fetish Story

Being as old as I am now, over 65 is all I will divulge to you, I have discovered a fondness for seducing younger men. Now younger means from 20 to 40 years of age, and since my profession still has me traveling most of the time, I am able to indulge my passion as I always come into contact with quite a few males of assorted ages and backgrounds who are just waiting for a talented lady like myself. What it is I find that turns me on, and most of the young male population that I come into contact with is my use of my 5 or 6inch high-heeled pumps or using my black nylon stockinged feet to massag... Continue»
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Pussy Redux

It is a long story, my wife busted me fucking our 18 year old neighbor, then they found out I was fucking the 18 year olds mother, the neighbor, and the lady that lives behind us. So my wife took pretty much everything I owned in the divorce. Then for some salt in the wound, I learned that my wife was fucking my boss for some time so I got fired during the divorce. So I had to move back in with mom, with nothing to my name. Mom is one of these pure Texas women, beautiful blonde hair, nice figure, petite, and tells it like she sees it. Mom is very upscale and classy out in public but at home sh... Continue»
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Summer Work With Benefits Pt 4

Summer Work with Benefits Part 4

Jill had worn a pair of very baggy shorts and a boat neck halter top. She was wearing a pair of lacy panties and a black pushup bra. Mary was wearing her tennis skirt and a white blouse tied just under her black bra.

“So I hope you have a lot of time, what about the k**s?”

“Oh they are fine I have a babysitter for the night. So this is going to take that long?”

“Oh you never know how long things will take. So I think I am going to talk to John about your situation next time he is here but we have to be clear he is at my place on Thursday and ... Continue»
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Fantasy about my wife and a black cop

Back before my wife retired and was still working as a mental health counselor, she traveled to several counties doing assessments for state agencies. She came home one evening and told me a young, handsome, black, county officer had pulled her over for speeding but when she told him she worked for a state agency he let her go with a warning.
Here is what I am imagining really happened, He walked up to the car and she gave him her best sexy smile and told him she was sorry for speeding but she had been listening to the states mental health people all day and was in a hurry to get home and re... Continue»
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Baseball Cuckold Ch. 01

Timmy's mother pays the price for her husband's stupidity!

Timmy had a future in baseball if it was not for his father. During one game he was taken out of the lineup at the last minute by the coach. Timmy's father was so angry he had run up on the field and started a fight. Mr. Smith the coach's assistant ran over tried to help and it became a pushing match where the father hollered quite a few racial slurs.

The following week Timmy was benched and the week afterwards the same thing happened. Timmy's mother, Gina knew that they had narrowly avoided having the police called... Continue»
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hot mom -2

The moment Jodie saw her son at breakfast the next morning, she knew she had trouble. Her eyes hadn't been playing tricks on her yesterday. Dane really was as cute and sexy-looking as his father. Jodie just didn't trust herself to behave around him.

She figured they'd better not be alone together any more than they had to. It would be better to get out of the house.

"Dane, how would you like to go on a picnic today?" she asked brightly. "There's a little lake outside of town that's really nice for swimming."

"That sounds great, Mom," Dane said. "It feels like it's gonna be a hot day."... Continue»
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A New Drier

We had to buy a new drier as ours was fucked, we chose one at a well-known retailer and they said they would deliver it the following Tuesday. I was working out of town on the Tuesday so I told Donna to make sure they wired it in properly. Ten fifteen there was a knock on the door, there stood the delivery man with our new appliance.

As he unwrapped it and pulled the old one out of the space it became apparent that because we have a fitted kitchen the mains lead would have to have the plug taken off, Dave, the delivery man got out a knife and cut the plug off and then took the old drier out... Continue»
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In a derelict industrial area of docks and warehouses, there is a tavern where blue-collar workers gather for lunch or a beer. Most of the men that go there are middle-aged, and some are unemployed.

A friend told me that some of the unemployed men who frequent the tavern are available for sex as long as you pay them. "This is how it works," my friend said. "Go to the tavern and tell the owner that you want to have a word with him. Tell him that you need some 'milk'. He'll know what you mean."

The following week I went to the tavern with some trepidation. I did what my friend said. ... Continue»
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Anyone for tennis?

Knowing I went to a gym close by my friend Dan asked a favour one week. He had to work late so asked if I would collect his wife Helen from the tennis club after her lesson.
I didn't know her that well but agreed telling him he owed me.

On the day in question I finished in the gym and not bothering to get changed drove round to the club to collect Helen. When I got there I parked in the car park looking over the tennis courts and soon spotted her having her lesson.
I quiete liked what I saw with the sun shining we always feel the sap rising but she looked good in her little tennis dress... Continue»
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at 38 i was man-handled

Hello guys . I am 38 years old, married for 20 years now. My husband is a 44-year-old General manager in a private firm in a town in India. I too work in a bank as a clerk just to pass time, as I do not like to stay at home. Due to regular aerobics at the gym I have a good body. I have a 36D bust, a 28 waist and a perfectly round 36 ass. My husband says that men stare at my ass anywhere I go. It does make a big curve when viewed sideways. Also the biggest asset I have that distinguishes me from most Indian women is my height. I stand at 5.8". I have dark brown, long hair coming all the way up ... Continue»
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A different week end in the woods

A different week end in the woods

On summer Anita and I borrowed from some friends a nice cottage in the woods.
We both had a free week end and got there to get away from the noisy city…

On the second day we went to spend the afternoon at a near lake. Ana told me she wanted to swim, but I preferred to stay at the banks. She said nobody could mind if she went naked into the lake and so she did, smiling as she dived into the water.

After a while she came over me smiling, but then her smile got frozen on her lips and she opened her mouth to warn me: “Take care, behind you”, but when ... Continue»
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My second time with an older man

If you read my first story about meeting an older man, you'll know I lived in a remote area where it was difficult to find gay or bi men.
I eventually left home to study and ended up living in a fairly big city.

I didn't have a regular girlfriend at that time but I didn't go too long without sex with a female.
Although I loved having sex with women I still found myself watching older gay and bi men in porn videos, that is something I still do these days.
I signed up for a few different dating websites and enjoyed browsing the profiles of nice older men near me. I hadn't planned to go ahe... Continue»
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I am a pool boy for a Resort. The Resort has 500 plus units throughout the complex made up of 3 bed 2 bath apartments, 2 bed & 1 bed apartments. Also multi storey units with large 2 beds & three beds. We also have units costed to the budget end of the market with no kitchen facilities. Our whole complex covers something like 30 acres on a slope facing the white sands of the Pacific Ocean. We have 10 restaurants priced from budget to expensive suit & tie a fares. The swimming pools where set among the complex with shallow c***dren's to adults only and a lap pool.
My job was to manage the lif... Continue»
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Spending the afternoon with Helena

Spending the afternoon with Helena

I was alone at home that Saturday afternoon; Victor was visiting some friends out of town. I was feeling really horny and I had touched myself many, many times since morning. I called my girlfriend Helena and explained her how my fucking crazy state of mind was…

Helena laughed and invited me to visit her, because she was also alone at home. When I arrived her home, she kissed me deeply and said that I needed a shower, because I smelled like nasty sex…

When I got out of the shower, I found my clothes had been gone.
I came back to Helena`s bedroom wr... Continue»
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Helping a coworker

this starts at work in the post office years ago. I have worked there and with this women for over 25 years her name we'll say is D. She was Married I was a widower losing my wife five years earlier. D was always very friendly and touchy feely but she was a little depressed for a long while and after asking what was wrong at least a dozen time she finally told me one day in the parking lot. She said her husband was totally ignoring her after their daughter left for college and they work different shifts she was lonely. I told her if she wanted she could call me anytime if she wanted to talk a... Continue»
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