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Affair with a mature tudung lady Chapter 2 (the co

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So we planned to have a good private session in a hotel. Stay the night bonking away. I recalled it was Friday night. Off work for me on Saturday but she has to take annual leave that night cause she was working shifts. I booked the hotel and she checked in first that evening before i came 20 minutes later. She let me in and still have her clothes on. Her eyes showed she was hungry for sex. I bring her close to me and gently kissed her lips. She took my hands and slid it in her already unbuttoned jeans. Again, i'm amazed. She was soaked- nice and sticky. I lifted ... Continue»
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This woman followed my girl friend and I into the

At my buddys farm there's a stream of water that flows, with a path to the stream. My girl friend and I like to pack up some food some wine and go for a picnic now and then. Its in the middle of no where and we are the only ones who use the place I cleared out there.

We parked the car and got our things placed on the cart, headed down the walking path. I noticed a woman walking for exercise and we spoke. She ask where we were headed? I told her on my friends property for a bit. She said she knew him and owned the property never to his.

Walking in I pulled the cart that held out things a... Continue»
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Mom's Friend helps out with bath O Panama!

(Just a Fairy tail Everyone is over 18 years.)

We were coming home from church one day and mom just invited her 2 best friends over for dinner to hang out and talk. I wasn't feeling to well for some reason and I became light headed, dizzy, and really hot I told mom as she was sitting at the dinner table with her friends which are all divorced Hispanic Milfs. One of her friends was a woman from panama, pretty face, small titts, but a big ass to make up for it. The second friend was a small 5 foot Puerto Rican woman with a nice light skinned complexion with super smooth skin because she loti... Continue»
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An i****t Story

Chapter One:


Patty brushed her long, wavy blonde hair out of her eyes and
glowered angrily at her son's bedroom door.

"Walter, I know what you're doing in there! I am absolutely
sick of listening to you jacking off in your room every day! Walter,
are you listening?"

Her teenage son didn't answer. The rhythmic thumping continued
louder than ever, the sound of the headboard banging against the wall
as Walter eagerly beat his prick, flailing his fist up and down his
stiff, aching cock.


Patty swore and rapped angrily on the door. She was thirty-four
a... Continue»
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Next Door DEE-1

Hi all,
This is my first story so if I make any mistake/s please bear with me.
My name is Kamal and I'm the only c***d of my parents.
I'm a 50 years young/old man now but this sexident took place when I was 21.
I'm an average looking guy slim 5ft8 a college student and with an average size COCK 6 inches in length but bit thicker.

Next door to us lived a working couple in their 30s Jeet and Dee and their two daughters 3 and 4 years old. I used to call Dee... Bhabhi ( s****r in law ).
Dee is about 5ft4 normal Indian skin colour and have Big Boobs and a nice Arse... Continue»
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My Town's Story

I could not believe how lucky I was! I got a job at the Food-n-Stuff. It was my first job ever and all I wanted was enough money to buy my first car. You see when you are a teenage boy having a car meant you can cruise and when you cruised you could meet some girls.

Yeah, I was a typical teen boy back in 1974. I was growing up in a small southern town of Whitesboro. It was a small town where most people made their living at one of the pulp mills or growing tobacco or cotton.

It was big news when my Dad told me that Huey McPh... Continue»
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my fantasy

Brian had been a true gentleman. Despite the tameness of what I wanted to experience he had happily gone along with my scenario without trying to pressure me into doing anything else.

His front room was warm, an open fire cracking away, whilst soft lighting added to the relaxing atmosphere. He moved over to me and ran his hands over my chest, his hot breath on my face as he kissed my neck. I thought he must be able to feel how fast my heart was beating in nervous terror. I remember standing there like a dumb idiot, not quite sure how to respond. Luckily, at least one part of me respond... Continue»
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My best mate and my wife fantasy

The Reality
I have known my best mate for over 35 years and I have shown him naked photos of some of my exes. He has been married for 24 years but his wife has been cheating on him for the last 5. He has accepted this only to the point that when his oldest daughter reaches 18 he will ask for a divorce. He has to go away for work and knows that if his daughter is away staying at a friend’s house at the same time his wife will have her lover over. I have suggested that he sets up cameras to record her cheating but he says he wouldn’t want to watch any film. I have volunteered to watch anyth... Continue»
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Slut! Wife needs a hard cock: Part Five

Slut! Wife needs hard cock: part 5

Since my husband’s impotence due to prostate cancer, my life and his, has turned to a different path. We used to swing in the early days of our marriage, and then narrowed our escapades down to a few selected couples. Our marriage grew stronger from the trust we placed in each other during this period and eventually our extracurricular activities dwindled. We have been unique to each other for over 10 years now and until his recent medical issue I never thought that would change.
During our swinging days, I had the pleasure of sliding on some very large ... Continue»
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72 avril lets jon live his fantasy

72 avril lets jon live his fantasy
Jon said you wanted to hear about another time I was bl**died. While he's busy, I'll pass this on to you.
We have a small cabin that we stay at during the off season (usually Sept) and one year we were just lying around in bed when I asked Jon if he had an outdoor fantasy. I could tell by the small smile on his face he had and was about to tell me of it.
There was a small island near us that was only divided by a narrow canal, accessible by one stone bridge at one end. Pretty much covered with trees and some dense bushes, it offered an ideal spot for a... Continue»
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The Ladder 2

The Ladder Part 2

We continued kissing as Sue toyed with my penis. As my penis grew in her hand, Sue remarked that I must be horny this morning. She wasted no time in mounting my pole as it hardened. As she broke our kiss; she said that the arrangement I had suggested would be workable as long as Randy continued to work out of town at times. I told her it didn’t have to be just when he was out of town; as long as he was at work we could fuck during the day. Sue just nodded as she continued ridding my erection. Sue looked at me with glazed over eyes and announced she was having another o... Continue»
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my gf is a big slut but i dont care

Is my girl to much of a slut?!live_your_dream48
is it a good or a bad when the woman u build up a life with is a real sexfreak?

Well on one side its great to have plenty of sex all the time and that she always horny and that her pussy is as wet as a waterslide.
Can a girl be to sluty in your guys opinions?

Even tho Its a strange feeling that probaly alot of your friends banged her.
On one side it really turns me on her slutty ways, and it doenst matter to me, even tho she would fuck like 500 dicks a year.

Well we are together almost 3years now . She is 28, has kinda a cute (... Continue»
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Susan, Charles, and Danny

Susan had received a phone call, but Danny kept his distance, as he
suspected it was probably Charles, checking up on his Asian lover. The
hushed tones of the conversation told him they were probably up to
something, and a smile came to Danny's face.

Having never been jealous of their carrying on, the only thing Danny
always asked for was that he was allowed to be around when they were
playing like young lovers. It was so exciting for Danny to be able to
watch his Chinese wife with her legs up on Charles's shoulders, while the
big black man pounded her for what would seem like hour... Continue»
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A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

Dedicated to candaulism_rules and his hot wife!

In this scenario, I am presenting a trophy at the racecourse (actually, sometimes I do this) and am charmed when you send up your wife to collect the winning trophy for the race. From the side, you can see I’m being a little too enthusiastic in my compliments of her style and attire, but you graciously invite me to join you afterwards in the bar where you’ve gone to celebrate with your training connections. At the bar we socialise together and a little more flirting goes on, but it’s good-natur... Continue»
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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 6

Sorry for not posting for a while had some issues with getting the stores published, sorry if you have to go to part 4 to recap


Today the storm was due and we were in for quite a good one, I woke up that morning really early, about 4am the wind had slowed down but the snow was falling, it was settling and getting quite thick already, it was getting cold so I went and put the heating on and got back into bed, I fell... Continue»
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Ana in a cottage in the middle of nowhere

Ana in a cottage in the middle of nowhere

My loving husband Victor never suspected I had been meeting secretly with Danton during at least six months… He was a handsome black man, married to a nice ebony woman, but he loved to fuck white married pussies…
We took every chance we could get to go and fuck, during lunch time or in some weekends Victor was out of home, travelling or flying away.

Danton always said the same excuse to his sweet wife: he was fishing with his mates at a lake in the middle of the woods, where one of them owned a small cottage.

That week end he called me, askin... Continue»
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Slut wife fucks a Chav

So Marie tells me she's been having an on-off affair with her boss for the last couple of years.
As you can imagine I was shocked and things got a bit emotional, it wasn't just the fact that she had betrayed me or that he's about 20 years older and a short fattish guy and not the least bit attractive that upset me, she said he was a great fuck and always made her cum! Made me feel a bit inadequate if I'm totally honest but, strangely turned on, massively in fact!
Anyway once I'd kind of got over it I decided our sex life was going to change. She'd always been a flirt and tease with other guy... Continue»
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Helen's Night Out

Helen spent three Friday evening’s in an elegant little lounge on the east side of town. She was horny, craved sex, and this seemed like the most likely place to find horny males. The slightly past middle-aged widow was a good looking woman, spending many days at the gym (another good place to find males). She’d succeeded the previous Friday, but the guy climaxed, rolled over, and fell asl**p. This f***ed Helen to get a cab to retrieve her car from the lounge. She knew it would be more difficult for an older woman, but not this difficult. This frustrated her in a search for a sexual partner.
... Continue»
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We Go to the Porn Theater

I sat in the living room, waiting for my wife to finish dressing for our evening out at the movies. I heard the closet door close upstairs, then her steps to the stairway. She emerged at the bottom of the stairs looking very ravishing in a sheer white blouse. Her red shelf-bra was visible through the sheer blouse, her nipples were about half visible. Her black mini-skirt, form fitting around her small waist, flared out at her hip line and ended just below the lace of her nose tops. Her black hose were accentuated by the shiny patent leather spike heels. I took a couple of photos of her as she ... Continue»
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~HollyJully and Kookooakchu12's Cherry Poppin

Kooks was called to spend the night at Holly’s house, due to her Guardians are leaving her home alone for the weekend and believed to trust Kookoo to take care of her and respect their house rules. So he asked his older b*****r to drive him downtown to go to her house. After His b*****r dropped him off, Holly’s guardians came and hugged him and kissed him welcoming him to the home and explaining where the food is and where to hook up the PS4 to play Final Fantasy Type-0 and money for emergencies or for walking down the street to shop at a food mart and a restaurant. Holly was annoyed and kept... Continue»
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