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My Story

I am a 44 year old male with <b><u><i>A LOT</i></u></b> of challenges. Yet, like everyone else, I have the need to "Do The Deed" as it were :)<br />
<br />
That (Among MANY other reasons) is why this blog was created<br />
<br />
You see, in a world where sex is EVERYWHERE, those of us who have physical challenges get lost in the shuffle because the vast majority of society seems to have this "Fear" (For lack of perhaps a better word) that those of us guys who are physically challenged can't somehow "Get It Up" while women who are physically challenged are faced with an EVEN WORSE stigma ... Continue»
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A nice day for a drive and a......

I was driving along in my hot car when out of the corner of my eye I caught this fantastic sight of a woman sunning herself in her side yard. I had to pull my car over and get a better look at this creature. She had the fullest, hottest body I had ever seen. She was so hot she could melt butter at a hundred yards (which I would smeared all over that hot body and eaten every inch of). I snuck up to get a better look at her. She was wearing a wicked weasel bikini that with her body left nothing to the imagination. I sat behind a bush and watched as she applied coconut oil to her supple ... Continue»
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The Cheating Canadian girlfriend

(this story is all true name's and locations are also true except my name i will be going by Cohigo)

Well to start this story off im Cohigo my last name isnt important my age is 25 and her's is 24 but this story is about my cheating ex Slut whore of a girlfrien, before the story can take place how i meet her, well i had met her on a site called Tagged. i had became friends with her while she was dating an ex boyfriend or boyfriend now (dont know and dont care)... but this gil i meet 3 times and on my fourth time well this is where my story begins

I had arrived in Kamloops B.C (british... Continue»
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Short Stories from the Underworld part 2


Born in the primordial moments of the universe, Lady Jenova, the goddess of death, with Nergal and Vlad, her willing servants, have existed for as long as the universe itself has existed. Perhaps they're the origins of our most sinister myths, of ancient evils forever lurking unseen in the darkness waiting to torment the unwary. Then again, what if these myths weren't actually myths after all?
At the dawn of human civilization Lady Jenova, the supreme goddess of death and the ruler of the Underworld, was one of the most malevolent deities worshiped by the ancient cultures. Ac... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 8

Personal Narrative of Leo, Warrior of Cipri given as slave to Karena, 16-year-old Daughter of Lady Helvetia

I have to admit that the savage flogging of Gaymede, and the subsequent fate ordained for him, put mortal fear into me. Naturally, I did not want a flogging like that but, even less, did I want to lose my manhood at the age of twenty two!
So am I truly to be blamed if I so quickly abandoned my warrior status and came grovelling forward to kiss the golden boots of the ruler of Barbaria? I had to admit she was a magnificent looking woman but her display of insensate cruelty put me in t... Continue»
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Life at the homestead 17

So next morning at breakfast, we sat at the table in the garden, there was no mention from any of the couples as to what they had done overnight, we would change partners again tonight but the only rule was that no pair would be made up of normal partners thus I would have Eve, and Sam would be with Ann leaving young Babs with Joe perhaps better that way we thought, however something we did chat about, and more to the point was what we were doing today “had anyone anything they were itching to try?”. Eve said “she wanted a go on the horse but last thing as she did not think she would want ... Continue»
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Seeking cuckolds and sissies for use

This is the tale,
Thursday, may 2013
Hubby Abuse
Well there was me thinking it was going to be just another bog standard run of the mill afternoon, how wrong was I.
When he arrived to assist me in making my Hubby suffer by having him tied to a chair and made to watch me getting what the pathetic bastard can’t give me, things started to become emmensely fun very quickly. As the he walked in and took his jacket off I couldn’t help notice straight away how muscular he was, with a wickedly evil glint in his eyes.
I had hubby helplessly tied to a swivel office chair ready and waiting... Continue»
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The Chamber Of The Goddess by Cactus Juggler

Audrey Lehman was tired by the time she got off the truck. She was also excited at the prospect of what she had started to think of as her summer adventure. The other eleven young women traveling with her emptied out of the truck around her.

Together, they all clustered around the woman with short brown hair that was leading them. She'd introduced herself and Janice, and she appeared barely older than they were. After that she hadn't said much of anything to them on the last leg of a journey that had included three plane flights before ending with a bumpy four hour ride in the truck. ... Continue»
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A New Beginning

Chapter One

Meet the f****y

Jennifer was a twice divorced mother of two young girls named
Annie and Sophie. Annie was the eldest at nine years old. She
had straight, dark blonde hair and big brown eyes just like her
mother. Tall for her age at 4' 2," and was thin, weighing only
57 pounds. Annie was shy around strangers, but very engaging
with her Mom and s*s. Sophie was similar in body type as her
s****r. She was 3 and a half feet tall and weighed 50 pounds.
She had curly, chestnut hued hair and brown eyes. Unlike her
s****r, she made friends very easily. Their mother wa... Continue»
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The tease

You enter the room and see me waiting there, my eyes are wide with anticipation, you know how much I adore you, how I lust after your body, your touch.
But this time you are going to make me wait, you are going to tease me...
You move toward me still fully clothed, my arms reach up to pull you to me but you put them back down by my sides with a knowing smile.
You lean forward and kiss me tenderly, and say "be patient my darling". You make me stand and begin to undress me, my shirt, my shoes and socks, my jeans. My erection is visible in my pants and you pull them down too, it springs back... Continue»
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boyfriends horny brother

When I was just out of college I went on a trip with Joe, my boyfriend at
the time, to the mid-sized Illinois city where he grew up. Most of his
f****y still lived there including his b*****rs Mike and Lee who, on our
first night staying at Joe's parents' house, came over for dinner.

His b*****rs were a total trip – loud and funny, constantly cracking
jokes at everyone's expense, but so charming and good looking that you just
didn't care.

Both of them were confirmed bachelors and they shared an apartment together
a few miles out of town, which I gathered was something of a love d... Continue»
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my brothers friend

I was at home watching a soft porn movie on cable. Someone knocked on the
door. It was Steve, a friend of my b*****r's.

He said, "Hi, Pete, is Harry home."

I said, "No, he probably won't be home for an hour and a half. You want to
come in and wait for him."

He said, "I don't want to bother you."

I said, "No bother, I'm just watching TV. It just started."

Steve is about 5 years older than me and I have had a crush on him as long
as I remember. He is tall, about 6'3"and lean and wiry and very good
looking. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans and wearing an open
sweater.... Continue»
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"Man alive, I sure didn't think this was gonna be this messy of a
job! Bob, I'm gonna go take a shower and get these dirty cloths off. You
wanna do the same?"
"Well yeah, I'll take a shower, but I didn't bring anything else to
put on, so guess I'll just have to shake these out and put `em back on."
"Hey, tell you what! Go take your shower and let me put those and
mine in the wash. It won't take very long for `em to wash and dry and then
I know we'll both feel better, OK?"
"Well yeah, I guess. Got something that I can put on while they
"Yeah, I'll find something, or he... Continue»
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Soccer Dads

I was planning on going to see my son's first College soccer
tournament. The rest of the f****y found out at the last minute they
couldn't come. My wife said that our friend Jeff needed a ride and
room to stay. Jeff's son was my son's roommate. We had known Jeff and
his wife for a long time. I always thought Jeff was good looking and
sometimes I felt that Jeff was flirting with me. I should know since I
was flirting with him when I could. This would be a great chance to be
alone with Jeff and maybe see him without a shirt on.

"Hey Jeff, this is Jim. I heard you need a place to sta... Continue»
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On the Farm (Summer of 61)

Since I can remember me and my cousin Devon had been playing with each
others little penises, and I don't recall ever feeling any guilt, fear, or regret.
We seemed always to be fascinated with each others cocks and balls, and our
bodies, and more than anything, had a lot of fun.
Dev was born and lived in Abilene Kansas, his mother divorced, they both
lived with my Great Aunt, (his Grandmother) on her farm directly north of
Abilene. By the age of 4 or 5 I was spending my summers there, and he would be in
Colorado for Christmas. The summer of 1961 we were both 8 years old, ... Continue»
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I had to admit I was excited. Landon and I had been talking about a sl**pover for months. Back when we were in elementary school, Landon and I slept at each other's house at least once a week, gorging ourselves on candy, playing video games late into the night. But when his dad changed jobs, they moved several towns over and it was a struggle to keep our Best Friends status alive. By High School, we were each surrounded by a new circle of tight friendships and only saw each other once every few months. Yet every few weeks one of us would bring up a c***dhood moment and long for a sl**pove... Continue»
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Inspired by an Xham friend

we had been exchanging some fantasies online to one another. She is an incredibly sexy BBW in my area that has a sex drive to match. We had decided that it would be fun to meet and play together in person. I booked a small hotel room and waited for her to meet me. When she showed up, she was wearing a sort skirt and low cut top to show off her amazing cleavage. I invited her in and we exchanged some coy smiles. Then I asked her to sit on the edge of the bed and I walked up to her and pushed her legs open to me. Standing right in front of her with her lefts open, I slid off my shirt and she slo... Continue»
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Mother and Son; A Tale from the 'Monastery�

Paul was constantly in trouble at the Monastery school. Hardly a day went by without one of the monks chastising him.Finally it was the expensive broken stained glass window that brought Paul to the attention of the Abbot Benedictus. Paul walked along the long stone flagged corridor to the Abbot's private study. He had heard that the Abbot punished both boys and girls who attended the school or who came to confess some wrong doing.Paul stood outside the door and read the inscription on the door,'Abbot Benedictus,BA,MA,DD,Prior. He gingerly knocked and a voice from within bid him enter.

P... Continue»
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Sex Clinic #1 - Prelude

I summarize this sexy series: sex with two good girlfriends leads later to intimate impreganations

I summarize the sexy content of this issue: I make love to two tasty lovely ladies soon slaves of love
I summarize the set-up of this serious series of sexy stories of to two women wanton for sex and love

I will tell in my prelude how two girlfriends, each others best, become hot for my daily doses of love
I wlll tell You first about a hot holiday together which turns our apartment into our first Sex Clinic

I summarize the second longest part of this series when the cool ho
... Continue»
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little Red Riding Hood - An Adult Version

It was a nice breezy fall day and Jessica had nothing to do. Her mother called her into the kitchen and told her that her granny had taken sick.

"I've prepared a basket of goodies", said her mother. "I would like you to go see your granny and give her this food with some comforting words so that she can be well soon again"

Given that she had nothing better to do, Jessica figured that the walk through the forest would be quite nice at this time of the year. The leaves were falling from the trees and the scenery would be quite enchanting.

Out of the closet she t... Continue»
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