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Bangkok in 2001 satisfies Stuart big time

It was the middle summer 2001 in the back streets of Bangkok and it was unusually hot, even for the Thai City, as the three young local girls, Sumalee, Karnchana and Mayuree, were keeping cool in the large air-conditioned gym. They are employed to look after the sexual desires of tourists and they are very experienced in sexual techniques even though they are only 18 years old. All three had learnt to speak English as c***dren, which helps them now in their work with the tourists.

The previous day Sumalee had looked after the sexual needs of Stuart, a tall, well built, Englishman, and she c... Continue»
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I couldn't find someone to fuck at the gay bar that night it was kind of slow and nobody took my eye so I left later that night with a horny ass disappointed I had hoped to be getting laid right about now! I was passing a dark alley and suddenly a hand shot out of the darkness and pulled me into the blackness of that alley I couldn't see a thing I just felt his large hand on my shirt as he dragged me deeper and deeper into the darkness I stumbled a few times before we came to a wall at the back of the alley he shoved me against the wall and growled "So you like cock huh bitch lets s... Continue»
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I found this wonderful story on another site, attempted to contact the author on more than 1 occasion, to no avail.
I have proof read and slightly altered parts. Enjoy!

Troy and I started working at the same company together, went through
orientation together and even found out that we had been trained in the
same MOS in the Army though he was in a few years before me. We where in
our early 20's, well I was, Troy was in his mid-twenties I guess. Troy and
I were also build similarly--both tall, thin and I think a little better
that average in the looks department. Troy's girlfriend ... Continue»
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Curiosity killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat

A long week end I was home alone again: my loving Victor flying away until Monday.
I was getting a little bit boring, when I saw my neighbor Thomas on the street.
He was a handsome guy and was the owner of a sex shop Victor and I had never visited. I went outside just to say hello. Thomas smiled and we chatted about his business.
He said it was going very fine, even few women sometimes would find their way there.
"Women go in too…on their own?" I asked a little surprised
Thomas smiled again, saying: “Most of the ladies use my special entrance in the alley. It i... Continue»
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Watching Anita again and again

Watching Ana again and again

That Saturday afternoon I was at my desk at home, when my loving Ana came back from the gym. She blew me a kiss from the door and said she was going to have a warm shower.
One hour later I was surprised by not hearing my lovely wife doing anything around.

I went worried and moved from my desk to check out inside home.
Finally I found Ana in the garage… but she was not alone there.

My sweet wife was fully naked there, bent over her car’s trunk, exposing her bare perfect round buttocks in front of two huge black guys…

I recognized one of them as Aaron; ... Continue»
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Wife's first black man/men

My first time with a black guy.

I'm 34 been married for 12 year to a great man. I try to stay in shape so I go to the gym and run a few times a week when I can find the time.
Im tan and have long black hair green eyes my boobs could be bigger I guess, (I want implants) and I'm a little on the short side but that's ok. I can still turn a few heads now and again so my husband says.
One day I came home and i notice that the door chime wasn't working.
So I put down my stuff and when upstairs to change out of my scrubs.
On the way up I saw the door open to the bonus room and my husband mas... Continue»
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His Personal Secretary

When I answered the add for a personal secretary I was a little leery the man worked out of his home but guys do that and all so I took a shot what the heck you know I know it sounds funny a guy being a secretary but I needed the money so when he answered the phone and I told him about myself he seemed interested so I went for the interview...
He lived in not too nice a part of town and I was kind of worried about my car being stolen but I put extra locks on it and set the alarm I found his house easily and rang the bell he answered the door in his underwear which I thought was funny... Continue»
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Consent P5

So Marie and I went to get dressed. Since I had ridden to the party with Karen so Marie offered to takes us to my place. I put my arms around her shoulders and kisses her soft lips lightly. I open her door for her then get in beside her. She giggles, "May I say something." "You can say anything to me at any time." "Daddy, no one has ever opened my door for me! That was so hot and so expected of a gentleman." She grabs me and kisses me hard. She breaks the kiss, "I knew I chose the right man to be my Daddy, my special daddy, my daddy that I can talk to about anything, My daddy that will fuck me... Continue»
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Remembering Your Duties


You awake with a start. You had drifted off peacefully hours ago, waking up so suddenly has disoriented you. Your eyes frantically dart through the darkness as your heart races. Soon you realize I am climbing on top of you, poised to mount your face. Now you realize that your punishment is about to start. My hand runs through your long, dark hair, gripping it tightly. I yank your head back. You gasp.

"Rise and shine, Alexandria!" My voice cuts through the silence as I rub my hard dick against your face, "time to do your job." Roughly I press the head into my chin, pushing upward ... Continue»
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What a day .....

It had been a long day and luckily it was a friday, we'd had in 3 depo's and the floor was tight,
it was a humid day and all staff (bar me) were all on lunch, deliveries and customer service were
taking over, all i could think was .... roll on 5 o'clock, i had planned with a few friends to meet
up and watch a movie at home - as their parents were away for the weekend.

It all started off when i was going on my break and i was caught with a customer and wow! i was mesmorised
by her appearance ... she was 5'7" taller female, Thin but toned, around 120 pounds. Small A cup perky brea... Continue»
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Wife sets up threesome with hot friend from work

My wife and I have been happily married for 4 years, love eachother without question, and have a healthy appetite for sex with us fucking at least 3-4 times a week. Before my wife and I got married she told me she was bi-sexual, thought women were hot, and had fucked a couple.
One night after some serious hot and sweaty fucking my wife and I are talking in bed. She tells me that she would like to bring another women home so I could watch them and just fuck my wife. Now, I had just had some great pussy and was drained, but my cock stands up at that remark and I ask who would it be? She says, "... Continue»
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2 OUTTA 3 club..ex wife Toronto gangbang from cums

We liked how clean and wonderful Toronto was. Our quick trip was drawing to a conclusion.

The night before I'd suggested anal sex, and she gave her standard never response. Two different groups had tried to blackmail me with her in porn tapes. In all of the tapes she had been airtight. Figured it would end in a losing argument for me.

So we were having a late lunch after a trip to a museum. Our good mood seemed to continue with drinks and food. We went to the bar to waste a little time, before our evening plans. We were the only people at the bar. She was wearing a sundress and sandals... Continue»
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leila the brazilian nanny part 1

I gazed down in disbelief as Leila pushed me backs against the shower dooor. She lowered slowly to her knees her mouth and tongue playfully lapping at my crotch as she tugged my boxers down my legs.

Leila looked up. Her dark brown eyes locked and focused on mine as she used the tip of her tongue to lick up and down the sides of my cock. Her arms caressing my inner thighs as she reached up with one hand stroking my cock with one hand. Leila's other hand tugged at my balls playfully.

Leila smiled and laughed. "You've been waiting for this for so long Curtis." She paused.

"I've been wait... Continue»
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Cancun trip.... some days later!

... continues from

After last night passion, I knew I have a keeper, I would love to sl**p around, but with this one will do. I felt he was clean and disease free, how I knew it, I really dont know , it has been 5 years since that first encounter and I am find down there.

Well the next morning the telephone rang, "good morning, wake up call, it is 6am." I had planned to go to see the pyramids right away and that excursion was only offered then. My companion woke up too, we were tired and naked, I got up and admired my long mexican l... Continue»
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Beer run 2

So I get home at 3 yesterday after being at a bike show. I was texted an hour ago and asked to bring home beer by my wife Yvonne who only drinks wine. While I was in the store getting beer I got a pic sent to my phone of the top of her head and a big thick black cock in her mouth. I think think it must be Wayne her favourite stud has dropped by for an unannounced visit. I am excited.
I get in the door and there is a huge pair of shoes at the door i can hear her giggles and deep throated groans, I put the beer in the fridge and quietly sneak upstairs. Our bedroom door is open so I peek in and... Continue»
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Bit of Black on Jen's Birthday

Being with Jen had changed me. Her confidence and lust for life had rubbed off on me and seen me progress at work, gaining promotions that I wouldn’t have dreamt of when with Sharon, and leading to a move from retail (high-street) banking to the more exciting world of corporate banking. The downside of this progression was that I was having to give that bit extra to justify the increased salary I was getting, and this meant I had less time (certainly during the week) to spend with Jen.
After Vicky had moved out to her own place in London, the whole dynamic of the relationship between Jen and ... Continue»
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Ode to men like Buttlover (his xhamster video links are below)

As a bottom, I don't think there is a man on the planet, black, white, brown or yellow, I'd rather hookup with than Buttlover. Or a man like him. He truly lives up to his name -- he REALLY loves butt! Which is a perfect fit for me since I REALLY love cock! And he knows how to make his bottom know he loves their butts.

He utilizes his masculine powers of seduction to somehow make his bottom boy want, need, crave and beg for his big black cock. And I would be willing to bet, he has NEVER hurt a single one of his bottom w... Continue»
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Big titty Indian / paki hijabi part 2

ive added part 1 here so you can read both together for extra enjoyment :)

So a few weeks ago I was at my local Costa coffee just doing some work I had to finish on my day off work, as I looked up from my laptop my mouth sprung open as the barista brought my latte to my table, she wasn’t the girl who served me she must have just started her shift, she was wearing a bright pink hijab, which attracted me even more to her, her costa shirt was tight and I could see she had big tits, she wasn’t petite she was about a size 10-12 and short around 5 feet, she didn’t have much make up on but she had... Continue»
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Another Dream/Fantasy

It was early evening and I was sitting at home alone, and dressed. My phone beeped with a message, "Hey sissy. I see you're home alone. How about you meet your new daddy." I paused for a minute and responded with, "Who is this?". The response I got was, "It's your new daddy. If you don't meet me, I'll send these photos to people you know.", and attached with some photos of me dressed up. My response was, "Ok, well who are you?". I didn't pay attention to the next few texts, and went about my evening. About 20 minutes later I got a call from a coworker who had been sent the photos of me. I sudd... Continue»
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Mandy gives in to temptation

Mandy's 34 and has three lovely k**s with Sam, her husband of 10 years, but something happened recently which she will never ever forget and it's going to haunt her for a very long time indeed. She'll probably never trust another man again after this nightmare. Why did she give in to temptation?

Mandy's very attractive, just over 5ft tall and has worked hard to keep her slim shapely figure despite her three pregnancies. She has long dark hair in a frizzy perm.

She's well used to all the men giving her the once-over every time she walks by and she secretly enjoys the attention. She's been... Continue»
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