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The Lawn Boy

Hello my name is Shirley. I had an amazing experience that I would like to share. Im 42 with no c***dren and my husband works a lot so I am often home alone. I like to go to the gym and workout and I am a major movie junkie.

One of the days during last summer I had just gotten back from the gym and heard a knock at the door. I went to answer and saw a young black boy standing there. “Hello” he said “I was wondering if you would be interested in me cutting your grass for 20 dollars?” “Sounds good to me.” I replied. “Go ahead and come knock again when you are done.” “Ok” he said and turned t... Continue»
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My Intro to Sex 2

Read my previous story about my into to sex with a man. Growing up I did masturbate quite often and being so flexible I also learned how to suck my own cock and I enjoyed drinking from the faucet instead of licking my com from my fingers but that was the limit of my sexual encounters until I joined the Navy.

After that first time with a man in the front seat of his car, every time I got Liberty from the base I would walk that same walk and would get picked up by a lot of different men and they would all end up the same way. My pants down to my ankles, my shirt pulled up and the man sucking... Continue»
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Thinking Of Sex

Men think of sex every six minutes; women think of sex every ovulation. Every joke has an essence of truth but, when it came to Sybil, it not quite the whole truth. When Syb thought of sex it was with an urgency neither of us could resist. She thought of it each ovulation and again two weeks later.

It was Saturday evening. We were at restaurant celebrating I don't remember what. It was late and I'd empty soldiered much more wine than I should have. The waiting staff were plainly glad when we chair-sc*****d to our feet, over-tipped them and made our way onto the street.

I surrendered the... Continue»
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Vegas changes a man. part 2 (A hot shower and hott

So after having my anus decimated by my lovely adopted cousin we stumbled back to the bathroom, our hands all over each other the whole way there. My dick was rock hard once again and still covered in my own cum. We stumbled down the hallway leaving wet foot prints on the carpet as we reached the bathroom door. Once we opened the door the bathroom was still steaming from the shower I had rudely interrupted her from. As we entered the bathroom we embarrassed in a passionate hug and locked lips I could still taste the slightest bit of my own seed in her warm moist mouth. My hard cock pressed up ... Continue»
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When In Rome

Author's Notes
When In Rome isn't exactly a series of erotic stories. When it's completed, it will (hopefully) read more like a novel. Plot, subplots and all. There will be (on average) three separate scenes from three separate Point(s) of View (POV) per chapter. While every chapter will have sex in one form or another, every scene will not. If you want to skip through and only read the sexy bits, every chapter will be headed by listing which scene(s) in that chapter include sex.
Chapter one starts with a fairly vanilla blowjob, but don't worry. The sex gets dirtier and more violent. And
... Continue»
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Genie Chronicles


Synopsis: Jack Phillips has no idea that in the small puzzle box he has inherited from his Aunt is a treasure beyond price; a Genie servant, ready to grant his every sexual wish. Join Jack as he solves the box's puzzle and embarks on a life heretofore only imagined, pushing the boundaries of a Sex Genie's powers.

Jack Phillips sat on the couch, flipped on the TV and surfed the channels. Finding nothing much on, he settled on a "Seinfeld" rerun, then out of habit reached for the puzzle box. He had pretty much given up on... Continue»
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They broke out of prison, the four of them, all dangerous men willing to do anything not to go back. Their stolen car ran out of gas a few miles away from the next city, nothing around for miles. They had been travelling for two days, trying to put as many miles as they could between the police and them. A storm was coming, nothing would be moving for days, the snow out here making the roads impassable. The lights of the house were inviting, the f****y living there believing they were safe. 
They broke in, surprising them before they could even react. They were confronted by four large men ca... Continue»
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Excommunicated and on the run

Linda and Kate were wife 5 and 6 of Edward Folger a 62 year old Mormon. Both had been ceremonial brides selected for Edward when they were teenagers. Both had one male c***d born only months apart. Neither had a love attachment to Edward, only a duty attachment. Together they had planned for years knowing the time would come when their son's would be run off by the elders as threats, under the disguise of adulthood. Rodney, Linda's boy and Toby, Kate's son knew their time was near as they were becoming less appreciated by the elder men. All four had hidden money and covertly stashed clothin... Continue»
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sinning with the schoolteacher

amongst some guys there is an urban legend that the guy that takes a woman's virginity can always have her. while i can't say that's definitely true or not, as i've only taken one woman's virginity, in the case of me and jackie (not her real name) it is. i think jackie fell in love with me the moment she saw me about 25 years ago. i can say that because her eyes got as big as dinner plates and her jaw dropped the day i went to my friend's house where she happened to be babysitting. while cupid's arrow didn't exactly hit me, i have to say that she was definitely attractive, a perfect spinner a... Continue»
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I wake up alone. My jaw hurts and ass aches. I pull myself up to my feet. Sunlight washes through the blinds. I crack the door open and move down the hall to the washroom. I can hear the shower running.

"No sneaking around, bitch." Mistress stops me. I hang my head and mumble, "I need to get cleaned up."

"Mr Sherman's cleaning your bitch sweat off him. You wanna disturb him, go right ahead." I hesitate, then smile and nod. Mistress returns to her office.

I turn the handle slowly and push the door open without a sound. Mr Sherman - daddy - is in the shower. My knees drop
... Continue»
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Cheating College Girlfriend with 12inch BBC Part2

It had been an extremely busy week between football and school. So busy I didn't devote much time to thinking about the fucking that I had gave Marley. That was until i showed up to the student center for my tutoring session and Marley was not there. I sent her a text asking where she was at. She sent one back that read "I am sorry Trey but the other night was a big mistake." I replied saying "well I still need you to help me with some of my math homework." Eventually I talked to her into coming down to the student center to "help" me. Marley showed up the student center wearing nice jeans ... Continue»
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revenge medievil style

The year as 1805 and in the New Forest village of Everton, it was business as usual in the cock and pussy tavern, beer mainly spilt with a modicum actually being d***k. Lady C the owner of the establishment has been running the tavern for many years and had very had very early on realised that beer alone was insufficient to keep the clients happy, She had recruited three very nubile local girls who were willing to share their assets with the punters and share their ill gotten gains with Lady C.

Tonight was different than any other night, Miriam was currently upstairs shagging a young loc... Continue»
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"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a Good Whor

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a good Whore!!!"

It was a dark Friday evening, just a little passed 10pm. I had been sitting in my patrol car all night. I looked around outside. I could see a light out above the old gas station. It was your typical slow boring, small town night. I had moved from the big city a few weeks ago. I graduated from the Police Academy. Worked two years on the mean streets of NYC. I needed a big change in my life. I decided to move down to Maryland. Out on the Eastern Shore. As far away from civilization, I could get. I ran ... Continue»
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Close Shave

Kent walked into the grocery store, the cool air from the A/C feeling so good as he pulled out the shopping cart and started down the aisle. As he walked down the canned goods aisle he looked up and saw Selina from the barber shop he went to. Seeing her reminded him that he needed to get his hair cut for an important event coming up. Kent called her name, greeting her with a warm smile as Selina turned and waved to him. The two chatted for a few minutes when Kent asked,

"How about I come in and see you next week...I really need to get my hair cut."

Selina smiled and said,

"I'm leaving... Continue»
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Lil One - 5

Chapter One

Mistress has been putting me through my paces for the past week. She has come to the ranch to help Master and myself get through my training to become a pain slut. Master has been around but part of the training yet. Mistress has told me to be patient, that he would participate soon.

I am still sl**ping at the foot of Mistress’s bed. I wake to service her every morning. I have been allowed to cum, but only when I am being flogged or some sort of pain is being inflicted on me. This has caused my body to respond to pain in a different way. I now yearn for it, and just the... Continue»
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Lil One - 4

Chapter One

We have been at the ranch for about two weeks. We've stayed here because we were trying to stay away from lil one’s old Master. She had finally told me that he had been very cruel to her and abused her in every way. When I tried to find out more about him, he k**napped her and was probably going to kill her.

We have been convalescing while her wounds had been healing. I had taken her as my submissive but we have been only having vanilla sex since we’ve been here. Its not that I didn’t want to, it's just that I didn’t feel that lil one was ready yet.

She had fallen... Continue»
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Lil One - 3

Chapter One

We spend our last day at the beach enjoying our surroundings. Lil one has just told me that her Master is cruel to her and she’s afraid to go back to him. I’ve told her that I would take care of this and make it right.

My heart aches for her. I have been concerned by some of her actions, that there was something wrong, and now I know. I make some calls and get my team to look into her Master’s past. I want answers now so I can confront him when we get back home.

I pack up our gear and we are about ready to head back. I call lil one over to the tailgate of my truc... Continue»
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Lil One - 4

Chapter One

We are driving down the secluded four wheel drive only beach. I’m taking a new submissive that I’m training to be a pain slut for her Master. She’s 24yo and her name is Candy, but I call her lil one, because she’s only 4’11”. She has been mainly a pleasure slave but her Master wants her to be able to enjoy more pain play. I have been training her about 4 days now. Today is more of a reward for her hard work.

We should have the beach to ourselves, except for the stray fisherman or two. I’m not worried about intrusions, as most people you meet down here are non-intrusive,... Continue»
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Sev At The Theater With A Stranger

The upper crust live differently as I am discovering!!!!!
At 48 I was over-weight, and could barely run the width of a soccer field.  I saw a picture of me and my senior in high school son and was mortified.  I began lifting weight, running, doing plyometrics and eating correctly.  I lost 95 pounds in 18 months and found not only the stamina I had lost but also the sex drive that had been waning!

So at 50, single and with a new vocation in a new city I was looking for some things to get involved in.  A co-worker had a couple tickets to a play and he gave them to me and I... Continue»
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26/04/2015......David in tights

I had a meet with a guy called David last Sunday morning which turned out to be a really horny session. He was only 24 which was a bit disconcerting for me as I am 55. But he said he preferred older guys which put me slightly at ease with the situation. We had been chatting on "Fabguys" early on Sunday morning and he said he was free and very local if I fancied him paying me a visit.
I had been watching gay porn on "xhamster" most of the morning and feeling very horny so I agreed to meet him. He said he would be about an hour which gave me time for a shower and so I gave him my address detai... Continue»
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