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the night before her wedding

The last few months I had been down on my luck
I had to take a job as an event staff team member.
There was one upside to this job, I had the chance
To travel all over the Southeastern United States.
This weekend we were in Memphis TN.

As I unloaded the necessary equipment and decorations
I bumped into this gorgeous female she looked like a
Young Vanessa Williams, I liked to play Macho man
While setting up the events. Well the more I unloaded
At one time the faster I could get done with the set up.
As always I had a small trail of items that I had dropped
In route to the ballro... Continue»
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A Most Private and Painful Pleasure

It's just a theory, but it seems to me that the connection between "cuckold" and "cuckoo" is too strong to ignore. One is a bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. The other is the husband of an unfaithful wife. You can work the rest out for yourself.

In medieval times here in England, a deceived husband didn't get much sympathy if his wife was caught in adultery. A pair of horns would be tied to his head and he would be paraded around the streets where, besides being soundly humiliated, he would often be showered with the contents of the then ubiquitous piss-pots.

The legen... Continue»
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My Horny Boss 2

And so my boyfriend brought me home, not knowing anything that had transpired that afternoon at work, my pussy still wet and wanting to get royally screwed, I wanted him to fuck me but I felt guilty just having gagged on my boss' cock... I decided to lay in bed and finger myself as I thought about that afternoons events in my boss' car, where I was face fucked and made to swallow my first load of cum... old man cum, I cant forget how hot and salty it was... I could feel gobs of it still in my throat...in fact I came several times just frigging myself in bed... thinking how yummy and nasty it ... Continue»
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Lesbian desires

She watched the gentle rise of the girl’s breasts, listened to the soft sound of her breathing as she lay on the broad sunbed beneath the verandah. Dappled sunlight played across the girl’s lithe body, caught on strands of dark hair that fell across her beautiful face. Her full lips were parted slightly and she slept fitfully.

Rebecca reclined in the hammock, long fingers gently stroking Presley’s shapely foot and calf, enjoying the unbelievably soft skin, tanned and svelte, smooth as silk beneath her fingers. Long, lean legs, narrow hips and a flat stomach, abs relaxed now, full, feminine ... Continue»
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Monique at the sauna

A while back I had gotten a gift certificate for a wellness centre, 'Good for your health!' said the people who gave it to me, I don't think there's anything wrong with my health and I really don't care about sauna's or spa's but the gift certificate was about to expire and that would be a waste. I called them and reserved a weekend in the hotel with the program the gift certificate entitled me to, I could get two treatments, massages etc., free access to al the other facilities and meals from the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the weekend finally arrived I went with a little rel... Continue»
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Depression Era Survival

Mary stood at 9th and Corbet St as Connie came into view. They rechecked their strategy and started their act. 200 feet away, Connie accidentally got her heel stuck in the sidewalk grate. They talked as she struggled to get it loose. From below, he stared up with a clear view under their two dresses. Connie's plain, white Grannie Panties and Mary's flowered pattern, teen panties, flashed as they twisted and turned. Mary walked around as Connie squat to pull the stuck heel. He moved directly under Connie. She knew with her crotch that close and spread, escaped hair surrounded her gusset whi... Continue»
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The Day I came home from school to fuck Paris

This is the sequel to the day I met Paris. Here's the link to the Day I met Paris if you want to read it

I'm enjoying my freshman year at the University of Michigan, banging other girls and doing well in the classroom. I made the dean's list with a 3.85 GPA. Paris was always on my mind, when I graduated in December of my senior year of high school. I knew that I was going to miss her tall, and very busty frame, and I missed fucking her too.

One night on Skype,Paris asked me:"Are you coming back home for spring break, to fuck the shit... Continue»
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He Approached Me on the Subway (Pt 2)

Since I had met that horny ol' man on the subway, I had been back to his apartment several times to whack off for him. What I thought would be just a one time thing had become an obsession, as I would go over to his apartment, strip naked and slowly stroke my cock in his face as he watched. For him, it was a dream to have this hot young thing do this for him, and for me, it was just fucking hot to know how bad this ol' man wanted to fuck me and taunt him with by oiled up body and my throbbing cock. Then one day, as I went over to his apartment, I was surprised to find that he had a friend o... Continue»
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My buddies mom was the neighborhood slut

I hit puberty before the age of ten and girls looked good to me. My friend had not hit puberty and his excitement was baseball cards and watching spooky movies.
His mom was a little 5 feet tall one hundred and five lb woman. By ten I was taller than she was, and we would slow dance. While I would love to have had sex wit her, I doubt that was an option.
My buddys older b*****r had friends and when he and his mom argued, he left for his dads house. But his older friends kept coming over. his mom entertained them as she did before, except now she became a lot more friendly. Being a big k** f... Continue»
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the Weekend 2

The meal over washing up followed then he announced “it was time,” the butterflies immediately returned, as he led her outside and bade her to stand on the veranda.
In front of the building was a square of wooden strips very much after the shape of a door frame, he had her lay spread-eagled inside the frame and he spent the next few moments securing her
He went indoors returning with the paint brush which he firstly used to dry paint her nipples, her sex and finally her rosebud. It tickled and she said so, enjoying the sensation as he administered to her with the soft brush,
Ne... Continue»
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"So how have you enjoyed the process of hypnosis Summer?" he asked.

The question was so incongruous that bemusement tugged the corners of her lips, her brows rising slightly.

"That's a strange question Mark. How have I enjoyed the process of hypnosis? I've never experienced it, so I wouldn't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about."

Summer had been delighting in getting to know Mark, their weekly catch up and coffee becoming something that she looked forward to. There was no pretense, no affectation of what it was, no overt sexual overtone. That wasn't to say there wasn't a f... Continue»
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I was still dealing with a broken heart over Heather, Bruce's little s****r, when Morgan, who was also a member of the "freak community" at my college, came up to me and said, "Hey, you still in the babysitting business? Think you can entertain my little s****r while I study for my summer finals? No matter what it costs you, within reason, I'll repay you. And give you twenty bucks up front."

Now, having a better idea of the emotional risks involved, I was not so quick to agree.

I asked, "Entertain? For how long?"

"Yeah. She's a good k**, if a bit shy. She just needs somebody to han... Continue»
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Jenny the Korean milf

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I usually go to grab a bite at this diner right by my house, and it's run by this Korean lady Jenny. She is 54 years old, small tits petite with shoulder length hair, full lips and a gorgeous face. I went their maybe 6 times before i even attempted to talk to her because her accent is strong. But i eventually decided i should make some conversation as she is always polite.

I asked her about her background and we started to chat about different cultures. She asked me where i was from, and she told me her cousin was married to a man from m... Continue»
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The Humiliation of Jane part 5

“OK, Jane. It’s time to get even. You’ve heard that payback’s a bitch? Well, that doesn’t BEGIN to describe how I’m going to pay you back for all the shitty things you’ve done to me over the years!”
Dennis grinned from ear to ear. This was fantastic, even better than his wildest fantasy! He had just finished hearing Jane describe her incredible tale, complete with all the delicious details of her treatment at the hands of the Dean and the Security Chief.
It had all started innocently enough. He had merely asked his older s****r what she was doing home from Law School during mid-semester.
Ja... Continue»
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Tracy Something (One night stand)

So after super storm Sandy. I was out of work, collecting unemployment. I was sort of fucking this woman from Honduras. More on her some other time. One day while having laminate flooring installed at my house. I started to get some text messages from an unknown number. I texted to find out who it was. She texted back Tracy R***. I said I don't know you. She said she saw my picture on facebook. I said oh, ok. She wanted to call me. I stalled for a few days. Soon she was sending me pics of her tits and cunt. She was wide in the hips, a little flabby in the belly and ass. Smallish tits for a wom... Continue»
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Velvet Crush Shares Her Past

I flew into Miami on my way back to the states, from my porn work in Africa, and then flew to St. Johns to meet my client and lover, John. We had a beach side room with a walkout to a hot tub and hammocks right on the beach. The limo had dropped me off and a personal butler had met me with a glass of champagne as he took my luggage into the room. John was in swimming trunks and a tank top when I arrived, so I stripped down and went nude out onto our private beach area. The butler seemed to take it all in stride as he brought us a tray of fruit and more drinks and John and I ate and drank, whil... Continue»
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A Brief Encounter

The New England autumn rain had stopped by the time I drove the rental south on Route 95 back toward my hotel. It was late and the taillights of the few cars on the highway shone on the wet pavement ahead of me. I had traveled back to my home town to visit f****y. Not a particularly happy visit. A funeral, in fact. Despite the sadness that brought us together, it was good to see people who I hadn’t seen in so long. It was over though, and I would fly home the next morning.
Those thoughts occupied my mind as I drove, and I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention as I got a little... Continue»
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My Dirty Little Mind

I lay on my bed thinking of him. He makes me wet and I want him so badly. I close my eyes and slide my hands over my body, imagining that it is his hands. My tights white tights cling to my wet pussy and my nipples get harder as my imagination gets sexier and sexier.

I feel the bed move. Someone has laid down next to me. I turn my head and open my eyes. It's him!

I turn and get on my knees. Our faces overlap and we kiss. It's not a normal position, but its sexy. The wetness between my legs increases and our tongues intertwine. I want him more than I ever have.

I pull back and stare at... Continue»
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My dad Part six

Chapter six

My Dad

I woke up a few hours later because I had to have a pee, Ana was still asl**p and had her hand on my right breast, her other hand was between her legs, and I thought yes we have something in common, both of us like sl**ping with a hand on our pussy;s, she looked very beautiful just lying there naked, she had a lovely body and I wondered if she would remember what had happened between us earlier, I went to the toilet and sat down I started to have a pee and Ana said you will have to shut the door, I jumped with surprise and wet on the floor, she only laughed and said “I... Continue»
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Steve stared around wildly. He looked deep into the darkness of the moonless night, but could see no one. Trying to slow his breathing, he moved quickly to leave the yard.

But before he could get out onto the sidewalk, he was frozen in his tracks by the sound of a female voice calling after him.

“Steve..? What are you doing out here?”

Turning slowly, Steve saw Colleen moving from behind the back corner of the house. And despite the obvious awkwardness of the situation, his cock jerked a little at the sight of her. Colleen, a robe d****d around her sexy body, walked towards him. Her fa... Continue»
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