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The Village 9: Deflowered

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Double Stuffed

Our friend came over again the other night. We hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks and were so ready for some fun! He and I were texting and he asked if she was going to be tied up and ready when he got here. I told him yes and she would also be blindfolded and working her pussy with one of her favorite toys until he showed up. The straps were a bit short for our kin sized bed, so we skipped that. She was blindfolded and toying herself though when he arrived.

He came in and we went to the bedroom and she was spread and a toy buried in her pussy. He grabbed onto one of her big tits and beg... Continue»
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show me off, and let them use me

Before we even got married I knew Brad loved it when I
wore sexy or see through things when we went out, but
after we got married he wanted me to go to the next
level. Even on our honeymoon he had me pretend to be
sl**ping and call room service up and order something
just to get it delivered to our room. It started with me
nude with a sheet covering everything except casually
exposing my lower body, like a leg and part of my naked

Brad really got a trill watching the young guys they
sent to our room as they tried to get an eyeful with him
noticing. And by the pool h... Continue»
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Didn't meet my friends

Hello I'm Keri I would like to tell you a little bit about myself before I tell you what happen. At the time I was junior in high school. I'm 5' 6", 110 pounds 34B-24-34 dirty blond hair pass my shoulders. It was a Friday afternoon and me and a few friends were making plains for Saturday we all said that we should go to a lake close by to hang out we agreed to meet up there around 1 pm.
So Saturday morning came and I got up and started to get ready I picked out a white and light blue bikini and put a light blue summer dress on and got into my car and started heading toward the lake that I'm m... Continue»
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Lady at Dawn

They watched the virile youth fuck like rabbits in front of them while they rubbed each other. She nestled her index finger between his balls and massaged, while he tweaked her nipple with random playfulness. The looked on as the two 19 year olds met their crotches and pumped furiously. The nubile body took the thrusting cock. He pounded her and winced as this was the 8th orgasm in the last 12 hours. As he came inside her, he felt his balls pinch. As he gasped in exhaustion and pain, she grinded to accept the diminished load, but a load none the less. The wife promply left her husbands balls a... Continue»
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Before we left England we lived next door but one to a married couple that was probably five years our senior, they had three c***dren on was a half caste Debbie said it was a throw back and Andy tended to agree with her. I don't think Andy was that naive as they had a friend that was from Jamaica, but he never said anything. We used to go round to Debbie and Andy's occasionally for drinks and a couple of laughs occasionally we would play card games on a couple of occasions strip poker but it was for the most part good clean 'if a little naughty' fun. On one visit a friend of mine came with us... Continue»
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Amusement park with my milf and her b*****r

When my wife and I decided to go to an amusement park, we were prepared to take her b*****r and his best friend with us in our pop-up camper. Ton was 16 and he and his friends often spent vacations together.
Jerry got sick the night before and was running a very high fever the morning we were supposed to leave. Tom was upset and almost decided to stay home. He changed his mind and we left about 7 am and drove off down the Highway. Peg and tom were 8 years apart and yet very close since she helped to raise him. After 3 hours on the road we pulled in to the campgrounds. The check in time was n... Continue»
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Anna and Missy

I met Anna online and we developed a friendship even though she was looking for girls. She was extremely open and we shared some experiences including her first time with her best friend Missy. I was in complete awe at her description of their lovemaking but when she sent me their pictures, I was enamored.

Anna's had some nudes that showed a suntanned, petite, dark haired beauty with perfect breasts and nipples, the most kissible belly and hips, great legs, incredible pussy and the prettiest smile. Missy's were only bikini pics but her body almost mirrored Anna's with an equally pretty smil... Continue»
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I met Chaz online. It was to be the first time I met and dressed for a guy without my wife’s knowledge. She had stopped being into dressing me or letting me dress around her. She felt we needed to get back to “normal” play.

Chaz told me he wanted me to come over in the afternoon around 3 pm after he got home from his teaching job. From our online conversation I knew that he was single, had an apartment, was a top and was looking to get sucked. He seemed a bit indifferent towards my dressing but that was ok.

I arrived at his place which was on the second floor of a big three st... Continue»
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Wet t-shirt contest

In Hollywood they have an after hour club that had a wet t-shirt contest. My friend and I decided to go and have fun. They give you a very thin shirt and then spray you with water. It makes the nipples so hard when they feel the ice cold water. Then we all dance and strut around the stage showing our tits as the guys pick the winner.

One by one we dance and display our tits as the guys whistle and shout. Bigger the tits the more they shout. They love the D and bigger tits. The guys start yelling "take it off" and soon the shirts go flying. So now we are topless being sprayed with water. The... Continue»
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Fantasy about my wife

Our sexlife was getting slow and boring, after 20 years of marriage nothing new, and since the k**s lived at the same floor there was not much time for loud spontan sex.
So i came up with a nice idea, how about ghaving our own little glory hole!
So i told my wife about it, and in the beginning she dident like the idea at all, but i told her that would bring our sexlife back to life.
We could make a roleplay out of it and pretend not to know who is on the other side.
So she told me if we would do that it would have to be somewhere safe, so i tolde her i could build something in our garage.
... Continue»
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A Boat, A Best Friend And A Tag Along Wife

After having worked overtime and second jobs for years I finally was able to go out and buy, if not "the" boat I wanted but at least a close second.
I wanted something I could go to the middle grounds fishing or if I felt like it to Nassau or Havana. At least it had to be able to take me out 40 or 50 miles and bring me back. My wife thought I was crazy. Not being
into fishing, diving or cruising she thought it was all a waste but since I had worked so hard she went along with it.

After a few weekends of near shore sea trials, my best friend and fishing buddy, Gary and I were set to hea... Continue»
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The perfect birthday gift! Final part

Rachel couldn't believe her luck, she had just gotten a face full of pussy juices, her pussy was being fingered hard and roughly, Her breasts and nipples was being squeezed and yanked. For her this was truly the begining of heaven, but it was the same for the other girls, Sarah, Karin and Maire loved how open Rachel had been and that had inspired them all to engulf themself in their own desires they wanted to stay together and do all kinds of nasty, naughty things with eachother. What they didn't know was that in just a short period of time things would become alot better.

Sarah was stil... Continue»
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Perfect end to a night out

What a night out it was last night! We all went out for an office party, the new girl Jen was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her lovely long legs, Jen was 19, 5'11" with long blonde hair, she had an ass you could bounce coins off and amazing 34DD breast. I'm pretty sure that every guy out that night was hoping to go home with her but I already knew that I'd be the one who would be fucking this sweet young thing tonight.

The night was going very slow with all the usual office politics so I asked Jen if she'd like to go somewhere abit more lively, so we headed off together.

We'... Continue»
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The Adult Cinema

My name is Anna and I just turned fifty. This made me feel old and unattractive. My husband told me not to worry, I was still hot. I feel like I look like a grandma.
My husband has always been on me to have sex with another man while he watches. I dont know what the attraction is for him, but finally I gave in and told him I wanted to go to an adult cinema and watch some porn. I wore a long jacket to cover up the fact that I was a woman. We walked in and I counted eight men there. I sat next to a guy that had his pecker in his hand. I took my coat off, I was naked and reached over and sta... Continue»
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Sharing Mandy

Sharing Mandy

© phantomwatcher2006 - July 2011

The routine Mandy and I have used for years when 'entertaining' favoured gentlemen guests always follows the same pattern because, with experience, we have found it always works and produces a result that seems the best for all concerned.

We have a few drinks in the kitchen and then retire to the lounge where we sit as a threesome on the settee with Mandy in the middle - and watch some porn on the TV as we top up our drinks. Mandy is very broad-minded when it comes to porn and little phases her except heavy BDSM stuff.... Continue»
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The Fort

Growing up me and best bud, Joe always did things together. As we hit that age, our teen years, we started thinking about sex and girls. We really wanted to have sex and started to think of ways we could do that. We built a fort out in the woods near our house. A place we could store our porno mags that we had found and a place we could fuck a girl when that time came up. We built this fort with some scrap lumber we found and put a small couch and some carpet in there. It was not weather tight but enough to give us some privacy. We even stole a bottle of wine and some candles from my kitchen... Continue»
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A Quiet Night, As Usual

It was a quiet night, as usual. Therese had gone to her boyfriends for the evening for their weekly Wednesday night sl**pover; Annaleze was out working late. I settled onto the couch with my grandmothers hand crotched blanket and turned on the television. There wasn’t a lot on, again as usual. MTV was the closest thing to sanity, and even that was far gone – Jersey Shore, The Real World Las Vegas, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant; anything to separate my mind from the world. My mind must not have been content with the droning television, as I dozed off.

What happens next is more of just a blu... Continue»
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Sharing my girl

I have been with my girl for about 2 years now
She 20 me 22
She is very good at blow jobs and loves it when I talk dirty to her
J has lovely big tits which all the men stare at.
We went on holiday recently and when out exploring the beach found a nudist section
J was nervous but I grabbed her hand and told her not to worry
She kept her bottoms on but I stripped off everything
The beach itself was fairly big with about 20 couples and a handful of men
We walked to the back of the beach where the sand dunes were, j said she'd be more comfortable there. So we lay there for about an hour,... Continue»
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A Christmas Party Tale

I dreaded going to my wife's company Christmas party,
but there was no getting out of it. Alice had been at
her new job less than a year and was soaring to the top
of the corporate chain. Her promotions were coming at
the rate of almost every other month. I was happy for
her, as she brought plaques of praise, letters of
appreciation, and even cash bonuses. I was also happy
for the extra income she was getting; in fact, she now
made a lot more than I did.

All of this success came with a price; our home life
had become almost non-existent. Yet I was still happy
for her a... Continue»
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