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France summer of 1944

This is a small story that kind of came to me in my dreams, and when I woke up I felt like I had to write it down. So here it is with few adds. What a strange dream you might think...well not really, it combines two great interests I have, history and sex xD And please note that English is not my native language, so if I have done any mistakes on grammar or spelling, dont blame me ;)


The war was on its fourth year, but it was now said to be nearing its end. Once Beatrice had heard there were needs for nurses on the west front before the great ... Continue»
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Hairy Asian anal with my Fuck Buddy

This erotic encounter happened last night, and I thought I would share some details while it was fresh in my mind. I hope no-one thinks it disrespectful that I share our story. Of course this posting is with the consent of my young Pinay Fuck Buddy (FB), who is in her early twenties. I am double her age. I'm a white boy, BTW.
The sexting started, as it had before….

Me: How’s your pussy.
FB: Haha very horny.
Me: I wanna bury my mouth and juice you up. Is it getting hairier?
FB. No. it’s still the same.
Me: Slow growth. Do you want to do some cock sucking practice?
FB: Yes, and some rid... Continue»
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my sex life

i can say ive gotten lucky i guess. my sex life has not been too dull specially for my looks and my penis size. its about the average size but hey why should i complain. my best encounter has been with one of my youngest gf ive ever had. she was 19 wen i met her i was about to turn 23. she was white but damn was she great. she had the total package. ass and tits to go around and the tighest, juiciest pussies ive ever had. not to mention i got her into anal and the head was just above the rest. she has been the tighest asshole n pussy ive ever had ever since.

my first time i had with ther... Continue»
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My Last Summer at Home (Part 2)

My Last Summer at Home (Part 2)

Jill and I had such a surge of adrenaline and sexual excitement after
leaving poor Rickey at the drive-in with cum filled shorts, that we drove
my old pickup around for another hour just to settle down. We circled the
outskirts of town, and then we took county road 42 out to the gravel pits.
The gravel pits on the west side of town were one of our favorite places to
hangout. We could drink some beers and smoke some Marlboro's before
plunging into the water from the rope we tied to an old walnut tree. At
night it was a popular hangout for the local h... Continue»
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Alone, Together

Author Note: As usual, this story involves romance and
has a happy ending. If you like that I hope you enjoy
it, if you don't then there's probably no need to keep
going. Though it doesn't deal with the characters
directly from Always With Me, it is inspired by the same
area and era, so I encourage you to read that series as

Finally, this story deals with i****t. That's not your
thing, neither is this story. If you are still with me I
hope you enjoy it and would love to hear feedback at


It really sucked. Once again my parents were... Continue»
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Latest Capture Roleplay

Latest Capture and **** Roleplay

The stage was set. Sara my wife said that she was up for role play last Saturday night. We finally got the k**s in to bed then I set up the webcam in the living room opened the blinds and then stepped out to walk the dog.

The Role-play Begins……..

I quietly entered the house ski mask on cuffs and blind fold on and in hand, ready to capture a milf. She was laying in the bed on her iPad the baby a sl**p in the crib on the other side of the room. I came up behind her put my arm around her neck and mouth then I told her “don’t move, don’t scream... Continue»
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Masseuses Buck - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I had only been on the job for about two weeks. It was just part time. I went to college during the day. Two nights a week I helped clean office buildings, banks and shops near campus. The pay was pretty good. I usually worked with two other guys. We get a text on the way to work. Where to meet. Then we divide the work up. One person would vacuum, the other garbage, and one would dust. Nothing to hard. It was just staying up all night that was difficult.

I through my lunch in the back seat. Followed by a big vacuum cleaner and a small feather duster. ... Continue»
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Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 1

A man travels on business to San Francisco and through the inadvertent misuse of a male enhancement cream is transformed into a woman.

Okay, I shouldn’t need to say this, but this is a TOTAL fabrication and it is not my fantasy. I was asked by a reader of my stories to write a story where a man is transformed into a woman in a “magical way”. The reader was not specific on the method but insisted that the transformation must be unexpected as it occurs to a guy that had no advance desire for the change. I must tell the reader that this was a challenge for me. If you have read my lesbian s... Continue»
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Somebody else's girl. .

She'd been getting more friendly as the months rolled on, always coming over to where we sat. When she took the job I wasn't sure about her. She looked nerdy. Bob cut, thick spectacles ( usually a bit askew ) and considerably taller and broader than I usually went for. She wore jeans, trainers, sweaters or a t shirt with a logo or something. Had she dressed like a woman I may have taken more notice for she had a fantastic figure. People assumed she was a lesbian quite often, although she did have a boyfriend of long standing whom she lived with. So, all in all everything pointed away from anyt... Continue»
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Jeans doc exam

So my wife goes in for her annual gyno exam with a doctor she has had for over 15 years , he is recently divorced and a decent looking Asian about 55 years old. During her previous exam a year earlier, the doctor told her he had felt a very small cyst on the upper inside of her pelvis and that it was probably nothing but he wanted to take a note on it to make sure it wasn't going to grow.

The doctor began the exam as he always did asking her questions about her health and he mentioned that since she had just turned 40 he now needed to perform an rectal exam and a few others that were stand... Continue»
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Tech Support 1 by loyalsock

"What's the matter? Can't you find the hole?" Sarah teased Ben from the office across the hall. He wadded up a piece of paper and made another attempt at her wastepaper basket. It was short again by about a foot. It was nearly noon and Ben was enjoying watching his pretty, brunette co-worker tidy up her office before going to lunch.

Sarah bent over to access the lowest drawer in her file cabinet and Ben slowly crushed another piece of paper, watching the stretchy fabric of her skirt gradually draw up the back of her thighs as she searched through the file drawer. He took aim and launched a... Continue»
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Tech Support 3 by loyalsock

He reached out and touched her back, rubbing it casually before letting his hand slip down to her soft butt cheeks, caressing them both gently. He never would dare to put his hands between her cheeks; that was left to fantasy. But tonight he was emboldened. Tonight his sweet, young wife was giving him head, and he was going to feel her up while she did it.

An electric charge shot through Sarah's body as she felt Aaron's fingers nonchalantly slip into her crack, brushing the soft, sparse hair inside and almost imperceptibly grazing her anus. His hand wandered back out onto her fleshy hips, ... Continue»
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Nichola's Journey into whoredom, complete

Day 1
Hiya Nichola, so you want to know what im going to do with you?
Well as soon as you get here I will tear your clothes off, so make sure they’re not expensive. Then I’ll put a collar round your neck, cuffs on your wrists, behind your back, then f***e you down onto your knees and fuck your whore mouth. When I’ve spunked down your throat ill take you into my bedroom, undo your cuffs, and take your collar off. When I will then pull your arms out wide, handcuff them to my headboard, then wrench your legs apart, attaching your right ankle to your right wrist, left ankle to your left wrist. Y... Continue»
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tease tag

Written by female.
meet amy! your average slut, with and alverage agenda
Tease tag
GENRE-Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Job/Place-of-work, Males / Female, Masturbation

Hey, I guess I can start by introducing myself. That’s always a good place to start. My name is amilyn. But you can just call me amy; Everyone does. I Have dark red hair, I guess you can say its almost the color of the perfect apple. Im usually a pale white but tanning does wonders. I have a tiny waist and a huge ass (or so I’ve been told) and to top it all off, I pack a D36 bra ... Continue»
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Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 1

Arriving at my mistress’s home, I rode my bike into the small shed attached to the barn as directed. Releasing the kickstand, I let the big Harley rest after the enjoyable ride out in the country. Closing the doors, dropping the locking bolt into place, I removed all of my clothing, making certain I had followed all the directions I had been given to a “T”. As I was told there was only one other door available, I opened the door entering the small room, not much bigger than an average shower stall. Closing the door, I stepped up on the two blocks, forcing me to spread my legs wide as I grabbe... Continue»
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Assignation with a lover

I always loved watching my wife with other guys, most of all I loved watching her suck their cocks until they came the bigger the cock the better. I really enjoyed it if they shot their load over her face, neck or breasts but seeing it ooze out of her mouth also did it for me, for her part Anne preferred his load pumping deep inside her cunt but happily let me have my pleasure.
One day she was meeting up with a guy she was having an affair with and suggested that I might like to visit a particular isolated carpark that they occasionally used for assignations at around about 1:00pm. I of cours... Continue»
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losing my virginity

I feel that I must share my first experience with you all, I was just 16 at the time and like most 16 year old guys I was constantly horny, I had always had a very flirty relationship with my stepmom who was very sexy and in fact it was her who gave me the talk about the birds and the bees, She was a brunette with the sexiest feet you could imagine they were so well kept and silky, We were talking about relationships one night when I plucked up the courage to tell her about my foot fetish she simply replied with "Ok well that's nothing to be ashamed about, its very kinky" I told her most girls... Continue»
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The adventures in becoming the maid Trish

The adventures in becoming the maid Trish.
By Lindsey Anastasia

It was hard to believe that a whole year had passed since I arrived at this place. The place was called "The Mansion" and it was run by Mistress Deena. It was a very large facility almost hotel like size and Mistress Deena's main focus was on training and transforming males into beautiful feminized submissive permanent full time maids. The first day I arrived at about 10am and after a long cab ride I was dropped off at the front automatic gate. I gave the driver his fare and then gave him all the rest of the cash... Continue»
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The doctor

I was on my way to the doctor. Not that there was anything wrong with me, you will understand faithful reader that I am fairly healthy. Fit too, I like doing a fair few sports. Sport is a good way to have fun and keep fit and well at the same time. Anyway, I am diverging here, I was on my way to the doctor not for her to see me but for me to see to her. Her was a doctor of a certain age already, a mother I'd like to fuck or milf if it wasn't for the fact that she didn't have k**s. She had a husband though so some might say she wasn't very faithful but I don't see it like that. She loved her hu... Continue»
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John's Spunky Panties!

I clicked, "Enter" and the page changed to my email, Mmm, about 20 or so mails, most were the usual junk, so tick those and delete, some from friends keeping in touch, and then a new one from someone I hadn't heard from for quite a while.
I clicked "Open"
It follows ---

Hi Annette.
Hope you're ok long time no hear. i just wondered if there is any chance of another pair of your spunk stained panties to play with. I will pay you for them. Any chance of a couple of days wear and wet when I receive them. If I get some panties and spunk into them would you wear them wet to work?
I ... Continue»
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