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Caught Masturbating By Mom

It was a week night and I had school the next day. Mom was laying on the couch in her night shirt and panties. She would usually fall asl**p at some point. This time it was no different. I sat watching a show when I noticed her snore a bit. I looked over at her. Her shirt was fairly thin and her nipples were poking the fabric. My eyes traced down to her panties. I could see some of her black pubic hair spilling out the sides of the front.
It had been a month since she had seduced me and stole my virginity. It was quite an embarrassing thing for me. I had struggled with wondering ... Continue»
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My hijabi s****r

My hijabi s****r

I love hijabis, and you could say that I have a hijab fetish, they always get me so hard, seeing their beautiful faces wrapped, their sexy dresses, but nowadays most men have this, mostly due to the increasing amount of hijabi tarts walking around now, even the more ‘devout’ ones dressed like hookers. And the ones who behave modestly yet they suck guys off behind shisha bars. Id love to so fuck one, or have one that will please when I want. I love the ones that look like slags as well as those who wear Abaya/ jilbab, as their smooth round asses always show
However My hijab... Continue»
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The New Step s****r's Sex Party

Lydia was excited about Saturday. First it was her turn to host the party. She was going to have her girlfriends over for a pool party and the best part was her mom and new stepdad were going to be gone until Monday. This would give her the opportunity to host her first orgy.

Lydia remembered how her friends had introduced her to the teen swingers club. Since her first orgy she had come to love the lifestyle of swinging. She had sex with dozen of guys and girls and frankly could not imagine just being with one guy for more than... Continue»
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Concert Sex with s****r and Mom Pt 2

The ride home from the concert was one that Kyle will never forget. After having sex with his twin s****r Kylie and mom Nora at the concert, he was told on the way home that they wanted more. He asked his mom if she had seen him and Kylie and she said not only had she seen it but it was part of their plan. That news caught him off guard and then asked if they had really planned it, to which Kylie responded by asking him if he wondered why they were both commando and wearing such short skirts out in public. It finally dawned on him that his mom and s****r had actually planned to seduce him at t... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me

Growing up it was mostly just mom and me at home since dad owned his own company, then there was a bad accident that took his life, and with nether mom or myself knowing how the company ran, mom sold the company which did leave us in good standing finacialy for the rest of our lives, with just the interest alone.

Now I'm in high school sixteen years old and mom being thirty four years old when my life had a turn around for me.

My mom stands five feet three inches, with brown hair down to her shoulder blades, blue eyes, with just a hint of a pouch or pot belly, which ever you want to call... Continue»
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Joe massages his busty mom

Joe is a teenager, young and full of thoughts about sex and fantasies. One thing occupying his mind is his mother Gina's luscious body. Her big bubble ass and her over sized tits measuring 75 F with cups as big as his head. He often brings one of her bras when he jerks of his growing cock, thinking of how he it would be to fondle them or even better suck them like when he was just a bejby. A moment he loves and also brings him a lot of sexual tension is when mommy asks him to massage her shoulders and back late in the evening when his younger s****r is asl**p - more about her later. Mommy's he... Continue»
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daddys little girl

I was secretly sl**ping with my friends daughter. She is a cute naughty little 16 yr girl in her last year of school. He long suspected she was having sex si he set up a camera in the hall way to see who went in her room.
I would sometime drop her to school in the morning on my way to work. She would dress all respectable when leaving home then change her skirt from a much shorter one in the car. She always had a pair of shorts on so when changing I wouldn't see much. However one day I watch her change then after she slipped the short off and went to school with no knickers on. I made a poin... Continue»
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Quick story about feet

This isn't a full-out sex story, but just something fun and flirty that happened last weekend. A little pick-me-up to distract from the depressing things I've been posting lately. I didn't particularly want to make a blog post of it, so I thought I would try out the story format.

I have a friend who has a foot fetish (lets call him Diego) and we have fooled around several times. It's been about 2 or 3 months since we last did anything. We had made plans to hang-out and do foot stuff in a couple weeks. I would have liked to earlier, but my feet weren't in perfect condition -- I had done a ... Continue»
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humiliated at my sons party

I was glad that Sarah had agreed to go to the conference with me. We'd been married for nearly 19 years and never seemed to go anywhere alone together any more. I was also surprised that she had agreed, as she had to know that for the most part she would be bored out of her skull, so maybe she was thinking along the same lines, and I was glad because she seemed to have lost interest in sex lately. And it wasn't as if it was far away, barely a five hour drive in fact, and my company offered to pay for the hotel room, so I thought we might as well take advantage.

We packed enough stuff for th... Continue»
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The one night that turned into a steamy affair

It all started the day my best friend phoned me for a favour, my friend and her mother were going away for a spa weekend.... That wasn't a problem the problem was there was no one to look after her younger siblings as her aunt had taken unwell and let them down at the last minute. My friends father worked till 9 or 10 most nights as he owned a very successful haulage company. So my friend asked would I be able to stay at her parents house and look after them, the two k**s were 5 and 2 and I loved them like they were my own siblings, my friend and I are both 21 and had known each other pract... Continue»
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My horny neighbor's daughter (part two)

"Honey, this isn't what it looks like." Mrs. West stuttered but even I, in the same position as her, found that as a feeble excuse.

"Mom, you're trying to fuck Jackson! And didn't think to even check if I was around!" Julie was pissed off, but she was justified in being so. But when I looked at her I was shocked by her, she went to the bathroom to clean up but she must have came out in a hurry.

She wasn't wearing her shirt, letting her chest be free to see.

"Honey, please. I wasn't going to have sex with Jackson." She stood up and pulled her shirt up to hide her breasts.

I sat ther... Continue»
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My First Time

As I was sitting and relaxing with a beer and watching TV, there was a scene on a show I was watching that triggered a memory of my first time with a woman. I was young, around 19 and I was visiting my Aunt for the summer. Now my Aunt was not what one would typically picture when one thought about their Aunt.

The sweet older woman, with her hair in a bun and glasses baking chocolate chip cookies for company. My Aunt Mae was 32, with a great body, and a matching personality. She was funny, outgoing and always the life of the party. She was my Mom's younger s****r, and the complete opposite ... Continue»
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The Story Of My Aunt And I (True)

This is a true story of mine from many years ago that I have not really shared with anyone other than my girlfriend. I figure a lot of years have passed so what the hell and I am going to share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy.

I have always enjoyed spending time with my entire f****y but one that I usually found myself around my my aunt Tina. Now to me Tina has always been a sweetheart but also has a wild side and did what she wanted because she always told me she was going to live her life how she wanted and didn't care w... Continue»
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Bored wife pays for sexual fun

I loved my hubby.Ten years married, and my life was almost perfect.Almost. Jim was a great provider.I had two beautiful c***dren,a lovely detached house,and we both had high performance cars. He could cook like a chef, and he kept the garden like a Chelsea flower show winner. But he was boring.And so was my life.We had sex once a week.In our bed.Missionary position every Saturday night.Same position.Same old same old.When I once suggested we try something new in the bedroom,he suggested we leave the light on. Give me patience.
And I was sick of listening to my friends brag about their excit... Continue»
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The Breakdown

You were on your way back from a meeting . Its early spring and thunderstorms have been causing accidents on all the major roads all day long. It's late and not wanting to sit in traffic you decide to take a different route through the country. As you're driving you noticed that the power lines are down everywhere and it none of the houses or stores have power. After a while you notice you're getting low on gas but keep driving in hopes of finding a gas station that's open. About 10 minutes later you realize you did not have as much gas as you thought and your car starts to sputter. ... Continue»
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The Baby-Sitter

Scott Collins was your typical Spring
Valley teenager. 5’9” with short sandy brown hair,
the 17 year old had graduated last month in the
middle of his high school class. Co-captain of the
swim team, his record had been enough to get him a
partial scholarship to State in the fall.
With only part of his education costs taken
care of, a summer job was a must, just as it had been
for the last three years. Scott was lucky enough to
have had a steady summer job as a councilor at the
local elementary school’s day camp. The only
drawback was that whatever he earned at that job
... Continue»
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"So how have you enjoyed the process of hypnosis Summer?" he asked.

The question was so incongruous that bemusement tugged the corners of her lips, her brows rising slightly.

"That's a strange question Mark. How have I enjoyed the process of hypnosis? I've never experienced it, so I wouldn't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about."

Summer had been delighting in getting to know Mark, their weekly catch up and coffee becoming something that she looked forward to. There was no pretense, no affectation of what it was, no overt sexual overtone. That wasn't to say there wasn't a f... Continue»
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The Babysitter

We came home early, that night. The party was not very
exciting, so we made excuses and left before 10, even though we had
told Heather, our babysitter, not to expect us until after midnight.

And obviously, she did not expect us - at least, not right
then. Although we made a normal amount of noise driving up to the
house and walking in, she didn't hear us at all. In fact, neither of
them did. Not she or her boyfriend, lying on the couch in a passionate
embrace, seemed to notice as we entered the living room. We were both
startled, and hesitated awkwardly, not knowing what to do. ... Continue»
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Babysitter Tales

It had taken 5 years. Five years after our first c***d was born, and two
years after the second (and last) last one, we were finally able to go out
again. My wife, Meg, was finally comfortable leaving the k**s with a
babysitter for a few hours while we went out and enjoyed ourselves. After
checking around with friends in the village, we settled on Karen as our
first sitter.

While we were out, Meg k**ded me about the young lady watching our
c***dren. "You're just waiting until you have to drive her home, aren't
you? I can see you now, putting a hand on her knee while you're d... Continue»
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Babysitter's First Time

When I was thirteen I found a job babysitting for a friend of my
mother's. Her name was Charlene Watson and her husband was Charles,
which I always thought was a little funny. Everyone called her
'Charli' but her husband was always Charles and they were very
nice, especially to me and it seemed as if I'd known them my whole
life, really. They were more like my aunt and uncle than just

When I had a birthday, or some other special occasion, Charli and
Charles were always there, with gifts usually, even when it wasn't
called for. Like they gave me a new pair of roller blad... Continue»
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