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Erotic story of BINITA. 6

Chapter 06: A Youth Participates in Holi

He was waiting her. He was Pritam's cousin and he had been chasing his bhabhi to smear color on her and throw water at her. He had successfully cornered her, when Binita cried off, insisting that she be allowed to go change into casual clothes more appropriate for the occasion.

She had taken well over an hour to return. First Thakur had gone up and returned and then Thakurain. Yogesh thought it was all to do with some household matter as his uncle and aunt had some work to attend to with which Binita was associated.

He had no way of knowing tha... Continue»
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Kauai is for lovers- another couple

Cindi and I had worked hard and saved and we jetted off to Kuai for 10 days of sun and doing nothing. The hotel is incredible and we both were in awe. After day two Cindi informed me she wanted to find a remote seciont of beach so we could "really relax."
We talked to one of the cleaners and she tole us how to find a real remote path the lead to a section of beach that was virtually unknown, except to a few locals. It was about a 45 minute drive first.
The third day we organized some droinks and snacks and headed to our private locale for fun in the sun.
The path was truly difficule to loca... Continue»
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Wendy: Amateur Flasher

I’m not sure why, but something made me want to go to the park. A light jacket and jeans over a a blank black t-shirt were my shield from the approaching autumn’s breeze. Coffee warming my hands, I smoked a cigarette and crossed the street into the main green area of town. Many acres wide with a nie stream running through it, it attracted all sorts of joggers and general outdoors people.

I picked a bench by the little walking bridge that crossed over the wide stream and sat to enjoy a cigarette and watch the clouds blow by. I didn’t notice her walk up, only looked aside when she sat down ne... Continue»
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My 19th

I remember clear as day my 19 birthday, one of the reasons is I booked myself in for a tattoo session for a few days later - the other reason youll find out later...

As i woke up on the thursday morning as usual freezing cold, nipples hard, goosebumps on my arms and legs. My pyjamas seem so far away but i had to brave the cold, every year my mum, dad and b*****r come in and sing happy birthday and the worst thing id want them to see is me naked, esp my 17 year old b*****r even though its not the first time (but thats another story). So I jumped up and ran to my pyjamas, nice cute tinkerbell... Continue»
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Older women. They are the best.

This is an honest true story. It's long but why not have a story you can fantasize about. If you don't like it don't read it.

I used to work the overnight shift at a local frozen food delivery place to supplement my farm income. Since I was the warehouse manager my job was to meet with the drivers when they came in to discuss what product had been loaded on their trucks and any concerns they had. One morning a gal came in and introduced herself as a new driver taking over one of the delivery routes. I introduced myself and told her what my job was and gave her my cell in case she had quest... Continue»
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My s****r in law's cousin

I suppose I should really have called this my wife’s cousin because that’s who Steph is but of course she is also my s****r in law’s cousin so that makes it OK. I have been unfaithful to my wife three times. I am not proud of it and I am always remorseful afterwards; however, I cannot deny that I really enjoyed all of them. Two of them were with my s****r in law Jayne and you may have read about my confessions regarding them. This is what happened with Steph.

I grabbed our suitcase and took it out to the car; we were only staying for the week-end but we seemed to have enough luggage to ... Continue»
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Sex With A Sexy Stranger - Pt 1 The Elevator

I was out of town on business. Been a long trip, actually been a long few months. Work has been intense and home, well not much good to say there. My wife, hot wife, has shut down sexually... Loves to dress up like she's got some slut in her, I'd fuck her all the time, like we used to. Oh well, needless to say I'm horny as hell. Just had a few drinks, things were quiet at the bar. I've never cheated on my wife, didn't think I ever would but she's not giving me any choice... Porn is ok but it's been too long, I need some real pussy. There were a few hot girls at the bar but none worth taking a ... Continue»
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The school counsellor, part 2

Part 2.

“I knew you’d be back!” Gary said as he greeted me.
“Of course, you did say the job was mine!” I laughed.
“You still on for that stag tomorrow night?” He asked.
“You bet, looking forward to it,” I replied.
“Good, but its fifteen now, still ok?”
“I told you last night, I can handle twenty,” I said, wondering if I really could handle even ten. It was a fantasy. A fantasy I was anxious to experience.

I walked to the bar. The young barmaid from yesterday was again serving, the one who had watched me being fucked, spit roasted.
“Hi sweetie, what can I get you? She asked.
“S... Continue»
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Another aunt

It was a f****y dinner at this aunt place, about 20 guests there. I was 26yo, she was 58yo aunt of my wife. She was in the kitchen busy with the cooking and I was outside helping her husband with the bbq. Her husband asked me to get dishes for the meat and the bread so I went inside where I found the aunt, his wife, a chubby woman with very big tits and ass, always dresses in conservative way
That evening she was wearing a gym short, t-shirt and had a kitchen apron on her, those that cover the front only. When I went in the kitchen and asked her for the dishes, she asked me to follow her in t... Continue»
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True bottom

1st Commandment: Always Bareback

Bottoms not only love being fucked Bareback, they need to be fucked Bareback. You don’t want anything between you and the Cock fucking you. The Top must never be denied the pleasure of fucking Raw, and the you should never be denied the reward of having Cum pumped into your ass.

2nd Commandment: Always Swallow

When a Bottom sucks Cock he does so to please and serve the Top, but also because he longs for the perfect reward of Man-Cum flooding his mouth. Yes, as a Bottom you are a glutton for Cum. Cum is for you the manna of the gods. To spit is sacrileg... Continue»
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Losing my Virginity to my maid

This is my first of my sexual memoirs. I chose my first sexual memoir to be about me losing my virginity to my Indonesian House-Maid. The story takes places in Kuwait in 2007.

Marrissa, an indonesian house-maid that used to work for my f****y was always the naughtiest of the housemaids, as she was more forward and wasn't afraid to ask questions or speak her mind. She looked pale with the typical indonesian woman nose feature and cheeks. Her cheeks were high up and made her smile look better. She had shoulder length black hair and looked around 30s. ( found out later she was 38 or 42, I forg... Continue»
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The Letter

Gemma Young paced back and forth in her living room as she furiously scolded her son. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected to come home from work to find him having sex not only with their neighbor Sarah Matthews, but with her cute daughter Ashley too! Fancy that -- a mother-daughter combo! Right there in her very own bedroom! The audacity of it! To see them both kneeling before him, covered in spunk. She had been lost for words and had just stood in the doorway eyes-wide aghast.

A few seconds later she had kicked the two tramps out of her house and violently dragged her naked son ... Continue»
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Aaron's New Steps****r

Aaron Sanders was shocked when he heard that his father had remarried. His mother had died when he was young, and it had always just been him and his dad. When he was going to college at Pitt, his father told him during his senior year that he was dating a woman, but getting married only three months into their relationship was a huge shock. Heather was a woman who had been divorced a long time and he guessed they just fell into a mindset of hurrying up because they were both in their forties. Aaron just hoped that his dad had set up a great prenuptial agreement because he felt like this was r... Continue»
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Dichotomy of Life

Shane finished his final touches of getting ready in the hotel room. He made sure the gingerbread candle was lit. He lathered himself with cocoa butter and sprayed some perfume. The five-foot-eight-inch, one-hundred-forty-pound batty boi was so ready to see him.

Driving his silver 2012 Nissan Armada out of the parking lot on his lunch break, Chris headed towards the motel where his paramour was spending the night. He was barely a half-inch taller than Shane and weighed close to the same although he had much more muscle. He had met the brown-skinned vixen at a gas station.

Unbeknownst to... Continue»
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Aunt Rose Dressed Me Like a Girl – Chapter 3

If you have not read previous chapters of this saga please go back to the start, this may not make much sense without some of the back story. Again, if you are offended by taboo subject matter this series is NOT for you.

I knew what a girdle was before Aunt Rose told me, I had seen them in magazine ads and I know women wore them to look skinny. I worried instantly that Aunt Rose thought I was fat and looked into her eyes. I think she could read my mind as she said, “Look honey, that little thing of yours is going to need a little training and until we get it under control this girdle wil... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 5

Chapter 05: They Celebrate Holi Together

When Thakur Hari Singh stirred from his slumber he immediately became aware that while he was covered by a sheet, he was not wearing his dhoti and the lower part of his body was bare. His eyes felt cool and his body felt alive with a buzz and he remembered savoring the luscious body of his bahu (daughter-in-law). It reminded him of how he had felt in his younger days when he lost his virginity to one of the older maids. That particular maid, one who had been his nanny through growing years, had allowed him to discover sex through her. She and her you... Continue»
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By Moni My days as an e****t another true story

My life as a shared wife was about to get more interesting. I had been at this job for a few years now. This was in the mid eighties I was 27 and my boss and I had been intimate at work for 6 months already, with hubby's approval of course. Dave, my boss was a man in his late 40's handsome confident and a damn good fuck. He owned the company it was a an architectural firm as this was my focus on my new career. We had many international clients that he would deal with.
We were talking about a particular client one day that he really wanted to close the deal with. He was an executive from Texa... Continue»
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Aunt Rose Dresses Me Like a Girl - Chapter 2

If you have not read the first chapter of this sage I suggest you start there before reading this story, which is a total fabrication and fantasy. If you are bothered by taboo subject matter then don’t read this story.

Aunt Rose held the panties out for me to step into. I was shocked to the point I did not know what to do. I had come to visit her while my parents went to Europe for the summer and on my very first day with her I had taken a bath and experienced my very first orgasm at the age of 10. I didn’t even have a name for what had happened, but my little cock got so hard and then ... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)
by Claude van Feinbode

"Help me," Jenny said. She was crying silently.

"It's all right. Let me help you…." I said.

"Oh…god. I didn't want…I mean, what….your hands are cold."

"Yes. Let me help you stand." I said.

Jenny still had not noticed that her skirt was above her waist. The cold air in the room had made her cock smaller than when I saw it in the briefest of flashes when she toppled backwards in her chair. Now I got a good look and saw that she had no pubic hair. She took care of herself as meticulously as her long nails. If I ju... Continue»
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Mother and daughter re-union

Mother and daughter re-union
When this happened is not relevant but this is a true story and the names are true as well......

As you may already know , I had a taxi business in a seaside town on the south coast of England. The main office was bang in the centre of town and the waiting room was upstairs one floor with a coffee machine and a cold drinks and choc bar vending machine which was very popular with the punters and being away from street level also offered an element of safety particularly for young ladies wanting to get home after a night of clubbing and getting pretty squiffy ! ... Continue»
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