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First Time Suck Buddies Part 6

I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other.

Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks!

I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out of Jason’s mouth. Jason stood up and barely gave me a chance to get to my knees before he was pushing his cock in my mouth. I’m going to throatfuck you like you did me, Jason said as he thrust his cock deep. And that he did, fucking my mouth and throat f... Continue»
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The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 1, Chapter

Chapter 4
Every day of the next week was agony. I would wake up in the morning with a hard cock that ached to be stroked. Resisting the urge of releasing all that cum that was building within my cock was getting tougher and tougher to do with each passing day. During the day my mind would drift off to a dream state. At night my dreams were filled with the images of the previous weekend and all four guys sitting in my living room naked and stroking their hard cocks. Remembering the image of each cock exploding all over the person next to them caused my own to cock to twitch. It was as i... Continue»
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The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section, Chapter 1

This is the story of something personal to me. I have broken this down in multiple sections with multiple chapters in each section. Comments regarding this personal journey along with my writing would be greatly appreciated. Please disregard any typos that may be present.

The Miss-adventures of Michelle
Section I: Hidden Desires

Chapter 1
I must first state that everything recorded within these pages may seem far-fetched at times and quite unbelievable. However, the events that transpired are true. I find myself looking back on the events of the past with wonder and amazement at ... Continue»
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The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 1, Chapter

Chapter 2
I awoke early Saturday morning as was usual for me to do. I went through my morning routine of a cup of coffee, small breakfast, and cleaning the dishes. I then set about cleaning the house from top to bottom. Every room in the house was given its due amount of cleaning and care before I finally took a shower to give the same attention to my own personal appearance. With razor in hand, I carefully went through my custom of shaving my legs, arms, backside, and the small area on the chest that needed it. Once I was satisfied that I had taken care of making my entire body silky s... Continue»
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Would you Marry a Girl like me??

As a little girl I used to prowl through my mothers wardrobe to wear her things, and the first surprise was the smell of leather, hanging there. This weekend I laid out these garments on my bed, as I had inherited them after she had gone, and as I looked at these expensive hand sewn garments, through experienced adult eyes, I could only imagine the beautiful woman inside them, that was my mother, and the scenery around her, that could only be imagined in an adult mind.

That was my dear mother, a temptress and a disciplinarian, a lover of young men. I am sorely tempted to use the word 'Very'... Continue»
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The neighbor boy and I used to play with each other from a young age. When we got to be a little older we learned how to play like adults. I really loved sucking his cock and he was a great pussy licker. I still love sucking cock more than I should. Gil still lets me suck him any time I want but I want a nice big cock with big balls to suck and get a huge load of cum to swallow. Gil and I self taught ourselves sex by watching porn in the computer when our parents were away. He was fifteen and I was f******n when he stuck his cock in me the first time and fucked me. I loved it and we then fucke... Continue»
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Crossing over to a cuckold

Second time being a cuckold
Let me start off by saying. My stories are all true events that took place with me and my ex gf ... My first adventure as a cuckold was amazing. To be there and watch another man fuck your gf harder and better then you ever have. It's a mind blowing experience. How she was in another world. Taking this guys huge cock. Which is at least 5 inches bigger then mine and twice as thick. I knew that sex between us would never be the same.
After that great night. Things went back to normal, so I thought. It had been 3 weeks since I seen her. When we did hook up she wasn'... Continue»
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First time with former mother in law

This happened a couple years ago when I was 30 or 31 and Gail, my former mother in law, was 55 or 56.

Gail and I got along great. I would hang out with her and Ron (former father in law) pretty frequently, even after my ex split about 2 years before this night. Gail was Ron's 2nd wife and my ex's step-mom, so that was probably why she was easy to still be around after my ex & I split. But about a year after our split, Gail & Ron separated. Getting together became less frequent because Gail & I were both pretty busy.

One Thursday morning Gail called me saying she had tickets to a baseba... Continue»
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Neighbors wife.

Well to start they aren't married, but live and have 2 k**s together.

They moved in about a year after I got my house. Nice couple. His name was Dan, and we will call her Kate for this story, but everything else is true. Dan was a short, round happy go luck pothead kind of dude, and work drawing bl**d for d**g tests (what a joke). Anyway a job like that doesn't pay well, but he was cool. We got along well. We partied in the yard, they had hooked me up with a GF of theres, etc. Dan liked to do projects at the house but wasn't a handy guy. he would often ask for help, or to use tools. I'm li... Continue»
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The New Employee

Amy was a new employee in the office and found herself having difficulty understanding all of her job duties. Her manager was less than helpful and was constantly in a foul mood. Luckily, Amy knew that she could ask the person who previously had her job, Rick, for help. But, she was a little timid about doing so. It’s not that he wasn’t helpful, but she had a little bit of a confidence problem, so asking for help was a difficult thing for her.

Amy had submitted a report to her boss and got it back full of markups and got a little talking to for her trouble. She knew that if she didn’t ... Continue»
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First Time Suck Buddies Part 5

I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other.

Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks!

It was Tuesday, the first part of June, and the neighbors who were going out of town were leaving in the morning. The wife came over to give me the key and tell me the things she wanted me to do while they were away. Bring in the mail and paper and water the plants she had put by the sliding gl... Continue»
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Batehole Three Degradation

Batehole Story No. 3


By Buck Jones

No matter what video you are watching or what toy you are playing with, it is your imagination that takes you down the batehole and to the finale with your sperm shooting out in all its glory. Or your insides being ripped to shreds by that favorite instrument of inserted pleasure. The road to the point of satisfaction can be a long one or one that develops quickly and leads to an almost instantaneous gratification. And the attack of desire to masturbate can overcome a person in any location at any time.

It’s amazing the scenarios that... Continue»
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Slavery Prep by Not Step Mom

James, or Jamie as his mom and friends called him, had turned 18 and graduated from the national high school program. Under federal law, within six months of graduation all males were legally required to enter a higher education program, secure employment, or enter military service.

Jamie had been unable to succeed at obtaining any of these mandated requirements. His physical stature was much smaller than most young men of his age. At 5'6" he was considered short, lean and skinny, and lacked much muscular strength. He lacked the minimum physical requirements to enter military service and w... Continue»
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Mom’s Used Cunt. part 2

Here I am lying in my bed staring up at the ceiling thinking back to last night when I fucked my mom, when who should walk in to my bedroom but her. She had on her tee shirt, cum nightie and straight away, I noticed her braless tits pressed up against the thin material.

Mom sat down on the bed
“I know what you did last night” she said then crossed her legs slowly making sure I saw her do it.
I started to turn red and I was getting prepared for a right good rollicking when I released she was wearing nylons, how strange I thought with her nightie.

Mom crossed her hands and placed them on... Continue»
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An Officer & A Gentleman

The alarm went off and I groaned while reaching over to hit the SNOOZE button.
“Damn.” I said getting out of bed.
As my usual routine, I turned the TV on, turned to channel 2 and waited to see what Atlanta rush hour traffic would have in store for me.
“We go now to Karen Minton with your weather.” Fred Blankenship said on the television.
I shook my head.
“Makes no sense how fine that man is.” I said walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
It was supposed to be cool that day, a nice November day. I turned the shower on, just as I heard that all lanes were blocked on GA-400 due y... Continue»
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One Night in September

“It is so damn hot” I said as I opened the window in my bedroom.
Being that I was on the second floor of my house, I looked forward to a nice breeze to blow through my bedroom on that September evening.
I walked into my bathroom, turned the shower on and removed my clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror, turning around from left to right. The Zumba classes were paying off, along with the monthly membership to the tanning bed. I unclasped my bra, finally letting my 36Ds go free. I instinctively rubbed them, gently squeezing them. God, it felt good to be out of the bra. I wiggled out of t... Continue»
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First Time Suck Buddies Part 4

I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other.

Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks!

Jason followed my lead and positioned himself like I had on him, with his leg over mine. He started licking and sucking my balls while he was rubbing his hard cock on my leg. After a short while, I wanted him to start running his tongue down near my asshole, so I raised my hips and ass up. He g... Continue»
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at the river

Summer's finally here. We were going to spend a week at a river resort. My mother and I went to the office to confirm our reservation for a cabin close to the water park, signed in and unpacked the car. We put or things away and went to the little restaurant at the park.
Mothr said I could go swimming if I wanted to, but I asked if I could rent an inner tube to ride to rapids on the river. After some convincing I'd be safe and begging she agreed as long as I'd be back before sun set.
Putting on my swimsuit and tennis shoes, I ran down to the shack that rents the tubes. Jumping in the water... Continue»
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Boy Dominates Sexy Mom 4

I spent the whole rest of the day frustrated after my retarded father walked in the house and ruined things. Mom was spread out on the floor in front of me and about to make herself cum with her vibrator, but had to run off before my dad caught us both jerking off in the living room. I was so close to seeing her have an orgasm it was almost painful to think about.

That night, just as I was about to turn off the light next to my bed and rub one out, there was a light knock at the door. My mom came in and closed the door softly behind her. She was wearing her big terry-cloth robe and pajamas... Continue»
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A Beautiful Woman is the Best

My entire outlook on sex has turned around in the past
year, and I must admit that it has been a turn for the
better. I am a thirty-five-year-old business woman who
has been divorced for five years and I am trying to get
my daughter through college. I have tried to keep myself
in relatively good shape so that I'll remain attractive
to the opposite sex.

About six months ago I was out on a date with an old
friend of mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with
two of her friends from the local college, and she
didn't expect me home until much later.

I had no sooner arri... Continue»
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