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Masturbating Mom

I was totally horny. I couldn't stand it any longer. My
husband, Jim was away on business again and I couldn't
wait another minute, much less another two days. My
son, Paul was out on a date, so I was all alone in the
house... alone and frustrated! My pussy wanted
attention in the worst way. Since Jim wasn't around to
help the situation, I was just going to have to take
matters into my own hands... so to speak.

I wasn't new to masturbation. Quite the contrary. I
loved doing it. It was fun. Some of my girl friends
said that they would never do such a thing to
themselve... Continue»
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"Mom Flashes Puppies at WWF Event"

I had to break it to the guys at lunch. My dad was supposed to
drive us to the WWF wrestling show next week, but now he has to
be out of town, so my mom is going to drive us. At least my dad
watches wrestling with me a little bit, and is more of a regular
guy, but Mom is pretty conservative, and might put a damper on
things sitting with us in the stadium.

This was supposed to be really good. Five of us boys going to
the WWF live, followed by a sl**p-over at my house, and no school
the next day because of a teacher's institute day. It was me,
Glen and Kyle, two of my long-time f... Continue»
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Aunt Betsy, my very first

I managed to reach high school graduation without experiencing sex.
Masturbation, however, was another thing. I found magazines, movies and
voyeurism to provide pleasure in some private place as I jacked off. I had
imagination, which worked overtime.Miss Hall, 9th Grade Literature, Mrs.
Fallon, the church organist and Mrs. Baker the Crossing Guard were fucked
over and over in my fantasies. I thought nothing could be more pleasurable
than jacking off. Later I was to be proven wrong.

As graduation got closer, Mom decided I would attend college in the city 50
miles away. Her ... Continue»
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Part 5 Back to the Cabin for Clean up

Chapter 5, Back to the Cabin for Clean up

When Karen passed out from the pain of the piercing and cauterization, it didn’t take long before a little of the piss and shit mixture that was flowing through the tube to trickle down her wind pipe. As soon as the acid hit the sensitive lining of the bronchial tube, the burn caused her to quickly wake up in a coughing fit. This caused the shit and piss mixture to be sprayed through her nose out over her mouth, chin and tits. Because she was strapped into the chair, she could not move to help ease her coughing spasm. She continued to cough ... Continue»
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Part 6 Karen’s Night Out

Chapter 6, Karen’s Night Out

Darrell stood there and admired Karen’s beauty and just thought how lucky he was to be able to have made her his personal sex toy. He had plans to really put her through her paces tonight. He hoped that she would be totally humiliated by the end of the night. He wanted to drive any bit of self esteem she might have out of her. While looking at her he decided to use something other than a dildo in her ass. He went and got the remotely controlled Ben Wa balls. He ordered Karen, “Bend over the couch and lift your skirt.”

Karen was too afraid of bei... Continue»
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wife's teen helper

Since I am often out of town, my wife and I decided to find a young man to help with chores while I was gone.
We put a tear off add in the foyer of the grocery store with our number and general area asking for a "Young man to do household chores".

we got only a few call backs and set up 3 interviews for the coming weekend. Friday evening a knock on the door turned up our first interview. The young man was nicely dressed and good looking. small frame and not quite skinny, but a bit thin.His name was Andrew and we invited him in and took him on a tour of the duties we expected to be handled.... Continue»
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The Nerd

Geek. Nerd. Dweeb. Take your pick, any one of them would describe
Pete just fine. At sixteen, he'd never kissed a girl, never even held
hands, and was more at home with his books than with people. Yes, books.
Although he was perfectly good with a computer, the kind who'd teach
himself how to program it, he'd rather read an actual book than surf the
Internet. He wasn't interested in Facebook, or Twitter, or any of those
things. Didn't even really like to watch TV or movies. When he did, he
was always trying to figure out how he would re-write the scripts to make
them better... Continue»
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Part 4 Karen’s Night of Hell

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 4, Karen’s Night of Hell

Karen woke up when the trunk was opened. She noticed that they were inside a garage and there were no windows to indicate how long it had been since she left the porn shop or whether it was light or dark outside. In reality, she was only about a half mile from Darrel’s parent’s cabin. ... Continue»
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Wife's Initiation To Biker Club Pt.1

Well, a month ago I couldn’t believe it when I caught my suburban housewife Debbie getting ass fucked by Butch her biker boyfriend in our basement. A week later I made a discreet visit to our local biker bar and found her sucking Butch’s cock in a dark back corner of the room. I had already found a trunk in our basement with a bunch of “biker chick” clothing and a denim vest with the words “Butch’s Old Lady” on the back. On it was a big patch with “Hell’s Lovers Wisconsin” written on it, on the front pocket were three small wing patches: one brown, one blue and one grey. The blue wings meant a... Continue»
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Watching My Wife'sBiker Initiation Pt. 2

I was dumbfounded watching a film of my suburban wife’s initiation into a biker club. I put in the second Disc and the camera panned back to the RV where my wife was fucking her brains out and giving blow jobs. My wife went in with her boyfriend Butch and another guy. I remembered she still had two more guys to fuck that night. This second guy was Kevin he commented to my wife about the cool lesbian dance she had done earlier. Kevin said Butch asked him to help you earn your “brown” wings. She crudely replied “well stupid, you can start by fucking me in the ass dipshit” that’s why Butch in... Continue»
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First Time With a Lesbian Biker

If you have been following my experiences you know that three months ago I was a regular very bored housewife in a far suburb of Chicago. My husband is a salesman who always traveled for work. Since then, I’ve learned he was the worst fuck I’ve ever had. I had plenty of “free time” on my hands and that’s when I stumbled into a local biker bar one day and met Butch. My life would never be the same. I will do anything for him, fuck him, suck his cock, swallow his cum; he can even fuck me in the ass on occasion. I have become a first class slut, I’ll even suck his cock in public and given head t... Continue»
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The Adventures of Mark and Andrea

It was wrong and he knew it. He had driven Andrea home the night before, after a dinner party planned by his wife. There were problems and he was unable to keep his silence. While driving her home, the two friends had talked. At one point, Andrea had placed a hand on his leg. He was nervous, but he liked it. The night ended with their lips locked together, their tongues dancing against one another. Andrea's hand gently pressing against the swelling in his pants. His hand firmly cupping one of her breasts.

She peeled the skin back, exposing the swollen tip. Her lips lightly touched the tip f... Continue»
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Samantha & Her b*****r

Samantha was really disappointed as she opened the front door of her house. She had planned on spending time after school with her boyfriend Tony. Unfortunately he had received a detention notice and was going to be there instead of fucking her!

Life could be so unfair! On the other hand she was thrilled to be Tony's girl. First he was a wonderful lover and second Samantha also got to enjoy the company of his mother in bed. It was so sexy when the three of them had sex! His mother had introduced her to girl sex and it was almos... Continue»
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F(a)mily camping trip - Part 3

F(a)mily camping trip - Part 3
Sub Title…Naughty f(a)mily fun! – Part 3

--------- Chapter 5
Still early Saturday morning
Back at the campsite…

Her mind was spinning with thoughts…as she watched Steve break two eggs into a frying pan, her hunger surged, as she smelled sausage cooking also…her thoughts could wait.

She sat in a canvas camp chair and ate her breakfast. She looked at her b*****r-in-law and saw him wink at her; Mary blushed deeply, but was able to give him a quick grin. Then she saw her niece grinning at her also, and found herself returning it.

-------... Continue»
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Ringing Aunt Bells Chimes

As I stepped out of the shower one night I was drying off when I noticed an old scare on my stomach. I had forgotten all about it until I saw it that night. It put a smile on my face and a tingle in my cock as I thought about what it had come to represent.

I had just completed my junior year of college and was looking forward to the summer break. That was until I had a sudden attack of appendicitis and had to have surgery. It's not that my parents didn't care about me, but they had plans for a summer trek across the country in their RV, and they weren't about to let my appendix stop them.
... Continue»
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Ringing Aunt Bells Chimes.....Final Chapter

Bell smiled at me and leaned forward telling me how sweet I was as she went to kiss me on the cheek. I saw it coming and decided if I was going to make a move now was the time. As she went to kiss me, I turned my head so her lips met mine. To my surprise she didn't pull away, rather she left her lips on mine.

The second thing I noticed was her breast was touching my arm as I began kissing her just a little harder. Again she didn't pull away as I started moving my arm ever so slowly against her breast. I could feel her move in just a hair, her breathing becoming a little more labored. Then ... Continue»
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I love being his favorite servant

*Revised 100%*
...The following is estimated to have taken place sometime back in the early 18th century... This story is fictional...

My name is Benjamin. I was always fascinated by the "extravagant lifestyle" of the royal members, ever since I was little. Even though growing up in the poor side of the kingdom was not the best way to observe "royalty". But I had heard the stories about the great lives of kings and queens, so I thought it would've been just grand to work for such fine people. The small famil'y I had was composed of my fathe'r who worked hard for what literally was at time... Continue»
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I had lunch with my daughter today. She's a very lovely young lady, 19
years old, smart, and capable. She lives with her mother, my ex, and is
working on a bachelor's degree in Chemistry at the State University campus
here in town. She has a boyfriend, a nice solid young man. Both of them
have their heads on straight, and are working to make good lives for
themselves. I like to think she got her brains from me, but I'd never say
that to the ex. She's also a pretty girl, with her mother's slender figure
matched to my blue eyes and brown hair. No man, her father included, ... Continue»
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Ok, first of all, thanks for reading my story but please don't think that I'm weird or anything because of what I'm about to tell you. PLEASE, I know

it's different but it's all true and it really happened like this.

I lived in a nice home with my parents and I had one s****r. She was older than me but very pretty and I loved her a lot! She and I shared a large

bedroom together and mom and dad had of course the master bedroom down the hall. We were a normal f****y in the suburbs and we even went

to church every Sunday! My s*s and I were both in high school and she was a c
... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude 7

(NOTE: I made an error in posting. Part 6 went to my blog instead of main story page in case you are following).

Sharon asked me just what did I have in mind about being "daring" for my neighbors. "Well" I told her, "You don't know this but a long time ago I stopped at a store that was going out of business". "I had no idea of what I might buy there until I found these." I then retrieved a box I had hidden away in my bedroom. "Here, what do you think about these?" Sharon began pulling the items from the box. Everything that was in the box looked like they came from a high-end store ... Continue»
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