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Just Near the Tracks

The sun beat down on Sarah as she lay by her pool tanning. She loved the way the sun warmed her back and could almost feel the rays bringing out the blonde streaks in her auburn hair. The fabric of the chair underneath her sent shivers running down her spine every time she shifted against it. "Besides not having any tan lines, this is another plus to tanning in the nude," she thought.

She was thinking about the wonderful guy she had met at a local pub the other day when she heard a splash. "It must have been the filter," she thought as she craned her neck to search the water's surface. Appr... Continue»
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Making the milf list 4

The whole week things had been weird. Mom and I could not look at each other. I am not sure what her issue was but when I did look at her, I tended to stare which led to sorting through the files of my memory; Kyla, Laura, my naked mother, all of which made me hard and I would have to retreat from public view till my pussy rocket followed the gantry back into seclusion where it belonged. I kept waiting for some sign that mother was weakening, that she needed hard cock and would take the colossal risk by bidding for mine. When she made no move, gave no positive sign and avoided my eyes, I began... Continue»
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My Neighbour was Fucking my Daughter

I moved into my apartment three years back and almost immediately was befriended by the widower downstairs, a man some thirty years my senior, and because of his age, saw no immediate threat to me or my daughter, who was eight.

Over the years I remained celibate, and at 27 never sought the high life or fun times, just remained at home and had the occasional drink with Peter downstairs, a sort of convivial arrangement, as he like myself kept much to ourselves, and over time became a substitute grandfather to Heidi my daughter.

For her tenth Christmas, Peter bought her a computer, somethin... Continue»
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The trucker and the pornstar wannabe.

I have cams in my big-rig cab since that time I picked up a girl and she made false accusations. I never did what she said, and it turned out that she had a history of it making claims. The charges were dropped, but it taught me a lesson. I like company on long trips and the cams cover my ass.
So I was happy to pull over for a cute girl on the I5 ramp at Patterson.
She didn't even ask where I was going, just tossed her backpack into the cab and climbed in after it.
"Where you going?"
"South. Los Angeles."
"I'm going to Long Beach"
"Is that good?"
"Yeah. I can drop you somewhere in L.A."... Continue»
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The Music Teacher [fic]

In my final year we went away with the school to Spain. I was 18 and it was my first time away with my classmates. A few teachers tagged along to chaperone us. One of them was this smoking hot music teacher. She was blonde and what can only be described as extremely fit.
She wore glasses and always these black tight trousers that emphasized her perky bum.

It started when we got to our rooms. I was with my best friend and two other students in a room (all male) and the teachers had a room to themselves.

On the first night we had all got pissed in our rooms. I had a few "glasses" of vodk... Continue»
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My D***k Mom

There was a knock on the front door. I was pretty sure who it was.

So let me set this up for you. If you’ve read my stories, you know that my wife, Janice and I, share our home and bed with my s****r Ginger. We’ve been living between Texas and Florida for the past few years, but Florida, where I grew up, was going to be our home from now on. And to put it plain, Florida is hot. It is hot in the winter, hot in the spring and fall. And it is really hot in the summer. Having grown up in the heat of Florida, clothes in our home are an option. Always have been, always will be. It’s so m... Continue»
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My Cousins Girl

Im from new york, and have f****y all over the states. My cousin who was usually up to no good had seemed to find his way back to NY, and at my house after moving down to florida but this time he wasnt alone. He came up with a big booty puertican chick. I was like daaaaamn " she got the phatty "...... Me, im the type of person who gonna listen and see what you have to say...... yada yada yada to make a long story short my cousin told me he and his girl were on bad terms. " i swear nga im waitin for this bitch to fuck up, cant wait to kick her out ". I was like ok i hear you. One night we in my... Continue»
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Santa deposited his present between my legs

It was as if Santa himself had granted my every naughty wish, as if the white bearded old man had been watching me on a hidden cam in my room and knew my confused mind, I might have been thirteen, but my libido as a girl for older men, Santa wanted me to let them know I was available.

'Ho Ho Ho', this jocular old man in a red suit, sat at the head of our dinner table, his hand sometimes straying onto my thigh, with a gentle squeeze, just inches from my crotch, yes that high on a girls bare leg, and I 'Ho, Ho, Hoed', with him, well at least until he did touch it, that's why I sat so close to... Continue»
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Part 1: s****rs Talking about their Daddy

I lay on my back, the sun was mottled through the swaying branches of the trees overhead, I heard my s****r shout to me to come in, and I raised my head to see her splashing in the brook.

At twelve she was beginning to develop breasts, and her hips were taking on a more rounded shape, whereas I, a year younger, was still tomboyish in appearance, but at least my nipples, were both hard and stood proud, the cool air and the fact I was naked, always has a stiffening effect.

The thought of being caught like this was exciting and as my hands deftly brushed them, I could feel the tension in my... Continue»
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Medical Training

I couldn't believe it she was over my lap, right there and ready and willing to do anything that was asked of her.

Looking down the only thing I could see was her pale pink bottom hole, tiny lines radiating out from the middle. I was holding her cheeks apart with thumb and finger, the more I opened them the more I could see her hole contract squeezing her cheeks to try and hide the shame of being so exposed but there is only one way to take a temperature in my opinion.

I was being observed by the matriarch of the f****y, her eyes watched my every movement. She had placed all that I would... Continue»
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Veronica part two

I finally fucked Veronica I couldn't believe it, I never thought about sex with another girl more. My biggest fantasy was now a reality and it felt better than I ever imagined. We just finished and I was sitting on the couch and Veronica was in the bathroom. I was just enjoying the moment when she came back in and sat beside me. "Even though you came so fast your dick felt amazing. At first I thought I was making a mistake but I can't lie, I loved it." She said, "I couldn't help it, my dick was so hard and your pussy felt so good." I replied, "that's okay, we can fuck again but I would like ... Continue»
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Another Time At Lisa's

One day while I was dating my older neighbor Lisa (46, I was twelve at the time) she had her mother visit from Seattle. Her mother was 68 or so at the time. I was over because I was always over. My mother was a single mother of two who was also trying to make partner at the law firm she worked for. She spent many hours working and Lisa and her made arrangements for me to stay over whenever my mother was going to be working late. This was one of those occasions where it was a Friday night, my mom had to work late and I got to stay at Lisa's.

Lisa and her mother Camila were at the dinner tabl... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #8: Aisha's Confessio

Attractive awesome Aisha cutely confesses her earliest erotic experiences and memorable moments

After Alex tells us as first about her first erotic feelings and discovering pleasing her pretty pussy
Aisha is next to take the stand for her honest horny confession of early slit sliding and clitty play

Aisha, I am very curious at which age you started to pleasure yourself by playing with your pussy?
Aisha, I only know that your mom told her both dear dods while bathing them it is fine, perfectly!

Aisha blushes a bit and licks her lips so sweet and shy - she seems won
... Continue»
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Emotional Detachment from ones' self in what

I have enjoyed, quite a bit sexually in my life. I enjoy looking at women, as much as I love fucking my wife. Let's clear up looking so there is no confusion, porn.
I would say my desire for controlling ones emotions and dominating a woman came before my first (remembered) sexual encounter. My first girlfriend was not into many things, but one thing never slipped away from my mind. She was tainted. She had another man's initials on her inner right thigh, and this drove me beyond insane everytime I saw it.
Flesh, once submitted to me, is mine. and in order for me to fe... Continue»
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Making the milf list 3

When a man knows a woman is attracted to him, it makes him proud. When a woman knows a man wants her, it makes her proud. When you have to keep it secret, when you worry about people seeing the sex haze in your eyes, it makes you wary. When you are wary, you walk quietly and tend to find yourself sneaking around, even when you are getting a soda or a snack from the kitchen, just to stay in practice. This brought me a moment of inspiration and good fortune. My mother was sitting in the living room, around the corner from the kitchen talking on the phone.

"Well, Laura, all I can say is, if sh... Continue»
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Transgender dating advice

Greetings, Ariscestocrats!
How are your dating lives? Any single transgender women out there? Not too many, eh? Well, I’ll attest to that being the reason I keep running into the same type of guy. He’s Mr. Uninformed, Mr. Inexperienced, and he has a million questions, none of which have anything to do with who you are, but “what” you are. And it’s not that these men don’t mean well, it’s just that they’re hurting their chances by remaining ignorant to a person that they’re clearly attracted to.
So, if you’re attracted to transgender women, here are a ... Continue»
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Becky is a bad girl

I did something bad at work the other day and my daddy is making me post it here as part of my punishment. Let me start off telling you a little about me. My name is Becky and I am a nurse. I am about 5’5 and I have perfectly round tits with juicy nipples that need to be sucked, every day. The most important thing to know about me is that I am always so horny. Now, I have a new daddy that encourages me to give in to my desires. My daddy gives me his cock every day, but I still want more and I can’t help myself. In my heart, I only want my daddy’s cock, but my body seems to want any and... Continue»
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As I detailed in the prior chapter, I caught my wife at our home, in the middle of the night, fucking another guy at least three times, thinking that I would be at work all night long. I walked out on her and stayed a few nights at a motel before moving into an apartment of my own closer to work. She phoned me over and over again for the first week after I walked out. I either did not pick up and on occasion, I picked up the phone to say “I don’t talk to whores like you” before I would slam the phone. She started calling less after the first week, realizing that she was not getting anywhere. I... Continue»
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Ch 2 - BBW Wife is mine for 24hrs

Chapter 2 darkorse102284's BBW Wife is mine for 24hrs

Chapter 1 (Incorrectly named) :

Fetishes/Kinks: Submission, f***ed Sex, Gloryhole, Public Sex, Humiliation. Blowjobs, Sex with strangers, High Heels, Cum Stains, Sloppy Seconds, BBW, Young vs Old, Cumplay

I originally was going to go to bed when he messaged me again, but decided to go ahead and go through with the second chapter. It wasn't my original plan from the start to have a series, but I had some other ideas of what I'd do to ... Continue»
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Not Fishing with Dave

A week after the first pool party at my b*****r's, I called my
s****r-in-law's b*****r, Dave. He had mentioned doing some fishing and a
business proposition for me. We agreed to meet at the Sun Bay Marina,
where he keeps his boat, a week from Friday at 9:00 in the morning. I took
a mental health day from work and got to the marina a little early. I was
waiting by the boat when Dave pulled into the parking lot. He didn't
arrive alone. He had his two nieces with him. I had heard that Paula and
Diana were going to be visiting from Grand Rapids. They are the daughters
of ... Continue»
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