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Conference Bonus - Part 1

It was the late nineties and I was attending a work conference in Nashville as the sole rep from my company. During the first two days of the conference I struck up an acquaintance with Bob. On the second day he indicated his wife had come along on the trip and he invited me to join them for dinner that evening. I gladly accepted as dining alone wasn’t very exciting and Bob appeared to be a good guy and conversationalist.

We met at the hotel restaurant at six. Bob and his wife Lydia were waiting when I arrived. I was in my late thirties at the time and they both appeared to be in their... Continue»
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Episode 49: Jenny, BJ and Rob

The gorgeous black teenage girl sat up in bed; the crisp white cotton sheets completely failing to hide her tender young pointed breasts: “Hi Rob, I’m BJ.I want to suck that cock as soon as you take it out of my mother”.

Rob bounded across Jenny’s bed, yanking the sheet away, planting a kiss on the top of each thigh. The dog-tags swung forward, bumping against BJ's prominent mound inside her tight white panties. BJ held onto Rob’s head as he licked her to their first tingling orgasm.

I should probably explain how Jenny’s daughter came to be nearly naked in her bed that... Continue»
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Dress up with my s****r priya part 1

This all happened when my s****r was 18 and I was four years younger. I was starting to have sexual feelings for girls and couldn't resist staring when a girl with a nice body walked by. My dick would just harden at the sight of a girl’s cleavage or the outline of a girl’s ass in tight shorts or pants. So being horny as hell I would just watch porn as soon as I got home every day as nobody except my s****r would be home to disturb me.

My s****r was quite hot but I didn't think of her in a sexual way at all back then and she didn’t care what I was doing in my room until mom and dad got home... Continue»
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My Cheating Mother

My mother is a thick Latina women with a big round bottom and a pretty face with a set of dimples that can make any man melt when she smiles at them. My mother is in her late 40's and still has that spicy Latin sex appeal like a ravishing pornstar in her early 20's...

One day back in 1998, on a day when I ditched school and left for home during my junior year of high school. as soon as I got home my clarity was interrupted from a shallow whimper coming from my mother's room window, I ignored it even though I thought it was strange, but I continued on to my room window, I walked around to ... Continue»
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Taking my Anal temperature, with Daddies Cock

I was a girl of menstrual age, in the bloom of my youth, with barely a hair on my pubis, a tantalizingly thin fleshy line, curving between my thighs and ending at my buttocks, my back-door, as daddy explained, 'Not one that could be unlocked with a key, my sweet darling', he whispered into my nervous ear, as he smeared his cock with oil, and my anus with butter, 'No daddy', I replied, resigned to my duty, holding my pert cheeks open, and burying my head and teeth into my pillow.

I was the oldest daughter of three girls, both my s****rs equipped, like myself, to pleasure that part of men, of... Continue»
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The Hot Nurse

I had been in the hospital just over a month now. Up until this point I drifted between conscious and semi-conscious. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Then she spoke, so sweet, so kind. We carried on a bit, I had a bad habit of tormenting my nurses once I started coming around. As I thought about her later that night my cock grew hard. Even though I had a catheter in I stroked my cock a bit. Before long I had sticky pre-cum oozing out around the catheter tube. Not knowing what the consequences might be I decided against cumming with it in. I licked pre-cum ... Continue»
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My Dear B****r

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

When I was a young c***d, I was teased a lot. I was a boy, but I looked more like a girl, and even acted quite feminine. The older girls would use me as a dress-up doll, and the older boys would beat me. My b****r, though, would often come to my rescue, even if it meant that he took a worse beating than I did. I loved my b****r very much.
While we were young, my b****r and I would often share a bath or bed, innoc... Continue»
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Watching Cassie – Part 3

Watching Cassie – Part 3

--------- Chapter 5
Thursday, early morning to that evening…
Waking up with Cassie in her bed…

Tori came awake quickly…

The small hand caressing her firm, aching tit startled her for a moment, then she remembered. Just a little over 24 hours ago she had found her adolescent daughter having sex with another young girl. Then she had discovered that she had latent sapphic lesbian desires, even more shocking, it was for her own daughter. Should she maybe, consider herself bisexual now after 11 years of marriage? Turning to face Cassie, she smiled at the soft... Continue»
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My BFF's Daddy

My name is Alice and I have just discovered the wonderful world of sex!

My very best friend in the whole world is Holly. She and I have been friends for a really long time. We had been through some good times and bad. She had been there when my grandfather that I loved so much died and I was with her when her mom walked out on her and her dad.

On the other hand we had so much fun learning to dance and we loved to listen to music or read fantasy stories together. Now that we were teenagers we also had fun with clothes and mak... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan Part Three The Main Course

Girlfriend on Loan
Part Three
The Main Course

Truth be told I’ve always been like this, I’ve always loved to tease and it’s not like I didn’t warn her. I’m like a cat, a Cheshire Cat, I like to play with my food before I devour it, if I choose to devour it. Sometimes I like to tease my prey just for the fun of it. I can't help it, I was born that way, it’s instinct. It is very cruel but afterwards I am always forgiven for how can you stay mad at me with my silver tongue and a cheeky grin? It’s just a game to me, I mean no real harm. Some cats like mice, this cat enjoys pussy. Don’t pity ... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan Part Two The Appetizer

Girlfriend on Loan
Part Two
The Appetizer

I decide to have another look at her pictures, my gosh she is beautiful, there is no way I can refuse, what’s more she is an anal virgin. Perhaps if I ask them nicely enough they will let me do the honour of taking her anal virginity, why else would he mention it? Besides being on extended leave and having such an undeniable invitation I have both the time and the inclination to make this a reality and go through with this. After all it seems only polite that I make love to his girlfriend they might get offended and she might feel unattractive... Continue»
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Local Rumours ……..Continued

It had been a couple of weeks since Amy and I had discovered the rumours going around our small town were true. There was a woman from our small town appearing on the web site, doing cam shows. Apparently though no one else had figured out who it was. Amy was always clever and realised she could get a one day free pass on the site by entering a false credit card number, she had spotted an ad for one of the cam models, and recognised our town through the window behind the model. The two of us had watched the video of the show and discovered it was our mother.
That weekend had be... Continue»
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whoops it happend again.

Well what can I say, after being a fuck toy for my two best friend I decided to try out normal life, my gay and cross-dressing day's to be burned and buried in the past, and a new me to arise from the ashes like a phoenix, all my panties , bra's, and other girl clothes were taken to the incinerator in my home and destroyed, in my head I was straight as a dye, hehe. no more did I sl**p in nothing but silk panties, no more did I wank off thinking of getting my bum used, I met a nice young lady (Tina) who loved me and my fake/false life was going great, then one d***ken night with Tina fast asl*... Continue»
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Aunt Show´s Me

Aunt shows me how
By Greyhalm©

I grew up without a dad who died in the Second World War so when I entered puberty at the end of the 1950´s I had no one to really talk to. At school in the showers we all compared our puberty progress and nature had blessed me with a really large or better said thick penis. At 15 it measured 18cm before arousal however when aroused it did not grow so much as my friend’s cocks did´, but it grew amazingly thick. I could not get my hand right around its girth to masturbate it. I was given nicknames like ´Donkey´, ´Snaky´ or Horse. Of course the girls found out ... Continue»
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First, a little something about me. My name is Cassandra James. I stand five feet, six inches tall, and have auburn hair and chocolate eyes. It should be said that I am 22 years old and I am the oldest of three c***dren. I have a b*****r eighteen months younger than I am and his name is Chandler. We also have a younger s****r who is almost 19 and graduated High School last year. Her name is Charity.

Yes, all three of us k**s have the first name beginning with the letter C. We also have the genes of our parents. Chandler is well hung like dad, and us two girls ar... Continue»
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Crushing the Last of his Ego

He stared at the clock in kitchen watching the second hand revolve and thinking about the importance of every second. Mistress was sl**ping soundly while david prepared Her breakfast: strawberries, a cheese and mushroom omelet, freshly squeezed orange juice, toast, and coffee. She had trained him to put the food on the table exactly ten minutes after her alarm went off, and the timing could be tricky. Start cooking too early and the hot items would get cold, but start too late and Mistress would have to wait for Her breakfast. Serving a cold breakfast warranted an automatic 30 strokes of... Continue»
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Helping our Father when Mother left our home

I stood silent and naked, admiring myself, in my full length mirror. I was looking for tell-tail changes, any signs of what had just happened.

My breasts were still small, too small for my personal liking, and my nipples were off a soft cherry red hue, rubbery to rigid, and sensitive, I felt they might just remain in their aroused state, it felt nice to touch them.

My stomach ached, did that mean I was pregnant, he went bare-backing into me, neither of us could stop this juggernaut of an urge, feeling him probe between my labia, was a no return point, I wanted it as much as he did and co... Continue»
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The awakening

This story is 100% fiction. The people don’t exist and events have never happened.

My daughter had just finished having a shower when I walked into the bathroom. There she was toweling down with droplets of water running from her hair, down her face and neck and over her breasts to drip onto her flat stomach and run down to her smooth pussy.

My heart jumped as I looked at her. Sure I had seen her naked many times before, but somehow tonight was different. Maybe it was because I had just got home from work and was about to take a shower myself and I was standing there naked ... Continue»
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Naughty Nicky II: Cousin Gabe Is A Gamer!

After being with Cousin Gabe, he didn’t have to come over again until the following weekend which gave me time to think about what I did with his dick at the creek. The look of enjoyment from what my mouth did for him, playing with his thick cock in my hands, the head of his stiff dick fit so well in my mouth. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the memory of the way this new thing smelled to me, cum. I woke up on a Friday after a late night of video games & soda to a quiet house. It was going to be another hot afternoon, so nothing else to do but make a bowl of cereal & get ready for more v... Continue»
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A Girl's Story (aka: A Slut's Story)

So... the guy I'm with really liked the idea of sharing me and seeing me fucked by a group of guys. I'd never done anything like that before, but thought of it alone made me soak my panties, so after talking about it for a while, we decided we would try it. We didn't specifically decide on when or with who or anything, just sometime in the near future. He decided to surprise me. Two of his friends loved the idea of gangbanging me and a couple of days later, they came over to play some games and hang out. I didn't know what he'd planned, but I noticed them eyeing me like a piece of meat the who... Continue»
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