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Taking Care of Daddy

When my wife and I were married we did a lot of kinky stuff together. We have been married now for over thirty six years and she has mellowed a lot. But as a young very pretty Latina she followed my lead in doing anything for our sexual pleasure. She even had sex with my best friend when we dated to please me, and of course herself also.

We were married when she was 18 years old. She had a dark complexion, dark brown eyes, beautiful legs with a very nice hot tight pussy and a great ass that was round firm and smooth. Her tits were not huge but were of a very nice size 32B. Her nipples stood... Continue»
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The Grateful Old Man & the Eager Young Girl

The Grateful Old Man & the Eager Young Girl

(Sequel to The Old Grouch & the Annoying Girl Next Door)

By billy69boy

The stunned old goat watched his little friend devour her bologna sandwich and slurp down the rest of her drink. He got aroused all over again, knowing that only he knew the disgusting secret of her “Special Lunch”. As he helped Cherie put her panties back on, the phone rang. He cursed under his breath about the “damn stairs”, as the energetic c***d ran to the door and up the steps. “I’ll get it!” she yelled over her s... Continue»
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Young man is fucked by two virgins

Young man is fucked by two virgins

When we came home from school, we looked forward to the afternoon.
They are twin girls, called Betty and Juliane and today her 18th Birthday.
They were still virgins, in other words, they have never had sex with another boy.
Today was for Betty and Juliane is a special day, because your parents went away in the afternoon for a weekend with your f****y to Texas in a beautiful small town that bears the name of Lewisville.

The twin s****rs had thus a flat unassailable.
Juliane and Betty wanted to use the weekend for a big party. Her parents had n... Continue»
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xxx home video part 11

again, then dropped, going steady at first then quickly picking up pace. Gerald zoomed out and got a full shot of Danielle, facing the camera, humping up and down on her b*****r's cock. She barely noticed the camera, the girl's eyes half shut as she bounced away, both she and her twin b*****r's ecstasy rising.
"Ride me s*s, ride my fucking cock," Simon grunted, the girl's cunt feeling so tight and hot.
"Oh fuck, uuuuuh," Danielle was groaning, her bum-cheeks clapping against her b*****r's pelvis with every bounce, "Fuck yeah! I love your cock... Continue»
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xxx home video part 10

arse at a steady rate, just leisurely pushing his cock into her rectum then sliding it half-way out slowly, then easing back in.
Meanwhile, Simon was thrusting his tongue deep into his s****r's bowels whist his mother bounced on his cock. His head was swimming with pleasure in the midst of this sordid depravity as he began to realise there were no limits to the activities they were all going to get up to, whether they filmed themselves or not.
After ten-minutes and two climaxes, Melanie pulled herself up, her husband and son's big cocks sliding out of her holes. She rolled aside, e... Continue»
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xxx home video part 9

Simon saw that his parents were watching the TV that was in the corner of the bedroom. It was currently playing the video from yesterday, and on the screen Melanie was just getting the messy facial her son had given her.
"We've got a new video to watch," Danielle giggled, mischeviously. She was carrying a video tape and she went to the VCR and, after ejecting the current tape, put the new one in. Then she and her b*****r got onto the bed. It was a king-sized bed and the f****y were all sat up in a row, Simon on the far left, then his mother, then Gerald and, finally, at the oth... Continue»
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xxx home video part 8

"You're horny too, right honey?" she asked.
"I sure am mum!" Simon eagerly confirmed, "I gotta fuck you mum. I want to fuck you good and hard."
"Move aside my horny boy!"
Simon stood up, his erection jutting out at a right angle, as hard as an iron bar. His mother then got onto the sofa, laying down lengthways, legs parted, her juicy snatch displayed and ready to be fucked. Without needing an invitation, Simon hopped onto his mother, mounting her and driving his throbbing pole into her cunt.
"Oh son, that's so sweet!" purred Melan... Continue»
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xxx home video part 7

Swiftly, and with growing skill, the fifteen-year-old stud pushed his throbbing boner up into his mother's arse, slamming it in to the root. He sodomized her lustfully, venting his pent-up lust. Melanie bucked and squirmed, groaning in wanton delight.
"Fuck my arse son, fuck me. Oh yeah! Your cock feels so good! Bugger me motherfucker."
Danielle had been watching this with barely disguised delight, but then she began grabbing sneaky glances to her father who stood next to her, looking through the eye-piece of the camera. She looked at her dad's big prick, thinking that it... Continue»
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xxx home video part 6

Simon knelt down and began eagerly lapping at his mother's hairy cunt, his father naturally zooming in on this oral action.
"Shove your tongue right up your mother's cunt," Gerald ordered. His prick was raging hard in his jeans and he knew he would have to get in on the action soon. However, he was enjoying being the cameraman for the moment, knowing that he and his wife and son would enjoy watching the results later.
He suddenly had an idea; he could leave the video with his own porn-flicks so that Danielle would pluck it out on her next clandestine expedition. He grinne... Continue»
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xxx home video part 5

"AAAAAH, what a cum," Simon groaned, jerking his hips and shooting the last couple of squirts of his sperm into his mother's guts, "Fucking hell! What an arse. What a lovely fucking arse mum."
"Had enough you beautiful cocksucker?" Gerald asked his wife as he took his wilting, cum-and-saliva slick cock from her mouth.
"No," giggled Melanie, hot and sweat and glutted with jism from both ends, "I can never have enough sperm. But I'm happy for now though. Wow! You two guys gave me a damn good fucking."
"It was our pleasure mum,&q... Continue»
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xxx home video part4

Mmmmmm," purred Melanie, "Oh yeah, fill me up honey."
Simon let out a gasp of joy as he finally slotted his entire eight-inch shaft up his mother's cunt.
"Oh wow," he panted, "Oh fuck! I'm right up there mum!" He placed his hands on his mother's arse-cheeks and looked down, hardly able to believe that he was finally fucking a woman - his own mother, in fact - his prick having entirely vanished up her snatch, his pubic hair bristling against her's, his lower abdomen pressed to her bum.
"Fuck her son," Gerald encouraged the boy ... Continue»
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xxx home video part3

"You'll make a fantastic porn star," confirmed Melanie, taking some tissues and wiping herself down.
"Should we keep this a secret from dad?" asked Simon, pulling up his pants and jeans and zipping himself up.
"No, we don't have to," Melanie replied.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. It won't mind. We're a liberal pair of parents."
"I'll say!"
"Besides, your dad starred in a few movies after we got married, so he's humped some young honeys after we got hitched, so I'm not doing anything he hasn'... Continue»
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xxx home videos part2

"Okay," he shrugged. He got off the bed and stood in front of his mother, who was sitting on the edge. She licked her lips as she anticipated seeing her strapping young son's cock. She had often been curious to know if the boy was as well hung as his dad.
Simon undid his belt then his flies before dropping his jeans. They fell to his ankles. Then, with a little nervousness, he did likewise with his boxer-shorts so that he stood there, just wearing his T-shirt, socks and shoes and with his jeans and underwear round his ankles. His cock was semi-hard and was thick and heavy looki... Continue»
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xxx home videos

It had been a three-years ago, when he was twelve, that Simon had found out his father had been a porn-star. Not a major porn-star, admittedly, but nonetheless he had done about two-dozen movies in his younger years.
Simon had been a bit shocked at first, but then he had mentioned it to his mother, who his father had assured him was obviously well aware of his past. In fact his mum, Melanie, laughed when Simon bought it up when being given a lift home from school. She said she was happy to let her husband continue starring in porn movies after they had married, although he had finally stopped... Continue»
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father and daughter part3


The park had closed and the threesome had left. They
were now driving down the interstate back to the Clark
residence. It was dark and a little chilly. Amyie was
under a blanket in the back with Bradley. Mr.
Honeywell was driving but his mind wasn’t on the road.
He could see the blanket in the back seat moving up
and down. His daughter was jacking off Bradley and she
wanted to make sure her father saw. He watched in the
rear view mirror as his daughter whispered in the
boy’s ear. He couldn’t tell what she was saying but he
could tell that Bradl... Continue»
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Father and daughter part 2

After the ride the threesome made their way to the
restrooms. Amyie didn’t have to go and she watched as
Her dad and Bradley walked into the men’s room. She
sat down on a bench and was extremely proud of herself
so far. She whipped out her purse and called Tara.


“Tara its me Amyie!”

“Hey girl how’s your day going?”

“Awesome! I can’t believe how excited I am. I was
nervous ya know, at first but then once things started
happening I really got into it.”

“Does your dad know what is going o... Continue»
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father and daughter part 1

The Date

Amyie Honeywell was hot and she knew it. Her friends
knew it, her professors knew it, and her parents knew
it. This is why they were allowing her to go to six
flags this weekend with Bradly Clark, the hottest boy
in school, only if her Dad was chaperoning. When she
found out she called her best friend Tara. She laid on
her bed chatting on the phone, her young body was
twisting and turning, almost writing, on the bed with
excitement. They were laughing about stuff at school
and chatting about things happening this weekend.
“Tara I can’t wait for the amusement p... Continue»
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dad and the week end

She and her dad were going away for the week end. It was their bonding time. soon she would be off to college and now they would spend time together.

They checked in the hotel and were in the same room but two beds. They went down to the restaurant before they turned in for the night.

Back at the room, she went to put on her night gown. It was short and sexy for a daughter.The dad slept nude. She always thought her dad was very sexy for a dad.
She dreamed about kissing and touching him. He was shocked when she came to her bed as the gown was so revealing. She had nice full tits like he... Continue»
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In-vitro w/s****r-in-law part 1

I've been happily married for several years to my wife Tracy and have a great sex life. My wife's younger s****r Sara has always been someone who I've lusted after.
While her breasts are slightly larger than my wife's, her ass cheeks while nicely shaped, they are longer. This means over the years when we swim together at f****y outings more cheek comes out of the suit.

Being an ass freak this made me consistently log images of her ass to the masturbation Rolodex in my mind! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect what would take place over the next few weeks.
... Continue»
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In the pool, 2 girl fixed and fucking a men

In the pool, fixed and fucked.

I was with friends at the pool, and looked at where to swim. When I was suddenly thrown into another pool. There was a problem, I could not swim. I tried again abe to get out of the pool, r that did not work. Finally, 2 lifeguard came, jumped into the water and rescued me. But I was not responsive.
The lifeguards took me out of the water, laid me on the stretcher and took me into a locked room. They are civil servants me until I was again accessible. They fixed me while I peed my pants. They pulled me out of my swimming gear and pulled me in a diaper... Continue»
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