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Carmen and Ali

It started out innocently enough, Carmen, simply putting some of her underthings away in Ali drawer by mistake when some of her things stuck to his. Carmen had teased him about potentially looking good in something like a thong, to which Ali responded in likely fashion, and rather hypocritically since Ali liked the way such things looked on Carmen. They weren't truthfully her favorites either, but She wore them for him once in a while to tease him up. The misplaced underthings in question were not truly a thong in the traditional sense either, but quite brief and intrusive, and not worn in som... Continue»
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My s****r-in-law had just finished her stint in the Army. She had been stationed in France for the last four years. Now that her time was up, she couldn't wait to come back to the States and see her f****y once more! Of course that meant coming to see her s****r and I who lived in California.

My name is George and my wife's name is Ann. We have been married for ten years now and have become home nudists. California happens to be hot during the summer and air conditioning is a must. Still, when the wife and I come home from work, the first thing we do is stri... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy – Part 1

Wendy & Tommy – Part 1
Twins playing with each other – Part 1

Part 1

Wendy Stone was sweet young girl, with extremely cute features and an unassuming nature. Her face was almost painfully sweet, pure with innocence; her smile could light up an entire room. She was the kind of young girl people wanted to reach out to and take of. Everything she wore emphasized her simple youthful beauty, even the navy blue pleated skirt and white blouse school uniform that she wore still, having just come home from the last day of school. The white blouse was not tight, so the budding of her breast... Continue»
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I became my Aunt & Uncle's Sex Toy

Sex is such a powerful emotion, especially for a girl experiencing her first menstrual, and the subsequent powerful urges to seek men to fertilize you.

I know this might sound crazy to any man reading this, but mother natures cruel twist, overrides education and any idea of beauty a girl may hold.

Even my father had that sense that most men appear to have lost or fail to pick-up, due to the overuse of man made body scents. Herein lies the irony, it's when we girls are ovulating, that's the time when we will apply the makeup, and the perfume we think will turn a man's head, and why, belie... Continue»
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Seduced by a Black Man and his Uncut Cock - Part 2

I got back into my usual routine and often thought about him and had conflicting thoughts by this time. I went to the gym at different times hoping not to run into him again. I like the softness of girls and love playing with pussy. Sometimes fucking my girlfriend (she was 16, I was 14), I thought about him and getting on the receiving end of his big uncut cock. That made me fuck her harder which she liked.

I always hung out with older teens and was drinking with some friends one Friday night and lost inhibition. I carried his number everywhere and decided to call him from my friend’... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.3

As soon as mom and I got into the shower, mom got the soap and started scrubbing me down, since I was the one under the water flow of the shower head.

Mom washed from my neck down to my waist, then she leaned into me and pressed her tits into my chest as she washed my back from my shoulders down to my butt.

As mom washed my back, she rubbed her tits around on my chest and belly, and when she got down to my butt, she kneeled down making my dick slide in between her tits, then she started bouncing up and down like she was giving me a titie fuck, exccept her hands was on my butt cheeks and ... Continue»
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STEPb*****r ADDICTION (excerpt)

– What you are doing is wrong.
She wasn't crying. She stopped when she realized that the hide-and-seek was over. That before her body there was something greater than her temporarily discomfort, and stronger than her fairly trained muscles. The situation was grotesque, something pleasurable and horrible and unexpected, but only Alice seemed to perceive it.
– What you are doing is wrong – she said again, without conviction.
He didn't say a word. She could smell his body as he was pressing his left hand on her neck, the right forearm blocking the head. She thought for a moment that her own ... Continue»
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My Uncle Showing Me How Beautiful I Am, BBW

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

My name is Ashley and I have always been the quiet type of person because I have always been very sensitive of my looks. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty face from what I am told but I am fat and as much as I try to diet and exercise the weight seems to not wanna go away. I had asked a couple of boys from school out on a date but I always got a "No" answer so it got to the point where I just stayed at home in my room trying to avoid the outside as much as possible. My mom and dad wanted me to get out of the hous... Continue»
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Mad affair

"Under no circumstances are you going to fuck me and my wife" I tell the big man Ramon, shit scared when I was saying it. "Oh yeah bitch! we’ll see about that!" Ramon says that, pushes me on the bed. I was already naked and he too, Raina my wife was watching. Ramon’s big cock rams into my asshole, it was big and I scream. "Please fuck me instead" Raina begs Ramon grabs her hair and places it next to my erect cock, she sucks. Though that fat cock was hurting but I was enjoying, it slips out my asshole, slaps Raina, she stops sucking my cock and begins sucking his. I thought of joining her but h... Continue»
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Dancing with a Friend

When I invited John to go dancing, it was as a friend. I thought it would be fun to go out dancing at the club with a male friend, since my husband doesn’t dance. I could tell John was into me the moment we met. He is a handsome man, but being married, the thought of us hooking up didn’t even cross my mind.
I shook my hips as John was grinding on me. I was so excited to be out on the dance floor, I didn’t mind John holding me by the hips as our bodies moved together with the beat.
“Shake that ass girl!” John shouted as his hands slid from my hips down the sides of my thighs. I shook my ass a... Continue»
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Dancing With A Friend - Part 2

The moment I was sure my husband wouldn’t wake up I slid out of bed and quietly snuck out of our bedroom closing the door behind me. I walked into the spare bedroom to find John lying on his back with his dick erect like a flagpole as he jerked himself off. I quickly pushed the door closed and climbed into bed next to him.

“I’ve been waiting for this dick!” I whispered into his ear as I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his big black cock, slowly stroking it up and down.

“Didn’t you get enough from your husband?” John asked smirking.

“What a joke! I could barely feel him inside m... Continue»
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Watching Cassie – Part 4 The End

Watching Cassie – Part 4…The End

--------- Chapter 10
Friday, Morning….
Meeting Jamie…

Tori came awake quickly, alone in her bed, she had slept later than she had intended…

She felt excited about what the day had in store for them…she felt that Mike would love to fuck his daughter, he would be surprised at first and reluctant, but how could he refuse Cassie’s charms. She got up to get a shower, passing the full length mirror on the door, she paused a moment to look at her own reflection, she had shoulder-length chestnut brown hair, her silky skin a natural caramel color, he... Continue»
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Before they were born: My life as an Object

In this fantasy I am the wife, I have of this for sometime, imagining what it would be like if someone purposely manipulated me.

We had just been married, I was 19 he was 35. He was not rich, but he was well off. He was an attorney at a very prestigious firm and I had not even graduated high school. We had met 5 years ago, and he convinced me that I had no need of school. He helped me be good, loyal, and taught me that married couples were always monogamous. The day we got married however, someone else changed his mind. My husbands boss had decided he was going to make Sean a partner in ... Continue»
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My wish for my daughter's

I have this fantasy.

In my fantasy I am the mom, the dad is a man who I met when he was a freshman in college. In my fantasy, we marry and have a beautiful redheaded daughter (Whom looks like Bella Thorne). Our daughter has just started the 8th grade and her father decides to talk with her.

Today her father sat her down. She did not know where her mom was but he looked serious. He told her some things he thought she should know. "The day you were conceived your mother and I got separated at this party, I had thought I lost her and I could not find her. A woman found me and said she woul... Continue»
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Out of this world Part 3

Out of this world Part 3

As we approached Kemon II, I saw the ruins of Kemon One for the first time; the planet was
completely destroyed. Orbiting the ruins of Kemon One, was the Earth sized space station, Kemon II.

‘Wow Kemon II looks a lot like the space station in Star Trek Deep Space 9’ I though to myself, as we started our final approach for docking.

“Welcome to our home,” Nookumick said as our ship docked with the Kemon II.

“Follow me, I’ll e****t you to your stay room for your stay with us,” He said with a smile on his face.

“Wow, so this is what it’s like to be at a d... Continue»
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Tiffany visits Uncle Dave

Tiffany looked out the window as the plane approached for landing. Florida looked so different from her home in Ohio. Of course she looked forward to the warmer weather.

She was still surprised that her mother had allowed her to go and visit Uncle Dave. He was kind of the black sheep of the f****y passing on working on the f****y farm in favor of something to do with the internet.

Most if the f****y had nothing to do with him except for Tiffany's mom. Over the years her mom had quietly slipped off for visits. She never said ... Continue»
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Step Daughters First Anal Experience

I have been fucking my step-daughter Angie for about two months now. He mother, Carol knows it and it is fine with her as long as I have time for her. Now to tell you the truth I have grown to prefer Angie over her much older mother. After all, Angie is a very hot sexually charged twenty two year old. The best way I can begin to describe her is to mention her fabulous tits. Her breasts were huge in comparison to her slim 110 pound frame. Angie knew it and was always flashing her set of 34C’s by wearing low-cut or tight outfits that accented her cleavage. This combined with her thin body, perfe... Continue»
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My husband gives me the treat I've wanted. Pa

My husband gives me the treat I wanted Part 2:

My name is Rachel, my husband Bob and I live in a small two bedroom house with our three year old dog named Jack...
As for me, I have huge tits being a "big" girl and all as well as
the prettiest of blue eyes. Bob has enjoyed many hot sexual experiences with me over the passed five years we've been married, but lately we've been spicing things up a bit...
Bob isn't as "big" as me, or at least not by waist size, but he is a bit taller and he's quite handsome much to my taste. We bought our dog Jack from the farm a few miles north o... Continue»
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"Nightime Action" Part 2

Part 2:
The morning after I met Greg, I woke up alone in my apartment hoping that somehow he would be there lying next to me on my bed. I knew that I had to see him again, so I went out to that club we met in later on that night. I made sure I had on my extra short mini skirt and a tight top which pronounced my nearly perfect, plump breasts being held up by my sexy looking, silky bra. From behind, it was easy to get a peak at my thong which allowed a seemingly unrestricted view of my bare ass from underneath my skirt while I walked, each cheek wiggling up and down. My ass was just barely cove... Continue»
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Teacher's pet

Teacher's Pet

It's late spring, an exciting time of year for you as a teacher because you know your summer break is fast approaching. Your usually morning dred of getting up and going to work is starting to ease with each passing morning lately. This particular morning your feeling especially frisky, maybe even a little mischievous and decide to take full advantage of one of your last remaining days to torment the poor adolescent boys in your class that have been drooling over you all school year. You know you... Continue»
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