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My Fake Mom - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It was going to be another long summer living with my parents. I could not find a job after graduation. I wanted to move out. But I need to make some money. Both my parents worked. They were gone before I got up most days. They did not come home until after 6pm because of traffic. We live in a nice big development. There are a few house up for sale. The one next door just sold last week. I heard a moving van yesterday but I played video games all day online.

I had a long distance relationship for 3 months. But over time we just lost touch. She s... Continue»
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Howwee And His Mother


Mom caught me masturbating for the first time when I was twelve. "IT" was a terrible sin. She was going to have my dad give me the big talk but he never did and I continued to play with myself. Of course I got caught again, and at some point didn't care if she caught me anymore. I found myself wanting her to see me because it was her that I thought about most of the time when I was playing with my dick. Think Karen Fisher after she put on some weight. Full bodied.

Mom and dad didn't party often (she was a teacher and had an image to be concerned about) but when they did ... Continue»
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Wash n Blow - BBBBTS

Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I had just got a new SUV about a month ago. I had not driven it more than 200 miles before it need to be cleaned. I was driving along Curtis Ave when I spotted a sign on my right for a car wash. A local high school cheer leading team was washing cars for $10.00. I checked my watch. I had some time before I needed to get back to the office. I put on my turn signal and pulled in.

I smiled as about 4 cheerleaders started to wash my SUV. I rolled down the window and gave them $20.00. About ten minutes later they all smiled as the SUV was finished. I got ... Continue»
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His Wife finds out - Now she my Whore - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I am 24 and live near the ocean and love my single life. I never want to get married because the women in my neighborhood are to good to give up. I'm still in pretty good shape. I still have my athletic frame from high school. I am 6ft 4in and work on cars for a living. I fuck many lonely women in my shop as I work on there cars. Sometimes I trade sex for repair work. My friend Dave came by the other day. He is married. He just had a baby about a month ago with his wife. You think he was all settle down but he still helps me fuck some ladies who want m... Continue»
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Underworld: Gretchen

While no stranger to the obscenely agonizing delights found within the Underworld’s dungeon torture chambers Gretchen still felt a sudden sense of unimaginable terror coursing through her as she materialized within one of the Underworld’s countless dungeon torture chambers. Despite having died thousands of time within the Underworld’s bl**d soaked torture chambers this was the first night Gretchen faced death by impalement.

Entering the torture chamber Vlad smiled at the obvious look of terror already visible within Gretchen’s eyes as she stared in horror at the ominously torturous impalem... Continue»
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My aunt

When I was a teen I moved out of my parent's home because if issues with my father. No......not anything sexual, let me say it this way, if I had stayed, I would probably still be in jail. My father was abusive and I couldn't take it any more and left. His b*****r, my uncle let me move in with him and my aunt. It was a sweet deal, I paid no rent and all I had to do was help out with yard work and some minor repairs he was always doing so he paid me a small weekly stipend ($6/hr.....good money back then when the minimum wage was $3.35/hr) and let me drink whatever I wanted as long as I sta... Continue»
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s*s and I

For a little bit of back ground I will say that dad left, when I was six years old and s*s was four years old, which mom then had to go to work to suport the three of us, s*s, mom, and myself.

With the job that mom was able to get, we wasn't able to keep the house we were living in when mom and dad divorced, so we had to move out to a house that a friend of ours had, as long as we kept and eye on things around the place, which put us out in the country about three miles out from town. What I mean by keep and eye on things is, to keep people from just coming in and taking what isn't theirs, ... Continue»
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Margaret Ann My Mentor

Margaret Ann was my step S****r. She was ten years older than me and I had grown up with her. To best describe her would be to say voluptuous. Dark hair and eyes, she looked exotic. Every since I could remember I had been transfixed by her and would hang on her every word or motion.

My dad and step mom were an odd couple. He was a very docile type and she was very strict. She did not hide the fact out of his presence that she would be happy to be rid of me. Every summer we would take a vacation trip on the cheap to somewhere. It was more of a duty than a time to relax. I never looked forwar... Continue»
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For Kristen with thanks

I still do not know where he went but he came back with a travel bag full of clothes. I suspected he saw you Kristen. About a half hour before making the front door he called, wanted to be sure I was home and asked that the baby not need attention upon his arrival.

I thought I’d greet him with a kiss, he just scanned the rooms and asked “Baby?” “sl**ping” I said as I raised by boob showing a reddish well fed off nipple.

Hands grabbed me firmly and he pushed me to my knees as he undid his pants. I eagerly took as much of his long black cock as I could, he started to stiffen immediate... Continue»
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Crazy Humpy-Mouth Days

Being born in a rural area with little excitement might have had a lot to do with my friends and I being entertained with things that others might find trivial and other things that might seem odd.

Swinging on an aged willow branch over a stagnant pool of water was one our favorites because we all hoped that the next one to give it a try would have the branch break and they would plummet face first into the stagnant water. That only happened one time when I was at the willow tree and the victim it claimed was me. It was embarrassing, but it also entertained the others and I liked that.

A... Continue»
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The holiday beach cabin with mum

I was away on holiday with my parents to a friends villa in Spain. We was only away for a few days so I took advantage of a free relaxing trip with my parents. We was a couple of days into it and was a bit bored of the pool and as we had hired a car dad said he would take us to the local beach 15 minutes away. We had a cool bag packed and our towels and we set off mid morning. I didn't no until we pulled up that dad wasn't actually coming to the beach with us he said that he had things to do. He dropped us off and said that he'll be back to pick up us round about 4 ish. As me and mum got out o... Continue»
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TY AND I part 3

I had been keeping Paul abreast of my new relationship with Ty---with Ty's full permission. He was delighted with the spanking with the bible and provoked a loud laugh as well as a sturdy erection. It was inevitable that he would have to meet Ty in the flesh, but as of late Ty's grandmother was growing suspicious of our friendship. What might a man of my age have in common with a boy his age so we tried to be careful about our meetings. Any length of time away saddened both of us. I had grown deeply fond of Ty, and perhaps I was falling in love with him. He was beginning to show some artistic ... Continue»
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My neighbor has a BBC!

This is a true story. It was four years ago this month when my wife and I sold our "old" 2200 square foot home. We really enjoyed the neighborhood but we simply needed more square feet and another bedroom. We put our house on the market and promptly posted a big FOR SALE sign in our front yard. This grabbed the attention of next door neighbors. Three to four times a year, we would host a nice BBQ cookout. The cookouts started with all of our surrounding neighbors but it simply was too hard to coordinate, trying to line everyone's schedule up. So, eventually we chose to only invite our next doo... Continue»
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Mothers Day in Africa

OK, it exists but nothing near the scope seen in USA.

My Ken is a generous fellow but he has lost his mind completely and maybe his wife too.

It was American Mothers Day in Ghana. Ken had a wonderful European caterer do all the work at Ozzie and Kristen's place. Heck, it's the only place big enough for 16. Extravagant dining for sure. I recognized the Champagne as $200 a bottle Grand Dame from France. Pregnant or not, I had some, not much, 2 glasses. Yup, can't wait to see the bill from this.

The girls dominated the day, all baby talk and pregnancy talk. African girls, Euro... Continue»
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Lunch with mom and her friend

My mom is a blond girl in her 50´s with a nice mommybody, she lives alone in an nice apartment.Its been over 15 years since she left my dad, and i have never seen her with another man.

Im in my 20´s and have always feelt drawn towards women in all size and age, and as many other men have had some toughts about our moms and other f****y members.

So yesterday i was at my moms place, she had some problems with the internet and asked if i could try to fix it for her, so i brought my pc and went over. When i got therem around 12 o´clock, she was on her way out, she was in some tight blue jean... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #30: Moms & Dods: Helena-2

I wish I have cameras not only in my Sex Studio but also in my mind as a naughty one is a joy forever
I long to record my long sexy sessions with my most favourite moms, while their dear doddies watch us
I love to make love to several of my female friends, to initiate their dear doddies under their eyes
I will mention and describe below my all-time first favourite fantasy with a mom and dear daughters!

I introduce Helena who has two beautiful blonde dear daughters, whom I watched grow up to tasty teens
I intend to skip some of our sexy sessions by providing only a short summary of
... Continue»
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School punishment

A fictional story and any connection is totally coincidental

As Jack sat at his desk on the first day of term he smiled to himself, he could not believe he had his dream job, headmaster of a school for 11-18 yr old c***dren. A knock on the door and in walked Sally his secretary, Sally was gorgeous looking she had long dark hair and stunning looks she smiled “hi Jack” and sat down “here is the post and you have 3 calls that want you to call back, also assembly is at 0930. Jack looked he couldn’t believe she was so efficient “cheers Sally so! It’s all systems go” as they both laughed. Sally ... Continue»
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Peter Plucks #2: Panda's Peach-1

Panda is as petite as pretty at barely five feet with her lovely long red hair and green eyes
Panda is as fresh as feminine, at barely eighteen she is a slender sweet nice naughty newbie

Panda is still a virgin and almost inexperienced yet with men and mutual arousal, sexy excitement
Panda is still playing the innocent girl, knowing well that her lovely looks are a turn-on to men

Panda is since a few weeks old enough to have an account at sites for adults, which is how we meet
Panda is starting to add a gallery of her pretty pictures and soon some blogs with erotic encoun... Continue»
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Teaching Mrs. ATM

"So what does it taste like?"

I've always asked that whenever I stuff her mouth with my cock immediately after I rammed her asshole. I've never gotten an actual answer, just a snide stare looking up as my dick stretched her lips.

"So what does it taste like, you whore?"

Again, no response.

I didn't need one. I simply asked so I can remind her that my cock had just been in her ass before I shoved it in her mouth. I wanted to remind her that despite her being a clean cut elementary school teacher by day, she was an absolute fucktoy by night; my fucktoy.

No, she wasn't ... Continue»
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My first experience with my s****r

When my s****r moved back to town and asked me if she could stay with me until she found a place and a job I didn't hesitate to say yes. I've wanted to have sex with her for twenty years now and I'm thirty six years old. Veronica is two years younger and has never stopped being the girl I fantasize about, I want her more today than ever. I know it's wrong and most people would think I'm sick but I'm way past caring now and just accept that I will never stop dreaming about her and I. So letting her stay with me was a no brainer and told her she could stay as long as needed. Since she asked me a... Continue»
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