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​M​y friend Rosa

My friend Rosa is now 18, but she used to be my pupil since her 16s. Rosa (​which means *pink​*" in Spanish​) is a colour which describes herself pretty well. You can find it in her mouth, lips, and down there between her legs​ if you are lucky​, along with the brown of her hair, eyes and, of course, nipples. We are now a bit more than friends, and much more than pupil and teacher... She is my slave. She is really shy, but a great, always horny and dirty minded slut.

Except for that of my cousin, I have never been with anyone as young as her, but she discovered me I love that​ taste​. It ... Continue»
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[user][/user]I want to tell you a nice sexy story.

I’m sitting at the keyboard wearing my favorite and most comfortable clothing: just a sweatshirt. There will be no restriction if my cock decides to get hard. I’ve opened the window just a little bit so the cold air will drift through the room and make my bare legs feel chilly, reminding me of my partial nudity.

I used to live in Toronto, where this happened. I won’t bother telling you how I met her, or how she ended up in my temporary apartment. We’ll just say that it was very late on a Friday night, it was very hot, and ... Continue»
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ci pensa la mamma

trovato navigando in internet 1 parte

Certe volte, anzi sempre, il compito di genitore non è per niente facile. Si rischia di dover prendere decisioni che si possono rivelare nel tempo sbagliate o dalle conseguenze inaspettate in quello che sarà la felicità di un figlio, la forgiatura del carattere e del temperamento dell’uomo o donna che sarà.
Fiamma era una donna perbene, di 43 anni, mamma di due figli Simona e Paolo di 19 e 18 anni.
Fiamma è sempre stata una bellissima donna, pelle liscia capelli scuri lunghi alle spalle, un fisico tonico grazie alla palestra ed un s... Continue»
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I was a horny teenager with no girlfriend to help with sexual frustration. I guess my main problem was that I was not in the "popular" crowd, in fact I was much more of a nerd that one of the attractive guys.
So I never had a chance to more than kiss a girl. I had never touched a breast or seen a pussy in person.

My mother had me when she was young, she had not dated any man as long as I was growing up. Or it might have been more correct that she never took any man home with her, so I never knew that she had a sexual side.
The last few months she had started to go out dancing and hang out... Continue»
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Danielle's Little Bitch

Danielle Fishel was exhausted. It had been a particularly brutal day on the set. Working with k**s really sucked and after a day like this, all she wanted to do was take a hot shower and have a drink. All that changed when she walked into dressing room and found her TV daughter Rowan Blanchard drinking one of her beers. Danielle quickly shut the door and locked it. “What the hell Rowan? Who the fuck said that you could come in here and drink my beer?” She walked over and grabbed the bottle from Rowan and slapped her across the face. “You little bitch! Do you know how much trouble I co... Continue»
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Underworld: Chain Reaction

The exquisite taste of Rei’s agonizing torment brought a dark smile of amusement to Lady Jenova’s face as she intently watched her dungeon executioners carefully tightening the chain that ran through Rei’s body to prevent her toes from touching the torture chamber’s floor.

Rei screamed as she felt another sharp explosion of agonizing pain deep in her guts as several more links of chain slipped past her tightly clinched anal muscles. Rei’s cried out in desperation as she briefly felt the tips of her out stretched toes briefly brush against the dungeon torture chamber’s floor before the exec... Continue»
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A Dancers Love

Kara was practicing her moves for the fourth time that day. It had only been the start of practice and she was already getting sick of what she was doing. It was boring, and frankly she didn't really want to keep pushing herself much longer. However, she continued to do it for the sake of her recital later on that month and for her instructor, of whom was the main reason she was still dancing after all these years. Her instructor was a sexy, older man, a man with hips that could move in a hypnotizing way. He was a very sensual guy, with a beautiful head of dark hair and green eyes that seemed ... Continue»
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Velvet Crush's Kinky Marriage

I squatted down, my back against a brick wall and my dress pulled up, exposing my bald, dripping pussy. Two slightly d***k men, whom my boyfriend, Anthony, had pulled from the club, were taking turns putting their stiff dicks into my mouth to suck as we were hidden behind my car. Including these two, I had sucked off a total of 5 different guys this night, as Anthony paraded me, Velvet Crush, his well-known, porn star, girlfriend, around the club, pimping me out for sex to guys he wanted to see me fuck and suck. Two of them had spent some time pumping their cocks in me, but all five eventually... Continue»
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Lesbian Drill Instructor And Her New Recruit

I often look back at my days serving as a Drill Instructor at the U.S. Naval Station, Orlando, Florida. This was long before “don’t ask, don’t tell”. A young recruit, Gretchen was assigned to me for Basic Training. Gretchen was a cute, nineteen year old very physically fit brunette with a firm muscular body, short hair and very small breasts. She had very strong “male” mannerisms, her walk, speech and the way she carried herself spelled out I’m as “butch” as a girl could get. If you weren’t close to her you could swear she was a boy.

Being a lesbian myself I usually looked the other way wh... Continue»
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hot mom -4

When Jodie woke the next morning and found her son in bed with her, she gasped. Then she came fully awake and remembered their wild fucking of yesterday, and she shivered with excitement. It hadn't been just a dream. She'd really had the satisfaction she'd craved for so long.

Of course, she'd had it with her own son, and that made it a lot different from the average love affair. Also, she'd spent the night fucking with Dane just after she'd gotten engaged to Craig. The whole situation was pretty weird, she had to admit.

But wasn't that basically Craig's fault? If he didn't have this sill... Continue»
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hot mom -5

"That's pretty funny, Jodie!" Craig grinned. Shouldn't you be telling me why you're making it with your own k**?"

"I think you know the answer to that, Craig," Jodie answered.

"Yeah," he said, "you're right--I do. I know I drove you to it. But I'd never have found that out if my plane hadn't been delayed on account of bad weather. I'm not leaving till tomorrow, so I came over here to spend the time with you."

"And you found us fucking!" Dane said. "Oh, wow, heavy. Listen, man, I hope you're not gonna punish my mom for this. Like you said, you drove her to it."

"Don't worry, Dane Cr... Continue»
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The Seduction and Using of Dawn Pt. 01

The Seduction and Using of Dawn Pt. 01
This is a story about an unfaithful wife and how she became an unfaithful wife as told by herself and one of her lovers. There are many twists along the way.
Each chapter is the story so far as told by either Dawn or Neil. It's in the he said, she said style.


Chapter 1: (Neil)

The first time I saw her was at a company dinner dance. She was quite small in stature, but possessed a regal serene presence. She commanded everyone's attention as she glided through the room, making introductions to old friends and new alike. She was dressed in a ... Continue»
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The GILF Next Door

My roomate and I had been renting the house for nearly 8 months now, both of us college students at the local University. Most days I had the place completely to myself because my buddy Mark was always at his new girlfriends place. Our next door neighbor Mrs. Jones was an older woman in her sixties, she had bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and was always dressed in the most expensive, top of the line clothes. For being middle aged she still had a great body and I had been fortunate enough to catch a few glances of her in her backyard in her two-piece sunbathing. I had met Mrs. Jones a week a... Continue»
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Katy, A Special Friend

Our Lodger Katy was just turned 17 when it happened, here's the story
It was last year around July she's just started college and was staying over as her parents are divorced. anyway she came to stay with us Friday till Monday and it was a hot weekend we decided to get a bit of sun in the back garden and I left her chatting with my mrs went to get some drinks and when I came out they were both topless but face down so nothing showing. I got the mrs a wine and Katy had a coke and she was I'm 17 can I not have a wine so my mrs said let her have a wine as the wife sat up to get the glass I got a... Continue»
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Julie pinned, plowed and creamed by the old man

Dirty Old Man slips his hand into his pants, slowly stroking at his cock while looking over Julie's body.*

Julie raises her arms above her head, lifting the bottom of her shirt up so her belly button is uncovered, and she slowly rocks her hips side to side.

Dirty Old Man grins, running his fingers up along the crown of his cock, twisting around his head and tugging upwards, stroking himself beneath the fabric while sitting back and enjoying her show.*

Julie sways her hips as she rhythmically moves in close. Standing just before the older man she turns around, displaying her panty-cove... Continue»
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paki bhabi fucked

"What are you doing in here?" Amina gasped and backed up against the shower wall. When her shoulders touched the cool tile she shivered but it wasn't from the cold. It was the way he was looking at her. It was a look she hadn't seen personally in years but she remembered it well, a look of lust and hunger that needed to be sated. "You have to leave." A predatory smile curled its way across his features sending a new shiver up her spine. "I don't have to do anything." Zakir was still fully clothed, the only thing he'd taken off so far were his gloves. "I know what I want to do though." He cross... Continue»
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Her Mom and I help her LOSE her Virginity

I had a nice house but had a small fire one day that required me to get a rental home in a really shitty trailer park here in North Georgia. The place was ok but crowed with young single parent mom's and their equally slutty trailer trash daughters that would hang around all day with no job or anything else for that matter except a welfare check every month, which they used on beer and cigarettes, and their government paid trailer homes.
One good thing about it was that since I worked from home on computers and did photography and video, I could watch them all through my window, running ar
... Continue»
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Control of your brain

I will tell you a story.
The story about how I ended up in absolute control over any person I desired, and how I used them for my pleasure.

But before we start on the actual story, let me tell you a bit about my f****y.

First of all my name is Jacob, and I am 18 years old.

My mother and father got sexually interested in each other at young ages.
My mother got pregnant at 16 years old, and gave birth to my s****r Mary a couple of months after turning 17.
At 18 years old she gave birth to me.

After a couple of years in idyllic happiness, my father and mother started to grow apart ... Continue»
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60 Another Penny and Ricky story, “teaching

Another Penny and Ricky story, “teaching boggy.”
Anyway it came a weekend and on the Saturday unusually Ricky had a friend coming to learn to set snares, a weedy tubby youth who he had defended on a number of occasions, they having become firm friends.
The lad went by the name of Boggy! Not a name to fetch in the girls that one, but his father having had a sense of humour and having heard the Johnny Cash record a `boy named Sue’ thought it may have helped to name him William Charles How wrong can a father be, and not a huge problem on its own though those initials were bad enough but with a... Continue»
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Young gurls w*t the bed too – Part 4

Young gurls w*t the bed too – Part 4

--------- Chapter 6

Very early Saturday morning…

Jenny wondered what happened to her the night before. She had always cum so easily, yet last night she had had a problem. But, when her son pissed into her cunt, she came stronger than at any time of her life.

Neither Bobby nor Emmy thought anything about it, they were so young and inexperienced, they were easily excited by anything they did together.

She knew she wanted to fuck and suck with them, that was natural, but now she was feeling the urge to play pissing ga... Continue»
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