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Whiskey and Cum

I was really getting to like Carol she liked rodeos, stock car racing and really enjoyed a Brad Paisley concert I took her to. Soon it was date number four and both of us knew that if she did not put out tonight this relationship was over. We pulled up to my new log cabin, and I could see by the look on Carol’s face and that that she was probably thinking” there is no way I’m not fucking this good looking rich guy tonight”. I felt the same way; there was no way I didn’t want to fuck my skinny western honey tonight. We sat in the living room and I got a beer. Carol shook her head in disgus... Continue»
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My Western Lady

My Western Lady

Many of us have been fortunate to meet that crazy “quirky” woman who made us laugh and was sexy in a funny way. I was fifty-seven and taking some college courses part-time when I met forty something Rachel. I knew when I first saw her with her granny glasses, long western style skirts, high laced boots, cotton blouses that Rachel was unique. She even funny striped stockings just like old west hookers wore in the 1890’s. I just had to sit next to this women. By the look she gave me she wanted the same. I sat down and joking commented “Hi! I’m Ken, you don’t mind if us eld... Continue»
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Another afternoon at Helena's home

Another afternoon at Helena’s home

My sweet Ana had gone for a complete week visiting some friends in San Francisco; so, I was home alone to enjoy a good time with my loneliness.

On Friday midday I was cooking a light meal, when Ana’s girlfriend Helena called me.

“You still own me a second visit to my home, you little bastard…” She said.

I had had a very good afternoon at her home some time ago; when I fucked Helena and her friend Camila. Then I though both bitches were waiting for me again there for a new wild sex session… But I was very wrong…

My slutty Helena opened the door.... Continue»
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Fucking a stranger in the back seat

Fucking a stranger in the back seat

When living in L.A., we had met some nice good neighbors and friends there.
One of them was a real nice person. He was an older man called Tom. He was a very kind man and he worked as a private contractor.

One Friday evening, as we were sharing a cold beer at the veranda, Victor told him that we were going to spend the week end at a nice cottage some friends had invited us. When Tom heard about the place, he told Victor he had got a contract to work in a near house. So; he asked if we minded if he could come with us.
Of course Victor agreed; Tom woul... Continue»
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raised as a daughter II

Rebecca told me to go to my room and undressed and wait for her. I ran upstairs and pulled everything off. I looked in the mirror, starting back at me was a cute girl from the waist up. Skinny body, small but firm breasts, and a pretty face. Below is a small somewhat useless penis, no more than three inches and thin with a tiny bulge of skin, and shapely legs. I turned to the side and seen a firm round ass. Not small and not big, just a beautiful round ass. I tucked away the useless appendage and smiled.
Rebecca came in and said to lay on the bed with my ass up. I climbed on it, on my knees ... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 12

As Jason and I were watching TV he told me that his aunt had decided at the last minute to come and visit and that she was bringing along her stepson Mark. I think they are suppose to be coming tomorrow afternoon he said. He’s cool and he’s going to be a senior this year just like us.

Of course both me and Jason were thinking the same thing. I wonder if Mark is into any of the stuff that Jason and I have been doing. Should we invite him over here Jason asked. Yea I said let’s plan to come over here Friday afternoon. We can tell our parents we’re going to the movies and the mall after, that ... Continue»
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The Journalist, Part 1

At the beginning of my career I worked on beauty pages and I learned about make-up. When I was shifted to fashion I learned to dress. Then it was the sports pages and I learned to surf, bungee jumped and joined a woman's soccer team. Rick, the editor, joked the Police Department would be unable to cope with the increased workload if he put me on the crime pages. When he moved me to homemaking I suspected the joke might also be an excuse and began looking for a new employer.

Every journalist wants to do investigative writing --- the Woodward and Bernstein Syndrome. That was my downfall at th... Continue»
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Inside the life of a sex mad girl

I am going on holiday, so I shall be away from my gateway to all you lusty horny men for the next two weeks. I plan to try some moves for your reading delight, some ball stirring stories, and cum shooting exercises.

A determined woman willing to take it all the way, and a cuckold husband wanting a wank over my rising bottom, as it grinds down an another man's cock, yes it will be that kind of holiday.

Most women, even when they don't admit it, have developed an instinct for sussing a man's desire for her, a look, a touch, even a small hint, is enough, I mean, over millennia, you know whe... Continue»
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Time Share Three-Way Part 1

Time Share Three-Way Part 1


I have to admit that one of the things that kept me driving was the thought of the hot tub at the time share that was waiting ahead of me. My wife was flying in a couple of days later since she had to work on a project before joining me, so I had had enough of driving by the time I pulled into the welcome center and collected my key.

I only lugged my bag into the single bedroom unit and immediately fished out the swimsuit. As ... Continue»
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StepMommy's Boy, StepDaddy's Girl

"Damn, Milos was right; these baked onion rings are great. Hell if I'll let him know that, though." Ben took another pull on his craft beer. As crazy as Milos was, this gay sports bar was making them both a lot of money, perhaps as much because of the irony.

The waiter, with fashionable facial hair, dressed in a football jersey with a cheerleader's skirt came up, asking if he would like another beer.

"Sure, but make it a good German beer this time. Can I ask about the outfit? Why the cheerl... Continue»
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My Steps****r has a Bigger Dick than Me

We'll just start with the basics, first thing is my name is Carter. I'm a 18 year old boy and currently a freshman in college and living with my parents and s****r. Some things about me: I'm an athletic person and I play a couple different sports (football and swimming), and I also generally get pretty good grades. I think I'm relatively smart, but if you're smart you also tend to question whether or not you're actually smart and who really even knows anyways? I wouldn't say I'm very popular, I'm a much m... Continue»
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I was my b*****r's girlfriend's Clit Lic

That f****y forbidden sex thing is something that catches everyone by surprise. I used to look at my older b*****r, who had a new hot girlfriend and wonder if he was having sex with her.

Sex was one of those things that was all around us, I was twelve, and had just starting my periods, and so, as you might guess, was aware of what I had between my legs and the naughty pleasures you can have, touching yourself.

Angela, my b*****rs girlfriend had stayed over one weekend, and as such bunked up with me, as bed space was at a premium. She was sixteen and a very pretty girl, and as I watched h... Continue»
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0045 Underwear Fun – Susie

0045 Underwear Fun – Susie Note: modified slightly, retitled, and reposted

Susan thought back to the beginning…

Susie’s bladder woke her. She walked quietly to the bathroom. She mustn’t wake daddy. When she arrived, she pushed her panties off and removed her sl**p top. She was naked… so she couldn’t have any accidents… like the last time. She only let out a little bit at a time to stay as quiet as possible. As she finished wiping herself, she heard daddy snoring. Had she disturbed him? She went down the hall on tip-toe to find out. She was so concerned that she forgot to p... Continue»
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Kitchen Sex With My Widow Mother

I am samar current 24 years old and working with a mnc in Mumbai…my mom is a widow and she is 44 years of age…a huge busty lady with a tight figure…i am having a good job a good background and having a good house in Mumbai….In my home me and my mom lives alone…so we are pretty engrossed with each other at home..

I leave home for job at around 10 in the morning and return by 6 in the evening…my mom is pretty hot…very much fair in color and a very modern way of living…her breasts are huge may be they can be above 38, her butto
... Continue»
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No Pity on Mom’s Ganagbang

My b*****r Ramesh had come from village to Mumbai to look for a job and father got him a job at a college as a clerk. My father a professor, so busy in classes and college all day and not fond of sex. My mother always looked starved for sex but she never reacted as she thought it will put a wrong teachings to me. Let me tell you about my b*****r. He is dark,tall handsome and has a penis size of 6.4 inc long and 4 inc circumference thick penis while mine in a 5.2m inc long and 5.3 inc girth of penis. My mom has a perfect figure ... Continue»
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My So Lovely i****t f****y

Warning: This Story Is Of A i****t f****y So Whosoever Not Like It Kindly Read Other Stories.

Hi My Sweet Friends,My Name Is Janet,I Am 38 Yrs Old,Blonde And Tall.I Have Perfect Sexy Body.

This Story Started When I Was 20 Yrs Old,I Met A Young Man In A Training Course For Belly Dancing,His Name Is Stewart,He Was One Year Older Than Me.

We Were Dating Each Other For Few Months,Then We Decided To Get Married.I Enjoyed Each Minute With Him,We Had A Free
... Continue»
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DocTor visit goes there in a fantasy

A dream, a fantasy that is made from encounter that left me wanting the real thing. So in the mean time, I will share my dream. It all starts with a doctor visit. I had a rash issue, forcing me to go see a special doctor. The first appointment went well, and so did the second one. The planned last met up was made for the last time on a Friday, which worked for me. I went to the office, and checked in. It was only the Doc and one office rep who was all ready to go home. So I got sit in the check up room, wondering why it was so quiet. Walked in was Doc...who's legs were amazing. I looked at he... Continue»
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Night at the concert!

At this point it should be obvious that Gail, my former mother in law (step-mother in law), have had kind of a "friends with benefits" type thing going on.

Gail had won some tickets on the radio to see an older, classic rock band. I can't remeber who it was, it was a band that had 1 or 2 songs I liked but certainly not a band I'd go out of my way to see. But I also never say no to free concert tickets if I can make it work. I went to Gail's condo a couple hours before the show so that we could go get some food and drinks beforehand. She was within walking distance of the outdoor amphitheat... Continue»
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Virgin bride seduced

Andrea,is a slightly stuck up teacher,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.She is going to be my wife.After years of refusal she finally agreed to marry me,i can't wait to have sex with her,she is a virgin, at 24 she never had a boyfriend or anybody touching more then her arm,simply repulsing any physical contact.This was driving me mad with frustration but also with an immense desire for her sumptuous legs and those tits that i was never allowed to fondle but above all was her prudence to exc... Continue»
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Meeting the bull cuckold

With Sophie's true nature of the relationship between her and her 27 year old Romainian lover Andrei now out in the open i thought it was time that i met the man i would be sharing my partner with. (*see previous stories) When Sophie next met with him at work she talked to him about meeting me and reassured him that i was totally fine with the situation and that it actually turned me on. He thought i was very weird and couldn't understand my behaviour but agreed nonetheless. She had told me that he had laughed and mocked me in private with her and that he thought i was "a gay", so i knew he di... Continue»
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