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Starting a new Life- Part One

My name is Jacob and this is my story of the rise of the former nerd.. I am an 18 year old who is skinny and girls do not really consider me attractive. But recently, I started noting changes. My muscle mass has been increasing dramatically, along with my cock. It used to be only 8 inches, but now my cock is 25 inches long 3 inches wide. When I wore pants, my cock was extremely noticeable.

Today I went to school for the first time since the changes. As I walked through the door, all of the girls looked at me, gazing at me with lust in their panties as I walked away. My first class is AP Gov... Continue»
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The Artist and the Client 3

I lay there looking at Bernie. He had made me feel so good and now my cock was of course flaccid. He kissed the tip and and said, "Now what am I gonna do with you?.......I need you hard." Reaching out I held his balls in my hand, pulling the loose skin, watching as his cock swayed up and down. I leaned into him and licked the tip. Drops of clear pre-cum were oozing out as I continued licking. Taking the head into my mouth, I heard him moan. Bernie grabbed my head gently and held it as he began thrusting in and out, he was fucking my mouth.I loved being held like that, I felt like a cock whore,... Continue»
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Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On....

I had just moved into a small town house, about a month ago. There were forty units that shared a pool, workout room, and small laundry room. All were free to use. It was just based on first come, first serve. The hours were from 9am to 9pm. It was close to 7pm on Friday night. I gathered all my dirty clothes from my town house. I placed them in a big canvas bag. Grabbed some laundry soap and headed to the laundry room. I was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants. I slipped on some flip flops. It took m... Continue»
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The Fairy God Mother - Happy Halloween - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

The Fairy God Mother - Happy Halloween...

My parents were going out of town. My Dad always starts his vacation the week before Halloween. They won't be back for a month. I didn't ask were they were going this year. I was just happy to have the house to myself. I had just graduated High School a few months back. I was still looking for a job. I was in no hurry to get started in finding one. I don't think my parents cared if I got a job or not. I went to bed late. Got up in the afternoon and was a slacker most of the day.

I was just putting on a pa... Continue»
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The Voice Over - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

The Voice over....

I am always looking for ways to meet, hot voluptuous women. I love bigger women with curves. A nice perfect hour glass figure. I had a great idea last week. I would take a few weeks off, from my regular job. I would put up some help wanted posters around town. I rented a small office, near my house. I put in a big oak desk. A big brown leather chair to sit in. A big brown leather couch and two fake plants in my office. A small computer chair, with no back in front of my desk. A reading lamp, phone and some note pads on my desk. I ... Continue»
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Daddy’s Lil Darling Gets BC

This is a continuation of “Daddy Gets Brown Sugar” where Ashely has just watched her dad fuck Tasha the black mom from next door. The story can be found on my profile.
I quickly slipped out the back door after watching my dad fuck Tasha. What I had seen was so sexy! The sight of black and white lovers tangled together was so erotic. My pussy was soaking wet and was begging for some attention. I looked up and noticed I was walking towards the neighbor’s house. Then the thought of my b*****r Brad and my friend Jasmin filled my min... Continue»
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Both of both - the next day

After a few minutes Scott lifted his exhausted sweaty body from his parents bed, he said night to both and made his way first to the bathroom to clean up and then onwards to his bedroom. He collapsed into bed, his mind racing had the last hour actually happened, what would the future hold?

Waking the next morning, Scott slowly got up and nervously made his way downstairs and into the kitchen where both parents were sitting eating breakfast. "Morning sl**py head" he mother said. Both acted as if it was any other normal morning. "Morning, is there any breakfast?" Scott enquired. "There cer... Continue»
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Coming Clean

I generally write for my own amusement. I have proofread this but I suck at grammar and I may have missed some things. I upload this in the hope that it might amuse, please don't leave nasty comments.

David had a guilty secret that was tearing him apart. On the one hand he wanted to scream and shout that he had had sex for the first time. On the other hand, he had used the services of an e****t to do so and he was deathly afraid of what reactions might follow, especially from his friends at church. What he had done wasn’t technically i*****l but at the very least it was morally ... Continue»
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Massage While Sunbathing by Hutter James

True Story, i****t, Male / Older Female, Masturbation

Best to read Football Physical then Dry My Back as way of introduction
I spent the summer when I was twenty at home in Eastern Washington working six days a week in the feed and grain store in town. We lived outside of town on land that was farmed, but my mother leased it out to other farmers. She just enjoyed being way out in the country. Now Eastern Washington has very cold, windy winters and hot, dry summers. My job always saw me sweaty, dusty, grimey, and hot by mid-afternoon at quitting time. This day was no ex... Continue»
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Camping With Mom - by robert_lean

True Story, Boy, Cheating, Cuckold, Erotica, i****t, Male / Older Female, Male/Female, Masturbation, Mature, Wife, Young

Boy and His Mother Go Camping
Note: I am not the Author of this story. I recently read this much of the story on this website (XNXX) with less grammar etc. I searched the web for the rest of the story and will be uploading them part by part at some point during this week. The reason for the delay in uploads is that I am editing Grammar, Paragraphs, and re-typing sections of it. So consider this story Camping With Mom: Remastered.

It was January 19... Continue»
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It all started when p*****nage Zoe & I were watching late night TV (I was lay on her bed & she was in bed wearing p,j's)
We Both fell asl**p! & like all males do(I woke up with a massively hard cock?) but because I only had shorts on had managed to "f***e its way up & out top of shorts!"
Zoe woke up before I did & saw me lay there with my rock hard(8") cock pointing skywards?
As I woke up I began to realise about my situation (trying to cover myself & make it go soft(er) "predictably it wouldn't!"
Then Zoe just said "can I touch it so I can see what it feels like?"
"I know I should h... Continue»
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First Time at Spa

This happened exactly two days back. For last 2 months I was going through a dry spell after breakup with my girlfriend. But for last couple of days I was really feeling horny and wanted to have sex desperately. Thoughts of calling an e****t or visiting one started to go through my mind but nothing materialized.

Two days back while returning through office, I took stairs instead of lift and saw a Thai spa. I knew about the spa for a longtime but never had any interest in visiting it. It has glass door covered with black film so nothing is visible. I walked down the staircase very slowly to ... Continue»
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The Meet Up (part 1)

We've been chatting online for a fes months now and finnaly your curiosity conceded
you to meet in person. After work you ho to the adress i gave you and at the door you find a note under a black cloth. You pick it up and it reads "Go to the back and blindfold yourself." You're not sure about it but your curiosity gets the better of you,you want to see what happens. You walk over to the back and place the cloth around your head,blindfolding yourself. You wait to see what happens and suddenly you hear the door creek open. You want to see but you can't, you only remember what i look like from t... Continue»
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I was surounded by five more of the worlds biggest huge black cock's they were huge powerful massive shafts that were swinging down past there knees all five of these stud friends of David's as the huge men were all over me as i was still impailed on David's imense hard cock being held up like i was on display these men were super strong muscles bulging out they were pumping up there huge biceps flexing there arms making them swell like many black mountain ranges for my eyes to soke up and my eight inch clit was vibrating from this hot spectical that was beeing put on just for me ,David lifted... Continue»
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Three Girls at a Barbeque

It's still a mystery to me how this all got started. I went over to my
s****r's house for a barbeque and she had a lot of people over. Somehow, I
got stuck at a table with about seven little girls. I say little, but they
weren't really that young.
At twenty six, I find girls that age difficult to talk
to, but they had no problem talking to me and among themselves. They were
going to a parade later and my s****r. Sherrie, begged me to go along.
I've seen a parade and this one would be like all the others so I didn't
want to waste my afternoon. My s****r's pleading caused a... Continue»
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Interracial Profiling Gone Wrong

A successful, law-abiding black man get's fed up with being racially profiled and goes off the deep end.

I'm a black man. I'm not a thug. I don't sell d**gs. I won't hurt you.
I'm actually a doctor. Went to college and medical school. I help people.
But none of that matters when you're a black man, you see. White people only see you one way.
I've been pulled over by the cops too many times to remember. Questioned. Harassed. It's humiliating.
And it's not just the authorities. It's regular people too. ... Continue»
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Mature and Prime


Stella's ears caught her name in the conversation of her granddaughter's boyfriend, Tom. He had said something like he would bang Stella if he got the chance. He was without tact begging Kelly for another piece of pussy which she had replied that they had fucked twice already. Tom had kept on saying that Stella's red panties looked full of hot cunt. It made her wonder when he had seen them, since she had worn red today? She wondered if this 19 year old actually wanted her? 63 years old, 7 c***dren with a hoard of grands, used, old cunt, to a young... Continue»
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My girlfriend's mother (part 2)

In part one I told how back in the 70s I was infatuated with this mormon girl from Salt Lake and ended up having sex with her a few times. After that, we stayed away from sex for about 8 weeks as I recall and then while staying with her f****y for the weekend I ended up having sex with her mother when we were alone in the house.

The encounter with her mother just changed everything. I was afraid to talk to my girlfriend for fear that she had found out that I had fucked her mother. I knew that would be the end of everything between us. The guilt was horrible. I was so sorry that I had sex wi... Continue»
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Best of both

The following story contains scenes of bi sexual interaction, if that's not your thing, that's cool. Else enjoy.

Scott was driving home to his parents from University for the Easter break, he had hung around uni over the preceding weekend and then stopped at his b*****rs for a few days on the way back. Arriving at his parents house around 4pm, he let himself into the house. His mother heard the door and stuck her head round the kitchen door to see who it was. Seeing it was her son she excitedly left the kitchen and flung her arms around Scott in a motherly embrace. "Forgive your Dad, he's... Continue»
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Cowboy Cock - Part 3

Well, following the “tractor ride”, the calls came more frequently. The country gentleman became the horny gentleman very quickly, but still used his manners and good old boy demeanor to get what he wanted.

A week or so following our picnic, he invited me to a BBQ at his house. This was somewhat awkward because I’m married and this is a relatively small town. But I guess since he had been f****y friends for so many years nobody thought anything of it. I went to the BBQ and had a good time drinking and hanging out. There was nothing real spectacular to mention, just a good time, good ... Continue»
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