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Chris's hard Choices Index-2

Chris awoke the next morning thinking he had had the most wonderful dream. It didn't take long before he realized last night was not a dream and it was real, his mother had actually jacked him off. He did not remember when she left but he knew she would be back because today he started physical therapy. Yet, he wondered how she would act towards him after last night. What would he say to her? He knew things would be different now but he wanted more, he just hoped his mother would to.

Carolyn stared at the bathroom mirror trying to get ready to go to the hospital. She was as nervous as a cat... Continue»
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Chris's hard Choices Index-3

Prologue; for those who have not read the first two chapters I will give you a quick synopsis. Chris is a young man who was injured in a car accident and while at the hospital he has many sexual adventures with the hospital staff, his girlfriend, and his mom.

This story is purely fictional. It is just a fantasy story not to be a realistic in any form.

The rest of Chris's stay in the hospital was normal aside from the daily blowjob or quick fuck from one of the nurse's or his girlfriend. If not for the fact that he was paralyzed from the waist down he would have thought he had died in gon... Continue»
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My Cousin Took Advantage

Hey guys! My name is Simran. I am a 1990 born girl and I am pretty crazy for sex. I mean going a week without sex is really a challenge for me. Describing me now I am 5’8” tall and d cups boobs with a figure 36 24 34.

Now coming to the story, the story is of the time when I was studying in college in Delhi University. We had a three days straight holidays but my home was far enough that going there was a waste. So I decided to pay my cousin in Noida a visit. So Friday evening I took a bus to Noida and halfway my journey it started to rain. His home was a just a few blocks away so I got comp... Continue»
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My Private Cumfession (True Story)

Hey guys so this is an extension of my past experiences when i was (☆11☆+☆1☆) years old. This story takes place a few weeks after my friend and I messed around for the first time. Remember guys this really did happen to me. Enjoy ;)
So this happened a few weeks after my first experience with my friend and the ☆8☆th grader. I was feeling like i was doing something wrong and kinda felt guilty. I didnt know who else to talk to so i thought I could speak to Father Gregory. He was a tallish older man, with light hair about 5'11 very happy and loving guy he was. Well he saw me at school having a... Continue»
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32 and Lusting for Sex, with a naked Boy

I felt I had lost everything, my career and my marriage, and the more I thought about I cursed myself and hated everyone and everything around me.

My husband left early the next morning. He had chosen to sl**p in the spare room after the court case that had led to a blazing row, later that night.

I had decided as I lay in the darkness of the bedroom I would take my time and pack everything I wanted and just leave before he returned home in the evening.

I would drive South and cross into Germany, where I had worked as an au-pair during my gap year, I would be a stranger, get a menial j... Continue»
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Highschool Adventure - Chapter 1

--- This is purely fantasy. I do not condone doing anything with anyone u******e. Once again, this is fantasy ---

Notes: This is an ongoing story. Expect many more chapters overtime. I have a lot more characters I want to introduce and to expand the story. This is my first story, so hopefully I improve over time. Feel free to comment, etc


It’s the start of a new school year. Everyone is starting to file back into the place where they wis... Continue»
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Cheating On Vacation

I have never been out of the country this was my first time. I went with my lesbian girlfriend we've been together for a few years now. Truth is I have cheated on her a couple of times. With Men. Got pregnant twice. The problem is I hate for a man to pull out and at that point he can't because.... well let me tell you what happen last month when we went to Jamaica.

I admit I have a big ass and big tits but a small waist and i'm not that tall but average.

My girlfriend is used to guys looking at me she gets upset sometimes because the guys get a little nasty sometimes. I don't m... Continue»
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co workers soles

Recently I was on a business trip that would last up to 3 weeks. Usually my wife is able to come with me to take care of my sexual needs on this trip being a perv I still need my balls drained multiple times a week or even a day. This particular time my wife wasn't able to come since some of her f****y members were in town. So I could either wait it out while I was gone or just beat off each morning until I came back. I made the decision that I would wait it out then come back and just have a big load for her.

When I got to the hotel with my co workers we got checked in and at this point I ... Continue»
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Sins of the Farher

My Mom passed away when I was young and my Father and I lived alone. He used to lounge around the house in his white boxer shorts and t-shirt, his "skivvies" as he called them. His boxers had no closures and when he walked around the house I would catch glimpses of his cock and tufts of hair through the opening. When he laid on the couch and watched TV, sometimes the opening would gape and I could see more of his thick cock, other times his boxers would ride up and I could see half his dick hanging out of the leg. I always watched TV with him and sat across from him so I could catch gl... Continue»
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Glory Hole Conspiracy 2

This is part 2 of 3 here is link to the first if you missed it:

Sara and Beth waited in car as they watched their moms disappear down the alley. Sara was suddenly very nervous as she started to think about having anonymous sex at the glory hole. She looked at Beth and wondered if her friend was having the same feeling.

Sara knew she would enjoy it! She loved having sex! Her daddy had fucked her every day since he had taken her virginity. Her mom and dad and her all had ... Continue»
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Putting a Cuck in the place he needs to be in...

One thing you can say about a good quality cuck is the lack of balls!!! Yes my hubby is that alright!
Ok I guess you should know his vital sizes...
About as thick as a thumb
No often erect
No ball sack to speak of

Fires only water-OK he at least orgasms-useful when he has a chance to see me with a tasty BBC!
What made me so horny for the world of BBC? Well I never grew up with black guys about, just little white guys like my hubby and they
lied to us ladies in out country saying they were big boys--pathetic, now he must pay!!!

You know our cunts can take any size of man and ... Continue»
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Becky's Marine part 1

The world was swimming around me. The f***e of the blast had blurred my vision and I could hear bells ringing. As I climbed out of the wrecked humvee, all I could see was smoke and dust. I heard the screaming of my fellow Marines and was about to begin searching for the source of the noise when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I swivelled around in the bar stool and saw Carl chuckling at me, his face turning into a slight frown as he saw the look in my eyes.

"You okay?" He asked in a hushed tone which was barely heard over the music.

"Yeah, I'm good." Though I didn't believe myself

"F... Continue»
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A b*****r'S LOVE

*** ***

"Jamie, come on, wake up!" David's voice was soft and warm
in her ear.
"Mmmmmm..." Slowly Jamie drifted into awareness; her b*****r's
strong arm around her waist as he gently nuzzled the back of her
"Wanna do it?" he asked. "I mean, you been runnin' around all
evening in nothing but those stupid leotards and I'm....kinda all
worked up, ya know?"
"Tough shit" Jamie mumbled, pulling the stiff hotel sheets
back over her shoulder "use your hand." ... Continue»
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Kate 9 continued

I told Kate I was worried about bumping into friends,
Its nearly dark no one will notice you she laughed
Deep down I wanted to try it!
She opened the door come on she said
I stepped onto the path Kate closed the door, we walked out of our garden onto the street
The amber street lights had just come on, Kate said we will go through the park to get her flags she also wanted a bottle of wine
As we was walking she said slow down
She linked arms with me walk the same speed as me she said
I timed my footsteps with hers,
Cars and a bus drove past, how do you feel she asked
A little bit... Continue»
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Sitting for Kelli

At first I thought `what have a gotten myself into?' I had agreed to
babysit for the neighbors whenever they were going out, since I was home
alone in the evenings anyway. I had made the mistake of telling Pete
and Judith, who lived in the adjacent townhouse, that my wife worked
nights and that I spent most evenings watching cable and playing games
on the computer. Their eyes had fairly lit up when I said that, and
they had immediately asked if I could babysit their two k**s from time
to time, so they could get out of the house. Ugh. How could I refuse?
I'd just told them I did n... Continue»
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My Three s****rs

I stared through the large old fashioned keyhole into my older
s****r's bedroom as she got dressed for school. She wasn't doing
it slowly or even very sensuously, just very matter a factly like
she did most days that I watched her, but I still found it
incredibly exciting. Just the sight of her long, raven colored
hair, tanned legs, flat stomach, round ass, large breasts, and
glimpses of her dark, perfectly shaped bush and pink, pouting pussy
lips were enough to drive me into a frenzy and turn my dick into
a tent pole. On certain glorious occasions, she would have to bend
o... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude 10

As I watched my stepdaughter with Adam's monster cock deep in her throat I couldn't stand it much longer, I had to have some relief myself. Sharon, sitting at first when she took this on, had gotten out of her chair and positioned herself over Adam who, at this point was leaning far back in his chair. Seeing Sharon bent over him like that, her shaved pussy exposed, I moved behind her, shoving my now hard cock inside her. I could barely make out her appreciative squeal at my entering her with so much cock in her mouth but she obviously liked my intrusion. I began to fuck her like a madman I... Continue»
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Mother's Milk

Jack pushed the door open with his foot awkwardly and entered his house.
Both his hands were occupied; he was carrying with a large plastic bag of
disposable diapers in one hand and two bags of groceries precariously
balanced in other arm. Jack set the packages on the kitchen table.

No answer.

He looked in her bedroom, and saw his mother cradling his baby b*****r.
A half-empty plastic bottle was lying near her feet. Both mom and baby were
fast asl**p. The scene looked so peaceful compared to night before when
Bobby kept them both up with his frantic crying. ... Continue»
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f****y Business Pt. 2

A few weeks went by and one day I received a call from my daughter, Emily.
“Hi Daddy” she said “It's my f******nth birthday soon and I know what I would like from you”

“What's that my darling?” I asked.

“A birthday party, daddy. Well more like a birthday orgy.” said Emily, giggling

“Well I think I could organise that” I laughed, “Who do you want me to invite?”

“Well” said Emily,”obviously you, mum, Lynsey, Laura, Wendy, Alison, Hannah, the twins, Jen, Celia from the tattoo parlour, Andy, Pete, Roy and Chris. That would be an ideal number. I can be fucked by everyone but there i... Continue»
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Katie, My Kissing Cousin: Part One

My first sexual experience with a girl occurred when I was 15 years old. Of course I had done some basic stuff with girlfriends, but nothing that is worth writing about. At this age I remember constantly thinking about girls and how to get into their pants. Unfortunately most of the girls I knew at that time were not so willing to take off their clothes as quickly as us guys would have hoped for. Fortunately for me I lucky enough to find myself someone that was ready to do some experimenting. My cousin Katie.

Katie was only three months younger than me and lived in the neighboring town wit... Continue»
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