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My triplets pt1

I was barely awake in kind of a dreamy mode recalling the recent events in my f****y. I didn't open my eyes as I felt the warm bodies next to me, I could feel the warm skin against my skin making my nipples stand out. It was such a great feeling as a snuggled up against the body in front of me. I began to recall what has been happening the last day and or so. My triplet boys celebrated their 18th birthday yesterday and my husband and I gave them a very special present. We gave them full access of me, that's right, full access to my body to do with as they please. We gave them me to play with, ... Continue»
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My triplets pt2

My son Billy will give his version of what it is like fucking his mother........

I opened my eyes very slowly as the brightness of the room was making me squint in trying to recognize my surroundings. This definitely was not my bedroom plus I was not alone in this bed. As I laid there trying to recollect of what happened last night, it suddenly came to me that I was in my parent's bed and I was lying next to my mom. I turned to see her on her side facing away from me and was totally nude. I pulled up the covers to see her nice curvy back with a great heart shaped ass, I immediately snuggled... Continue»
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Mother's Day

"Hey Captain!" I said into my phone.

"Hey Sailor!" my dad said.

"How are they hanging?" I queried.

"One in front of the other, for speed!" He's a fighter pilot, that's the standard reply. "And yourself?"

"I'm high speed, low-drag sir!" We both chuckled. I'm not in the Navy, just going to college, but I know the lingo pretty good.

"You're going home for Mother's Day, right?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, dad. I'm going home, uh, Friday afternoon. After class gets out. Please tell me you sent something?"

We both laughed again. Dad once had the impression that his wife wasn't his mothe... Continue»
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Erik's transformation part 3

As they drove home, Kate was confused and thought about the proposal from Dr. Wood. Her voice echoed in her mind, "Kate, I plan to let him fuck you!" She was a bit shocked, but at the same time she was very excited by that statement. She was wondering if it was the right way to help Erik. Should she obey Dr. Wood? Dr. Wood was someone whom Kate believed in and respected. Erik's question interrupted her thinking.

"Mom, are you going to work today?"

"No, I took the day off."

"Excellent! We'll have the whole day just for us." He was very cheerful and happy and Kate had to admit that Dr.... Continue»
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Splash Mountain

It was late and the Craigslist ad read "Splash Mountain". I wasn't much for online dating, but with a stagnant home life and an even more boring girlfriend the "Casual Encounters" ads offered enough thrills for me on those boring nights. "Splash Mountain". The title was intriguing and I could only imagine what it insinuated. So I clicked and proceeded to a funny little ad that seemed to timidly boast, " 25 f Looking to do something crazy tonight. Watch out this ride may require a sign to the likes of the warning sign at splash mountain”. It was cryptic but I smirked at the funny implication... Continue»
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Once a Slave

As expected, they came for her late in the night, the royal guards roughly dragging her from her quarters in the Sultan's harem and down into the dark depths of the palace dungeons. And frankly, the slavegirl was still surprised, that with the Sultan's well known propensity for young girls that she'd lasted for as long as she had.

Captured at an early age by pirates and taken to the slave markets of Damascus, the slavegirl had quickly attracted the lecherous eye of a wealthy Persian Sultan. And, over the long nightmarish years of sexual servitude that followed the slavegirl gradually bloss... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part I

A Mother's Helping Hand - Part I
a reality-based fiction by DizzyD

Jamie Bradley sat quietly in the doctor’s office waiting room as his mother filled out the insurance information and questionnaire as to why they were visiting. This was nothing new, since Dr. Alexander had been Jamie’s doctor since he was a young boy, and had remained so for his annual checkups and other typical illnesses, even though he was in high school now. But this time there was nothing routine about the reason for their visit, and the teen was very nervous.

“Are you okay honey,” Charlotte Bradley asked a... Continue»
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Beauty cousine and I. Super hardcore sex.

This is a true story. My cousine was turning 30 years old. I was 22. I just broked up with my girl friend. The big birthday party was at my place. I was living at my mom place at this time. My cousine, lets call her Wendy, just came out of a big trip of 6 months from Australia. She was so beautiful. A real bbw with huge tits and big round ass. But very slim after that big trip... So, big party, lots of alcohol and weed. This night was perfect for a party. But she kept Trying to charm man at the party (single after that trip for a long time) but no man wanted to stay with her (because she is... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend and her mom pt5

"Are you okay?" Amy asked. We lay in my bed together, a tangle of limbs and sheets. She had covertly spent the night, coming over via the oak tree between our houses. I was thankful my parents were detached and aloof. They didn't even bother coming to my side of the house anymore. While a locked door bought us some time if needed, I was glad I didn't need to rely on it.

"I'm fine," I said.

"Are you sure? After all, last night was pretty intense. Not just physically."

"No, I'm okay, I promise. I just want to make sure our relationship doesn't get affected in a bad way. I really like yo... Continue»
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Drive in Mom pt 4

I was on my knees on the floor of the back seat. Inches from my face was the most beautiful pussy I had ever beheld and it belonged to my own mother. It seemed so large and intimidating. Peering down between her legs, mom smiled at me as she watched me study her amazing muff.

"Would you like me to open it up for you, sweetie?" She asked.

I nodded and mom used two of her fingers to splay apart her large fleshy cunt-lips. Mom's twat opened up like a shiny pink blossom coming to full bloom.

"Wow." I muttered.

Mom smiled at my reaction.

"Lots of peeping boys might get a good look at... Continue»
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Drive in Mom pt 5

I gazed down at my cock. It was sticking straight up, still bone hard and coated with mom's saliva.

"So, son of mine...still upset that your date stood you up?" Mom asked.

"No way." I signed.

Mom smiled, her big tits giggling, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Top or bottom?" She asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Time to cash in all those points, sweetie-pie. Top or bottom?" She smiled.

"Bottom." I said.

Without hesitation Mom threw one of her long legs her leg across my lap and straddled me. I gazed up at her enormous chest as it hovered above my face.

"Scoot down to ... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend and her mom pt4

And so the next day I began work as usual. Amy said she was out with some friends, although I expected her to be back in her room in a few minutes. We had worked out a plan the night before after she snuck over to my room for some midnight sex. That time I had taken her over the window sill, our bodies bathed in moonlight. Susan was in the kitchen, wearing a skimpy sundress. I was finishing up Amy's room when I heard the rustle of the tree and then saw my girlfriend climb into her window.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi," she said brightly. "Almost done?"

"Just pulling off the tape around your m... Continue»
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Drive in Mom pt 3

Mom smiled as she still lay on top of me. We were alone at the drive-in and she had just agreed to help me score enough points to have sex with her.

"Let's switch positions." She said.

Mom unstraddled me and got in the same position I was in, laying on her back, with her ass at the edge of the seat. I started to straddle her as she had me but she stopped me.

"No...get between my legs." She said.

She threw her legs back and I climbed between them. Again our genitals met and she pulled me onto her chest. Her soft breasts melted against against my chest as she wrapped her long legs an... Continue»
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Bhua's daughter Pinky with Raja

Bhua told us that her daughter Pinky is coming to India in 3 days.
We should pick her up at the airport.

Bhua and I and Pari went to airport to pick Pinky.
At the airport we huged pinky and bhua introduce us to Pinky.
We were happy to see Pinky. She was 5.8” tall with nice figures.
Her breast were nice size and looks full figures. I looked at Pari she gave the sign
of aprovel by touching her breasts.

We talked in the car on the way to home. Pinky was not shy. She talked very nicly.

By the time we reached home Pinky was tired from long trip on plane.But we did introduce... Continue»
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Step mom

My dad was a very successful businessman and Cheryl,like my mom when she was still married to my dad, did not work. I was an only c***d and Cheryl was not a mom. That left a lot of time where Cheryl and I were together during the daytime and when my dad went on business trips and Cheryl didn’t go with him. About 5-6 months after I turned 18 I noticed Cheryl and myself began to flirt. All innocently but still flirting. Where as before she would always kiss me on the cheek, now it was always on the lips. Hugs became tighter, clothing would be more provocative, mostly when she wore a robe it woul... Continue»
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Meeting My New Friend Part 1

Okay, I will admit, I met Jennifer on a popular chat site. At first, it was just innocent chatting. We shared some laughs, talked about our lives, and eventually we traded pictures of each other. Believe me, she was not the best looking woman but at least she was honest about her looks. She stood about 5 feet tall and would be best classified as a bbw with dark hair and glasses. At the time I had no intention of meeting her but to only chat with her online as a friend, seeing as she was 37 and I was 24.

One Tuesday night, I had just got home from hanging out with friends at the bar. ... Continue»
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Twisted Step-Sis lll

I played every inning until the seventh inning of game 15, I was trying to turn a double into a triple and because of a bad but close throw I was safe. My sliding into third was not to good I ripped my pants and my sliding pants and me. One of the dads just happen to be an ER doctor and was at the game, he wanted me to go to the hospital so I went. I had sc****s close to a foot long on my butt/thigh and by the time I got to the hospital the swelling was half the size of a football.
Dans s****r is a RN and works in the ER she saw me and got me to the back as quick as possible. Her name is Kim... Continue»
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A Day With Ginger

I woke up the next morning, lying in my bed, wondering if I made a major mistake with my life by making love to my s****r just the night before. She was barely a t******r , having just turned t****e. As I lay there, thinking I made the mistake of a lifetime, my bedroom door opened and closed. I turned to look, and there stood Ginger, naked as the day she was born.

She ran across my room and jumped into my bed, landing right on top of me. And as she landed, her lips met mine and she kissed me hard, wrapping her arms around my neck. I pulled her close to me, held her ass tight and kissed... Continue»
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2nd part of fucking mom

Part 2 of fucking mom

After s*s and her friends played with mom. Mom was happy that girls made her happy.
Next was to get me fuck my mom. We waited for the right moment. Wanted mom to relax
and wont suspect any thing.

We made plan that girls should blind fold mom as they lick mom's pussy.

It was saturday I went out of home after breakfast. Soon after I left s****r's friends came home.
After chit chat one of the girl started to tease mom by touching here and there.

Mom said to her what is wrong with you today Bilo. Bilo said she feel in heat.

Ninki said why dont we have ... Continue»
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Chapter Seven XHamster Profil for Love2Bused

Chapter Seven
Xhamster Profile for Love2Bused

After a quick thirty minute ride we pulled into a parking lot that looked like part of a biker bar. Right away my pussy started heating up just thinking about being used by a bunch of bad boy bikers. When Harold parked the bike he turned to me and asked me if I was sure I was ready for this? Looking Harold in the eyes I told him I have to be ready for this. My entire future is depending on my a... Continue»
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