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Slut at the beach

She pulled up in front of me on the sand a couple of weeks ago, she had average looks and was hanging out with a dude and another chick. I was laying on a towel and did not pay much attention to her, I mean, the beach is full of fuck tarts after all. A couple of hours later I noticed her camel toe, she had on a bikini bottom, close to a thong that was a size too small for her petite frame, and I could clearly see the outline of her puffy lips and could tell she was clean shaven. I got an instant hard on, I instinctively looked up to see how the top was fairing, and my cock got even harder. Her... Continue»
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You have been looking for months to find a genuine Bull with a huge cock, hairy chest and decent body to please Wife.

You see a profile on xhmster. You like him but he comes first as soon as he sees the photos of wifey. and reply. After a few email exchanges you decide to invite your new Bull to your house. 

The day finally arrives. Wife demands that Hubby watches her getting ready in the bathroom for the night of pleasure with her Bull. She shaves her pussy, her legs and polish her nails in the colour her Bull loves and made up her face to perfection. She gives Hubby a leering look as s... Continue»
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When I got home late Saturday night, Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. I
said to her "Geez, Mom I'm 25 years old now, you don't have to wait up for

"I know, son," she said. "I went to bed, but I had trouble sl**ping. I
couldn't relax"

Judging from the half empty bottle of scotch in front of her, she was probably
good and relaxed now. Mom was 46 years old but still quite attractive. She
had put on a few pounds but not much. Her ass was a little bit bigger than it
used to be, but then again so were her tits. I would often catch my friends
checking her out when the... Continue»
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Eating Daddy's Cum with Mom.

Celine was a cum slut. But not just any cum slut. She was a world champion
cum slut. Celine was 19, she stood 5'6, and weighed 130 pounds, She had
plump, but firm 36 D cup breasts, toped with tiny soft pink nipples, a
narrow waist, and 34 inch hips. She had long strawberry blond hair that
reach to the middle of her back and bright blue eyes, but the most striking
feature of Celine's body was her cunt lips. They were long and fat, and hung
down between her legs a good two inches. Celine had shaved her pussy to
better show off her petty pink cunt, because she loved to show it off... Continue»
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The Flower Girl

"I am surrounded by fuchsia. :/" Brian Thorston typed into his phone.

"LOL," another user in the chat room typed back. "Weddings, don't you love 'em?!?"

Brian typed "LOL" back, then looked up over his phone to gaze upon the insane, over-the-top, behavior happening in the room around him. The ladies--and that is all there was in the room, was ladies--were all excited, hanging their bright pink bridesmaid gowns from any available hook or door jamb. One was even hanging from the TV! Brian, the poor and somewhat naive guy, had assumed that when he accepted the offer to be a groomsm... Continue»
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Hannah's Hot Tub

Hannah was twelve when her mother Debbie and I first got together and
only two years older when we were married. Her parents had divorced when
she was only three and her `real' father now lived in Toronto with his new
wife and a gaggle of younger British-Canadian k**s. Hannah hadn't seen him
in years.

The last time she had gone to stay she had felt so awkward with his new
wife clearly resenting her presence in the house. Their two k**s had been
far too young to be company for Hannah and the experience had not been
repeated - to the disappointment of no-one other than me.... Continue»
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My Mom is a party a****l!

My Mom has been getting a lot of attention from 3 of my step dad's friends lately since I moved out of her house, so last week my mom threw my 21 year old s****r a BBQ and my step dad invited his 3 friends to come to my s****rs BBQ party. so my step dad left to the store to get some more charcoal for the BBQ fire wile my mom stayed behind to be the host of the party, my mom was wearing her infamous booty shorts during that hot summer day and I noticed my 3 step dad's friends staring at my moms ass as she bent over to to get them some beers from in the cooler (flirtation mode was on since my st... Continue»
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s****r Seduces Younger b*****r – Part 1

Hello readers, my name is Anita (pet name Anny) and I want to tell you how I seduced my b*****r Raju two summers ago. Our f****y, mother, b*****r and I live in Tamil Nadu outside Chennai city, my father is deceased since four years after serious accident on Chennai highway. My mother is a housewife and takes care all things at home for the f****y, she is about 45 years old, but looks older than her age and follows her village traditions wearing white cotton loose blouse and skirt (she never wears bra or panties), mostly in house she just wears loose blouse (her 38 inch breasts in sight) and sk... Continue»
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The new "Girl" On the Boat

I have mentioned in previous stories that my career was spent as a Captain of a high end 100' charter yacht working the waters of Alaska. It was a job that provided me many opportunities to 'play' with men, women and couples, most of them older, and all of them very well-off financially.

Passengers and crew had to sign agreements that I could inspect their rooms and belongings for any reason whatsoever, though I assured them it was very unusual for me to do so. For the crew, my main reason for conducting such inspections would be to check for i*****l d**gs.

But another reason for chec... Continue»
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Remote Possibilities 2: s****r Abby

Andrew had just returned home from a trip to the mall that had changed his life forever. He'd only had the 'universal remote,' as the old man at the strange gadget shop had called it, for a few hours now but he knew that things would never be the same. He had already seen it turn on any gadget, physically move matter and the best yet, it seemed to be able to alter anyone's mind that he chose. He had no idea how exactly it worked, and he suspected that its creator, the old man in the shop named Jim, may have left him a significant amount of catching up if he was to every fully grasp its power. ... Continue»
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My recurring dream…fantasy about Mom…waking to find her naked on the bed…on all fours…crawling towards me…her huge breasts hanging down, her hard nipples almost touching the bed…I’m naked on top of the sheets, my legs closed, balls and erect cock on display for her, lusting for her, stretched, throbbing….she puts her hands on either side of my body and crawls up on top of me…her breasts pressing soft and heavy, sliding up my shins, knees, thighs…I finally feel their weight on my balls... Continue»
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The best leaving party

I must tell you about this that happened. I have just left my job to go self employed as the money is a lot better than the normal paycheck. So, I handed my notice in. A hastily arranged leaving party was arranged and as I had already moved, it was suggested I stopped at my regular work colleagues house. We had worked closely on projects for over 5 years and we acted like an old married couple - arguing and bickering about nothing in particular.

Louise was 2 years older than myself. She worked out and looked nothing like a woman and grandma in her late 40s. She had a lovely apple shap... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom

I remember a few years ago, I stayed over my buddy's house as we were going to a concert the next morning. We were both asl**p by 11 but I woke up around 12:36 to go to the bathroom. When I walked out into the hall, I saw that the bathroom door was open and the light was still on. When I walked in, I saw his mom, Jennifer, a hot redhead with glasses, D cup tits and a wonderful ass, sitting on the bathroom counter fingering herself. Why she wasn't in her room, I don't know. I turned quickly hoping to avoid talking but she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in. I couldn't help but stare at her delic... Continue»
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Minister's Daughter

This was a favorite of mine that went missing from this site, so here it is again with pics

I arrived at Dan's house in the mid-afternoon. Dan was a good friend of mine. He was the pastor at my church. And he'd invited me over for the graduation party of his daughter Kimmy. It was a hot May day. And this was to be a pool party, but I'd decided I'd refrain from all that business and had left my swim trunks at home. I figured I'd rather just sit around and mingle, and have a good time.

I don't know why I was that surprised when I saw Kimmy in her bikini. She was a pretty girl at 18 years ... Continue»
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Popping the cherry

Ok I'll set the mood. It's the middle of a cold winter night in front of the fire place. You walk in wearing only a towel after a shower, with your hair so wet and and skin so soft. I've prepared a few things for some kinky fun but you can't see just yet. I'm trading your towel for a blindfold and some rope. I've got a coffee table in front of the fire that i want you to kneel in front of. I'm spreading your legs and tying your thighs to the legs of the table while you bend over the top. I'll take your soft wrists on either side of the table and tie them to the other legs. I go to get my first... Continue»
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young girlfriend fucks old geezer part 2

Sometimes sex with people outside a relationship is best when it just happens spontaneously and sometimes it is better to let some tension build. After I had shown Bill the tape and after Katie and I talked about her fucking him, I decided not to bring it up again. Things went on for a few days, Katie and I still screwed like crazy and things with Bill were normal. It was as if nothing had happened at all, but I knew excitement was brewing below the surface, and I really wanted it to happen because Katie wanted it to happen, not just because I wanted to see it. It didn’t surprise me when s... Continue»
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Frustrated Cousins II

Recently back from military service, I found myself at cousin Janice's apartment of an afternoon, after not having seen her for about three years, from the time she and her older physician husband had adopted a c---d. Instead of having a nice friendly glass of wine and some lunch, we almost instantly terminated years of flirtation by stripping and falling into a 69 position on the sofa. We managed to run the 69 to almost simultaneous climax, during which Janice hungrily swallowed a good portion of semen.

Astride me after licking my cock, which followed a brief post-coital conversation, Ja... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.7

Life Change for s****r and I pt.7

When Mom and I were able to get calmed down some more, we stood up, then when back to our blanket, that we had laid out for our picnic, and sat back down, “Oh man Leanard, my legs are still a bit rubbery. I’ve never, in my life, had such a thrill as that, in my life.”

“You think it is something you would like to do again some time?”

“On that, I have to say yes, I would love to do that again some time.”

“I would like to do that again myself too. That was a first for me as well.”

“You’re k**ding me?”

“No, I’m not k**ding you.”

“I think I wou... Continue»
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Redbook e****t Ashley---Mature Meth Queen Part I

I first met "Ashley", who's real name was Wanda, in September of 2008. After searching Redbook for a mature, sexy lady who liked to have a drink or two, I called Ashley to set-up an appointment the following day. Her voice was very upbeat and cheerful yet very soft and sexy sounding. We agreed to meet at 9 the next morning so I offered to bring a fresh cup of Starbucks for us and some Bailey's to add to it. I always enjoyed ladies who drank and smoked as I saw that as a sexy and naughty approach that often helped determine the ones who had less inhibition.

Her pictures showed a women in he... Continue»
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How I came to love big booty Latinas as a teen

How I came to love curvy Latinas.

It all started when I was a teen, probably around 15 or 16. My parents took me and a few friends to Canobie Lake Park (an outdoor amusement park in NH) and as always, it was extremely crowded with k**s and parents.

I started by going on rides with my friends, then we seemed to split up and do our own thing.

I ended up going on that pirate ship ride that’s at every carnival and amusement park I’ve ever been to, I’m sure you know the one. :D

I got in line – and the line was HUGE.


Oh well, I just stood there by myself, waiting for my tu
... Continue»
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