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Like most guys I like to masturbate in the shower from time to time. I
had just gotten into the shower and lathered up my cock when the bathroom
door opened. I had forgotten to lock it. It was my s****r Tiffany.

"I have to pee real bad," she said, excusing herself as she sat down on
the john.

Since the door to the shower stall was clear glass, Tiff saw me standing
there with my erection in my hand, all lathered up. I tied to turn away,
and I was really blushing. I had never been caught before!

It was real embarrassing, and unexpected. I guess Tiffany was a littl... Continue»
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Punk Slut s*s

"C'mon Billy, it'll be fun," Jenny urged me.
"I'm not sure," I shrugged, "It sounds cool and everything but..."

"Not scared are you?!"


"Then come on then! Come ooon!" Jenny whined, grabbing my arm, "I hate going there alone, it sucks. I can't go with that twat of a boyfriend anymore 'cos he's not my boyfriend anymore since he met that fucking cunt he's now banging."

"So you're dragging me there so you don't look like a sad recently-dumped singelton," I grinned.

"You motherfucker," sniggered Jenny, giving me a playful punch on the arm.

We were in the living room of our... Continue»
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Susie's Gang Movie


Mark Collins lay breathlessly next to his petite young wife, Susie, his prick now deflating and oozing its last gobs of semen. He'd just deposited a huge load inside of her as she rode his prick to her own explosive orgasm. Susie flopped back onto the bed, her naked B cup tits bouncing. Long blond hair spilled onto the white pillow beneath her. She let her skinny thighs fall apart, exposing her puffy pink gash and the thin stripe of brilliant white semen emerging from her engorged labia. Her cunt meat pulsed in the afterglow of her climax. As the tight pussy muscles clenched and unc... Continue»
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My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 2

Here is part 2 of my true story about the happenings, thanks for the nice comments about my other story (Part 1) i will keep telling you what went on over the few weeks.

Message me if you want to know little details, im all for talking, enjoy.

It was the morning after the night of new sights, I had seen my mom in a different way, yes we were close but i never thought we could be nude together, and for her to suggest it, and her to want to stay that way.

I woke up wondering wh... Continue»
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My Buddy Dick

I've always been intrigued with my dick. It isn't the
biggest or the smallest cock I've seen. In junior high
school, I first began showering with other boys. Very
few had hair around their balls. The few that did were
the older guys and there wasn't much even on them.

All the swinging dicks were about the same size. In high
school, I noticed that guy's dicks started to turn into
real adult sized cocks. Most were about the same size as
mine. There were a few that were longer or wider. And a
couple that were pretty small.

Grab ass was the name of the game in those days. T... Continue»
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The Video Store

Archive name: vidstore.txt (mff-teens, ff-teens, orgy, inc)
Authors name: Zaphod (
Story title : The Video

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.
Lea had agreed to spend the weekend at her boyfriend
Alex's apartment. She to... Continue»
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The Switch

I had always thought myself a fortunate man, having a
beautiful young wife that was willing to do anything I
could possibly desire in bed. Amanda was a true looker,
she was petite with long blonde hair, and an outstanding
pair of "D" cup tits.

When in our third year of marriage...

For a while I had talked to her about trying a threesome.
She would always ask me why. I told her, "Just thinking
about you sucking some other guys cock get me so hard
honey, I don't know what to do."

After much discussion she told me that she would go
through with it, but she wanted to ... Continue»
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The very first time I had sex, it was with my s****r's boyfriend, Jimmy. I had never seen a real
live boy's dick before, and I wasn't really expecting to.

It was New Years Eve, and Jimmy had come over to see my s****r Amy, while our parents were out at a New Years Eve bash with friends.

The three of us were sitting in the den, watching Basic Instinct on video. Jimmy and Amy exchanged
knowing glances a couple of times, and whispered to each other, and looked at me slyly.

I was kind of embarrassed, so finally I turned to them and said, "Do you guys want me to leave so you can alo... Continue»
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Case #8: It's Barbie's Fault

Case #8: It's Barbie's Fault
This was the first "Reverse Seduction" case we had discussed in our Group Therapy Sessions. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the topic, all names and locations have been changed.

"Um, I don't think that's such a good idea,Sweetie."
"Please,Daddy? I promised my Barbie that You Would!"
"Sweetie, we're not supposed to do those kind of things."
"Why not? Please? Don't You love Me?"
"Ah,for Fuck's sake!" I said, and quickly clapped a hand over my mouth. I Never swore in front of my daughter.

"Hee hee hee,Daddy. You said 'Fuck'! But You d... Continue»
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Hot blowjobs from homely women #1

I've been lucky to have gotten some great BJs in my life, from a bunch of different women, but the flat-out best ones I ever had were from women who were, well, quite plain.

The first--and the first I ever got from a woman who swallowed my load--was at a convention many years ago. I didn't know much of anyone there at the beginning of the week, but found myself in situations with this woman off and on, so got to know her a bit. It got to be the last night and I was horny, tired of sl**ping alone, and had had a bit too much to drink. Turns out she felt the same way. She quite willingly came ... Continue»
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After my wife told me about what she did with Mike, I just could not get it out of my mind. It just seemed to feel hotter to me that she actually fucked a guy behind my back. And not only that, within a few hours, she had sex multiple time with him. And my wife got the message very quickly. Since that night she revealed things to me, I just wanted to fuck her all the time and wanted her to tell me the rest.

So with that mush pressure from me (and her pussy being raw now from getting so much of my cock as a result), it did not take her long to tell me the rest. It was about another week lat... Continue»
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Short, fun, picture

More to come/unedited so far
The heat of our lips coming together, the feeling of my hand running up your leg surging through your body. An electical current running from one end to the other as heat surged through you, a yearning blistering as you want more. Pushing forward into the kiss, arms wrapping around me and pulling me body closer as your leg presses against my private area. The feeling of me partially hard and growing hard against you calls the back of your mind as you want me full and my wishing for you to be wet and wanting me deep inside you comes to a head bloss... Continue»
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KS Bisexual discovery, Chapter 1

Translated from
Date of translation : May, Friday 29th of 2015.

I was looking at one of fantasies' offer to make. Among them, one was about a wife who pleased me a lot. She asked me, if it was possible, to tribute one of her pictures with others guys on her.

I was a little taken aback. Tributing with other guys meant seeing their cocks and it made me uncomfortable. Maybe the anticipation come from unwanted and bad experiences. But right now, it's different on internet, because I choose the experiences I want, when I want.

And for som... Continue»
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Susan & Her Search.


After a long day Susan could think of nothing better than to go home, draw a warm bath, crawl in and let Calgon “take her away”. It seemed that she was having more of these days than before. Ever since her company was taken over the work was no longer fun and her boss was a ass hat too boot. Never in her life would she have thought that after so many years working her way up in the world that she would have reached the point where her boss was less qualified than she was, and basically stole every idea she had and claimed it has his own.

When the tub was full and soapy she disrobe... Continue»
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Sancta Sara #10: Alessandra-1

Alessandra is the shyest and sexiest nice novice
Alessandra is a blonde beauty with boyish bottom

Alessandra is up for confession at Professor Peter
Alessandra is pleading in her prayer for a favour

Alessandra is asking for a special audience at Pete
Alessandra is loving to be watched, while watering!

Alessandra is very fond of big BOOBs as Mother has
Alessandra is secretly in love with Mother Superior

Alessandra is longing sexy Sasha will watch her
Alessandra is longing for nice Natalia as well![/b

Alessandra is sitting at Professor Peter Poet's knee
Alessandra is
... Continue»
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My Best Friend's S****R

This happened to me when I was in my second year of high school. I had just gotten my driver's license. Anyway, my friend, Fergie, asked if I wanted to spend Friday night at his house and we could go fishing Saturday morning. I said sure and packed my stuff into the car before school, so I could go right over.

We got to his house, where he lived with his mom and two younger s*****'s. His dad split years ago. Anyway, I ate dinner with the whole f****y, and Fergie and I proceeded to go to his room for a night of gaming. His mom cleaned the kitchen, poured herself some wine and sat down... Continue»
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A fantasy fuck in the park

We'd arranged to meet again. After the club, both of us knew that we couldn't wait long for another session. Annie had texted the next morning, saying "thinking of your cock in my mouth. I didn't get much of it before we had to go" I felt myself growing hard at the thought of her petite and tight little body, and longed to explore every last inch of it.

We arranged to meet in the park, a big park, with lots of secluded areas.  Waiting on a bench near the duck pond I pulled my hoe out and started checking her Facebook pics. Looking at a picture of her and her s****r dressed in wetsuits, I b... Continue»
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Sorting out mom

It had been a couple of years since I f***ed myself on mom and things weren’t getting any better in the house, Dad was still playing away but mom and he were staying together for what I didn’t know. I was laid on my bed having a slow leisurely wank one afternoon, when I heard mom and dad arguing again, then the door slammed as he walked out, again.

A couple of minutes later I heard the bathroom door open, getting up I went and opened my door, peering through the bathroom crack in the door I saw mom sitting on the toilet running her finger over her slit as she moaned. I walked in and she pul... Continue»
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A Ride on the Underground

The subway car squeaks and squeals to a stop at the station. The doors flop open with an emphatic rattle and crowds of people surge out, and new crowds of people surge in.

My girl is sitting next to me, looking like her usual jaw-droppingly sexy self, prim and proper and petite, the very vision of s*******n year old schoolgirl loveliness. I have my hand on her knee. She's got a fine set of legs, lanky and thin and strong, the legs of a long distance runner. My favorite sort of legs, and she's got the finest example of them.

My hand looks quite large on her knee. It enfolds her knee... Continue»
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A Little Pink Candy Heart

"I have some Valentine's Candy!"

"Yeah? What kind?"

"Little chocolate hearts. Here!"

The beautiful little girl handed me a chocolate. "Happy Valentine's Day!" she said. Her round cherub face was lit with a wonderful smile.

I unwrapped the chocolate and plopped it in my mouth. "Mmmm, that's good."

"I wonder why Valentine's hearts are shaped like this," she said, looking at another chocolate. "It doesn't look like a real heart at all, does it?"

"You wanna know why they're shaped like that?"

"Yeah. You know why?"

"I do. And you ever wonder why they're always pink? Even t... Continue»
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