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hubby sucing cock

We are a married couple of six years. I am 5'4", 34C pert breasts and wear a bikini well. My husband is 5'10" with a well toned build. We have always been pretty open and honest with each other when it came to sex.

One night, while making love, my husband expressed his desire to watch me fuck another man, one with a large cock. I told him that I indeed was intrigued with the idea and that it turned me on. As I wondered why he wanted this man to have a big cock, I asked him if he was more than interested in the man's cock than just to watch him fuck me. This made David very hard and he admi... Continue»
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friemd mary

My friend Mary from back in college dropped by unexpectedly and this was the beginning of some very wild happenings. She and her husband Mark where traveling through our area and decided to stop by. I asked them to stay over so they could meet my husband. After a little tugging, they agreed to postpone their travel plans. Once my husband David got home from work, we settled down with some drinks and conversation. David suggested we go out and enjoy the hot tub.

Once everyone changed, we all met on the deck. I was surprised to see that Mark was very well built and I noticed the distinct bul... Continue»
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hubby sucks

My husband and I had never done any swinging before but had talked about it many times. It was just kind of a fantasy thing that we shared. Then through a friend of ours, we were invited to what was billed as a swing party although it turned out to be more like an orgy.

The party started out mildly enough. Val, our host had only invited couples. We kept to ourselves at the beginning and found ourselves in a darkened room. We took off our clothes and tried to fit in with the groups of people in the room. That’s when I noticed one pair of couples on a mattress at the far side of the room. Wh... Continue»
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bi couple

We were looking for a couple to play with & found one with a hung bi man. We played with the couple, as a foursome, it was really hot and sexy and decided that we would like to see them again. The couple lives a couple of hours away from us so the playing was really hampered by distance and schedules. Finally Mrs. received a text from the wife that they would be in our area the next week asking if we wanted to meet up for brunch and play, she responded. Of course we did!

The day before they were to visit Mrs. got her period, while never an issue for me, we don’t play during this time.... Continue»
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the Horny Month with Anna and Dave - Part 2 ( 5:00

( before you read this , I just want you to know that you might find some errors in the text , after all ... I'm not a professional )

Anna wake up early on the next day ... she made sure she wear her pretty PJs that reveal her breasts-vine and pants that can easily slide down ... and of course , cute panties and no Bra ! ... the first step was to prepare a tasty meal to win his affection , and even a perfume for when she get close to him ... it was too much work to make everything perfect so early in the morning ... all what is left now is for Dave to wake up ... assuming that the br... Continue»
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(Gay) Dick Fun in Durham

Hi lads.
Thanks for reading my last story! Highest amount of comments so far. Thank you all.
Again, true story, only names changed to protect other people.
If you like it, COMMENT, LIKE or FAV to help grow my fan base. As always, all friend requests accepted.


£7.50 for a return ticket to Durham from where we live. Arriva. Or an outrageous price via Darlington on the train.

Either way, I absolutely adore Durham. Student city. Strangely enough, no cinema. Still, definately one of the nicest cities I've been to in the North Ea... Continue»
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My Best Friends HOT MILF MOM

Ok, I know lots of stories on here may be bull shit but this one is for real! Everybody has friends that you grew up with that had really hot mom's

and at one point or another, you would have fucked them if you could! My time DID come one day and I got to do what every boy's dream is!

I was in high school and my buddy Steve Bussey, had a mom, Mrs. Bussey, that was absolutely AWESOME! She had a perfect body, big tits that

stuck straight out, long legs, blonde hair, blue eyes and an ass to die for! Hell, even her feet and toes were beautiful! I couldn't believe Steve had

... Continue»
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Demon Stranger

Steve moaned as he felt his master hump inside him. The

master he had just met online the week before only known

him as Phil. As painful as it felt, it was also the most

incredible pleasure he had ever felt in his life. The

steel-like phallus reached deeper inside him than he

possible, stimulating him in ways Steve didn't think

possible. Slowly he began to push up on it, before

his own weight drop him back down on the massive demon

That demon cock he had been obsessed with ever since he

the picture of it from P... Continue»
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I'm the Man of the House 2

I’m the Man of the House 2

Following Mom’s bare butt to the bathroom, she got the shower started and adjusted the water temp, as I stopped at the toilet and peed, to relieve myself, and then Maryann stepped into the shower, and when I finished peeing, I flushed, then stepped over to the shower, and pulled back the curtain, and stepped in behind Maryann, then closed the curtain behind me, “You never take a shower this early of a morning babe.”

Yes I know, but watching your little round sexy ass swing from side to side, like it does when you walk, I wanted to be clean with you for whatev... Continue»
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How I became a Voyeur Part 2

This is a continuation of my true story. You should read the first part before reading this chapter

My timing seemed to be getting better over the next several weeks Almost every time she would go to get ready for bed I would sneak up the stairs and get a glimpse of her either in her bra and panties of if I was too late in her short night gown. I can still remember each time, her standing there in her white panties blue panties and pink ones. One time she again was dressed in her nice skirt and top she went up to bed. I counted to 500... Continue»
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Standing position

You walk in the door and I can't help but notice your tiny petite structure, standing just over 5 feet tall. You go to take off your shoes and give me a full view of your butt with a little smirk on your face. Once next to me you lock your lips onto mine, my tongue dancing around with your tongue. I take this opportunity to move my hands to your small but tight butt. You moan as I squeeze your butt and pull you closer. At this point you feel my hard on. We go upstairs, lie down on the bed and continue making out. Slowly I start undressing you as you undress me. When we are at out under... Continue»
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(Gay) Newcastle Train Station Toilets

Hi lads.
As normal, all my stories are true and I'll only change names to protect identities. Don't forget to comment after reading if you enjoyed it :)
Happy reading guys.


Another boring day in the North East. With money to burn, me and my friend (lass) decided to get the train from Darlington through to the Metrocentre. If you've done this trip, you know you have to transfer at Newcastle.

Newcastle station itself is a dull dreary place, loud and unexciting. But there was one constalation: the toilets.

Since there was a 35 minute transfer time inb... Continue»
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First time with a black woman

I think we all dream of being with a woman from another race, but being from the deep south, its honestly a bit taboo. I had searched for a while for a fling on AFF, but never had much luck. I wasn't particularly looking for a black girl, I just wanted somewhere to get my dick wet. But I met this black girl in the next town over. We chatted back and fourth for a few weeks, things seemed to be going good. She was a little on the chubby side, which was fine with me, we seemed to be into the same things, and seemed to hit it off. So after some talking, we agreed on a meeting place which will rema... Continue»
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perfect world

hi people this a story i put together from fantasy and thoughts, friends on here i have spoken to have been very supportive. a fantasy of how i would ofliked things to be but thats whole different story xxxx...
as i grew up believing i was normal boy in a f****y of 5 being the youngest and only boy had advantages that i never got hand me down clothes like my s****rs did. over years i was slowly being drawn by mum and older s****rs under wear, the sexiness of the material and the design was very intoxicating to me. i started wearing my mum knickers and matching bras with her stockings would h... Continue»
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Lisa's Confession Sessions Ch 1 Gwen my Babys


I was an athletic girl and loved running sports and gymnastics during P.E. at school. The sweat and hard breathing made me feel alive. I was always up for a game of tag-your-it, we actually called it “tagyourit.” I loved being chased around. I loved wearing flowing dresses in the summer. I hated pants so much that I would only wear them if it was cold. At that time, I also hated panties too. I would get into trouble when my mom found out I had no panties on. Once she had my daddy spank my bare butt, and you might think that this is what started the whole thing for me, but, no. I... Continue»
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Lisa's Confession Sessions Ch 2 Rubbing and


Gwen stayed in my bed and pretty soon began to take things in a new direction.
I wanted to learn, no I’d pleaded to learn how to touch myself as I had found her doing. Gwen had finally obliged me and then gave me my first orgasms and then had me taste myself and her.
Gwen was beautiful and at that moment, on my bed, in the low light of the room, she looked like a young Victoria’s Secret’s model. Her Mexican and white features were dreamy. Her bra and panties were actually a smaller Victoria’s Secrets set and were shiny around her cup and then lacy at the top. Likewise, her ... Continue»
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Marine Dad and King

Marine Dad and King
By Buck Jones
Note: This story is based on real events that occurred nearly 60 years ago, and is another story in my series of how seduction can be perpetrated with a degree of ease, even though the emotional harm can last a lifetime.

The small three bedroom house was oppressive. Two growing boys shared one bedroom; the parents shared a bedroom whenever the husband decided to come home; the third room was a sewing, storage room… all within 900 square feet. And this Marine Tech Sergeant Dad wasn’t getting what he wanted at home. The Marines had been the only choice in ... Continue»
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The Bruised Cervix that paid off! Part 1

Shane and Jamie had been good friends of mine since we I entered the military. We were in the same unit in basic training and were stationed together. Since they were married with c***dren they got a nice house on post, while I was stuck in the barracks. They would invite me over for dinners and bbq's and we would all drink and play games into the night. Most nights if I was drinking I would stay on the couch and they made me feel at home in their f****y.

Shane and I trained and deployed together and came up through the ranks. I loved the guy and still do which makes what happened between h... Continue»
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The Bruised Cervix that paid off! Part 2

A week or two had gone by before I went back to Shane and Jamie's house. I can't remember what I went by for but I quickly realized that Jamie was being distant. I knew it would be a little awkward after I "used" her s****r so I just figured I would give it time. I asked Shane if everything is alright and he said, "Of course not, you fucker her s****r lol!"

Some time went by and I really didn't think much of any of it. Shane got selected for some training at a different post and was going to be out of town for a few weeks. He asked if I would take care of his f****y while he was away, ... Continue»
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the Horny Month with Anna and Dave - Part 1 ( the

( before you read this , I just want you to know that you might find some errors in the text , after all ... I'm not a professional )

this is a story about a girl named Anna ... her mother passed away when she was very young , so she never really got the chance to know her ... Anna's Dad work at a huge company that keep him busy all the time ... so out of boredom , she gained interest in Porn through the internet ... at first it was just for fun , but soon after ... porn was the only thing she can think about ... and whenever her Dad isn't home , she would watch tons of sex videos , ... Continue»
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