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Aunt Mary

I went for a job interview in the town where my Aunt Mary and uncle Paul lived. Because it was a fair way from home, I asked if I could stay over the night before the interview. I arrived early evening, my aunt Mary was in her early 50's, I was 23 at the time. She was an attractive woman with particularly large breasts, a very sexy Scottish accent, and was always well dressed, not slutty, but just dressed well.
She cooked me some supper, then we settled down to watch some TV. My uncle Paul was a grumpy old guy, always miserable. I knew they were not a happy couple, as I knew they slept in se... Continue»
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My great aunt was a kinky slut

Hi everybody,

I'm a 32yo guy living in Romania. As a former communist country, sex was a taboo here before the 90's.

In the early 2000's my great aunt passed away and I went several times at her house to gather some stuff and trash everything else that I dind't need.

After going into her stuff I've found a wooden box with a nice key inside (by the design I guess it was made before WW2).

When I've opened I was shocked (in a good way to say so...)...Inside there were a lot of pictures (mostly b&w but there were some two dozens color ones too) of her naked (some artistic nudes but m... Continue»
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Don't Cum Inside Me - Repost

My name then is Paul. I'm married to Susan. My best friend Terry had been having sex with my wife Susan before he got married to his wife Robin with my permission. I got off on it, and figured Susan couldn’t throw stones at me if she was getting laid on the side. I had been trying to get into Robin’s panties before she ever started dating Terry. This is the story of how I finally got between those long, previously faithful legs.

It was a year after they got married that Robin got pregnant. When she got to be about six months along Terry evidently lost interest in having sex with her. ... Continue»
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Offering Mom to Master

hi guys hope u all like ma stories.
This story tells another episode that took place in ma life.
Names have been changed due to privacy problems.

Here it begins:-

We are a f****y of 3; me Ram ma mom Swetha and dad. Ma dad works abroad, so mom is alone home
in the earliar part i have told u about ma mom and master and some episodes that happened in ma life.

We (myself Ram, master and ma mom) was having our BDSM sessions in the absence of ma father.
as it goes there occured an incident, ma cousin s****r shifted to our home. She was studying for engineering near t
... Continue»
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My cousin fantasy cum tru

it all happened in 2009... it was my first time visiting my home country syria since my f****y migrated to sydney eleven years ago. i was 16 years young at the time however i was very developed physically. not so much muscular and fit but i had a half decent beard and light dark chest hair that went all the way down my stomach to my pubic area.. at my uncles house one night was my whole f****y gathered. it was a loud night everyone was doing something different the grown ups were chatting and making jokes amongst each other the older boy cousins were smoking *shisha* on the balcony the older g... Continue»
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I Bared Myself for Daddy's Camera

There has always been a sexual thing going on with my father, whether my mother knew or not, I can only speculate.

It was he who bathed me, and would do so nude himself, and now that I know more about sex, I can remember him being erect and my touching him intimately, until he came.

My initiation was to have my lips and mouth smeared with semen, and later with other bath night sessions, was to sweeten the experience using a lollipop, scooping his ejaculate with the sweet, and suck it.

When my parents parted I was ten, and strange to say, found myself starved of my bath nights with da... Continue»
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Taylor makes it work

The world is full of people who have medical problems. Some of them are
severe, some not so severe. Taylor May had one of the strangest. Due to
some endocrine system failures, she had never matured. Although she was in
her early twenties, her body had never gone through puberty. She was
short, about four and a half feet tall. She had literally never matured.
No breasts, no mature sexual characteristics. Physically, her body was
still ten years old.

This had caused no end of distress and emotional problems for the poor
girl. She'd just come through almost ten years o... Continue»
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Horny Uncle Hugo and His Nieces.

I awoke, I was feeling cold, the duvet had slipped from my nude body, my twin s****r had rolled over, pulled it with her and left me exposed, to all and asunder, if they had walked into our bedroom.

I snuggled back under it, my cold body instantly drawing heat from her warm nude body, she moaned in her sl**p as if acknowledging my coital action of wrapping myself around her.

We were mirror images of ourselves, tall athletic girls, of blond Scandinavian stock, who at f******n, looked as if twenty-one years in age, which was good, as we could avoid age restriction, not that the men we were... Continue»
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Mom & Daughter Go to the Beach - Final

Chapter 10

Robert, mom and I all lay there together in the afterglow of our torrid love making. Robert and mom were drifting into sl**p but I was too excited to do anything but think how great sex was!

I wondered was there other things to try? How would other men compare? What would it be like to have sex with just another girl? All of these questions plus so many others were going through my mind.

I gently got out of bed trying not to disturb mom and Robert but mom did look at me.

"Where are you going Shelby?" She ask... Continue»
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"Game" Over???

I had not had any Barb time since returning from Kansas City. School was to start up in a week ending summer break and I needed to dress. The folks were at work and I was going to play.

I put on the open bottom girdle dad had bought me, tan nylons, a white lacy bra and my breast froms, and 4" black pumps. I went into the folks bedroom turned on the stereo and sat down at mom's vanity to do my makeup.

I then went to mom's closet and started looking through her closes to see what I could wear. I felt something brush my hard cock and looked down to see a manicured hand gently holding it!! ... Continue»
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The Night Dad Made Me a Woman

The Night Dad Made Me a Woman

In your teen years, hormones start flowing and causing changes in your body and your mind. We all know that boys become preoccupied with sex and think more with the head between their legs than the one on their shoulders, but many people don’t know that girls can also become preoccupied with sex. That was the case with my twin s****r Marty, (short for Martha) and me.

How am I? I’m Mags, short for Margaret. Our mom died when we were quite young and to be honest Marty and I have no real memories of her. We were raised by our dad, Roger and our older b*****r M... Continue»
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Two early sexual experiences

Two early sexual experiences

Two short stories based on some voyeur experiences I had while in my teens.

Experience 1
We used to live in a very quiet place in the UK – but with quite enclosed gardens. Our next door neighbours had two great looking daughters – one around 16 and the other a few years older. Both were attractive – not stunning – but as a young guy of 14 (at the time) enough to make me take notice.
The older one, Beverly, was quite tall, long chestnut-coloured hair, shapely and liked to look after herself. One way she did this was to sunbathe in the garden – ... Continue»
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Early Morning Paper Round, and Fucked.

'Shows your tits then'.

My eyes were locked on his hand as he pumped on his cock, not because it was a captivating sight, but because he would explode at any minute, and there was something very basic and primeval about watching a man's sperm shoot from his cock, and more powerful to a girl, that it was she who was making it happen.

It was early morning, cold and mid November, the skies were still dark outside, and as I stood inside the entrance of the tower block, where I delivered my morning papers, I was confronted by a man, a flasher, or whatever you call men who liked to get it out ... Continue»
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A Day With Granny in Las Vegas

A Day With Granny in Las Vegas
If you remember my last story it was about Dawn the granny I met on the plane to Vegas. Last night we stayed at the Mirage, went out to dinner, danced and returned to her room. Little did I know that tonight this 66 year old beautiful granny would be giving me a great blow job and I would eat her pussy until she could not take it anymore. Well, I spent the night in her room and awoke to see her sitting at a table in her white silk robe, and white seamless nylons. Her low cut silk robe showed the beginning of her small perky breasts that I had hungrily sucked the... Continue»
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I just read this. It made me so hot!

It began one day when I was feeling really horny in class. I had only General Studies in the afternoon so I decided to skip the afternoon and go home, knowing I could masturbate. Dad and Steve, my elder b*****r, were out at work, Lucy, my younger s****r was still in class. Our Mother had left us years before and had not been seen since, though I suspected Dad had some idea. I didn't often do that, skip school to bring myself off. I had once before, but it wasn't a regular thing.

After I reached home I decided that I would sneak one of Dad's dirty videos and watch it. I felt bad about skippi... Continue»
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Mom f***es Me To Take Cock (Sissy Pussyboy story)

Mom f***es Me To Take Cock
If you don't already know, I'm a pathetic 31-year-old pussyboy son who is regularly dominated by his whore mother. Today she stood towering over me. I was on my knees in front of her, my nose pressed against hard against her skirt, in-line with her pussy. It is very prominent pussy with big, fleshy fat pussy lips and a large swollen clit and I love the fact that her pubic hair is now so sparse and thin that it looks like a shaved pussy. I am a slave to her magnificent cunt. There is no greater pleasure for me than to be close to it, to adore it and worship it, and ... Continue»
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Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r

Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r

Nancy’s husband Jim got up early, showered, dressed, grabbed his packed bags and headed to the airport. He had an early flight out for business and would be gone all week. She drove him to the airport and dropped him off like she did every other week. He kissed her goodbye, told her he loved her and would see her Friday night. Then Jim disappeared into the airport and Nancy headed for home.

Nancy had looked forward to this day for several months. She was excited, nervous and scared beyond belief. She knew that nothing would ever be the same in the house ev... Continue»
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Jo's Story (Just a Dream)

Joe was raised in foster homes where he was sexually abused most of his life. In one home he was made to sl**p each night with the man and woman. He ate pussy and sucked cock before he fucked the cunt of the lady while the man rammed his big cock in Joe's tight ass. This was mostly a nightly event. He also was used daily any way they needed to use him with themselves or their friends. They loved to bend him naked over a bench and tie him and as the men fucked his ass he was to eat the women's pussy. Some nights he was fucked over a dozen times by the men and ate just as many pussies. A few men... Continue»
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A Loving Aunt letting him inside

I was writing this story at my computer, and as usual, I was devoid of certain articles of intimate clothing, I was actually in my housecoat and totally nude under it.

You of course, as most of you already know, as to my self confession and my state of mind, when I converse with you about sex, I am usually horny and wet, part typing and part masturbating, my gown open and my legs also, with my ankles on the desktop and my bum on the edge of the seat, spread on the soft towelling, under it, as horny women do tend to suffer from secretions unintentionally.

My dressing gown was on the ver... Continue»
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My Daughter and I, Tag Teaming Men.

I was a young girl when I started fucking, so why should my daughter think differently?

Most men would of course, agree with my sentiments, sticking their cock into a teen and hear her moan her appreciation, is what makes for the best of orgasms, and powerful ejaculates.

My Chyrl is f******n, and already I have found semen stains on her panties.

When I empty her laundry basket I instinctively check her clothes and intimate clothes(Underwear) for signs of fucking, pubic hairs and semen stains, smell and taste usually confirm my daughter is sexually active.

I look at her and imagine... Continue»
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