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Storm Days

It was the middle of January, My Dad was away on a business trip, my older
b*****r Joe was away at University. Mom and my oldest s****r Christine
(Chrissy) had left early that Monday morning, as Chrissy had an important
exam at the beauty college she attends.
Shorty after they left the snow started and the weatherman was calling for a
lot of snow. The storm was blowing out of the Rockies, and our place is
about forty miles outside of Billings, Montana, along the Fork River. I was
up early and listening to the forecast. I did not think there was much
chance of
the buses running. Mo... Continue»
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first time with her

I'm gonna tell y'all about my favorite fetish and why I enjoy it so much. It all started when I was about 21. I could buy alcohol and my younger cousins couldn't yet. I've got some sexy ass female cousins but I hadn't once looked at them in a sexual way. That was soon to disappear. One night I had a little party at my old apartment. I invited a couple of friends and a few of my cousins showed up too. After a while people started leaving until the only ones remaining was me and my just barely old enough to fuck cousin. She was wearing a bikini top that didn't cover up much as well as a jean ski... Continue»
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A Very Dirty, Naughty, Vicar's Wife.

When a woman lusts, sex has no bounds, no constraints, and only one aim, to gratify her lusting.

Chyrl as a girl, was every man's ideal fuck, she knew it, they knew it, and we her friends knew it.

What we all never knew, was the effect this desirability was having on her, as I personally saw her wipe men's semen from her school uniform, as she was marked by the seedier types on public transport, and held down in toilets, by the boys, feeling her crotch, as they masturbated onto her, well we all had our fair share of this, but Chyrl more than most.

One day we went back to school after... Continue»
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My Stepdaughter and I

My name is Sammy and what I'm about to tell you happened between my youngest stepdaughter and I, back when I was fifty three and she was twenty three.

My stepdaughter's name is Joanne, that has dark brown hair that almost looks to be black that comes down to the middle of her back with just a little bit of a natural wave to it, with beautiful brown eyes, and stands five feet three inches with perkey tits that looks to be about a B size cup that looks so inviting when she wears a T shirt or tank top shirt, with a nice round butt that has the same little giggle to it when she walks, as her m... Continue»
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Captain Jack's Journal

March 17, 2037 Rogers memo

Fucked MaggieMom today. She really put on another show today. Thought Alton would make his move today, but he missed his chance. We all know she's ready, being our pussy was what we all grew up knowing would happen. We knew the existence of our f****y would someday isolate us. We were born from her with the same appetite for sex. Half b*****rs, half bastards from a horny slut.She is our idol, slut, prim and proper mom, when needed. I must prod Alton on because our little b*****r is over due. He's already in heat and may beat him to the pussy.

Alton's memo

... Continue»
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Grandpa Tucks Me In

Grandpa Tucks Me In

Chapter One

One year, I went to spend my summer vacation with my grandparents. I hadn't seen much of them for years after they retired and moved away. So I wanted to be with them while I could, before I went away to college, or got a job or something. My clearest memory of that summer was discovering my awakening hormones.
I remember one night touching myself underneath my summer pajamas. I was fascinated by the intensity of my feelings. A few minutes later, Grandpa crept into the guest room, and I pretended to be as1eep. He rubbed my back for a few minutes, ... Continue»
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Nice big set

He walked into her room just like he did every night and pulled her gown off. He had to have her huge tits. He pushed her on her back and first ran his hands over the big jugs then he grabbed a nipple and sucked. Even laying on her back they stood up high. She had the best set he had ever seen and ever sucked. As he sucked on one his hand fondled the other making the nipple so hard. Then he ran his hand down between her legs and found her sweet pussy. He rubbed her clit as he sucked then his finger entered her tight love hole. As he sucked a nipple and finger fucked her she kept lifting her hi... Continue»
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Babysitting Karen -by TheCamel

My wife and I were babysitting Karen; the daughter of the
wife's b*****r. Things were pretty normal until they went
to the dogs!


Melissa, my wife and I have been married 15 years and we
have an incredible sex life and sex drive. We have tried
everything, or so I thought, until my niece came to stay
with us for a weekend.

Melissa's b*****r and wife had to go away for some
business seminar so asked my wife to baby-sit. Karen is
14 and very cute, but very tomboyish, the type that wears
jeans and loose fitting shirts all the time and likes to
play rough. She arrive... Continue»
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My Life as a Shemale Part3

The next year would become the strangest and the most turbulent of my life, I will have to write more chapters just to get it all in. What came next was my transformation, even though it was becoming more clear to Tim, Sam and I that I was transgender from the onset.

Sam came and saw me more often, I started to understand that she was an e****t that Tim had come to his house but I also learned that her and I became friends and that her visits to me were not something she usually did and didn't charge for. It was only a few weeks after her first visit with me that we were sitting in my bedro... Continue»
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Annie's Bad Night

M, F, MMF, gang****, oral, anal, NC,

Annie's Bad Night

Life was good for Adam! The last year had been a tough one but it was
all over now. Final exams were finished and he had passed with flying
colours. Come September, he would be entering his final year of college.

The twenty-one year old was now back in his hometown for the summer. He
was living in the apartment over his parent's garage which gave him a
certain degree of independence and he was working at his uncle's car
dealership. It was good to be back home, he thought. Seeing old friends
and famili... Continue»
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Captain Jack's Journal

March 17, 2037 Stan's Memo

Unknown to Margie or the boy's, I was well aware of their activities. Her oldest son Roger, always had eyes and intentions for his mother. I have watched their relationship develop over the years. When he reached puberty, he often was caught masturbating by both of us. We both encouraged him to understand that it was normal. We became closer as we spent extra time in man talk. I impressed him with stories of my nonexistent sexual conquests. When he reached dating age, I steered him away from girls as much as possible convincing him that most were after the f****y... Continue»
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Moms at the Beach Ch. 01

I woke to the sound of Ann puttering in the kitchen. Andrew was fast asl**p. He might fuck like a man, but he still slept like a teenager. I knew I needed to talk to Ann. I put on a short robe and found her wearing skin tight shorts and a sports bra, ready for her morning jog.

"Morning sl**py head. I was wondering when I'd see you. Wanna go for a run?"

That sounded like a good idea. It would clear my head and be an opportunity to chat. I got my shorts, bra, and tee-shirt from my gym bag and changed. And, although I had stripped in front of Ann hundreds of times, I found I was self-consc... Continue»
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Moms at the Beach Ch. 02

We also listened to Annie and her son in the bedroom below us, her a****l moans confirming what I already knew, her son was a helluva fuck. They kept at it, grunts and groans intensifying, until, singing in harmony, they came. Then all was quiet.

Steve kissed me playfully on the ear. "They must have passed out. Mom, get on your stomach, let me give you a back rub."

Using a jar of g**** seed massage oil sitting on a table by the bed, he worked my shoulders and neck before turning to my spine. Starting at the base, he massaged the muscles running up along it. As he did so he complimented m... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 06

Mike went out for a while that day to see his friends and play some soccer. While he was gone I went online and found my friend. She was the lady who had seen her son naked in the shower and was desperate to fuck him, she had watched on webcam while I gave my son his first blowjob a few days ago.

I told her all about what my son and I had been up too, how he had been fucking me senseless and how I had left him tied to the bed. She was fascinated by what I was telling her. She said she was incredibly horny and was even more desperate to fuck her son.

I told her that later today I planned ... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 07

We were both a sticky mess after our fuck session. I had cum on me and my son's body and face was glistening in sweat and my juices, we both needed a shower.

"I am going to take a shower baby...would you like to come with me?" I said giving my son a seductive smile.

He smiled back at me and nodded his approval. We both got up from the sofa. Puddles of cum clung to the cushions and big indentations from where my knees had been dug in during my ass fucking. The whole room smelled of sex, a strong potent smell of cum.

I took my son by the hand and led him out of the living room. I was am... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 08

We spent the night sl**ping, cuddled together, butt naked in the big bed. I awoke the next morning, feeling the warm morning sun shining through the window. I had my leg wrapped over my son's groin and I could feel his big morning wood underneath. I had my breasts pressed against his side and my arm d****d across his chest.

I thought back over yesterday's fuck sessions. I had finally had my son's overgrown cock shoved up my ass and taken him hard up my pussy several times. My body still felt weak from the hard fucking's he had given me and the countless body shuddering orgasms.

I eventua... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 03

Later that day, I waited for Mike to come back home, he had been out to his soccer practice, although after all our fucking I don't know how he had much energy left.

It was just after 5pm when I heard the door open. I walked into the hallway and saw my son standing there. He threw his bag onto the floor. A tight t-shirt clung to his chest, framing the outline of his muscles.

"Hi baby, did you have fun?" I asked

"Yes Mom, but my legs hurt, think I might have pulled a muscle."

"Oh dear baby" I replied, walking over too him.

"Well go upstairs and get undressed and mommy will come a... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 04

When I woke up the next morning, I could feel my pussy still dripping with cum. We had fucked hard five times more that night and he had made me orgasm more times than I could count.

I climbed out of bed, leaving my son asl**p. I went down to the kitchen and made some coffee and breakfast. Sitting at the table I remembered the amazing sex my son had given me over the last days. How huge his cock was and considering he was still so young just what a fantastic lover I had discovered. The fact he was my own son did not seem to matter, he certainly did not seem to care. He loved giving it to hi... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 05

I left Mike handcuffed up while I went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I came out I walked past my bedroom door. Mike had fallen back off to sl**p, his arms still tied over his head, he was butt naked with his limp cock resting on him.

I went into my closet and got a t-shirt and some shorts out, after getting dressed I went downstairs and tided the kitchen.

About 11 o'clock I went back upstairs to check on Mike. He was awake but laying silently.

"Hey big boy," I said as I walked over to the bed.

"Mom, I need to use the bathroom," he replied.

I reached over to the bedside... Continue»
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Mom's Insatiable Hunger

My life has always been a typical teenage male's. I am still a virgin at 18 and like any virgin male I continuously jerk off to subdue my urges but of course no matter how many times I try I can never satisfy them. My name is Bryan by the way and I stand at 5'11" and weigh 200 lbs with an athletic build and have short brown hair with green eyes. I am a senior at my high school and am a member of the football team. I live at home with only my mother and s****r since my father passes away 8 years ago and since then I have not seen my mother date but I have heard humming noises from her room at n... Continue»
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