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In lakes, the turquoise eyes

The most vivid feelings experienced in c***dhood and adolescence. Alluring, terrible mystery woman relentlessly accompanies a boy growing up. For most of them, it remains an unfulfilled dream, making a painful hateful life to come. Surrogates ordinary, daily sex can not satisfy this primary hunger, born at the dawn of life. Not many people realize it, running from bed to bed in search of femininity, left, and died in bygone c***dhood forever.
Olenka again did not see Sasha. Fragile and delicate, it is easily ran up the stairs and disappeared into the noisy crowd of classmates. Another lesson ... Continue»
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Fathers Day

At sixteen Chelsea had been a ravishing teen. She had long blond hair,
hazel eyes, a bright smile and lovely face. And her blossoming body was
turning the head of every male between ten and a hundred years old. And
she was popular. A friendly, outgoing girl, she was able to make friends
with almost everyone is school.

And so it was perhaps surprising that she had almost no sexual
experience. A little fumbling groping of bodies in the movie house balcony
and occasional French kisses were the limit of her sexual adventures so

Only one person would not have been ... Continue»
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The Berkeley Coed's Assault

It was a sunny and already hot late May California weekday afternoon, like many ones before it she had experienced for the past 6 years. The final bell of Sather Tower at University of California, Berkley (UCB) had rung and she was on her way to her house she shared with longtime best friend, Kate. A few of her friends drove by in their Jeep to offer her a ride home but she refused.

Home was a mile and a half away and rather than worry about the hassle of bringing a car on campus and finding a parking spot she chose to walk home. She enjoyed the walk, it gave her a chance to unwind and re... Continue»
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Fun with my s*s's pussy lips (true)

I have always had a kinky thing between my s*s and i...we talk about anything and everything and one day she was telling me how she hated her pussy. I asked her why and she said it was because she had big pussy lips, and i totally like that! I assured her that it probably looked hot but i couldnt tell her for sure because i have never seen it. So when we got home that night she had a shower and i was playin around on the computer and she comes up beside me naked and goes "SEE!" and there she was with her pretty pussy lips hanging down and i was thinking holy shit. So i said i cant really tell ... Continue»
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Love For the Cock

Part One
Its a true story of me growing up and I am going to call myself "Electra" instead using my real name:

It was a year after i started school when this happen. There was a guy in our next door neighbor who was a freshman in college. His mom use to keep me in her house after school until my parents get back from work. My baby sitter's name was Alice and her son's name was Andy. Alice normally use to be busy with her house chores while Andy use to watch me most of the time. Most of the time I use to hang out in his room on his couch while he use to read me the stories sitting right nex... Continue»
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Sheer Maintence

It was a day off along at home. I had just taken a bubble bath, complete with oils and lotions concocted to make my body smooth and silky. Off course I completely shaved my body as well. After that I painted my toe nails, and slid my feet, then legs, then bum into a pair of sheer to waist beige pantyhose. I applied a light color lipstick to my Lips. Next I went into the closet a put on a full length shirt, well, long enough to hang over my clitty like a miniskirt. There I was just sitting down at the computer to look at some porn when the door bell rang. I was not expecting anyone, who c... Continue»
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Day 2 on the Cruise - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Day 2 on the Cruise

Recap Of Day 1 on my cruise last December.

I met some girls at the life boat drill. One followed me back to my cabin. She left a short time later. Please read Part 1 - its a great story

More than a few have asked me to tell you more adventures on my cruise.

Here it goes......

Only the names may have and may not have been changed.

Day 2 on the Cruise.

I slipped on my new white swim trunks, after getting out of the shower. I checked my watch. It was close to 11am when I got out on deck. I grabbed a... Continue»
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The Video Store - Part 2 of My Sex Slave Neighbor

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Part 2 - The Video Store

Recap of Part 1

(Found my Married next door neighbor masturbating to a movie I left in her house. Then she spent the whole day sucking my cock around her house. Then I left her instructions to wash my clothes, not kiss her husband when he got home from work.)

Part 2~~~

I watched Brenda naked body jiggle as she walked out of my view. A few minutes later, I saw her husband Frank walk by his kitchen window. He reached into the fridge to get something to eat. I walked upstairs to my room. I still had a big... Continue»
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Poke Her Night /Glory Hole - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Recap of Part 1 of 3 - Turned My MILF Neighbor into My Sex Slave

(Found my Married next door neighbor masturbating to a movie I left in her house. Then she spent the whole day sucking my cock around her house. Then I left her instructions to wash my clothes, not kiss her husband when he got home from work.

Recap of Part 2 of 3 - The Video Store

(My new sex slave came to the video store to drop of her movies. She had to pay for the late charges, with her mouth and pussy. We fucked in my Boss's office. Then I suggested we should move Poker... Continue»
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My Vacation - Part 1 - Life Boat Drill 0 BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

True Story

I needed a vacation. Little time to get away from work. I went on a cruise last year around Hawaii. It was very cool and fun to get away. They spoil you on a cruise. This time, however I went alone. Kinda of a Christmas/New Years Eve gift from Santa. I traveled two weeks from Miami to Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize and went through the Panama Canal. I had been to Panama a few years back and always wanted to take a cruise through the canal zone.

I took a flight from Baltimore to Miami. It was Thursday, December 23, 2010. First thi... Continue»
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Turned My MILF Neighbor into My Sex Slave - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

My job at the video store was pretty boring. But it paid the bills. I got a big house from an inheritance a year ago. I sold it and moved across town to a better neighborhood. I found a bigger house. It has a nice view of the ocean. A big back yard. I only have one neighbor next to me. The house been vacant for about a month before I moved in. My kitchen looks right into there kitchen. I can also see there back yard from my side window. There a 8ft wooden fence that separates my back yard from there. I put in a hot tub and a small above ground pool las... Continue»
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The new lawn boy True Story

This is a true story but not mine. I could only wish!!

It was the first really hot day of June. I was taking advantage of the sun as I lay on the folding chez I had set up on the back deck. I was glad I put a beach towel down between me and the plastic webbing of the chez. My bikini was pretty small and I really didn’t relish the thought or the feel of a sweaty plastic waffle impression all over my front. The air was hot and humid, and I luxuriated in the blanket of heat that bore down on my back and ass. I opened my legs just enough to let the sun warm my pussy through my suit. I smil... Continue»
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Porn Lessons

I disagree with those that say porn has no educational value. I learned how to deep throat, I learned how to prepare my tiny pink hole, I learned how to apply make-up and dress like a little sissy slut all before I turned 16, just from watching porn and most of all, I learned that daddies love it when I pay attention to detail and do as I’m told.

I was 18 the first time I went out in public dressed up as a little sissy boi, heels, stockings, garters, silk panties and push up bra with inserts, platform heels, short skirt, plunging top and my blonde hair in pig tails. I waited until after dar... Continue»
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Aunt Laura's Lesson On Love Pt 2...Her Niece

After talking to her younger b*****r Cory, Kim decided to giver her Aunt Laura a call since she was alone in the house. When her Aunt answered, Kim was suddenly tongue tied, what was she going to say? After an awkward pause she heard her Aunt ask,

"Is that you Kim?"

"Yes, how did you know it was me?"

"Cory called and said you might be calling me."

"Oh well, I am."

After catching up on all the mundane f****y things, Laura asked Kim if she was calling about possibly visiting her. Kim laughed saying she had been toying with the idea. Cory seemed to have enjoyed his stay s... Continue»
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midday sex with friends girlfriend, oops.

Reading some of the stories take me back, one of the few times I had sex and afterwards I felt bad. I love the sex but the person was a friends girlfriend and afterwards their relationship imploded because of the sex. I am sharing hit, because that same woman and I just started to chat again.

Well my tail starts years ago, living in near the Jersey shore. I was just celebrating my 21 birthday. At a buddy's house, there was a party. I drank before but that party i hit a new high on being d***k. I remember starting to drink then waking up the next day in the tub. Later that day, I ran into St... Continue»
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Ms Lauren aka Jessica Rabbit (Thank you Stefhavre4

Mom looked so angry with her fiery red hair and
unnerving hazel eyes as she studied my face for guilt,
shame, remorse or what I expect is trying so see if I
was even her son anymore, or human for that matter. You
could cut the tension with a knife it was so thick in
the air. She had just listened in on my phone call with
my friends when I thought she busy with gardening

I didn't know how much she heard but she heard enough to
hear some of the most twisted things we admittedly
talked about and it all revolved around my mother and
how we would fuck her in differen... Continue»
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Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

I found this one on the web and it is pretty hot, but slightly disturbing.... Weak of heart take note!

This is to let all of the husbands out there know that
watching your wife have sex with another man is not all
it's cracked up to be.

My wife and I have been married to each other for
almost 5 years now, I am 35 and she is 30. My wife was
a virgin when we got married so she had never been with
another person before. We had actually met at my
b*****rs wedding, she was a bridesmaid, and I was my
b*****r's best man.

I guess my fantasizing about watching her have sex wit... Continue»
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The Joys of Polyamory

I had submitted this story to Literotica some years ago. Here it is with some additions and editions.

I met my wife Julie when we were both seniors in high school. She was an only c***d and her parents had divorced when she was 3, so she grew up with her mother Linda. By the time I met Julie, she was a tall, busty natural blonde whose height seemed to be 2/3 legs. I stood a few inches shorter, but unlike many guys I was not intimidated. It also helped that she, unlike many girls, did not find shorter guys a turnoff. I would learn later that she inherited her blonde hair, long legs an... Continue»
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Camilla and Maxime have sex in cinema

Breaking up after cinema

Maxime is almost seven years older than his girlfriend, 19-year-old super sexy Camilla, and the time has come for them to go their separate ways. They decide, however, to make the breakup as smotth as possible and make an appointment to go to the movies together - a sort of final "date", though they both know it will end between them.

It's a really hot evening in the middle of summer and the thermometer puffs almost 30 degrees whi... Continue»
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Beautiful, sweet, young Andrea comes to me....

I can't believe I'm writing about this. In fact it's hard to believe it even happened. Let me take you back, briefly, to the beginning of this adventure.

There is a well known chain restaurant near where I live that I go to often. It's attached to one of the larger hotels and they get a lot of walk in's from the hotel side. I prefer to sit in the bar area and because of that I've gotten to know several of the female bartenders reasonably well, in a customer/waitress sort of way. I guess I'm what you'd call a 'regular'. I'm usually generous with the tips when I get excellent service and nat... Continue»
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