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The Other Side

AT 25, Laura Windslow wasn't suffering financially. Her job as a free-
lance book-publishing editor saw to that little matter. How she was
doing socially was another story altogether. She was a dud in the
attracting men category. And she knew it.

Book publishing. That fits me, she thought more times than not, the
bookworm. The little dull as dishwater bookworm.

Her cat jumped up on her lap. "Wiggy, don't you ever get tired of all
this excitement?" She giggled. "You don't give a rat's ass, do you
Wiggy? It's not just another lonely, boring night to you, oh, no, to
you it's just an... Continue»
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Aji having sex with elder sister Latha

Sex is a fantastic experience. Being wthout sex is like being without food or water to drink. When you are aroused sifficiently you forget the relationship or the circumstances. Long ago while studying in the school I, Aji was in the XII standard and my elder s****r, Latha was in the second year degree.

During exam time we used to sit in one room and study so that we need put on one light and one fan and save on electricity. Our parents never bothered about these things and they go to bed early. In summer my s****r used to wear ony a nighty and I a knicker. Her sleeveless nighty extends onl... Continue»
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Amina fucks her cousin Basheer

Shamla, 20, beautiful with right sized boobs and all curves, graduated in commerce and was waiting for marriage or for further studies. Her parents old fashioned wanted her to go for marriage and raise a f****y. Her b*****r, Basheer did not do well in academics and after failing three times in matric, stopped his studies and just remained at home.

His father was a commission agent, but he wanted his son to go to gulf and earn money like other boys. But no job offer was forthcoming. Amina, 21, cousin of Shamla got married three years back and her husband was in gulf. He gets home leave once ... Continue»
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Shamla fucks her brother Basheer

One day Amina was talking to her cousin Shamla, s****r of Basheer. Shamla was narrating all her woes, not getting married and her youth getting spoiled etc. She said her fingers have worn out due to constant masturbating. Amina laughed and said she will give her solution and asked Shamla to come to her house on day. It was fixed that SHAmla will come on the following day.

In the afternoon when Amina was taking rest after lunch, Shamla came. She was very beautiful and Amina wondered why nobody comes forward to marry her. Amina explained to her in great detail how sex can be had at arm's leng... Continue»
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Sister became his wife

Hi, this is between me and my loving s****r who is now my wife. We are from India. Many might think this story not only as i****t but also something very sick. But let me tell you that this is my real life story and I am not only living with it, rather enjoying every bit of it.

Currently I am 28 and she is 26. We have been having sex since 4 years now. It was very difficult to achieve this. It took me years to make her fall in love with me. Today I am recounting all this, because we got married (to each other, by breaching all the society rules) just yesterday. So here goes my story right f... Continue»
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Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - II

Although for me that whole day was very happening and bit rough too but still I can say since then there was nothing which could make me feel that this is a special day of my life which I will never forget in my entire life. As I spoke to Ruchi to get up to leave, Aunty formally told us to stay for the night because it was too late to leave for such a distant place.

I took her words casually and tried to relax her by saying that there is nothing to worry about as now there will be very less traffic and we will reach home in almost half the time we have reached here.

But unexpectedly thin... Continue»
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Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - III

She overviewed almost all her pictures in a minute or bit more and must have noticed that picture in which her husband was beside her, is cropped and I am keeping just her pictures “I am a shocked” finally she uttered “aapne mind to nahi kiya na?” I asked her and she smiled a bit before saying “nahi…” and once again started looking on the screen,

“I don’t know exactly what is it, love, attraction, infatuation or just lust?” I spoke with bit of uneasiness, “lust?...” Ruchi repeated my last word and then spoke again “certainly it’s not lust…aur ye attraction bhi nahi hai… how can you get attr... Continue»
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Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - IV

Suddenly her body rippled with lust and Ruchi clenched my shoulders and moaned erotically while lurching her bottom and tried to grab me between her arms and thighs “fuck me…hmmm….please” Ruchi was desperately waiting for me to fuck her properly with inward strokes and very next moment I started doing that,

“Ahhhhh….” I gasped madly as my Penis moved in and out of her wet fuckhole; I screwed her fuckhole with deep and long stroke and my pleasure was incredible and I did not wanted to stop now. We were in each other’s arms like true lovers and I wanted to fuck her like this till my death but... Continue»
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Jaspreet having affair with brother in law Harish

I must mention in the very beginning that I am really very weak in English and expecting that readers of this wonderful blog will forgive me for my grammatical mistake. This is all about my first two days of sexual encounter with my b*****r-In-Law, how it started and we confronted sexually to satisfy each other.

It was not me who actually started but I accept myself fully responsible for whatever happened between us. We’ve certainly cheated our partners but now after getting fully involved with each other emotionally as well sexually we are not ready to think about anything except satisfyin... Continue»
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Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - I

Incident I am writing down is about how my desire of fucking my Sali Ruchi became reality and I confronted with her on bed thrice in the single night. I don’t know why from the time I am grew up as a man instead of perfect figure, unmarried and virgin girls I always get attracted toward the females who are already married and have heavy sexual assets.

I get aroused more effectively from fleshy thighs, big breasts and must mention jutting out massive ass mounds and I also must say that marital makeup of the Hindu females always added up spice to my arousal and by looking at such married lady... Continue»
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Financial Domination-HS Crush Part 3

[[[NOTE: Please refer back to parts 1 and 2 of this story for the context, I'm just going to dive right in here, though there will be a few references. There might be a different tone for a couple of reasons. One being that it has been so long since last I visited my subspace for this story. The other being that the inspiration for the story isn't doing it for me any longer, but I am mildly inspired by another who does not share the name of the focal point character in this story, though I'll continue to use it. She has 3 letters as initials for her user name, I'll leave it at that. As before ... Continue»
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The Lingerie Shop--A Cuckquean Story

[I hope that all who are into, or curious about, the cuckquean dynamic, might enjoy this humble story.]

Entering the store, I couldn't believe I was actually going to do this. I had suggested it to my husband first, and he loved the idea. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he encouraged me to do it. And, then I promised Melanie (our cuckcake) that I would do it for her. Why did I do that? I have no idea. She was well off, in fact. Her husband, a CEO for a local conglomerate, is wealthy, and little did he know that his trophy wife was cheating on him with my husband. Not just ch... Continue»
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Teacher Day's Ch. 01

Another boring period wasted, thank god this was the last period of the day - also my free period. By the way, I'm Axel, Axel Rodirguez. I'm currently 42, still in great shape. I have had dirty blond hair, that was natural shaggy, falling just above my eyes. I also have blue eyes. I'm also tall, standing at 6'7. I'll tell you the story of how I met my lover long ago. At that time I was 23, & he was 20. Now - on w/ the story.

My free period was like any other of my boring periods. I was stuck grading this weeks pop quiz, all of my classes didn't do so well. Then, he came in - I look up from ... Continue»
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Other ways to pay the rent ...

I am fortunate to have built up a number of flats and houses that I rent out. Over recent times I have come to realise the advantages of renting flats to young women, girls who need a place but cant afford much. My realisation came purely by chance when collecting rent one day, I called at a flat I had recently rented to carly, a 19 year old single mum. Carly was your average looking girl, about a size 10 with long dark hair. She had a small piercing in her nose and a heart tatoo on her neck. Carly had been living with her parents but had to leave as they werent getting on.
On the day in qu... Continue»
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my neighbor big tities wife

I am Mihai.I live in Romania.when i have moved in Oradea i was very bored because i have not know not a person.All day i have stay in bed waching at tv and thinking what to do.In one day i saw a big tities women that has enter in neighbour house, i was thinking how to touch that nice big juicy tits.
When my mom has arrive house i have ask her who she is,she told me that she is my neighbour wife.when i heard i was glad because i told to myself that now i have a reason to like the new home.I have put a plan on my mind how to fuck her,and to not knew her husband.In one day i was heard noise com... Continue»
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Mom Taught Me Everything I Know

God my mom is hot. She is only 5’ 4” and all of 100 lbs. Even I’m a little taller. As soon as I was old enough to start having erections I started to fantasize about her. I would find ways to get close to her, to look down her blouse or rub up against her. I would dig through her clothes hamper, smell her underwear and I even collected a couple of her pubic hairs I found. I tried to be careful but I’m sure she knew what I was doing. I shot off in her bra once by accident. I cleaned it up and she didn’t say anything but I think it left a stain. Once I got an enormous hard on as I rubbed up ag... Continue»
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[CUCKOLD] My cuckold proposal

I writhed in pain. My wrists, bound tightly to the bedposts, were lashed tighter than ever before. Certainly tighter than needed. My hips and thighs ached in pain as my body flexed and twisted away from the bed, but my ankles kept me firmly in place.

And my cock. Rigid like never before. No longer throbbing in ecstasy. Aching in pain. Balls full of two months of not cumming. Clogged. Unreleased. My orgasm begging to come out, and aching after 30 minutes of her "playing" with me. Teasing me. Bringing me to the edge once, then twice, then thirteen more times. Not releasing me. R... Continue»
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Difference between Sex and Making Love

In high school, my best friend was Eddy. He lived several houses down on the same block. We had some of the same classes and both of us were on the football, baseball and track teams.

In my senior year, my girlfriend Trudy broke up with me and I was pretty bummed out at the time. Eddy asked over to go swimming as the weather was warming up and they had a heated pool anyway. I grabbed my trunks and trotted over to his house. His mom let me in and said that Eddy was out back at the pool already.

I noticed that she was wearing a very sexy bikini as she went to the kitchen to finish whatev... Continue»
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Twisted Sister Vl ( Plans take shape)

Jen is at her computer with Kerri and I at her side watching after a couple of hours she has printed about twelve photos. Most every thing but Robin is blurred. You can not tell who we are except for Robin or where it took place. She has two short videos too with the blurring. Two full length videos with no blurring one is hers the other is mine.
Kerri asked when she is going to present them? Jen's reply is we need her back over her for more footage first. Kerri not happy with this asks why? Jen says I want more footage. I ask when? Not sure is Jens answer.
Well it is past 10pm Kim will be h... Continue»
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indian mother made as slut by son

Disclaimer: The following narration is a true description of events which took place a few years ago. Names of characters and places have been changed for concealing the identity of the individuals in question.

Hello everyone my name is Anirudh Nayar and this is not my story, but it is a story which no one can tell better and it is a story that needs to be told. This story revolves around an incident which took place way back in 2008 and I had just turned 18 that year and was in my 12th grade. I lived in Borivali in Mumbai with my parents and a younger b*****r who is 8 years younger to me. ... Continue»
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