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Lisa's Confession Sessions - Prelude

Lisa’s Confession Sessions
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I was still numb, tasted cum, and was still a bit fuzzy in the head. I could hardly believe I had just blown the cock of a top Las Vegas Psychologist in his office...during a session. A lot had happened and I was still trying to understand.
The psychologist, Dr. Heard, had been asked to both present the full offer from my ‘benefactor’, more of a sugar-daddy-cuckhold, and record the story of my life, a confession really. “You are making me tell everything that has happened to me? Why? Does this give him some perverse in... Continue»
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winter storm

It was a cold winter day,snow as flying,and the four too five inches of snow we were suppose to get turned into feet of snow. I had cleaned out our driveway twice now so mom could get in when she got out of work. Ann had just got home from school and was almost an hour later than normal. She said the roads were horrible and the snow plows were having trouble keeping up with all the snow.

Mom usually gets home around 5p.m. and it was now 6 and I was begining to worry. I was watching the news when the door flew open and mom crashed through the door. She was covered in snow as she shivered a... Continue»
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s*s knows

I found out by accident that my nylon clad feet and sexy shoes were a turn on for men. It happened one afternoon when I was pulling on my nylon stockings. I love the feel of stockings and pantyhose.

Stockings, a garter belt, and tiny bikini panties make me feel so very sexy. And high heels make me purr. But, to get back to my story. I had just graduated high school and turned eighteen the same month.

I was inexperienced when it came to sex. My girlfriends told me all the good and bad things about making out with guys. Some of them had their first experience at age twelve. I didn't ha... Continue»
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Fucking My Mother in Law

Fucking My Mother in Law

My mother-in-law Barbra is 5' 1", 37 years old and has baby blue eyes and shoulder length hair. Her legs are shapely as they had been in her twenties and her tits are 38c’s. Barbra has two c***dren at home yet, a son 15, and Barbie who is the youngest at 14 with long dark hair and a chest as big as melons. Barbra has had many lovers in the past 5 year’s sense she has left her husband. She now always seems to be horny and saying she needs to go out and have herself well taken care of.

Sense Tina and I didn't have any k**s, Tina s****r and b*****r would stay... Continue»
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A Friend Helps Us Out

Craig and Anne had been married 12 years and had almost
given up hope on ever having c***dren. Craig's low sperm
count was the culprit. Their f****y doctor suggested
that while it was possible for Anne and Craig to
conceive, it was highly unlikely. After 4 years of
trying, they sadly had to agree.

They talked about several options and although Craig
made a decent living, the cost associated with these
options was prohibitive.

"If we could just get somebody to help us... anyone!"
cried Anne.

"What do you mean somebody?" asked Craig.

"Oh, I don't know... maybe a rich ... Continue»
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Wife Willingly Services Friends

If you met my wife you would think she is the most innocent and proper girl you have ever met. And you would be correct to a certain extend. Let me tell you more about her.

My wife is a petit brunette with green eyes. She has the greatest skin, great body and the prettiest smile I have ever seen. She has one hidden jewel that she only lets me see and that is her pretty pussy and extra sensitive clit. I swear she has the most delicious, tightest and beautiful pussy I have ever tasted. My wife and I have been together for a long time. We are still in love. She I don't think has ever cheated o... Continue»
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another mother in law

Let me describe my mother-in-law Grace. My mother-in-law is 42,
shoulder length blonde hair, 5 foot four inches and 115 lbs. My
mother-in-law Grace has an hour glass figure. My mother-in-law has very
nice legs. My mother-in-law has a beautiful face, and lovely green eyes.
My mother-in-law Grace is also a very sexy sensual smoker. I was about 25
when this happened. I was staying at my mother-in-law's house on vacation.
It was summer and most of the f****y were spending time outside. My
mother-in-law always dressed in tight shorts. My mother-in-law always wore
nice fitting blo... Continue»
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Raylee should have been more careful, but she was in a good mood. She just got back from a first date and it wasn’t too bad, a little awkward, but he asked her out a second time before she got out of the car. There was the kiss before she got out of the car, but that was all. She opened the front door, the living room dimly lit by the small lamp. She walked in and was grabbed from behind before she knew what was happening.
He held a knife to her neck, making sure that he sliced the flesh and a drop of bl**d began to spill before he said a word.
“I’ll split you open like a gutted fish if I he... Continue»
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Mystery Man

I sat on the edge of the bed staring at my husband who was very much asl**p. My pussy all gooey from the load he just spewed deep in me. But he failed to get me off, he did not even try. I wanted him to fuck my brains out, and all he did was push his cock in me and drain his balls and then went to sl**p. I am pretty sure he did not make it a full minute inside me. I need release. I got up to clean my pussy and make myself a drink, then I will take care of myself. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my naked body. Not bad looking for a woman my age if I say so myself I thought.
I ... Continue»
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the day I fucked your wife

It all begain. When you started telling her about your dreams of her being with another man. At first she was a little nervous but then her nervousness went away. She begain asking you more about your fantisy. You were getting a he would notice her revealing clothes wen you both would go out to the store. See thru tights with her tight pantys on. Going to walmart that day. You got rather excited. She had on her satin ones. The one that look smaller than normal ones. She wore along with her tight workout shirt. It all hugged her body. She wore no bra. She asked you. Do you like wat ... Continue»
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a mooms point of view

Ever since the first time I slipped my first pair of nylons on my feet and legs as a girl, I was totally enraptured by the sight, sound, and feel of nylon. Whenever I was alone I couldn't wait to slip my shoes off and run my stocking feet up and down my legs and rub my feet together. It just felt so delicious and made my pussy tingle. Growing up I noticed that some boys liked to watch me do this which made it all the more exciting!

I always wore stockings or pantyhose and constantly dipped my feet in and out of my shoes, and if someone was watching, all the better. As I grew into puberty... Continue»
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north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 6

Today also was no different. I took the knife now for uncle and went back to his room. As I entered I saw uncle was changing his dress. On other days, if my aunt was present, uncle would certainly use a towel or turn back to the wall, but today to my utter disbelief, he was changing it openly. It seemed to me as if he was waiting for me and as soon as I entered his room, he started to pull down his lungi. His vest was already off and now he was standing naked except for his shorts. I dropped my eyes from directly looking at him and placed the knife on the table and was about to leave the r... Continue»
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Lady at Midnight

She stumbled into the house, one shoe on and her red dress was still up over her cunt line. Her husband stood on the bottom stairs to their second floor as she dropped her purse as he caught her coming in from the act. Her reddish blond hair was disheveled with strands of dried cum in it. Her red dress, stained with whole loads. And her make up was more than smeared. Her lipstick had remained in the edge creases of her mouth. She looked at him in shame. He looked at her in disgust.

"So, this is my wife tonight?" he said sternly.

"I had just one drink... where did you go?" she began to ... Continue»
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north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 3

He left the place with a wicked smile. I was again taken aback. This nitwit also knows that I need to wear the pad within my panty!

I closed the door and had the medicine as per dosage and then went to the toilet with the pad. Since I need to place the pad securely, I decided to get out of the sari and petticoat completely. So again I had to strip to an almost bikini posture as I had my bath only sometime ago. I pulled my panty half way down my fair buttocks and placed the pad covering my pussy hole and pulled the panty up again. The touch of a foreign body on my pussy instantly gave me a t... Continue»
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north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 4

There was silence. Ramlal was facing us now and he was holding on to his dick within his underwear and I could clearly make out its position. His underwear was of thin material and I saw his lund was hanging like a big banana.

Master-ji: Hmm. What to do then? Madam?

I had nothing to say and before I could say anything also Master-ji bowled me over.

Master-ji: Okay Ramlal, do one thing. You look at Madam and try to masturbate. Seeing a female should help you.

Me: What?

Master-ji: Madam, if looking at you can help him, let him. We need the milk that's all.

Me: But Master-j... Continue»
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north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 5

Pande-ji: That's like a good girl!

I heard the whisper in my ears and also some whispering lecherous remarks. We were also close to the 'garva griha' now and had to take permission from Pande-ji to lower my sari to cover me.

Me: Pande-ji, people will see me now. I must cover myself.

Pande-ji without wasting words pulled out my sari and petticoat from my waistband and dropped it down and at last I was fully covered. Chotu turned back and Pande-ji wore his dhoti properly and everything appeared so normal in the twinkling of an eye. I was still almost panting as to what happened i... Continue»
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north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 1

My name is Anita Singh. I live in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Presently I am 32 years of age, married. I got married at the age of 25 to Rajesh, who was a shop-owner. My married life started smooth and I was happy with everything. Rajesh and I shared a very good and close relation. My sex life also was quite regular and satisfactory. But bitterness in my life started when Rajesh and I decided we are going to have an issue after two years of our marriage. When even after one year of unprotected copulation I was not getting pregnant, we were very concerned. There was pressure from my in laws ... Continue»
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north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 2

Sanjeev: Madam, in our ashram we provide sari, blouse and petticoat to the women who come for 'diskha' and 'treatment'. So for that only I need the size.

Me: Okay, its 32.

I noticed Sanjeev noted the figure and looked for a second directly at my erect boobs under the cover of my blouse and sari as if trying to measure the 32 size through his eyes.

Sanjeev: Madam, since mostly the women who come for 'diksha' to Guru-ji are from rural areas and as you also know many of them do not wear any undergarment, we have no provision for that. But since you are coming from the town, please car... Continue»
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Neighbor, that made me fall in love with mature wo

This happen to me on a bright summer day when I was home from school. I was few month shy of my eighteens birthday. I was looking out of my window and saw our neighbor and my moms friend ( in her mid 40’s) seating in our back yard, I could tell she was very d***k. I walked up to her to see if she was okay, but I could not stop looking at her thong showing from under her skirt. I tried pulling the skirt down to cover it up, but could not resist of brushing the tip of my fingers against her pussy lips. They were slightly showing. I could feel my cock getting harder, stretching my pants. She saw ... Continue»
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my first sexual experiences pt.1

The following is a recollection of actual events from my youth. I was never pressured to do anything I didnt want to and was a willing participant in everything I did with any of the individuals I had sexual contact with. I look back on these events fondly, and enjoyed them very much at the time they occurred. I have always wanted to share these experiences and am happy to do so now. I hope you find these events as erotic as they were to me back then. I have tried to keep the events in chronological order as they occurred, but it was a long time ago. So here goes...

I was an only c**... Continue»
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