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By Amanda Wrighter


Dingle & Tanner Urology Clinic
10:20 AM


Karen Burke sat quietly at her desk in the back corner office offset from the nurses’ station. It was just another typical day of processing insurance claims at the same old office she’d worked at for nearly three years now. She wanted to peel her face off rather than look at her computer screen again.
She shifted uncomfortable in her rolling chair and then gl... Continue»
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This Time It's All Different

The party was a total bust. I went with my friend Cindy but she ran into a guy she used to know and they hooked up and I was left to fend for myself. I didn't know anyone else, and I was totally bored. At least there was a place outside, kinda around the corner, where I could just sit and be alone and try to figure out what I should do--should I get a cab? It'd cost a million dollars to get home from here, and I don't have much money.

Right about then this guy came around the corner and was a little surprised to see me. "Oh, hello," he says.

"Hi," I say. He was an older guy, but h... Continue»
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Our Friend, Lover, and Dad

My name is Traci, and this story starts when I turned
thirteen years old. My mom was from Ohio, and my dad is
from Ontario. Dad was forty-two years older than mom and
he worked as an independent trucker for a timber company.
Mom was from a broken home. Her father was a raging,
abusive alcoholic, and her mom worked two jobs at diners to
pay bills. She grew up not knowing love, compassion, and
what a hug and kiss meant to a c***d. When she was just
s*******n she was homeless, finally finding a job in
Mackinaw City, Michigan, as a waitress. This is where my
mom ... Continue»
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Millie and Ellie pt 2 of The Flower Girl.

Dainty fingers twirled in the darkness, dancing lightly, slipping along a little nectared slit, then tracing tiny circles around a swollen nub. Nubbin stiffened excitedly with an expressive twitch, responding to the swirling fingers, and a little tremor coursed through the young girl's body, causing her to press harder and to rub with even more intent.

Millie's breath caught when she felt the pulse build and tremble through her body, and she tried to prevent an accompanying sound from escaping her lips. But it came out anyway, a gasp! Next to her in the bed her s****r stirred, peaceful ... Continue»
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A Taste of Cheerleader Discipline

Dick Hardown was the dean of Roughton University. His job wasn't easy, but it was quite rewarding. Yes, the salary and benefits were very nice. However, the best thing about being a dean was the students. The female students. And the hottest female students were cheerleaders.

The school's football team was truly terrible. However, there wasn't a single college in the country that had cuter cheerleaders than the ones that attended Roughton University.

The school mascot was the beaver while the school's colors were black and violet. The cheerleaders' tops and bows were black while their mi... Continue»
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Crazy Experience

I've always had a slight fantasy of watching my wife fuck another guy but never really planned on acting on it. My wife is a stunning dark eyed beauty with huge tits and amazingly long legs. She's submissive to me which I think is why I always push the envelope a little to see just how submissive she really is. Well I found out.

Several months ago we were on vacation in Arizona and one evening we were enjoying the community hot tub at our Condo when this older guy came in with a much youger girl. It was clear that she was his toy but I will have to say this guy was in great shape for ... Continue»
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Black Step Milf

Step Milf

I've been living with my step mother for about two years now. We've lived in the same house together ever since my dad pasted away. This is the story of the first day that I hooked up with her....

First off let me paint you a picture. My step mother is about 5'6, black, with dark hair, double D's, a big chunky ass, thick thighs, big luscious lips, a pretty thin waist (she has a little belly on her but she is far from fat), and a very pretty face. People say that she kind of looks like an older Serena Williams. I believe he is about 46 years old or close to it anyway. Now you kn... Continue»
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our 1st time MMF

Hello First id like to say sorry for how this is written as im not a writer just telling a true story about me and my wife

Ok first a little about us im 28 6'2'' average build my wife is very sexy short slim petite little blonde bomb shell with small 32 a boobs. we have a great sex life but we spoke about the fact i wanted to try a 3some so we joined AFF were we got chatting to a guy much older then us (55) but my wife liked him. as we chatted we found out he was a single man that was only about 20 miles away, so we decided to meet him for a night out and a few drinks and catch the train ho... Continue»
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Mothers make their sons dreams come true

“About last night,” Sonia began. “We’d had too much to drink. But that’s no excuse.”
“No its not, we’re all responsible for our actions, whether we’ve had a drink or two, or not, you understand that don’t you boys.” Chloe said.
“Yes Mum. We’re sorry, we got carried away, and took advantage,” Jack said
“I’m sorry to,” Harry told them.
“This is our secret, you understand!” Sonia said.
Both boys nodded.
“No really, this is to be kept between ourselves.” Chloe said
“We won’t tell,” Jack said.
“Good,” said Chloe, “because we want to do it again, that is if you wouldn’t mind.”
Mind of cou... Continue»
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Wrong Problem Right Medication

It's not that I have a bad ticker you understand, it's that I have very
high bl**d pressure and it was driving my doctor crazy because every modern
d**g he tried on me didn't work. Finally out of desperation he prescribed
a d**g now prescribed for something else but originally developed for high
bl**d pressure and it was called Viagra, a god awful expensive medication.
Well it worked, except there were some side issues and that is what I
wanted to talk to you about.

After I got back from the d**g store and my wallet was considerably
lighter I took the funny shaped blue pil... Continue»
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Rachel and the Veterinarian

It was time for Benson's annual vet appointment. Rachel and Benson were admitted to an examination room and waited for the doctor to arrive. Rachel's 2-year old great dane was larger than your average dog, but he was a gentle soul; a big teddy bear, like a real-life Marmaduke. A few minutes later Rachel and Dr. Ross exchanged friendly greetings. Dr. Ross complimented Rachel's sundress, and Rachel asked about her recent vacation.

Dr. Ross began the exam, looked at his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, everything was going fine. She reached underneath his torso to feel his stomach, ribs, and hips, the... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife on vacation

Backstory: My friend’s wife won a radio contest for a free destination vacation. My friend couldn’t make the date due to work obligations, but as someone who both needed a vacation and has a more than friendly relationship with his wife (see my other story) I was more than happy to go with her when they asked.


Like most people going to a resort, we wanted to hit the beach as soon as possible. After a quick stop, we were on our loungers soaking in the sun Anna drained her drink, put it aside and leaned over conspiratorially, a grin on her face.

“Do you think anyon... Continue»
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Uncle Bobs Lesson

I posted this story on another site years ago. I had some nice feedback, but not many views.

In '91' during my senior year of high school my folks split up just after my18th birthday late in the summer. The whole thing was a mess, with me being sent off to relatives while my mom took my younger siblings to the gulf coast to stay with her parents. They sold the house and Dad moved to be with his new future 'ex-wife' outside of Dallas.

Since I am older by about 7 years, and was in high school I did not want to leave town in my last year. No way did I want to be sent off to someplace I did... Continue»
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Me and mum part 3

Part 3
I was woken up to a warm feeling below on my cock, as I looked down I could see my mum sucking me off.
I loved the feeling of her mouth round my cock especially as not once did her teeth touch me as she took all 8" of me in to her mouth. She sucked it good and proper I was in heaven.
I said to mum I was close to coming and I asked her to stop as I wanted to lick her out at the same time.
She swivelled round I got on top of her and we got into the 69 position she continued to suck me off and I parted her legs to revel her shaven pussy she was so very wet and turned on. I star... Continue»
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Co-worker Elaine and her ivory pantyhose

Well, it's been a few weeks since my experience in Madeira and I have been back at work and horny. I work occasionally with an incredibly classy mature lady called Elaine. She's in her mid-fifties and is about 5'4". Her greying bobbed hair is beautiful and her choice of knee-length dress suits is impeccable. Elaine always wears a fine denier pair of tights and sensible heels. She compliments her professional look with simple make-up and tortoiseshell spectacles.

I returned from the Bank Holiday on Tursday straight to the office where Elaine worked and she asked me for some help on a job tha... Continue»
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Father Daughter Liaison

~Another Fantasy Story

It was a warm and humid afternoon. I had just finished changing the oil in my car, and after entering the house, went over to the kitchen sink to get a nice refreshing glass of water. Being a warm day, I had dressed comfortably in a white t-shirt and shorts, and I was looking forward to relaxing in front of the TV to watch the rest of the game.

I had done pretty well for myself, considering that I had an eighteen year old daughter that I had to raise by myself after my slut of an ex-wife ran off with a young intern at her office four years ago. I loo... Continue»
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Mom's Past

It was Sunday and all three of them had to go back to work tomorrow. They spent last night drinking and fucking and had been wandering around the house today watching TV, eating and recovering from their wild weekend. Inevitably, one of them got horny. The sexual energy in the house was constantly sky high. If someone wasn't fucking, then there was a guarantee that at least somewhere there was porn playing and a hand hard at work.
This Sunday afternoon it was Krista that broke first. Chris was up stairs in bed with his mom watching TV and they heard some slut downstairs on the TV getti... Continue»
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Dicked Down

Chris felt the vibrator buzzing away in his ass, pressed tightly against his prostate. The vibrations rolled and buzzed up the length of his cock and were swallowed by Mika's pussy. She had come home with her s****r after being at the club all night and crawled into his bed in the middle of the night to fuck. She was d***k and smelled like coconut rum, cigarette smoke, and perfume. He remembered her climbing on top of him, straddling his waste and pulling her white dress over her head. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. His cock was instantly hard and her wetness welcomed him in with e... Continue»
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A Threesome of Poems

I hope everyone has enjoyed the foul, raunchy fun Carrie, Chris, and Krista have gotten into. I thought I'd do something different and dive into their heads a little, letting you see what they think of each other, what drives their lust, be it tenderness or raw, unfiltered horniness.
When writing their adventures, I've thought of Carrie as being a completely desperate nympho who's lust drives her to look to her own son and daughter for satisfaction. She stops at nothing to cum and opens herself up in all ways to make sure she and they get what they want. She's controlled by her pussy, a s... Continue»
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(Gay) Scummy Streets Of Vancouver

The following is a true story. Not one I'm particularly proud of, but t's real and it happened. Enjoy.

This story happened because of two things.

One - my friend Laura and I planned a one month holiday to Vancouver.

Two - I was beyond horny.

So, after the first night in Vancouver, homelessness was aparent. No one is blind to it, we just choose to filter it out. And I think the other thing was that it was literally in every doorway along Granville St.

On the first night here, I couldn't help notice that there were a few homeless guys who w... Continue»
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