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His s****r Insisted On Going Too

He was irate that his mother was making him take his younger s****r with him to the party on the banks
of the Snake River. Yes, the part was on the beach of the river behind the coffer dam that was put across
the river while the main dam was being constructed.

There were going to be a lot of the teenagers there and also as always a lot of k**s twelve and under.
Charlie was s*******n and had a car and was pretty much doing what he wanted as long as he stayed out
of trouble and didn't get any tickets.

He didn't want to take his little s****r, just turned thirteen , but he knew that ... Continue»
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Nude on 'Cable Beach', Lost my Virginity

It was late afternoon and we had been playing since 7am in the morning. The strong sun had drained me and I felt tired, so I went behind the coloured canvas screen and laid down on the beach towel, curled-up and went to sl**p.

I was on holiday with my s****r and mother, on the west coast of Australia, and in Broome to be exact. Cable beach, famed for its marvellous sunsets, and nudity, was surprisingly empty, but then again, this beach stretched for miles, and girls lay naked for miles in seclusion, that is until someone offered company, all nude of course.

The canvas windbreak warmed up... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 4

When Cindi and his dad returned the two huddled together on her bed,each
with exciting tales to tell.Even though Mark was dying to fill her in he
conceded and allowed her to go first.
"We done it."Cindi said,her eyes big and shiny.
"Who done what?"He asked.

"Daddy and I,we done it Mark."
"Dammit Cindi stop beating around the bush."
"Daddy and I had sex silly,we shared the same room and bed,I loved it
Mark.Remember how you said you enjoyed daddy having sex with you?Well,I was
really excited when we made love for the first time."

"Did he f***e you?"
"Gosh no Mark,I wanted him to... Continue»
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More Perverted Sexual Cravings

Mark was twenty four now,a handsome young man who loved dressing up in
womens clothes and going out on the town.He could get away with it because
he was such a handsome guy,or you might even refer to him a pretty.
He had had implants installed in his breasts which made him even more
sexy,he dated men without them being any the wiser.

He knew from the time he was three that he was never meant to be a boy and
his mama made it plain she had wanted a girl.She would dress the boy in
panties and little girls clothes up until his dad put a stop to it.
But Mark never stopped,he loved the p... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 1

Mark had a thing about rubbing his dick since before he could talk,his mom
enjoyed telling of his obsession and how after slapping his hand so many
times gave up and let him rub to his hearts content.Of course his dad
thought it was nothing more then the boy coming out.
Mark was able to eject cum at the ripe age of ten and a half,much sooner
than most boys and was delighted at his first sight of the white silky
cream.Of course as you might suspect,he had to sample it and grew fond of
it's taste.

Mark was a nice looking boy,blond hair,smooth white skin with a mouth and
lips girls ... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 2

His sex with his s****r had satified his needs for the present time,but Mark
knew full well he would be in need of more sex and soon.His hunger would be
insatible in time,the lust seemed to be boiling inside him for longer
periods of time with each encounter.
Therer was an itch inside his young ass that demanded to be scratched,and
scratched often.Color or creed made no difference now,the boy just loved
being fucked or used.

It was over a month since his daddy had ****d him and the man had avoided
him as much as possible,what with both parties in the same house.Mark had
his mind s... Continue»
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My Perverted Sexual Cravings 3

The following week end Mark told Cindi about letting Mel fuck him.
"Gee Mark,what did he say,did he like it?"
"Yeah,he did,he liked it a lot s*s."
Did you do it to him also?"
"No,but I think I can,at least I'm going to try."

"Gee,I wished I could watch when you do."She said.
"Well,maybe you can."
"You really think so?"
"I think he would let me if I could tell him you would let him do it to
"Gosh,I don't know Mark,what if he said something at school and it got

"He won't s*s,I promise,and besides,if I do it to him he couldn't hardly say
anyhting could he?"
A fe... Continue»
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Lizvette Chapter: Bananas Foster

I woke to the sound of the shower water running. I looked at the clock and saw it was time to start thinking about dinner. I had promised Lizvette a daddy-daughter date at a romantic restaurant. She said she wanted a steakhouse. My business associate, Greg, with whom I was to meet tomorrow morning, suggested Shanahan's. He said it is pricey, knowing my expense account limits, but worth it for a fine dining experience. It was a weeknight but I thought I had better phone ahead to reserve a table just to be safe. I was on the phone with the hostess when Lizvette emerged from the bathroom drying... Continue»
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sl**ping Over At A Friends House Part 2

This is a continuation of "sl**ping Over At A Friends House". I came over to my friend Brett's house to staying the night and we were hanging out like usual. Until that night when he decided to change in front of me. From there our friendship changed as we started to experiment for my first time which quickly lead to us fucking each other in his room. Before I knew it I was being fucked hard up the ass by my friend but little did I know we had an audience...

The door sung open and terror shot through me causing my ass to clinch down hard on his dick. I was still so flushed sweating... Continue»
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Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 5, pt 1

Continuation of my "Sucking Each Other's Cock" stories. Please go to my profile to read earlier chapters. If you like them please rate and comment. Thanks!!

Jason called me two days after he and I had sucked each other the first time at my neighbor’s house. He asked me if I had gone over there yet today to do the stuff that I was taking care of: bringing in the paper and mail and watering the lady’s plants. I told him that I had and he seemed a little disappointed. Of course I knew exactly what he really was asking. He wanted us to go over their again and do some more stuff together.... Continue»
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new landlords

My name is Matt I'm 32, my wife's name is Jillian she is 26, we have been
married for almost 6 years. I am your average guy five foot eight inches tall a
little over weight, jillian is five foot three inches tall and a hundred and five
pounds. She has dark brown hair and green eyes. She has a great body, a really small
round ass, I call her tits her torpedoes because that's what they look like, when
they hang down they look like torpedoes and the nipples are huge and look like the
detonators. Two years ago the company we worked for and where i met my wife closed
leaving us ... Continue»
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Sharing a room

My name is Kyra and I am the single mother of two k**s who are both in their teens. Although my daughter Macy is a few years younger than her b*****r Ethan, they generally got along with each other, but since they were both in a difficult age they still picked fights an argued over almost anything imaginable. Having said that, you can imagine their reaction when I told them that they would have to share a room for the next couple of nights, because our house is being refurbished and there is not enough space for everyone to have their on room. Since the refurbishing started with Ethans room it... Continue»
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Young gay sex experience

Notice this is almost all true, I was not m*****ed or harmed and I was the one who sought out gay sex with an older male, thou it is i*****l it was not done in the context of a criminal act, but the curiosity of a young boy who was sexually interested in gay sex and a young male who had experienced the same while at the age I was and was a decent man who helped me experience a normal human behavior and allowed me to discover the sexual pleasures of gay sex, yes I am gay, a fagot cum sucker who loves to suck cock
If this offends you please cease reading it for it was written to others who hav... Continue»
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FLIRTING WITH EXHIBITIONISM AND i****t (Revised and Expanded)
by Tony Reeno

DISCLAIMER: Of course this is a work of fiction. Of course the
characters do not exist. Of course this is solely borne out of the
twisted mind of the author, Tony Reeno. And of course you should not
try this at home, under any circumstances. These are trained
professionals. You have been warned! Finally, of course you should
not read this if you are under 18 years of age and/or living in a
place that deems erotic fiction (and by extension, pornography)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a revised and... Continue»
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Fucking Around With Her...

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Screwing my Step-s****r

The thought of watching his step-s****r screw, excited Justin. She was a cute girl, blonde with big blue eyes and a cute smile. She had had sex before, and he always wondered what it would be like watching her do it. 

He had seen Janet naked a couple of times, and had promptly ja... Continue»
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Mama ma iubeste

Inceputul meu cu mama...

Salut! Numele meu eate Dragos,am 18ani si m-am decis sa va poveatesc cum am inceput sa fac sex cu mama mea.
Mama mea ,o femeie frumoasa cu niate forme bine definite,un fund rotund si bombat si niste sani rotunzi si marisori.
Mama m-a facut la o varsta frageda,avea 17 ani cand a ramas gravida cu mine,ceea ce imi da de gandit ca de tanara ii placea sexul.
Locuim la tara,intr-un sat aproape de Timisoara.Tatal meu este plecat in Italia,eu fiind singur cu mama mea.
Trebuie sa recunosc ca inca de la 15 ani imi placea de mama. Nu scapa nicio ocazie sa-i vad un san... Continue»
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After School with Mr. Smith 2

Taylor lay on her bed, resting one hand on her stomach and the other on her thigh. Her breathing became ragged as images of her brief session with Mr. Smith faded in and out of her mind: his large, sensuous hands traveling over her sinewy back, falling down and caressing her legs and rear as she sat on top of him, riding him desperately. It was so wrong, but when he had emptied himself into her, she hadn’t had a care in the world.
She slid her hand from her thigh to her underwear, already feeling the dampness seeping through them. Her eager fingers dipped into herself and she stifled a mo... Continue»
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Forever Her Son

Masako Togami kneeled at her living room table and leaned her elbows pensively on it while resting her head on the backs of her intertwined hands. She was feeling melancholy yet again. Her husband Nobuhiro wouldn't be home until 11 at the earliest that night because he was going to be out with one of his company's clients. Her 17 year old son Masahiro wouldn't return from his school's arduous baseball practice until 9. At 41, Masako was still quite fetching, 20 pounds heavier now after having Masahiro than when she was miss thang in college, but that meant that at 5'4" she was still only 1... Continue»
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My robbery expirience with mum

Mom and I were just sitting on the lounge peacefully watching a movie when suddenly the door was smashed in by four men,all of whom were wearing balaclavas.

“Stay down,nobody move or il blow your fucking head off!!” said one of the hooded men.

Mum and I just sat there and nodded

They started walking all around the house shoving our things into sacks that they had and then hoisting them over their shoulders.

About ten minutes went by until they finally finished and all met up at the front door again

“Right,now we have your stuff,well just kill you now”

... Continue»
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after school with Mr. Smith

She looked back and stared at Mr. Smith blankly for a moment before nodding. What for? Did she do something wrong? Taylor turned around, leaving the door frame and feeling her ears turn red. For the past year, Taylor had developed a series of fantasies that focused on a man twice her age – at the very least. Mr. Smith was perhaps 5’9”, in his late 30s with next to no hair. She couldn’t tell if he was balding or if he regularly shaved his head. Regardless, he exuded a subtle charm that had caught her attention within the first few days of being in his class.

The bell rang and her... Continue»
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