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my step s****r kate

Me and my dad lived alone for a few years after my mum left for another man,
He had been seeing a women called Dawn for about six months when he invited her a her daughter Kate for dinner on evening
Kate was three years older then me, she was plump quite plain and small breasts, but that was just my opinion,

She was a bit shy I think we both felt awkward really, we sat in the garden talking leaving our parents alone.

She told me she was training to be a hair dresser , we also talked about hobbies,

Four months later my dad told me they was moving in with us,
Things was OK my ste... Continue»
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b*****r and s****r Fun…..II

Eric and I were watching TV when mom and dad came home. They went
to their room to change before coming in to see us. Dad went to
the basement to check our work while mom questioned us about our
day. We told her that we worked all day on the basement to get it
looking good. Dad came into the room telling us that he was proud
of the job we did. He told mom to go check it out. When she came
back she said that because we did such a good job on that chore
we didn’t have to do tomorrows job. Eric and I smiled at each
other. I was guessing that he was thinking the same thing that I
was. I... Continue»
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A night out

It was early December and already the city centre is buzzing with people frantically shopping , those who aren't are already enjoying the festive season by hitting the bars early.

I see them from my apartment window before joining the less interesting group and wrestle through the shopping centres for gifts ..... Hours pass , before I know it , sun has set and the neon lights of my favourite bars and clubs light uo the city tempting all who pass . Drink does not seem to tempt me tonight as I approach my apartment door with keys in hand , suddenly I hear a noise a group of young women la... Continue»
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Still life in the old dog yet

I was a fifty four year old married man of twenty three years. My sex life with my menopausal Wife was non existent. We were sl**ping in separate beds at the time and I was working, what seemed to be twenty four hours, three hundred and sixty five days a year as a Store Manager in a retail outlet. I was fed up with my working life, and even more fed up with my boring wife Julia, who was more interested in getting down and dirty with the gardening than in the bedroom.

Another long tedious week had gone by and I was sitting in the Canteen, tired and fed up until I overheard a conversation on... Continue»
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Camping with my aunt and her friends.

while visiting my aunt for the 1st time in years she invited me on a camping trip she was having with a couple of her girl friends that next weekend. I love camping and had nothing better to do so I agreed. My aunt is in her 40s, divorced, no k**s, and a heavier set woman. Like 5-6 and a solid 280lbs big boobs and a giant ass.

She started telling me about all of her friends that are going. They were megan and tayna both divorced older woman as well with grown up k**s. So now I start realizing that I just agreed to go camping with 3 divorced woman all in their late 40s having a all woman ... Continue»
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With ny b*****rs in law help

With my b*****rs in laws help

Hello My name is Nancy twenty six years old and this is my story I'm five ft four inches and weight one hundred twenty pounds and have a thirty eight DD bra size and just love SEX .I married right out of college where I studied for social service work and my now husband Dennis studied economics . My line of work was sparse around here but Dennis found a good paying job right away so it was no big deal that I didn't have a job.
My husband is a wonderful man kind and gentle and everyone thinks that he is such a great guy, and he is It's just that he is... Continue»
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Therapy Part 2

Therapy Part 2

My sexual counsellor Colleen suggested that we set our next appointment in two weeks.  She also recommended that I refrain from any sexual activity that would result in my ejaculating, but she encouraged me to continue to watch as much porn as possible and to continue having erotic chats online - just no masturbation or ejaculation.

"I want to build up the volume of your potent seed" she explained, "If you ejaculate a bigger, more sperm filled load, both you and Cheri will be more satisfied, and it will provide you both with a greater sense that insemination has been succe... Continue»
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Leave It to Cole -pt2

Chapter 2

After he was finished I felt confused. I know what I
just did was wrong on so many levels, yet I felt that
I needed something more. My conscious mind was
disgusted by what I had just done while at the same
time I could feel that the crotch my panties were
soaked. This and the idea that I could bring such
pleasure to a man left me in a sort of emotional

Without saying anything I left the den and headed to
the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. Upon
entering the kitchen I found Brook sitting at the
island with an expression on her face that I could... Continue»
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Mom Peeping

The shapely 36-year brunette stood with her ear to the
door and was listening to the grunting noises coming
from the other side. She knew it was her 14-year-old son
on the other side, and deep down she knew exactly what
he was in the process of doing, and it excited her.

She had told him she would be out shopping for quite a
while, since her girlfriend was going to meet her at the
mall and they were going to spend the afternoon
shopping. But at the last minute she had gotten a call
that she was going to have to go alone. She decided to
at least get some groceries and left ... Continue»
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Ecstasy Birthday

Hi, my name is Jack and I turned 19 months
ago. Five months ago is also where my story starts.

My mother had my s****r when she was my age and now my
s****r Jade is twenty-two and mom is thirty-five and my
aunt Karen is thirty-three but all three could pass as
same-age-s****rs. It was my birthday and my aunt Karen
and s****r had come home from out of town. The party was
great and being around my f****y was wonderful. Karen's
husband and my dad both died several years ago in a
boating accident and they never remarried, mom dated a
couple of times but could never find a man ... Continue»
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Here He Cums Again

She heard her bedroom door open and pretended to be
asl**p. But that never worked. The big man slipped into
her bed and put his hands under her nightie as usual,
seeking her breasts. She tried to ignore the good
feelings as he began tweaking her nipples. Damn them,
they're hard.

Her uncle had been visiting for a week. He caught her
fucking her boyfriend on the second day and used that as
leverage to visit her bed every night since. She liked
sex a lot but wanted it to be HER choice, of course.

He wasn't very attractive but she had to admit that her
body had responded t... Continue»
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Leave It to Cole - pt1

I cannot say I was devastated by the news of my
husband's unfortunate accident. While he was a good
man and loving husband he was frugal and rather old
fashioned. I did feel a loss over not having him
around I did realize that this gave me freedom to
explore myself and actually live a lifestyle that his
amassed wealth could easily afford instead of living
in a four bedroom cabin in the middle of nowhere I
could finally move back to the city.

During the week that I was waiting to hear from the
lawyers about the disposition of his estate I made
plans to finally be able to ... Continue»
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Online Affair - Pt 2

I woke up a few hours later, entwined with my seductress. I looked at Liz and remembered the heated passion that burnt between us. I knew what I had done to my girlfriend but honestly, I didn't care. I had found something that did more than just excite me, it made me feel alive. Liz not only fucked me, she destroyed me with pure bliss. Every kiss, every bite and thrust. All of it came to this one moment of realisation. I needed to keep my little secret.

I checked my phone and it was 6:32 am. It was time to get Liz out. I rolled over and caressed her perfect figure. Her smile came appeared ... Continue»
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s*s swapping cum with me.

So the other weekend we were hanging out at her place and we were having a couple drinks and having a good time. Of course we are always talking about funny or sexy things about sex. We got on the topic of cum and if she liked to swallow and she of course does, and how id love to see her swallow some cum. She was sitting on the couch across from me and i could see up her skirt and it just made me horny as fuck and i asked her if we could do something crazy. So i told her the next time her bf comes over suck his cock in your room and ill watch through the curtain she had as a door and jack off,... Continue»
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A Bitch Daughter Learns Manners

“Gary you have to do something about Britney!” my best friend Bob said to me as he walked into my garage
“Why? What did she do now?” I moaned as I could only imagine what she had done now
Britney was a bitch and everyone knew it. She was a beautiful young girl who had recently turned 18. The problem was that she was what everyone called a mean girl. She seemed to go out of her way to torture people or embarrass them. She was always dressed like a slut but from what I heard around town she only teased and never put out any pussy.... Continue»
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Big b*****r

”Aw come on dad, can’t you get a babysitter to watch Kathy
tonight?” I pleaded with my dad.

“No, this is an important business meeting that came up at the
last minute and we didn’t have time to call a sitter, so you are
it.” he snapped back at me.

“But I have plans with the guys tonight.”

“Break them, you’re 15 and old enough to watch your little
s****r. How much trouble can she be?” he tried to reason
with me.

I gave up trying to argue and went to my room. Shortly after I
slammed the door, mom and dad came in telling me that they were
leaving. They said that Kathy wa... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Chapter 2

The second chapter in a very long series
I know it's been forever. Sorry.


my life is over my life is over my life is over my life is over my life is over my life is over my life is over

Morning. 7:45. My parents are already up. Coffee's probably on. My alarm's gonna go off in 5 minutes. My mom's gonna wake up Cody in 10 minutes. He'll actually get up in 20. I fucked my s****r 7 hours ago. We're gonna have to ride in the same car to school for 10 minutes in half an hour. I'm going to have to look at her. She... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Chapter 3

The third chapter in a very long series
This explains so much. "So just to be clear, all of the porn you've watched is like this."

"This is the only porn I watch."

"What do you mean the only porn you watch?"

"Like, this is the only porn I watch."

"What, like this genre?"

"No, this movie."

" Just this movie."


"...How many times have you watched it?"

"...Twice." Holy fuck.

I rested the bridge of my nose in between my thumb and forefinger. Oh my God this explains so much.

"So where..." Where do I even begin? "Where did you lear... Continue»
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hott strapon

Taking a quick look at the clock, I noticed that the delivery had run late, and I was immediately stressed at the fact that Mistress would be home shortly. I knew I didn't have time to shower, and there was certainly no time for much cleanup either. I just pealed the skin-tight jeans down, crumpled them up and buried them at the bottom of the hamper.

I carefully pulled the bright yellow panties down my legs, trying not to make any more mess. I washed the creamy jism away in the sink, squeezed what water I could from the satin fabric and tucked the still wet panties inside my jeans at the bo... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Chapter 1

The first chapter in a very long series
Please read the prologue if you haven't already. This chapter starts at the actual beginning of the story and is thus even more detailed and exposition-y than the prologue. The pace is crazy slow but I really want this story right. Sorry if it's too long winded for you. The haul is still long and I hope you enjoy.


Now you're wondering how a b*****r and s****r started out on the path to an incredible sex life with each other. That's a good question actually. I guess I s... Continue»
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