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Mac and Leslie

That long mousey brown hair and her big blue eyes. She spent the night with us and she was instantly attracted to me. While playing around she noticed my hard cock protruding in my pajama pants. Her hands around my neck she rubbed her pussy against my shaft. The fabric of my pjs and cotton panties were the only thing between us. She smiled and really started to bring her ass into me. If we had been home alone.....
Later that evening she was laying under a blanket while we watched TV. No one noticed her legs were spread and she was working her pussy. She would make eye contact with me from tim... Continue»
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My introduction at the hands of Kay, in 1980

I feel the train slowing down as it pulls into Walton on Thames station on a drizzly winters day in 1980 I am wildly excited, but more nervous than I have ever been in my life. Its my first year at university, and I am here thanks to answering an advert in a contact magazine called Good Vibrations that I found in a newsagent in Mill Road while surreptitiously sneaking a look at the magazines on the top shelf. The advert read 'Mature housewife seeks young man to help work out masturbation fetish - only genuine need apply'. As a genuinely desperate 20 year old (not quite a virgin, but thinking a... Continue»
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Our Trip to RIO

I had been dating Danielle for about a month and things were so hot I decided to invite her on my trip to Rio. She's 22 years old and works in my building. NOrmally I don't mess around with girls this close to my business but Danielle is smoking hot; 5'6", long blonde hair, medium sized firm tits and an incredible ass. She is also up for the freaky things, she flashes me, she wears sheer tops and never wears panties when we go out.
We landed in Rio and headed to the beach soon after. I noticed many of the women didn't wear tops and I didn't know how she would react. As soo as we stopped and l... Continue»
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Break time for Kathy

Kathy was 35 years old, but didn’t look it. She was slightly built, with thin but shapely legs, and a modest bust. Her black hair had not a single silver strand yet. She easily could pass for ten years younger. She loved her job, teaching her fifth grade class. The k**s were still k**s. Cute, inquisitive, often eager to learn.
Afterward, she wondered what made her do it. She’d been feeling so horny. And she felt so sexy. So on that day, she just “forgot” to put on her panties. Her skirt was cut just a couple inches above her knees, so she was still covered for modesty’s sake. As sh... Continue»
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My neighbours daughter comes back for more

Following my encounter with Cindy, I had a busy few days and even though I work from home, I didn't get to see her. I had to make do with some vivid dreams where I repeated the energetic performance with Cindy but I wasn't sure whether I would get the chance to repeat the episode in real life.

Eventually the weekend arrived and on Saturday morning I awoke early, like I always do, and after my breakfast I started my chores. I found that after I split with my wife last year I had to have a routine and especially at the weekends to make sure I could relax properly once the jobs were complete. ... Continue»
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Cindy's mum wants to say thank you

Later that same day I knocked on my neighbors' door, clutching a bottle of wine and some freshly purchased flowers. It was early evening and I had come round to visit Debbie as we had agreed earlier, but I wondered what was in store for tonight. I understandably felt like a fraud considering my recent affairs with Debbie's eighteen year old daughter. It was especially awkward because it was only this morning that I had been enthusiastically sucked off by Debbie's beautiful and sexy daughter. And that was why I was feeling apprehensive about visiting my neighbor for dinner.

My worrying was i... Continue»
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At Home Revers Bachelor Party #1

It was my fantasy, but I was glad to have my fiancé Tina there with me. She snuggled her body with its curves and round hips and breasts up against me and I inhaled the scent of her hair. She nibbled on my collar bone as I felt her hands mover down between my legs. My rigid cock filled her hands and she slid them over and over again across the sensitive velvety tight bulge of my cock head and I groaned. She looked up at me and smiled. It was a wicked smile, full of intent!

“You agreed to this, I hope it does not disappoint you.” I just moaned. What else could I do?

Literally, what... Continue»
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Swinger Sex Party at the Robert's House

[Story] Swinger Sex Party at the Robert's House by Melissa Roberts

Yesterday evening my mother said to me, "Melissa, my br*other Paul, his wife Cindy and their son Andy are coming over at nine o'clock for another swinger sex party like we had last month. Make sure there is plenty of ice in the recreation room bar because you will be making drinks for everyone again. Your br*other Michael has already put several video cameras on tripods so we can make another DVD.

"Mom, can we switch partners this time? Last month I was with my cousin Andy and you were with your br*other. Can I be with yo... Continue»
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Sitting In His Lap

Sitting on His Lap

It was August. We spent the morning packing the car. Our son, Mike was leaving for college. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. Mike and husband, and I were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldn't fit much more. Mike went back in the house to get the last of his things.

I heard him come out of the house. I turned around and saw him carrying his 42 inch flat screen TV.

"Where are you going to put the TV?" I heard his father ask.

"I don't know, but I don't want to leave it. Maybe we can move... Continue»
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Lindsay was XX when it first started. One morning she awoke to find odd little crumbs in her bed. At first she thought they were crackers, but as she was getting dressed for school she noticed a small little tan 'O' laying on the floor next to her nightstand. It was a cheerio. She picked it up and looked at it for a moment, its wholesome oaty contours seeming perfectly harmless. She threw it away, assuming that her bratty older s****r was responsible. Little did she know that it was an omen of the pure mind bending horror which was soon to follow. That weekend her mother went shopping.
She ha... Continue»
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Angie's Dog Orgy

It was almost one a.m. The dance floor was crowded, swollen with anerotic jostling of squirming loins and legs and asses. Angie had beendancing almost nonstop for the last two or three hours. She loveddancing--it made her feel so alive, so sexy. It was dancing that let herexpress all the latent urges and frustrations that smoldered beneath thesurface of her seemingly calm and self-confident appearance. She letherself go on the dance floor as she did nowhere else, sensuouslywrithing her hips and buttcheeks in their flesh-hugging trousers withthe rhythmic abandon of a well-trained belly dancer.... Continue»
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Lena Denson, 45yo, white female, 5'06, 135lbs, 34Bx27x37; brown eyes, and short, spiky hair was bored was ready to go home after being at work less than an hour. She worked the graveyard shift, and since it was a Tuesday night, she was sure that the hours were going to move as quickly as the hot dog rollers that were sweating juices from weenies at that very moment not two feet from her. She was working with Tawny Hobbs, 28yo black female, 5'02, 160lbs, 38Dx38x48, with brown eyes, and short, black length hair that she kept in an afro cut. She had a pretty face, and a decent enough per... Continue»
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Dream of Destruction

Note: This is how a dream can destroy.

Some people think that dreams are suppressed wishes of the mind or a bridge to our emotions. The only thing I know is that this dreams destroyed my life. This dream is between me and my wife's 'play s****r' (Wendy). My wife name is Vanessa. We have been married for awhile but Wendy is a single Mom. Her k**s are grown and on their own. Vanessa and Wendy had been best friends for many years but their was a heated race for a man when they were both single. Now that Vanessa has been married to me for 5 years, Wendy is still looking. Wendy is 50, Vanessa ... Continue»
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Wrong Room Ch. 02

After some prodding from some fans I've decided to go ahead and release chapter 2. Currently I'm hard at work on the final chapter. As always thanks for all the kind words.

The next morning Ryan awoke with a huge grin on his face. He'd managed to sl**p with his own mother without her knowing it had happened. He laid there for a while just reflecting on the past night's outcome. Eventually, Ryan came to a couple of realizations. First, he had to fuck his mother again. Second, thanks to her propensity for drinking too much, he had a real chance to get his mom between the sheets at least once... Continue»
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Victor and my new sex toy

Victor and my new sex toy

It was a lazy Sunday morning in bed. We were snuggling. Back to back. Butt to butt. I woke up first and watched my loving Victor still relaxing for the past hours. We had been fucking all night long like crazy. We had sucked and licked each other; I had been tied to the bed as he had fucked my arse…

I turned around and leaned over, kissing him on the neck in way to show him my satisfaction.
I looked down and laughed to myself. When I kissed him, the last cum from last night's session dribbled out from his limp penis. I gingerly slipped out of the bed, so that ... Continue»
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o seara de mai

Este o dupa amiaza placuta,Tremuram de placere si de excitare. eu si vecinul meu am hotarat sa ne dam intalnire intr.un parc. ...Se apropie ora intalnirii, si incep sa ma pregatesc ...fac repede un un dus, imi trag o rochita de vara mai lunga putin si fara sutien,sanii mei erau vizibili pentru toti care se uitau la mine,ma aranjez un pic si imi dau cu parfumul care stiu ca pe claudiu al innebuneste... Ajung in parc la locul stabilit, (un loc mai retras,asta ne place... )si al zaresc pe o banca ,este imbracat cu pantaloni scurti si un tricou semitransparent ,care lasa sa iasa in eviden... Continue»
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The Concert 1

As the elected spokeschi1d for my s1ster and myself, I approached Mum. "Mum, can Jolene and I go to the concert next week? The one we talked about at the table yesterday."

"I ..." Mum started when I cut her short -- not quite on purpose.

"We've saved the money for it but it ends late so we can't get home until the first train in the morning -- that's the problem."

"Oh, it ..."

"Unless we could s1eep at Uncle Ernie's, that is."

"At Uncle Ernie's. Hm." Mum seemed to be considering it. "You know, that could work. That might actually work, but what about school?"

We had just star... Continue»
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It was another night of passionate lovemaking. The old man hadn't had it this good since his middle granddaughter paid him a visit a little over six months ago. Kate was going to be a good fuck, but then all his girls were good. He had trained them to be good lovers in hopes that one day they would fine good men to marry them. This time it was his youngest granddaughter who he had the pleasure of bedding.

He loved all three of his granddaughters. Macy, nineteen and the first one to be send to him by her mother Sadie. She was so much like her mo... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Asked Me For Advice (part 2)

I am thinking is Sandy for real? Does she maybe not have fantasies? It could be possible because I have learned her mother sure does not. Or at least never shared any with me despite my constant urging. But back to Sandy my stepdaughter. I tell her that I will mention a fantasy that many men have and that is, they fantasize about seeing their wife with another man. Sandy's eyes widen and she says, "Like in having sex?"

"Yes, having sex."

Sandy replies with, "I would never have thought my husband would want to see me with another man." "Especially naked and in bed with one."

"... Continue»
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The mall is a nice place to meet people

The mall is a nice place to meet people

That morning I woke up alone at home. Victor had left so early to the airport and I did not hear him when he was gone. I felt too fucking horny as I stretched myself in bed. I really needed a huge dick inside me. My loving husband was a little bit stressed last week and he had not fucked me at all during those days.
I had a warm shower and later stood up in front of the mirror. I saw I looked obscene. That was the whole fucking point. I had put on fancy stockings, a short black leather skirt that barely covered my ass and a soft red silk top. My heel... Continue»
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