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A Quicky Vacation [part 1/3]

(Sorry I've been away for awhile, but I've been getting "inspired" in the pass 3 days. It's Sept. 2nd and I hope you readers of xhamster will enjoy my story. And thank you for ur comments, questions, and feed back <3)

I was on my way up to the mountains, waiting to see my master again. Twisting the ends of my hair, biting my bottem lip, and rubbing my legs together as my mind was overwelmed with the thought of pleasure he will give me and I will give him. As I make my way up the mountains my mom got us lost. But my master's mother found us and guided us up to a cabin. We all go out anf have... Continue»
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Dolcett Palace

I did not write this. I found it on the web.


After shaving her pussy completely in the shower, Trine looked at her body in
the full-view mirror in the bathroom. She was not very tall, but not too short
either. She wore her dark-brown hair shoulder- long. Her s*******n years old
body was delicious, with its ripe, C-cupped breasts and fine, round bottom. All
in all, Trine was happy with her looks. And that was good, she thought, because
not much of her would be hidden this evening. She was a bit cross with the
outfit she had to wear, but went into her room to p... Continue»
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Fucking friends girl this is an image of my cock to show u what she got to enjoy!!!

My name is Leo the picture above is my cock and this is the story when I was a senior in college I worked part-time in a movie theatre to support my monthly rent. It was an easy job. Just sitting round watching movies, and being a good friend to the head manager(Carla) made it easier. Carla had young b*****r(Dave), who was a senior in high school that worked with me on weekends. Quickly we became best-friends. Being 21 and buying beers, and having my own apartment, I was li... Continue»
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The Master and his Pixies

The sun is setting...

I groan softly.

As it often does these days my mind wanders. My life has become so different from what it used to be that I still sometimes find it hard to believe. We are taught many things as we are growing up. Humanity has learned so much about the universe we have deluded ourselves into thinking we understand far more than we do.

Humans have progressed steadily from the beginning.


There is no magic.


The truth is that humanit... Continue»
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Me and my part time job

I was always doing part time jobs to help the f****y with the bills, I was the youngest of 10 k**s ,but the only son. As I was walking home from school one day This guy asked if I was looking for a part time job that he had to clean out his basement and garage I was very very happy to say yes I'm always looking for extra money he asked me to come in. The Large house had a lot of antiques in it, The man "James" introduced me to his wife "Diane". We went into the kitchen for coffee and what they needed me to do then she kissed her husband and went to work.

James said that the junk was going t... Continue»
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glory hole sex

I had a day off and the wife was out of town. I was
sitting at home looking at porn on the internet and
decided it would be fun to go to an adult sex store and
see some action in the flesh. If you knew the password
for the month you could enjoy a peep show, or some
Glory hole action, today I chose the glory hole.

That day a chubby white lady was working the booth
Area I could not tell if any other people were there. The
Front lobby was empty due to it being a Monday and normal
Working day for most people. She was nice asking me how
My day was going and etc. I asked for a chubby... Continue»
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My introduction to The Lifestyle

This is an exerpt from a story i wrote a few years ago with a chrismas theme, i may repost it around christmas time inits original entirety.

  When i was a teenager and first started dating, my father gave me sage advice, "Belle, if a boy hits you, he doesn't like you." I nodded and absorbed that information as all teen aged girls do. At the time i had no idea what he was saying to me or why. All the boys I had dated were nice boys who treated me well. When i started dating and i had a few nice boyfriends and then in college i met who i thought was THE ONE.

Marco was an exchange student ... Continue»
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Adventures in Taboo 4

I have been having sex with my best friend Shyla and her hot milf mom for almost two years now, the school years was almost over, my birthday was approaching, my life was at its peek.. True I would have liked to be able to fuck Shyla up the ass more often bit other then that I had nothing to complain about ( Plus my birthday was coming soon and Shyla promised some anal for a very special present ).. I also got a video camera that past Christmas and Shyla's mom started recording all of our sexual escapades..I never got to see those tapes and I found out later that Kate was selling them (Along w... Continue»
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Daughter's Friend Part 6

Monday morning. Alarm. Wake up. Stretch; feel someone next to me. Who...? Oh, god, that's right, it's Tamara. What's she going to say and do when she gets up? Damn, man, why can't you get yourself straightened out?

I rolled out of bed, figuring it couldn't hurt to let Tamara sl**p a while longer. I called my boss at work and explained the situation with Mary. I let him know that I'd be taking the week off, but would try to be back in the following Monday. Fortunately, I've worked for the company a long time and have plenty of vacation time built up. There shouldn't be anything going on that... Continue»
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Adventures in Taboo 2

After my first encounter with Kate, I was on top of the world.. Kate on the other hand was a little scared I was going to tell some one what we did and she would get in trouble.. I will be honest, I wanted to tell every one that I just fucked a hot 29 year old milf but I was smart enough to know that if any one found out I would never get to enjoy her sweet pussy again.. To reassure her I told her "I promise never to tell any one, as long as you promise that you can I can do that all the time?".. She smiled and said "Yes I promise".. From that point forward I was going over my friend Shyla's ... Continue»
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Adventures in Taboo 3

Things in my life could not get any better.. I was having sex with a beautiful milf and her even more beautiful daughter every day.. I was very young but I was enjoying every man's fantasy.. My next adventure in Ecstasy was the first time I got to tap Shyla's tiny little ass.. I love anal sex.. When I fucked Shyla's mom the 1st time in the ass I thought it could not get any better.. Then I got my cock into Shyla's pussy and almost died from the pleasure.. I figured that Shyla's ass would be the pinnacle of sexual enjoyment.. I god was i right..

This is how I got to do it..... Continue»
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My sex slave

"I was sick of not getting pussy" thats all I could think of at 3 am couldnt sl**p and feeling sorry for myself I just went for a drive. I was driving several blocks and I stopped at the red light I noticed on the other side of the street I could see a young woman sitting at the bus stop all alone. The light turned greened and I slowly pulled up to the bus stop and the young woman was distraught I asked whats wrong she had just gotten to a argument with her mother and stormed out the house she said. She asked for a ride home and the thought just hit me!!! I would never get a chance like this. ... Continue»
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Coveting my Fathers Wife in Church

I opened the door to the confessional and could smell that the load I shot all over the darkened wood had not been cleaned. It had been 48 since the priest ran out with a pecker swollen from years of celibacy. The thought of a woman who gets on her knees less then a foot from his celibate cock and then closes her eyes and trusts that he is only going to place the body of christ in her waiting mouth, has caused him two sl**pless nights. At first Father Mothcock, was going to cancel the evening confessions afraid I would tell him the details of Moms 5 foot 130lbs body that is 70 percent tits and... Continue»
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“Hi, Mum,”

“Tom?” Toni said. What is it?”

“Nothing. Just saying hi.” The boy said looking at his mother.

“Oh, Hi,” Toni said a little flustered.

“We got a study afternoon so I thought I’d come and see if you needed anything doing.”

“Er, Tom,”

“Yes, Mum?”

“Have you noticed anything?”

Tom stood and looked at his mother.

“You’ve had your hair coloured,” he said at last. “Covered the grey ones.”

“No,” Toni said “It’s not that, love. It’s….. What do you mean ‘grey ones’/ I don’t have grey hairs do I?”

She turned to look in the mirror and saw her son, slig... Continue»
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Things that DON"T happen can still...Pt2

Part 2

Link to part 1 and what she looks like

It was cold that night so I must have covered up in the middle of the night. When I woke up I sensed someone watching me, I knew it was her. I kept my eyes closed but stuck my leg out from under the blanket. I could feel her getting closer then she sat on the edge of my bed and all her weight shifted me so I opened my eyes and her fat ass was touching my left hip then her left arm went over me and she placed her hand by my right armpit.

Part of her boob was touching my tummy ... Continue»
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Young Johnny's Mother

The mother is an attractive and above averaged-sized breasted woman with a perfect mix of sexiness and beauty. She had silky brown hair than hung down to her shoulders, a face that was both seductive, warm, and caring. Complimented with a gentle smile and perfect blue eyes. Her body was slim and toned, and at five-foot-twelve she towered over me who, at four feet was nothing. Her breasts were an obvious focal point of her body, those big melons an impressive 36D in size. They were not too large, but we're big nonetheless, and very firm, shapely and topped with dark-red nipples. ... Continue»
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the night before her wedding

The last few months I had been down on my luck
I had to take a job as an event staff team member.
There was one upside to this job, I had the chance
To travel all over the Southeastern United States.
This weekend we were in Memphis TN.

As I unloaded the necessary equipment and decorations
I bumped into this gorgeous female she looked like a
Young Vanessa Williams, I liked to play Macho man
While setting up the events. Well the more I unloaded
At one time the faster I could get done with the set up.
As always I had a small trail of items that I had dropped
In route to the ballro... Continue»
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Training of a Slut MILF Wife Chapter 1

Background continued from last (new down below):
For those that have followed by stories about fucking the preachers daughter, 23 year old Jaimie and her MILF mommy Pam, I even did something I thought I never would, I fucked a dude, I fucked the preacher square in the ass. So, now I have three sex slave cum sluts that have turned from blackmail to willing submissive fuck toys.

Jaimie, who will be 24 soon is living with my wife and I and unknowing to my wife, is my Number #1 slut that I use almost daily. Jaimie does have orders to suck me at least three times each day, which she does do!
... Continue»
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KB and Me

The following story is true, and accurate, as best to my recollection. If it was fiction, it would have had a much happier ending.

“What are your intentions with my mom?'

Those were some of the first words I can recall hearing from the beautiful 10 year old. Looking deep into her steel blue eyes, glancing back, over to her mother seeing the hope in her golden brown eyes.

“To love her completely,” was my reply.

“Good, for how long?” was KB's next question.

“For as long as you all, and her let me,” was my reply.

That was one of the first nights that I recall talking with her ... Continue»
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Sometimes things that DON"T happen can still


Vital info 1st
1. I am mostly Native American but also have Mexican and French Canadian bl**d lines
2. Natives often adopt from other families and even other tribes and this makes our families large, vast[s**ttered throughout the country] and mixed bl**d w/Black & White
3. Even though not bl**d related the bond is there, still, some go out with and even marry some. This is mostly shunned upon
4. Many of sing, dance and travel a lot so we often stay with and/or travel with them as well. I have shared a bed wi... Continue»
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