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The Beneficial E*ucation

"'Night Mom," I said, hoping she wouldn't notice the
way I was covering the huge bulge in my crotch. She
said goodnight and headed off down the hallway to her

About a half-an-hour later, I decided to hit the sack
myself. I showered quickly, and headed down the hall.
Mom's light was still on, so I crept up to her door. I
don't know what I expected to see, but the thought of
my mom lying there in that filmy blue nightie of hers
had my pulse racing. As I got closer, I could see that
the light was coming from her bedside lamp. Mom was
asl**p, the unfinished book sh... Continue»
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The neighbour, continued...

So, the next time I saw Michelle (to talk to) was a few weeks after our little episode...
I was sitting at the bus stop waiting to go shopping in the city when she strolled up and sat next to me.
“Going shopping?” I quizzed. “Yes” she said. “Ah, cool, me too” I added with a grin.
I apologised again for the other day and she said it was ok; she had enjoyed it and soon after had gone home and made wild passionate sex with Tim, her boyfriend. She did not explain her wanton condition to him and he never asked. She asked if there was a chance of seeing my monster a little closer, as the view the... Continue»
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Witches Taboo Spell

Wanda the Witch. That was what they called her at Bradford High School. Not because she was ugly or anything like that. In fact, quite the opposite was true as she was one of the prettiest girls in school. She couldn't remember exactly when she got the nickname. It just began when one of the girls at school joked that she must be a witch as every time anybody got on her bad side, weird things would begin to happen to them.

And, unfortunately today was one of those days for Daphne Cones. Daphne was Wanda's boyfriend, Norris's mother. Wanda and Norris had been planning on spending the weekend... Continue»
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Rob & Summer Pt2

Please read Part one of this story to get the background.
Can be found here.

If you like it, please comment, I'm still a novice writer and feedback is always helpful, and makes me want to write more!!

Part 2.

Rob looked fondly at the sl**ping form cuddled next to him, the soft white sheet covered most of the delicate creamy flesh, but it did show a creamy white breast, the soft pink nipple resting against his ribs.
With his free hand, Rob reached over and moved a lock of golden blonde hair, gently tucking it behind her ear, fram... Continue»
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Sarah X fantasy

We were late. In fact, we were beyond late. The party had enticed us for far longer than either of us had intended and now we were quite d***k and staggering home in a murky light that soon threatened to become dawn. This worried me far more than it concerned Emme. Her f****y were on vacation, while my grandfather, whose spare room I occupied rent-free, would soon be up and asking me the first of that day’s 3000 questions through my bedroom door. If I wasn’t there he would panic.

“Emme! Move faster! We wouldn’t even been rushing if you hadn’t locked yourself in the bathroom with that boy ... Continue»
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Hotwife writes about her first visit to the gloryh

My husband and I were visiting DC in anticipation of trying something new and a bit naughty. My husband had mentioned to me how he thought it would be really hot for us to visit a gloryhole party where he could watch me play with mystery men behind a gloryhole wall. Admittedly, I was reluctant; I had never attended a party like this before and certainly not on the insistence of my partner! This was crazy, most guys I dated were insanely jealous and I had no idea how this was going to play out. I was committed to my husband and touching another man’s cock just seemed so wrong, like cheating... Continue»
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My darling granddaughter, I have just received your letter this morning, and as I sat on the porch swing reading the beautiful words that you have put to paper, I can still see your beautiful face that first morning when you arrived. You looked so much like your mother, and for a moment or so I was back in time, seeing my beautiful Sadie when she was your age. The minute you walked though my front door I knew that we were in for an incredible week of passion. Yes your mother sent you here knowing full well that I would never be able to keep my hands off you. I lov... Continue»
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Dangerous games

Indeed. .. it all started as a silly game.
My steps****r was a couple of years older than I was. I was around 16. Still the gap in experience was wider.

With me also lived my two younger siblings; 6 and 5 and her bl**d b*****r at 11 or so...
There was this day, in which we were playing in the bedroom and as annoying as I can be I was wrestling the three younger ones on top of the bed... in good nature!
I managed to immobilize all three quite effectively and they would shout for help... our parents weren't at home. So us, the two oldest ones would babysit...
I am extremely fond, from v... Continue»
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She was my slave...

First story, be nice.

"I'm not sure about this..." Her soft voice trembled with fear as I lead her into the bedroom. The noise from the party downstairs faded into the background as the door closed, I leant against the door and closed it tight.

"Sit on the bed, don't worry, we said we were just coming up here to talk, remember? Still got your drink?", she raised her drink and smiled a very small and nervous smile. I had spotted her downstairs, I tried my usual spiel but it didn't work, she was far too good for that, so I went honest. It seemed to work, she was willing to chat after I sa... Continue»
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Cuckhold's wife has fun

There were many nights that my wife would have "friends" over and I could hear her in the other room having fun. She could become very loud and beg for more. She usually had me tied to a bed or chair so the most I could do was enjoy listening to her.

She even had me set up cameras so she could get things on tape. Sometimes she would use it to excite me and sometimes she would tape what she did to me just to embarrass me.

Of course a lot of this was easier before we had k**s. The funny thing was early on in our marriage we lived in apartments and no one ever questioned guys or couples sh... Continue»
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My 1st Black Cock

I Just Sucked My 1st Black Cock
I'm just getting Home from meeting a Guy from Craigslist that Answered an Ad i had posted looking to suck some Cock ... This was actually the 2nd Cock I Sucked tonight about 3:30am I met a Guy out back behind the House in the Alley climbed in the Passenger side of His Vehicle and went to Work on His already Hard Cock ... He was kinda Medium Build with a 5 inch Cock and Huge set of Balls and they felt Awesome in My Mouth as I Worked them over till He Moaned and said He was Gonna Cum soon so I Went back to Work on His Cock ,He only lasted a few Minutes but blaste... Continue»
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3some is gr8

She had thought about this for as long as she could remember. There wasn’t a day that passed that her mind wasn’t thinking of the possibilities and the sweet passion that bloom between them. She tried so hard to keep her imagination at bay. They say if you can’t go a day without thinking of a dream that you shouldn’t give up on it. She wanted this more then anything and her dream was about to come true. There had been nights when she couldn’t sl**p; her thoughts so vivid and amazing hot it kept her up until she quenched her need with her hand. It wasn’t enough and she knew it. The only thing t... Continue»
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Tall Tales from a Naturist Club

People think that because everyone is nude then sex is rampant. That is not the case, yes sex is there but not rampant, it is easier, but it's not for everyone, as naturists, the true ones, don't see the naked body as a sexual stimulant, but that's not to say, we dont get horny at the sight of a nice cock or pair of tits.

I have been a naturist since the ripe old age of three, introduced into the commune by my parents, a pair of party a****ls and swingers, and yes I can remember things that I was not supposed to know about, happening as I sat watching my horny mother please men around her.
... Continue»
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“Wendy's a nice girl.........................”

That's what everyone always said. She was the sort of person you liked as soon as you saw her, and so bright and intelligent.
Plump, 5'6” and so, so pretty. With the most vivid green eyes you ever saw. She wore glasses and had the most stunning breasts ever.
When she moved to our area on her 50th birthday she always had a smile on her face, and no-one ever saw her husband, so she could be a widow, or divorced...... After all she did have five strapping sons..............................................

39 ye... Continue»
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my s****rs flat warming gift

So i finally move out in to the new flat its been a few busy days but all my stuff is now moved in.
I decide to come on here and watch some clips and look at some pics and jerk off.
sitting here with my cock out and suddenly the buzzer goes, i get up and answer it "hey b*o got ya a gift let me up" came a soft sweet voice over the intercom its my s****r wonder what she wants? i buzz her in and left the door open a little bit, sort myself out and sit on the sofa waiting for her to come in.

"Hey b*o hope ya don't mind i brought my friend Jessie over?" before i could say anything Jessie steps... Continue»
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Hey Santa Claus 2

Red called the next day and we worked out a night for me to come over to his mother's house. He said it would be for dinner and hopefully extra. I laughed. I had the suit cleaned and picked it up for my night with Red and his mom. Red's mom R was 60 something. She had been divorced for 25 years. Red told me she had had more boy friends than he could count. She is about 5'6" and probably close to 200 pounds. She has 42EE tits and a great ass. R had already drank 3 beers by the time I got to the house. She was wearing a scoop neck blouse plenty of great cleavage and a pair of jeans that... Continue»
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Dad and Judy

I had just finished my last night shift, its in the morning as I drive into the garage. I locked up the car and walked inside. There was Mandy the sl**p-over babysitter. As usual she was dressed ready to go to college for her studies. She looked nice in her runners, cut-off shorts and short button up shirt. Her red hair was tied back in a pony-tail and her green eyes sparkled with the anticipation of a new day. I handed her twenty five bucks and walked her to the door. Her tight ass was swaying in front of me. This had happened every day for the last 4 months. Again, I felt myself getting a h... Continue»
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My Step Dad’s Surprise

It was two days before Xmas; my Step Dad Gary was at my house alone taking a shower in my bathroom. What he didn’t know or realize till it was too late was he had company. He was expecting me to come home & he and I would be making love. I told him I wanted him to wear my lipstick when I fucked him. He consented. I came in just moments after my husband’s Dad Doug had gotten there. As I approached the bedroom I heard Doug tell him he looked cute wearing my lipstick, cute like me and my Mom, Maureen (Gary’s wife). Doug told him that the two of us do a real good blow job with our creamy wet lips.... Continue»
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When My Cuckold Fantasy Was First Revealed

It was such a beautiful day, and I will never forget how my life changed on that fateful day. After a long, gray winter, the sun shone and it was actually warm enough to open the windows for the first time in months. By two o'clock I was itching to start my weekend and I decided to shut the office down and give everyone a couple extra hours on the weekend. It had been a long successful winter and nothing was getting done anyway. After I made the announcement, it took all of about 5 minutes for all 10 of my employees to stream past my office and say some version of 'thanks' and 'have a good... Continue»
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Staying at the in-laws

I woke up from my afternoon sl**p feeling groggy. As I lay there I heard a noise from upstairs, a sort of moaning. I got off the bed crept to the door to slowly creeping up the stairs, the moaning sounded a lot clearer as I looked into the lounge I could see two bodies fucking on the floor, my cock immediately grew hard. What I saw was clearly my wives parents, Tom banging Ruth doggie style from behind, from the angle I was standing I could see his cock pounding her and her big tits swinging, her face was hidden by her long hair.

He got up from his knees and stood behind her lowering hims... Continue»
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