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{Non-Fiction, Quite True: . . . Hospital Erotic M

Hospital Erotic Menstrual Encounter

(MF, rom, romantic, erotic menstrual play, hospital setting)

{the following is a memoir of a completely true erotic
encounter that happened to me several years ago, as
told in an email to a close female friend who shares my
menstrual sex interests}


Hi Suzy,

I really enjoyed chatting with you last night, hope
you enjoyed chatting with me as well. It's so nice to
have a "biological female" friend (i.e., a nice lady who is
one in RL and isn't a guy pretending to be a girl
online) who shares my interest in periods and... Continue»
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Coming Home

On the airplane coming home, McKay and I had sex again in the bathroom. I think we both made enough noise that the pilots heard us. One of the hostess had told us about a party flight, where a bunch of horny people drink and fuck the whole time they are in the air. She said it's like a huge orgy in the sky. McKay gave her his cellphone number and said for her to call us the next time it comes up.

McKay drove me back to my store where my car was left. Julie had been taking over for the past week. She had been cleaning and getting everything into place as I walked in the back door. I w... Continue»
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More Female Dark Sexual Secrets

It certainly raises eyebrows as it emerges there was a strong possibility she was that uninhibited, a repulsive thought to those sexually dead, a strange sensation bordering on incredulous, watching her perform and go the whole way.

We are of course discussing the indulgence and acceptable sexual pleasures that a girl will practice in her early years, when her mind is awash with this forbidden pleasure, as her long fingers reach between her quite literately quivering thighs, to encircle the warm rigid fleshy penis, trying its damnedest to couple with her, and guide him home, and pleasure he... Continue»
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Suzie's adventure continues...

After the Sunday morning blow job on Tom in the office, Suzie's mid-thirties insatiable sexual desire came into full swing. She was a woman unchained and ready to experience as much extramarital sex as she could possibly have without me finding out.

There was a small 10 x 12 storage room just outside the office where the company archived their paper records. Suzie was responsible for keeping it organized. This was where Suzie and Tom would fucked for the first time.

The next time she saw Tom was a few days later. He came in and Suzie was at the reception desk answering phones and fil... Continue»
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Country Boys Adventures Continue.

My love for cock started when I was young. I lived with my mom and my dog Blackfoot, and spent most of my time doing chores around the house to help out mom since she was always at work. For awhile mom was pretty upset at the dog since he destroyed pretty much everything, but that stopped when she noticed that he had started to calm down and seemed to be less of a terror. Mom never really asked why Blackfoot had become more behaved, but if she did I would’ve had to lie to her.

Thinking back though, it kinda was mom’s idea for me to ask our old neighbor Mr. Clark for help with ... Continue»
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Mom Gives Herself To Her Son

It’s been a week since I let my son fuck me in the shower and I have be counting every minute till my husband goes away on his business trip. I want him to have all the time he wants to explore his mom’s body and not some rushed fuck before school we had. He wanted me dress similar to how I go to work but I have bought a special outfit for him to enjoy and spent ages in the shower last night shaving everything silky smooth.
His dad is away now and as soon as I got back from work I just had to kiss him, he smells freshly showered and I tell him to go and start on some tea while I shower. Hurri... Continue»
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Domination bug pt 1

"It's the end of all manhood." "Ahh.. but is it? Does not a lion need it's prey to eat?" "Doctor, it doesn't make sense." "In 1952 a fellow by the name of Jacquin De Silva, a honey farmer, wanted to make the perfect most bestest honey producing bee in all the world. So what did he do? He took a trip to Africa and brought hundreds of African queen bees to his house in South America. Then he went to Europe and took a whole bunch of European honey bees to his house in South America. And made them mate. He called it 'The Superbee'. But we all know the way it turned out." "The Killerbee." "Yes. As ... Continue»
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supercock14 inches meets Angel Buxom

This how I see the biggest cock in the world violating the biggest tits in the world ,was looking at the news one day when they had announced the opening of a very unique new building that was just built in NY NY and clamed to be the tallest in the world at 4500 stories tall it was the biggest building on the planet ,it is uniquely shaped like a massive erect cock shaped after Mr Supercock the longest most powerful cock in the entire world the next biggest would only be about half his length the building is owned by Mr Supercock ,multie zillinare porn king ,king of the cock.
They showed some... Continue»
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Scally boy memories part 2,or 3,can't rememb

So yeah,me & me new mate are sat side by side on the sofa just enjoying our ciggies & slurping from our cans.One thing which really sets me off is that smell which only 2 boned up blokes can produce...sweaty,spunky & HOT.His smooth chest is rising sharply from his recent exertions,
" Fuckin' hell mate,that was soddin' ACE,I mean it.If me lass wasn't so effin' little-miss-perfect then she'd eat me shiiter out like wot you just done".
I smile to myself...another arsehole well satisfied,lol.I reach out & wrap me fist round his knob,rubbing me thumb over his slimy,gummy bell-end to scoop us ... Continue»
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Dark corners of a teens girl's life

It's a known fact we reach puberty before our male counterparts, our sexual urges are pretty fucked-up, thanks to a year of unbalanced hormonal activity, and full sex at these ages are varied and experimental, most girls I knew as friends, including myself, applied the old saying, 'Don't knock it until you have tried it'.

Some men confess to wishing to be a woman, so they would let every man fuck them, anywhere, anyhow, and in numbers.

Of course when you look at this you realize they are just horny but are usually on their own and cant find a partner.
For girls it so different, bat an e... Continue»
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Bunkbed in the Alps part 2

... The next morning on the 4th day i woke up thinking about what i heard instantly. Which made me had again. I decided to just go in to the shower first again, so i climbed down from the bunkbed stairs again. Again with a big erection. This time Linda was still sl**ping, her upper body was out of her sl**ping bag and she was wearing a white t-shirt. The fact that she was a sl**p gave me a chance to look at her. And then i saw the contours and color a her nipples through her t shirt. Her brests were a nice b/c cup and her nipples were in beautiful proportion. I took a good glance, taking a men... Continue»
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The Milf the teen and the best friends

Craig lay in the bed unable to sl**p and his 10 inch cock was so hard it almost hurt. He was 32 6'2 170 and pure lean muscle thanks to a very strict work out regime and very good genes. He was a beautiful man who got what he wanted from whom ever he wanted when he wanted it. It was 4am and his restlessness was not from insomnia. He couldn't sl**p because the only thing he could think of was the young teen cunt that was asl**p in the room right above his. He was visiting his friend Josh whom he had known since he was in middle school. Josh was dating a 40 year old milf and it was her 16 year ol... Continue»
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slut wife confesion letter to husband

Billy,you wanted to know what I got up to so here is what happened to me to turn me into a slut wife. two weeks after we started living together my boss asked me to come n a work trip with him to Melbourne . there was a symposium on work related stuff. . you remember driving me to the Airport?. well we arrived in Melbourne and got a hire car to the hotel, my room was next to his with a connecting door inside. we went into our respective rooms, I undressed and climbed into the shower. the water was ni... Continue»
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A True Cuckold Story Part 2

After moving to the new town, Suzie eventually got a part time job at a real estate office working the phones and helping the agents with processing deals.

There was this one agent Suzie would always complain about and make fun of. His name was Tom and Suzie always made fun of him for wearing a bow tie. I thought she was being a bit c***dish and soon the mention of Tom name ceased overnight. Every once in a while I would ask how tom was, or if he was still wearing his stupid bow ties and Suzie would respond with, "I hardly even see him around the office". And that was it.

But what was re... Continue»
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A True Cuckold Story Part 1

My first experience of sharing my wife was without me knowing it.

After 16 years of OK sex with neither of us sharing our deepest fantasies, something was bound to happen.

What I know now is both of us are perverts. For the 1st 16 years of our marriage, we would both be searching porn behind each others backs. I would be hiding porn magazines, fantasizing about all kinds of stuff while jerking off any chance I could. In the shower, car, work bathroom. If I thought I could get away with it, I would. And a lot of my fantasize included my beautiful wife.

I would imaging her being unfaith... Continue»
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White master


My husband and I live in Atlanta Georgia, just one of the thousands of young black professional couples who've migrated to "Hotlanta" in recent years. I'm program director for a local talk radio station. My husband, Tyrell, is an accountant. We own a beautiful three bedroom colonial style home, just outside of Atlanta, where we live with our two c***dren Carl and Camille.

I'm a gorgeous woman and I know it. My face or more specifically my luscious full pouty lips paid my way through college. I was a lip model for a cosmetics company until I graduated. At 34 years old, I sti... Continue»
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Blackmail Has Consequences

My name is Ron. I graduated high school early and had also taken several college courses while still in high school. My s****r April is pissed that her little b*****r is going to enter college as a sophomore, same as she will be. My goal is to finish my bachelor's degree one year before her and start on my masters in business, then work my way up to be the head of the biggest companies I can find.
My part time summer job allowed me to take more courses, no free time but I felt I didn't have time for that. One morning I went in to work only to find that a collision had knocked out the power an... Continue»
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romantic mom and me the raja her son


My mother married my father when she was 20 and father was 30. Although there was big age deference between them initially their married life was quite satisfactory. After marriage within a year I was born. Father was working in good company here in chennai. Father used to leave morning 9:00am and used to return 7:00pm at home. As My mother was housewife she would greet him everyday when he returned from office. We would laugh, chat or play together. We used to go out in the garden, for shopping or for dinner... Continue»
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Thanksgiving eve with my cousin

Megan and her f****y spent the holiday with us. It was
one of the most important and enlightening milestones
of my life, and I will love Megan forever because of
the ineffable joy to which she awakened me that night.

Megan had always been my role model, even though we
only saw one another a couple of times a year - I had
admired and loved her as long as I can remember, partly
because we were both redheads (I hated being "Carrot
Top"), but mostly because she always treated me as
though I were a friend rather than the pesky little
cousin I really was.

They arrived late W... Continue»
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An April Evening – by Outofmind

I’ll tell you about the first time I cheated on my wife. Please read my profile for some context for my views on love and sex. I loved my wife then and, fifteen years later, I love her still. I’ve never wanted to spend my life with anyone else. That doesn’t mean I haven’t taken opportunities or shared moments with other people, though…. On with the story.

I spent some time in the military, just after my wife and I had our first c***d and were married. My first duty station was overseas, and we moved there when my son was just a baby. At the time of this story, we’d been there for abo... Continue»
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