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Crushed Escalation

Sequel to Crushed Developed, Same day of recovery.


I thought I meant what I said about being a nudist around my dad's house but not even lunch came around that I wore my pj's again. For the next following days I been trying to avoid my dad and he seemed not to notice how I been staying in my room a lot on my insecurities near him. I really love my dad but what happened before all of this started gives me the shivers.

My dad touched me. He even rubbed me and I loved it but I don't know why I'm feeling so insecure. So ... Continue»
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My b*****rS BIG COCK

My b*****r and I have always been really close but I was soon to find out JUST how close we would be!
We were both in high school and we both played football, track and a few other sports. He was a couple of years older than me and I had always loved and admired him. One weekend, our parents told us they were going out of town for a week and that he was in charge while they were away. I was younger of course and even though it pissed me off, I understood that I was the younger of the two so I was already kinda use to that.
Our parents left for the airport and my b*****r and I settled in f
... Continue»
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Horny Devil

Horny Devil (Mother son i****t)
by R.wood


Mike Harding was lost, he'd been stuck in the woods now for at least an
hour, it was starting to get dark, the sun slipping down below the tree
line casting long shadows as it descended.

Mike was getting nervous, he looked at his watch, it was a little after
9.00pm his parents would be wondering where he was, especially his over
protective mother, Sarah.

Sarah looked up at the clock she'd just unpacked it from the boxes and put
it on the wall, it had just gone 9.00 pm and still her son Mike hadn't
shown up. Sarah had almo... Continue»
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Fucking my mum for the first time on her b'da

It was my mum's 40th birthday and my dad was at the other side of the country for his work and my s****r was at a school camp so it was just her and I alone. I thought it would be the nice thing to take her out for dinner and letting me pay for it all. We both dressed up nicely and fancy; she was wearing a short black dress with stockings and nice heels on. I didn't want to drink as much because I knew I would have had to drive us home and I wanted her to have fun on her birthday.

After the night out at the restaurant; she was full on d***k but I was glad she was having some fun. While I w... Continue»
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fucked my aunt and made her pregnant

Hi to all. This is madhu from Banglore. I am here to tell you about my sex experience with my aunt named Lakshmi. We are living together in a joint f****y. Her figures are 36-30-36. The incident happened recently when I was 18 years old and she is 35. I was so crazy about her. So I decided to have her.

Once we both went to the swimming pool. Nothing happened there. On our way we went to a nearby park. The park was almost empty. Only 10-15 people were there. But it is a big park. At the end of the park, many trees are there. It is almost like a forest. So I planned to take her there. She als... Continue»
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Cousin Derek is still asl**p, and no one else is stirring yet, so I'm going to bring you up to date.

Last night, I was laying in bed, waiting for Derek to go to sl**p. We had whispered for about an hour after lights-out, after everyone had gone to bed. Finally, I said good-night, turned over in my bed, and pretended to go to sl**p.

The truth was, I was growing increasingly excited, not sl**py. Derek, his s****r, and his parents arrived only yesterday morning. They are spending their week's vacation staying with us. I haven't seen them for over five years, since they moved to Amarillo. Ye... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 13

Desert Heat – Part 13
Friday morning came and Ginger and I slept later than we anticipated. The other three had already left for work. We found a note saying that they let us sl**p and looked forward to seeing us when they got home. Ginger poured some coffee and we grabbed a quick breakfast. I asked Ginger what she wanted to do today since the house was clean, the laundry and yard work done and we did our shopping the day before.
She said that she would like to run out and try to find something special for Jerry, Pepper and Rosemary. I asked what she had in mind and she said she wasn’t... Continue»
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My Friends Niece Nicole 2

A soft shiver swept Nicole body as Bobby looked at her naked breasts. She was surprised that she was enjoying letting him look at her bare boobs.

"Your breasts are so sexy Nicole, even more beautiful than your aunt's. That is why I married her because she too has very small pointed breasts and big nipples. You should be very proud to have such lovely breasts" Bobby told her,his cock already hard again from looking at her.

Nicole couldn't help but notice the big bulge in his pants. He was excited looking at her. "It runs in the f****y my mom's boos are small too."

"I know I have seen h... Continue»
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Hyp-notist Next Door: Chapter Six

Chapter Six.

Jeanette was a little surprised when Mark brought Dr Morgan home as a dinner guest. As soon as Dr Morgan walked in, Jeanette's mind flashed back to the events of that morning, starting with the vicious bitch slap the doctor had given her for daring to kiss her with a mouthful of Mark's cum. Her cheeks flushed with the memory of her pain and humiliation. She visibly stiffened as Dr Morgan approached.

The fact that she was dressed in her usual evening attire didn't help matters. Mark had insisted that she greet him every evening wearing only a pair of nylons, a garter belt an... Continue»
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growing up and moving too many times (again)

After grampa died Dad finished up the iron work he was brought out to do and then he and I went in search of a new place while the workers finished the current job. We moved about 2 hours away and Dad wanted to find a house that would allow him to move while still working at the current job, but he didn't want to be more than half an hour from work. that left few choices. We found a neat barn that was converted to a house with a huge garage on the other end. Dad said we could fix the garage up to use it as a couple of single bed rentals and still have the garage. Dad also promised to start a p... Continue»
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There hadn't been any fights between the b*****rs and s****rs of my fathers f****y but after my grandmother died I hadn't seen anybody from that side of the f****y, grandma apparently was the glue that held everything together. I was 17 at the time and the youngest, Jennifer, wasn't even 2, but my aunt had arranged a f****y reunion after fifteen years and I was actually quite curious about my uncles, aunts and cousins. When I arrived we were separated into two groups, the old and the young, I sat with my cousins, some of them even had partners, I really only knew one cousin, he was the second ... Continue»
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Bubble Gum Club Chapter 4 A

Chapter 4
A slut is born.

***During that night the gum Kimmy had swallowed that day went to work. It pumped out a large amount of female hormones into her new body. It especially sent a lot of it to her breasts. It made her breasts grow and they now filled the cups of her bra. The bra then went to work on pumping in silicone to further the growth. The gum also had large amounts of vitamins and minerals in it. It used these to grow her hair. The worm attached to her brain stem also did more things to change her. ***

My alarm woke me up at five am. I wanted to go back to sl**p, but I knew... Continue»
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First mff threesome. not what I expected

I had dated Ann-Marie years ago. She had been a real cutie. Petite,only just over 5 feet tall,blonde,and with big tits that that were firm and as beautiful as she was.And she loved showing them off.Always wearing low tops.And flashed them quite often. That's why we split up actually.I was sick of being ribbed about it.Sick of my mates telling me they fantasized about her.I reckon most of them wanked off thinking of her.
She wasn't even the best shag I ever got, so I wasn't bothered about dumping her.I thought I would have no problem replacing her with another hottie. I was wrong.
Anyway,that... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands Part 4

Molly woke early the next morning. Her flimsy negligee was bunched around her waist and her legs were still spread wide from the night before. After giving her son a killer blow-job she had been in such a hurry to frig her pussy that she hadn't even removed her garter and stockings. She had merely flung herself on the bed and fingered herself to orgasm before finally falling into a fitful sl**p filled with dreams of Sean.

Stretching her stiff muscles, Molly sat up and pulled the sweaty gown off over her head and tossed it to the floor. She reached up behind her back to unclasp her sexy b... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands Part 1

Molly stood at the bathroom mirror, fixing her makeup, arranging her auburn hair just so. She was a little nervous. Sean was coming home today.

Sean was her 15-year-old son, and she was finally going to bring him home from a long stay in the hospital. As she was putting the final touches to her appearance, her mind recalled the terrible day of the accident. He had been mowing the lawn, a job he'd been performing for the last couple of years since his father had cut out on them. He was adding gas to the still-running mower when it ignited. He'd gotten minor burns to his face, along with m... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands Part 2

"Mom? Mom, wake up."

Molly came awake slowly, blinking her eyes in the bright morning sunshine. She looked up to see Sean standing beside her bed.

"It's time to wake up," he said.

"Mmm, morning, honey," Molly murmured. She yawned and stretched her body languorously. She'd slept wonderfully, after that delicious orgasm... Her eyes popped open as the events of last night came back to her in a flash. She blushed as she remembered stroking her son's cock, bringing him off with her hand, and the things she'd been fantasizing later as she masturbated. Her mind shied away from those... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands Part 3

Molly parked her car in the garage and carried the groceries into the kitchen. She dropped the bags on the table, anxious to check on Sean. Today was the first time since his accident that she had left him on his own.

Over the past several days they had established a certain daily routine. Sean would wake her in the morning and she would "relax" his morning erection by giving him a quick hand job, then she would have her shower and fix breakfast. After lunch she would take Sean to the hospital for treatment of his burned hands, then back home where she would do chores while he took a nap... Continue»
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Mom Taught Me a Lesson, part 1

I was 13 when my dad left. Then it was just Mom and me. That was also about the time I started going through puberty.

After the divorce, Mom was pretty depressed. She started going out to bars with one of her friends, not often but maybe 5 or 6 times a month at first, a little more frequently over the next year or so. Consequently, with her working during the day and going out at night, I had a fair amount of time home alone, doing what boys do when left alone. Uh huh...Masturbating.

One evening, after Mom had gotten dolled up and gone out on the town, I started doing my thing. I l... Continue»
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Mom Taught Me a Lesson, Part 2

Over the next several days I put my newly learned technique to good use, whacking off every opportunity I got. I could almost feel my mom's hand guiding mine. I went back to her underwear drawer many times to ogle her naked pictures as I masturbated. I tried to leave everything just as I had found it so she wouldn't know, but looking back, she had to have known I wouldn't be able to resist. Besides, if she really didn't want me looking at them, she would have found another hiding place, right? But at the time, all I knew was it was forbidden, and all the more exciting for it.

Mom never m... Continue»
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Mom Taught Me a Lesson, Part 3

Mom laid off the booze and did not go out again for the next couple of weeks. I don't know if she felt guilty about bringing that guy home, or jacking me off, or whatever, but she paid a lot of attention to me: cooking my favorites, buying me stuff, etc. Unfortunately for me, however, she also refrained from laying down with me, too. And that's the attention I was craving. I purposely let her catch me masturbating three different times, but each time she apologized and left the room immediately. I needed to get her d***k...

When Mom's girlfriend called one day to invite her out, she ... Continue»
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