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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - Friend With Benefits

This is my second story. Feel free to read the
first one. Don't forget to like & comment at
the end. Thanks, and enjoy!

Reconnecting with old friends is always an interesting experience. People change so much over the years. They grow up, they become more mature. They are almost like new people, but at the same time, the old person you knew is still in there.

After 3 years of seperation, an old friend by the name of Hayden randomly facebook messaged me out of the blue.

I'd known Hayden for ages. He was the boyfriend of an ex co-wor... Continue»
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What is it about a womens bulge

A very attractive women once bumped into me in a very crowed club in Mexico City, I turned to say excuse me. I was speechless at her beauty. She was wearing a short skirt, garters below the skirt and knee high boots. She just stared at me and with out saying a word she bumped me again. I felt something different something firm and it moved it was very intriguing. I kept looking at her and without saying a word I couldn't move, I wanted to say something and I couldn't. She slowly put her arm around my waist and she slowly rub her crotch on my leg. I was frozen standing there looking at this gor... Continue»
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A short story of the past good days.

This is Kimmie with a short story from the days when we
started having full sex. This was at the age of about
1three or 1four. We never thought to write down the exact
date and time.
Tim was asl**p in bed with me after our parents went to sl**p
for the night. He was just wearing a pair of gym shorts and I
was in gym shorts with a half tee shirt on. It came to just
below my breast. When ever I would stretch or reach above my
head the lower part of my boobs an sometimes my nipples would
be in full view. There were times when I would see older
b*****r and even dad looking at me ... Continue»
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Hospital bed

I recall years ago when I was laying on a hospital bed and getting an ultrasound done to see if I had a bl**dclot in my leg. I had not had any sex for awhile and all the nurses were hottttt to look at. As I lay on the bed waiting for the ultrasound tech to arrive, my mind wandered to sex as usual due to all the pretty nurses walking around. Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door and in my doorway was one of the hottest looking gals I'd seen in a long time. She had long brown hair with brown eyes and what apperared to be a perfect set of little titties and then her legs...mmmmm....she was bui... Continue»
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The Saucer of Cream

The Saucer of Cream
If you put a saucer of cream in front of a kitten, then the kitten will surely drink.

As the taxi pulled up out the front of the house, Andrew kissed Thuy good bye,
“Bye sweet heart, I’ll back on Friday night.” It was a Wednesday afternoon, so he would be away just two nights.
“OK, honey.” Thuy kissed him back “Behave yourself – no naughtiness with those Hanoi girls.” she smiled “Don’t forget - I know what they’re like – I know what tricks they get up to.” Thuy had a look of mock consternation.

As usual, Thuy was wearing an oversized, loose cotton singlet an... Continue»
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My aunt

My uncle came home for his 14 days and I limited myself to only using "Jean's" panties. I tried peeping a couple times to see if I could catch them fucking but somebody had moved the curtains. One day while they were out, I "fixed" the curtains again and that night I got to watch as they fucked. I watched my aunt suck my uncle’s cock and then watched her have a couple huge orgasms as he ate her pussy. They started out fucking in missionary then she got on top and rode him then they ended up doggie and that's how they finished. While they were fucking doggie I could see "Jean's" tits swinging a... Continue»
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Terri lay huffing air deeply as she said "thank you", as he walked away to take a shower. It had been nearly 13 years since she had last been fucked. She had been a young, dumb, mother of 2 boys when she was incarcerated. She was supported by her parents with the first c***d, but another accidental pregnancy put her on the streets with her new boyfriend. Shortly after the birth of son 2, conspiracy to robbery placed both sons Barry and Marty, in her parents care. With the years passing, her twin b*****r Ted raised them and maintained contact with her.

After the passing of Terri's last b... Continue»
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My Teacher

I sat there transfixed on the sight before me. Mrs. Farr was leaning over talking to me and I could see right down her shirt, those large melons calling for me. I could see her nipples! This was not the first time for this to happen as she wore loose fitting tops all the time.
Mrs. Farr is no super model sorry to say. But for a eighteen year old k** that has always struck out with the ladies this is just as good. Mrs. Farr is average height, curly brown hair with some gray. Big warm brown eyes. Freckles, on her face and chest. A small pot belly and maybe her ass was nice when she was yo... Continue»
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Torrid Young Policewoman's confession

We were put on short standby, as trouble brewed down-town. Fellow officers were out and reports were coming in that numbers were increasing, and our radios were alive as fights broke out, with colleagues calling in for reinf***ements.

I was a rookie just into my twenties, more a pin-up girl than a butch fighting feminine policewoman, in fact I was caught up between the sexes, with as many of my female friends as desperate for my attention, as male colleagues, during our patrols.

The high testosterone and oestrogen levels attributed to the nature of the job, then there was the power surge... Continue»
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Mac was a married man and his wife was knocked up with their sixth c***d. He loved sex and his wife loved having babies. Her mother had given birth to eighteen k**s and her grandma twenty two. She married Mac as he could afford her all these babies. Mac also loved to fuck. When he was not fucking his wife he was sticking his dick in young Sue. He first saw her when she was walking down a back road and she had on a tight knit shirt hugging a nice full set of tits and short shorts that showed an inch of her ass cheeks. He pulled over and asked her if she wanted a ride with big daddy and she smil... Continue»
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First anal with a college freshman

This is a true account of the first time I had anal sex with anyone. For starters I am 6 foot, male, athletic (six pack etc.) and am pretty lucky size wise (7 inches and thick). I am still finishing college, and this took place my freshman year. While I was at school I regularly had sex with a girl who I will call Jess.

At maybe 4 am one Saturday morning I got a knock on my suites door, I had just gotten back from going out and was not tired yet. Opening the door, I found Jess waiting in what were obviously clothes she had been out in that night. I remember a black pencil skirt and heels we... Continue»
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When daddy caught me watching

It was a typical weekend occurrence whilst growing up. Mum and dad would go out and I would be left at home with just the babysitter for company. One night as I lay in bed, I wondered what time mummy and daddy would return. I soon fell asl**p only to be woken in the early hours of the morning as was often the case. Mummy and daddy had arrived back home clearly d***k and still in high spirits from their night out on the town. The babysitter had left and as mummy and daddy finally quietened down I was able to get back to sl**p.

Sometime later I had woken again. I tossed and turned whils... Continue»
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Peter Plucks #2: Panda's Peach-2

Panda is as pretty, petite, sexy, submissive as tasty and tight, this red-hot real redhead teen
Panda is as stubborn as well, so she solicits of Professor Peter Poet procedures for enslaving

Panda is still a virgin and almost inexperienced yet with men, mutual arousal or sexy excitement
Panda is still playing the innocent girl, knowing well that her lovely looks are a turn-on to men

Panda is offered a choice for her initiation: soft sweet and seductive or be brutally banged
Panda is obnoxious as she lets me wait too long for an answer which never comes, so I decide

Panda is to
... Continue»
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The i****trious house of lannisters( GOT)

This is not my story. I found this on the internet.Thought u guys might like it

For generations the Stark’s f****y motto had stood as a constant reminder to the rest of the kingdom that somewhere beyond the edge of those warm long summers waited the bitter sting of winter. Fitting then that they kept themselves in Winterfell the coldest place this side of the wall.

As the keep's farmers and smiths kept up their work, seemingly oblivious to the cold, a cloaked figure moved unnoticed by the townspeople and moved discretely but shivering through the marketplace. The figure, unlike those sur... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 9

Things were back to normal in the morning.

By the time Caroline woke up, Jonathon was already dressing to go to
the office--and to the charms of his secretary--and Caroline did not
get a morning fuck or suck. As always, she was randy and feeling
frustrated. She stayed in bed after Jonathon left, but although she
rubbed her cunt for awhile, she couldn't really concentrate on the job.
She kept thinking about the elk hound.

After awhile she got up and dressed.

Screwing up her nerve, she went to call on Helen Ramsey.

The redhead did not seem particularly surprised by the unex... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 8

Darleen had been embarrassed about fucking a dog at first, and had
admitted it only reluctantly, and only then because Caroline was
denying her a suck until she confessed.

But once Darleen had revealed the truth, she seemed to want to talk
about it. And it had made Caroline horny as well, she realized. Far
from thinking that Darleen had behaved shamefully or disgustingly,
Caroline had been inspired to give her some great tongue and had
gobbled up plenty of second-hand dog cum, too.

After she got her rocks off on Caroline's nimble tongue, Darleen
stretched out along the couc... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 7

It's really silly of me to feel this way, Caroline told herself. After
all, it's not as if I was in love with Darleen. What we do together is
just physical, just, fooling around. Why should I care if she's fooling
around with some other woman? It isn't as if my husband were having an
affair with that redheaded bitch. Well, maybe my pride is hurt, a
little. I thought that Darleen loved doing it with me--not loved me,
just loved doing it, there's a difference there. But maybe she likes to
do it with Helen Ramsey more than with me. I wonder what Helen does to
her that I don't? I d... Continue»
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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - The Intro

First story I've ever written... be nice ;)

After a year of being with my partner, things had come to an all time boring low.
The sex was still ok, but I worked long night hours and he was always doing morning
shifts as a baker. We were in that ever-obvious couples rutt. He was 25, I was 22.

One night, after sucking on his 7 inch uncut cock for a mere 3 minutes before he blasted
a load of cum down my throat and declared he was ready for bed, I'd decided I had had
enough. I was comfortable in this relationship, but I couldn't keep up this... Continue»
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Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL st10

About a week had passed by and it had come to a nearly ‘routinely’ meeting in the morning, after school, at afternoon and in the early evening. Not every day with the full program, but almost every day.

On her way to school the ‘invitations’ had changed. The boys didn’t have to pass Irene up on the road, as she voluntarily left the street to meet her cavaliers. The boys had (partly) learned to hold back their cum for some longer time and so give Irene more pleasure. And she had a bit in love with them. It wasn’t really what one would call romantic, as the boys left her laying in the grass a... Continue»
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Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL st7

Next morning when Irene woke up, there was something wet below her ass. If ever a teen could have a heart attack, she was close to it: a large wet spot on the bed sheet. Partly her own cunt juices, as she had a lot of wet dreams (scnr: in it’s true meaning here – ed) and partly some remaining sperm that she had missed when cleaning up.

Luckily her ma wasn’t around and she managed to fix that without being caught. In school the same daydreaming as the days before. Her panties were getting wet and from the experience the day before she took countermeasures, cleaned and dried her pants in the ... Continue»
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