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A little ROOM SERVICE for the wife.

It was a Saturday night and our oldest had to baby-sit for Kenny and Sherry. The middle c***d was away at his friends house. We got a babysitter for the baby, and headed out for a night at wishes night club, for a little fun and relaxation.

We got the sitter to come over about 4pm and told them we would be back the next day about noon. I knew what that meant, we were going to drink and have some fun away from the house. You got dressed in a very sexy outfit and me in some very nice clothes also. We got in the car a started out on our night of adventure.

A few days before Saturday, we dec... Continue»
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The Live-In

Having three k**s in this day and age takes a toll on people. With all the running around that is to be done on a daily basis, here for the oldest, there for the middle one and off to the store to get stuff for the baby. Whew, calgone take us away. Don't get us wrong we LOVE our k**s and would not trade them for anything. If your a parent, you know what I am talking about.

We have always wanted the best for our c***dern, who would not? But we feel as if sometimes we are not able to give them everything, because there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done without a some h... Continue»
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The First Time

**** the names have been changed to protect the NOT so innocent

Kay and I had been married for twelve great years. Kay was 22 and I was 23 when we got married and neither of us had had very much experience with sex before we were married. The first few years of our marriage was spent Learning together about sex and what turns each other on. But as the years past it seemed like we had tried and done almost everything that two people could do sexually. Although even after twelve years our sex life was good but starting to slow down, we needed something to spark a new fire.

One day I ran ... Continue»
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Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story Part 3

Beep beep beep...

Bree woke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping its god awful sound from across the room. It read 7:05. She had actually woke up right at the start. I guess an earth shattering orgasm is just the ticket for a good night's sl**p she thought. She walked across the room and although her mood was surprisingly bright she still slammed her fist down on the hated alarm clock.

She then heard a soft knock at her door. Bree threw on a robe and went over to open it. Trina stood there all made up and ready for school. She couldn't help but notice the way Trina's eyes explored th... Continue»
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Claire and the rest on tvs Modern ______

Claire came into the bedroom drying off from her shower. She looked at her reflection in the floor length mirror. Except for having bigger boobs like her daughter or her step mom she thought she looked damn good for her age. Tall and slender with a well toned body,thanks to every day at the gym. Her long light brown hair with golden high lights hung down to her shoulders outlining the beauty of her beautiful face. Her stomach was flat and tight,her long legs well shaped and tanned.She had a nice tan all over except where her tiny bikini covered her creamy white skin. Her small,tight ass was he... Continue»
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Mum raised a late f****y,that is she was about fifty at the time of our puberty. Of course back then sexual talk was a taboo as was much else not talked about. c***dren should be seen but not heard was what would now be classed as the benchmark. Who cares it didn't stop anything,in fact it was just more exciting.

So a point or two on those way off times. Schools were not co-ed. This meant males of any age were people of mystery to girls,to be spied on and explored when and if possible. Sexually that is! This innocence also applied equally to boys/men. There was a regimented system in sc... Continue»
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I could still feel the sensation of my uncle's finger inside my knicker's and was wishing mum had gone much longer so that finger could have played somemore. I lay awake later wondering if my uncle would do as he said or may decide it was all to dangerous if mum caught us.

I needn't have worried though as mum said a couple of days later. "Your uncle's coming to stay awhile while he has a new roof put on his place. It'll only be for a couple of days so well manage somehow. We did but here's the bit that mattered. It was suggested that we all went to the coast,but uncle said he'd rather no... Continue»
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As I suggested we go upstairs a part of my mind said 'Stop now Sheila,you're out of your cage' but the lust part said, 'Go on,think how they will feel,those two hardon's you seen the other night' Goody Sheila lost to Lusty Sheila,so as I hastily scrambled up the stairs,I found I had my hands on the higher step to help steady my slightly inebriated body in my haste. This in turn allowed my sons who were still grasping and groping at my ass to see farther up my legs in their attempts to pull my knickers down.

By the time I'd nearly reached the landing,they'd managed to get them halfway down ... Continue»
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Either or both.

Looking back I suppose I was the meat in my parents sandwich and I loved every second of it.


Rural areas excepted the sexual factors of a****ls as a part of country life. From a very early age we all knew coupling was how life happened. Not much has changed,even today. That is for real country folk.

This happening however was back a while. Me,well just a boy at the time. Mother and father? hitched for life through thick and thin times. All in all,we enjoyed life and all it gave us. Mum? Well she was a... Continue»
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We're just a mundane sort of household. Me and my old man, - not old really,we're in our late 30s - Two teenage sons that plague my life out when the old man's not about and an older daughter away from home. Our sexual life is just great for both of us we reckon. Me? well,I'm fatter than I would like, - comfortably padded,my old man calls it and the boys see it as cuddly mum. My tits don't stand out like when I was in my teens, - Well what wives/mothers would! having had three k**s and a husband hanging from them for twenty years! - but they still draw eyes especially when my nips are sti... Continue»
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Pt.2 Before continuing the MILF story,I intend to digress a bit for content at this stage.

My old man had weedled this from me over a period of time. Surprisingly he found it a buss.


As at the first story,where I refered to our son as, - "Older one" - who is in fact,Vernon (big 'un) born 1-1/2hrs before John (litlun) Twins? well sort of!

The digression:-

I'm no angel,so going back to their conception,this is as it was. For about a month at that time,I'd been having a fling, - as they now call it, - with my old man's mate. Pure lust,you... Continue»
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Naughty bored middle aged mum.

Its just that I have flirted ever since I grew my breasts and became aware of my bodies effect it had on men. Well boys first!

But this was rather different now! At middle age and with a grown up f****y,my boredom took on another dimension. - Husband gone, one son still at home! - Me with needs and a body not wasted physically, but wasted by lack of use if you get what I mean. In one word, I needed 'COCKING'

For awhile now I had noticed my 15yr old had taken to me,not motherly, but clearly sexually! By this I mean, at any opportunity he got, he'd ogle my sexual assets. - so being flirtat... Continue»
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Hi,this bright sunny day became unbelievably different than my normal garden pottering. Me,I'm a widow of five years or there about,I found myself solvent with a cottage and pretty garden. I'm content with my life,well that is as much as a woman without a man at forty three can be. You know a woman used to sexual attention on a daily basis... can be after five years of waiting to see what fate has in store.

I'm pretty well stacked,pleasant face features,good tits with nipples I like to stiffen and admire in front of a mirror. Typical middle aged mother hips,round shapely ass cheeks and a ... Continue»
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As the service elevator came to street level, the trainee looked to the man
"Tell me what the fuck is going on!"
As the gate flew up the man remained silent, he looked out of the corner of his eye at the young woman who he had trailed, researched, watched, and then brought into the life that you can never return from. He grabbed her arm and ran to a black bmw sitting next to the sidewalk just around the corner from where her car was parked. As he pressed his key to unlock the door, a screeching sound came from behind them, a black Suv came flying around the corner behind them. They both jump... Continue»
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This continues ~The Sir~ ~The Sir part 2~ ~The Arena~ this story being the 4th part in the series I have written.

As they entered into the narrow hallway the man grabbed the trainee and spun her around to face him. "What is your name?" He asked harshly
"Trainee Susan, Sir, your loyal whore" she said in a mellowtone
The man slapped her firmly but not hard across the face,
"What is your birth name?"
Again she answered in a mellowtone almost flatline tone
"Trainee Susan, Sir, your Loyal whore"
She di... Continue»
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guest cums for a visits

Having the house to ourselves meant we could take our time and explore all of our unrealized fantasies at our leisure this time.
In the past our threesomes with him had been exciting and arousing but sometimes a bit more rushed than we would have liked.
This time promised to be different. And instead of being in a local hotel room, this time we’d be enjoying our tryst in our marital bed.
She spent most of the afternoon prepping herself for him, pedicure, manicure, had her hair done and then took a nice relaxing hot bath.
He called and said he was about thirty minutes away… my heart raced... Continue»
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learning to eat my cream pie

I can’t believe it. Here I am in our car driving home to my husband Steve.
I’d just spent the last two hours at a hotel with Ridge. I had a hard week at school and I needed to unwind and he definitely made sure that I did. He fucked me so well I had two very strong orgasms. Just the kind of unwinding I needed. But that’s not what’s so hard to believe. My husband Steve knows that I fuck him and he’s fine with it. Steve used to want to always be there to watch and join but lately, due to my request, he’s given me the okay to fuck him whenever I choose, with or without him being there. So spend... Continue»
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Yes I was nick-named the picture man. I had this traveling sales job years ago where I set up in department stores and signed up people to come in and have f****y pictures made. It was around 7:30 pm when I seen this Gorgeous woman enter the store, well I seen long dirty blond hair and a body that was built like no other.. and in minutes while talking to other customers she was gone. but on my mind. then 15 minutes later there she was walking my way, she got right next to my display, I taped her arm and as she turned around she looked to be about 60/70 years old by her face! I said you know yo... Continue»
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The fear of lighting- Ligyrophobia

It was only 6 months after my dad died that my changed even more than I thought I could have after the months before. Mum was hit hard by dad's death even though they both knew the risk of his job as a diver on a North Sea oil rig. Dad's dad was also a diver and even by 12 I was well on my way to joining them and had already taken to diving on a few holidays we had been on.

On a Friday night in early winter and we had a massive storm on our doorstep, mum at the best of time was scared of loud noises a condition called Ligyrophobia but with all the stress she had been under it wasn't surpr... Continue»
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black paper boy

It was a cold, rainy, October day as I sat by the
window looking at the rain. It was raining cats and dogs
Then I saw the poor paper boy throwing papers onto porches. My
Thoughts were on my husband, who was serving in the navy, aboard
An aircraft carrier. He had been gone for 5 months and I was
thinking of how much I missed his company, his conversation, his
cock. We had been married for a ten years and my
husband Ed's tour was on another tour of duty for his
country. He worked so hard for Uncle Sam that he didn’t fuck
me enough anymore. I had collected a large amount of sex... Continue»
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