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Holly's Pleasure's and Nightmares

Holly's Pleasures' and Nightmares
By Kitten Holly
sorry the pictures and Gifs do not match the story very well, you will just have to use your imagination. I also apologize for the large pictures, masturbate or resize pictures, you see which i chose.
It's Monday, everyone has left for work or school, I have the day to myself.
I decided that I need to go check out the new Shopping Mall that just open, have heard they have some nice clothing shops in it.
After cleaning up, I'm sitting in from of my makeup mirror, "yes my friends Holly needs makeup and I l... Continue»
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Me, my mom and my friends

Let me start this story by describing about my mom. Her name is Bhavya Reddy, was 36 at the time of this incident. You can say she was in her prime. She had full breasts which fit in tightly into a 38D bra. She had a pretty slim waist for those huge tankers and her ass bulged out so sexily from there, it always jiggles around whenever she walked around. I still wonder if that is natural or deliberate. She always managed to turn heads wherever she went and I don’t only mean the heads on the shoulders. She was pretty fair and my dad always said she had uncanny resemblance to actress Hema Malin... Continue»
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'Bringing up' Evelyn


While growing up my s****r and I were aware that our mother was punished on occasion. She was a fiery red head could be very stubborn at times and always had a drinking problem…she was a bad d***k. We grew up on a small farm.
There were times that spankings were given in our parents’ bedroom but, the hard stuff, paddling and the occasional leathering with a razor strop, was given in the barn. This usually happened when us k**s were in bed and thought to be asl**p. I was usually aware of when she was going to get it and would stay awake to listen to the sounds c... Continue»
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Jessie The Neighbor's Daughter Learns

"Why do boys always like it so much this way?"

I had just turned her over, and her question reminds me she's still very young.

Jessie is a senior in high school, she barely shaves past the knee of her Lacrosse skirt, and I'm hard admiring the downy hair frosted over her upturned and tan-lined bare ass. All I want is to yank her hips backward and shove my cock through her cunt and pound her furiously.

But she's only a few months past her first love, the rule is still gentle affection, trading wet petting and sticky fumblings for 'tenderness' 'respect' and 'love', so I answer:

... Continue»
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Episode 37 - Cuntal Butterflies

'Episode 33 – Second Homes' started ‘Hi my name is Stephanie, I’m quite petite – slim, high breasts, short-cropped blonde hair and deeply tanned all over. I’m nearly 16 now, but with the right make-up and choice of underwear, I can be any age you want. I keep my cunt shaved to within an inch of her life – I hate pubic hair – it always gets stuck in your teeth. I was born Stephanie in this tiny village on the south Cornish coast, but most of my friends call me Steph, except for the boys at school who just grunt ‘Bitch’ when I pull their hard cocks out of my mouth and they ... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's a Filthy Whore

Howdy, people!

My name's Big Benny, I'm 21 and from New York but I'm working here at Television Dubai and there's no fucking way I'd work anywhere else! Why? Because I work directly under that sexy slutلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly and you guys would not believe how horny, depraved and perverted she is! She's a oversexed, kinky. nymphomaniac who loves her extreme, hard and rough sex.

The day I started I was only there for the first hour when I already found out how much of a horny whore she is. I was told by her secretary that she wanted me in her office immediately! As I walked toward ... Continue»
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Cold Night With Mom

My name is Tim and I just recently graduated from high school. I am a typical big farm boy about 6’3” and pushing 200 lbs, varsity football player. I currently live and work on the farm with my very lovely mother Kate. My mother Kate is just wonderful in every way. She is loving, smart, and very, very easy on the eyes. She is 5’7”, blonde, around 130 lbs, with perky DD breasts.
My father is no longer in the picture sadly. He died of a very strange heart condition about 5 years ago.He was throwing hay bales into the back of his truck as I stacked and arranged them. I remember that day vividl... Continue»
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Threesome with my Nephew & his mate

At 19 Calum is my oldest nephew and although my b*****r is not his biological dad, he has brought him up as his own since he met his mum when he was just a k**. With him living some distance away, It had been a couple of years since I last saw him, so at this f****y get together at my b*****rs I was shocked at how much he had changed, mixed race & 6ft 2in he had been seriously hitting the gym and was ripped to fuck. All evening I was having a load of banter with Calum,his girlfriend Lauren & mate Richie, who was 18 yrs old about 6ft & with a shaven head, although he was not as muscular as Calu... Continue»
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Birthday Whore

I would never forget the time I finally got my dick in some ass and pussy for the very first time. My good buddies at a private white boarding school arranged this huge surprise party for my nineteenth birthday party. We all met at a stripclub about five miles from the school-which was totally off-limits to us- and had a whole lot of alcohol, beer, champagne & cheap wines. I was getting pretty tore up when my roommate , Hank, told me it is time to cut the cake. I stood up at the head of the table and looked around for a cake, but I didn't see anything. Then , across the room the doors came fly... Continue»
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Photo shoot, Mum becomes a slut. (Part two).

Part Two.

Click, click, click. “Ok Mum, now look back over your shoulder at me, and lean slightly forward,” Jack called.
I did as my son asked, looking back directly into the lens of his camera. I leant forward, just a little. Click, click, click.
“That’s great, now move your legs further apart, so you knickers are stretched tight between your ankles.”
I did as my son had told me. I was naked, my last remaining item of clothing stretched between my ankles, my legs apart, my cunt visible from behind. Behind where my eighteen year old son photographed me. I knew I shouldn’t be doing thi... Continue»
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MIle High

As I left my house I continued to bitch and moan about how I did not want to
take this trip. It seemed useless to me to be flying back to LAX again to
learn a skill I already knew. No matter how I protested, my boss was not
going to be dissuaded on the idea. I was going to San Marcos whether I liked
it or not.
I packed enough clothes for 4 days although I knew I was only going to be
gone for 2. I liked having options when it comes to my appearance. What if I
decided to go out? What if I met someone? What if diner was in some "Jacket
Required" joint? The last thing I wanted to b... Continue»
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son wants back in moms pussy

I have written an read so many stories of taboo. For years the words and images of Mom being fucked silly by her baby boy have made my seaman boil, My x wife was my mom's mini me for 10 years and it was the next best thing to fucking a younger version of my own Mother. That was until my Father died 5 years ago leaving Moms all alone inside my c***dhood house. The old neighbor hood went to shit and I started spending more time with mom to look out for her. The more time away from the wife the less sex we had. The less sex we had the more time I spent away from her. A year after Dad died I mov... Continue»
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A Young Witch Meets Her Maker

All beautiful young women believe they have a power over men, but just for that reason it is the man who has power over women to whom they will surrender. Men must struggle to win or create or find that power over the women he desires. As a man loses the simple but powerful lures of youth and looks, he must fall back on his wisdom and experience.

My stepdaughter, Sara, was a young woman I had come to desire. I had married her mother, Beth, when Sara was only 11 and her s****r Ashley only 9. Beth was 28, a beauty, and a widow, her husband Peter killed in a traffic accident only five years af... Continue»
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Aaron's New Stepsister

Aaron Sanders was shocked when he heard that his father had remarried. His mother had died when he was young, and it had always just been him and his dad. When he was going to college at Pitt, his father told him during his senior year that he was dating a woman, but getting married only three months into their relationship was a huge shock. Heather was a woman who had been divorced a long time and he guessed they just fell into a mindset of hurrying up because they were both in their forties. Aaron just hoped that his dad had set up a great prenuptial agreement because he felt like this was r... Continue»
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Hi to all and this is is Preethi from Bangalore narrating an real
horny incident which changed my life completely. My dad died
when I was 10. So my mom went to work for our living as she
could not care me well, I was sent to a hostel type school which is
very far from my house. I usually come once in 5 or 6 months only
to my house to spend few days with my mother.
My mother Viji is so affectionate towards me and very free and
open to me. We are from a very conservative f****y and so my
mom couldn’t go with any other guy or marry any other man.
During my school days I was very young su... Continue»
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Mom Get Punished Because Of My Fault

Hi readers am Vivek.This is my first story and i dont know how it
will be.This is not a real story,just my fantasy.
My mom-Molly.She is hot and sexy.She always wear her saree
below her navel and in fact she is little bit of a exhibitionist.I heard
many guys saying sexy about to my fantasy.
I was doing that day I was driving my car to my home
and it was already 7pm and it was raining.But unfortunately tyre
got punctured.I tried for help in that heavy rain,but no one stop
their vehicles.Then i saw a vehicle coming and i gave signal
requesting them to stop,but they didn... Continue»
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Hidden aunt sex

Hi, I don’t want to waste any time like others by describing my
prick size and muscularity and well I am only an average man. So
here is the event or its still happening. It was holidays again I was
all alone at home. Guys you know how it’s like to be alone at a
home. So here is what I usually do surf internet so to say watch
porn. I was left ‘high’ after watching this kind of stuff.
Now something to say about my room and my room was upstairs.
I keep my computer near windows for obvious reason through this
window I could see next house backside but nobody was living
their. They were a... Continue»
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Caught by my son's wife pt 3

A new twist that I think EVERYONE who has read to this point will enjoy!!!


Tamara opened her eyes and glared up at the dark gray heavy cloud that was stealing the warm sunshine from kissing her nearly naked flesh. Aside from the small triangle of cloth covering the bare naked slit of her pussy, almost none of her brown flesh had not been kissed by the sun these days. Now that she owned the f****y jewels of both men in the house, she just ignored Barb ... Continue»
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My cousin gets pregnant

Read the story I wrote about my first time, which is true if there was doubt, to get a background on my cousin.

Since then she has had a baby, and this is that story.

We continued to explore all the things we could do with our "parts" together, and it didn't take us too long to realize that I fit inside of her. Neither of us had hit puberty yet so we would fuck whenever we had the chance, and sometimes when we didn't. She never let me fuck her ass though, although looking back she wish she had since I hadn't developed and was much smaller than now obviously. Growing up with an older s***... Continue»
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S.I.L Travel Trip

I was between business trips and had a long weekend to kill and instead of going all the way home I figured I would visit my b*****r and s****r in law for the long weekend. I arrived on Thursday night late s****r in law Debbie was sitting out on the porch waiting for me husband was fast asl**p had to work in the morning. When I pulled in driveway she came out and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips that she held for a couple extra seconds and then let go. She was so excited to see someone from the f****y except her mom who lived a couple towns away. We sat on the porch and talked for abou... Continue»
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