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It was one of those awkward moments when time stood still.

Coming in from school, Tony had heard a noise as he passed his mother’s bedroom and looked in.

Lyn lay on the bed wearing only a man between her long, shapely legs. As Tony took in the scene the man looked up.

“Oh, Fuck!” the boy said an turned and left. He heard the struggle as he stormed into his own room and slammed the door. He threw himself on the bed and lay there, thoughts racing in his mind.

It was a soft knock on the door a few moments later and it opened. Lyn, now wearing a silk kimono, ca... Continue»
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Sara had come in late from her date. She quietly went to her room and when she opened the door her dad was there waiting for her. He yelled at her "You are late. Have you been fucking that boy again? You have turned into quite a whore haven't you? Take off your clothes and be fast. I am going to punish you like a whore again." As Sara took off her clothes and stood before her dad she knew she was in big trouble. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He shoved a finger into her cunt and said to her "Yes, your cunt is wet. Do you like a cock in that hole? Do you like to be fucked? Well, now ... Continue»
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Nothing is Ever a coincidence part.1

Nothing is a coincidence, sometimes u run into people for a reason. Sometimes we know that reason and sometimes we don't. In my case I choose it. I preferred to live this life of sin than be without him. The way he pulled me into his arms, to have his lips on my lips a tender one kiss that reminded me of how my father used to kiss my forehead before going to sl**p. That kiss that instantly makes u forget how much your hurting on the inside. His hand trails to the back of my back. His touch soft like a c***d's blanket. In him I have found a companion, he knows me like the back of his hand. It s... Continue»
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Adventures in Taboo 1

it started out one weird day at my fathers house.. He has to go do some work for a lady friend of his so I was at his house all by my self.. I very young but I was responsible for a k** my age so he felt the house was safe.. When he left I wasted no time getting his porno mags out and looking though them.. The ones he had were a LOT more interesting then the Playboy's my friends dad had..

As I was looking at them I heard a knocking at the door.. I went down stairs and saw my dad's friend Kate.. She was 5'5 Blond hair and black eye brows ( I was too stupid back then to realize she bleached ... Continue»
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Bitch in Heat

Bitch in Heat

Sara saw the man walking the dog as she was walking home from visiting friends. As they approached from the cross-street, Sara noticed that the man was fairly ordinary, middle-aged, average height, medium build. The dog on the other hand was anything but ordinary. A beautiful rotweiler, obviously male, large for the breed, straining at its leash. Sara couldn't take her eyes off it as the moved toward the intersection.

They reached the intersection at the same time, and man and dog turned to follow the same street Sara was on, both having to wait for a stop light. The r... Continue»
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stuck in the Vets office

When I was 14 I had one of the worst days of my life.

I came home from school and found out my dog Queen had been hit by a car. My mom told me she was at the Vet and probably would not make it through the night. My mom was heading to her night job, so I raced my bike down to say good-bye to a dog I had had since I was a little girl.

I got the vet’s office and the assistant walked me back to the kennel area. She apologized for where they were keeping her, but that Queen was a big dog and they felt the kennel area was the best. I walked through this heavy steel door into a huge concrete r... Continue»
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Daughter's Friend, Parts 3 -5

Kelly did spend the weekend, and it was pretty interesting. One of these days maybe I'll feel like putting down all of the things that went on, but at the time it was pretty much a blur. I hustled Kelly back home on Sunday night so I could get ready for the coming week, with Mary and Tamara back, and with having to face Diana at work.

The Diana issue turned out to be a problem. She wasn't doing anything unusual. In fact, everything seemed to be exactly the way it should be. We talked about our problem spouses at lunch, worked together on things when it was necessary, and that was it.... Continue»
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Daughter's Friend, Parts 1 and 2

“Dad, hurry up, we're going to be late.” I could hear Tamara from the other end of the apartment. I really didn't feel like being in any hurry to get ready and go. We were headed for one of those “Have your friends over, get them to buy cheap shit and get free cheap shit for yourself” parties. I wasn't even sure what it was that was being sold at this one. The hostess' daughter, Kelly, was a friend of Tamara's, and Kelly had asked Tamara to go. With the perversity of youth, Tamara had insisted that her mother and I go, too.

I walked into the living room, where Mary and Tamara were wai... Continue»
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I was relaxing after work, it had been a busy day. The doorbell rang, and I duscovered a UPS deliveryman at my door. He handed me a package, I signed for it, and took it inside. Opening it, I discovered a DVD, and a note. The note said,


I have a DVD that I think you would like to see. Think of it as a trip down memory lane. I'll be in touch later.

Hmm, cryptic and interesting. I quickly slid the DVD into the player, and sat down in front of the TV. I groaned inwardly as the images filled the screen. A decade ago, as a college freshman, I had the idea of particip... Continue»
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Auntie Babs farm part 2

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh yes fuck me!"

Barbara felt his hard, stiff cock against her, then the jarring thrust as Richard rammed it home, in one big thrust. She growled as eight inches of pussy filling pleasure split her open again. They'd been fucking for what seemed like hours, his cock stretching her, filling her to the max over and over. Her pussy would probably be sore all the next day, but she didn't give a damn. She wrapped her legs around Richard's waist, and urged him on.

"Make me cum" she whispered huskily.

Richard growled in response, and started to really ram h... Continue»
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Auntie Babs farm

Barbara Lindenwood stood at the kitchen sink, washing the lunch dishes. Her 17 year old nephew Richard, and her 15 year old niece Abigail, could sure pack away the food. She smiled, she didn't mind, having them on the ranch for the summer was a huge help. Richard was young and strong, and had no trouble handling the chores that needed some muscle and brawn, while Allison had taken to the less strenuous chores, like collecting the eggs, milking the cows, cleaning out the stalls with a zeal that made her look like she'd been doing this all her life.

Only 1 PM, and the mercury was up to 8... Continue»
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like daughter like mother

Sex was good—no sex was great. Almost every week for our three years of marriage, we made love 5-6 times a week. Even during “that special week”, she would make sure I was completely satisfied by first, oral sex and an occasional phone sex session while I was at the office, then we worked in anal sex and lets just say, she kept me very satisfied. That was, until about 2 months ago.
My wife got pregnant and during the first two trimesters, her sex drive actually increased. Weird as shit, but she became a sex maniac—sometimes wanting it twice a day. Then, just like flipping a switch, i... Continue»
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Learning From Emilie 2

-- Learning From Emilie - The Second Time --

I stopped by my father's home on my way to a job interview. I'd just begun a very messy divorce and had decided to relocate completely to another city. I'd called to tell my father and my stepmother Emilie about the whole messy situation, and they were both concerned at how it had upset me, and they both insisted that I stay over with them during my trip. Emilie was particularly upset and sympathetic: she knew how much I'd wanted the marriage and how hard I had been trying to make it work, and she knew how disappointed I was that it failed .. ... Continue»
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Me and John's Nan

9 years after we 1st fucked, June and I got together again. It was a few days before I was due to get married and I was at home and te door nell rang I opened the door and June was standing there looking so sexy as it was raining and her hair was wet (I've got a thing forwomen with wet hair). I let June in and siad to her to go to the bathroom and dry herself off and I'd do us a drink. I went off to the ktchen and June went upstairs to the bathroom. June had only been upstairs for 5 minutes when she shouted down to me to come upstairs, I went to the bathroom knocked on the door, "It's open" Ju... Continue»
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Raving and ranting in a hypothetical cousin fuckin

Oh my goodness, i left the house earlier and when I returned I realized I had the computer screen still open on the page where I was with so much guilty pleasure speaking so highly of what I call divine pussy...divine twat, perfect lil sluts...
What I mean is theres a big possibility that my b*****r or even mother and father may have peaked a look see at my notes as i was off getting some party to play with my cousins sooner than later... at least ill play with them in my mind...
Sometimes thats so much more than what I need.. Well its the only thing I can have essentially, lets not k** o... Continue»
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My son spiked my wine

He had d**gged her lightly with a mild sedative added
to her cup of tea that night, so he had to be careful
not to wake her. This was a bold plan for a boy so
young, but his hormones were a raging torrent in his
healthy powerful young body. They had overcome his will
and conscience and he just had to have her. He had
oiled the hinges on her bedroom door during the day, so
it opened without a sound as he gently turned the
handle and entered her room.

The full moon shone strongly through the transparent
curtains bathing her bedroom in a soft light that gave
him a clear vi... Continue»
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The Sex

Lin was a very high class paid e****t. Her clients were rich professional men. They got from her what they could not get at home. Lin learned from an early age that sex could get her a lot of things. Especially sex when secrets were involved. Her own father used her from a very early age and her mom pretended not to notice as her mom had already birthed several k**s and hated sex. He started coming to her room at night and licking and sucking her pussy. In order to get her to let him he would promise to buy her something she wanted. Then in about a year he began fucking her at night and someti... Continue»
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Unwillingly Seduced, Part Five

*(If you have NOT read any of the previous parts, may I please ask you to dos before reading further, thanks!)*

I placed the cell down.

I quickly reached into my panty drawer and came out with a pair of black lace panties (I have a lot of those) and slipped them on. I threw on my red, silk robe and tightened the belt. I ran my hand through my hair quickly. I picked up the cell and walked out to the living room of my little apartment.

I glanced down the hallway where I had just bound and gagged myself for some online fun. I was still aching a little from the orgasm I gave myself.... Continue»
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Dear Grandpa, it’s been a week since I have last seen you, and I can’t tell you how much I miss you. Our long walks in the woods, and talking about our wonderful loving f****y.
But more then missing see your handsome face each day, I miss waking up in your arms every morning after a night of wonderful love making.

I now know why mom send me to you, she wanted me to have the same kind of love that you give her, when she was my age. A man that would show me how to love. I will always hold the time that we spent together close to my heart. The first time that we came together will always be ... Continue»
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My Husband Knows I Am a Lesbian and He Doesn'

My Husband Knows I Am a Lesbian and He Doesn’t Care
Hi I am Gretchen, I am 35 year old, 5’5” inches tall with a very muscular body, short hair, with very small breasts. My face has a boyish look to it and frequently I am mistaken for a young man. My husband Ken married me knowing full well I was a lesbian and planned to stay that way even if we got married.

But the problem is that Ken really loves me, probably because I love sex either with a man or a women. All my male lovers have told me I have a very small pussy and the tightest pussy they ever had. As a matter of fact I know my pussy’... Continue»
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