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Fucking My Sister.

I was 14 and my s****r was 13. We were the only k**s. And our f****y was pretty close. My s****r and I shared a room because my parents could only afford to purchase a 2 bedroom condo. My s****r and I sl**p on a bunk bed I was on the bottom and she was on top. When we had to shower or changed we would do it in front of each other like it was nothing. Im 5 '6 skinny and in shape and I had a dick of 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. My s****r was 5 feet tall and chubby. She had very big tits and a very fat pussy and a big ass. And had a hair pussy. One day I came home before my parents and s****... Continue»
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Sexperience With A Swinging Couple *TRUE STORY*

It was not my first time having fun with a couple but i was excited as hell!

I met L. on a swinger dating site.. There were a few soft-core pics of him cuddling with a young, attractive but chubby blonde woman on his profile page. He's in his mid-20s' with dark complexion. He showed me some intimate photos of him with the same chubby blonde gal performing fellatio on a circumcised, 7 inch delicious thick metal pole (which's supposed to be his cock) after a few conversations..He told me that he and his partner had both sexual encounters with men and women respectively, but never with a T
... Continue»
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blackmailed by my girlfriends daughter part 2

Mel looked me in the eye and begged, "Fuck me with that big cock, fuck me hard."
I stood at the side of the bed and without instruction, Mel grab her ankles pulling her legs wide apart, presenting her teen pussy for my throbbing cock.
I eased the tip of my dick inside her dripping pussy, and slowly began to feed my cock inside her. Mel gasped her eyes and mouth wide open. "O my god, its so thick." she said.
I roughly grabbed her hips and with the first few thrusts i f***e more of my cock inside her, she was moaning loadly with every thrust.
"No more, its to big, please." she begged.
"You ... Continue»
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Thai guy preying on white girls and got mine

This was posted in Facebook and seems a fair warning to put in here:

Having spent many years on the larger islands in thailand and observed the ways of the thai beach boys from a cultural and habitual perspective, i feel it might be helpful to put out some advice for those new girls to thailand who find themselves interested in a thai beach boy, as i am so tired and depressed at seeing these young, beautiful, naive girls come to thailand with no knowledge of the cult... Continue»
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Best Friend ? part 6

As we drove off sam asked me if i had any idea about what was happening ? i said i didnt, well let me explain i have now taken you and linda over, she loves my big cock and enjoys the way i treat her rough, as such i intend to keep her as my own fuck toy, you are now a plaything i know all about you going to the toilets etc and as you give a good blow job i will be useing you for that, but i will be sharing you with some of my special friends, i have shown people your photos and you are popular ! but wait till they see ones of you dressed as you are now,today we are going to peter and annes ho... Continue»
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Just A Little More

The old man came home d***k again. Michael could hear him clumsily closing the front door and dropping his keys on the floor. The he trudged up the stairs and down the hall. He could hear him mouth breathing as an out-of-shape old bastard does. He was probably sweating, too, as usual.

Michael knew what was next. He leaned his ear on the wall in the place he knew he'd hear the best. The old man stepped into the bedroom and Michael heard the bed squeal in pain from the mound of d***ken flesh that dropped its weight on it. Michael pressed his ear against the wall more as he made out their voic... Continue»
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chennai aunt`s affair with me

This is a story of me in capacity of a gigolo had deflowered a longing aunty’s ass. I have a strict clientele with mainly mail id as contact point and only act on references. I am quite happy with my small clientele, when one of my clients referred this lady and said she would mail me. After a couple of days I received a mail from say lets call her Shiela and she told about the reference and said she wanted to be fucked in the ass.

As my policy is no personal questions I did not ask her about her situation, she said she was 35 and wanted to explore her sexual desires. We exchanged pics and ... Continue»
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My girlfriend had paid sex with a thai boy

Unlike the category story might suggest, this is a real experience I went through:

Sometimes ago I went public with a rather unusual and humiliating experience in Thailand in regard to female sex tourism. During our Thailand holidays my farang girlfriend actively looked for thai guys and was finally bedded by a young thai lover.
I initially intended to find out, to how many other farang males something similar happened, either if their girlfriends went alone to T... Continue»
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Trained up by my S1s7er Pam

A little appreciation goes a damn far way with me. 
It takes me a couple hours to crank out a good story.
I don’t charge big bucks, only ask, if you enjoy it, to let me know and give me a thumbs up!!
Thanks for reading, and I hope you cum again!!!
When I was a freshman in high school, Mom took a job that had her leaving the house as I got up and Dad was not home until after my s****r and I were gone to school.  Basically, we had the house to ourselves for two hours.
Pam was a popular cheerleader, thin, with beautiful green eyes and legs that I tried to look at every chance I got.  H... Continue»
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Danielle in the shower

My daughters friend Danielle had just been accepted into a new college and my daughter was upset, as it was in a different city to the one we lived in. "Why can't you just go to my college" my daughter whined, "im going to miss you so much!"
"I'm sorry" sobbed Danielle. "I can't change now its too late"
After some more tears and sniffling, the girls finally settled down. My daughter, April, and my wife decided to go get some dinner for us and Danielle, as she was staying at our house for the weekend, while Danielle opted to have a shower and do her hair while they were gone.

I sat in my a... Continue»
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Virgin used by the nurse pt3

As i walked to my first class I was trying not to think about mum and the nurse discussing the history on the laptop, Mum thinks i'm some sort of perv, but then again maybe it would put an end to having my cock in a cage,I entered English class and sat down, my bum still slippy and slightly sore, like a reminder of what happened, like i was still being spanked an entered.
I was paying no attention to what the teacher was saying, instead my mind was wondering , its funny how a boy cant think straight when he needs to cum so badly. You notice girls in a different way. It was like everyone in cl... Continue»
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Bar Blow Job Bet

Please leave your comments.  The bar is closed now, but was up in Toledo going out toward Maummee Bay….  Hope you like it as much as I did…  Maybe you met these girls as well.
It had been your stereo-typical, bad day and so instead of going straight back to my empty apartment, I stopped at a bar in a shopping strip, to get a burger and beer. I had been there a couple times and it had decent fried foods, but staying around to get d***k there would take the little money my ex-wife had left in my pocket.
I walked in, sat down a table and pulled out my phone to check my em... Continue»
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blackmailed by my girlfriends daughter part 1

This story took place a few years ago when i was 34. At that time i was single guy quite happy playing the field. I'm an ex rugby player standing around 6"4 and very stocky muscular build and i've never been shy or short on female attention,but one thing really does make me stand out and thats the size of my dick i'm a very big guy and because of what rugby lads are like my "size" is very well advertised!
Anyway at the time in question i was seeing a lady called Sharon, she was older than me (39) but very attractive and quite well off. She got divorced about a year before and came out of it w... Continue»
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My Neighbours surprise part 2

So, I was feeling very very sexy. I had my large butt plug in my GurlPussy and was dressed up to the nines. I felt amazing. I was mincing around my house, walking up and down the stairs and all throughout the house just so I could feel my clothes against my skin. I don't know how many times I walked into my bedroom just so I could look at myself in my full length mirror, I looked liked like a right little slut with my heavy make up and tight clothing, I definitely felt like a right slut.
My wine was going down real easy too and I had just finished my third large glass so I went to pour myself... Continue»
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Humiliation on a long weekend - the follow up

A few weeks after our weekend away with my dad, we were getting close to our final exams. Every time we met up, the conversation was mainly about, the holiday, and all the girls kept commenting on how erotic the night had been, most of them admitting the thoughts of what had happened would regularly lead to serious masturbating and many an orgasm.
It was Jen’s birthday, she turned eighteen and as she was at some running event I decided to send her a text;
“Hi Jen – hap b-day”
“Just came 3 in the final” came back a quick response
“You on way home – smiley face – drop into me”
“Ok any news ... Continue»
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Mom's wish!

I am Kamal, 28 yrs old, based in Madras. I was gifted with a cock that is almost 8" long and a little over 2" thick.

My mom and dad had divorced, when I was younger. Dad was 10 years older than mom and was a driver. So with dad left mom & I were on our own. Mom was only 19 years older than me. She got pregnant with me, on her 18th birthday. She said that was dad's gift to her that day.

When I was 18, my mom caught me masturbating, in the garage, while looking at an old playboy magazine, that my dad had left out there, before he left. After I shot my cum, mom startled me by saying, "Well,... Continue»
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My mum's holiday part 7

(Day 5 continued)

I had intended going straight back to our room, but mum objected. I'm parched, she declared, I need a drink. You'll have to make it a quick one if you still want to go on the pub crawl this evening. Of course I do, she confirmed, so we headed for the bar, where she made swift work of a large beer. We went back to our room and freshened up with a nice long shower together. There's no nicer feeling than mum's big soapy boobs and belly squishing against me. In no time at all I was rampant and slipped my cock inside her. Mum hugged herself to me so tightly I thought she... Continue»
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chennai mother and son part1

This is an incident of July 2001. I had just returned from my college and holidays were going on. I was 22 years old then. My college was going to open on 26 July. I reached my home on 12 July and the story really starts from there.

My mother is 51 yrs old with normal figure. I had lust for her for the past few years. But here lies the contradiction. I never wanted to have sex with her as she is my mother but yet when I masturbated for the first time.

I was thinking about her melon boobs, her legs, her waist, her hair, and how I was on top of her holding her boobs smooch her lips and hav... Continue»
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chennai mother and son part 2

Hi to all, I hope you have enjoyed the first part of my story. The second part is as under:

July 15

I woke up around 8.30 am and went downstairs. I saw dad left for office. I went to kitchen and saw mother preparing breakfast. I came from behind her, held her buttocks with my hands and plant a kiss on her neck.

She moaned for a few seconds and told me to bath and have breakfast, as she wanted to talk to me about something. I went upstairs, thinking that now as dad is in office she may want to have a second breakfast with me.

I had a bath and came downstairs to have my breakfast. Mo... Continue»
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Fucking My Aunt

Im the only grand k** in my f****y on my moms side. I always use to visit my aunt house in the country side which was such a cool thing. My aunt was 38 years old. She was 5'6 with saggy tits with puffy nipples and a nice round but and long beautiful hair. I was 16 at the time when I went to visit her for the summer. She had a wood cabin in the country side and was divorced so she lived alone. I got to unloaded my stuff and went out back to ride my dirty bike. While my aunt told me she was going to shower and she will be out in a little. She had stored my bike in the back shed. While getting m... Continue»
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