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Too Young?

I just wanted to share this with everyone. This was my first truly sexual, bi-sexual and erotic experience. I would never be the same again...It was a beautiful, warm day when we were out of school for the summer. Robby and I and some of the neighbors were looking for some excitement. Cartoons and good TV shows only came on Saturday morning and in the evenings back then. It was a little boring, but, we found all kinds of ways of entertaining ourselves. There were five girls and four boys and me. Most of the others were older than me though. Robby and one girl, Amy, were about 3 years older. ... Continue»
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Fun times with s****rs panties and my exciting exp

I am going to tell about how my panty fetish started and what it lead up to (true story) names have been changed to protect me.

Intially when I was a young teen it was summer break and me,my neice (Denise) whom is 18 months younger then me,my adopted s****r (Lori) of whom is 3 years older then me and my neice step s*s (Sara) of whom is also 3 years older then me where all outside playing just enjoying the day. My older s****r (Lisa) of whom is 13 years older them me and the mother of my neice lived next to us across the field and her and hubby at the time where both at work and we all went ... Continue»
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A day full of S...

Please note this story is completely fake, but is based on some sexual fantasies and/or experiences

Shannon Flynn is a presenter/actor for the BBC (CBBC channel)

It has been a few days since Shannon has turned 18, she decided to have a break from work for a few days in her favourite City of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in North East England, she loved the culture and the shopping which she could do in the city. She had decided to head back to her hotel after a long day, to freshen up ready for a meal with some friends later that evenin... Continue»
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Playing with my pussy in the school bathroom

I'd only ever seen the kind of sex I wanted to be having on video's on the internet. The very small amount of cock I'd already taken up until this point were all super vanilla. Nothing spontaneous or experimental. Frankly it was boring. So I'd sworn of men until I found what I really wanted. I mean, why settle for a mediocre relationship with mediocre sex, when I could hold out for what I really wanted.

I ventured downstairs. I was already running late for school and I wasn't about to leave without having a quick cup of coffee and saying goodbye to my dad.

I was wearing a skirt that was... Continue»
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A fantasy cums true.

I'll try not to make it a long story...but its all true..if you've never done this I encourage you to try it..I loved it and want to do it again...
I always wanted to be used for my cock and semen...absolutely nothing new about that but at least once in my sex life I didn't want to know or see the one milking my cock or even know her name.Fortunately the current fuck friend at the time a few yrs ago arranged it...the unknown cock milking woman was checked out as well as my fuck friend assured her I was we could fuck bareback....I use them (condoms) at times but like most prefer... Continue»
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HC And did you?

AD Well I’ve had a lot of fists in my before but not like those boys did me’ It really was a full on free for all fisting frenzy that lasted for a hour and a half, As I said I was pined down hard so I couldn’t move’ A lad was on each side of me pressing down very hard on the insides of my knees, Hands were all over my cunt and arse holes when one whole fist just went right in my pussy and rolled around in side very roughly then was pulled out and rammed back in hard over and over’ All of them had a go at doing this and by the end my pussy was extremely well stretched out... Continue»
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What Happened with Mom and me

This story happened when I was 28 years old and my mom was 46 years old.

As a 28 years old young man, I stood 5'5" slender built red hair and brown eyed. I worked in construction so it look like I worked out at the gym with my six pack abs and bulging arms.

My mom at 46 stood 5'1" slender waist flaired hips size b tits and a butt that was round and in porportion to her tits, with a dark brown hair that almost looked black down to the middle of her back. As a teenager, when her and I would be out shopping or taking care of buisness for my grandma and grandpa that we lived with at the time... Continue»
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Janet and John On Holiday

Janet and John are twins.

Janet and John are going on holiday with their Mummy and Daddy.

Janet and John are going to Doggers for a whole week.

Janet and John have heard that Doggers has lovely new, fam1ly-friendly dogging chalets.

Janet and John have packed their cutest swim-suits and tiny shorts, but no underwear.

Janet has packed her special moisturising cream that Daddy loves to rub into her bottom.

Janet and John love to run around with no clothes on.

Janet loves to watch John's little willie bounce up and down as he runs.

John loves to watch Janet's bottom wobble ... Continue»
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Chikaning at a premiere

This is a story some one shared with me I just had to share here, hope you like and also hope it gets posted.

Hey guys.

Here is something I want to share here that happened to me last week.

This past Sunday, I was in the city, having dinner with friends. After we hung out for a bit, they took off and I was heading home.
As I was on my way, I passed by a large area with a massive set up including projector screens and barriers all over the place, with some people waiting in a line, while a security guard stood nearby. I walked up to the back of the line and asked two teenage bo... Continue»
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My Cousin Chrissy (True)

This is another true story of mine that I have only shared with a close friend of mine. It happened between my cousin Chrissy and I when we were both eighteen. Hope you enjoy.

My cousin Chrissy and I were never extremely close in fact I think for awhile we actually hated each other even though we always acted nice around one another. Chrissy lived five miles away in a small rural town with her mom. Now we visited them twice maybe three times a week so Chrissy and I always hung out even though there wasn't very much to do. Now let me fill you in on Chrissy before I go any further. She was a ... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy being naughty - Part 3 Conclusio

Wendy & Tommy being naught – Part 3 Conclusion

This story involves (I)ncest…so if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

This was formerly titled: Windy & Tommy Playing Together – Part 3 Conclusion

…………Chapter 5
Wendy & Tommy playing together
Late Friday evening…

Wendy and Tommy were ten year old twins who were at this moment snuggling on the couch, their mother having gone to bed just a few minutes ago; leaving them to do as they pleased with each other…

Wendy lay on her side on the couch and her twin b*****r snuggled at... Continue»
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Pious Muslimah turns Cock Addict Slut - Part 1

“It was best of the times; it was worst of the times." (A tale of two cities – Charles Dickens)

It was best of the times on March 11, 1990, when I cried for the first time after coming out of the
womb of my mother; it was also the worst of the times, as I was born in a developing country and
thereto in a highly conservative Muslim f****y.

I am a young Muslim girl of 22, living in a small town known as Bhopal in Madhiya Pardesh State,
India. I was named Shazia at birth. Muslims in India are merely 22% of the population; and though
India is a secular state, Muslims always try to be exc... Continue»
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Halloween Party Fuck

In the spirit of Halloween I figured I would share one particular experience.

Back in 2010, I was going through a divorce and was legally separated from my wife. South Carolina had stupid laws to where you must be separated for a year to even be able to file for divorce. Anyway...

I was on a business trip in Shreveport, Louisiana. Two of my best friends from Alaska had recently moved down there so for a good portion of the trip I stayed with them. The night I arrived there my friend, who I will call Lynn for the sake of anonymity, informed me that her best friend from back home in Bo... Continue»
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The secretary saw me coming...

I like to flash, I wasn't always, this actually made its way into me after I've been picked up by a security agent in a mall toilets where I was wanking, not to show my dick, but in hope a guy would see me and want to go further together... I was then accused of trying to flash and the idea came that I actually would like to do so. I watched flashing vids on xhamster and began searching how to do it, how not to get caught, and so on. I am currently at my beginnings, I'm still pretty shy, and even if there were some close calls, I'm not sure any girls actually really saw me wanking and looked a... Continue»
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Showering With Mom

My name is Lindsey and I am seven teen years old. I live with my mom and dad but its usually just my mom and I because my dad works a pretty good paying job that requires him to travel. My mom is very pretty and I am happy I got most of my looks from her. She is about five foot eight, thin, blonde hair and has a very pretty face. I got the blonde hair and blue eyes from her but I am only five foot five and kind of petite even though my mom assures me that I will grow to be about her height. Spending time with my mom just the two of us is amazing, we go shopping, to movies, or out to eat pretty... Continue»
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my Best friends Daughter

My name is Simon I was sitting at home waiting for some friends to arrive, in they came Steve and his wife Sally (I've always held a torch for sally big boobs and a big ass my favourite things and we had a bit of a txt thing going on and off when one or the other of us was feeling horny we would send each other pics and talk dirty!!) followed by Sheryl their daughter now I hadn't seen Sheryl for a few years and she looked just like her mother she must have been about six teen give or take a year huge boobs and a p... Continue»
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Dad calling my mom a dirty slut...we walked in the

Deep down I have always thought of my mom as cheating little slut every since that day. My mom has always been vulgar when she talks about sex. Not that she freely talks about sex to me or around me, but when it happens to be brought by her friend or my aunts, I would hear her say something like damn I would to choke on that cock...knowingly her 14 yr old boy is sitting right in front of her gives me grin as she finishes her sentence. At that age, what boy would openly admit that her mom is a slut. I didnt think she was a saint or anything. Believe me when I am jerking of to her pictures and... Continue»
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Filling my s****r

It was a Saturday night. Our mom was spending the night
at her boyfriend's house, so my s****r and I were home
alone. I was sixteen years old and was in the midst of
my sexual awareness. My s****r Katie was s*******n and had
at least a couple of boyfriends that she had been sexual
with. I was pretty sure that she had already had sex
judging from the moans coming from the basement when her
boyfriends were over while mom was out.

I was super horny, and I had already noticed my s****r
and fantasized about fucking her. I had watched her
change several times and caught glimp... Continue»
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Horney Big s****r

Mindy Masters lay stretched out on her bed wearing nothing but a
yawn. It was a scorching hot summer day, not to mention boring. Mindy
was wondering how in the world she was going to make it through a whole
long, hot summer without a man.

Mindy, a petite 20-year-old brunette, was home for the summer and
separated from her boyfriend, Vince, who'd had to return to his own home
town hundreds of miles away. Vince had given her plenty of steady loving
over the past three months, and Mindy missed it desperately. In fact,
she missed it more with eac... Continue»
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My favorite wet "punishmnt"

I grew up in a rather large city and I was brought up by my mom. Most people thought I was given all the love and attention anyone could ask for, but there was something no one knew about how I was brought up... 

It started when I was in the sixth grade. At the time my mom was still dealing with the divorce and she didn't want to have to deal with any of my misbehaviors. So when my mom got a call from the school nurse saying I had peed my pants during class she wasn't too happy since it wasn't the first time this happened to me and she came right over to my school to pick me up. Mom entered... Continue»
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