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Gigolo in Washington DC – part 1 (mature, la

I never intended to become a gigolo. It ended up being a very lucrative move on my part. I earned more in those two years than I ever imagined. There was a need for a young man’s services in Washington DC. I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. I’m also happy that I left when I did. The entire experience was surreal.

There are a number of powerful men and some women in Washington. They tend to be older. We hear about the sexual debauc... Continue»
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Girl Friend and I Become Step...

Girl Friend and I Become Step…

Before I was old enough to go to school, my mom and dad divorced, and then when I did start school, I had a hard time making friends with any of the boys in my class, and got bullied by them, but with the girls it was different, so I never really went through the stage of not liking the girls like most boys do.

In junior high school (what is called middle school now days) I still had trouble making friends with the boys, which at dinner time I would eat alone at a table by the double doors in the cafeteria that lead back out to the hallway, that took us to ... Continue»
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Fucked a Married Teacher at conference

A few years back, I attended a week-long training conference out-of-state during the summer. I was a teacher and this conference was at a college in Vermont. I went into the week hoping to have a few fun nights out on the town. I got more than I had bargained for.

I arrived in town on a Sunday evening. We were being housed in the dorms and it was a situation where four complete stranger shared a four room suite. Co-ed....obviously since we're all adults, it didn't seem to matter. Shortly after I arrived and checked into my room, I was informed we were over-booked with five people in one ro... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Hot Mother, part 2

If you didn't read part 1 of this story, I will summarize. I was dating a young girl named Cindy. I found myself alone in the house with her sexy mid-40's mother, Betty. Betty seduced me and we ended up having terrific sex before Cindy got back to the house.
Betty was neglected by her husband and sexually frustrated. My first encounter with this horny, experienced woman was incredible, so when she called wanting more, I was quick to oblige her. We were fucking at least once a week, usually in cheap motels or at my place when we knew Cindy wouldn't be coming over. I felt a little guilty screw... Continue»
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Frida's Dirty Tales from Edinburgh, after hou

Eating Fish-n-Chips and giving a stranger an unsolicited hand job.

I had had a little too much to drink and came out of the 'Fish-n-Chip' shop, with my hand deep into the salt and vinegar cod batter. I stood off to the side of the throng of people who had gathered and formed a queue, waiting on my boyfriend who was still in the shop.

'Any chance of a chip love', he asked me?

I turned to see a guy standing alongside me, his hand already delving into my chip bag, and taking a handful out of the bag. I was too d***k to have an immediate response, and instead put my own hand... Continue»
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Friends Mom. True Confession

When I was younger I was always really into my friends mom; she was your perfect milf, she was probably in her mid 40s, very short petite woman with C sized breast with a slight sag. One night when I was sl**ping over we started going through a bunch of old photos at there house. After about three quarters through my pile of photos I was looking through I came across a exciting surprise. It was a photo of my friends mom on top of a ski mountain topless with her small dark nipples visible through her see through bra! I was so turned on I immediately hid it in my waist band of my shorts so I cou... Continue»
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meeting the girlfriend's f****y part 3

Ok guys and gals, in this part of the story Sarah finally gets completely naked around DJ. But there's a surprise waiting for him

I went to the kitchen to get something to get something to drink, I looked outside and saw Sarah laying down on a lounge chair topless but still sweatpants. I poured two glasses of lemonade an went out to join her. "Hey what are you doing?" I asked handing
her the glass of lemonade. she took the lemonade and placed on the table next to her. "Nothing just chilling" she said standing up. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it with lube until it was hard, she then turn... Continue»
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Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 06

All characters over 18 years old


I awoke to the sound of a muffled alarm clock. I opened my eyes. Still wrapped in a sheet on a sofa across the room, Lucy fumbled for the clock, which was under a cushion, and turned it off. Aunt Anne slid gently away from beside me and stood up. It was summer (though not a very warm one) and enough soft light filtered through the curtains for me to be able to see her naked body clearly.

I'm guessing that most blokes wake up in the morning with an erection, or at least half-hard; I say I'm guessing, as I don't make a habit of... Continue»
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Daddy's LOVE of my ASS

Daddy's LOVE of my ASS

I'm still a young guy and ever since I was in grade school, I knew I was a little different and I had a desire for people to touch me on the genitals or ass. I use to rub my own little hole at night and stick my own finger in myself to feel what it was like. My parents were good to me and I had a great time growing up but I had this thing for touching myself.

One week, my mom had to go out of town to visit my grandmother who was ill so dad put her on an airplane to leave. We were to have the house to just the two of us that week and it was going to be lots of fu
... Continue»
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Daddy's ASS Boy and CUM DUMP

Daddy's ASS Boy and CUM DUMP

My name is John and I have a story that I want to tell even though you may think that I should keep it to myself, but after meeting the people at the website swingingbicouples, I feel fine about it and I now know I can tell what happened to me for years because it seems that lots of boys and men like me not only did this, but like me, LOVED having it done to them!

I was born somewhat different and while my male friends all talked about wanting to meet and see girls, I knew that I liked boys and getting to see them naked at summer camp, school locker rooms
... Continue»
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A Shortie for Susan

Susan arrived home late from a hard day at the office – well her boss had been hard most of the morning, staring down the top of her dress.

Susan expected Andy – her 16-year old step-son to be studying hard for his maths exam next week.

Susan didn’t expect to see Andy with his hand down the front of the pale blue jeans of a very attractive 20-something Indian beauty. She was his maths tutor – she had short-cropped black hair, sensuous brown skin and a wicked smile. Her tight white jumper, pulled up over her small breasts exposed a swathe of flat brown abdomen leading the eyes down to a d... Continue»
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Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens (

She literally just right out and asked: 'How big is that?'

Her and her friend were standing around the side of the 7/11 as I wandered past returning from cruising the park.

When I travel I tend to take walks around semi-public areas in running/sport's gear that, well, leaves little to the imagination should you be bold enough to look.

I'm very well hung, and the shorts I wear are either lycra, which hides nothing, or loose cotton shorts that, if I hike them up a bit, leaves the head of my cock dangling from the leg.

Today, knowing when I returned from the park to my motel room I ... Continue»
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Mother Catches Son

Mother Catches Son

“Young man!!!… What kind of filthy movie are you watching?!?!?”

“Oh Shit… MOM!!!”

“Oh my God… Why are you naked?.. And what is that in your hand?.. Are those my panties?… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PANTIES?!?!.. Good God in heaven… Did I hear what I think I just heard?… This movie is pornographic i****t… Those two boys are having sex with their mother… That is disgusting… You sick boy… Is this what turns you on? … Huh?… Is it?… Answer me you little pervert… Is this what turns you on?… Seeing two boys having sex with their mother?.. Is this what you want to... Continue»
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Asifa 7/10

We pulled ahead of the trucker and made our way into the truck stop parking lot. We pull far to the back and at the end of a row of semis. I clumsily started to crawl over the bench seat to get through the makeshift door into the cargo area.
“Nuh-uh,” Jim said grabbing me by my hair and pulling me back. “Out the passenger door and you walk SLOWLY around the back.” Finally! Rather than shame I felt a twinge of dirty minx course through my veins. I slid out onto the gravel lot and walked to the back. Jim unlocked the back and opened the garage like door enough for us to get in.
I laid down bet... Continue»
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rock out with a rub out , my b*o norwich watche

Things can happen when you least expect them. This was very unexpected.
This is a true short story, slightly altered by rose tinted glasses.
It all takes place in Rock City in Nottingham, we ( a big group of friends) had travelled to this great
venue to watch our one of our favourite bands, Megadeath, in the late 90’s. We were all excited and
full of anticipation for the show we were about to watch. We were drinking in the bus and the
atmosphere grew and grew. For most of us this was the first time watching the band and only my
second gig ever, so the whole thing was new. In our excite... Continue»
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I lost my Virginity to my Grandfather.

'Is she sl**ping'?

I did not need to turn around to know who was asking the question, 'Yes', I replied timorously in a barely audible whisper , and as I spoke I could feel my legs turn to jelly, my thighs physically shake. I gripped the edge of the steel sink top, as my other hand brought the glass of water I held to my lips, back down onto the draining board.

This was it, the moment I had wanted to happen in my head, time and time again, was now upon me, and standing only wearing my short tee-shirt, figure hugging and with the hem riding high above my bubble teen butt exposed and inviti... Continue»
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Meeting the girlfriend's f****y part 2

Trying figure out if this really happening or not I almost forgot the Alexis asked me a question. Still playing with my cock Alexis asked the question again "DJ who do want to fuck first me or Katie?" "You since you got your hand on my cock" I responded. Happy with my answer Alexis started kissing me an we moved over to the couch. Alexis undid my pants and pushed me onto the couch she got on knees and started sucking my cock. Five minutes later Cody came in and said "about bout time I saw your cock DJ" and joined Alexis. A few minutes later Cody pulled me off the couch and onto the floor, Al... Continue»
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A german porn story

The stranger Her eyes wandered over old tonnes, stacks of pallets and grid boxes dented., Completely desolate here. I am wrong. ', She pulled her short resume. She was about to turn to leave when she saw a metal staircase behind the grid boxes. She followed their height with the view, but could not really see an end of their point of view. With gentle step she approached the grid boxes, actually a stairway, more a stairway that led to the divided area of the hall. Slowly she rose step by step to the top. At the end of a corridor she saw a faint cone of light that burned in the darkness of the ... Continue»
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My stepmother

I never knew when I broke up with my boyfriend, that I wouldn't be able to meet anybody after that. I go on blind dates all the time and I just can't seem to meet anybody. I'm starting to lose interest with dating completely. I can't find anybody who I get along with, or any that are remotely good looking.

Every week, I go on a few blind dates and they never turn out good. My friends are always trying to set me up and it's a failed disaster each time. My dates are always attracted to me, but I'm never attracted to them. I really am starting to lose all desire to go out with anybody these da... Continue»
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mother in laws

I had been working out in the gym, trying to get myself into shape. I had a golf tournament coming up, and with all the work I was doing in the gym, and the extra time I spent hitting balls, injury was bound to happen. I was getting ready to play a practice round of golf, and was doing my stretches when it happened.

As I was stretching my legs I felt something in my groin give. It hurt like hell, taking me to my knees as I tried to catch my breath. I knew I was done for the day, but what worried me was missing the tournament. I limped my way back to my car, my golf clubs in tow hoping I co... Continue»
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