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A Chapter from Peaches & Cream by Aishling Mor

Catherine pushed open the press house door, stepped within and shut it quickly behind her. Immediately the biter wind that had been blowing across the levels all day was shut out, to be replaced by warm, still air, rich with the smell of apples. The building was a great, high barn, at the centre of which stood a massive stone trough, piled high with apples and straw. These were being crushed by a great round stone supported on a central shaft and drawn slowly around by a donkey whose musky scent mixed with that of the apples. Men were working in the building, a half-dozen of them, all young, i... Continue»
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My Weird Uncle J Cums in My Panties

"There it is again!" I said aloud but to myself as I inspected the unworn pair of panties from my open underwear drawer. With the pads of both thumbs, I ran it along the inner lining of my favorite yellow panties to sample some of the residue, both sticky and slippery at the same time.

This certainly wasn't the first time, with much of my underwear having some foreign substance deposited on them, always on the inner lining that sheathed my flesh. Sometimes the liquids were dried and old, turning a soft cotton pair fresh with extra fabric softener into a crusty rigid pubic plate that sc*... Continue»
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Scott's boot camp homecoming

My wife and I were in our mid 30's and had just dropped off our k**s at her mom's for a 2 week vacation.
We just had a new spa installed in our yard in an enclosed gazebo. We were getting ready to open a bottle of champagne and relax in the spa. Peggy had just come from the bedroom wearing a short swim cover-up that barely covered anything without a swim suit on. I was wearing a swim wrap (the kind that resembles a towel with Velcro). I was going to get a bottle from the fridge while she pulled back the cover of the spa and adjusted the temperature.
I had just poured 2 glasses of champag... Continue»
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Ann - At The Beach - 2. Sun Oil

(This is the follow-up story after - read that first to get into the setting)

My girlfriend Alex, a friend of hers and Alex's younger s****r Ann had just arrived at the beach on a gorgeous, sunny day during the summer holidays.

Alex asked me if I could rub her in, all of her. I applied the sun oil very generously, and teased and provoked her by playing around with her bikini, pulling it much too far to the sides so her nipples would show, or pulling her panties into her pussy when I was doing her bikini line. “Hey, don't do that, pe... Continue»
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two old men

" let me see your cock " he said. his eyes darted side to side,looking to see if we were being watched.for this was a dangerous thing to be doing in broad daylight in a small public park.

especially this park. in a small town, it is a well known hook up spot for sexual activities. known by young and old, men and women, and the local and state and park police too.

even today, a bitingly cold wind blowing off the river didn't stop people from parking in the bright sunlight.

i pulled the elastic rim of my sweats, sliding my pants to my knees, i shivered in spite of the well... Continue»
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Aunt Brandy Initiates Virgin Nephew

I am a 18 years old swimmer with a very thick and horny virgin 9 inches dick. I fantasize about my Mom's younger s****r, Aunt Brandy, every night. She is a astounding 36 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall, blue-eyed blonde, with the firmest 36 D breasts and nicest, long legs and a hard round ass. My Dad always comments about how delicious my Mom's s****r is, and how he would love to fuck her. She knows how we lust for her, because she seems to get extra exuberant when she is around us. Aunt Brandy really puts out a show when we are at the pool or watching a game. When Aunt Brandy is around my fr... Continue»
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My New Mother-in-law's Sexual Obsession.

I first sensed jealousy when I turned f******n and daddy gave me a birthday party. That was when he announced his intention to marry the widower he had been dating for six months, and effectively increasing his f****y from two girls to four. At f******n, I was the eldest girl, the other being my younger s****r, and my two adopted s****rs, a perfect straight line graph decreasing by two, down to eight, four girls, no competing for love, and a woman who felt that daughters should be obedient and obey their father, including sharing their bed.

What goes on behind closed doors would easily shoc... Continue»
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Accidental Masturbation

Danni laid her head down on Brad's leg, settling in to watch the movie. It was a f****y tradition to watch a movie on Sunday night, Mom and Dad in their chairs, the k**s sharing the couch. But it didn't happen very often any more.

Danni had just returned from her first year of college, so the past year had only allowed them to do this a few times. The parents loved the f****y time. A nice Sunday dinner and a movie with the k**s, all together for a few hours at least once a week, now especially enjoyable since it happened only every few months. Maybe they would get back to it for a while now... Continue»
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Ahhhhhhhhhhh Wonderfuk Love

Ahhhh Wonderfuk Love
By: Londebaaz Chohan [ Siblings in Love]

This is a story and should be taken as a story. Any resemblance of names, events or acts are only a chance. Hope you enjoy reading it and PLEASE send some COMMENTS. Thank You........... Chohan

To be honest I, [John Sanford] had always wanted to fuck my little s****r Janet for as long as I can remember. I was really big and eager to shove it in her fanny and pussy both. She had big tits and her pussy would always bulge out under her ti... Continue»
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The Ladder

I live in a very quiet neighborhood in a small city. My former wife and I divorced a few years back and I never felt the need to re-marry. I have dated quite a bit and been asked over and over about marrying again but always tell them they are just jealous. The houses on both sides of me have married couples. One house had very young girls and the other has a boy and a girl that are in college. It is always interesting when Anna, the girl in college, comes home. She has always used my hot tub from the time she was in the eighth grade. After I divorced she continued to use the hot tub. An... Continue»
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new mother in law

I guess I never really thought I'd ever get involved with my mother-in-law, Doreen, for a number of reasons. First, she's so straight-laced and, second, when it did happen, she was in her mid sixties! I guess I never really thought I'd ever get involved with my mother-in-law, Doreen, for a number of reasons. First, she's so straight-laced and, second, when it did happen, she was in her mid sixties! It all started because we used to go swimming together regularly - an early morning session at the local sports centre. Just to be sociable, even though I was a much stronger swimmer than her, I use... Continue»
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punished by mother in law

Jill went round behind me and started to caress my cum filled scrotem with one hand and to stroke my cock with the other. I was finding it very hard to not cum there and then as it was so sensual as Jill spread my legs as far apart as she could and proceeded to kiss and lick my balls whilst I buried my face deeper into her panties.I was asked to go to see my MIL by my wife Cathy to help her with her computer. Jill is 72 years old but is still fairly attractive although she is quite plump, but she has a very sexy mouth and wears thick red lipstick so really does look very tarty and always wears... Continue»
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The Nerd – Part 2

The Nerd – Part 2

The car was parked on a side street. It was after dark, and there was nobody around, all of which made Pete breathe a sigh of relief as they climbed in. He looked at Cassie.

“Sorry, s!s, but I have to do something about this.” Pointing to his crotch. “Right now.” He had his pants open and his raging dick out in no time.

There was just enough light for Cassie to make out Pete’s dick. She licked her lips, getting her first sight of one in person.

“Want me to help?” She reached out, wrapped her fingers around it. She’d never done this before, but she’d ... Continue»
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My early days

I remember first getting involved with men. I remember this local toilet that used to be frequented by lots of different men who wanted more than just using the facilities. This particular incident that still lingers in my memory occurred some years back.

I went to the toilet as usual to see if I could meet someone who might like to play. I went into a cubical that had glory holes in the panels and took my trousers and my favourite white Y fronts down and sat down. After some time and on the verge of giving up a man came into the cubical next to mine. I looked through the glory hole an... Continue»
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After my mom divorced my dad , my mom was sad for about a year and then she met Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill was good to my mother and he changed our lifestyle when mom and him married. We moved into a new big house and mom got a new car and we lived a fairly normal life. Bill was nice to me and I liked him but I wasnt ready to call him daddy as I had a dad and he was still active in my life. I just figured if it made my mom happy that's all that mattered as she clearly was happier now that Bill was in our lives.
Mom and Bill's room was on one end of the hall upstairs and mine was on the othe... Continue»
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Ann - At The Beach - 1. A New Bikini

It all started one beautiful day during the summer holidays. The early morning already promised great temperatures, and when we left for the beach, the sun was shining pleasantly warm on our skin. When my girlfriend Alex, a friend of hers, her younger s****r Ann and me arrived at the beach, it was already pretty crowded. After finding ourselves a nice spot, we began settling, spreading out our towels and changing into our swimwear which we had already put on at home. Until then I had never taken any special notice of “little s****r” Ann. I knew she was always pretty bored, not knowing what to ... Continue»
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My Wife's first lesbian experience

My wife's first sexual experience was when she was quite young and was with a much older male. She seduced him and enjoyed sex with boys and men whenever she had the chance. As she grew older, but not yet out of school, my wife, Kathaleen, started fantasizing about other girls. She had read a little bit of erotica that focused on f/f sex, and the idea of making love to another girl became a mild obsession with her.

She had a very close friend, Linda, who was her same age, and it wasn't unusual for them to see each other naked when showering after gym class, or in the changing room at the ... Continue»
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kate monday continued

Kate put the phone down
Was she OK I asked
Yes it was fine, she seemed a little flustered,come and sit here,
I was looking at the screen of the computor as she clicked on the 1st icon,
It was a picture of my bum with the stripes of the cane , she opened a knew file, named it Christine2 then slid the icon into the file
Picture after picture appeared and moved into the file
Why do you want these pictures I asked
Because I do Kate snapped
Sally put her arms over my shouldersas Kate clicked the next I con a video started playing showing sally with the big carrot, trying to push it in... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife 2

So a few weeks into my arrangement with Anna and I can honestly say that somehow I’ve managed to get myself involved in something truly awesome.

For those that haven’t read my other stories, Anna is my friend’s wife, and she’s recently been exploring an open relationship. I was one of the first to reap the benefits of this arrangement, but more partners also seems something that she’s really into. She recently approached me about letting her use my spare room to fuck (a safe place to screw that isn’t her home) and sold me by telling me I’d be able to watch.

So now that everyone is up to ... Continue»
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The Nerd – Part 1

The Nerd – Part 1

Geek. Nerd. Dweeb. Take your pick, any one of them would describe Pete just fine. At sixteen, he’d never kissed a girl, never even held hands, and was more at home with his books than with people. Yes, books. Although he was perfectly good with a computer, the kind who’d teach himself how to program it, he’d rather read an actual book than surf the Internet.

He wasn’t interested in Facebook, or Twitter, or any of those things. Didn’t even really like to watch TV or movies. When he did, he was always trying to figure out how he would re-write the scripts to... Continue»
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