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My s****r's Husband

My s****r Lauren has been married to Jacob for almost ten years now, and she loves him and worships the ground he walks on. They have two c***dren together and they have the perfect relationship... or so it would seem, you see for the past four months I've been sl**ping with Jacob, she does not know what we do but I know she would just freak out if she did.

It all started when one day I went to Lauren's house to collect some important documents that she forgot. She called me and asked me to do her a favor. She wanted me to stop by her house get the documents and bring it to her in work. I w... Continue»
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Naughty Cinema Trip in Belfast ;-)

Years ago when i still lived with my folks, i was seeing this girl, it was a sunday morning and i had a serious dose of hangover horn lol. She lived with her folks too so we arranged for me to pick her up in town and we were both going to go commando, i wore loose fitting jeans and she wore a maxi dress. I picked her up just outside the city hall and as soon as she got in i kissed her and slid my hand up her dress and eased a finger deep inside her just to check she had stuck to her part of the deal lol
As i drove we talked about where we could go for some privacy, the anticipation was killin... Continue»
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She laid in bed naked with a naked twin on each side of her as they each sucked on a nipple on her enormous tits. She loved feeling their naked bodies close to her as they sucked hard on her big melons. She loved sex with the boys as they were well hung and with a lot of stamina. She loved seeing the huge cocks even when they were limp and hanging down their leg but it was a greater thrill to see them hard with their big cocks sticking straight out and pointing at her. Any time she saw a hard cock she was ready to suck it or fuck it. They boys did love sex and they loved cunt. They were always... Continue»
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Naughty New Year's Party

I went to a party last year that ended up with me nude and doing things I never imagined I would do. A group of old friends met at a house to celebrate New Year's eve and after good food and wine we decided to play a few games. There were 10 couples some I knew well and some rather new to the group. All ages but mainly mid 30s to 40s. After a few tame games we decided to play a very naughty version of musical chairs, old k**s game. Since everyone was getting pretty loose we somehow decided to make it strip musical chairs. The 10 women went around 9 chairs as one man sat out each time and t... Continue»
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Son Finds Mother's Panties Part 4.

The relationship I had always had with my Mother was, of course, now very different. If I saw her in the kitchen making breakfast on Sunday morning I would look for Dad and if I didn't see him I might stand next to Mother with a hand inside her loose robe caressing a breast and pulling on a nipple. She wouldn't miss a beat making breakfast...but she did moan every time.

By this time when Father was away overnight on a business trip I would sl**p with her in their bed. We would kiss like lovers. We were lovers. That first time in their bedroom Mother started showing me different ways of ... Continue»
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in my mid fifties now. but back when I was a lad of early teen years we had a f****y move in next door. quite large 6 k**s mother and father the mother being 28 hubby late 30`s I will just call her w to save her identity anyway let me describe w she had long shiney jet black hair to her arse very slim body olive skin colour she was just a cracker. she and my mother became firm friends in and out of eachothers houses going out as a 4some so all were close nit. I suppose this was when I started my fettish with upskirting and sexy knickers w would be sunbathing in the garden opening and shutting... Continue»
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Couples massage (part 1)

One might have accused me of pampering my wife. In over a decade of marriage, not a month would go by without me giving her funds for a trip to the spa for her hair, manicure, pedicure and a massage. Each time she would return refreshed and advocating for me to join her sometime in a couples massage. She always said that it would be a nice break from the stress and demands of my business. However, I always declined.

You see, I am a "take charge" sort of man. In business and in bed, I tend to call the shots. Something about laying on a massage table with limited vision having a stranger... Continue»
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My First Time

It was the Christmas holidays. My
mother's parents were staying with us for a few days.
My relationship with my granny was somewhat formal but
I was always close with Grandpa. He had taught me card
games and chess and he talked to me like an adult,
which I always appreciated.

Something had happened and I was sulking. I'd gone to
my room and had been there a while when Grandpa knocked
on the door and cracked it open. I didn't mind seeing
him and was actually glad that he'd cared enough to
come see me. He came in and just casually asked me what
I was doing.

The conver... Continue»
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Dad's Surprise Christmas Gift

It was two days before Christmas and I was headed east
on interstate 80 to commemorate the birth of our savior
at my parents' house in Ohio. My wife, son and daughter
were with me, and we would be sharing space with a
large cast of relatives endowed with varying levels of
sanity for the next several days. My wife was riding
shotgun and was busy scolding the k**s who were
fighting in the back seat over some highly significant
issue such as who took whose last piece of bubblegum.

Although a light snow had been falling since shortly
after we left St. Louis, we were making go... Continue»
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Good Friends

I looked at her studying on my bed, from my place at my
desk. Every week she came over, sometimes more often. I
thought it was a ruse to get to flirt but I wasn't going
to bring it out into the open. It was more enjoyable to
just enjoy her company and conversation as she gave it.

We had been friends for over two years. This past year we
had gotten much closer, each of us telling the other
things we had never told friends before. Since a few
months ago, the teasing we often used with each other had
become more and more sexual. I wasn't sure what to think,
as she smiled and ... Continue»
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A Christmas Gift

I was 17 when this Christmas story took place. Both of
my older s****rs and their families were coming over for
dinner and to exchange gifts. Each s****r had 2 k**s, 1
boy and 1 girl. Both boys were 9 and both girls were 11.

We finally finished eating and were gathering in the den
to open gifts. The adults took all the seats and the
k**s were expected to sit on the floor. The den wasn't
very big, so by the time my nephews and one niece sat
down, there was no room for my other niece, Jessica.

I offered her a seat on my lap and she quickly accepted,
jumping on me and turnin... Continue»
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A Very Merry Christmas

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My 17 year old
daughter had been drinking all night. She was dressed in
a short red Christmas dress with white fluffy trim, with
a cute Christmas hat to match. She even had on turned up
red felt shoes with a fluffy pompom on the turned up

The dress was too short, especially for a f****y
gathering, and I could feel every man’s eyes on her,
every pubescent boy’s, even some women whom I had always
suspected. My daughter’s a flighty girl with long blonde
hair, full B-cup titties and slender tender legs. And as
the night wore on ... Continue»
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Christmas Eve

I guess my problem started during Christmas vaca-
tion when I was 18. My parents were on a two week
second honeymoon in France, and my Aunt Jill had agreed
to take care of our rather large house and of me. Jill,
who was 28 at the time, was still recovering from the
shock of losing her husband in an automobile accident,
so I was skeptical about my chances of having a merry
Christmas in the midst of so much gloom. To my great
surprise, though, Jill's spirits were high, and the
two days before Christmas were truly enjoyable.

Before I get too far along, I should point ou... Continue»
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I am so glad I was adopted. Some k**s think it's bad, but for me it's great because the alternative is to be an orphan still! Also, I love my adoptive parents, especially my dad.

My mom and dad died when I was young. I really don't remember them. I remember I cried a lot and didn't want to talk to anybody. Probably that's why nobody adopted me back then.

I went to live in the Spencer School. It was OK there, I had good friends. Richard was my best friend. We both played baseball.

When I met the Mitchells, it was not that simple. First, they come into the office and meet with the socia... Continue»
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Carols e****t adventure

Carol Newton unlocked the door to her 14th floor apartment after spending a Saturday afternoon at the movies. At 36 she was still attractive – Brown shoulder length hair, big brown eyes and good figure outlined nicely in skin tight jeans. She hated being alone on a Saturday night but it had been some time since she had a date, and well what was a lonely girl to do.

Carol thought about her afternoon at the mall – the place had been full of teenage couples at the movies – much to her enjoyment because she loved looking at younger people – in fact if truth be known one might say that Carol lov... Continue»
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The Widow’s Secret Desire

Beth Jackson stared out the kitchen window at her son Bobby who was cutting the grass. She could not help but be reminded of her late husband as she watched the muscular young man push the mower around the yard with his shirt off. She could see the sweat running down his chest and she could not help but wonder what would be like to touch his hard abs. Beth felt her pussy begin to tingle. She was disgusted with herself. How could her son turn her on so much?
Of course she told herself that it was mostly because she was widowed. He... Continue»
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First time with a girl

Do you remember your first? I do. I knew my steps****r was on birth control. I had heard the conversations between parents and saw the pill container in the bathroom. She had been going out every Friday and Saturday night and most of the time would sit out in her date’s car at the end of our driveway for a while until about 2 seconds before her curfew. Try as I might I could never see into the car with my binoculars, but not from lack of trying. Debbie, or Deb as we all called her was in her prime. Her hair was long, ten miles high (it was the 80’s), and usually styled perfectly. She had sexy ... Continue»
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The Naughty School

I was put into a boarding school at 16 for naughty k**s for truanting. I had to see a psychologist to find out why I misbehaved, twice a week I had to see him for an hour. He was in his 50's and within a couple of visits he asked if I would like to help him because he was doing a study on the sexual behaviour of teenagers.

I agreed and he began asking questions about masturbation, how often/times of day etc. I found myself getting really excited telling him.
Soon that's all we seemed to chat about. One day he pulled a sex mag and opening it I saw it was hard core. As I looked at the pictu... Continue»
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Fixing my s****r-in-law's computer - Part 2

As Chloe and I both came down from our respective climaxes, I realized it may not have been the smartest thing to ejaculate inside her.

"Chloe, we've got to get you the morning-after pill. I just came inside you, and I can't have you getting pregnant since I'm married to your s****r." I said.

"I was just thinking the same thing. But first, let's have a little more fun," she said, with a smile on her face.

She stood up from me, and my 7-inch erection flopped out of her, still semi-hard. She got down on her knees in front of me and put my penis in her mouth again, this time with more co... Continue»
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my 33 year old s****r fucked by 71 year old ugly v name is 25 years s****r's name is Shahziya and she is 33 years old.our parents live in europe and have a textile business there.we live in we are rich we do something for time pass.i worked for a private company but resigned has i found it i don not have to worry about s****r filed a divorce from her husband as he was a cunning man and always ask for money from she stays with me in our row day i told her why not we do some some business as we can gain experience and also earn money and as we do not have to worry about capit... Continue»
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