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David had just fucked me and we were lying on the bed after the best fuck of my life.

Then Mike and Sue walked into the room, holding hands.

Mike said shit you two were noisy


Sue said to me how was it.

I said absolutely fantastic – wonderful, the best time of my life.

Sue said great – would you like to do it with Mike now or wait till later.


David said – later - we have a couple of things we have to do first.

Mike said fine but save one for me – I want to try her too.

I hadn’t imagined we would be fucked by both of them and I had always imagined th... Continue»
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TWO YOUNG GIRLS -TWO OLDER MEN - The final episode

David had fucked me, and fucked me beautifully - It was now Sues man Mikes turn to fuck me.

David and Sue stopped to watch us for a couple of minutes and then left. They saw him get on top of me and we fucked missionary style. We did it like that for a few minutes then he wanted doggy. When he felt for my tits and found none he went back to missionary, I think he wanted to pull my tits as he fucked me. I saw him look at my tits a couple of times while he was on top of me and as I had none they didn’t bounce like the girls who have then do – like I have watched on the porn sites. I cant wait... Continue»
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Vegas for birthday

My wife and I are very grateful for the wonderful lifestyle we’ve been blessed with. I pursued the right computer related degree in college and everything fell into place.
Some weeks I work long hours, but when the projects are done I’m rewarded with weeks off at a time. I make bundles of money, more than we’ll ever spend.
Cindi works in marketing just for something to do. We belong to the snooty clubs and go to great parties.
We’ve both been fitness fanatics, that was a big part of our attraction.
Cindi has long dirty blond hair, long legs and perky 35b titties. She tans outside so someti... Continue»
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All in the f****y

I sit here in front of my 27 inch I mac with a cock so hard< I surprised I have any bl**d left thats not boiling between my legs, to write this story. The movie Im watching is All in the f****y. I was hopping to see meathead Mike, fat polish cock in hand, face fucking Edith with his eyes glued on his wife Gloria as she sucks on Archie Bunkers surprisingly large cock. But instead I have a Father who is my age plowing his daughters best friends sweet little 18 year old ass. That's not f****y. I except to see a 18 year old boy fuck his hot 40 year old mother while licking his twin s****rs hot sna... Continue»
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Another f****y affair chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Baby we must keep this a secret alright?”

“Yea sure mom no problem because I want more lots more of you”

“And I want you too baby lots more”

Ruth thought of a park and ride that was on the way home and decided to pull over to finish what they had just started back in the dressing room and movies she still had not had her fill. It was dark and only a couple cars remained.

She climbed in the back seat quickly took off her dress and bra and laid down with her legs open

“get back here and eat your Momma”.

Her teen son fumbled getting is pants and shirt off a... Continue»
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A man need to eat humble pie from time to time

I was starting to get anxious now cos something wasn't right, I could feel it as the sense started to seep into my being like damp in the wall of a cold wet night all chilly, like something gone off.

It had been a pretty good night all in all. We'd gone out to that new, classy restaurant on the high street. The food was fantastic, the service flawless, the ambience just perfect and the company, well it would have been out of this world if she hadn't insisted on dragging that gay bloke she called her old friend along. It was our first anniversary since we first began seeing each other but h... Continue»
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Fantasy & Reality

I've been away from this site for several months but it's good to be back. First I checked for invites and messages, scanned my news feed then began checking out the latest gay and lesbian videos and photo gallerys before coming here to enjoy some gay male stories lol.

Couldn't help notice both here, tumblr and flickr there's a lot of **** fantasy stories and tales of physical threats or intimidation used resulting in tbe authors violation at the hands of stonger men.

I couldn't help but wonder if the majority had had the remotest real experience or had actually been ****d themselves o... Continue»
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s****rs Swap Husbands, Mf

My wife, Di, and I were having her s****r and husband visit us for the week. Mary was Di's older s****r but the two of them were fairly close to each other. Mary's husband Jerry was about as easy going as you could get. The two of them made a good pair as neither one seemed to get riled up about anything. Di and I were really easy going as well and naturally it was not a surprise that the four of us got along as well as we did.

Mary was only three years older then Di and at forty-one was in great shape. The similarity between the s****rs was unbelievable. Both were about the same height of... Continue»
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The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist

I was enjoying a lovely walk along the main road through the state park. It was hot, but not too hot. I’d been very busy recently and had not had any time to get outside and enjoy any hiking or anything. I had my binoculars and was having a good time watching the birds and spotting the occasional bit of other wildlife.

There were a lot of other people out enjoying the day, too, some in cars, driving slowly on the park road, but others like me who were doing their sightseeing on foot. There were also quite a few folks on bicycles.

As I was stopped at the side of the road, trying to get a... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.4

"How about a round of drinks for everyone?" mom asked as we all stepped into the kitchen.

"Sounds good to me."

"I sure could use a drink for sure." I added taking another look at mom's sexy ass as I just about ran into Janet as she stopped in front of me.

"Danny, why don't you go put those dress' in the bedroom and get stripped, unless you want us to put the dress' back on."

"I'll be right back down in a few." as I turned toward the stair case.

All the way up to my room with the dress' d****d over my arm, I started unbuttoning my shirt, while thinking about the view of mom and ... Continue»
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Shy chubby girl at work

Imagine a boring day sat at work pretending to be busy, well that was me when I got an email from hazel who worked in my team.

Now hazel was a great girl with lovely personality but I had alway thought she was pretty boring. She had been with her boyfriend since she was about 16 and was probably the only girl in the office I hadn't asked out.

Looks wise hazel wasn't a stunner, she was 5'4 and a few pounds over weight, pretty chubby really. She did have huge boobs and a big juicy arse, her face was quite pretty and she wore glasses which were quite sexy.

I clicked open the email w... Continue»
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1- I want you to blind fold me... Have the music on (the "dark" music;)... I want you to tease me with your mouth and hands until I can hardly stand it anymore... A touch here, squeeze there, pinch my nipples... Slide a finger inside me real quick... Suck my nipple... I never know where or what you're gonna be doing... Different positions... On my back, legs spread, leg cocked up, on my side, doggy style... Your mouth on my pussy, your fingers inside me... Your tongue in my ass... Mmmmmm.... Your finger fucking my pussy while your tongue fucks my ass!!! YES!!!! Then I want you to fuck me in ev... Continue»
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Suprise Sex With Girfriends Mother And Father

One night we were watching TV at her house. Her mother
came in and sat down across from us. As they were
engrossed in the movie, I was more interested in looking
up the mother's dress. Her dress was only slightly above
her knees. Her legs were parted and I could her white
panties. She caught me looking, got up, and left the
room. She came back and sat down. She scooted up the
edge of her chair and resumed watching the movie. She
had taken her panties off! I could clearly see her pussy
hair. Her lips were big and ... Continue»
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Another f****y affair chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ruth my 34 year old wife was clothes shopping for Josh our 15 year old son; however she saw a beautiful bathing suit and decided to try it on while Josh was trying on clothes he had picked out.

As Ruth impatiently waited for Josh to emerge from the dressing room she decided to show him her suit, Ruth walked down the common hallway to Josh room and opened the door.

“Mom can’t you knock?” said the naked teen as he quickly tired to cover himself up

“Stop it I have seen it before she said, what do you think of my suit?”

There stood before him was his drop dead gorg... Continue»
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My Deadly Dream

My Deadly Dream (NC, Zoo)

So after getting some good advice from some of the members from a forum, I ended up getting a variety of a****l toys, for you to try out, which would hopefully get you use too the size and feel of something other than my cock in your pussy.

The evening started well, I had prepared a nice meal and we both enjoyed a great bottle of wine, then it was into the bedroom. Before hand, I had already made the room as warm and as comfortable as I could, I had already gotten out a number of toy, oils and some lubricants, ready for the evenings activities. As we mad... Continue»
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Locked In My Room by loyalsock

'And so I said to the mailman. . .' Mom said while no one was listening.

We were having dinner and everyone was enjoying their meal, except for mom. She was talking about everything and no one was interested. Me and my s****r kicked each other beneath the table. I didn't like her that much. She was 20, one year older than me but she was always better at everything.

After everyone was finished mom hadn't had a bite of her food and started to gulp everything in.

'Come on Elice, we don't want to be late!' Said dad to mom.

They were going to some fancy show somewhere north. I hated ... Continue»
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I Cut Her Lawn and More

My mother had suggested I might consider cutting Ms Betty's lawn as none of the other boys in the neighborhood would. All the other mothers hated Ms Betty and wouldn't allow their sons to associate with her. She was one of my mom's friends and I thought nothing of it, so I agreed to do it every week. It seemed Saturday mornings would be best, so I put her in my schedule and planned on the following Saturday to the first.

I was doing a great job with my lawn cutting service, picking up new clients from word of mouth after I did a lawn or two, but my schedule was becoming full. I needed to sa... Continue»
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Bus Ride With S*ster 1 by loyalsock

How could I refuse?

My s****r had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. And suddenly I was being pressured to go with her.

Let me explain: Our f****y has always been adventurous. Meaning, we traveled a lot, especially when Christine and I were young. Christine's then-boyfriend was well aware of that fact, and he surprised her with tickets for a 3-day tour.

However, plans changed when Christine discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating... Continue»
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Bus Ride With S*ster 2 by loyalsock

"Now I'm going to be sticky," Christine sighed.

I looked at the side of the box, which was slowly leaking at a very minor pace. It hadn't even dripped to the floor yet, that's how slow it was. Yet my s****r was already worried about it.

"I think the next stop is less than an hour away. You should be fine. We'll clean it when the bus stops."

"Easy for you to say," she whispered with a sharp look on her face. "You're not the one sitting next to it. I am."

"I guess so, but..."

Before I could reply, Christine, my naked s****r, sat up and lightly jumped on my lap. Her naked ass was ... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.4

As I drove to the restaurant, I could see in the rearview mirror that mom and Janet were talking back and forth to each other but, I could not hear what they were saying, which told me they were whispering to each other.

Once I was parked in a parking spot at the restaurant and was getting out of the car I could see that mom and Janet's dress' had rode up more on their thighs, making it easier to see their bald pussy.

When I opened the back car door to let mom out of the car, I saw that the hem of her dress was just past the very bottom of her butt cheeks and I could see her pussy from t... Continue»
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