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S.I.L. Travel two

I was planning another business trip and then to my s****r-in-laws for a long weekend. So I called Debbie and told him that I was coming in for a long weekend and not to tell anyone except Lance. Debbie informed me that Lance will be gone the whole weekend returning on Wednesday. So I was thinking the two of us would be together Thursday on thru the weekend. I called Debbie with all my plans and when I would arrive. I surprised her and arrived Wednesday night she had to work on Thursday so nothing happened went to dinner and home. Thursday when she came from work she had her mom my Mother–in-... Continue»
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The story of how my wife became a Hotwife and foun

When my wife first met Dr, Sharon C. it was her first day at work. Sharon was an orthopedic surgeon and my wife was her new assistant. Sharon was your typical doctor...driven, confident, and the boss. My wife was more nurturing and had a better bed side manner. They were opposites but the made it work. They did share a lot of interests and became good friends. We had hung out with Sharon and her husband Jake many times. Sharon's bitchiness wore on my wife. Bonnie would constantly say she was going to quit, but she didn't because of their friendship. As life moved on my wife and I had begun our... Continue»
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Future mother in law approval

It was a warm Sunday afternoon and Mandy was getting ready for her night out with John, John had been asking Mandy out for some time and decided she had made him beg enough, to go on a date. As she got undressed she looked at herself in the long mirror in her bedroom, Mandy was 19yrs old and worked as a beauty consultant in a huge department store in the city, she lived at home with her parents Alan and Dula as well as her b*****rs Andrew and Carl, Mandy had a younger s****r Stacey who was 17 and at the moment away travelling, Mandy and Stacey were close and had spoken about a hour earlier. Ma... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

"Happy Anniversary," said Joyce.

"Mmmnnn, one week today," said Dawn as she stretched and opened her eyes. She rolled over on the bed so she was half lying on her Mom. One of her hands moved to her Mom's nearest tit to squeeze the sexy mound, the other slid over the MILF's mons, stroking the smooth flesh. The teen's lips went down lightly onto her Mom's, the kiss tender, but sensual, "Happy Anniversary."

Joyce giggled as her daughter's hands slid down, but she also knew Friday was a school day, "Later... when you g... Continue»
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Boi CD Hooker

There I stood, by the gas station waiting for my next "client" to come along. "Client" makes it sound so professional. Shit, I was waiting for
some horny old man to come by and pay me for my ass. I admit I looked good. All 5 ft of me, long black hair, smooth tanned skin, wearing
tight torn daisy dukes with a hole in the ass for easy access and a bra covered by a leather jacket. No underwear, of course. That just gets in the
way. I'd had three "clients" tonight. I'm sure i could have another soon. Who were these clients? Whoever would pay my fee. What do they look
like, I don't usually reme... Continue»
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Abordo un bus,al pagar pasaje, d reojo observo a una angelote sentada del lado d la ventanilla, el a siento a su lado: desocupado, “gracias”, l digo al chof, doy vuelta y kedo d frent a ese angel, como d unos 23 años kizas, avanzo dos pasos, ya aun costado d ella, mis ojos s posan en el costado d su pierna k cubierta x un panto de mezclilla, y su bolso sobre ella, m siento, acomodo mi acompañante, en mi posición clásica comienzo a rozarl en su pierna x debajo d mi chamarra, leve, dismuladamente, otra vez, algo incomodo pues lo abultado d la chamarra d esta chika, no me permitia como siempre... Continue»
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The Human and The Gliesen

Two different species get intimate on a moon's colony - furry/non-human and human.
Author’s note: Here’s a story for furry/non-human fans. All planets/moons/stars mentioned in the story are real – except the planet Gliese-H. I think this is a cute story. I had fun using my imagination.

Chapter 1

Ryan sat alone in the cafeteria eating a horrid combination of what he surmised to be thawed preprocessed food mixed with military rations. It was all the facility had. They might as well have just offered the humans protein powder instead of attempting to make this garbage r... Continue»
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Doing Jessica and Getting a Big Surprise

The story of how I Fuck Jessica and Get a BIG Surprise!

She was really good looking, her bikini barely covering her big amazing tits and drop-dead ass and legs. She was sunning by the pool, her skin slick with oil and sweat. I had been watching her, trying to not let my hard cock show like a tent pole in my bathing suit. Apparently I failed, because as she turned over from her front to sun her back she noticed me, and gave me a big smile and wink.

This was many years ago, before I was married. I worked for a firm that conducted conferences around the U.S. so I got to travel fairly... Continue»
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Black Neighbor,Wife and Me-Please Rate and Comment

My Black Neighbor and my Wife
My Daughter (and I Sucked my Black Neighbor) Now he wants my Wife-True Story
part 1
I live in a Condo Complex with my wife and daughter- I have a black neighbor in the complex who i always chat with . He is about 40 yrs old but solid. The kind of Black stud i always fantasized my wife fucking!
He always points out white women in our complex that he'd love to fuck and even showed me pics of one sucking his dick! I got so turned on that he told me he had more and took me inside his apt to show me videos of him with white girls (usually much younger- 18-23).
He ... Continue»
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Christie's Plea

Mark and I were lying in bed late the other night when he asked me if I really liked being the center at his parties. I honestly thought that was a dumb question. I mean, didn't he see how much I enjoyed it? How I moaned every time I felt warm cum splash onto my naked body? And to top it off I surprised him not too long ago by joining the chosen girl in the foreplay in order to receive what I had been craving. Ok, so when he first told me about the fetish I thought he was weird. I'm a big girl and I'll admit it. But once I had that experience in the gym at the 'second' party, I've yearned for ... Continue»
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Wedding Day

This is a true story as told to me by Ted from Dallas. Enjoy!
I am twenty five years old, this happened to me eight years ago, it was my first time to have sex. One of my cousins was getting married. They invited the our whole f****y which to us was a little weird as we hardly ever saw these people. But they were paying for the hotel room so we all went. They had rented the whole floor of this fancy hotel in downtown. There were f****y members there that I had never met. My aunt and her husband were throwing this wedding and get together. My aunt, my dad's older s****r, her name was Mona.... Continue»
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My Son’s Secret Desire!

My son was a growing concern for me. He had always been a good boy but unfortunately due to me being a single mother he had never had any male role models. As he became a teenager I kept waiting for him to begin to show an interest in girls but he never seemed to care. As his teenage years progressed I started to think that perhaps he was gay. I started to convince myself that I would be ok with that if it was the case. I started to deliberately look through his stuff when he was not around and finally I came across something. I f... Continue»
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Jake Part XVIII - Creative Anachronism

Thank you all for being such faithful readers. I love interacting with my fans! If you want to read these faster, please go to my post on voat:
I post there first, Reddit second, and here last because it's harder to get to through work firewalls and it has that long wait time for posting.

After all the excitement and sunshine at the beach, Jake wanted to go somewhere cool and relaxing. Petra agreed with him about the heat, but had other ideas about the calm.
“Anyplace is calm and peaceful for us,” she argued. “You can make the world qui... Continue»
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Games That Grown-ups Play - Part 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups Play - Part 2

"What are you looking at?" asked Dawn opening her eyes. She had always been able to be instantly alert, like her s*ster, but unlike her Mom who was a gradual waker. The fact Joyce was cradled in Dawn's arms with her eyes open and a small smile on her face said she had been awake for a while - otherwise she'd still be yawning.

"Nothing," blushed Joyce, moving her eyes upwards and away from her daughter's face.

"Liar," said Dawn, grinning. It was obvious that her Mom had been staring at her daughter's sexy featu... Continue»
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b*****r Caught Peeking At s****rs Pt 2

If you recall from b*****r Caught Peeking at s****rs, f******n year old Jim had finally admitted to his mom that he peeked through an already open door and saw his three older s****rs naked and playing with each other. He also admitted that he had his first erection and ejaculation and that his s****r’s caught him. He told his mom that he was curious about sex and seeing his s****rs, so his mom Ann, stripped naked in Jim’s room and taught him about a woman’s tit and pussy. She pointed out the various parts and Jim touch and kiss her tits and clit. Ann had an orgasm when she had her son suck o... Continue»
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Babysitter, Wife, Dad, Mother-in-Law and Me

Originally published as Best Father's Day Gift Ever but due to low response I am re-posting under a different title.

True story

If you have read our earlier posts, you will know that nearly 6 years ago my dad, Liam, had done a nude painting of Babs, which she gave to me for my birthday. You will also know that Babs and my dad have had sex before also on more than one occasion. My dad and I look very much alike so it wasn’t difficult to see why Babs fancied him so.

Last year, Bab’s mom Helen was visiting at the same time my dad was and the two of them hit off and got married. Helen ... Continue»
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Can I Borrow Your Phone - An Adult Story

was out of town making some sales calls. It had been a long day on the road. I pulled over to get a six pack to bring back to my room. I was staying on the 7th floor. I walked passed the tourist in the lobby. I smiled at the front desk girl as she waved to me. I just shook my head when I saw a big crowd of people walking down the hall toward me. There must be a big convention staying at the hotel. Most of the people were in business suits as they walked passed me. I was in some tan pants and a white button down shirt. I had some brown sandals on.

I had my cold six pack in one hand as I... Continue»
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Wet Wipes - An Adult Story

Wet Wipes

A Golden Shower

Shugar Lips

Same Story Written with 3 different Middles and Endings

The Same characters with 3 different outcomes to a story

Trying something Different

Hope everyone likes



I just graduated a few weeks ago. My parents were trying to get me out of the house more. I had studied hard the last few months before the end of school. I got some money for graduating. Now I did not have to get a job until the end of Summer. Most of my friends had to get a Summer job right away. It kinda of sucked not hanging out with them now. I staye... Continue»
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And Her s****r Makes Three

My partner, Sue, and I have been together for a year living on our own in comfort in a large detached house on the coast near Salcombe.

In our forties we're both on our second relationships and have a great time living life to the full enjoying our common interests of sailing, walking, eating, drinking and socialising. Better still our sex life is fantastic and we fuck ourselves silly. Until recently I thought it couldn't get better! That was until her younger s****r, Anne, came to stay after breaking up with her hubby.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea and felt she would be an intr... Continue»
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Working Late at the Diner

I am working the night shift late, at Amy's, a dank seedy diner on the wrong side of town. I sigh, as I look past my reflection in the dirty window glass to see the rain. Trevor loves the rain. I think sadly to myself. I wonder what he is doing while I toiled away at this job. I sigh and then my eyes narrow as they see my reflection in the glass. Ralph, the diner's owner has just issued us new uniforms, again. The top cut so low that my ample breasts were straining to get out. I turned to see the back is high enough, that my blue satin panties peek out, when I move my hips. I grumble, as I pul... Continue»
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