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sex with cousin ! not real

When I started high school, I moved from my town to another. Lies to our home will aunt, having pretty space, the better our families go. Aunt had two c***dren, one 15 years old Goc, the 9 year old son. At the beginning of my kushen already taste as the s****r, but then day to day living near her inadvertently imagined. Body had developed, with full thighs, CICA as an apple Orange bum round, about 1 .60 long. Sweet blonde. Days passed, and provided with eksitonte always more .. When the gel only caught like the joke, here touching breasts or buttocks has compressed cock out. Tossed became red ... Continue»
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How I Lost My Virginity

My folks divorced when I was just f******n. It was a weird kind of situation as my Dad would spend weekends at the house while maintaining an apartment in town. We lived out in the country and I didn't make it to town very often. I worked across the road at the golf course. I spent most of my Summer working and playing golf. Every day I was at the golf course. I didn't mind it but sometimes I got bored in the evenings.

It was a Beautiful Spring day in late May. I had worked that day in the pro shop and finished locking up and headed home. I saw Dad's car in the drive way. I figured... Continue»
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Can't get enough Big Black Cock

I'm in a lesbian relationship my girlfriend found out well she doesn't really know how much me and Joey did. She only caught our text to one another. Maybe about a week before that day she found the text. Joey and I met at a hotel we would talk on the phone he is a friend of mine from school. He always had a crush on me. We saw each other by chance at an airport. We exchanged phone numbers. I told him I was in a gay relationship he asked me for how long. I told him over 3 years, his remark was ..... so your pussy is really tight. I can't believe he had said that. But it opened up our... Continue»
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Wife turned into a BBC Whore (Part 6)

“Fuck me you bastard, fuck me, you can do better than that, come on, fuck me” my wife said as I pumped her doggy style. But there it was, right where I could see. A tattoo on her right shoulder was the number 515, a signature symbol of the largest gang in our area. Next to it was the queen of spades, a symbol reflecting that she preferred black men. “Come on fuck me, feel that nigger cum in my pussy, feel it all over your small white cock.” Jamal her bull with a 10-11 inch nigger cock, had just fucked her in front of me for the um-teeth time and filled her pussy full of his nigger cum agai... Continue»
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How to train your dragon sex with toothless. part

Astrid cast her eyes on her axe before looking back to Toothless. He simply lay there waiting and accepting his fate. She could bring her axe down and end his life. End the life of her Hiccups guardian, first and best friend. If Toothless had shown himself the day after her ****, his bl**d would already be seeping across the floor. Today, however, she was conflicted. What she said to Hiccup was true she loved this b**st. Hiccups stuttered suggestion ran through her head and she had to focus to prevent herself from ripping her clothes off and riding Toothless and Hiccup into the ground.

Astr... Continue»
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A mum teaches 1

A mum teaches 1
My mum, is the typically English matronly lady, she`s 40ish, medium height, perhaps a pound or two overweight, shapely but smackable bum, tits large but not huge and beginning to head south, surprisingly shapely legs, brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that lights up a dull day.
She is every lad of 15`s wet dream, and she`s now mine, not my dream, But my conquest, my sexual partner and it came about some couple of months ago.
Better than that my old dad knows so we don’t have to be secretive and he approves as long as he still gets his weekly ration in the same old ... Continue»
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night show movie

Hi! I have seen several stories over here from mother’s perspective! How about a son’s perspective? So I am writing my experience. You can call me Ajith and I have no guilt in saying I am a motherfucker. In fact I enjoy being a mother fucker. In my opinion there is no other cunt in this world better than mother’s cunt for fulfilling our carnal desires. For me, my mom’s heavily fucked baby-making pussy is tastier than an eighteen year old girl pussy. Growing up as a son in India, I was always taught to revere my mother. Infact mothers are even held higher than god! Hence we have a lot of respec... Continue»
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Confirming that I am a cuckold!!!

My wife Clare was with one of her old boyfriends, Wayne, for many years. He's a close friend of mine and I've always felt a little insecure about the fact that she was so devastated when they split up. And the fact that he's a tall, muscular, handsome and very popular chap.

We've been married over 10 years now and we still socialise with Wayne and his wife and attend the same parties and weddings as we still have the same group of friends. We've all got k**s now but still enjoy a good drink and knees up!

It was at one of these parties that I discovered that I truly am a cuckold!

We we... Continue»
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my mom is a doctor part-2

Hi to all ISS Readers. I am Rakesh writing the continuation of my experience “My Doctor Mom”. I and my mom use to make love regularly. We use to try all the positions by watching the cd of Kamasutra. When I was alone I use to think whether all the things I am doing with my mom is a dream or what. Because she was the lady of my dreams, she was my heroine. One night after we made love and relaxing in each other’s hug she said that she wants to marry me. I said why so mom. She said I want to live at least one day as your wife. I said you are my wife when we started love making and kissed her on t... Continue»
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my mom is a doctor part1

Hi, this is Rakesh writing my experience. I am studying engineering 3rd year. My f****y consists of 3 members. Father, mother and me. My parents are doctors and are working in a private hospital. My parents loved each other and married when they are in the 2nd year of medicine against the wish of their parents. I was born in the 3rd year of their medicine. At that time mom was 23 years old when she gave birth to me. My dad died in an accident when I was in 8th class. At that time mom was 35 years old. From that time on mom took care of me and all the house hold activities. She never made me th... Continue»
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Clare Part 7

Clare - The love triangle
Part 7
We just had our first threesome, with his s****r and go to a swingers party.
I felt ready to tackle what promises to be a difficult day but I shouldn’t have worried. I was so happy and so in love. Sandra, Zac and I were just like every normal threesome, with a slight twist. A f****y twist, if you read my previous story, you know Sandra and Zac are siblings. We got on so well, she and I had so much in common and there were no weird feelings or any remorse. I knew they loved each other too.

Friday we had a great day at the resort without doing much. We all ... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls 5/1 - Carleigh

The Plan

"Good afternoon, Mr. Aston," Michael welcomed him into his office. He had received a phone call from him last week, requesting a meeting to discuss his daughter, Carleigh. Or more correctly, his stepdaughter, Carleigh. Michael read the file of Carleigh. Not a "scholarship girl," but a true british belle, from an aristocratic f****y. Her father had died in a car accident five years before, leaving the f****y fortune to her mother and herself when she reached the age of 25, a considerable sum of money. There were numerous society page articles in the file, it seemed her mother had re... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Chapter 13 Rachelle AND

Rachelle was horrified as she thought of how she had cum over and over again with a strangers (mine) cock in her married pussy, mouth and devouring and using her body. She was ashamed and guilty, how could a married preachers daughters do this! How could she fuck me and enjoy it so, when she knew it was so wrong and why did she slut herself so. It made her feel worse she had been fucking in her s****rs house. But, Rachelle, also could not but get her sore pussy wet and her nipples would harden as she remembered everything I had done to her and how she responded. She was horrified that both I,... Continue»
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Mrs Walker

Mrs Walker
I was born in a very small village in the Cotswold area of the UK, with about twenty-five houses a small pub, and village shop come post office. Everyone knew everyone’s business, and my nearest friend lived thirty minutes away by bicycle, I attended an all boys school, and I’m an only c***d. My sex education was none existent, the local shop didn't have a top-shelf magazine section, there was no internet, and the girls of my village were too old to take notice of me or too young.
Our house was the biggest of the village, situated on a small rise next to the new vicarage, new... Continue»
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Sandy Revisited

Following on from the Ted and Sandy foursome and the promises we all gave about not seeing each other sexually after our encounter, well Sandy could not help herself wanting more of my cock it was like a lioness had been un-caged.

Sandy was starting to come into our house on an evening more and more to enjoy a social drink with Suzy after work. To be honest, Suzy enjoyed the woman’s company as much as I always hoped they would get a bit too much to drink and I reaped the benefit by getting a 3some.

On this particular Friday night, some months after our 4some I had been out on a boy’s n... Continue»
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Alisha lends a hand

Tommy was frustrated.

It was a week after leaving the hospital with his casts and already he was sick of not being able to use his hands. He couldn’t greet people or search porn on the computer. He couldn’t even jerk off, which was probably what was making him the most frustrated. That afternoon, his s****r was not helping at all! She had come home from Uni dressed in a tight fitting top and mini skirt, with her hair done up in pigtails, but the amount of cleavage she was showing, was more than enough to 'frustrate' Tommy even more, which was probably why when she asked him how his day was,... Continue»
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my life so far! diary of a sex addict!

i first had sex when i was 14 years old, it was with a girl who was 18, in a field in Tallagh.(Dublin).
it did not last very long but i knew i was hooked. the worse thing about having sex so young is it was 2 year before i had sex again.
i was engaged at 17 to a girl 2 years older than me and at 17 i thought all my dreams had come true, i was head over heels crazy about this girl.
i had my first 3some with her a a friend of hers who did not even like me but it was such a rush. 17 years old having sex with 2 woman then seeing them licking and fingering each other was mind blowing.
short... Continue»
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Girlfriend comes home

True story here happened last weekend.

We live in Phoenix AZ me and my girl have lived together for 2 years now. During sex we talk dirty about how hot it would be for her to fuck another guy. Well last weekend she took our fantasy and made it a reality. It was Friday night and I had to be at work early the next day, my scheduled monthly Saturday to work. Her friend had invited her to a party and she wanted me to go with her. I told her I wanted to but would not be able to get up at work on time so I told her to go ahead and go. She did not want to go by herself but I told her I was o... Continue»
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my neighbour big tittis wife

As i told you in my first par im Mihai.After Carmen has suck my cock she has left for a week of city,Iwas scared thet she has moved away.I have ask mom if she knew something of she.Mom said that she left at her parents for a week to chill.In weekend i have saw the car of Carmen in her garage.In my mind i was think to go and say hello but i was scared because i have not knew what she will said.After one hour i have heard the phone ringing i have pick up and i have heard her sweet voice,she has ask me were is my mom and if she can go to her.I have told my mom what Crmen said and she go at her.I ... Continue»
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The First Time My Brother Shared Me

I've always thought my big b*****r Donny was incredibly sexy. I've watched him come out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist, his hairy chest showing and his big cock sticking out below. I love checking out his cute ass when he walks around the house naked (it is hot in Florida and we are always naked). I use him in my fantasies to masturbate most of the time. He was and is my first live. Donny has long hair and his blue eyes shine. When he went away to UCSD for a while a few years back, I was so sad, going to high school all by my lonesome. I missed my b*****r and lover. ... Continue»
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