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Fragments: Lesbos Fact and Fantasy

Sappho was a poet born in Eresos on the Greek island of Lesbos in about 600 BC, She wrote many heterosexual love poems, but is most remembered for her graphic depictions of the physical love between women. She gave the world two present-day words: Sapphic from her name (meaning sexual relationships between women, who can be homosexual or bi-sexual) and of course the ‘lesbian’ (simply meaning a female homosexual).
Unfortunately only fragments of her poetry remain; it is not even known whether all writings are meant to rhyme.
This story is written as a series of fragments for a g... Continue»
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The start of a cuckold relationship

All was good for a few months. Sophie and I were having great sex and had a good f****y routine,. All seemed fine.
During the month of November Sophie had been texting people from her phone more than normal and was also being much colder in the bedroom. She seemed to take great delight in teasing me and verbally abusing me. Calling me a "loser" with a "wiener" among other things. She would watch porn or text people as I greedily licked her pussy. After she had reached orgasm i would be allowed to fuck her and cum in her as long as i cleaned it all up afterwards by licking up every drop. Then... Continue»
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A mommy's Love

Being a 36 years old single mom has meant that I have gone a long time without sex as I was concentrating on raising the sunshine of my life, my only son. We have always been very close as it has been just the two of us – no boyfriends, no husbands. Only a mother can understand when I say that the love between us is unbreakable. The absence of lovers in my life has not been for lack of male attention. I am not bad looking - my breasts are a little heavy, one could say sagging just a little from years of breast feeding, I breastfed Pat until he was 5 years old, and to be truthful the latter ye... Continue»
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raised as a daughter

This was a dream. Pure fantasy

I was born on April first. Fools day.
My mother had 5 girls ranging from 4-10 when I was born.
Dad's a VP at a large bank, and goes on business trips 4-5 times a year from a few days to weeks, so I never had a steady father figure at home. While I was still in diapers my s****rs would dress me like a girl or one of their dolls. As I got older everyone thought I was a girl.
They would put frilly under pants on me, one of their dresses and a bonnet. Wheel me around the block like I was their baby s****r. The women would say how precious, and the girls wo... Continue»
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Impregnating my mother

Ever since I was a little boy I was afraid of thunderstorms, and
whenever there was a particularly violent one at night, I would run to
my parents bedroom and climb into their big king size bed, where my
mother would hold me until the storm abated. I literally shook with
fear, and only the warmth of her body holding me close, and her
soothing voice could calm me down. One such occasion when I was twelve
took a different twist, we were experiencing the worst storm I had ever
witnessed, the thunderclaps were so loud the house literally shook on
its foundations.

The lightning bolts wer... Continue»
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My s****r in law with 18 year olds.

My s****r in law hasn't been fucked for many years because her husband (not my b*****r) cannot get it up. He will not lick or suck her and he will not let her give him a blow job.

Jane is very proper, sings in the choir, has never watched porn so is innocent for her age 50+. Jane has grey hair that she has died blond and cut in a modern style. She has a curvy figure topped of by boobs that every man would love to suck. When she is at the net and I am serving I have to really concentrate to keep my mind on the job in hand. However, I usually take my time so I can enjoy the sight of her great... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 11

After we changed places Jason spread open his ass cheeks like I had done and I started working his bung hole with my tongue. I started jacking his cock as I stuck my tongue as deep as I could in his musky hole. It wasn’t long before he pushed me away and I let him calm down some before I started sucking his balls working my way up to his cock.

I sucked him for a short while and then figured this was as good of a time as ever to see if he wanted to do something that I had read about. Our friend Brian from school had given me a book a few months before that he had gotten from his older b*****... Continue»
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Dads Little Slut got pregnant

Kavita stretched her lithe young body out along the lounge chair with a groan, her skimpy bikini barely covering her perky tits and shaved pussy lips. “What’s wrong, honey?” asked her equally sexy mother, Geeta, as she lounged on the chair next to her daughter.

“I’m just so frustrated, mom! Ashok and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past year, and nothing is happening! I want my belly filled with a baby!” She pouted as she ran her fingers over her slim, tanned 20 year old belly.

“I know baby, there’s nothing like having your tummy stretched with a baby and your tits fi
... Continue»
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Another Steamy night

Went for my usual Steam and sauna last night and had a lovely time ;-)
There were 2 lovely middle aged ladies in tonight. A Spanish looking lady with cute boobs wrapped in an orange see through boob tube style bikini top with a pair of flower pattern hotpants type bottoms on. She only around 5ft but what a sexy figure. She certainly looks after herself.
The other lady from china possibly?. Great figure again and a peach of an ass
Well between hopping from the steam room to the sauna I was in the steam alone with the Spanish lady.
I had already cut the net out my shorts as it was restric... Continue»
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Mum's Hand

A fictional story that has no connection to any person living or dead.

Hi I’m Tim also known as Timbo, Timmy, Tim and Timothy, I am 18 and this is my story.

My mother passed away when I was 6 and dad was devastated, he met a lovely lady called Beth she had 2 boys Jack and Garry, we all got on well and after a few years they moved in, it was cool having 2 b*****rs as football was the game and as we all supported different teams the rivalry was brilliant, Beth was the same age as dad and very modern, in her looks, dress sense and the way she looked at things, on the odd occasion I would ... Continue»
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Mom Makes My Fantasy Come True

It was the summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I was working nights as a busboy, smoking weed almost daily, although I’d been caught by my parents and threatened by my father that if I’d do it again, he’d kick me out into the street. That would have been a real disaster because I couldn’t possibly function on my own out in the real world. I had no confidence, was constantly being told by dad that I wasn’t measuring up, and had basically become a loner. I was still a virgin and had only kissed a girl once – and she was so d***k that she ended up throwing u... Continue»
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My turn tu use Helena

My turn to use Helena

My old friend Jorge had agreed to give me her slut wife Helena for one night…
She was going to submit to my commands; with no question about the matter.

Jorge was flying out of town early in the afternoon. My sweet wife Ana was visiting some friends in a near city; so, she would not be aware of that matter; unless Helena would tell her anytime.

I bought some stuff at the mall for Helena. I got a sexy black push-up bra for her tits; to leave her nipples showing out. A pair of black “fuck me pumps” and a black dress with just the right sexy cleavage and long eno... Continue»
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87 Avis gives Jon`s father`s day treat

87 Avis gives Jon`s father`s day treat

Yesterday was Fathers Day here and since I have no k**s of my own and Carmen has hers from her first marriage, she still treats me to dinner and whatever
I want.
Avis and I decided to pay a visit to this favourite place of ours and so we drove over to an adult bookstore for what we had hoped would be a nice little visit.
Avis dressed in a sheer white blouse, left her bra off so that her tits were outlined, short sandy coloured skirt and of course, 4" white stiletto heels.
They have a booth in there that can handle 4 people so we took that ... Continue»
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86 Avis and Jon`s shareing her mum

86 Avis and Jon`s shareing her mum

I continued to have sex with my mother after that first time, usually at the insistence of my dad, for many more years. When I married Joe it was a while after he met mom that he got a show of the two of us and his first taste of mom.

Jon and I had stopped by mom`s house for an afternoon lunch and after having had sex that morning with Jon, I was still feeling a little horny. I noticed before that Jon had taken an interest in mom by the way he told me how hot she looked. I agreed with him and for some reason, besides being horny, I decided that he ... Continue»
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Shocking, Disgusting, Factual, and Reality.

I feel I'm no different from any other woman alive. I want my freedom as our forefathers envisaged, not domination or subjugation, that's a sexual state of mind, not a gender or a political thing.

To see a beautiful young woman, a teenager, or younger, and want to lift her skirt, pull her pants down, and have those minutes with her, then walk away, satisfied in the knowledge that you left her with something that could change her life forever, is a male dominating, testosterone loaded, fantasy that has been with us since time immortal.

The world over females have been crushed, used and a... Continue»
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Me and my s****r Lisa

I was in the bathroom showering, when Lisa came in the bathroom. " Get out. Why you always come in here when I'm in here" I say. " Oh shut up nobody want to see you, I don't feel like going downstairs to the other bathroom and you a'int got nothing I want to see anyway" she laughs and says, as she sits on the toilet and plays on her phone. I continue to shower and ignore her little ass. We shared a common bathroom, as it was accessible from both of our rooms. Lisa was my younger s****r. I was older than her by 3 years. Our older b*****r was away at College and it was just Lisa and I and o... Continue»
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My defeate. (Teacher X Student)


All my life I was bullied right up until I decided to take matters into my own hands. Sure I would still get bullied for a short while but then it stopped because they'd end up slammed against any hard surface I could find. I stopped taking matters into my own hands when I met a guy. I know I know totally cliché, but this guy was special. Trouble is he was my teacher and I knew that nothing would come of it however it wouldn't stop me from fantasiz... Continue»
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True story about my mum

They say the truth comes out when d***k.
My relationship with my mum has not always been normal, in that there has been occasions when i was in my late teens my mother would come back from the pub with a man. On one occasion i lay in my bed listening to my mum next door with a guy she met in the pub screaming her head off, bed springs squeaking and head board crashing off wall, it must have went on, on and off from between maybe 4am and 10am. I can honestly say i have never heard a woman get fucked so hard before.
It is not normal to walk in to the local pub and hear rumours being discussed ... Continue»
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Beer, boats & blowjobs!

A couple weeks after the baseball game with Gail, her son & daughter in law (my former step b*****r & s****r in law) were having a little get together for their side of the f****y and Gail mentioned it to me. Since it was her side, my ex wouldn't be there. I had nothing going on that day I figured I'd spend the day there eating, drinking, and enjoying the sun.

A little about Gail's son & daughter in law. Her son, Jeff, is a borderline train wreck. He works, and is very good at his job, but when he's not at work he likes to smoke weed, eat pills (pain killers & muscle relaxers are his thing... Continue»
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f***ed to be Female Pt2

Back in my room I lay on the bed trying to come to terms with the fact that I was being f***ed to become a woman. I kept looking at where my testicles had been, trying to see what they had done to me.
My penis had been pulled back into the space where my testicles had been and then they had stitched it flat. I soon found that I had to sit in order to go to the toilet.
I felt my face and arms. They were so smooth and free of hair. My chest was bare and smooth too and I looked at my nipples for any tell tale signs that might suggest that I was growing breasts. My nipples felt sensitive and I c... Continue»
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