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Richie & Mummy episode 8

I awoke with a wonderful, warm, intense feeling spreading throughout my body from my loins. I propped myself up on one elbow, and saw Richie lying on his belly at the bottom of the bed, his face jammed into my pussy. He was holding apart my swollen and engorged labia with his hands, and alternately gently lapping my wet cunt, and then making his tongue hard and fucking me with it. “Mmmmmmm, that's a lovely way to wake up your mother, darling....” He raised his eyes to acknowledge that he had heard what I said, but he continued to concentrate his attentions on my cunt. Now and then he was flic... Continue»
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Brahmin Boy And His Mom

This is a start to a very long journey…

School days bring memories of all the playing and mischief played, that is to a person born and schooled before 1990s. But for a person born and schooled in the nineties it was not the same. It includes: when they got their first ps, ipod, and more importantly at what age they were exposed to porn, attained puberty, first GF, date, night out(mind it all are different) and even more importantly seeing the gooey liquid come out of the body, from where urine comes out.

Mine too went through all these phases. Born into a modern, yet conservative Brahmi... Continue»
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My Husband's Celebration, His Boss's Rew

“I’ll be ready when you get here!” I reassured my husband as he called from his cell phone. Tonight was a dinner party at his boss’s house, in honor of that man’s boss. My husband was invited as the top sales manager of the company, and had just closed a deal worth over half of a million dollars. It was time for a celebration!

Tony wanted me to dress for the occasion, to be his trophy for the night. I am his wife, so a trophy he wants, a trophy he gets! I showered and did my hair, leaving it down and long, my brown locks shiny in the light of the bathroom. I even used extra condition... Continue»
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A special party for 5 Episode 1

The man who calls himself pervert arranged a special party. He speaks very politely to women, and he knows how to make the smile. He met these girls at a bar the other night and invited them for a few rounds. These girls were Rebecca, Lizmary, Lizvette, Maria, Lizbeth.

Rebecca was around 5'4, petite, brown skin, long curvy hair and the face of Pocahontas.

Lizmary had lighter skin and straight hair. she had a nice ass and pretty eyes.

Lizvette also had lighter skin and straight hair, but she wore glasses, made her look kind of nerdy, but that was hot. She also had a nice pair of breas... Continue»
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Double Exposure... Part III

Double Exposure... Part III
a reality-based fiction by DizzyD

The saga of the Evans twins and their friend Leah comes to a climax!

This is Part III of a three part erotic novel. If you haven't read the first two parts, I recommend you do so by linking it here:

If you have... then on to the finale!

A thin line of morning sun shined through the curtains and onto the queen-sized bed where the three naked teenagers lay sound asl**p. Sarah Evans, her fraternal twin Steve, and her best friend Leah Benjamin had spent the previous evening enga... Continue»
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Orgy Surprise At A Festival

Bella is a slut that I know that whenever I am feeling down or in need of a good blowjob, well she could write books on how to make a man cum!  So Friday evening around 7:00, when things were dead at work, I closed up the store and gave her a call.  She said to come on by that she was up for a little fun.
Now Bella had bigger tits than a porn star when she was 12, or so she says, and now that she is almost 30 they have grown to the point that I bet even nuns look at her in appreciation and a little jealousy!!  She told me once that when she was a junky (she has been clean for 5 years now) ... Continue»
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Does This Make Me Gay?

Does This Make Me Gay?

Please reply in the comments below to let me know what you think. Feel free to call it like you see it based on what I describe below.

To give you some context, I have always been a straight, heterosexual male who has only dated women throughout my life. I have fucked many women, pleasured them orally, and have received oral sex from them on many occasions.

However, over the past couple of years, I have noticed some small changes in me. I think that it first started with an exploration of the gigantic world of porn that is available on the internet. At first, I... Continue»
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Masturbation in the Park

This very evening, I was late leaving my place of work in the CBD. I had been playing an Android game called Ingress, and I had finally finished what I had wanted to do, and made a path for the train station. Because it was past 6PM, I couldn't enter from underneath the station. So instead I headed for the altenerate route, which cuts through a small park in the CBD which frequents considerable passers by.

I was walking around the concrete path at the edge, mostly looking at my phone and playing Ingress on the way back, when I glanced at a woman laying in the park. It was later in the eveni... Continue»
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Part 5

I came back to the motel about 5pm after my meeting and went to our room to change. Donning shorts and a shirt and grabbing a cold beer, I headed to the pool to find Carolyn. She was stretched out on a lounge chair catching some sun. She smiled as I sat down at the umbrella covered table in front of her chair. What I saw was incredible! Her well oiled body was covered by her new, and I found out later VERY expensive , bathing suit which consisted of two 2x2 inch squares connected by a fine string for her nipples and a 4 inch square thong that covered, or tried to, her cunt. She was arousing!! ... Continue»
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Finally we meet.....

------------ You know who you are.... xxx ----------------

We had spoken for well over a year. Flirting, teasing, enjoying the thrill of our forbidden and sexually charged exchanges.... All of the things that had stopped us from fulfilling our fantasy up until now had been removed... The distance, our partners, none of it stood in the way any more and we were finally able to see what would happen when all this built up sexual tension was allowed to flow free... To take it from fantasy to reality....

We had agreed that I would get a hotel room in the centre of town a... Continue»
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Head teacher final part (three is company)

As they picked up Kelly and set off Sally and Kelly had some fun in the back, Kelly was busy sucking Sally’s huge tits and fingering her pussy whilst Sally lay back enjoying the attention, arriving at the hotel and booking in once in the room Sally and Kelly paid attention to Brad, Kelly dropped to her knee’s and pulled his cock out sucking in deep into her mouth whilst Sally breast fed Brad while he rubbed her pussy over her thong. Stopping for a moment Kelly said “let’s get stripped and get on the bed”, in a flash Sally was naked and Brad as well both watching Kelly get naked, as Kelly strip... Continue»
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Chapter 2 My Sister and I Continue to Build

To continue my relationship with my s****r only made us closer . So after the first time we had sex that we never wanted it to end . So we kept having sex that just got better everytime .We both learned more on what was happening with her pussy and my cock as we new that the feeling we felt were not only sexual but emotional.Being young just made learning that touching each other and watching each other mature me starting to get peach fuzz then learning that the feeling of a orgasm that felt so special would only get better.It took both of us to tell one anoyher what the feeling was as we di... Continue»
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My twisted step-sister

My Mom got married to Dan my step-father when I was 14, Jen my step-s****r is f******n months older and on a 1-10 scale is easily an 8.5. Jen is crazy too and this story is about some of that crazy.
Jen short for Jennifer is an athlete too she is one of the best tennis players in this state, colleges are looking at her she is now in the tenth grade one year ahead of me. I have watched her make fools of some really good players. Last year she went out for the tennis team at our high school the coach was not going to let her play because of her age. He finally agreed to let her play her self on... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Sedcution Ch 12 Rachell

Rachelle was suspicious, and had horny dreams about me fucking her s****r Laura and wondering what my cock, a strangers cock, would feel like. She felt guilty, but horny. She remembered when her and her dad had played a long time ago. She got wet and horny. She was sitting at the breakfast table, tired and wondering about the sticky mess she found, it seemed like dried cum.

That day was uneventful and fun for all. Ray and I were gone a few hours with the k**s allowing s****rs to talk and gossip. We caught them on hidden camera and audio talking again about Laura's affair with me. Rachel... Continue»
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Another GF's daughter....

I met this American/Mexican woman Gina while I was knocking doors selling cable about 10 years ago. I remember it well, she kept talking to me even though I knew she wasn't going to buy it. She was in her mid thirties, and a stunner, if a bit of a weird one. She invited me in to sit at her kitchen table, and casually let her hand rest on my bare thigh, and my cock responded instantly. As I explained it further, she moved closer to me, now gently rubbing her hand on my thigh, and smiling at me while pushing her breast against my arm. Of course, I knew we could fuck, but she also had her k**s ar... Continue»
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South Indian Mom And Son Love – Lustful And

This story is fictional, and is about a forbidden relationship between a Mom and her son.

In a lower middle class f****y, Rajan (41) is a Bus driver working with the state transport corporation, he does night shifts on a regular route between Tuticorin to Chennai. He is home every alternate days and leaves at night for work, he seldom ends up with day off because the allowances and overtime always interested him rather than resting at home. Rajan’s wife Kalyani (40), a typical house wife took care of the little farm and cattle which were part of their house and made an extra living out of i... Continue»
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The Perverted Girl

A man who doesn't reveal his name drives through town, thinking of how horny he is. As he drives his pants are tight, with his cock pushing forward. His zipper is up, not allowing his cock to breath, pushing, hurting, but making him excited.

He parks near by a high school and opens up a bag of chips, accompanied by an energy drink. He eats a chip, and turns to the school, having long distance memories of his high school days. It seems like it was an eternity ago, making him feel old, but he was not even forty yet.

He remembers a day in September, 1998, a Friday. He decided to skip school... Continue»
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Chapter Six XHamster Profile for Love 2Bused

Chapter Six
XHamster Profile for Love2Bused

After we landed Jim's Limo took me to my new apartment on the grounds of his huge estate. I called it an apartment but, it was really an attached wing to the main house. Three bedrooms, fours baths, and furnished like expense was never even a consideration. It was beautiful and I knew right away I would miss it when my year was up.

Skippy then came running to meet me and was so exc... Continue»
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Jan had huge tits at a young age. She learned that the males loved big tits and she could use them for most anything she wanted. She grew up with her dad sucking her moms huge tits. He would lift the moms shirt and suck on her nipples anytime he felt like it. Her mom used her tits to get what she wanted from her dad. Jan did not realize how much her father hated the way her mom used her body for sex at her terms. When Jan was in high school her mom told her "Your dad knows the only way to my cunt is by sucking my tits. We are lucky to have a big set of tits to control our men." She then lifted... Continue»
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Mrs. Brooks

This true story happened long ago before a lot of you were even born. I was in high school, and I was one of the slow k**s and always had been. I don't know what it was, if I was just stupid or not applying myself or what. From an early age I wanted to work for the highway department and that's what I ended up doing when school was over. Everyone called me and still calls me highway.
I guess because I was one of the slow k**s I never got into girls much at all. I mean I thought they were pretty and smelled good but I never got horny or kissed or ran around trying to fuck them or jack off... Continue»
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