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A Cousin Shares

I go to visit my favorite cousin and her new husband.
Chapter 1

I grew up in a pretty successful f****y. My parents were both doctors, though they did not share the same practice or specialty, and my grandparents were mostly doctors and lawyers with a college professor thrown in.

I'm an only c***d and have three cousins, Sheila, she's three years older but my favorite, we've been close since I was little, then there's Morgan, he's somewhat older, now in his thirties, and there's Rebecca, she's also a few years older, working on her master's in marine biology.

Me, I'm Abby, short for... Continue»
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Father has pool party for daughter's birthday

Daddy helps Natasha become a woman.
I stood at the kitchen sink slowly working my way through the unusually large pile of dishes, glancing from time to time out of the window at the small group of k**s cavorting around the pool. k**s? I shook my head wonderingly, some of them didn't look much like k**s any more even though they were all of a similar age to my daughter Natasha. She had just turned 18, and this was a slightly belated birthday party. When she'd first asked for the party I was a little dubious, heck the last thing I needed was a tribe of screaming k**s around, but I couldn't real... Continue»
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Lust in the Backseat

Laura just couldn't stay awake any longer. She didn't care how mad her mom was going to be. It didn't make sense to her anyway why they all had to stay awake on the long drive from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. Her mother was the only one doing the driving. With a huff, Laura pulled her hood from her sweatshirt over her eyes, slumped down in the seat, and drifted off to dreamland.

Rick glared at his wife out of the corner of his eye. It was her dumbass idea to drive instead of fly to South Carolina and now she was complaining about having to do all the driving. Rick would love to drive hi... Continue»
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A s****rly Surprise

Jared discovers his s****r's long held secret.
At just over six and a half feet, Jared Williams had been widely recruited by a lot of major universities. With dark brown hair, near emerald green eyes and a build that turned a lot of women's heads, Jared knew he was an attractive looking guy. And as such, he could have dated just about any girl he'd set his mind to. If Jared had one flaw however, it was that he was extremely shy, innocent beyond words. Nearing twenty years of age in just a couple of month's Jared was still a virgin, something his older s****r Charlene, though he called her by ... Continue»
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b*****r & s****r

b*****r and s****r: An Unexpected Get Together

My s****r Vanessa and her husband Michael were probably the most idyllic couple I'd ever met, they positively glowed whenever they were in each other's company, and both being naturally happy, vivacious people, it was always a delight to be around them, although as I lived a few hundred miles away, that didn't happen all that often, so when I got the call from Vanessa inviting me to come and stay the weekend with them, I jumped at the chance. I was a couple of years older than Vanessa, so had kind of looked after her as she was growing through ... Continue»
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Waterfall fantasy

Written by a female friend. . .

It is a beautiful, sunny summer day. The weather could not be any more perfect. You give me a call and ask if I would like to go on a hike. I immediately say yes. Maybe my response was a bit too quick. You see, I have secretly lusted after you for a long time now. I decide today is the day. Today I am going to make “it” obvious.

You pick me up in your little black Porsche. Just the sight of you in that car makes me wet. We say our nervous hellos…it is awkward at first but we soon get into a comfortable banter and I know that everything is going to work ou... Continue»
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Step Mom Adventures , Chapter 1

Step Mom Adventures , Chapter 1

Background information
When i was around 10 my mam and dad split up leaving me and my s****r devastated , my s****r went to live with my mam and i went with my dad but visited my mam every once in a while. Being only 10 at the time i was unaware my dad was seeing someone else until i was introduced to my step mum, Sophie when i was 11 and i was told she was going to be living with us .After about 2 years me and Sophie were getting along great ,she seemed to be great and i really enjoyed spending time with her and my dad so it was no surprise... Continue»
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ENSLAVED (Chapter 1)

I awoke to a cold splash of liquid to my face! As my d**gged mind tried desperately to take in my situation, I struggled to sit up but realized I couldn’t. “Where am I?” “It feels like my arms and legs are in chains. And HOLY FUCK I am naked?” Realizing I could not see anything because there is a hood over my entire head and face, my panic jacked up tenfold. What the Fuck is going on here, I thought to myself. Then as if in a dream I heard two female voices speak. The first one said, “MMMMMM you found a good specimen Mistress Jasmine, we shall have fun with this one.” To which the other fema... Continue»
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ENSLAVED (Chapter 2)

I still have no idea what time it is or where I am... All I know is I have not been fed nor had anything to drink for over a day, and I have to pee really badly. I have now been chained to a bed; naked still wearing a hooded mask through which I can’t see a damn thing. I can still feel the pain in my legs and chest from the whipping I took by Mistress Jasmine just hours ago or was that yesterday? I can’t seem to stay awake long enough, these cunts are probably still d**gging me for all I know. I wonder if I have been gone long enough that my girl friend has alerted anyone that I am... Continue»
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ENSLAVED (chapter 3)

The sound of high heels filled my head again as they walked across the floor towards me and I could tell by there sound, I new who they belonged too. It was not Mistress Jasmine but her assistant. She stopped at the front of my bed and placed one hand on my head that was covered with a hood that I could not see. I felt the zipper covering my mouth being opened and the ball gag removed from my mouth. Are you going to be a good SLAVE she uttered! Yes, I replied quickly. “I have a surprise for you today my slave.” I was too nervous to ask what it was and didn’t want to get into trouble f... Continue»
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Friend's wedding night

Kristin and I had been best friends since high school, although most of our friends believe we were going to get together one day and get married. It just never happened. Whenever Kristin was single I was with someone and when I was with someone Kristin was single.

For the most part we never really thought about it and actually to be honest we joked around maybe once or twice about how we seem to always alternate. Kristin was a really cool friend to have. As a guy we never really know what women or at the time girls are thinking about. Having her around was like my special decoder whenever... Continue»
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Overnight Trip With Uncle Earl

It took a bit of convincing, but after several days of fierce negotiation Earl Francis agreed to drive his fifteen year old niece down to her grandparent's place where she could spend as month in the great outdoors. It wasn't that he didn't get along with young Willa. The fact was that he loved her to death. It was the idea of being trapped in a tiny car with a teenager for two days. It seemed to him that that was going above and beyond the call of familial duties. But they asked and they asked and they asked until he was worn down to nothing. When he finally said yes Willa threw her arms arou... Continue»
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Innocence Lost - 2

The next morning, Gwen was a little nervous when Dad served up her usual plate of bacon and eggs but it turned out to be just another meal. The girls met at school but did not mention anything about what had happened. They instinctively knew that if over heard their lives would likely change for the worse. After all they had instigated the i****tuous contact.

That evening Gwen called Pat for their usual chat. Pat announced "I have to do you one better so tonight I am going to sit on his lap without panties. Maybe I can make better contact." Gwen squealed "Who's the slut now?" Pat laughed "L... Continue»
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Proving To Mom That I Am Not Gay

Life's little twists and turns can surprise one. My prospects for employment were few and far between. I attended the local community college and worked part-time, but I needed more cash than that provided. I don't really know how it happened, but I found that I could make lots of cash with Internet porn, specifically the online webcams. I secured a decently paying gig talking trash and jerking my large cock on webcam for men and women - whomever wanted to pay to play, so to speak.

I also discovered that meeting people for sex paid very well. Women and men paid me to give them whatever the... Continue»
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An angel for trade

I suppose I should start by telling you a little about myself, I’m 34, 5’8”, fit, live alone.
My home is quite unique, it’s an ex-railway station, I bought it 5 years ago and have been renovating it ever since.
I grow cannabis in one of the storage buildings, nothing major, but enough to fund my project, I have a lot of regular customers, from d***ks to lawyers.
I usually do my rounds in the evening that leaves me free all day to work on my house.

I like sex just like the next guy, but being in the business I’m in, its not difficult to get laid, but I must admit, the last couple of yea... Continue»
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Mom's Best Friend Part 3

Chapter 5

The first thing Sharon noticed when she got home from school was the happy look on her mother's face and the gleam in her eyes. The next thing was the bouquet of long-stemmed, red roses. Despite being only thirteen, it wasn't hard for Sharon to connect the two, and to realize that there was just one missing ingredient--the man.
"You've got a boy friend!" she gasped aloud, not yet sure whether or not she liked the idea. "Tell me about him, Mother."
"You sound more like a mother talking to your daughter," Mary told her. "Just for that, I'm not going to tell you a thing about him--... Continue»
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Mom and her boys

Jackie Malone pulled into her driveway and pressed the button for the automatic garage door opener. After work she stopped by a local grocery store where she did some shopping for dinner which she would be making later that evening. Her three boys came running out of the side door to help her carry the groceries inside. She popped the trunk as her boys kissed her on the cheek one by one. Her husband John greeted her as well. She kissed him on the cheek and said with a smile. "What do I owe this nice welcome to?" John was smiling "How was work honey." Jackie took off her jacket and handed her p... Continue»
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Innocence Lost - 1

Gwen and Pat had been best friends since kindergarten. Their Mothers even worked the same late shift at the local factory. Gwen's Mom was shift supervisor while Pat's worked on the assembly line. Now at the age of 14 the girls knew each other's most intimate secrets and no topic was taboo. Their usual chats were dominated by boys they liked and how far they would go given the chance. One night Pat mentioned "I think your Dad is the sexiest out of all our friend's Fathers. In fact I was talking to the other girls and we voted him our favourite FILF." More than a little shocked, Gwen felt a twin... Continue»
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Mom's Horse Hunger Part 4

Chapter 5

Patti opened her eyes to the morning sun. A flush of desire swept over her as she remembered the day before. It had been a day of exploration and discovery, and she quickly jumped out of bed, knowing today would be even better.
Dressed in shorts and top, she scurried downstairs. "Mommy! Mommy!" She ran to the kitchen. "Mom--" The kitchen was empty.
She spotted a note on the table. A frown clouded her face as she discovered her mother would be gone for most of the day. Blazer had to be groomed for tomorrow's horse show.
"Damn," she muttered as she rummaged through the ... Continue»
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Mother With The Hots Part 5

Chapter 9

It was late when Marilyn awoke.
She had been sl**ping deeply and for a moment failed to understand whatwoke her up. Then she felt it again and smiled.
She was sprawled across the bed, uncovered. Donny was down between herspread thighs, licking and kissing her smooth ass, caressing ittenderly.
Marilyn wiggled her ass against his lips and tongue. "Mmmm, what a niceway to wake up." she murmured.
"I thought you were still asl**p, Mom." he said, then playfully goosedher in the ass with his tongue.
"Hey, you little mother-fucker!" she squealed and rolled onto her back.She gra... Continue»
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