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Meeting My Old West Hooker Rachel in College

At one time in our lives we all have met that crazy “quirky” girl who made us laugh and was sexy in a funny way. Well I was fifty-seven and taking some college courses part-time when I met forty- something Rachel. She was a very skinny women and kind of plain in a rustic way, no make-up, granny glasses, but don’t get me wrong she still was a good looking woman. What drew me to her was her eccentric dress. Rachel dressed like an 1880’s old west bar girl, long skirts, high laced boots, cotton blouses and funny striped stockings that women wore in the 1890’s. Like a moth to a flame, I just h... Continue»
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Home From School

I am finally home after a long fall semester at Grad school. Its getting close now and I can finally see the finish line. One more spring semester and that's it. It would be time to find a job after that unfortunately.

I took a few years off before going to college to travel around Europe . After that I worked for a while saving up money for school. I'm close to 30 now and will have my MBA in just a few months.

There was a rough patch for a few years after mom, I call her Carol because she was never really a mom, took everything we had and left us penniless. Dad was destroyed. She clean... Continue»
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My Sex toys were my Uncle and b*****r

As humans, our sex lives were once limited by our physiology, egg and sperm production. Now we extend our emotional sex even further, with sex toys, medication, and our imaginations.

The later of course takes our sex lives into our dotage, my own personal preference, adopted years back, was for men in their fifth and sixth generation, allowing my young flesh to be observed, touched, and then ultimately fucked.

I gladly received their dead semen into the womb of my young body, taping into a grateful tongue, coaxing an astonished cock back to life, and feeling the appreciation of the creak... Continue»
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Forbidden lust

Daughter in swimsuit going out to sunbathe, daddy stops her and makes her undress so he can put sun cream on everywhere.

"if we make sure to get it all over then you can sunbathe naked princess, get a nice even tan"
She's on hands and knees on the sun lounger, daddy rubs cream on her slim back and trim waist before quickly kneading her butt cheeks He slides a finger along her crack then gently inserts just the tip into her hole.

Then she lies on her back and daddy generously slathers her growing swell of breast before rubbing her tight bald pussy. He opens up her petal lips and again, ... Continue»
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Intimated sexual story

The power of revenge, it can be crazy and yet the benefits sometimes are little tale is about such a story of revenge, and sex...of course its about sex, would be posting on here if it was just about love. So our tale starts with me....Matt a cook at a nursing home, who is married to a bitch of a wife...who is stay at home worker. We live near the shore, and spending our days working. Her side job with her stay home job is baby sitting for military families. Most of the families pay up, all but one, who is always running behind. Her name is Amanda, but we call her May. Dont get m... Continue»
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It's Sunday Morning with My s****r

A Sunday Morning

With our parents spending weekends at the new vacation home (which they also deemed their retirement property) my s****r and I pretty much had the house to ourselves. It also afforded me the freedom to turn my Saturday night dates into more-memorable events, with me driving home with the sunrise on Sunday.
Arriving home, I locked the front door behind me and walked into the living room. It was early enough that my s****r Sandy wasn't yet awake. I was practically floating across the room – a very sexually active night with my girlfriend Lisa coupled with very litt... Continue»
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Ann - Staying over - Day 2 - Smoothness

This is another installment in the series of stories about Ann, the younger s****r of my girlfriend Alex. It's more of an interlude, taking place in "the early days", when she was still quite an innocent girl. A tale of voyeurism, not of hard action (yet ^^). Do read the other stories about her as well if you like this one!

The nights were growing hotter and hotter as the summer unfolded. Ann, still eighteen, had bought herself some new clothes, including hotpants-type pyjamas. As usual, she took a shower in the evening, and I peeked through the large keyhole in the bathroom door to enjoy l... Continue»
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in laws

We had always been a very open f****y and being naked was nothing special in front of each other.

I married Tina when she was 21 years old, I was five years older, a year later she gave birth to our daughter Sara. Ten years later Tina died in a road accident. Obviously we were devastated and my mother in law, Kate, came more into our lives to help Sara cope. I buried myself in my work, I was self-employed and was always very busy working loads of hours. Nevertheless I missed the great sex life I'd had with Tina, I had one or two one night stands but somehow it didn't work and, as the years... Continue»
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wife wants to watch me

My wife and I share many fantasies, but I didn't know about this one. MMF I have always wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by another man. I wanted to see her VERY excited, I wanted to see her coming and coming, watching her riding a huge hard cock. I wanted to see her use all her talents to make that cock explode cum all over her. I imagined that this stranger would join us, perhaps on the beach, perhaps in the bedroom. He does not have any specific features, but is healthy, strong, and good-looking. I know that now is the moment and that I have to make this happen, because I know that SH... Continue»
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Mistaken identity

Zoe arrived home both angry and frustrated. Since she succumbed to her boyfriend’s pleas to give up her virginity about two weeks ago, they had only had sex once. Zoe’s unwillingness to submit to his constant requests now seemed unexplainable. In fact the night she gave up her cherry changed her completely. It was like a eureka moment, the feelings and sensations she experienced on that first night opened up a whole new world to her. Yes she had often masturbated, and had regularly felt horny, as if something was missing in her life. The emotional sensation as her boyfriend pushed his hard coc... Continue»
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Lisa's Conf. Sessions Ch 3 Karl Takes It

3. Karl Takes ‘It’

HOW appropriate, I thought, I am going to describe my first time on a Thursday, the same day of the week I lost my virginity. When I arrived at Dr. Heard’s office the female receptionist seemed shocked at my rather sexy choice of wear for a visit to the good doctor. I wore a designer dark blue pencil skirt that clung to my upper thighs and stopped exactly where my opaque stockings, with a seam up the center of my legs began, and a tight red rayon short-sleeved plunging fold-over top (instead of buttons). My favorite garter belt was easy to notice and my pink bra with... Continue»
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Wrong panties for cleanup

Let me tell you something that happened, well it started a month ago, I was reading a son&mom story on xhamster at work and left for home, I work a lot from home, and at home I well started to beat my meat as I read. But I did not think far ahead and had nothing to clean so I ran to laundry room and grabbed the first thin at hand and behold it was a pair of panties BANG I shot of into them and put them away . Later that night I was in my office and headed my wife ask my mother in law if she had going to wash and it hit me the panties were not my wife's fuck. Here is were it gets interesting I ... Continue»
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Auntie Amanda Receives a Gift

It was 3:15PM. Amanda was driving home from work. She had been
staying with her older s****r Beth for the last few months while
looking for an apartment. Beth was divorced, living alone except
for her teenage son Doug. She was always gone very early to her
job and never got back before 6:30. With Amanda's shorter hours,
she was the one to make Doug his cereal and see him off to
school. And they often ran into each other in the afternoons if
each were around the house.

As she drove home to Beth's house, Amanda silently noted the
events of the last several days to herself. It ... Continue»
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A Lesson in Propriety

Ginny shook her head in amazement at the stupidity of people. Three pranksters had taken it upon themselves to terrorize the Ministry with mostly harmless, yet annoying pranks that could take whole offices out for days at a time.

They should have seen it coming.

Different from the twins - she frowned and chased away the melancholy that wanted to creep up on her, even after all that time - well, different from her b*****rs, these people sometimes pulled slightly dangerous pranks with longer effect.

No one laughed at them anymore and it should have been clear to the perp... Continue»
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Getting Even With an Old Enemy

Harry appeared whistling right in front of a posh looking door. The door belonged to a huge luxurious looking building surrounded by grounds all round. This place was Malfoy Manor and Harry was here on an errand. A very pleasurable errand.

Rapping his knuckles against the door sharply, he waited. In a few moments, the door opened to reveal a blonde beauty in a night gown. She was Astoria Malfoy nee Greengrass.

“Hello Harry,” Astoria purred, leaning against the door frame.

Harry grinned, “I see you are ready for our meeting, Tori.”

Astoria shrugged, “Why bother putting on clothes wh... Continue»
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My Sexual Perversion and how it started.

Being a female at a private live in institution for nine months of the year can and does make you aware of your insecurities and sexuality, especially during your puberty. You find something that interests you and you become addicted to it and mark it as a dark secret in the back of your mind.

I had such a secret borne out of fact and experience, something that encouraged me time and time again to revisit until it engulfed me and became my master, and my body rewarded me with orgasms so powerful I would lay there twitching myself to sl**p, powerless to anyone or anything around me.

Read... Continue»
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Pt 2 Encounter with Mom's Boyfriend

After a rather intense shower, I finished getting myself ready. Somehow I'd managed to blow dry and straighten my hair in less than twenty minutes... that rarely ever happened. While I was working on my make up, I was trying to figure out what I'd wear -- the only problem was I didn't know where he was taking me.
When I'd finished applying some eyeliner, mascara and some nude lipstick, I headed back to my bedroom and was prepared to rummage through my closet to piece together an outfit. There, on my bed, was a little black dress all laid out. It was gorgeous! The dress had black lace detaili... Continue»
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s*s, this is how to use a condom....

More Educational Experience

“So, this is what it looks like,” Sandy comments as she turns the small, square package around to examine it.

“Well... you need to open it up,” I tell her. “There's not much you can do with it wrapped up.”

Sandy smiles at me, then turns her attention back to the matter at hand. She studies the package carefully then says “Oh, it tears here....” and rips the edge of the condom foil pack. She pulls it open and looks inside, then reaches in with her thumb and forefinger.

“It feels kind of wet....” she comments, “No.... slippery... weird.” Sandy remov... Continue»
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Covert Operative - D.I.A.

Kelvin Watson could not believe what he heard on the phone talking to his younger s****r. She informed him that their cousin, Ana, had been beaten by her on-again-off-again boyfriend. He was furious, but a couple of thousand miles away from St. Louis in D.C. He planned to go in to the office the next morning early. So, the five-foot-six, caramel-skinned man offered to pray for the beloved victim and get back to STL as soon as possible.

Kelvin awoke the next morning and showered. He dressed in a classic-fit, navy, suit with slip-on black Giorgio Brutini loafers, a white button-down shirt, an... Continue»
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Amina in Cancun - Chapter 01


For people that already know my profile; yes, this isn't a story about myself.
I love writing erotic stories, but for a long time those were just made up in my mind and I didn't feel like releasing them to the public. Now I finally had an idea which most of you will love for sure! I got a lot of friends, sharing their stories with me and with some of them, I write the story together, and for the others... I just listen to their stories and write it down later on my own, maybe adding a few things here and there. Those are still true stories and I feel like telling you ab... Continue»
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