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Her 1st. Time At The Gloryhole by loyalsock

Lily is two months past her 18th birthday and so she is tuned in to all things sexual! Here is a story she told me and I am passing it on to you. Lily is a senior at a private school and is wearing her school uniform. A short plaid skirt, white long sleeve blouse and white knee socks. she is sitting in her 5th period math class as her story starts...

She begins, "So as I'm sitting in my 5th period math class I can't help but overhear Cindy Jacobs and Gwen Patterson, both girls my age and just as interested in sex as me, conversing back and forth. At first it just seems like their typical mi... Continue»
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Gloryhole M*mmy by loyalsock

"Bull shit," I called Ralph out, who was usually full of shit. If ten percent of what came out of his mouth was the truth that was a very good day.

"Seriously," he said, more animated than usual.

"You're telling me that you got a blow job at lunch time at the adult store?" I asked, still not remotely believing it.

"And she swallowed every drop," he continued.

"How do you know it was a girl?" Joey asked.

I laughed, "Yeah Ralph, you probably just became a homo."

"No, no, it was definitely a girl," Ralph countered, although the look on his face made it clear he wasn't so sure.
... Continue»
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Helping a friend

So i couldn't wait to get my 3rd story out. Like i said in my 2nd story, it feels good to actually get these out.

This story involves the same woman from the first 2 stories about the blowjobs. This was a few months later after much begging, convincing and negotiating. We'd moved from a blowjob to penetration. Of course, most of it was on her terms, not mine. But at the time considering i was young and very horny. I decided it was worth the... price to get inside her, especially after perving on her sexy ass so many times and jerking off to thoughts and pictures of her quite a bit at the ti... Continue»
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Mother/Step Daughter Anal

For a forty year old couple Carol and I are pretty sexually active. Carol even said it was OK with her if I fucked her twenty year old step daughter Angie. No late night TV for us. Instead we still liked to hit the local bars where we trolled for fun loving couples like us. We met Kate and Al at a local singles bar and they introduced us to a local swingers group they belonged to. We had been to several “parties” and Carol loved to fuck around especially with the younger guys. Carol had no trouble getting men and an occasional lady. On this Friday night it would be no different. She was a peti... Continue»
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2nd blowjob

So if you've read my first story, you'll know the situation. If not, i suggest reading it before this one.

I was chatting a while later with the same friend on MSN, and i constantly brought up if they needed money i'd happily pay them for a blowjob again, or more... but they always said it'd be strictly blowjobs unless i paid them a ridiculous amount. So we agreed to a blowjob again. We had kept agreeing on times and dates but they always fell through until we found a perfect day, near enough.

This time though it was a bit more difficult as their parents were home, so we had to be caref... Continue»
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epic blow job = mess on the carpet

I've got a rotation of women i like to wank to. Most of them i know but there's a couple i don't, other than having seen them regularly.

A couple of them i have actually slept with before, one was a rather risque situation and may post stories at some point.

But i just wanted to put it out there for some reason as i enjoy fantasising about fucking them.

I have a few others i know who i do want to fantasise about as well, may even wank to one later. Its strange as i have no attraction toward them for a relationship, but i would actually love to fuck them and either creampie them or jus... Continue»
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Have to tell you about an event that happened yesterday

I am 44 I live with my partner as husband and wife we have been together 14 years is boring and stale now was great once her son and his wife came to stay for a few days when in area OMG she is a total babe got a hard on first time I saw her petite nice tits gorgeous hair figure nails teeth etc etc a real trophy wife

They were all planning to go to Ayr to visit a relative and as I work from home I was looking fore-ward to being left alone in the house with her soiled panties god I was excited the moment I heard the plan !!!

I ... Continue»
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Come Sit On Daddy's Lap


Sparrow Salvatore was looking forward to a great summer. Over half of
it she was going to spend with her father, in his apartment on the beach in
Florida. That sounded like great fun, to her. She'd bought a half-dozen
swimsuits, and all kinds of other clothes, in preparation for the visit.
She was a little excited to see her dad, she hadn't seen him in almost a
year, and hadn't stayed with him in three or four. She felt like she would
get a chance to re-acquaint herself with him, after all this time.

Her mom and dad had split up when she was only six or sev... Continue»
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The teen next door

They had moved in next door 5 years ago, the perfect f****y with
mom, dad, and two k**s, a boy 19 years old and a 18-year-old
girl. I had watched them grow into full-fledged teens, with
Jason ready to enter his senior year in high school this coming
Fall. His 'little s****r' Samantha had turned from a rather
gangly tomboy into a more-than-good-looking young woman. So
what's wrong with that? Well, for this man, it started when she
decided to do her tanning in the round, above-ground pool that
her folks had put up in the fenced side yard between our houses.
She would lie on a floati... Continue»
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Fun at the Bar with Strangers – Another True

So I told you about the fun I had with the taxi driver, on my way home from a night out with friends (it’s called ‘Fun with a Mature Taxi Driver – a True Story’), well, as I said at the end, I wanted more that night, so I went to a local late bar.

The bar is hidden away in the basement. It’s dark and a place where people go, mostly older men, to drink and try and get a hook up. The women there are few but those who go are like me, horny and after some anonymous fun.

I’ve cleaned the taxi driver’s cum from my face and my own cum from my pussy, but I’m wet again as soon as I walk into the ... Continue»
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Cheating with Mommy

I saw my mother's number on my phone display in the seat beside me as I was driving home. Surprised, but not very, I picked it up. "Mommy! Hi!"

"Hi, baby. How are you?"

Her voice got to me immediately. "Oh, I don't know. I was just heading home from work. I was thinking about you last night again."

"What were you thinking?"

I could hear the smile in her voice. "I was thinking about how much I love you, how much I love being your little boy. I feel like a sissy for missing my mommy at twenty-seven, but I love it too. I lay on the couch and talked about you to the dark after Kim ... Continue»
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my date with jennycumslut part two

The second part of my story about my date with Jennycumslut. This memory will be burned in my mind forever and thinking about it drives me wild to know I did what I always fantasized about! Hopefully this will make you cum hard...

I left off that I had just made plans with Jenny to see her later that evening. I was out for a nice paced walk in the park close to my apartment at the time we had made plans so I hurried back home. After drenching of sweat from hurrying home since I was to meet her in less than a hour I quickly showered and didnt have time to shave my pubes down.

Me and her t... Continue»
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My Cousin, Beth

My name is West, and I am now 20 years old, though this story takes place when I was younger. I am 5’11’’ and reasonably well built because of years of both tennis and football. I have really dark brown hair and blue eyes. My athletic talent made me popular, and my resulting body allowed me to get almost any girl… except the one I wanted most: my Younger cousin Bethannie, or Beth as we call her, who is perfect. She is beautiful; she stands at 5’5’’ with brown hair and hazel eyes which usually look green. She has very fair skin, pouty full lips, and the most beautiful smile. Her breasts are ama... Continue»
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Jean, his mother's younger s****r, arrived at the house bright and early on Saturday morning.

"Hi squirt," she said. Rick didn't resent the slam it was a nickname she had given him when he was born. At the time, she was six and thought the name was cute. They had always been closer than most nephews and aunts, with a typical little girl thought process she felt it was her duty to help take care of him. "Hi Jean," his mother and he said in unison. "What's up?" his mother added.

"Don't you two remember, you promised to help me take some furniture out to the storage shed at Mom and Dad's fa... Continue»
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s****r Aquinata;)... A Nasty Bitch by loyalsock

Outside the door s****r Aquinata carefully adjusted her nun's habit. It just would not do for a woman of her station in life to look careless – ever. The priest/monk in the deep sl**p of sexual afterglow was her sixth far.

"One never knows when one might meet her next victim, does one?" she thought to herself, subconsciously sneering.

A little unsteady from such a hard fucking s****r Aquinata walked down the open hotel corridor gazing at the moon slowly blinking past the stone arches and columns of the covered walkway. Her occasionally wobbly 6 inch heels echoed on the bei... Continue»
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Sweet S*ster by loyalsock

I re-entered the room with Aunt Polly and had to do a double take. There were three nuns standing by the fireplace locked in busy conversation giggling and pointing out various sights around the room. I looked quizzically at Aunt Polly.

"Aunt Polly," I asked, "there is apparently three nuns over there. I didn't realise this was fancy dress."

"No, no dear." Aunt Polly replied unfazed. "Those are real nuns. They are from the convent just outside the village. We let the Mother Superior know when the parties are on and they usually turn up at quite late. They come in through the back for re... Continue»
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Angela's Adventures by loyalsock

Angela sat on her bed and touched herself. Her fingers flew across her clit with a desperate urgency and her entire body convulsed as she reached her climax. With a sigh and a shudder she stood pulling her robe down over her perfectly toned pale body, and grabbing her habit off of the small inn table and pulled it on over her gorgeous smooth blond hair. She checked in her tiny mirror for hair sticking out and pursed her lips. Then she crossed herself and sent a prayer for forgiveness to God, for vanity and self pleasure. She made these prayers to often, but she firmly believed that He would fo... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #6

I went to my bedroom and changed into something cleaner and nicer than what I had on and checked out my computer, to see if there was anything that I may need to save, as far as dad was doing behind our backs, while waiting for my mother to get ready to go, which there really wasn't anything other than his buisness or his job, which ever one want's to call it.

When mom was ready to go she stopped by my room and asked, "How do you like this dress handsome?"

I looked at my sexy mother and my mouth must have dropped, "I take it that you like it, since your mouth just opened up?". She had on... Continue»
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Fooled by a tranny

When I was 19 y/o and in the military I took a 2,000 mile motorcycle trip from my base to my home on the West Coast. Bad weather made me stop for a few days near Nashville, Tennessee, and I decided to go bar hopping. I ended up in a rather dark and smokey bar where there was a very bad four-person band, but it gave me a chance to have a few beers and dance with a couple of women. Shortly before closing a young lady came into the bar who was beautiful. She was short, a bit under 5', and very petite.She had very small breasts, which I like, and her mini skirt showed she had shapely legs, and... Continue»
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Sara Part II

That next day as I studied my own body in the mirror after a long hot bath I started to think about what I had done the night before. Hooking was never something I considered but I started to rationalize it now. What was so wrong with it? I mean I loved sex and I certainly needed to the money. As long as I wasn’t one of those dirty, strung out girls working the parking lot at the truck stop down the road it didn’t seem so bad. Did it? The mere thought of it, the taboo, was exciting me.

My plan seemed perfect. It was flawless. At least it was until I realized that I was stuck at a shit-hole ... Continue»
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