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My Sexy, Dirty Mother Pt2

This is a true story (Lucky me ;) )
Mum's boyfriend- Mike
Mum- Libby

It was around 7 in the morning on a Thursday. I was awoke by the sound of a cupboard shutting downstairs in the kitchen. I went downstairs and saw my mum getting ready for work, at this point she was making a coffee before she went. She was all dressed up and had makeup on and I instantly thought of last night, listening to her get fucked. She saw me and smiled. "Good morning darling, sl**p well?" I felt like taking off of her clothes and eating her pussy but I managed to resist the urge. "Yeah thanks mum, you?" She imm... Continue»
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La nouvelle

Il est 9 heures ce lundi matin, la journée s'annonce délicate, je croule sous le travail, après une semaine de vacances rien d'étonnant.
Mon chef vient me voir accompagné d'une très belle jeune personne, je ne la connaissez pas, mais sa beauté m'éblouit et je tombe sous son charme. Mon chef m'annonce que je devrai, en plus de mon travail, la former à mon poste et aussi à tous les autres postes. J'avais deux jours pour la former avant qu'elle parte dans un autre service.
Sa voix est douce et sensuelle, elle me dit bonjour. Je me lève de mon bureau et viens lui tendre ma main et e lui ren... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 5

"God damn! That fucking bastard!" I hear mom yell from the living room. Jumping out of bed, I run in to see what's wrong. Mom's fuming as she walks back and forth reading a letter. She's wearing a short terrycloth robe that she must have slipped on to go out to the mailbox.

"What's wrong, mom." I ask, putting my arm around her shoulder and trying to read the letter. "What's that?" I ask.

"It's a letter from your father's lawyer." She yells, stomping her feet. "He says your father is entitled to half of the money from Uncle Harry's estate, because our divorce was never final."

"What do... Continue»
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Cherry, part two

I cuddled up behind her, holding her in my arms as her body still trembled.
“It gets better every time, babygirl,” I whispered as I caressed her body and held her tight.

Holding Bonnie’s body against mine, I kissed and nuzzled her neck, as I unfastened her ponytail, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. My hand then moving over her slim thigh, to her knobby little knee and back up across her flat belly and down between her legs. She gasped as I slipped a finger into her freshly fucked pussy.
“You love being daddy’s girl, don’t you, princess,” I said.

She turned her face toward me ... Continue»
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My Stepdaughter and I p5

The next morning when I woke up, I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom and just as I finished peeing and fixing to turn the shower on, Joanne came in and sat down on the toilet to pee, "I went ahead stripped the bed and got the coffee started Sammy love."

"You must have got up as I was leaving the bedroom, to have all of that done all ready."

"Yes I did and didn't think, I was going to be able to hold off my peeing till you got done, as bad as it got before I got the water in the coffee pot."

As I stepped into the shower after I got the water temp set, "I think we'll eat breakfa... Continue»
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Depression Era Survival

It was Saturday night. Arnold's night out. Actually Arnold was going out to give the boys time to have a good fuck with Julie. Five minutes after he left, Julie came out to the boys. They were posted at each end of the sofa. Julie had on a blue silk, pull over, pajama top only. It only hung long enough to hit at mid hip. He hairy pubes were fully exposed, She walked to her seat between the boys, turned, waited a second for a rear viewing, then sat down. Speaking out, she referred back to the other day when Connie stopped by and said if either were interested, she might be available to fuck... Continue»
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mom dad and me

Dear ISS readers, my name is akil, from a Tamil Brahmin f****y, and I am a diehard fan of i****t sex. I used to read many i****t stories and watch many i****t movies as well. I used to always dream of fucking my mother, and masturbate knowing that it could never happen in reality. But things that I thought could never happen, turned out happening. This is a true life story that happened to me when I had just turned 18 during summer vacation in Kerala. Now am in an engineering college. Before continuing, let me physically introduce myself followed by my f****y. I was a tall well built boy (and ... Continue»
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I had been waiting for Saturday all week long. Mom took Mikey and went to a seminar, and my s****r was out with her friends. I had the house all to myself, or so I thought. Anyway, I went out back to my weight pile for a quick workout.

By the time I was finished with my workout, I was hot and the sweat was rolling off of my body, so I decided to take a shower to clean up. When I was finished, I put on just a pair of shorts.
Since I was alone, I decided to get one of my porno tapes and watch it in the living room. I stuck the tape in and pushed the play button. The scene that greeted me ... Continue»
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The Affairs


We had been friends for years. We would get together
for coffee about once a month. Most of the time, we
would meet at a chain coffee shop but on occasion she
would join my wife and I at our home or I would go to
her place. We would have coffee and chat for a couple
of hours then go our separate ways.

It so happened that my wife's job was taking her out
of town for a few days. Not a big deal. It was
Julie's turn to take a business trip. I had been out
of town a few times, leaving her at home. Because of
this, I had no objections to her going. Besides, a
litt... Continue»
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A Christmas Present

I work the evening shift, so I do not see much that goes
on in our neighborhood. Last Wednesday, when I got home
from work, Sally, my wife, said, "We have to go see how
the neighbors have decorated for Christmas."

I changed my clothes and we started walking the
neighborhood. Some had lights on timers, and they had
shut down for the night, but on the next block, our
friends Jenny and Tom still had their lights on, and
they were standing on their front porch.

Sally and I looked at the lights and went up to the
porch to talk to them for a minute or two. Tom hugged
Sally, a... Continue»
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The Headmasters Door Part 2

Andrea stood in front of Mr Garvey, her headmaster felling ashamed, worried and slightly aroused. He had seen the video of her sucking a fellow six-form members cock in the school toilets and had threatened to expel her however it seemed it he was willing to offer the teenager another option and she didn't think she would mind the punishment too much. She stood in her uniform green blouse, bottle green skirt, white socks and black court shoes listening to him speak.

"Andrea you are well aware we do not usually inflict physical punishment on pupils but it does remain an option I am prepared... Continue»
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29-Year-Old Grandfather

Probably lots of k**s wind up losing their virginity
because they and the other person are bored. That's how
it was with me. As a result of that, I've had an
unusual life. Oh, it started out pretty normally. I
grew up in a house with my parents and s****r. Standard
American home. Dad and Mom both worked. I got decent
grades in school, etc.

No, the odd part began when I became a father at
f******n after I got my s****r pregnant and a
grandfather just a few days after my twenty-ninth
birthday, after our f******n-year-old son got his
girlfriend pregnant. You might think... Continue»
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f****y Loving, The day I gave my Dad a hand-job.

'There, no one will see them now'. I turned and looked into the mirror, the transparent adhesive tape formed a cross on each of my nipples, to stop them sticking out.

Mum had a smile on her lips, her awkward eleven year old was embarrassed by her bodies growing pains, 'You are becoming a young woman Mariel', she said trying to reassure me, 'these changes will become more evident as you grow older'.

I was still studying myself in the mirror, my breasts were small, so small I was yet still to wear my first brassiere, but my nipples took on a whole new life of their own, and people started... Continue»
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My Aunt

My Aunt
When I was young dumb full of cum (18) I went around my aunties house just to help out with some household work and other bits and bobs. As I went to her house she opened door wearing her night gown and by the look of her erect nipples I think that's all she was wearing. Her husband worked nights and was upstairs sl**ping that's one of the reasons she needed my help. She told me to wait in the living room while she "finished" something upstairs. So I sat downstairs and after a while started to hear faint moans and groans as I opened the living room door and walked halfway up th... Continue»
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My new girl

My Redhead Tammy

Entirely fictitious. Not my story but had to post.

Tammy was just seven when her mother died. It took a long time for both of us to adjust to the void in our lives but it also brought us closer together. We became more than just father and step daughter, we were best friends. Now, at 17, Tammy was becoming a beautiful young woman, slim and redhead like me but with her mother's quick smile. She was even beginning to show signs of her mother's voluptuous figure.

A few weeks ago I took Tammy to shop for her first formal gown. My business partner, a man she loves and c... Continue»
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sex slave

Some of my girls might say I'm a bit on the sadistic side, but my jobs all about pleasure and I get my greatest pleasure from their pain.
I run a whore house, but all my girls are young and sex slaves. They fulfill my every whim. I bring each girl in around the age of 4teen and I personally break them in, I keep them till they're teen and rent them out then I sell them to the highest bidder. Right now I have 13 girls. Most of my girls I've bought off of their d**gged out parents, it's amazing what a handful of pill will buy you these days.
My girls know to call me mistress and their clients... Continue»
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Alexandra's Dildo and her Little b*****r 3

I started to quit all my sports as I enjoyed my time at home way more. I was still a virgin at the time and afterschool was the free time me and Andrew got to ourselves. On Wednesday I had rushed home put my backpack down and instead of going to my b*****r’s room I ran to have a shower as I was all sweaty after gym class. I walked upstairs to find my b*****r sitting in my room on my desk looking at pictures of me with his tight shirt on which showed his man boobs and a sock wrapped around his hard dick.

“Oh thank god you’re finally home! Can we do something fun today Alex?” he asked... Continue»
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My Life as a Shemale Part10

Suzi and I started spending more time together as the weeks past by. I think she might have fallen in love with me but I knew little of these things. My focus was on my studies, I found that I excelled in school and it pleased me to do good. She had heard about me possibly liking sexual arousal through pain and made a plan for that. Tim was not happy but it was something I wanted to discover before I turned my back on it, even Sam had concerns but could see benefits in mental health coming from it, so she didn't complain too much. She might have thought that she would lose me as a friend as we... Continue»
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Discovering My Son Is Hung, Catching Him With His

My name is Trish and I am forty years old. I live with my son Brady who is six teen and my daughter Lucy who is seven teen. A couple years back my husband left without much reason why and its been just me and my k**s ever since. I try to be involved in their lives even more now since its just me but I still work a decent amount of hours to pay for everything we have. I have tried dating again and even though its never been an issue for me to get guys I just decided I wasn't ready yet. I have always had good looks, blonde hair, green eyes and a very nice body so guys naturally just flocked to m... Continue»
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Brown EYE Thursdays

Andie and I used to play around nearly every
Thursday afternoon for most of a year. On Thursdays,
her mother took her k** s****r to soccer practice after
school, and we had the house to ourselves.
After the first few times, we seldom fucked in the
conventional way. Andie worried too much about getting
pregnant and neither of us much liked the feel of
wearing a rubber. Sometimes I would slide my cock into
her naked and withdraw just before cumming. But after
an "accident" -- in which we both cooperated fully --
and a tense period of three weeks before her period
cam... Continue»
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