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Innocence Taken: Part 3

The next morning I woke up dry... or at least I thought I did. My Goodnites diaper felt a little wet in the front, but it wasn't my pee, it was that I had my first wet dream and I had just finished shooting my cum in my diaper, right before I woke up. Chris, my hot math teacher was in it and I dreamt that he was fucking me on my own desk! I was overwhelmed with excitement, I wanted to see him right then and there to tell him about my hot wet dream. All of a sudden I itched, I needed to know if he was dreaming about me too... I wanted him here, now, I wanted him inside me again. All of this rac... Continue»
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My first big cock

This is not fiction, but rather the true story of my first experience with another man.

I have always fantasized about giving a blowjob. For as long as I can remember, my favorite porn scenes were of a hot girl sucking a massive cock. After a while, I realized that it wasn't just the girl I was focused on though. The person giving the blowjob became interchangeable, as every time I would picture what it would feel like to be the one on my knees, holding, stroking, and sucking someone's giant member.

The next progression was craigslist, the good old casual encounters section which I am su... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 2

Susan's plane is late and mom and I sit in the Starbucks at the airport, waiting for her.

"I want you to try and get along with your s****r for just one weekend, okay?" Mom says while she sips her latte. "I don't want a repeat of her visit in February." Mom says, referring to the fight my s****r and I got into the last time she was home. Mom doesn't know what it was about but we hardly spoke to each other after I yelled at her to go put some clothes on and she said I should not be such a pervert to stare at my s****r's tits.

"I promise you, mom, you'll think you've got the wrong k**s, we... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt6

I didn't feel like going upstairs to wash, so I
grabbed a few 'wet & wipe' tissues from a tub we kept
in the kitchen, and gave my now limp cock a good
clean and wipe over, especially around the tip as I
pulled back the foreskin a little.

It felt exciting to be naked like this in our
kitchen, mom having just wanked me off in here. Then,
still in the nude, I walked out of the kitchen, along
the hallway, and into our downstairs cloakroom, and
flushed the wet tissues I had used to clean myself
down the toilet.

As I washed my hands in the basin, I gave myself a
look over i... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt7

I decided to have a quick shower, put on a fresh pair of
boxer's under my gown, and then went downstairs.

Mom was in the kitchen, still wearing her tight shorts
and low cut top. She served up the plates and we both
took them into our dining room. Mom had already set the
table. I was surprised to see a bottle of red wine and
two wine glasses there. Mom normally only drank alcohol
on special occasions or social events and had rarely
allowed me to drink at home, although I did drink if I
went out with friends.

"Wine?" I said questioningly, as we sat down.

"It will help t... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt3

I had barely been able to concentrate on my lessons at
college that day. I'd spent much of it with a semi hard-
on just thinking about mom wanking me off that evening,
and the sight of her in her underwear. By late
afternoon, the ache in my balls was more than normal. I
needed to cum, big time.

When I got back to our house, my heart was beating fast,
not knowing quite how things would pan out this evening.
Mom's car was parked in the driveway. She was home
already she normally got in before me, because of the
hours she worked.

She was in the kitchen, and called out to me... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt4

The next two days, which were a Thursday and Friday,
followed a very similar routine to the first day of
mom helping measuring my cum.

Mom would take one specimen first thing when I got
home, coming into my bathroom after I showered,
whilst I stood naked in the bath. The other two times
each evening, she would wank me off into the semen
beaker whilst I lay on my bed.

Mom would take her bra off during our 'sessions' in
the bathroom. Even better, she had also got into the
habit of removing it and showing me her boobs whilst
she wanked me off on the bed. I had requested th... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt5

I felt something slap against my butt cheek, and then
again a couple of times. It felt like a hand. I woke
up with a jerk. I had drifted off to sl**p, only for
a few minutes it seemed, as I lay naked on my bed
whilst mom had finished her shower. Now she stood
over me next to the bed. She had a bath towel wrapped
around her, and had been slapping my naked butt with
her hand to wake me up.

"This will never do young man," she said sternly.
"It's almost 10.30. Why haven't you put any clothes
on?" I had drifted off to sl**p on my side, so mom
must have had a good view of my a... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 1

"So do you think uncle Harry hid money or valuables around his house?" I ask my mom as we're driving down the interstate.

"What makes you think that?" She asks, surprised at my question.

"Well, he was pretty eccentric, you have to admit. He seemed like one of those guys who would stash things around the house and then forget where they are. We are going to search for hidden stuff, right?" My mom's b*****r died in a car accident a couple of months ago and my mom is executor of his estate. Uncle Harry never married and as his younger s****r, mom is his only living relative. Uncle Harry was... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (4)

Coming out of the bathroom with just a pair of pants on as I usually do, I walked to the living room to see mom sitting in her chair and Clare on the couch in her usual spot. Mom looked up as I stepped to the end of the couch, then she stood up, "Are you ready son?" giving me a quick view up her short dress, (that stopped half way to her knees when she stands) with out knowing she did so.

"Yes mom, I'm as ready as I will ever be."

Mom turned toward her bedroom door so I went around the coffee table and followed her.

Stepping into mom's bedroom, "Close the door please, son." as she st... Continue»
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My Mom and I

I had a strange relationship with my mother. After she and dad divorced she became less inhibited around me. Maybe because she thought since I was an adult I didn't mind seeing her naked, which I didn't. She would walk around after her shower without any clothes on, and she was very playful around me. She would walk around and flash me or just be plain naked for no reason. She loved showing her body to me, and I loved seeing it, but I knew this wasn't a normal thing.

But who was I to fuck with a good thing? After a few weeks she started talking about sexual matters with me. And that ... Continue»
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Mom and I Take a Bath

It was near 11:00 PM as I pulled into our driveway. I noticed some lights on upstairs so I naturally assumed that Mom had also ended her evening.

When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear her humming softly. The light in her bedroom was on and the door was partly opened. It would be down right rude of me to go to bed without telling my mother goodnight so I eased up to the open door. No one was in sight, but the bed covers were turned back ready for use.

"Mom?" I called out softly.

"Hi there, come on in here and talk to your mother, baby. I'm decent so come on in."

I eased ... Continue»
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How I got started dressing my true story.

As far back as I can rememeber I have always gravitated towards fem things. As a young boy I played with whatever girls clothes I could get my hands on. Which wasn't much. At 12 y/o I had a few pairs a panties and bras stolen from my cousins. One thanksgiving after dinner the girls changed and one of them left behind a black knee length dress and white pantyhose in the guest bedroom. I was so excited when I found them...needless to say she never saw that dress again. With the bra and panties I alrady had from her and the new black dress and white pantyhose...I had my first total outfit. My tr... Continue»
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Wendy finds the Wrong Room

When I was 18, my 23 year old s*ster Wendy and Bruce (her husband), came back home for a week. He was getting discharged from the service and the apartment they rented wasn’t ready yet. Thankfully, Wendy had matured as a married woman and she and mom got along better than I could remember. I got to know my b*****r-in-law better too. We were about the same height and build. He was a bit stockier as he was in construction in the military. He landed a job with a good company back here so he felt comfortable taking an early leave as the military was downsizing.

Their staying with us d... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 4 (final)

The 3 of us headed to the bathroom and the large walk in shower. The hot water felt good and mom took time soaping up Tony’s and my bodies. She paid special attention to our cocks, getting them nice and clean. I returned the favor for her while she washed Tony. I loved soaping up her tits. I worked down her body to her pussy and well-rounded ass. Once all clean and tried, mom led us to the bed. It was a nice huge king and we all easily fit. Mom grabbed our cocks and started to stroke us to life. As we hardened, she told us why she invited Tony.

“Tony, I needed you here for me. I ... Continue»
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Under the bleachers

"Why did they even bother calling me," Bill's wife asked him. She was obviously annoyed and after a long day he wasn't really interested in listening to her sharp tone.

"You work there, couldn't they have just said something to you tomorrow?"

She wasn't really talking to him. Most of their conversations went that way nowadays it seemed. He hadn't been paying too much attention but what he had overhead of the conversation his wife had been having on the phone hinted that Jamie had been causing trouble at school again.

"I don't have time for this Bill, can you handle it please?" his w... Continue»
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The lesbian factory

When Jill woke she found herself strapped to a bed, nude and spread eagle.
Standing around her were several women, also nude.

"What's going on?" Jill said, confused.

A beautiful redhead, with a shapely figure stepped forward. "My name is
Erika. Welcome. You have been sponsored into our lesbian society."

"But I'm not gay!" Jill said.

Erika smiled. "That will soon change."

"What? Untie me... let me go!" she said struggling against the leather

"Each day," Erika continued, "we will give you a lesson in lesbian love. At
the end of your training, you will be a full ... Continue»
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A Totally Fucked Up f****y

A totally fucked up f****y.
Part 1.

My name is Lisa and I am a lesbian.... Sorry, let me just correct that by saying that I was a total lesbian all my life and thought that I always would be until my world was turned upside down.
I had my 21st birthday two days ago and about two weeks before then I was really looking forward to seeing mum and dad for my birthday. Because I live away from home they said that I can have a party or we can all go out to dinner with all the rest of my f****y. I had to let them know at least a week before my 21st so they could plan ahead. I was just happy to ... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 3

As mom and I waited for Tony to arrive, she pulled me to the sofa in the living room of the suite. She unbuttoned my pants, pulled them and boxers off. My hard cock sprang up unleashed.

“Mom, we should probably close the curtains.” They were fully drawn open and lights were completely on. There was another hotel and a couple of condos on the neighboring blocks that were as tall or taller that could look into the rooms of our side of the hotel. Anyone looking towards our room would be able to clearly see a half-naked woman on her knees and about to give a blow job to a man with a larg... Continue»
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After last Summer I listed my main friends in order of the number of our mutual messages
After half a year nothing much has changed in the top of about two thousend and many more
After waiting till Winter it is the highest time to mention some of my new other heroines
After all, writing with a friend is the best tribute one can get: all are worth a mention

This is not a sex story - although I do mention at all the sexy sides of our situation
The dirty details are already in the stories I earlier wrote about all of them but one
This is an alternative introduction to the real pe... Continue»
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