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Detention pt 2

Susie Johnson had a sip of her chilled white wine as she
got ready for a night out with a couple of her friends.
She'd finished her makeup and had chosen her sexiest
black underwear with black hold up stockings. She had
decided to wear her favourite little black dress. She
remembered the last time she wore it. She would never
forget the day when she was ravished by her son's
headmaster and the school secretary. She was also f***ed
to fuck her own son which thought sent a shiver down her
spine and a tingle to her pussy.

They'd both agreed to forget it ever happened and to ... Continue»
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Detention pt1

Adam Jones had just finished screwing the school
secretary over his desk.

Adam was the headmaster at a prestigious boys school in
London He was in his mid fifties, tall, slim and
handsome in a boyish type of way.

Cheryl Smith was in her early forties, also tall and
quite curvaceous. She was married with no c***dren and
had been fucking her boss for over a year.

As they dressed they made polite conversation. 'Did you
hear about young Johnson?' she asked the headmaster.
'No, who is he and what's it about?' replied Adam.

'It's rumoured that he was f***ed to suck off one... Continue»
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An Anonymous Relationship – Part 2

I sat in my car as my father's taillights faded from view. My emotions ran from shock to terror to fear. I had just had sex with my dad! I did not know it was him but it was!

I started the car and slowly drove back onto the highway. I stomach was churning.

"How am I going to deal with this? Heather you really screwed up this time!" I said out loud to myself.

I knew better than to meet a stranger from the internet for sex! I had been so worried about being a*****ed or a victim of a crime. I had never even considered that the man I was to meet would be someone I would know!

I thought... Continue»
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Hubby birthday bash.

Aku nak citerkan kat korang pasal pengalaman aku kena rogol dgn kawan kawan suami aku. aku nie baru kawin, tapi takda anak masa tu,ntah camana masa hari ulangtahun perkawinan aku yg pertama kami diraikan dlm satu majlis sederhana oleh kawan pejabat suami aku. kawan suami aku pulak ada yg bujang dan ada yg dah kawin.

Aku nie pulak dikategori dlm wanita yg ada rupa dan bodylah, walau tak secantik ratu dunia tapi kalau lelaki tengok mesti menoleh 2 kali, bukan perasan tapi kenyataan kerana aku selalu mendapat pujian dr kawan-kawan suami aku sebab itu aku tahu malah ada yg berani ajak bergurau ... Continue»
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My benggali neighbour.

Halim meminta anaknya yang berusia enam tahun itu menjengok di luar rumah untuk melihat sama-ada sesiapa yang datang ke rumahnya. Bunyi deruan angin lori yang agak kuat di luar seolah ada orang datang ke rumahnya. Setahunya tidak ada pun dia menempah atau meminta sesiapa menghantar barang untuknya. Setelah dia sendiri menjengoknya, barulah dia tahu ada orang yang akan duduk atau sewa rumah kosong di sebelahnya.

“Dah ada orang sewa rumah sebelah tu. Nampaknya benggali pula yang sewa rumah Che Ibrahim tu” kata Halim bila ditanya oleh isterinya.
Kesal juga Halim kerana sepanjang dia menyewa d... Continue»
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Didi Ne Pregnant Banaya

Hello everyone sex ni vaato and garo bane gujarati maaj maja ave so for all my gujju bros and my darlingbhabhis I m here for all of you….You can contact me on maro lodo 6.8 inches no che mare loko ni jem 9 inch no nathi lol

So ave story par auu

Hun baroda ma rahu chu mari ek cousin s*s pan tainj reh che ena mrg thaii gaya che ….Ena mrg ne 5 yrs thaii gaya hata pan e pregnant j nati thai….Toh badha test karaya toh khabar padi k jiju impotent che…And emna sperm count maa locho che…

Di ane jiju bane bauu upset rehva lagya and jhagda pan thava lagya pachi ek divas e... Continue»
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How I became a dirty anal cumslut

Looking back it's pretty obvious how I became such a good dirty cum slut.

Ever since that day at school when the principal called me into his office I have obsessed over cock. It was late in the year, close to graduation, and it already felt like summer. It gets so hot here. That day I had worn a short dress to school. It was an older one of mine, but a favorite, so I didn't mind that it was getting a bit small on me. And it was so hot that the short length felt good on my legs and ass, letting the air flow freely against my skin.

Now, I have to be honest. I was a naive young lady at 18.... Continue»
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Taming of Amy III - My Mother in Law

"Where is my daughter?" Asked Sandra as she pushed her way past me when I opened the door.

"She will be along in a few minutes, Sandra." I said to her as she glared at me.

"You are a good for nothing bastard! I told her she could do so much better than you! Yes I am really upset! I have been trying to call her all week and she is always gone or too busy to talk! I think you have done something to her! I should have just called the police!" Sandra said in her threatening and theatrical style that always made her the center of attention.

"Amy has been doing some part time work to take s... Continue»
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A nightly encounter

This story is all true, except for one sentence (I will point it out in the end).

I contacted a friend of mine I met recently.
She had a birthday party for her husband's father, but agreed to meet up at eleven that night
She told her husband she was going to comfort a friend that had recently broke up and feels alone.
I picked her up from her house, and drove to a nearby night motel
We Started with a little talk, I poured her a glass of red wine
It was a cold night, but the room was small, and the air conditioner heated up the atmosphere fairly quickly
We started caressing each ot... Continue»
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jona s****r

I was really disappointed. For months I had been anticipating my big s****r coming home from college and jumping into my bed. For months I had been planning how I would fuck her and how surprised she would be when she found out what I could do and how much I had grown.

Almost every day this spring I had been mounting a full grown woman after I cut her lawn, and every single one of them orgasmed and praised my efforts as well as giving me some money, in fact a lot of money. I was ready, ready and eager, eager and really well equipped.

I stood looking at myself in my s****r's full-length m... Continue»
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The education of Ruth & Sam - Part 4

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

I strongly recommend that you read the previous parts before this one, as it will then make much more sense. You wouldn’t buy a book and start at Chapter 4, would you?

Part 4:

I woke very slowly. One of those vague, gradual awakenings, where things in the real world, slowly impinge on the sl**ping world. Female voices wormed their way into my subconscious, accompanied by the sound of running water. Eventual... Continue»
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Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens P

I could feel myself getting fuller and harder as I hefted it into my hand to stroke for them.

Both Kat and Dana were topless. Kat, was a little heavier, so here tits were a little bigger than Dana's. Dana, being so tiny and thin, was almost flat, but here nipples were erect and hard looking.

The tights they were wearing left little to the imagination. Both had nice tiny bodies even if Dana's was a little smaller.

"So, what do you think, ladies?" I asked.

They kind of looked at one another blankly. Then at me...

"What do you mean?" Dana asked.

"Well," I began, "do you like wha... Continue»
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Girl Friend and I Become Step... #2

Girlfriend and I Become Step… #2

As Nestlé started sucking and licking my dick clean, mom leaned over and started licking and sucking on Nestlé pussy, trying to suck out my cum from her pussy, that I had just pumped into her.

I could tell that while Nestlé was licking and sucking on my dick, she was using one hand to stroke Larry’s dick, and Larry was playing with one of her tits with one hand, and one hand was playing with one of mom’s tits, so I played with Alice’s other tit with one hand, and my other hand I started fingering Alice’s pussy, to find that she was really wet from all th... Continue»
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Bukkake party

The past couple of Mark’s parties have been wild… the beach then out with two chics in the middle of a patch of woods. Not too shabby. I was actually still on cloud nine over the two chics that when my secretary knocked on my door, I hadn’t noticed, that is until she knocked a second time and opened the door.

“What on Earth are you doing in here Dave? Off in LaLa land again? I just got a call from Mark Sanders, says its vital you meet him for a conference this evening. Do you know who that is? I looked his name up in the rolodex and didn’t see it and it’s not on your schedule.”

She... Continue»
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The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife

by A. Tellurian (aka sluglicker)

I still haven’t figured out why Lisa married me. Unquestionably, she loves me, but it wasn’t always so. In the beginning, she showed almost no interest in me, but I persisted. Even though she rejected all of my sexual advances, I had this gut feeling that somehow, if I could find the key, I could unlock the lust I saw smoldering within her. She has expressive, bright blue eyes and an easy smile, and although she has no female friends, men find her irresistible.

So, for almost a year, we were just friends, and as far as I knew, s... Continue»
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s****r in low

"Are you sure you are okay with this?" I asked my former s****r-in-law for the third time.

"It's a free place to stay." She replied. "Just because Marv and I couldn't live together anymore, doesn't mean you should have to pay for a hotel room while you search for a place in town."

"Thanks Abby." I said checking my watch. "I should be pulling in around 7 does that work?"

"Perfect. I"ll have a little something ready for you to eat when you show up."

"You're a peach. See you soon."

I ended the hands free call, still marveling at all bells and whistles in my new Charger. For the pas... Continue»
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s****r in low -2

I didn't know what to expect from traffic, but the drive from Bywater to our headquarters near the UNO took less than half an hour. The drive gave me time to reflect on what had happened. Now I was away from the provocative influence of her nubile body and the aroma of sexual readiness that pervaded her apartment, I could think with my brain instead of letting my cock make the decisions. I had fucked - no that wasn't right - I had made love with my s****r-in-law, scratch that ex-s****r-in-law. And I couldn't deny the feelings I had for her. In the cold light of day I knew I wanted to feel her ... Continue»
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My Friend's Wish

I am married, not unhappily but still believe there is more to be had. And yes, I cheat on my wife. I have this lady friend, recently divorced. I know her ex. My friend has had a very narrow view of sex on the wild side as has my wife. In their previous marriages, beyond masturbating for her ex to watch, and on my wife's case just occasional conventional sex.

I have been encouraging my friend to explore with other men and she has. Most of them are in it to have selfish sex with her. She tries to make the best of it. I get my thrill hearing about each adventure, obvious some better. ... Continue»
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Wife cucked me...I got what I wanted!

Wife is 52 curvy 50s pinup body with 38DDs with a nice bit of sag. She is meeting up with her lover tomorrow in Barcelona. They are both there on "business" but he has his priorities right as he will be at a Barcelona football game when she flies in! They see each other a couple of times a year but are on skype every weekday. Too risky for him to skype in the weekends lol as his wife is unaware this has been going on for four years.
The first time she told me about the sex with him, but now I get very little information. But I do know she sucks and swallows...which she won't do for me. Actual... Continue»
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Swimming with a larg man.

More of my diaries.

Sorry it takes long time for this one to come. I was very busy.
I was in 13 and I nearly grown up my body was like a girl big boot and breast. My father was sl**ping with me nearly every night. I had a lots of sexy clothes my father bought for me .
In school I still was a boy and I needed to wear very big school wear to other guys don't see my boobs.
Last few years I changed my school few times because when some one realised about me, my father very quickly change my school to avoid trouble.
I get to use to have a double life. I kind of like it.
I was going to ... Continue»
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