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After the party

An evening birthday party for a close friend went much later than planned, with lots of music, dancing, just having lots of fun…and alcohol. Several of the guests voted to just stay the night, since I had extra unused rooms. One of the guys, let’s just call him Carl, was quite the flirt all evening, as well as a great dancer, quite the comedian, and at times, the life of the party…as well as one who chose to just sl**p it off. Having known Carl for a few years, I’ll admit, there has often been some level of curiosity. Around 4 am, I awoke and went for a drink of cold water in the kitchen... Continue»
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The Taste of Ass

After a great Saturday, the wife and I relaxed, watched some TV, and as normal did a little work on the laptops. My wife has been getting extra fit so has of late been drinking less. Tonight however she had not one, not two, but three glasses of wine. After winding down we went to bed. I am usually in bed first. (Outside of a piss and brushing and flossing what else is there for a guy?) Tonight I hoped in, in my t-shirt and shorts. I go commando almost year round. I watched as my wife slipped out of her comfy clothes and into some thing panties and a loose shirt.

We said our goodnights and ... Continue»
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Detective Jack O'Bannon

The sound of a gunshot echoes through the night. A woman screams, and then her high-heeled shoes clatter down the dark alley, as she runs for her life. A man is chasing her as she darts form street to street. Thinking fast, the woman ditches her loud shoes, and runs barefooted through the darkened streets. Losing sight of her attacker, the woman quickly hides behind a dumpster. She quakes with fear, as she peeks over the top of the garbage.

She can barely scream, before her attacker slips a hand with a napkin and c********* over her mouth. The woman struggles for a moment, before going limp... Continue»
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Fun With Friend's Wife

I have a good friend who often visits with his wife and k**s.
Once we had a house with a swimming pool and they all came over for a BBQ.
We played music, I danced with her and he danced with my wife.
His wife had a few glasses of wine and her k**s were in the pool.
I was inside the house and my wife told me L****** had jumped into the pool with her dress on!
She came into the house and went to our room with my wife to put something dry on.
A few minutes later she came out with one of my wife’s nighties, nipples poking through the thin material
My wife and L’s husband were outside with t... Continue»
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Aroused as stranger watched me Breast Feed.

Erotic Lactation is the medical name for it, breast-feeding and experiencing an orgasm, and I recently, and embarrassingly, experienced it.

I am a woman who has ultra sensitive nipples and my mind goes into an erotic overdrive as milk flows through my nipples.

Not long after giving birth I was breast feeding alone in my hospital bed. I found the feeling pleasant enough, but when a friend of my husband suddenly appeared unannounced, the look on his face triggered an immediate sexual response.

I was of course bare breasted, nude from the waist up, and both my nipples were huge, and swol... Continue»
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Closet Whore

Closet Whore

My name is Nancy I'm five foot four inches tall and weight about one hundred and ten pounds thirty eight D size tits and a nice tight ass . I have been a closet whore ever since ( ken) neighbor boy asked me to suck his cock. I was three years younger than him but I was curious as hell after listening to my three s****rs talk about there boyfriends and their cocks. So I asked him to show me his cock he said that I should show my pussy too. I thought it was OK so I dropped my shorts and he unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the ground. Having never seen a cock before I ... Continue»
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Do you know a sex story of a Primark employee? Get

I was employed as a part time worker by Primark, and during my time there, I came across a 17 yr old girl. She has a habit of teasing and flirting and so naturally I got involved, but never made a move on her. I knew she's a Bengali girl from a Muslim f****y, so I never toyed with her.

However,I started actively flirting with her when she turned 18 and surprisingly she started messaging me late at night talking about random boys and how they don't message back.

Well, I said forget random lads, let me tell you what I would do if I was allowed to toy with her alone for one night. After to ... Continue»
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Learning With s*s

Hal was a very frustrated boy!
He was horny all the time and he thought about nothing else but having sex. The real problem was that he is a virgin. Other than his frequent jack off sessions there was no relief. You see Hal was extremely shy and had no idea of even how to talk to a girl let alone talk one into fucking him.

On the other hand there was his s****r Sadie. Sadie was discovering the joys of sex and loving each new experience. Her first sexual experience had been the year before when a man that lived next door would ... Continue»
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The Landlady

She was of Mexican decent with beautiful brown tan skin, early 40's, 5 ft 5 inches tall, with breast that stood like two ripe melons and a full head of red hair (like Peggy Bundy) with blue eyes. As I would find out later a 44-30-42 44G breast. Her husband died leaving her this place. When the f****y on the first floor moved. She moved in. So it began, her name is Tina.
During the warm spring sun. I would find her tending to a fruit garden she had made in the backyard. Most of the time she wore tee shirt with shorts. Her tan skin was toasting under the afternoon sun. As she continued her shir... Continue»
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Leave it to Cole - 3

I woke slowly the next morning with the sunshine
streaming in the window and watched the little dust
motes dancing in the beams. The memories of last night
after dinner slowly came back one by one as I finally
had a chance to reflect and try and deal with the moral
issues that last night had shattered my whole ideas of
sex, and right from wrong. I knew that if anyone ever
found out about what had transpired then I would go to

I also considered the fantastic orgasm that my daughter
had given me along with how I enjoyed pleasing my son to
the point where I wanted to ... Continue»
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How I lost my virginity an older woman.

It was a hot July and I was working at my father’s
restaurant. Since it was seasonal the staff only worked
there from May until September. I started working there
when I was ten years old, but now that I was older and I was
promoted to a more responsible position. The restaurant
had a cellar where we stored all the foodstuffs, a main
floor that could accommodate 180 people, and an
upstairs that could hold 80 people. I was in charge of
the cellar.

My father employed waitresses and chefs from London and
part of the deal was they had rooms within the
restaurant. In fact th... Continue»
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Mother-In-Law's Healing Touch

I had been working out in the gym, trying to get myself in shape. I had a golf tournament coming up as well, and with all the work I was doing in the gym, and the extra time I spent hitting balls it was bound to happen. I was getting ready to play a practice round of golf and was doing my stretches when it happened.

As I was stretching my legs I felt something in my groin give. It hurt like hell, taking me to my knees as I tried to catch my breath. I knew I was done for the day, but what me worried was missing the tournament. I limped my way back to my car, my golf clubs in tow.

I went... Continue»
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Rhapsody in Red Pt2

"Lick me." She whispered hopefully, pushing his head down to her breast. "Lick me all over."

Without a word he ran his tongue over the marmoreal splendour of her tits, twisting the nipples on each one with his teeth. "Lower, go lower." She urged.

He didn't need telling twice. Her scent called out to his natural instincts as he slid over her belly, rubbing his face in the satin smoothness of her knickers, inhaling the aroma until his head spun. For a brief moment she wondered if he'd react like his father had done before him, but as his lips pressed onto her silk swathed sex she knew he w... Continue»
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Kate continued

I got dressed , Kate was in the bathroom, I waited for her to come out and followed her to her room
She sat on the bed brushing her hair, I said what do you mean I owe you?

Chris I'm sorry she said
, what for
I'm 4 years older then you, I shouldn't have touched you, I was using you, just like I have been used !
What do you mean

She told me, she was 15 and went to a friends party she met a guy called Tim,as the evening went on she got d***k and was flirting with him
The talk was getting very rude he was 20, very slim, during the conversation he said you keep talking like this I wil... Continue»
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My Naughty Confession 1 (My Grandmother)

When I was a little k**, my sexual curiosity was already increasing, even at the age of around 7 to 8. At the time, I was curious about one thing and one thing only; breasts. I'm not the i****t type, and no one else in my f****y can actually pique my sexual interest, but my grandmother strangely did, and it was only her at the time.

My grandmother was probably about 50 plus or 60 plus at the time, and was pretty much a BBW, and she would usually be my caretaker most of the time, since my parents were always busy with work. So, I would usually spend most of my time with her at home. Even now... Continue»
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'Yes, Officer'

I worked in a dry cleaners for almost ten years. I've seen it all. In that industry sex sells. Men pick up their clothes and they want to see a hot bitch barely dressed. They need her to flirt. You get deep in their heads asking 'how their day went?' Suddenly, you seem to care about them more than the trophy wife at home.

If you want a rich husband, working at a dry cleaners is a good place to look. I don't do the suit and tie kind of guy. I had a boyfriend. Most girls cheated. We were all alone in a tiny store with no cameras. Fucking in the bathroom was practically a rite of passage. I wo... Continue»
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Chat between my friends mom

Convinced my friends mom to give me her phone number...
here is what happened next:

Me: Hello ma'am
her: hello Eugene
Me: Is Jhon(her son) home?
her: No, he went out with some friends, hell be gone for a while
Me: Do you know when he might be back?
her: No, he didnt tell me when he'l be back
Me: Ok, can i come over?
her: hes not home!
Me; yes i know, can i still come over?
her: ummm, sure. i dont mind
------I go to her house and we hag out and talk on the couch------
Me: Why is he never at home?
her: he prefers his friends more then me i guess
Me: your always alone h... Continue»
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Jan was home alone with her step dad as her mom was out of town for a few days. She went in and sat next to him and asked him "Would you take me to get a tattoo?" He replied "Where do you want it?" She smiled and told him "Across the top of my left tit. I want a rose on it." He looked at her tits which were a nice big size like her moms. He grabbed her arm and told her "If you fuck me I will take you." Jan immediately stripped naked without even batting and eye and began kissing him and tonguing his mouth. He could not get enough of her big tits and also her wet pussy. His hands went back and ... Continue»
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If you have looked at my video collection, I love shemales. I have always wanted to have sex with a shemale. I think it would be the best of both worlds.

I have only had one “gay” encounter. It happened when I was in the 4-t h grade. I was swimming at my friend Jimmy’s apartment complex. We went there after school for a swim as it was a very hot Florida day. We swam, goofed around, just had a general good time before the afternoon cloud and thundershowers came in. They came, so we got out and decided to get changed.

We walked into Jimmy’s bedroom. He immediately dropped his suit,... Continue»
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A Woman's Wishes Ch. 02

It was the second week of my friend Dave's erotic stay with us. My wife had begun using home pregnancy kits and become increasingly distressed when they showed no pregnancy. Monday I'd overheard her talking to her doctor. She was the only doctor we'd liked and we'd known her for several years now. I heard the doctor ask about health and semen count.

"Healthy?" She stopped pacing and listened to the doc. "But... of course they're healthy!" She paused, "They're... both, virile... healthy... men." Her voice trailed off. "... yes, we'll keep trying, yes, they, um... we'll keep trying. Yes, than... Continue»
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