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The Artist And The Client......Part 2

Bernie took me by the arm and gently directed me to the chaise, "Here....sit here and put your leg on the cushion....stretched out flat......leave your other foot on the floor.....your thigh relaxed.....lean it to the right.... legs spread a little.....more.....that way I can see your gorgeous cock.....Mmmmmm.....G.....Oh my God!" I looked up at him and his cock was so close to me. It was as if he was purposely standing so close his cock head was inches from my lips. There was pre cum oozing from the head as I heard him sigh, almost begging for attention from me. I knew he wanted my lips kissi... Continue»
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Girls Shower

The girls shuffled into the locker room after what had been a brutal hour of gym class. For some unknown reason old lady Stiller had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and taken it out on her third period group of senior girls. “Judas priest,” Matti sighed while slumping down on the bench in front of her locker, “what the fuck was that all about!?!” “I dunno,” Ricki replied while peeling off her dripping wet shorts and tee shirt, “I don’t know if I can make it to my next class!” Everyone in the locker room was in a state of shock, but after taking a few minutes to recuperate they all strip... Continue»
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mother in law

There I stood in front of my mother-in-law. She was wearing a pair of my wife’s black back seamed silk stockings, black bustier, thong panties, and a pair of super high heels shoes that my wife only wore once for my birthday. I was heading to get something out of my walk in closet when I discovered her hiding there. She stood in front of me all embarrassed and her face started to turn red.

She wasn’t the only one embarrassed. I was standing there naked and as I looked at her beautiful plump body, the bl**d started to flow into my cock giving me an instant erection. In a moment of panic we b... Continue»
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Trying anal

Mari had been dating Rick for about six weeks and could only get him to have “normal” sex. She had hinted to him that she liked to experiment and he told her that he liked things just the way they were. He seemed to blush a lot whenever she brought up the subject of sex.

Mari would not give up. Rick was such a stud and had the biggest cock she had ever ridden. She wanted to experience that cock in more than just her pussy, which was the only place he would put it.

One evening, Mari prepared margaritas and made sure Rick’s glass was never empty. When he was feeling no pain, Mari snuggled ... Continue»
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The Artist and the Client

My neighbor came to me at a gathering asking if he could speak with me privately when I had a moment. I liked my neighbor Bernie as he was almost f****y and an artist. He always urged me to find and develop my creative energy. He provided me with art materials and instruction in the use of them, and I would help him around his studio, giving me many opportunities to watch him paint.

As a younger eighteen year old guy I was very sexual. But yet I was always surprised in an innocent way, when I discovered that another person who I never suspected to be overly sexual, might have those same des... Continue»
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fantasies of my friends for my sexy mother

well, u know these days when you are out of luck? but let me begin some days before that day. your mom won a trip to the east usa because she was the 1.000.000 customer in her local store. she was quite happy because she wanted so hard to take a trip to the beautiful country. she had some problems at home with her work (got fired) her house (got sold because of outstanding depts) and she paned to
think about her future while taking her vacationtrip. she sold nearly everything she got at home. she asked you if you could take care of the last (or too persoanal) things like her photo-albums, her... Continue»
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Moral of the story

A real story with name changes to protect the parties involved.

A little bit about me

Right my name is Jeff and I have been married to Daphne for 24 yrs this is my 2nd marriage, my wife has a extensive f****y and to my surprise her niece only lived up the road from me when I was growing up her name is Cindy, she had 3 k**s and married to Harry. Right that’s a bit about who was involved and at the end there is a moral to the story.

I had just dropped Daphne off at her s****rs and decided to come home, I have a high sex drive unlike my wife (not a good combo) and usually watched a bit... Continue»
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Una Brava Mamma Per Ogni Occasione

Io sono la Mamma, il mio compito è rendere felice e contento mio figlio assecondando ogni sua richiesta e tenendomi sempre pronta a soddisfare ogni suo desiderio.
Mio figlio vuole che io sia sempre una brava Mamma per ogni occasione, Provvedo alla pulizia e all’ordine della casa in cui viviamo e preparo da mangiare da brava casalinga quale sono.
Mio figlio vuole che la sua Mamma sia sempre bella, in forma, ben curata e profumata, vuole che tenga le unghia di mani e piedi lunghe e sempre ben smaltate, il rossetto ed il trucco sempre apposto, i capelli in ordine color biondo platino, devo ... Continue»
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Cum loving husband and wife

It all started one night as me and the wife was lying in bed having kinky sex. We had been married about two years and I had cum in my wife’s mouth maybe twice, Sarah always said She didn’t like the taste of cum. I was begging her to suck my cum down her throat tonight and Sarah was refusing to do it so I made a suggestion that if Sarah would suck the cum out of my cock Sarah could keep it in her mouth and didn’t have to swallow it She could give me a big kiss and feed my cum back into my mouth. Well Sarah looked up at me and I could tell She liked that idea.

Sarah ask me, how could I kiss ... Continue»
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b*****r & Mother In Law

b*****r & Mother In Law
Summer was right around the corner. I arrive to my girlfriends house to hang out with her f****y.
The only thing different this time is that she will not be there. She is on work duties which
requires her to travel. The same time I get there her b*****r and mother get back from
swimming at their pool located in the middle of their apartment complex. We all step inside and
it wasn’t the hottest point of the year yet but good enough. I noticed their moms nipples showing
just a bit. They weren’t fully erect but you can surely see enough. She was a two­piece
swimming... Continue»
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Abbi, part two

I put my hand on the back of her neck and gave her a full kiss on the lips, I thought she might pull away, but I couldn’t resist. Her body stiffened a little at first, but then her mouth opened and our tongues were teasing. My other hand slide down her body and cupped her ass cheek, squeezing. I started to pull my mouth from hers, but she stood up on tiptoes, her tongue chasing mine as she leaned into me. She moaned something into my mouth and we finally broke the kiss, both breathing heavy.

“What did you say, baby?” She looked me in the eyes, “I said I want this,” and lifted her arms up ov... Continue»
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4 A mum teaches

4 A mum teaches
My mum, was the typically English matronly lady, at the time she was fortyish, medium height, perhaps a pound or two overweight, shapely but smackable bum, tits large but not huge and beginning to head south, surprisingly shapely legs, brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that lit up a dull day.
She was every lad of 15`s wet dream, and she was now mine, not my dream, but my conquest, my sexual partner and it came about some days after my 15th birthday.
Better than that, my old dad knew so we didn’t have to be secretive and he approves as long as he still gets his w... Continue»
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"His is bigger than yours"

I'm walking along Waikiki Beach down by the park, south of the hotels. It's late, I'm a little d***k, and I'm trying to catch the last bus back to Pearl Harbor. If I miss it, I'll have to walk back to my ship to get there before morning quarters, because the first bus doesn't arrive in time.

I've got a boner for no apparent reason (unfortunately), and it's getting sore from rubbing on the inside of my jeans. I've recently lost my virginity to a B-Girl in the Philippines, where I also found out that I have a big cock, and I got confirmation of that fact on several occasions and from several ... Continue»
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Ginny Weasley. For weeks leading up to the yuletide, mental images of her, of her red hair, flawless fair skin, had flooded Harry Potter’s mind. He wanted to kiss her, be with her. She was beautiful, one of the best looking young women he had ever seen. Yet, she was out of reach. In a broken relationship and also the s****r of one of his best friends. It was getting to him, distracting him from his day to day. His head was full of raunchy thoughts and desires all the time. He knew, of course, that Ginny wasn’t an object, but his body’s urges didn’t respect her like his mind did; his raging... Continue»
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A discovered fetish

My fetish began when I was probably about eleven. I was brought up in a strict household in a small town, and as puberty struck, I had very limited access to any members of the opposite sex, either real or fictitious. My mom and my teacher were the first members of the opposite sex I noticed. As I did my chores at home, I quickly started noticing the lingerie my mom wore, although looking back it was nothing special, but the different materials and styles compared to my own underwear began to spur my imagination. I would often sit in school wondering if my teacher wore similar lingerie to my m... Continue»
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Fucking her was like a d**g is never experience be

She looked different tonight. Not the way she dressed or the way she did her hair or make up. For four years she's came to my house countless times, watched countless movies, had countless sl**p overs, but tonight when she came over, she definitely had something about her that was out of the ordinary. It excited me, and turned me on. Her name is Evolette, I met her in Spanish class when we were freshman, the story of how we met is cliche, so I'll skip ahead to the interesting part, the first time she came over to my house we watched movies until it was 2am. We were already cuddled up, but I wa... Continue»
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Going to work with a wireless toy in my Pussy

As a girl growing up, there comes a point in your life when you make a conscious decision about sex and sex toys. My periods came upon me when I was twelve, and this act of puberty, a girl becomes consciously physically aware, she has a vagina.

Puberty also alerts men around her of the sexual nature of her journey to adulthood, and suddenly she is aware of the interest she generates, in what she says, does, and wears.

Like most girls in their teens, dress sense and the lack off, makes men look twice, but for the girl in question, it's the excitement, and the feedback, the curiosity and g... Continue»
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I had been going out with my girlfriend for about 5 years and we had lived together for most of that time. But because we both worked in retail our time off would more than often fall on totally different days of the week and sometimes when I came back from work, she would tell me of her day spent wanking and watching pornography. I loved the idea of being stuck in my boring job while she lay half naked on the sofa fucking herself senseless for hours on end. Her descriptions of what she had got up to always ended up in some long, filthy sex session when I got home and I would often try to enco... Continue»
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I've been married for 3 years but we've ben together for 7 years and I have thought about fucking my mother-in-law for about 7 years. She blonde unlike my wife and very petite. I always imagined she had small but pert tits and a lovely firm bum but never got the chance to confirm this until not long ago. I had once kissed her when very d***k but she pulled away and nothing more was said about it.

She came to visit my wife and I recently and spent a few weeks with us. We no longer live in the UK and so we have a pool that she made the most of, as I say my thoughts were confirmed the first d... Continue»
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21ST birthday

I had just turned 21 a few weeks before the night that I stayed home with my parents drinking. We were all a little tipsy when a few of their friends stopped by. It was a couple and another man. The man was attractive, but well into his late 50's or early 60's. I noticed that he was nice looking when he introduced himself to me, but I didn't think anything of it. I had never been with anyone over 25 and had never wanted to either. Everyone sat around talking and drinking for a few hours. I was pretty d***k by the time that the couple decided to go home. The older man and myself had been talkin... Continue»
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