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Horny Mother Fucked By Dicky Son

Coming back to the real incident, let me explain you the scene what had happened when i was at 26. Let me introduce my dear mom, her name is Sudha and size is 34, 32 and 34. She looks gorgeous and sex appeals like old heroines. Literally many of uncles was looking at my mom with their horny hunger. Those who come to my home to meet my father tried to touch my mother with their hand when my mom was serving tea.

Coming to me, i never had feeling of looking at my mom at that angle. It was started when i was at 15 and completed my 10th class and got 565/600 marks and got 1st in class. My mom
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First Time Pleasure Sex Experience With Bhabi

I’m Anil from Hyderabad 22 years. This story is about my cute bhabi. This incident happened 1month back in this year. I enjoyed the great sex with her daily she gives me a great pleasure in sex. I enjoyed with her every day and experienced different types of positions with her. Coming to my bhabhi she is a great body she is 27 and her boobs are perfect in size and her ass is awesome she is average in color but she is very attractive. Coming to the story i was completed my graduation and i was enjoying my holidays and i have a cousin b*****r he is working in software company living in Hy
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Sexiest women in the world

I had to write and tell you my story. I have, in my opionion, the
sexiest mother in the world. Mom is about 5'4" tall, with beautiful
36D breasts, a gorgeous body, long dark hair, and deep brown eyes.
I knew she had a beautiful body because I would peek at it whenever
I got a chance. For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about
making love with her, but I was afraid it would remain a fantasy,
since I had no idea how to go about doing anything about it. It turns
out I didn't need to worry.
Like I said before, I would peek at mom every chance I got,
when she was taking a shower,... Continue»
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Taking mom out

My mother is a very beautiful, very sexy woman. I had been
aware of this simple fact for a long time, and had often stroked
my cock to a great orgasm while fantasizing about her. Recently,
however, I came up with an idea that I thought might have a chance
of making my fantasies a reality.
I went to my mother and told her that I wanted to learn all
the right things to do on a date, so that I could treat a lady
properly when I took her out. Mom said that it was wonderful that
I wanted to learn that, since a lot of guys don't care about anyone
other than themselves. I said that what I'd ... Continue»
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The Church Lady

As I was growing up my parents always took me to church. I enjoyed it. There was this one couple that were big wheels in the church and I saw them every Sunday and around town. They were almost like f****y. Mr. Bob and Ms. Anna were their names and they were an older couple, very friendly and active in the church.
At the time this story happened Ms. Anna was I am guessing in her late fifties. She was a thin petite woman, reddish blonde frizzy hair, maybe a hundred pounds. She dressed very conservative. I did not her very attractive or sexy. She did have a drinking problem that very few p... Continue»
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Home Alone

A true story, no more of a snapshot. They say confession is good for the soul.

I waved them goodbye as their car disappeared, tail lights glowing as the car was lost from view. f****y gone for the next few days and more importantly home alone, excited and aroused at the prospect of indulging my secret pleasures.
I had planned this weekend for weeks before, a rare opportunity of self indulgence and pleasure. Constructing every detail of the night ahead in my rational mind, such is the plight of the devoted, but occasional thrill seeking closet dresser.

The door securely locked behind... Continue»
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Amanda Wrighter


“I don’t understand,” Morgana complained as Lilith d**g her out of their spacious room.
“I don’t have time to tell you again, Morgana. Just go, and for fuck’s sake, do as you’re told. He will be…less hostile if you are complacent.” Lilith pushed Morgana out of the door and slammed it shut behind her.
Morgana stormed off down the hallway and headed for the Master’s lair. She had no idea what He wanted with her. When He had summoned Lilith, Morgana expected her mother to be gone for some ti... Continue»
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My Mums stockings

I had been back home with mum for nearly 2 months and I had settled in well. I helped out around the house and was waiting to hear if I had a pace on an engineering course at university.
It was great being home and I think mum liked the company. It was a Saturday night and mum was waiting for her good friend Sue to pick her up for a night out.
They returned about 11:30 and a little d***k, I went to the kitchen and made them a coffee and had a chat, Sue was quite flirty and even worse now she was d***k, but I liked her she was funny. I had the tv on watching MTV when I looked up a group of gi... Continue»
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forever daddy's girl!

i love xhamster and porn, but i read many stories on here that are fake! i assure you, EVERY WORD OF THIS STORY IS TRUE!!
before i start, i just wanna say my dad is a great man and we still have a great relationship. i'm an only c***d and our life may have been different than most families but we care for each other and love like any other f****y would. i am 30 now, but will always be daddy's little girl! when i was young, dad was my hero. we have always been close. mom died in an accident when i was 6, i won't talk about that, but i know shes in a better place.
anyway, where do i begin? ... Continue»
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Sister-in-law Round 2

So the first night was a pleasure. Beth was amazing, and after I went back to my bedroom I still had the smell of her perfume on my chest. My wife rolled over but never noticed thank goodness.

The next morning everyone was up and moving around 7am. I still had some of Beth's cum in the folds of my foreskin from the night before, it was still sticky and milky white. I wanted to clean my cock before my wife decided to nibble on it. That would have been a difficult situation.

In the shower I went.

After the shower we had a normal day, I noticed that Beth was more attentive to my mov... Continue»
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The Artist and the Client

My neighbor came to me at a gathering asking if he could speak with me privately when I had a moment. I liked my neighbor Bernie as he was almost f****y and an artist. He always urged me to find and develop my creative energy. He provided me with art materials and instruction in the use of them, and I would help him around his studio, giving me many opportunities to watch him paint.

As a younger guy I was very sexual. But yet I was always surprised in an innocent way, when I discovered that another person who I never suspected to be overly sexual, might have those same desires. Bernie was... Continue»
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The Artist And The Client......Part 2

Bernie took me by the arm and gently directed me to the chaise, "Here....sit here and put your leg on the cushion....stretched out flat......leave your other foot on the floor.....your thigh relaxed.....lean it to the right.... legs spread a little.....more.....that way I can see your gorgeous cock.....Mmmmmm.....G.....Oh my God!" I looked up at him and his cock was so close to me. It was as if he was purposely standing so close his cock head was inches from my lips. There was pre cum oozing from the head as I heard him sigh, almost begging for attention from me. I knew he wanted my lips kis... Continue»
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Jenny and her Grandpa

Doug answered the phone, it was his daughter, Helen asking if she and his granddaughter, Jenny, could stay for a night in a couple of weeks. Jenny had applied for University in the town that Doug lived and needed to have a look round and speak with some of the lecturers etc. Doug agreed, he hadn’t seen much of either his daughter or his granddaughter in the years since his wife had passed away and it would be nice to catch up with them face to face rather than via E Mail every fortnight or so or via the odd phone call.
He knew he wasn’t good at keeping in touch, even with his own f****y, that... Continue»
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Jenny and her Grandpa (2)

It was the day Doug had been looking forward to for nearly 6 months. His daughter Helen was climbing back into the driver’s seat of her car and leaving him and his Granddaughter Jenny alone at last.
Since their first sex session when Jenny had come up to look at the University she would be studying in until now, they hadn’t managed to get any time alone. Yes Jenny had been back twice, but both times her Mum had come with her and unlike the first time she hadn’t gone out and left them. They’d had a quick couple of kisses and he’d had a few gropes of her arse and tits, but nothing meaningful.
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Chastity Belt Roulette

Chastity Belt Roulette

by Anonymous

Chapter 1

In a small town in New Jersey a small group of husbands and wives meets each weekend for a very special evening. The purpose of the evening is for the husbands to provide total, complete and absolute service to the wives in any manner they see fit, while the husbands compete for a chance at Chastity Belt Roulette. You see, each husband is locked into a very secure and nonremovable chastity belt, which can only be unlocked with the proper key. Only two ... Continue»
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Kelsy & Aunt Cindy

Cindy got up from the couch as the doorbell rang for a second time. She strolled across the front room towards the door. She glanced at her watch. 9 AM.

"Who could be calling at this time" she thought.

As she opened the door, a precocious young blonde looked back at her, backpack slung low over her shoulder.

"Yes?" asked Cindy, her eyes recognizing something vaguely familiar in the young girl.

"Aunt Cindy, it's me, Kelsy..." the cute blonde answered.

"Oh my God" blurted Cindy stepping forward to embrace her. "I didn't recognize you. You've all grown up." She continued, stepping ... Continue»
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Visiting Aunt Mary

I'm a college student, 23 years old, just finishing my engineering degree. While engineering studies are somewhat masochistic, I've really enjoyed school and learning and have been talked into continuing my education by one of my professors with a masters degree. I've already mentioned that I enjoyed school, but the thing you need to know about engineering schools is that there is a weird mismatch between men and women. I'm not going to speculate why, but will say that they're this song I heard once, I think it's titled, "Men" and one of the lines in it is "so throw your rubbers overboard, the... Continue»
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Yes, my Darling Daughter

“Mu-um! I’m Home”
“In the kitchen, Darling!”
Callie hung her coat on the hallway hook and walked into the kitchen. Suzanna looked up from the table where she was finishing off some paperwork as she prepared the evening meal and smiled at her daughter.
“How was school?” she asked.
“I can’t wait until these exams are over and get to Uni,” the girl replied and slumped down on a chair opposite her mother. Callie laughed, her face lighting up as she did so and Callie smiled back at her. She loved her mother’s laugh. It was infectious and she wished she looked more like her. There were cer... Continue»
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Rescuing Aunt Jane

The country lane was becoming more and more familiar, as he approached his Aunt Jane's place. This trip to visit her was certainly not his idea; it was, in fact, his mother's idea. She'd said that Jane was in a major slump, after the death Uncle Henry, and wasn't apparently getting things done. She'd then said that she hoped that a visit from Jaime might settle her down and provide some extra help that she needed to get some things done around her house.

Jaime, recently arrived from Iraq, and newly out of the marines, spending his last two weeks with leave time, was reluctantly agreeable to... Continue»
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Servant Boy Helps For Divorce

Anjali and her hubby were unhappy couple who spent most of their time together fighting. Anjali’s father had not bothered to look at her hubby before the marriage as he was a rich man. But on the day of the wedding she had realized that he was an ugly very black Tamilian. The marriage as expected didn’t work and after seven months they were almost at the brink of divorce when her hubby brought Ramu an eighteen year old boy for household works.

Ramu was dedicated servant and Anjali adored him. But she could not help but notic
... Continue»
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