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[image][/image]TEMPTATION!...i must start by stating the obvious, I have a fetish for ladies undies especially panties.
Well here's the dilemma I faced the other day,my lady came back from her daughters house (not bl**d related to me) and brought in a big washing basket full of washing as her daughters washing machine had broke down.

She asked did I mind, and even as the words left her mouth I thought "MIND,MIND" lol! ...I nearly jumped for joy,as since moving in with my lady I've had no instances of visiting and borrowing the odd pair of panties,
for er! Private moments.
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Bobbie and Me

First my backstory.
I am Micheal or rather Michelle. Let me explain that , you see this story starts when I was six or seven. In school I learned the name of a classmate was Michelle and that was the feminine version of my own name. After learning this I really wanted to have that name, explaining to my mother that I should really be a girl and I do not feel like a boy at all. My mom already had taken note of my girlish tendencies and agreed. So since then I had been allow to dress and basically be a girl as much as I wanted. Of course I always wanted to be in dresses and act like a little gi... Continue»
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First Time pt3

[iDave roughly pulled my thighs apart and with no ceremony thrust his prick into my almost virgin pussy, for just the second time in my life I had a guy's cock inside me.
Quickly he built up a rhythm fucking me roughly, trying to split me I'm sure, I was aware of Tommy standing by me eyes transfixed upon Dave's naked backside driving its way into me, a low groan escaped my lips as a thrust sent shivers down my spine, I was beginning an orgasm, turned on by my reactions Tommy started to rub his recovering cock gently, a string of cum still hanging from his bell end.
Dave feeling my cu
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Jayne Southport 1980

[iI was spending a weekend away with my latest boyfriend Kirk. We had booked into a little B & B on Bath St. and were looking forward to a little romantic time together. Kirk knew all about my past, I think it turned him on just hearing about it! We had enjoyed the day messing about on the boating lake and in the resort's "Theme Park", Pleasureland. Being early September, the sun had already set at 7.45pm, as we made our way onto the pier. " You hungry babe?" I asked Kirk, he nodded , " we'll get some fish 'n' chips then, eat them "al fresco"," Ten minutes later we were sat at a woden tabl... Continue»
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Liberated Auntie, with an eye for boys.

All teenage boys masturbate, something we girls found out about during our own experiences, and as mothers, washing and changing their bed sheets.

Being a divorcee liberated my libido, and being referred to as a MILF, opened my options for experimenting and enjoying my sexuality, albeit quietly, a woman can enjoy the attention of younger men, without advertising she is doing so, I mean, boys are going to be boys, and if a woman does not know what it is she is doing, accidentally on purpose, well who an blame her?

One wonderful thing about shaving, is the infamous, 'Camel Toe', an eyeful ... Continue»
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First Time pt2

Next Monday,he was waiting outside when I came out. "Told your dad that I'd heard you were doing some sport's club, so I'd bring you home later, get in sweetheart," he seemed to have all bases covered, " so we have a full hour and a bit to enjoy!" He gave me a knowing wink and a squeeze of my thigh as I got in alongside him. Alarm bells should have been ringing yet somehow I felt flattered and grown up being with a guy so much older, " I know , a friend of mine has a place near here we can go there OK?" I simply shrugged and five minutes later we were knocking on the door of a small bung... Continue»
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Husband Sucking My Cock

Last Friday night I had a threesome with a couple that I met online. A friend of mine recommended this couple as good fun. I spoke to them online before I arrived here and they seemed really keen and also rather experienced.

Friday night came along, I met them at a bar in town after dinner. Lots of photos were exchanged beforehand and they looked like their photos. I told them I was bi and they said that the husband is 'open minded'. After just one drink we were getting along fine and the wife asked if maybe we should head back to their place for another drink. It sounded good to me as I wa... Continue»
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Cucking Andy - Episode 1

This is the first in a series of stories about Andy and Amanda. Most cucking stories are told by the cuck but this one is different, it's told by the Hotwife. But if you want to here it all from the Cuck's perspective then read Awaking Amanda - Episode 1

One warm Saturday afternoon in late summer my husband Andy and I were having friends over for a garden party to celebrate the completion of our house makeover. Both the k**s were on sl**povers so we'd made it an all adult affair and despite my initial protests Andy had hired a jacuzzi for the day which was positioned 'centre stage' in our n... Continue»
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London Girl

I kicked my legs idly against the stool as I watched the people passing by outside. It was a grey day in London, the end of a long cold winter, and the pedestrians were still bundled up in coats, jackets and scarves, hunched against the biting wind. Small patches of chill sunlight darted through the broken overcast up above, raising bright colours on the busses and taxis that crawled past.

I toyed with my food, ate another piece of sashimi, and then eyed my phone once more.

The email had arrived late the previous evening. My aunt June generally wrote to me infrequently, usually only to c... Continue»
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First Lady pt2

Audrey spoke, "How old are you my baby?"
I stuttered, " 14 just before Christmas," she allowed her tongue to run across her cherry red lips, " How wonderful! You know I'm 56yo?" I shook my head, " Yes really I am more than 40 years your senior, oh my God that sounds ancient!"
" You don't look it," I answered truthfully, feeling her fingers gliding over the front of my knickers, "Oh you are almost as big a flatterer as your friend David!" She laughed loudly, " Come here, kiss me," instinctively I tried to pull away but her hand caught my arm and pulled me to her, our lips came together
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Lunch In A Bradford Strip Pub

[iMy husband to be's mum lived near Bradford with her new husband. We used to visit them regularly usualy from Friday to Sunday evening.
It was on my second visit in,May 1981, that Simon took me to a city centre pub that he and his step-dad used to frequent when he visited.
When we entered the dimly lit, old fashioned pub, 'The King *****'. I was surprised to see just how full it was at 12.50pm in the afternoon, around fifteen or sixteen tables were already occupied, whilst the bar area was almost fully populated. Simon pointed to an empty table in a quiet corner just away from the bar.
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First Lady pt1

It was a fresh but bright, late September evening when my "boyfriend", Dave, picked me up outside my house, I had told my mum I was going to do some refer work with Dave's daughter for a school project, (an excuse, once again provided by the devious mind of Dave), "I'll have her home by 10," he called to my mum as she waved me off.
We drove for around fifteen minutes before pulling up outside a large detached property. The area was one that I didn't know at all. " Come on sunshine," said Dave, "want you to meet a new friend of mine," his words sent a shiver down my spine as I remembered
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Bus Ride with s****r

How could I refuse?

My s****r had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. And suddenly I was being pressured to go with her.

Let me explain: Our f****y has always been adventurous. Meaning, we traveled a lot, especially when Christine and I were young. Christine's then-boyfriend was well aware of that fact, and he surprised her with tickets for a 3-day tour.

However, plans changed when Christine discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating ... Continue»
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Nudist f****y

'So what's this about?'

I flopped down onto the couch as my parent's stood expectantly in the middle of the room.

'We'll tell you when your s****r gets here. Where is she anyway- oh!'

Molly burst into the room and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch, tucking her long hair behind her ears as she straightened her back and placed her knees together. She always was a pro at acting the perfect daughter around them, especially when the possibility of us having done something wrong hung in the air.

'Okay, I guess we can start.'

My mum looked nervously at my dad. This was odd. ... Continue»
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Interviewing My New Office Boy

I just got a promotion to the Vice President of Marketing at a major corporation in Santa Clara.  It was going to be a very high stress job and I was going to get to hire my own assistant.  I've always had a fantasy of having a male assistant wait on me hand and foot.  I had several interviews set up over the course of the next few days.  Today I was interviewing the most promising candidate as his resume was very impressive.

I sat behind my big mahogany desk in my black leather executive chair as he walked in my office.  He was about 6' tall with wavy blonde hair, green eyes and an athleti... Continue»
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All is Not as it Appears

Not All is as it Appears

A story about the holiday adventures of Belle, Eve, and Vanessa

(Sequel to "Isabella and Evelynn" Read it here:

By Billy69boy

Chapter One

Tears welled up in my eyes as I pulled away from the house I shared with Vanessa, my best friend and lover. I would miss her dearly. We had such grand plans for the summer, after my last semester of college finally ended for the year. We were going to do some traveling, some partying, and just some casual hanging out together. We wan... Continue»
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100% true... Quckie and crazy

During colleges I worked famous coffee shop ,young and sexually active I had crazy nights with plenty of young college coworkers... One in particular she had a boyfriend for a few years and was pretty wild but she never cheat on him. After one day she cracked and we became baby rabbits almost every other day fine any opportunity to be alone... Fast forward 8 years into the futer... I just broke up 4 year long relationship and I was at my moms visiting the local pharmacy... and I see this 5'4 115lbs with nice breast and apple bottem booty.. Im not the type that hit or whistle at hot women... bu... Continue»
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Crazy College Days And The World Theater

I have been thinking back to my care free college days and all of the time I spent at the local Adult Theater. I moved into my dorm at OSU less than two weeks after my eighteenth birthday. Alone for the first time in my life and intoxicated by the freedom of youth, I set out exploring almost as soon as my parent's tail lights disappeared in the distance. The "World Theater" was just North of the OSU campus in Columbus OH was my very first stop. I was young and horny and I had only heard about places like this that showed hard core fuck films. The "World" soon became my favorite hang out! As a ... Continue»
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Meeting A Fan 2016

" Hello there!" A voice shouted behind me as I strolled hand in hand with my husband, Simon, on Blackpool's Central Pier, I turned, a man in his mid 40s,around 6ft tall with thinning dark hair slimly built, he spoke again, "Hi, pardon me but aren't you A.J. from Tumblr? I love your blog," I felt myself redden slightly, a reaction I always tended to undergo whenever somebody recognised me from my online blog posts, " Yes I am, how are you?" I offered him my hand which he shook vigourously, " nice to meet you, this is my husband Simon," the man shook my husband's hand firmly," I'm John. I ... Continue»
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f****y holiday pt4

Peter and Anjia straightened them self up and exited the toilet. Peter noticed a wicked look in his daughters eyes. As they left they were greated by the site of the red head Laura with her hands inside her bikini bottoms. "Your a bad daddy...but your a wonderful daughter" she said. Whilst removing her wet fingers from her puss and feeding them to anjia. Peter was unsure how she would react, as far as he knew she had only ever had inter f****y fun. But to his joy young anjia licked the fingers clean and said "thank you". Little did Peter know that his daughter was well versed in many more acti... Continue»
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