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Sue My Cum Loving Wife

Sue and I were both married before but she was reluctant to talk about her past sex life. Being the sex addict I am, I wanted to hear about how my wife became such a fantastic cocksucker. I finally convinced her how excited I become thinking about her sucking and fucking other guys. Or imaging her with another girl or woman. Promising her that nothing would change my feelings for her.

Sue was thirteen when she started fooling around with her best friend Kate. Every time they had a sl**pover they would practice kissing so they would be ready to kiss boys. Sue was tall and slender with long ... Continue»
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Looking Under and Up Part 1

It was another day, but after a week or so of planning, I decided to go and get some upskirts and then get in some pics in the dressing room.Everything was set and ready, camera and disguise. Just make sure that I dont get caught.
It was another sunny and beautiful day, great for getting some upskirts. I went to the nearest shop and lurked around for half an hour or so, but no luck, they were either wearing shorts or pants. Guess it is time for my back-up plan. I decided to place a camera within the shop, as it has only 1 bathroom, so the bathroom is shared. I look around, trying to fin... Continue»
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The Window

Note: This is just a simple little tale of first time experience... it is somewhat an autobiographical tale... enjoy!


"Jeez, Andrew, that's my teacher's window!" One of the players howled.

When the long fly ball went through the neighbor lady's kitchen window, two entire baseball teams full of Andrew Wilson's friends and peers disappeared.

Now certain that the world as he knew it would end in a manner of moments, Andrew was stuck with the ball bat and the consequences of his own actions.

This was old lady Heloise's house, and everybody knew she was a k** hater... Continue»
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Work with Granny

I was off again with my 61 year old grandma with my 19 years .......
and Friday night was terribly boring village. My grandpa was a truck driver and rarely at home, so I had often help out the Farmstead. For too often that sexy figure of the mother of my father I had noticed.
I was already in bed early, I took down one and thought about it a plan for how I could use the old fuck.
On Saturday night Granny was sitting as usual in me far corner of the couch, I on the chair. It was quite warm and grandmother wore a flowery dress. I went to the toilet and had through the keyhole grandma in full ... Continue»
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Double Act – Chapter 1

Double Act – Chapter 1

First of all, let me get this straight. My s!ster and I are not identical twins. We both have long, dark hair but hers is straight whereas mine has a little kink in it. Her left front tooth is a little out of line, and mine are perfectly straight. She has the body a cheerleader would die for while my hips and bust are at least an inch wider that no amount of aerobics or diet seems to shift. And we can't stand each other's taste in music.

But for all that, or maybe because of it, we grew up trying to be as identical as possible. Maybe we felt cheated t... Continue»
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Daughter in Law Madison Seduction - The Beginning

My son was away working overseas for an extended period of time and his beautiful 21 year old blond hot wife was staying with my wife and I while going to college and saving their apartment money.

She is a real hottie, 21 as I said, 5'5" with long sexy soft blond hair, big beautiful blue eyes, slim waist, perfect ass and nice big tits with hard perky nipples. Very hard to keep my eyes off her and ask "fatherly" as a father in law should.

At the marriage I couldn't help but think how hot she was in her wedding gown, perfect fit and cleavage, I was getting a boner as I thought of my son... Continue»
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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 2

This is part 2 to a fictional story I came up with for fun. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes and i hope you enjoy.

Part 1 Recap

I introduced a girl I met online Trish to my mom. She came over for dinner and they both really hit it off. So much so after a couple bottles of wine and flirting they began to grope each other. Realizing I was there they knew it was wrong but didn't want to stop. So mom asked me to leave so they could continue and as I reluctantly watched from upstairs jerking off. It escalated until they were passionately fucking eachother. After they were done mom w... Continue»
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How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part IV

I was standing in the doorway to the nurse’s office. It was warm in her room, and the lights were a little dimmer.

“Come in”, said the nurse. And I moved into the room to her desk. It was quiet in there, cold and flu season was over and nobody got hurt in gym class that morning...nobody was playing sports haha. “You’ve had a full morning” she said. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these fun days, I’m glad you gave us the opportunity!”

I smiled big, “Oh no, thank you all. This has been an amazing day so far, I never knew I could feel the things I’ve felt today.”

The nurse smil... Continue»
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Petite Exchange Student from Japan

It was not the best time for an exchange student to be staying with us for the summer. My wife and I were experiencing the roughest time in our relationship.

Two weeks before Kimi was to arrive, my wife, Liz, and I had our worst fight. Liz had gone out to a college friend’s bachelorette party. I hadn’t thought much of it. She was out until the early morning. When she woke up at noon the next day, we didn’t have much time to get ready for the wedding. We rushed over to the ceremony. I didn’t know most of the people, so I had a f... Continue»
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Camping with Aunty Alice, and with 6 Boys

I counted the heads as the van drove off, seven men and myself. I was eighteen and sort feeling self-conscious, having no girlfriends to chat with, or compare notes, but more important, not to have competition with to flirt, me and seven guys, wow, this was really happening, and deep down, even though I felt intimidated, I felt a sexual arousal, I hoped did not show.

Trekking in the rough was an outdoor pursuit I have always loved doing, at one with nature, down and earthy, a real outdoors girl, nude walks and naked swimming, rocked my boat, in secret of course, and now, here I was about to... Continue»
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Cruise fun

It started innocently enough.

My wife and I were on a cruise. We were down at the pool sunning ourselves and enjoying a couple of island style drinks.

I first noticed the teen while he was checking her out. She was adjusting the top on her swimsuit and he couldn’t keep his eyes of her big tits. Truth be told, not many men can. My wife has large soft breasts that look good in any clothing, and look even better out.

As I watched him, he kept trying to get a better vantage point. He’d move chairs, stand up, sit down ,bend over, hide behind sunglasses, walk by….anything to get a peek at ... Continue»
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Stepdaddys accident

This is a story from my teens. Many coincidences led to a very special experience with Him, my father. None of us would have seen it coming and would never believe it would happen, but it did. If he hadn't been in that bicycle accident I would never have had to care for him as I did for a brief period of time. With bandaged hands, stiches and some titanium in his under arm he was more or less helpless and totally dependent of my care. The doctor had estimated 2 weeks until the stitches could be removed and potentially even more for the fractures to heal. Mom had passed away some years ago and ... Continue»
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Led Astray and I LOVED IT!!!

We all say "I was led astray" and last night,it was my turn....Went out last night with my future s****r in law and some of her friends,drinks were flowing,wine was good the men looked good and the girls well,who doesn't enjoy a group of beautiful 40 somethings with wine in there systems???Well I have never been with a woman but my lesbian friends tell me "Every woman is attracted to other women whether she knows it or not."I aren't going to lie,I know I am attracted to women,I go to the gym with friends we do classes,go for a swim,Jacuzzi,sauna etc and all the time after finishing class I che... Continue»
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Last Night at Local ABS

There is still dried cum on my face as I write this post. I decided earlier today that I just had to suck some cock and earn some cum. So I put on my white satin cami, black g-string, my Dolce & Gabana Light Blue perfume, and threw on some "man" clothes for "cover" and safe travel. It was kind of quiet when I got there with only a few guys milling around. Nothing too interesting for the first 20 minutes or so. So I wandered booth to booth, peeking in to see if someone had their cock out and wanted a blowjob. A guy in his 70s wearing his granny panties diddling his micro-penis. No other cocks t... Continue»
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More of Sarah (My Girlfriends Mom)

In my favorite overstuffed chair in the living room thinking of what has transpired the last week with breaking up with Cindy and the new found relationship I have gained with Sarah, Cindy’s mom. A week ago we had made love so many times I couldn’t be sure on the count? I had sequestered myself between my house and the boat I needed time to put the situation in order in my own head! The phone rang bringing me out of my day dreams, with no one else was home I had to get up and answer it. It was Sarah asking, would it was alright if she came by to visit? I said it was OK, she said about a half ... Continue»
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In love with my Mother in Law-1

I live pretty far from her so any chance I get to be close to her drives me crazy. When we first meet we did not get along at all, but over the years she has grown to love me. I have been trying to figure out a way to show her how I feel. It all started very innocently with a f****y photo actually.( I might be reading into this WAY to much), but the whole f****y crowded on the coach. I end up sitting crammed right next to her. Just that bit of contact had my heart racing. I intentionally rested my forearm next to hers....and then my wife sat on my lap for the photo. I continued to push my arm ... Continue»
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School nurse going wild

Gina Stevens pressed the send icon, ”bombs away” she thought to herself. The process was started, filing for divorce with her son-of-a-bitch husband with the email sent to the f****y law firm initiating the inevitable. She had initiated the divorce after catching him fooling around too many times with his secretary. Suddenly there was a beep and a yellow lamp flashing next to her desk, indicating she had another patient benefiting from her daily drop-in session between 13.00 and 14.00 She was a school nurse and the drop in cases varied from broken arms to broken hearts. Sometimes a sad k** lo... Continue»
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Mira, an Indian wife’s rite into sexual awak

By mirax86@xhamster. Based on real events.
The knock on the front door startled me. As I slipped out of the bed, my phone buzzed. A message from Harini. “I have sent him to check on you”. I checked the time. 11:48 PM. Was that Ram at the door? I walked quietly to the front room and checked the eyeglass. It was Ram. He must ... Continue»
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The sl**pover

Fuck! I can't believe what I'm seeing in my parents' living room.
Three giggling teenage girls, wearing sheer lingerie are sitting on the
couch cheering on a fourth girl who is attempting to deep throat a dildo.
What the fuck! The cheers and laughter is probably why they didn't hear me
come in through the kitchen door. I step back into the shadows of the
hallway while my cock responds to the luscious, pale ass cheeks of the
fourth girl. Her purple sheer nightie has ridden up over her heart-shaped
ass, revealing her matching thong as she starts to gag on the rubber dick
suctio... Continue»
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Church Camp Councilor

When I was younger I went to church camp pretty often. One year my church camp councilor was a cute man in his thirties who was very nice. I was camping for the week and one night during one of our group activities I started to get a headache. I told my councilor and he said I could go back to the cabin and that he would take me. He let the other councilors know and then we headed back. It was a long walk back to the cabins and we had to hike through a little bit of woods.
Along the way my councilor suggested we get some fresh air and walk for a bit and I agreed. Instead of walking back to th... Continue»
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