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prostitutes of legal age

I guess we all have saw the news reports of people wanting too shut down sites like because they post ads for e****ts. All in the name of sex trafficking. I don’t think anyone woman or man turning to prostitution as a way to make a living is a good idea. How ever its been a career choice for thousands of people for thousands of years, and common sense tells us its not going any where but up in volume. As times get harder and the population gets bigger the more prostitutes. The biggest problem with prostitution is trafficking and minors being f***ed into the trade by pimps and some... Continue»
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Mad affair

"Under no circumstances are you going to fuck me and my wife" I tell the big man Ramon, shit scared when I was saying it. "Oh yeah bitch! we’ll see about that!" Ramon says that, pushes me on the bed. I was already naked and he too, Raina my wife was watching. Ramon’s big cock rams into my asshole, it was big and I scream. "Please fuck me instead" Raina begs Ramon grabs her hair and places it next to my erect cock, she sucks. Though that fat cock was hurting but I was enjoying, it slips out my asshole, slaps Raina, she stops sucking my cock and begins sucking his. I thought of joining her but h... Continue»
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Meeting the girlfriend's f****y part 4

I went into the house and found Mike on the couch passed out with a very hot milf playing with his cock. She saw me standing at the doorway to the living room "You must be DJ, you can call me Vanessa" she said. "Nice to meet you Vanessa I responded. " aye Mike you wanted to talk me about something?" "I'm sorry DJ I gave him some sl**ping pills and he is out" Vanessa said. " well do you know what he wanted to tell me?" I asked. She then said " Can you help me get him in the car please and I can tell you I the car". "Yeah sure but let put some clothes on first" I responded. I went to put clothe... Continue»
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Chapter 1 Auntie Ann

I came home from school and walked into the kitchen
Mum was sitting on a stool talking with my Auntie Ann

I was horny after watching my fellow schoolgirls in their short school minis and white blouses
teasing us in the playground by bending down showing off their colored lacy skimpy pantys.
Some were transparent which let us gaze at their hairy little cunt holes and tight little bum holes
We stroked our hardening cocks through our school trousers
Some of the girls opened their blouse buttons so that we could see their pert little tities
held in their lacy si... Continue»
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I guess my problem started during Christmas vacation
when I was 18. My parents were on a two week second
honeymoon in France, and my Aunt Jill had agreed to take
care of our rather large house and of me. Jill, who was
28 at the time, was still recovering from the shock of
losing her husband in an automobile accident, so I was
skeptical about my chances of having a merry Christmas
in the midst of so much gloom. To my great surprise,
though, Jill's spirits were high, and the two days
before Christmas Eve were truly enjoyable.

Before I get too far along, I should point out th... Continue»
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Motel Surprise pt2

After my hot, housekeeping boy left, I sat in the chair
for a few moments. I finally was able to rouse myself
to climb in the shower and get cleaned up for the
f****y thing for Christmas Eve.

I headed over to my parents house and, arriving around
noon, we did the whole Christmas Eve deal. A couple of
step-cousins had even made the trip from the west
coast. We hadn't seen them since their parents died a
few years ago. Keith was my age and Leslie, the
youngest of the f****y, was five years our junior.

Still, even at 40, Leslie was one hot number. I had
flashbacks to visit... Continue»
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Mistletoe fun

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." was
the first thing I heard as I opened the front door. I
couldn't help grinning. It sure was shaping up to be a
perfect Christmas. It was lightly snowing as I speak.
Where I live once December hits we have some measure
of snowfall daily, and it doesn't melt, the
temperature stays below 29 pretty much through to
March. And the forecast was for heavy snow over the

As I trekked home down the snow-covered road - my
school bus drops me off about a fifteen minute walk
from our house - I enjoyed the near silence, only t... Continue»
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This is the true story about my life. I didn't talk
until I was 5 years old. The pediatricians my parents
had taken me to, gave me a working diagnosis of
autism. They said I would always stay a c***d, and
never become independent. They recommended they put me
away in an institution.

My parents refused to do that. They kept me close to
home instead. At about the age of 7, when I finally
did learn to talk, they mainstreamed me into a public
elementary school. I was teased, taunted, and beaten
up a lot. To make matters worse, my father eventually
became a wife and c***d ... Continue»
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Lovers bi another name

He is the sexiest man ever. He loves me much and I am so glad we have a f****y together.

But our love was never so simple. I was going through life trying to find the right person for me to share all my desires with. I did not want another relationship with someone I am not sexually comparable with. We met on the Internet and I drove to see him over a 100 miles away. I did not know what to expect but our conversation was so great over the phone.

After meeting Tony we went out and spoke but nothing sexual happened. We realized we were attracted to each other immediately but we lived so fa... Continue»
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Fucking the Teen Babysitter

The following is part truth and part fantasy. About 20 years ago I was dating a single mother of two. A very volatile character, who at times could be the sweetest woman alive, and at other times a complete bitch. When it came to sex she was a total vamp. She loved everything except pain. Despite having two k**s, she was determined to have a social life, and would regularly engage the services of some teenage girls, to mind the k**s while she went out drinking.

It was quite near Christmas and I was going through one of my many phases of living with her. I had been to a works night out and ... Continue»
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BLACK l****a 3

BLACK l****a 3

Jack had no intention of becoming a pussy hound, especially for his own daughter's pussy. However, there he was getting into his sweet young l****a's stuff night after night. It had become apart of his routine that had become the highlight of his day. It had been nearly two months since that first night in her room. It was a night of so many first for Jack. It was the first time that he had giving in to his temptation to go to her bedroom. Not that he ever thought that he would ever do anything, after all she was still his baby girl, and from the time she was a baby, he h... Continue»
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I awoke with a start. Breathing heavily, I wipe the sl**p from my eyes. As I try to steady my breathing and calm my racing heart I ponder what just happened. Is it possible for a female orgasm during a dream? That's what you are, right? My mind stills for a moment and I realize my bare thighs are warm and wet and there's an aching in my center that I am all to familiar with. I reach down and discover that my plump pussy is ripe do very ripe for the taking. I run two fingers through my folds and my inner walls clench tightly. I bring my fingers up to my mouth and sample the succulent ju... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 04

It was Saturday. However, this wasn't just an ordinary Saturday. It was my 22nd birthday.

As it turned out, my girlfriend, Becca, had something big planned for me early that morning.

I was sl**ping in my bed when she woke me up at just past Midnight.

As I opened my eyes, I immediately noticed that something was different. Everything was black.

I reached for my face and felt it.

Becca had wrapped a blindfold around my eyes, blocking my vision entirely. I heard her giggle as I struggled to peek underneath the blindfold that was wrapped tightly around my eyes.
... Continue»
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Anonymous Relationship III

On Saturday morning I woke up and looked out my bedroom window just in time to see Melanie's car pull up to the house. I watched as the redheaded woman got out of her car. She was an extremely attractive woman who was about five foot seven inches tall. She had pale blue eyes. I had always thought that her body was wonderfully balanced with striking curves. Her complexion was just what you would expect on a redhead with light freckles on pale skin. Maybe one of reasons she had such a great body was the fact that she had never had k**s. Today she was wearing a pair of slacks and a sweater.

I ... Continue»
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The Taming of Amy IV- Sandra

I woke up and felt my wife Amy stir next to me. I looked over and could see her nude body under the thin sheet. Her face looked so relaxed. She had been such a bitch for so long. Just a week ago she would have probably scowled in her sl**p. I was convinced she was a bitch even when she was sl**ping. Then that wonderful potion came along and now she was the sweetest, sexiest and most submissive wife any man could have!

I was pondering all of this when another slender arm moved across my chest and I felt Sandra snuggle up to me on my other side. Sandra is Amy's mom and if Amy had been a bitch... Continue»
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Fucked by b*o & his Friend

~A Sweet Fantasy, all characters in this story are over the age 18. Viewers Discretion is advise.~

This happened when I was still living at home, a few years ago just before my 21st birthday. I was home for the summer from uni and working long days in a crappy summer job for a friend of my dad. I had an on/off boyfriend, but we were very much off at this point- in fact I had decided that I was well and truly done with him and his bullshit behaviour. I wasn't missing him at all, and in fact I was sure it was over for good. The only problem was that because of the long hours in the j... Continue»
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My s****r in law Diane and her daughter Michelle and son Gay came to live with me and my wife Lizl
when she got her divorce in Brighton .
I always fancied Diane a blonde with massive big tits and a very sexy arse
She dressed vert sluttily as did my wife Liz who was a very slim brunette with small pert tits
and a very pert arse .
Liz and I were both bi sexual and loved swinging and fucking young and old boys and girls
Michelle was a young blonde schoolgirl with developing tits and gay was her younger b*****r
and very shy as opposed to Michelle who was a big prick teaser.
Liz agreed with... Continue»
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Teen helps Latina MILF

Let me preface by saying I’m a skinny, white, 18 year old male. I’m not particularly tall - average height I guess? My style is kinda rocker/skater/alternative, with longish hair.

I grew up and spent most of my teen years in Greenfield Massachusetts, which has a rural, small town community vibe.

Anyway, last year, my dad found a new job in downtown Boston – so we moved to a suburb just outside of Boston, Winthrop. It is a nice coastal town – quiet and clean compared to other cities surrounding Boston.

We rented an apartment in a 3 f****y home. This was kind of a shock for me, c
... Continue»
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oh my son

Susan Meadows, divorced one year earlier, now lived alone with her s*******n year old son, Justin. During the year following the Divorce, Susan had tried dating a couple of times. But, she found it was just too soon for her to venture back out into society with a man in a one on one situation.

The trauma of the divorce had caused her to withdraw from the outside world and her entire life was centered on her son, Justin who had become her close friend and confidant. She did maintain a friendship with Gloria, one of her friends at work who became her only real contact with the outside world. ... Continue»
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oh my son -2

Gasping like an asthmatic, he stopped and delicately pushed her legs apart just a tiny bit. Wanting to spread her legs apart wider, he stopped himself and started pulling her panties down. Then with a fiery shock, he saw the crotch of her panties wetly sticking to her woman-place. Just the idea of his mother being wet in that place was enough to make him almost loose control and shoot off. He couldn't believe how totally erotic and wicked it was to see her place so wet that it had completely soaked through her panties. My God, he thought, she must be having a wet dream. Then with an overpoweri... Continue»
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