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A Golden Oportunity

I don’t seek out sexual partners at work. I try not to shit where I eat. But sometimes a golden opportunity just falls in your lap.

I was in my early thirties, in good shape, recently divorced, and in possession (though not necessarily in control of) a 9 inch cock. I was working on a project with a colleague when our boss got us a new fulltime typist to help with our reporting requirements. My friend and I were in my office discussing something or other, when a perfectly beautiful, slim, young woman appeared at my open office door, sporting shoulder length wavy blond hair, and wearing a whi... Continue»
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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 1 of

Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 1 of 4

Synopsis: Kimberly seduces her stepdad and his friend at a f****y pool party.

Part 1

It was getting dark. Mark could tell his friends, especially his wife, where way past tipsy. Alcohol was the only reprieve from a 7 year old's birthday party. The c***dren were playing loudly, thrilled to be in the pool after dark. All but Kimberly, his stepdaughter. She was the only teenager. Too old to play with the k**s and too young to join the adults.

As Mark watched the girl lazily floating on her back in the deep end of the pool, he foun... Continue»
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Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 2

Allyson - my roommate´s girlfriend PART 2

I closed the door, speechless. That jerk just broke her heart big time and there was nothing I could have done. Actually I didn´t know what to do at that very moment.
Maybe instinct or maybe some clever part of me took over and I opened the door.

Allyson was out of sight, by that time she had already walked around the corner I rushed to catch up with her.

Wait!” – I shouted – “Allyson?

She was not walking, she was just standing there, a cigarette in her... Continue»
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Football Mascot – Gabi

Football Mascot – Gabi

Gabi was sucking on his favorite dick stick, the one owned by the black tackle of his dad’s football team. Talon was massive all over, but especially his cock. One of Gabi’s hands was sliding up and down on it. Gabi’s other hand was stroking the massive cock of the Center on the same team. Larry was white and even heavier than Talon but his cock was slightly, but only slightly, smaller. Pedro was between Gabi’s legs using his own massive cock to gently slap back and forth against Gabi’s sweet peter. It was a game invented by Gabi. Pedro was the Latino offensive... Continue»
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Noises in the Night

A lil harmless noise in the night that could get anyone wild up.

It was the noise that distracted me. It was so soft at first I thought I was imagining it. But it was there: a slow and steady hum broken with little noises I couldn't identify at first, until they started coming faster and faster. They were moans. My mother's moans, accompanying her vibrator as she pleasured herself in the next room. It was the sexiest thing I had ever heard.

I was 26, recently separated from my wife. We'd married too young and three years in found me cheating on her with a woman from work. I... Continue»
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Kiss Me, Kate

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seemed to go
wrong? First you're late for work. Then your boss chew you out because
the project you're working on isn't ready. Then you get a phone call from
your daughter, telling you that she has just been arrested for shop lifting
and that she needs you to come bail her out. That was basically how my
Friday went. I didn't realize until that point, how much my life had
deteriorated since my wife had run off with a wannabe rock star.

My daughter, Kate, had suffered the most since her mother had run out. I
was con... Continue»
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Fun with an older man

In my teens I was doing some work in a f****y friend’s garden and was cleaning up in the bathroom when I saw his daughters panties and tights on the floor and was picking them up for a sniff when he walked in. He smiled and told me if I liked them so much I should wear them and then come into his bedroom. I put on the daughters panties and tights. They were bikini panties and grey school tights. She was a year younger than me and they were tight. I went to his bedroom I was horny and scared.

He was sat on the bed and wearing only boxers. He was in his 40's but had a good body. He called m... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Cousin Cindy Over The Thanksgiving

This is a story of a past thanksgiving I went out of town to see my
extended f****y for the first time in three years. As a college student
money had been tight and I had not been able to afford to take time off my
part time job at both Christmas and Thanksgiving.

At the time the arrangements were made I thought it was going to be a
real treat for me to be able to spend Thanksgiving with them, but little
did I know just how big of a treat I was in for.

I ended up staying at my aunt and uncle's house mainly because they were
the ones that had room for me. It was nice be... Continue»
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Camping with my Niece

5 Days in The Adirondacks with my Niece

Did I think about fucking her before the trip began, Yes. Did I want to
fuck her? Yes again. Did I think it would happen? Not a chance. But
just in case I put a few condoms and blue boner pills in my first aid kit.

I'm 42 years old avid hiker having traversed the three major trails in
North America. To commemorate each completed trail I got a tattoo
reflecting the journey. Every time I came back from a major hike, my niece
Ashley always wanted to read my journal see pictures I'd taken along the
way and most of all see the ... Continue»
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Aunts in My Pants

I always thought my Aunt Susan was hot.

Susan is my mother's younger s****r, and kind of a carbon copy of my
mom. She is four years younger than my mom and they had always been close.
Both attractive, around the same height, maybe 5'5 or 5'6, and both with
the same dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and slim, in-shape bodies. They both
looked quite a bit younger than their actual ages.

I grew up in a single parent home with just my mother Terri and my
s****r Anna, who is a year older than I. My name is Chad. I never knew my

From the time I was young my Aunt Su... Continue»
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All I Ever Wanted

I was playing outside, pestering the frogs and newts in the little pond
at the end of the garden, when I heard Gran calling me. As it usually
meant I was in trouble, or she wanted me to do something, I burrowed
further down into the long grass; frogs and newts are more interesting to
8-year old boys than chores, or a telling off; besides, I had almost
captured a beaut of a frog to show off in school the next day.

"Harry! Haaarrryyy! She shouted from the doorway, "I can see you, come
here, now, your fathers' on the 'phone! Hurry up!"

Dad. That was a different thing, ... Continue»
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All I Ever Wanted Ch. 02

Sai Fong Speaks:

So now I had Harry, nailing him after years of chasing, teasing,
tormenting, and finally trapping him. So what if he's my half-b*****r,
he's worth it; the poor lamb's such an innocent, he might have gone off
with some local girl, someone I knew, that would have been too dreadful for
words, seeing him tied-up with some local trull, or worse, some tramp he
met at uni, that would have been unspeakable. I couldn't allow that, he's
mine, I saw him first; really speaking, that first time, I f***ed him, but
then he didn't exactly fight me off tooth and nail, defen... Continue»
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All I Ever Wanted Ch. 03

Sai Fong Speaks:

Waiting nearly 4 weeks to see Harry nearly had me climbing the walls.
After the nights we'd spent in London, and the frustrating week that
darling Harry spent back home, I was ready to just do a disappearing act,
turn-up on his doorstep and scream "You want it, Big Boy, here it is, come
get it!"

Common sense prevailed, and though dad, poor, dear deluded dad, had
given in on the Art School thing, he wasn't prepared to let me go just yet,
poor dear, and insisted that I spend this last summer at home with him. I
had to go with it, insisting on heading d... Continue»
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Accidents Happen

There are some things in life that are not planned. They just happen!
My s****r Donna is 4 years older than me and we have never been real tight.
We were just typical siblings with an age difference. We would fight all
the time over just about anything, but as we got older we managed to become
friends. My s****r was a wild c***d; I caught her more than once having
sex with her boyfriends at our parents' house. I never said anything but
she knew that I knew.

There were times, and I am sure it was my imagination, that she enjoyed
teasing me by having sex while I was in the ... Continue»
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My fantasy

I have a few fantasies. I will share one for now and would love to hear from you and see what you think.
It starts with myself and a woman. We're in a room and start making out and getting each other turned on. Kissing on each other and talking naughty. The woman decides to start taking control and tells me about how she fantasizes about blindfolding a man and making him preform any and all sexual acts she desires! Im incredibly turned on by this and before i could say yes, she pushes me on the bed and pulls out a blind fold. She puts it on me and as an added bonus she grabs my hands and sta... Continue»
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My Little Slut Wife

My wife, Susan, and I have been married for over twenty years now. We have two wonderful k**s and get along great. But for a while now I have been imagining Susan with another man. She would not think about going one on one with another man so I tried to talk her into a three way or swapping or even a swingers club. I don't know what it is but I really want to see her getting her brains fucked out by another guy. I bring it often to her but she just laughs it off and says she will think about it. She loves to fuck and she is a little dynamo. Susan is blonde, almost five foot tall, about a hu... Continue»
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Mardi Gras Meatfest

While in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, my husband and I left the Quarter very late one night after some serious partying. On the way back to our hotel, we passed a porno theater and on the spur of the moment, decided to go in. We found a couple of seats at the back and I slumped down in my chair. It wasn’t very crowded but I was sure I was the only woman there.
Having never actually seen a porno flick before, I was shocked at the action being displayed on the screen. The actress was sucking on one absolutely gigantic cock while another actor rammed his equally large dick into her from beh... Continue»
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Me and my sexy teacher part 1

This is my first attempt at one of these stories so please like and leave comments about what you think add me and message me if you want something done or to ask Mr anything! Thank you!

My teacher miss. Steele I'll call her, my English teacher through year 10 and 11 she was so sexy and classy it was unbelievable. She is short curvy with black hair and big blue eyes! She wore such sexy things like tight dresses and skirts with stockings and heels. She would tease me so bad, bending over to show her incredible as as she picked up a pen, rubbing her tits against me when helping me with work a... Continue»
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The boys institute.

The Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Ch.01

Irene was very pleased with how things were developing the first several weeks with Craig. He had taken to his milking schedule very well, and the daily pill and lotion applications seemed to be working well also. The boy's already prodigious genitals seemed to be growing larger, and he was becoming almost constantly aroused. It now took only half an hour from the time he had recovered from his milking to the time that he began to show signs of involuntary stiffness and easy arousal again. All she had to do was mention something about his ge... Continue»
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Second Hand Breast Milker...

When I found the online classified describing the $300 breast milk pumping machine, I quickly checked the date of posting. It had only been a few hours, so my chances were good the item was still there. When I pulled up in front of the powder blue suburban house and saw the machine still sitting just as it was in the photo, my perverted cock twitched.

When I sat down in the driver's seat with it, I was not bashful at all. I quickly found the plastic parts that must have been attached to the suburban mom's veiny tits. Oh my fucking GOD, crusty dried teat juice was all over the funnel sha... Continue»
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