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A few of my sexual encounters.

First up is my first lesbian experience.

So I decided to do a post on my first "Girl/girl" experience. Well not my first girl, girl experience but full on Sex I guess. I was a lot younger and skinnier when this happened! (before my training days) But it was one of my best memories and even though I love cock. I still love to play with a good pair of tits or dominate a small petite woman.

So before getting into the good stuff, let me just give you a short "how did we get here?"

A good friend of mine and I used to have what we called "d***k Tuesdays." Basically it was our way of making ... Continue»
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Learning to Suck Cock

Lisa slipped to her knees as her boss pulled his cock from his pants. Lisa mouth watered at the sight of the big cock that was growing hard before her eyes. Lisa slowly extended her tongue until it touched the tip of Gary’s cock. Immediately Lisa tasted the pre-cum and her body nearly convulsed with pleasure. Lisa thought about how much she loved sucking cock! She loved the feel of a cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She loved the taste of pre-cum on her tongue! She loved the look on a man’s face as she teased and pleased them... Continue»
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Suzy's Awakening

Ever since Cathy Jorden's pajama party, Suzy Morris
could keep her teenage mind on only one thing. Sex!
That warm, mysterious, delicious feeling between her
silky young thighs.

And this particular morning was to be no exception.

What woke the pretty teenager was not her mother's
voice calling her to breakfast and school. And it
wasn't old Mr. Henry's German shepherd barking in the
yard next door.

It was that beautiful sexy dream again. The same
dream that had visited young Suzy in her bed each
night for the past two weeks. And just like always
the dream ended much ... Continue»
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k**napped and fucked by the mob

Quite a while ago I was deeply involved with the members of the Mongrel Mob. I used to get invited to their gatherings and parties as a thank you for the goods I supplied them with. One day I got a call and I was asked to participate in a 'special event' they had prepared. So I drove out to a place deep in the bush where there was an abandoned farm. There I found them partying at a camp fire. I was quite late and the sight was the usual; A lot of booze involved and loud music. I wasn't surprised when a friend said to me that it was a shame that I already had missed a part of 'the action'. I d... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #7

I had laid out the white see through dress that we had got at the mall Saturday, and true to her word, mom left the sheer bra and panties off and put the dress on, then went out my bedroom door to do what she usually does, when dad is home from his trips, as I went to editing the video and copying it on to a disc.

When I heared dad's car pull into the drive way, I was finishing up with the first editing and getting the disc out of my computer and labling it disc one, then I put the disc away in a safe place so that dad wouldn't find it if, he was to go snooping around in my room.

I turne... Continue»
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Daughters exam

I am a physician assistant at a busy walk-in medical center. My duties include everything from minor first aid to doing complete exams on the patients. There are four
physician assistants, four physicians and eight nurses who work rotating shifts twenty-four hours a day. We all get along well, and we help to take care of medical
problems in each other's f****y, this since we are the only medical facility within fifty miles, that being the reason we are so busy. My spouse and I have been married
for about eight years. She was married once before and has a daughter, Bernie. When we were ma... Continue»
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Taking Him

The following story is a work of fiction. Enjoy.

Taking Him

It was an early summer’s night in lower central Scotland. The wind whipped lightly through the air, still sweet with the new scent of summer. I walked with you arm in arm down the street towards the little trattoria. It was the place where we went on our first date a year ago. The canvas roof was a rusted red colour ruffling as the wind curled it. There was a little bell on the glass and wooden door that jingled as you opened it for me.
We looked immaculate. Your hair was combed back, fresh from the shower. You smelled mascul... Continue»
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a day in the life of a farmer

The most gorgeous blonde with the hugest tit moved onto our farm. She was one of the office girls about 25yrs old fit as fuck. She moved into one of our cabins we had on the farm. One night I was locking up and thought I would knock to see if she had her rent money. As she opened her door she was wearing just a towel, she had just showered.
I said hi rent day she said come in which I did and closed the door behind me. She asked if I wanted a cup of tea why not I replied. All the time She was making the drink I was checking her out. The towel barely cover her precious little bum and when she ... Continue»
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Awakening Mother In Law

My mother-in-law, Margaret, officially, but Marge or Margie
to most people, and I always got along fairly well. I
treated her decent and liked her cooking and her daughter
was happy with me and I guess that was what she cared most

She had a small apartment on the first floor of the same
building occupied by the f****y business. There were two
bedrooms and a smaller apartment on the second floor and a
quite large loft area on the third floor. When my wife,
Glynda, and I were there we stayed in the small apartment.
Our two daughters would use the separate bedrooms if... Continue»
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Inseminating Cathy (mff s****r In Law)

Shortly after the kitchen door closed, I heard Cathy’s car start and leave our driveway.

I found Ann, my wife of ten years, alone in the kitchen.

“What was that all about?” I asked.

It was the second time in three weeks that her twenty-two year-old s****r had stopped by for an unannounced afternoon visit--very unusual.

“Oh, Cathy is just having some problems with Ted,” replied Ann, getting up to start making dinner.

I had some difficulty imagining that. Ted and Cathy seemed perfectly suited for one another, almost to a fault. Cathy had latched on to her mother’s religious conser... Continue»
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With the lights out, James could just about make out something
going on in the house behind his. It was quite a distance
away, about 100 metres or so, but he couldn't see exactly what
was happening in the room.
It looked like somebody getting changed, but he couldn't be sure.
He got off his bed, and went downstairs to where the
video camera was kept.
It was an old piece of machinery all things considered, taking Hi-8
tapes instead of the standard DV, but it had a good amount of
zoom on it. James took it back upstairs, positioned it in his
window aiming it towards the house... Continue»
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Becoming his girl (Sissy story by GirlyGay)

In the summer after my eighteenth birthday, I met Nick. He was a thirty-something who lived in our building. My parents had gone for their yearly European trip, and I had been left behind this year because I had college orientation during what would have been the last week of their trip.

Mooning and alone, with nothing to do for four whole weeks until my flight up west, I took to the pool to catch some sun. I had not bought new trunks in a while, and so my old ones were riding high on my legs.

Nick was already at pool, beer in hand, sitting back in a barca-lounger. His broad, smooth che... Continue»
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The Rendezvous Pt1 (Sissy Story by CassidyCaine)

Nick looked at the email he'd received from his wife at lunch again as he got ready to leave work. It had been a month since he'd confessed to her his love of dressing up in women's clothing after he'd kept it hidden since they first met. But, Nikki was insistent so he had tried to share that part of him. She had worried he was gay or didn't want her anymore but he'd assured her that wasn't the case. Yet after all that worry, she had emailed him to tell him that tonight she wanted to play with his fantasy and role play a little to see if she could get into it. She had rented a motel room and w... Continue»
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f****y camping trip - Part 2

f****y camping trip - Part 2
Sub Title…
Naughty f*mily fun! – Part 2

--------- Chapter 3

Early Saturday morning
The Shower Building…

Mary lay…wondering how it had all happened for a while…sensations flowing wildly through her body…she felt a love for him now, more powerful and deeper than for any lover she ever had…

She lay, listening to her sons breathing as he sl(e)pt. Her pussy was full of her son’s cum and it felt good as it seeped out, running along the crack of her ass...she felt of her pussy, touching it tenderly, she licked her fingers clean…smiling in ... Continue»
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Farm fun

My sons girlfriend, Audrey, lived on farm and I would go out and help when needed. One day I dropped by just to see if she needed anything done. When I got there her truck was not there but her friend Maureen's truck was. She had a horse which was being stabled in the big coverall and came over regularly to clean out the stall and brush her horse. I went over to see if she knew when Audrey would be home. When I opened the door I could hear her horse neighing and when I looked over Maureen was sitting on a bale of hay at the side of the horse playing with its cock. She gave a scream when she sa... Continue»
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The 'Hot Mom' and the Foot Rub

The following is a true story.

When my friend Lena went off to college out of state I was crushed. Lena and I had been part of a fun-loving guy-girl crowd in high school, but after graduation, everyone disappeared one by one. Except for me. Stuck in my small town, I found going to the local "commuter college" boring and anti-climatic.

So when Lena called from Arizona State to tell me to pick up some "stuff" I'd left at her mom's townhouse, I was happy to oblige. What else did I have to do?

"Tony, you look like you've come from a funeral," said Lena's mom, Lois, when she greeted... Continue»
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House full of supprises

Will you get off your ASS?!" Suzanne Davis mock yelled at her stepson, who was laying on her couch, watching cable television. She couldn't blame him really. He worked hard in construction on the week, and came and visited occasionally on the weekends. The work he did had chiseled his young body into a work of art. He used to live at their house, but recently had moved in with a roommate closer to his job. He shamelessly admitted he came over for her good food, to swim in the pool when he wanted, drank a few beers he "stole" from his dad... but he also did a lot of the chores around the house ... Continue»
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Jimmy's Clean Sweep by loyalsock

Since getting divorced a couple of years back, my ex said I was perverted after she found a link to some of my favourite videos from an online porn site, I have enjoyed a sedate single life. At 34, five foot eleven and with only a slight paunch my few friends say I should have a girlfriend by now. But I work from home, and not being one for socialising, other than the occasional trip to the pub with said friends, I haven't had much opportunity to meet some-one else.

After what happened last week, I don't think that will be a problem any longer.

Living on my own I am more than capable o... Continue»
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The gorgeous widow Ms. Leah

The gorgeous widow Ms. Leah

This is not a true story but written for a sexy older friend at her request, this one is primarily fictional, and the name Leah was suggested by her.

This starts out on an internet dating site with me trying to find people to get to know as I was off working away from home for what would be a year or more.

I've always had an affinity for older more mature women, not sure what it could be, maybe their experience, maybe it's that they just carry themselves in such a dignified and reserved manner, or possibly it's the natural, classical sort of beauty they h... Continue»
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Jamie Wants Daddy's Cock

Little Jamie is only 18 years old but she already looks
like her mother. Tallish and slender with long black
hair. She can almost fit into her mother's short and
sexy dresses.

Her hormones have exploded inside her young body and
she has started noticing things that she never paid
attention to before.

For one thing, as soon as her mother, or father tuck
her into bed and close her bedroom door she stands in
front of her mirror and lets her nightie drop to the
floor. It feels so naughty and good to play with her
nipples and feel them harden with one hand while she
le... Continue»
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